Part 32

Written by Trevor

Edited by Jack

(Life after School)
Please note this story contains boy-to-boy sexual activity and if you
don't enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is also based on actual events but all the names and locations have been changed to protect those involved.
This story is not to be published, or reprinted, without the express permission of the author.

Because of the three week break between my stories here is the final paragraph of the previous chapter

"Well, my darling our visitors begin arriving tomorrow including my mother along with my father. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't worried because I'm terrified of how the next couple of weeks are going to go."

Derek kissed me long and deep and I could feel the love and affection flowing from him to me.

"Don't worry darling just remember you'll have the boys, me and don't forget Ian, because he was involved as well to support and help you."

I returned the kiss saying,

"Thank you for being you and being my strength I could never cope with my current career and life without you by my side. I love you dearly Derek Driscoll."

"And I love you Clifford Steele." He whispered as we dropped off to sleep, both wondering with some fear and trepidation what was going to happen in our lives.

Now read on.


Next morning, I woke with someone forcing their tongue between my lips, a sensuous feeling to wake up to. I opened my eyes slowly to see my lover lying almost on top of me kissing me like only he can. I was instantly hard and I could feel he was because his solid member was rubbing against my leg.

"I didn't know you took a pistol to bed with you." I mumbled with a laugh, after all it's not easy to talk with someone's tongue down your throat tickling your tonsils. We were both hot and ready but didn't have a lot of time because of everyone arriving for their Christmas Holidays. We all too quickly made love, both loath to rush it but when your horny and that's all there is well you have to take it.

We met the two boys in the dining room for breakfast after a quick shower together. The local newspapers had a story about the pantomime and lots of nice things were said about me.

The first to arrive were Steve's parents who joined us in time for morning tea followed not long after by Ian and Roland. Ian was quite pleased with himself because he managed the last couple of nights in Oxford; broke down the set on Christmas day and it was loaded into the truck early this morning to be transported to London before he and his boyfriend headed off to Brighton. I could see Derek was happy with his prodigy. Roland too assured me that he handled my part well and while they didn't get as many curtain calls as I did, it went well. Derek and I assumed my mother and father were coming with Derek's parents in the one car but I don't think Derek's folks would have been too happy with that arrangement. My two sisters and their boyfriends weren't expected to arrive for a couple of days.

We were all relaxing in front of a big open fire in the lounge when a voice close behind me whispered in my ear, "Hello sexy," This was followed by a gentle kiss on the neck I turned around very quickly to find John Waddington my old music and drama teacher with his boyfriend Bruce. Well that was it, big hugs and kisses all round with both Derek, Ian and I pleased to see them.

"What on earth are you two sexy things doing here?" I asked.

"The private school we teach at is only just down the road a bit, well two hours drive so we thought we'd come and spend a couple of days with you if that's all right?

"Of course it is." We all shouted together, "Do you have anywhere to stay? If not you can stay here I booked the whole top floor and there's some empty bedrooms up there."

"Just as long as you don't mind." Bruce remarked. "No that's fine after all we owe you for a lot of things, for getting us both started in this business, and for teaching us lots of other things along with somewhere we could be together." We all laughed as we recalled memories of the spare room of their house near our old school.

We then introduced him to Roland, which I noticed brought forth a couple of knowing looks between John and Bruce. I smiled winking at Derek who winked back.

We all sat around and had a Christmas drink together recalling old times and having a good laugh. The waiter came up to me to say that I had a phone call in the foyer. I went to take it and when I came back in everyone looked at me wondering what the hell was wrong.

I was shaking and very pale, Derek rushed over guiding me to an armchair. I sat down and Derek perched on the side with his arm around me.

"That was Michael apologizing that he hadn't contacted us earlier, to tell us that Serge and Miguel had been kidnapped by three of his brothers no less and held for ransom. They asked for four million pounds. Anyway he was too cut up to say any more except that the boys are now safe and they will be here in about a weeks' time for four days before heading off to America for a holiday."

Everyone was deeply shocked at that news and couldn't wait for them all to arrive so we could not only get the full story but spoil the boys as well.

We all went into lunch and it was quite a crowd. Just as we sat down Derek's parents arrive to join us and Derek and I were over the moon to see them. They told us that because my father was coming they decided to travel on their own because it would be crowded in one car and that mum and dad were about an hour behind them.

"How is my mother now my fathers out of jail?"

"We only saw them briefly but she looks tired and worn out."

"And my bastard father?"

"Arrogant and sarcastic the same as always."

"I'm glad you're all here with us because the next few days could be a bit tricky and Derek and I are asking you all to support us and mum if you could."

Everyone in one voice agreed that was no problem and they would watch him like a hawk.

"We do have one trump up our sleeve. The injunction against him coming anywhere near to us is still in effect, I did instruct our solicitors to have it rescinded for mum's sake but that can't be done until after the Christmas Holidays when the courts go back."

Derek took up the story, "so if anything happens we'll just phone the police and have him locked up again."

It was about an hour later when my mum walked into the room and I rushed over to greet her with Derek and the two boys hot on my heels. Hugging her tight, I kissed her wishing her a Merry Christmas before giving Derek a turn, followed by Peter and Steve.

"How are you mum?" I asked looking at her with a worried look on my face because she looked tired worn out and very pale.

"Not too bad son, but I feel much better than I have been by seeing all you here."

"We all love you dearly mum, but you need to look after yourself better."

Nobody wanted to ask the question and trust Peter to be the first to blurt it out.

"Where's your husband mum, we thought he was coming with you?"

"He is, he's just parking the car and bringing the suitcases in, and before he comes in here could you please for my sake be sociable, I'm trying hard to accept him back and I'd appreciate if none of you made waves or upset him."

I put my arm around mum saying, "We'll do the best we can to keep the peace mum for your sake but only if he behaves himself as well. He has to accept who we are and who our sons and friends are. If he can't do that, then we are in for troubled times."

Mum with tears in her eyes nodded as I gently kissed her on the cheek telling her how much we love her.

Just then, a figure appeared at the door, stopped to look around the room rather timidly before coming right in and walking towards mum and me. The room became deathly quiet and we all wondered what on earth was going to happen. He walked up to mum put his arm around her before extending his hand to me saying, "Hello son."

I shook his hand before I spoke, "Hello dad, I think you know Derek my lifetime partner." A sneer started to come on his face but he quickly changed it to a smile, putting out his hand saying, "Hello Derek, how are you these days?"

Derek replied that he was fine, moving closer to me so we could hold hands.

"Dad, this is my adopted son Peter and his boyfriend Steve," He hadn't met them and it was unlikely he knew anything about Peter and Steve. He looked shocked at the introduction but remained calm shaking both their hands.

I then went round the room introducing everyone else leaving John and Bruce until last.

"Finally dad, this is the man I owe my career to and I think you may have met him before. Anyway this is John Waddington my old music and drama teacher and his boyfriend Bruce."

Once again, a sneer started to appear and I think it took a lot of self-control to keep it in check as he changed it to a smile and shook hands.

I got mum a whiskey to warm her up and my father a beer and we all sat around talking for a while more or less ignoring my father.

Finally I stood up, grabbing hold of Derek's hand to lift him up as well, "Well it's time I had a bit of a rest before tonight's show, there's tickets for you all to see the Pantomime tonight if you wish or you can wait a few days it's entirely up to you."

I made a big thing of grabbing hold of Derek round the waist saying, "Come on darling keep me company."

Derek playing along for the sake of my father kissed me on the lips before we moved out of the lounge room heading for the elevator to take us upstairs.

"We kissed more passionately in the lift before Derek said, "Don't you think we might be overdoing the lovey bit for your father's sake?"

"Possibly but I no longer give a shit about him, as far as I'm concerned he can go fuck himself.

I hope the hotel gave them single beds as I asked."

Derek smiled saying, "You can be a real prick when you want to be."

Grinning back I replied, "I know."

In our room, we undressed laying under the covers kissing and making out in general but nothing heavy. Finally, we dozed off and slept for at least two maybe three hours before a knocking on the door woke us.

We yelled come in and Peter and Steve wandered in hand in hand. Smiling I asked, "And what do you two stud muffins want?"

"Well for a start dad it's time for you to get up and dressed ready for work and we couldn't stand the atmosphere down there any longer, while everyone's trying to be nice and friendly it's difficult. So Ian, Roland, John and the gorgeous Bruce went and played billiards for a while."

"So you like my two teachers do you?"

"Yes their both hot to trot and I wouldn't mind a round with both of them."

"Just remember the age you are my boy."

"Yes dad, and what age were you and Derek when you seduced them?"

We all burst out laughing, with me telling them to do, as I say not do.

"Anyway you two clear off out so Derek and I can get dressed."

"Oh dad, can't we watch?"

"No you can't so piss off you two horny buggers."

Laughing they headed out while my lover and I headed for the shower. After we went down to an early dinner that for me was just a light snack, asking the waiter for a meal to be kept for the both us for when I finished the show.

"No problem Mr Steele sir."

My mum and dad along with the rest of gang came in telling us that they would see us later at the theatre because everyone was going to see the panto tonight.

Being a bit early before the rest of the audience arrived we got the tram down to the end of the pier. It was bitterly cold, blowing a gale with the waves pounding against the pier. When we arrived at the theatre, most of the cast were there with the chorus girls complaining bitterly about the cold, after all their costumes were pretty skimpy. We grabbed a cup of coffee sitting around talking until it was show time. Because I wasn't on stage long Derek stayed with me in the dressing room and then in the wings while I was on stage. The gales increased as the night went on and every so often, a big wave would cause the whole theatre to shudder.

Finally, the show was over and the management announced that the tram wasn't running because of the fierce weather and would everyone please walk along the centre of the pier, and not near the railings for their own safety.

"Fucking hell Derek what have we let ourselves in for here."

"I hope your mum's alright walking home."

"Hell I'd forgotten all about mum."

We both hurried out to the front of the theatre and found all our crowd huddled together for warmth preparing for the long cold walk along the pier.

"Will you be all right mum," I yelled into her ear so she could hear me over the noise of the wind.

"Just hang on to me son and I'll be all right,"

"Where's dad?" "He walked on to see if he could find any kind of transport."

"No he didn't, don't make excuses for him he just wanted to get back to the hotel and get warm. He's still the useless inconsiderate bastard he always was."

Much to my mother's embarrassment, we insisted in taking it in turns to carry her on our backs. I must admit once we started it was very funny to see this bunch of gay guys carrying an old lady on their backs along Brighton pier.

I went first then Derek, Peter, and Steve who was a bit too short and had trouble keeping mums' legs off the floor. Ian, Roland, John and Bruce all helped and before we knew it we had arrived at the hotel without my mother walking a single step.

All of us were singing Christmas carols by the time we arrived back to find my father in the bar. We left him there going into the dining room for drinks and supper. A couple of hours later after I got the whole dining room including the waiters to sing the `Why does a brown cow' song several times we headed up stairs for bed. Both of us were so happy, Derek because his folks were here and me because I had mum with me and I could spoil her rotten.

We fell asleep as always in each other's arms. The sound of sirens and roaring engines outside woke us and even with the curtains closed, we could see an orange glow outside. We both got up to look out of the window to see what was happening and there at the bottom of the pier was our theatre well alight and blazing away.

"Oh my god, look at that." A knocking at the door and us yelling come in, brought just about everybody into our room which was facing the sea and right at the front of the pier.

We all had our arms round our respective partners with my arm also around mum while dad was nowhere to be seen.

It only took about forty-five minutes for the whole building to be burnt to the ground.

"Well it looks like I might be out of work for the next six weeks which won't be a bad thing anyway, we need a holiday don't we darling?"

"Derek pecked me on the cheek before agreeing with me.

With there not being much else to see once the fire died down everyone headed out of our room and we got back into bed.

We lay there side by side thinking until Derek broke the silence.

"I wonder where your father was while all this was happening?"

"I was just thinking the same thing, it seemed strange that he left the theatre so quick and wasn't with mum when she came in to see the fire from our bedroom window."

We were silent again for a while before Derek spoke up again,

"It will be interesting when the fire brigade report comes out and we find how the fire started."

I agreed with him before we kissed again and headed for dreamland.

We didn't sleep in like we usually do because I was keen to find out what was happening regarding work. After breakfast, we headed down to the pier that naturally was closed off to the public. The storm from the previous night had blown itself out and while it was still on the chilly side the sun was shining. I spotted some of the cast standing around looking quite dejected; after all they probably needed the work more than I did. We wandered over to join them.

Jack Story the dame was there so I approached him, "Morning Jack any idea how it started and what's happening with us?"

"The fire brigade are still examining the wreckage so nobody knows what happened and as for the show there won't be one tonight or tomorrow but apparently we have a small theatre in the town itself we can use and they are busy building sets and getting it ready."

"So I've got to work anyway?"

"I'm afraid so Cliff, the sad part is I lost a lot of my costumes which I've been wearing during the panto season for a good many years, so I'm heading to London to try and pick some more gear up."

There was not much more we could do so we headed back to the hotel, joining the boys along with our other friends and family in a knockout snooker tournament. We persuaded mum to join in even if she'd never played the game before and of course my father had to play as well. We formed ourselves into two man teams, and the competition began.

The outcome was that the grand final was between Derek and I playing mum and dad. All through the games dad had been bragging about how good he was but he had a fair bit of luck on his side to get where he did. Mum was the dark horse playing exceptionally well. Beginners' luck we kept telling her and she'd grin giving me a wink.

"I think we have a hustler here in the shape of my mother." I told Derek, he smiled remarking, "She looks as if she's never enjoyed herself so much for a long time."

The game began and I think we were leading but not by much, not that we cared just as long as we all enjoyed ourselves but not my father who looked as if he had to win at all costs.

This made my lover and I more determined than ever to win. It went right down to the wire with the winner being decided on who potted the black ball first. It was my turn with mum following me and I deliberately missed putting the ball in line with the middle pocket giving my mum an easy shot to win the game set and match. Everyone was cheering her on and dad was getting quite upset telling everyone to be quite so she could take the shot.

"I quietly said, "Good luck mum." She looked across at Derek and I smiled and totally missed the black ball potting the white giving us the game.

Well my father began screaming and shouting at her calling her stupid fucking bitch and many other choice words. Mum was close to tears as he ruined the whole morning's entertainment for us all. He then lifted his hand about to hit her across the face and I dashed round the table grabbing his hand forcing it back. "If you hit my mother it'll be the last thing you'll ever fucking do."

He swung around to take a swing at me yelling, "You fucking poofter, fagot, if you and your fucking arse bandit friends had pissed off and left us alone our marriage would be alright."

That did it I saw red and threw him to the floor standing over him speaking very calmly and clearly.

"What difference would that have made to you, you're the one fucking underage girls, behind my mother's back. I should have let the headmaster report you to the police when he wanted to instead of pleading to him not to take action. Fuck off out of this hotel and don't fucking come back, I never want to see you ever again. I no longer have a father."

The ruckus we caused had prompted the management to call the police and when they arrived I think it was Derek's parents who explained the full story to them. They spoke to me and mum asking if I wanted to press charges against him. I looked at mum and she shook her head no. They escorted him from the hotel and the manager told me that he was very sorry but my father wasn't welcome there.

I in turn apologized to them assuring them that there would be no more incidents like that.

Mum was crying, with Peter, Steve and Ian attempting to pacify them while Derek and Roland were doing their best to calm me down. Eventually Derek led be by the hand upstairs to our room where he laid me gently on the bed before lying next to me covering my face with kisses. Whenever I got angry or agitated he had an incredible knack of calming me down, bringing me back to earth, making me feel at peace with the world. Oh boy, do I love this wonderful man. Slowly I began to feel calm and peaceful, but angry with myself for the way I had acted, but then I couldn't and certainly wouldn't have allowed anyone to lay a finger on my mother.

I think we must have dozed off to sleep and we were awakened by a soft knock on the door.

Derek called for whoever it was to come in after first making sure our clothing was where it should be but then we hadn't been fooling around only kissing.

Mum slowly walked in looking terrible, she had been crying and was very pale. I motioned for her to sit on the bed with us, me on one side my lover on the other both of us comforting her.

"I'm sorry son, I truly am for bringing him here, I should never have taken him back, he has ruined a perfect Christmas for us all."

Kissing her gently on the cheek I told her, "Don't worry mum we'll look after you and if you decide you don't want him back ever again just say the word and we'll enforce the court injunction against him."

"We'll see what happens son, I know I'm a stupid old woman but deep down I still have some love and affection for him."

"We know you do mum and we love you for your kind heart, but don't give him any leeway this time around."

"I won't I promise."

"By the way he was conspicuous by his absence during the walk home last night and the fire at the theatre, you don't think he had anything to do with it do you."

"No son, I know for sure he didn't because I found out where he was."

"And where was that." Derek asked.

"Sleeping with the hotel barmaid." She replied bursting yet again into tears. Once again my temper was rising but I tried very hard to keep it in check.

"And your thinking of taking him back yet again mum, how can you do it after all he's done to you, how he continues to hurt you, still it's your decision but I urge you to think hard and long before having the bastard back."

"I will son, I will."

I looked at my watch realizing that we had missed lunch and it was time for afternoon tea so I suggested we tidy ourselves up and go join our guests downstairs.

Everyone was already in the dining room tucking into hot buttered crumpets and jam with a vast array of cakes and pastries.

Peter came up giving me a hug and kiss on the cheek, "Everything alright dad?"

"As right as can be expected while that bastards still in town."

"Don't worry dad we all had a meeting while you were upstairs talking to mum and we are all going to watch out for him and make sure he causes no more trouble."

"Thank you son, and changing the subject, are you and Steve behaving yourselves with all these hot young guys around?"

"Now don't be a spoilsport dad." He replied with a grin before moving over to Steve and giving a big passionate kiss on the lips.

"Peter." I called out sharply, "Yes dad."

"Behave yourself or you'll be sent to your room without any tea and made to sleep on your own."

Grinning that really cheeky grin of his, "I don't think I could ever sleep on my own ever again dad."

Steve looked across at us mouthing the words, "Thank goodness."

All those watching this scenario burst out laughing.

Just as we were finishing tea the Pantomime's producer came in looking for me,

We have secured another theatre and will start again in two days' time but I would like a full rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, because it is a much smaller stage although the audience seating is pretty much the same."

I thanked him for letting me know and assured him that I would be there.

After tea, we sat around relaxing, some playing cards, some snoozing in armchairs and others just chatting.

In the evening we had a few drinks, watched some television before heading for bed. After kissing the boys goodnight telling them to behave themselves, because as I told Derek later I was sure they were up to something with John and Bruce, not that I could really complain because we were still at school when we seduced them both.

My mind was still churning thinking of my father as Derek and I lay together in bed after a shower. We were making out and it was getting pretty heavy leading into a wonderful climax that it always was when I made love to the most wonderful man in the world.

Afterwards just holding on to each other I said, "I know I'm repeating myself over and over again, but I love you so much and never want to spend a moment away from you."

"And I love you Cliff darling so much that it hurts the minute you're not in my sight. We are made for each other to be together for ever."

At breakfast next morning Peter, Steve, John and Bruce, were all looking very smug and pleased with themselves. I took Peter to one side and before I could open my mouth, he said,

"I know just what you're going to ask and the answer is, yes we did."

"Even though I said not to."

"Dad, don't forget you and Derek were even younger than we are when you had a romp with those two, so what's wrong with Steve and I having a round or two?"

I didn't really have an answer to that, "I love you Peter and just want you to be careful and not get hurt just tell me one thing was Steve happy with what happened?"

"Why did you ask that dad?"

"I get the impression and I might be wrong that you two aren't quite as close as you used to be, am I right?"

A serious thoughtful look came on his face, "When we leave school at the end of next year Steve will be going to one university and me to Oxford. By the look of it we'll be a fair distance from each other and I don't think our relationship will last long distance."

"That's possible son but which of you thinks it won't last."

"We haven't spoken at length about it but we both realize the end of our relationship is in sight."

"Do you think it would be better if you both went your own way right now and maybe Steve could go to a local school near his home and he stays with his parents?"

"That might be the way to go dad but there's still a feeling of love existing between us, so I think we'd prefer to carry on for this next year and see how we go."

"I suggest that you take Steve to one side and talk this through with him, whatever you decide will be all right by Derek and me."

He leaned over to cuddle me and give me a kiss, "Thanks dad, I can never ever thank you for what you have done for me."

"Changing the subject how was it with John and Bruce?"

"Oh dad it was awesome, they are two fantastic lovers especially Bruce. I must admit they taught me a few things I didn't know."

I looked down and noticed that he had got hard talking about it, "You'd better adjust your pants before we go back in." I told him laughing. He looked down at me and said, "You too dad."

We changed the subject so we could get things back to normal before joining the others.

Derek whispered, "Everything ok?"

"I think so, tell you about it later."

The weather had turned fine and it was a beautiful sunny day outside so we decided to take the boys and mum for a drive around Brighton and show them the sites. In the past Brighton has always been a favourite haunt of royalty especially Queen Victoria and there were some grand buildings to look at. I asked mum if she had seen or heard from dad, "He came to see me last night after we'd all gone to bed, he sneaked past the hotel reception. He was all apologetic and wanted me to take him back."

Derek nudged me in the ribs shaking his head telling me not to lose my temper.

"And did you?" I asked a bit tersely.

"No, I told him to find a cheap hotel to stay in and we'd talk on the way home."

"Was he satisfied with that?"

"No and honestly son I don't know what to do."

"Personally, I think he'd be better locked up again."

The conversation lapsed until we arrived at a quaint little café just outside of Brighton were we had afternoon tea. Dad was praying on my mind, but I didn't know how to handle it.

Derek changed the subject telling mum all about the play and how we expected it to run for at least three years in the west end of London.

"I'm so proud of you son, you've found happiness with Derek which I'm sure will last forever. I can't imagine you two ever splitting up and parting. I have never seen two people so much in love as you two and you now have a wonderful son in Peter who I'm sure is going to do very well in whatever he decides to do."

She was beginning to get a bit teary so Peter spoke up explaining his plans for Oxford and so on, "I never knew my grandparents so can I have your permission to call you Grandma because that is what you are to me."

That did it, he turned the waterworks on for mum with a vengeance. Between sobs she said, "Yes of course you can Peter because you are my grandson."

Holding Derek's hand looking at this wonderful family scene, I thought, apart from my father, I really do have a wonderful family. The owner of the teashop came up introducing herself, asking if she could take a picture of me to put on the café wall. I agreed but insisted that it was a family group with all five of us. She went to great lengths to tell me that she had travelled all the way from Brighton to see me in my first play and then to see Oliver. Derek took her name and address and we promised to send her tickets for the opening night.

I thought she was going to shower me with kisses by way of thanks. She insisted that the tea was on the house but Derek left the money hidden under a teapot on the table.

It was beginning to get dark so we headed back into Brighton and the hotel. After parking the car, we headed upstairs to get ready for dinner. Ever since we'd had dinner at Windsor Castle with HRH and her Majesty we had got into the habit of making ourselves look smarter for the dinner table. We didn't always wear dinner jackets but at least dressed smartly.

John and Bruce sat down next to us so mother was at the end of the table with all the other parents.

"Cliff, Bruce and I were wondering if you'd like to join us in our room later tonight for a night cap." The grin on his face gave away the true invitation he was giving out. I looked at Derek who gave me that sexy cheeky grin of his.

"I think that would be a great idea John, it's a long time since we had a quiet drink together just the four of us."

"Well in actually fact I was wondering if we could expand the party and include four others."

Again, I looked at Derek and this time his face said I'm not too sure about this. Stalling for time to have a talk to my lover on his own I said, "Give me time to think this through will you John?"

"Take all the time in the world all the others have agreed to join us for a nightcap."

"Look John let's stop beating about the bush and call a spade a spade, you want a fucking orgy don't you?"

"Well err, yes, if you want to be crude about it."

"Well why didn't you come straight out and say so, and I'm not too sure if my son and his partner should be included at their age."

"And, what about you. You were both like rabbits when you were at school. Unable to keep your hands off each other, and who seduced two teachers in their own kitchen?"

"I agree we were likes kids with new toys, screwing and sucking everything in sight."

"Come on Derek join me in the bar so we can have a quiet little chat."

We moved into the bar I ordered drinks and we sat together in a corner some distance from everybody else.

"What's the problem darling?"

"I don't think my son and his boyfriend should be in sessions like this. Yes, I know we did it as everyone keeps reminding me. Is it right that I should be encouraging my son to do the same?"

"I don't think you can stop him darling he's already had one session with John and Bruce and I suspect with Ian and Roland so forget it dad."

I suppose Derek was right but another problem was bothering me as well about this session being planned for tonight.

"Ok so we say yes but we're going to be involved in this session as well and is it right for him to be in the same sex group as his father?"

"We'll just have to be careful and make sure that neither of us get into a session with Peter and Steve, agreed?"

With reluctance I agreed and we joined the others nodding gently to the other guys. My mother stood up saying it was time she went to bed. She went around the room kissing everyone goodnight and when she got to kiss Derek and I she whispered, "Have fun tonight."

After she had gone I said to Derek, "She never misses a trick."

We all feigned tiredness and headed upstairs not to our own rooms but to John and Bruce's.

Once everyone was there, we sat around chatting and hugging our partners, and this slowly got more bolder and sexual with clothing being removed and hard cocks appearing all over the place. Bruce moved to my side kissing me after saying softly, "It's been a long time Cliff."

I would have answered but I had a mouthful of his cock. Derek meanwhile was going down on John, and looking across the room I could see the other couples getting into the act.

This sucking of dicks went on for quite a while until someone suggested a daisy chain. So that's how we ended up with one member of the chain moving around every so often that everyone got a taste of everyone else. I was hot and horny that what happened next I didn't realize was happening. I was getting close to blowing and I could feel the person I was blowing was also close, but it wasn't till I blew my load down a willing throat and someone blew down mine that I was being sucked by Steve and the massive cock I had in my mouth was Peters. Just what I didn't want to happen did.

I looked up to see that Derek was on the other end of Steve's cock and I thought these two buggers planned this to happen. Peter leant over to kiss me saying softly, "Thank you dad that was fantastic."

I couldn't take any action against him because I had to agree with him it was fantastic.

Anyway, I won't bore you with the rest of the sordid details except to say it was about four am when we crawled back to our own room. Totally satisfied from the both of us having had sex with our friends, Derek and I drew the line when Peter and Steve presented their asses to us telling them it wasn't right.

We slept in till almost noon the next morning and after having a shower to rid ourselves of all the love juice we dressed and wandered down for lunch. Slowly the whole gang appeared looking totally stuffed but happy and contented. While we were sleeping in, my two sisters and their boyfriends arrived which made mum even happier. I had a rehearsal this afternoon in the new theatre and the boys except for John and Bruce decided to tag along to have a look at the new venue.

To say it was a dump was an understatement but every effort was being made to make it presentable for the first show that was scheduled for tomorrow night.

The stage manager was young and inexperienced and having trouble coming to grips with the new set so Derek and Ian offered to help him.

The producer told me that the young actor who played one the minor parts and who sang that silly song with me had quit and did I know of anyone at short notice who could help.

I pointed to Roland standing by my side explaining that he was in the play with me and also my understudy so he was hired on the spot.

The rehearsal went very well considering the space problems we all had. It was the general consensus that the show would go on tomorrow night.

After dinner we watched TV and just sat around doing nothing. We hadn't met my sisters boyfriends properly before today only to say hello and how are you. I thought they might have been a bit cool towards us both because of our sexuality but they shook hands and spoke civilly to all the guys, which made me feel more comfortable. My sisters as well I hadn't seen much of them since school and they had matured into daughters my mother was proud of.

At about midnight, we decided to go to bed. I had a little bit too much to drink but could still walk in a reasonable straight line. I often used to put on the drunken bit because when I acted incapable Derek used to undress me and put to bed and that got me hot and hard.

We kissed and cuddled for a while discussing the day's events which we often did, when Derek said, "Did you see how happy your mother was sitting there a scotch in her hand with her family and friends around here, she looked about ten years younger."

"I noticed that and she's always happier when that bastard prick of a husband's not around. I wish she'd get rid of him, tell him to fuck off and never come back."

"She still loves him deep down after all without him she wouldn't have the wonderful children she has now and I wouldn't be able to hug, kiss and make love to you."

"True, when you picked me you got the best there is." I said with a laugh.

"You egotistical bastard, you can be replaced you know."

We started tickling and fooling around all over the bed with the covers flying off laughing and giggling until there was a knock on the door.

We jumped under the covers hiding our erections that had popped up somehow while we were romping around.

"Come in." We called and Peter and Steve walked in wearing just dressing gowns. Looking very stern and angry Peter said, "Do you two realize what time it is and with your romping and laughing you have woke up half the hotel."

He looked really mad and angry but he couldn't keep it up and they both burst out laughing just as we were going to apologize.

"Dad it sounded like you two were having so much fun, can we join in?"

"Sorry son but the kind of fun we were having was and is just between two people who are deeply in love with each other and do you realize we were just about ready to get quiet and sexy when you knocked on the door and ruined the whole thing."

"Sorry dads if we deflated you, you two are so much in love. Out of all the gay or even non-gay couples you have with you here this Christmas, you two are the one's more in love with each other than any of the others. Sorry I'm not making myself clear."

"That's all right son I understand what you mean, now come her for a strictly non-sexual cuddle and then you can go back to bed and I promise we won't make any more noise."

They both came over joining us on the bed were they lay down next to us holding on and cuddling us both.

"I love you dearly dad, and I will for ever and ever, you and Derek are wonderful people who saved me and I can never thank you enough."

He kissed us both before getting up to go his own room with Steve, but he still managed to rub my cock through the sheets on the way. Laughing hand in hand they both ran from the room.

"He's a good kid, a bit of a larrikin but I love him dearly."

Derek replied that he did too and we began kissing and making out until my lover rolled on his back lifting his legs in the air inviting me into his promised land.

Next morning it was pouring rain and very cold outside so we remained in the hotel lounge close to the roaring wood fire. After lunch Derek, Ian, Roland and I left to go to the theatre for a quick run through of the panto. The other three had been taken on the payroll to help out under what were difficult conditions in the makeshift theatre.

By the time we had finished it was almost time to open the doors so the stage doorman was sent out for fish and chips and soon the show was underway.

Everything ran smoothly and I thought everyone involved went that little bit extra to make up for the events which had resulted in the pier theatre burning down. It was a happy show and the audience sensed this and joined in the fun. Roland and I had a lot of fun with the red cow song getting right off the script and running way over time but the audience loved it and so did we. When we came off Roland said, "thank you for giving me the chance to play this part, it's fun and great being on stage with you. You seem to sense what the audience wants and have the knack of making them happy; I wish I could do that."

"It'll come in time Roland, since I left school in fact while I was in school I was tutored by the best and I had some great tuition and help, from two masters of the trade Alec Guinness and Arthur Askey."

After the audience had left, we had a few drinks on stage to celebrate our success before heading back to the hotel.

Next morning the report in the paper from the fire investigators said that the storm had damaged some electric circuits on the old theatre that caused the fire to start and being an eighty plus year old building consisting almost completely of timber it was alight very quickly and burnt to the ground with no hope of saving it.

"Well that gets dad off the hook." I said and mum looked at me daggers. "Sorry mum I can't help myself when it comes to him."

We lounged around not doing very much as always it was still too cold and showery to go walking on the beach or anything like that. My two sisters and mum headed off to do some shopping and the girls' two boyfriends Tony, and David joined the rest of us in a game of pool. Once again, it was a tournament affair and a lot of fun. Tony and David kept looking at Derek and I holding hands between shots or when we were watching another two teams play. Plus we would give each other the odd kiss now and then. Finally, both of them came to sit next to us and Tony spoke first, "Do you two kiss and cuddle each other all the time?"

"Pretty much after all we are deeply in love."

"We can see that but if we tried that with the girls they would tell us not in public, we envy you guys."

"What for being gay?" I replied with a laugh.

"No but for being so open about it."

"We're not quite as open when out in public buts let's face it right now in this room you are the only two sitting on your side of the fence."

The others laughed, while the two straight guys blushed.

"I think that we might very well be happier than straight guys in the long run, but our love is unique, we never fight, never argue, but make lots of love not war."

Everyone laughed again including our two friends this time. The ever hopeful Peter spoke up.

"If ever you consider coming over to our side and trying it out feel free to ask Steve and I."

"Peter." I called out sternly. "Sorry dad." He replied with a grin. I looked at Derek who was smiling and I shook my head.

Tony was looking thoughtful at Peter and I nudged Derek, "he could be curious or maybe even bi."

My lover nodded in agreement. We lost the next game to Peter and Steve who in turn were flogged by the two straight guys. It was now up to Ian and Roland to save the day we all egged them on, "Come you two you can't let a couple of straight's beat you." I yelled.

Finally, Roland saved the game and they won the tournament.

"Let's hear it for the gays." Peter yelled and we all laughed including Tony and David.

The rest of the day went past uneventfully and the show once again went well. Before we went to bed mum said, "I haven't seen your father since the night he came round I wonder where he is?"

"Probably gone off with some bird somewhere and you might not see him again with a bit of luck."

John and Bruce announced that they would have to leave the next day to get things ready for next term at the school they were teaching.

"Thanks for coming you two it was great to catch up and I'll never forget you. A couple of tickets for the opening night will be on the way soon so we'll meet up earlier than you think."

John with tears in his eyes said, "We both love you all dearly and wish you all the best with your careers which I know are going to go well."

He kissed us all even though we'll see them at breakfast and with tears in his eyes John said, "Take care you two, you have no idea how much we love you and admire you."

We hugged and kissed them both for what appeared to be ages before we let them go and we headed off for bed.

Once again after a joint shower we laid together discussing the day's happenings before sleep overtook us. I think we'd been asleep for about an hour or so when we heard screams and yells of fire. We woke and could smell smoke but didn't see it at first. Jumping out of bed and quickly throwing some clothes on we heard the fire bell clanging down the hall and people rushing around everywhere. We opened our bedroom door to be hit by a wall of smoke. "Get down." I yelled to Derek as we began crawling along the floor towards the staircase down. We bumped into several people including my sisters and the two boys who were carrying my mother between them we followed them downstairs till we saw flames leaping up from the reception area. There was still a smoky path towards the front door and as we crawled towards it several firemen entered and helped us out. All of us were coughing from inhaling smoke as we were led onto the front lawn of the hotel covered with blankets and given hot drinks by people gathered outside.

I began looking around to make sure the rest of our people were all right but couldn't find Peter or Steve and then noticed John and Bruce were also missing.

I began calling their names and started back into the hotel to look for them but was held back by firemen and police.

"But my son and his partner and two of our friends are still in there." I screamed.

I was asked which rooms and I told them and several fire fighters were despatched to look for them.

Both Derek and I began sobbing and crying out their names and this increased when the firemen came back out empty handed.

To be continued.

Tragedy strikes again with four important people in their lives missing. Peter their son and his partner Steve along with John and Bruce two dear teacher friends. Will they be found safe and sound? Sadly, we will have to wait three weeks to find out.

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