All for a Case of Beer

 By Rob Loveboy


It was my best friend Sam’s fourteenth birthday. Stu and Mickey and me chipped in and bought beer for us to party in my backyard tent and celebrate Sam’s special day, now older than us by only months, but Sam liked to rub it in that he was the oldest.


We ran out of beer later that night, Stu’s older brother had got it for us. “I told you we should have got twenty-four.” I cursed out Stu and Mickey for not contributing more money for the additional beer.


Just then I heard my neighbor’s car pull into their driveway. Carl was eighteen and maybe I could talk him into going to the store. I slipped on my jeans and ran over.


“Carl, can you get us some beer, I’ll give ya five bucks.” I begged, “It’s Sam’s birthday and us guys are partying.” Just then I noticed Carl’s friend, Tim.


“Nope. I’m not going.” said Carl. “Me and Tim are going to watch these videos I just picked up, see ya.” he said turning to walk away.


“Please, please, please, Carl? It’s Sammy’s birthday.”


Carl looked at me and said, “Five bucks ain’t enough for the effort.”


“It’s all I got left over after the beer. Please, Carl. I’ll do anything you want.”






“If you give us both a blowjob, I’ll do it.” he and Tim laughed.


I was thinking maybe he’d want me to wash his car, or mow his lawn. Surely he couldn’t be serious. I laughed and said, “Get real, Carl. Come on, help me out.”


“I already told you what my time was worth, so fuck off.”


Carl turned to walk away again. “Hold on … I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it, but you guys can’t tell anyone, ever.” Damn, I couldn’t believe my own ears. I was half drunk.


“Let’s go then, hop in the back with Tim.” Carl said.


We were no sooner out of the driveway when Tim lowered his jeans and underwear. I had never done anything queer other than jerk off Sam one night after I lost a bet, but only for two minutes was as per our agreement, not a full thing,  --Sam and I jerked off together a few times, but that wasn’t gay … what friends didn’t do that in front of each other under the covers.


I looked at Tim’s hard cock he was lightly stroking. For seventeen years-old, he had a big one, at least seven inches long and wide as a silver dollar coin.


“Well, are you going to blow me or not?” Tim asked.


“I can always turn around.” said Carl pulling off the road onto a dirt road where he parked and turned to look at me.


I got on the floor in front of Tim and took his warm cock in my hand surprised how rubbery it was. I could smell a musty odor emitting from his crotch, however, it wasn’t all that bad smelling, more like sweaty balls like I had sometimes … and Tim had huge balls.


“The store closes in a half hour, Robbie. So you’d better get down to business.” Carl warned.


It was certainly intimidating to look up and see Carl with his arm on the seat back watching. I took Tim’s crown in my mouth and masturrbated him. The taste was salty with a texture of its own, not like sucking a thumb as I thought a cock would be like. Tim placed a hand on my head urging me downward. Half of his cock filled my mouth … I then proceeded to do what I thought a blowjob entailed.


“Fucking awesome, dude.” cried Tim


Then, I knew I must be doing something right, and somehow his words encouraged me, I was expecting him to call me a fag. at some point. I came up for a breath and said, “Don’t cum im my mouth, okay?”


Tim didn’t reply, his head was laying on the backrest enjoying what might have been his first blowjob. I went back to work using mouth and hand, sometime later, I tasted it … Tim had cum in my mouth. I waited until his cock stopped throbbing to open the door and spit.


Carl started the car and headed to the store and Tim pulled up his jeans. “Dude, that was fucking awesome … thank you.”


Tim thanked me when I thought sure he would ridicule me. I sat back on the seat still tasting Tim. I had to admit to myself, it wasn’t as gross as what I thought it would be, kinda salty-sweet, texture like snot. Carl would surely be next after he bought the beer … I felt like a complete fool, ashamed and belittled … yet I still had to do Carl and if I refused, both teens might tell everyone at school.


Of course, that’s what happened. Carl pulled into an empty lot and moved to the back seat pulling  down his sweat pants, not wearing underwear. I saw the wet precum on the material of his sweats and leaking out his cock that was smaller and thinner than Tim, maybe five inches with half the circumference. It looked a lot like my own. I assumed the position on the floor to pay my debt.


Carl’s precum was very sweet … which he produced quite a bit of. I stroked the base with the rest of it in my mouth. I wondered if I was beginning to like giving head.


“Oh my gawd, robbie. You’re a fucking great cock sucker … way better than Crista Wily.


I knew he had dated Crista for several months a year ago, but never knew why they broke up, but I wasn’t sure giving better head than a female was a compliment or an insult. Knowing from experience with Tim, Carl was ready to cum, his cock twitched and he gasped. That time I knew what to expect, but I allowed him to cum in my mouth anyway.


Carl tasted slightly different than Tim, much sourer. I shocked myself by swallowing it, if anyone noticed, they didn’t comment.  Carl thanked me and pulled up his sweat pants. Hopping over the seat, he drove us home.

When we were in his driveway, he turned to me and said, “Anytime you want beer, just ask.” he then laughed along with Tim. I took my beer and went to the tent. The guys were excited when I entered and quickly helped themselves.


“You all owe me five bucks, ya know.” I said, suddenly remembering that Carl had never given me back my change.


We drank a few more beer and I was tipsy. Sam said he was going to 7-11 to get us some munchies and I opted to go with him. We staggered down the street with our arms around the other’s shoulder for support.


“Thanks for a great party and the beer, dude. “ Sam said.

“Ya better appreciate it … I gave two blowjobs to get it.” I blurted, not intending to tell anyone.


Sam laughed, he didn’t take me serious until I stopped us and said, “Dude, I’m serious. I sucked off Carl and Tim, it was the only way Carl would go for the beer, Sam.”


“Wow. Okay … I, I don’t know what to say.”


“I’m not a fag, if that’s what yer thinking.” I said, sorry that I mentioned it right then.” It was the only way to get beer for your party.”


“Sam laughed, “Dude, I’d rather you have blown me than get beer.”


I thought about it for a moment and said shyly, “If ya want one, I’ll do it.”




“Fuck, Sam. I’ve given two guys head tonight, what’s a third? Besides. consider it a birthday present.”


Sam directed me into a park to take me up on my offer. We found a dark area and I got on my knees, Sam pulled down his shorts and underwear. He was already hard, it seemed bigger in my hand than the last time I felt it or saw it. Six slender inches bobbed before my eyes that I didn’t hesitate to take.


“Robbie, this is the best fucking birthday present ever.” Sam said in a whisper, his hands gently on the back of my head more to steady himself than force himself into my mouth.


I felt like a pro by then and really put effort into blowing my best friend for his birthday, I even played with his balls out of curiosity. Sam came very quickly, his cum was sweet and I sucked him dry and swallowed.  He helped me up and an arm around my shoulders we walked home.


“Dude, that was truly amazing.” Sam complimented. “I’m lucky to have you as my best friend. Maybe on your birthday I’ll return the favor.”


“I’ll hold you to that.” I laughed.


We drank more beer, Later, Sam and Mickey had passed out leaving Stu and I to finish off two more bottles of beer.


“I gotta take a piss.” Stu said getting up.


“Me too.”


We went out together in only our underwear and stood at the fence relieving ourselves. It was dark, but I could see Stu ‘s cock. “You got a nice dick, dude.” I said in my drunken stupor.


He looked at mine and smiled, “So do you, dude.”


When we were finished pissing, we both stood there with our cocks in hand, as drunk as I was, the aura was surreal, we were both horny and we were both getting erections. I reached over and took his cock, it must have been the move Stu was waiting for, he reached over for mine. We got closer together and masturbated each other.


“This doesn’t make us queer, dude. Just two drunk guys helping each other out … right?” Stu asked trying to justify things.


“I’m horny enough to suck your cock,” I said taking a chance Stu wouldn’t be turned off.

“Go for it, dude.” he chuckled as if not thinking I was serious.


I got on my knees holding his cock on the way down. I had the feeling Stu was shocked, but he never made a move to stop me. He wasn’t large … maybe even short-changed in that department at the most, four-inches, it was chubby like Tim’s dick and Stu had extra large balls the size of small eggs that hung long.


The fourth cock of the night was in my mouth and I loved it. Perhaps I was bisexual and never knew it. I did look at guys in the showers at school … didn't everyone compare?

“Fuck, man. I can’t believe this.” Stu said under his breath.


Again, I thought there might be negative emotions, and Stu was the sort of guy who punched and ask questions later, I knew that I took a grave chance by even touching him. However, he only moaned in pleasure, especially when I tasted his bull balls taking them one in my mouth . Stu had a different musty smell than Tim, a little stronger smelling.


Stu’s cum was like Sam’s, sweet tasting, however he could sure unload plenty, I gagged at the first blast that hit my throat even though I knew he was ready and prepared for it. For a boy of only almost fourteen, those large testicles produced a fuck of lot of jizz. Stu never did beat me up after, he thanked me like everyone else.


I wished I could have sucked off Mickey. Lying beside him, my hand wandered under his sleeping bag and I felt him up jerking myself off and orgasming like never before, it was intense.


I woke up the next morning hung over, ran outside and puked. I swear it was cum I threw up with the beer. I felt ashamed and embarrassed wondering how I could have done the things I did … four guys? I gathered my clothes and quickly and ran into my house, I didn’t want to face Sam or Stu who were still sleeping it off. Nor did I want to run into Carl and Tim that day. My life was over as I knew it.


Sam called my cell several times that day, but I never answered. When he showed up at my door, my mother let him in as usual and he came downstairs where I was watching television in the dark.


“Your mom says you’re sick.” he said. “And you ignored me calls.”


I was dozing on the sofa and Sam startled me. “Yes … and I want to be alone.” I said never taking my eyes off the television.


“If this is about what happened …  forget it. We were very drunk, Robbie. But I won’t deny that I did enjoy it, drunk or not. You gave me the best birthday ever.”


“I sucked off Stu, too, last night when you guys were sleeping.” I told Sam. “”I’m a fucking faggot, I guess, so just leave me alone, Sammy.”


“I don’t think you’re a faggot, Robbie. And even if you were, you’d still be my best friend. I meant what I said about repaying the favor … that doesn’t make me a fag … you’re my best friend, and friends help each other out.”


Sam’s words were soothing. It was nice to have such a close buddy. “Do you really mean that?” looking at him for the first time.


Sam chuckled and sat on the edge of the sofa I was laying on. I was shocked when he put a hand in my underwear and fondled me. “Maybe I shouldn’t wait until your birthday and do it right now … maybe do each other, Robbie?”


The next thing I knew, Sam was on top sucking my cock and I was under him sucking his. When we heard my mother come downstairs to do laundry, we quickly pulled on our underwear and pretended we were wrestling on the sofa and got shit for it. We had a good laugh later, then adjourned to the tent where we carried on.


I saw Carl and Tim that evening, they asked me if I needed beer. I said no, but said I would go for a drive with them. Of course, I blew them both again.


Stu never said a word about that night. He was a friend as usual, maybe he was too drunk to remember, but I doubted it. Sam and I continued to have sex on a regular basis making our friendship stronger and more intimate.




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