A Love Story

Reese L. Williams & Kate Leinburg


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Chapter 9

Ry's POV

I looked at Ash with an expression that clearly said `what the hell do you got in that foul mind of yours?'

"Well I was thinking of something but I want to keep it a secret. Do you think you can handle it?" it was then I realized I had spoken out loud. I blushed and buried my face in the crook of his neck. "Sorry, and yeah, I think I can handle one itty bitty plan so when do we start?" I asked inhaling the scent of Ash.

"Well let's start today! How about now?" he asked

"Ok the, let's start" I replied looking into his eyes. He leaned down and kissed me. With mike all this was different, he kissed me rarely and I never felt this good with him. We kissed for a good 3 minutes and then he pulled away.

"Ok then, let me first call Jeff, Bri and let me get Vince. Before that let's have a shower... Together" Ash said wiggling his eyebrows.

We ended up having another hot session of lovemaking in the shower. Ash got out before me and I spent a few more minutes washing my body and enjoying the hot water. When I got out Ash had already got dressed and left.

I quickly chose some clothes from Ash's wardrobe and quickly got dressed. I spent a good 15 minutes in front of the mirror styling my hair. After the accident I never thought of cutting my hair and now it hung till my lips. Maybe I should get a haircut. I thought to myself as I made my way downstairs.

Jeff, jenny, Bri, Vince, Ash and their parents were downstairs when I got into the living room. They were engaged in a very serious conversation as soon as I entered the butler standing next to the stairs coughed and all of them stopped talking and looked at me. `Bloody bustards, they got their selves an early warning system' I thought to myself as I sat down next to Ash.

"Well I think someone got themselves a boyfriend" Mary said looking directly at Ash. Mama and jenny were looking at me, so we both had nothing to do so we blushed.

"Guys we are really happy for you" pops said Jacob nodded his head in agreement.

"So what were you guys discussing when I got in? And I see that you guys got a `Ry early warning system' I asked chuckling.

"Well we were all planning how to get back mike, we all agreed on a plan" Jeff said

"and that is?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

"that is a secret" Jeff replied chuckling.

We talked about nothing for a while and then the parents left for work telling us to behave. I saw Pops handing his cash card to Jeff secretly. ` ooo shopping' I thought to myself.

"well let's get going" Jeff said getting up. We were obviously going out and there were 6 of us. We ended up talking Vince's SUV which had enough seats. There were three rows. Jeff was the oldest so all the driving was up to him. He and Jenny sat on the front seat, Bri, Vince and on the middle seat and Ash and I snuggled up to each other on the front seat. The seats were high enough so that one sitting at the front cannot see the one on the back, so Ash and I traded a couple of blow jobs without letting others know, god bless Jeff for the loud music. We parked in front of an eye clinic and we all got out. Ash and I were the last to get out and by the time we got out all except Jeff had already gone into the building.

"ok, it was rude for you guys to trade blowjobs while I was driving" Jeff said and broke down laughing. Ash and I blushed for the second time for the day.

"how? How did you know we were doing that?" I asked, not being able to look directly at Jeff.

"holy shit!!!!! are you guys serious?" Jeff asked totally stunned. "From the small reverse mirror above me I saw that most of the time your head was gone, I thought you were just cuddling, others asked me to keep you guys out for a while so I thought that I will joke about it.. MAN.. So you guys really did it"

"yeah" Ash replied quietly

"how many times?" Jeff asked smiling

"3 each" I replied blushing. Before Jeff could say anything Bri came running out and dragged me inside. I mentally made a note to thank Bri later and kick Jeff's butt when I get home.

We went inside the clinic and directly into the doctor's observation area. The doctor took some readings and checked my eye sight. After I was finished Ash and I were pushed out of the clinic and so we got into the car. Ash and I were lip locked when suddenly jenny opened the door.

"And you tell me that Jeff and I lip lock too much. Look at you! After you got this Adonis boyfriend of yours you two have forgotten whose lips is which" jenny stated laughing. We had a good laugh and by the time others came we were already talking about something else. We quickly got into the car and put on the seatbelts.

"And no blowjobs on the car" Jeff yelled starting the car. Jenny, Bri and Vince looked at Jeff questioningly and Ash and I blushed. After a while we all were involved in a huge conversation.

After about 15 minutes the car again was pulled into a parking lot. I looked out and saw that we were at a beauty salon. "Jenny don't you think we should be planning one the `mike revenge' thing??? So maybe can we postpone your beauty trip?" I asked a little worried.

"silly, it's not for me. You are going in" jenny replied getting out. I looked at Ash and he had a mischievous gin on his face. well no need in even asking. I got out and like the last time, Jeff was waiting for us outside and we talked about nothing for a while. Finally Bri came and asked us to come in. we went into the saloon and got into a room at the very back. A woman in her early 30's with a lot of make-up was there.

"so this is the rough piece" she said looking at me in a very French accent.

"yes, now can you do him?" Jeff asked.

"No problem, and like you said no mirror" she said and helped me get seated. She worked on me for almost two hours. Doing something with my hair and applying something on my face. half way through my make over suddenly Jenny entered. Her blond hair was dyed Burgundy.

"you look awesome jenny" Ash said and Jeff snickered.

Finally after two hours and more minutes than I can count the lady finally washed my hair and removed the thing she applied on my face.

Jeff, Ash, Bri, Jenny and Vince stared at me, drooling. The chair I was sitting on was turned around and I was facing a mirror. I now had blond hair and my face was a little pale.

"Here wear this" Bri said handing over a pair of contact lenses. I wore it and looked up and gasped. Blond hair, Blue eyes, Pale skin... I look exactly like Steve.

"I guess these will come in need" Jeff said handing over a small bag. I looked in and saw that it contained Steve's ID card, Driving license and Birth certificate. I looked at the others and an evil smile made it over to my face.

"I think I know what you guys have planned"

"So let's see if this works" Jeff said getting up and paying for the service.

We drove to the mall I usually hung out at and parked in its parking lot. Then jeff turned and looked at me. "Mom and Dad have already signed you, Bri, Vince and Ash into your school and got a 4 room house near Mike's house. Jenny and I will be staying over with you guys. We will move in tomorrow. Bri, Ry and I will be brothers. Vince, Ash and Jenny will be siblings. Jenny and me and Ry and Ash will be Couples. Here after there is no Ry here. There is only a Steve! Understood?"

"YES" we all said in union and we got out.

We walked out of the parking lot into the front lawn of the mall.

As we stepped into the front doorway I could feel all the people turn their heads towards us and could feel the shock on their faces. I could feel the time stop, everyone there were people I know or most probably had heard about me because out town was what you call a small one. Andy held my hand as we walked into a male perfume shop. The boy at the counter was a classmate of mine and as I entered I saw his smile fade into a blank expression.

"so Ste let's check the boss collection... the perfume we have now is a little old and not that good" Andy said as he held my hand and we moved towards the boss collections. After checking perfume for a small while and we finally chose a really good perfume bottle. Andy and I went to the counter while the others waited outside.

"hi I would like to buy this.. cash" I said putting the bottle on the counter. The kid just kept staring at me... mouth hung open... I controlled myself not to laugh out loud.

"HELLO please come to earth" I said hitting the counter softy. The kid just snapped out and jumped a little and then opened his mouth to say something and then closed it again. Then he showed the price on the back and I gave him the money. Without a word he gave me the change and with a sweet thank you we head out of the shop. I could feel his eyes following me till he lost us in the crowd.

"WOW that was fun" I said as the lift door closed and we head into the second floor of the mall. "Yup it was.. Now let's head up to the McDonalds I'm so hungry I can eat a whole elephant" Jeff said rubbing his belly.

we all head up into the McDonalds and I was really surprised to see it almost empty. I was overcome with emotion when I saw Lynn sitting alone at the end of the booths enjoying a burger. She looked sad and quiet.. Not her usual self . I wanted to run and hug her and tell I'm ok but I can't. I wanted to go so I leaned down to whisper it to Jeff, but at the same time Lynn looked at my direction and I saw her eyes bulge out and her mouth hung open.

"RY" she yelled and took off running towards me with tears running down her eyes..

What should I do??? I thought to myself as Lynn neared.. its either lie to her or break my secret.

To Be Continued...

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About the Author  

(Reese is my stage name and not my real name)

I'm a teenage writer who started writing just a few weeks ago. This is my first story and so far the feedback is good. I have read a LOT of books, close to two thousand and most of them are about vampires, something to do with immortality, sneaking behind and drinking blood. I am not sure of my sexuality because so far I had a Son Of A Bitch boyfriend and a Bitch girlfriend but I'm seriously interested in gay relationships because in my view they tend to show more affection, romance and lot other things.  Right now I'm single and waiting for that `perfect' person to come into my life.

I'm from a country in the middle of an ocean (I don't want to specify) and I love a quiet peaceful environment. (My siblings make sure I don't get that) I love reading, surfing net, watching TV and movies and doing something that will make others happy. I'm the quiet, shy type of guy which lasts till you know me because then I will be a blabber mouth. I love answering questions and not asking them and I love it when people take me as a friend then a stranger. Trust me; I'm not the usual teenage type of boy you guys come across.