A Love Story

Reese L. Williams


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 This chapter is dedicated to someone I will always remember and will always love... u brought shine to my life and took it away... sorry I'm changing the name... I can't deal with writing a love story with your name... hope you will forgive me...



Hey guys... Due to some small problems I'm renaming `Andy'... he will be called `Ash' here afterwards... sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Chapter 8     

 Ry's POV

I was lying on the bed, thinking about today. It was one of the happiest days of my life. For the first time I was attracted to someone besides Mike. I was happy. Suddenly the phone started ringing. Usually someone downstairs answers the phone, so I just ignored it, after a couple of rings someone answered it. a few seconds later intercom in the phone buzzed.

"Master Ryan there is a Call for you" Maria, the lead house servant in her thick formal Spanish accent said.

"Maria there is no Master Ryan here" I hated being called Master; it makes me feel all uncomfortable.

"Sorry, Ry there is a call for you" someone's learning quickly. I quickly took the phone.

"hello" I said soon as I took the phone.

"Hi" came a little unsure reply.

"ummm. I do not want to be rude, but who is this?"

"this is Ash, dude why do you sometimes talk like a British person"

"oh hi Ash. It's just my birth mother was British and so I had to live listening to that more than half of my life so sometimes I just switch between the accents, sometimes consciously other times unconsciously. So why are you calling?"

"umm, I wanted to say sorry for pushing you into the pond"

"it's ok. besides you thought I was someone else plus I wasn't hurt"

"can I ask you something? That is if you won't get mad!"

"Ask! I won't. I promise"

"Can I ask you for a date?" came a little embarrassed question. I myself turned a little red. This was the moment I have been waiting from the first time I saw Ash. I was so happy that I could not talk. After a few seconds Ash spoke again, in a sad tone.

"I'm sorry I ... I should..."

"I would love to! When? Where?" I asked cutting off him.

"Tomorrow, I will pick you up. Be ready. 9 AM sharp." Came a happier reply.

After that he said a quick goodbye and hung up. I looked at my watch. 6:30PM. Not late to go for a quick shopping. I quickly ran downstairs to find Jeff and Jennifer (Jeff's current girlfriend) lip locked on the sofa.

"Hey did Bri pour glue over you guys again" I yelled as I reached the downstairs. Before they could separate I quickly jumped onto the couch next to jenny and kissed her check.

"How about a threesome?" I said wiggling my eyebrows.

"Sorry I'm having my period" Jenny replied. This was what I loved the most about this family. They are always open about everything. The first time I saw jenny what she did was yell "You have a good sized sausage in your pants" man, did I choke on my drink.

"Ok gorilla boy, what do you want?" Jeff asked wiping lipstick off his lips.

"Hey when did you become a tranny?" I asked trying not to laugh but as soon as I saw Jeff's reaction a burst out laughing closely followed by jenny.

"Ok, no favors for you today" Jeff replied looking a little annoyed.

"Ok, ok I'm sorry." I said trying to control my laughter.

"Ok then, just because you are new. So tell me! What do you want?"

It was my turn to be a little embarrassed. "umm, I have a date tomorrow and..." I was quickly cut off by a hug by jenny. "my baby is growing up" jenny said in her best motherly tone trying to joke about this.

"So I was thinking if... maybe... you ...could take me shopping." I looked up to see a very serious expression on Jeff's face. `Shit! The brotherly protective mode... Activated' I thought to myself.

"who are you going out with?" Jeff asked no emotion in his voice.

"A...s...s...h..." I replied a little scared.

Jeff clearly relaxed and then smiled. "well I was dying for you two to go out. Let's go shopping"

We ended up buying things for Jeff and Jenny as well. We walked around the mall trying to find a `perfect' thing to wear. It was almost 8 when I finally found it.

A light blue jeans and a purple t-shirt, Nothing fancy, something really simple but perfect.

We went home and I went up to sleep. It was almost 12 when I finally fell into a dreamless sleep.

The sun was shining onto my face when I woke up. I quickly looked at the clock on the wall. 8AM, Just enough time to get ready. I quickly jumped into the shower and scrubbed myself till my skin turned red, this might sound a little dumb but I wanted to clear off all the evidence of Mike from my body. I quickly dried myself and got dressed. It was 8:30 when I went into the kitchen. Maria quickly made a small breakfast for me and I ate it so fast that even Maria watched me open mouthed. "a date" I quickly said to answer the expression on Maria's face. "My Baby is growing" Maria said rubbing my hair. What's with the baby part anyway?  And why is every single house maid called Maria? In my house there is a Maria and in this house also there is a Maria.

I was startled by the sound of the doorbell. "I will get it" I yelled and ran towards the door.

I quickly made sure that my clothes and hair was ok, than I opened the door. BEHOLD, Ash looked amazing. I kept staring at him till he was a little uncomfortable.

"am I ok?" Ash asked

"OK? OK? you look amazing!" I replied

We talked for little while and then we walked over to his car, like a gentle man he opened the door for me.


Jeff's POV

Mom, dad, Bri, jenny and I watched Ry greet Ash. We were at the top of the stairs so he could not see us. I was quite amused to see them just stand there and stare at each other. I looked over to see mom and dad hugging and tears of happiness fall down their cheeks, Ry might not be our own blood and flesh but we love him like our own and we know he loves us as much. These 4 weeks turned out to be one of the best weeks of our lives. I quickly hugged jenny and looked over to see Bri standing there all alone. I motioned jenny to hug him and we ended up in a three way hug, And watched Ry go on his first date.

"Our Ry is growing up" Mom said as soon as Ry closed the door behind him, wiping a tear from her eyes.

"and I really need to reconsider the idea of threesome" Jenny said in the most amusing tone.

We all burst out laughing.

Ry's POV

Ash told me that he was going to take me somewhere special and it's a surprise so I was quite eager to find where he was taking me.  I was more surprised when we stopped in the private entrance of the airport.

"do you trust me?" Ash asked turning to face me.

"I think so" I replied a little unsure.

"ok so I want to make the place we are going a secret. Please wear this blindfold" Ash said handing over a blindfold. After I wore the blindfold everything seems to go slow. We got into the airport and he checked me in. we climbed a small plane and he undid my blindfold. The windows of the plane were covered so I could not see where we were going. After what felt like 5 or more hours the plane finally landed. It was time for me to wear the blind fold again. As we exited the plane I could feel the temperature difference and pressure change. We were surely not in the American continent. We got ... or more correctly Ash helped me into a car and we drove for a while.

As soon as we climbed out of the car I smelled the faint aroma of food, by now I had a small picture of where we were going. We walked for a while and then Ash helped me to sit down on a comfortable chair. he removed my blindfold and I was quite startled to see where we were.

There were small bushes everywhere with green leaves and small flower plants. What caught my attention was not these but the huge Paris tower, towering over us. Oh my god!!! We were dining under the Paris tower, the one of the most historical and the most beautiful and not to mention one of the most Romantic places on earth.

I looked at Ash to see him ginning widely at me, `bloody billionaire' I thought to myself.

"so do you like it?" Ash asked a little embarrassed.

"No! I love it" I replied standing up and hugging him.

We had a tasty satisfying dinner with occasional talks. By the time the dinner was finished I was all stuffed up.

Ash stood up and walked over to me and knelt in front of me, took a small box from the pocket and opened it. I was quite surprised to see a silver ring.

"Ry, will you be my boyfriend?" Ash asked with that angelic expression on his face. I was startled. Man, is it just me or does this guy move fast.

" I would love to" I replied offering my hand. He put the ring on my finger.

It was my turn to propose. I did the same thing he did. I took the ring on my left hand, a platinum coated ring that had been passed down to me by my granddad.

"Ash, I believe in commitments, will you promise to take care of me, protect me, make me happy and stand by me and with me in all the right things and love me with all your heart?"

I was expecting Ash to hesitate but he just smiled and offered his hand. "I promise to take care of you, protect you, make you happy and stand by you and with you in all the right things and love you with all my heart till my last breath and afterwards." I put the ring on his finger. We were quite startled to hear someone talk.

"you are now officially committed, when you are older you can get married here" we turned to see a priest standing a few feet away from us, smiling at us. We kissed and then walked over to the priest. He gave us a small talk about taking care of each other than promised us that he will register us both in his church as a couple. We thanked him and then we said goodbye. The plan ride was quite, I snuggled up to my new boyfriend, (Hmmmm. It feels great to say that)

"you know we can't tell our parents about our commitment! My mom will cut my balls off. Till we are older let's just tell them we love each other very much and we are boyfriends. Ash said rubbing my hair. "yes, you know, I love you very much. Feels great, l think I fell in love when I saw you for the first time." I said talking his and rubbing it.

In a few hours we were back home. Ash said goodbye the most romantic way. A long passionate kiss on the front pouch, By the time entered the house I was ginning and happier than ever. I rang the doorbell and it was soon opened by Maria. I hugged her so tight that I was surprised her eye balls did not pop out. "mariiiiiiii, I love youuuuuuuuuu" I yelled.

"well someone's in a good mood." Pops (Jeff's dad) said sounding a little amused.

"ummm hi." I greeted trying not to smile. Everyone was in the living room, even jenny.

"honey, where did you go on your first date?" mama asked smiling.

"umm, Paris" I replied taking a glance at the clock. 1:35 Am.

"ok, it's late let's all go to bed" pops replied standing up, closely followed by mama and others. I climbed upstairs dancing and with occasional booty shakes.

I sat down in front of the mirror thinking all about today. After a while there was a light knock on the door.

"come in" I yelled turning around. Jenny entered in all gins.

"Tell me all about it!" she ordered and sat down. I told her all about my date, even the commitment part, because I trusted her. When I finished the account she was all in gins.

"so do you think your `B O Y F R I E N D' or should I say `F i a n c ' will mind if I hug you, real tight?" jenny asked, teasing me.

Before she could say anything else I hugged her real tight. At that moment the phone rang.

"hallow" i said taking the phone.

"Hi" it was Ash. "how are you?"

I looked over Jenny she just smiled at me and mouthed that she will be back and went out into the balcony.

"I'm ok... so how are you" I replied flopping down on the bed.

"I'm ok... well I was actually thinking about our second date" Ash replied. I could almost feel him ginning.

"So where are you taking me... BOYFRIEND?" I asked with a small giggle

"that's a secret, get ready for the weekend. Ok?"

"ok. Love you."

"love you more" Ash replied, well two can play the game.

"twice as much as you love me"

"thrice of that"

"twice of everything you say" beat that sucker.

"thrice of everything you say" came a little amused reply

"well then it will be double of that trice baby. Love you."

"love you, bye" he relied and hung up.

I called jenny and she came in.

Jeff's POV

Jenny went out to talk with Ry so I lay on my bed. After a while the phone started to ring. This line was exclusively for Ry's room and my room so I was a little surprised. I picked up the phone.

I listened to the exchange between Ry and Ash, by the time they hung up I was crying with Joy. Finally Ry was in true love. And one more thing, why did Jenny and I did not think of a secret commitment ?

Ry's POV (next day in Ash's room)

I lay on top of Ash Tired after a hot session of love making. Unlike mike I was comfortable with Ash and I was truly in love.

Ash stole a few kisses as we rested. After a while he spoke.

"So Ry tell me what do you plan on doing? About mike I mean"

"I really haven't thought about it.  I can't let him do that to my brother. I have to stop him. If I go and tell Gary that Mike tried to kill me, I'm not sure if he will believe me. If he end up doesn't believing me I will lose him" I replied fingers trailing down his stomach.

Ash was lost in his own thoughts, after a while he spoke

"I think I have a plan!"

To Be Continued...

Find out about Ash's plan on the next chapter

Chapter 9 coming soon!!!!


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I'm a teenage writer who started writing just a few weeks ago. This is my first story and so far the feedback is good. I have read a LOT of books, close to two thousand and most of them are about vampires, something to do with immortality, sneaking behind and drinking blood. I am not sure of my sexuality because so far I had a Son Of A Bitch boyfriend and a Bitch girlfriend but I'm seriously interested in gay relationships because in my view they tend to show more affection, romance and lot other things.  Right now I'm single and waiting for that `perfect' person to come into my life.

I'm from a country in the middle of an ocean (I don't want to specify) and I love a quiet peaceful environment. (My siblings make sure I don't get that) I love reading, surfing net, watching TV and movies and doing something that will make others happy. I'm the quiet, shy type of guy which lasts till you know me because then I will be a blabber mouth. I love answering questions and not asking them and I love it when people take me as a friend then a stranger. Trust me; I'm not the usual teenage type of boy you guys come across.