Still Another Chance

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Chapter Eleven: The Camping Trip (Continued)


(A Crossover with Priorities)

by Zarek Dragon

Author's Note: When doing a crossover between two stories, every effort is made to keep the stories interconnected yet separate. In some cases, this isn't prudent to the storyline. The chapters, Priorities Book II Chapter 24 and Still Another Chance 11, have some areas that are virtually identical, but different in many areas. Both authors contributed to the creation of the entire chapter. Please read both stories, you will come across many differences; some more subtle than others. Conversations where only one story's characters are involved are only in THAT story.


This chapter has mention of intergenerational rape. While it's not normal for this story, it is there to give some background into one of the characters. Neither the authors nor the sites hosting this chapter condone or endorse this type of behavior in any way. And, while not graphical nor detailed, it is marked to indicate where it begins and ends in case you wish to skip it.

Wednesday was Eric's birthday. His biological maternal grandparents came to visit him and let him know that even though his father kicked him out, they still love him and want to be a part of his life. The next day, the boys went on a camping trip where they added three to their number. Luke and his two twin brothers, Matthew and Mark, were hiding in the cabin at the lake. Jake became attracted to the twins almost immediately. This chapter picks up with the second day of the camping trip.

Friday morning, Phoenix woke up from the most amazing dream. He had dreamt that Eric was giving him a blow job as a way of saying "thank you" for the great birthday present he had given him, and it wasn't the model to which he was referring. Phoenix looked beside him to tell Eric about his dream, but Eric wasn't there. He looked around and saw the boy getting dressed.

Walking over to him, he asked, "Where are you going?"

"Back to the house to spend some time with my grandparents," Eric explained. "They'll be leaving on Monday, and they did come all this way."

Phoenix requested "Can I go with you? I promised Tuck that I would help him get things ready for when school starts, and since you won't be here..."

"Do you have time before Tuck arrives?" Eric inquired. "I'd love to introduce you to Grandpa and Grandma Laredo."

Phoenix gave a big smile, "I'd like that." Eric went to kiss him and Phoenix had to ask, "What'd you have for breakfast this morning? It tastes creamy."

Eric looked down, "I hope you won't be upset, but when I awoke, you were having morning wood. Well, I enjoyed when you gave me one for my birthday so I…"

"So, I wasn't totally dreaming?" Phoenix interrupted. "I enjoyed it, Eric. I totally, did. You ever want to wake me up that way, I won't mind."

Eric smiled, "That was the first time I'd ever given one. I enjoyed doing it almost as much as I enjoyed receiving one. I love you, Phoenix."

As they finished dressing, the other boys started waking up. Several made a dash for the tree line while a few headed for the 'camp latrine' that Trevor bought. Eric told Patrick where he and Phoenix were going, then they left. Patrick helped Trevor fix breakfast, but kept watching Jake laughing and giggling with the twins.

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Warning: Mention of intergenerational rape scene begins here. There is nothing graphical about it, just mentioned as happened.

After breakfast, some of the boys decided to go swimming for a bit. Xander, Tim and Luke went in one of the canoes. Once they were away from everyone, Xander asked, "If you don't mind my asking, what did you hear about me, Luke? What did your father say?"

"Are you sure that you want me to say, in front of Tim?" Luke questioned.

Xander smiled, "I like Tim a lot and never want to hide anything from him."

"I like you a lot, too," Tim replied. "We haven't discussed it yet, but if you ever want to go out…"

"I would," Xander smiled, "most definitely."

"Are you still sure that you want to know what I heard?" Luke asked. Xander nodded. "Well, you know that your dad was a member of my dad's church. When he was arrested, his one phone call was to my dad. He told Dad that you were gay and he was trying to beat it out of you. At least that is what he claimed was why he was arrested."

"Is that how you got those scars and were reluctant to take your shirt off at first?" Tim inquired.

Xander nodded, "To be honest, what gave me the courage to get naked was my desire to be a hundred percent honest with you and never hide anything from you. But the beatings weren't all that my father did to me."

Luke looked surprised, "According to my dad, that's all that he admitted."

"Of course, it is," Xander stated flatly. "If you were him, would you admit to raping your son… daily, sometimes two or three times a day? And the only lubrication he used was my own spit. He told me that if I was going to be a 'fag,' I had to learn to take it like a man."

"What?" Tim looked surprised. "Is that why you have been so angry? You've tried hiding it, but when you snapped at Jake, I could see it. To be honest, it scared me a little, but I am here for you."

Luke shook his head, "I knew Dad was wrong for what he had said, I just didn't know how wrong. You never deserved that."

"Thank you, both of you," Xander quietly said, moisture forming around his eyes. "Since coming here, I've gotten my anger under control, for the most part. Starting Monday, I get to talk with someone. Hopefully, he will help me even more."

"Xander, I care about you. I've always found you attractive," Tim averred. "If you ever want to talk, I am here."

"If they will allow it, will you be with me when I talk to this Dusty person?" Xander requested.

Tim nodded his head, "I'll be here."

Luke looked puzzled. Xander was getting ready to ask him something when Luke finally inquired, "This is a live person, right?" When Xander nodded, Luke went on with his real question, "Then is he real slow that he gets dusty?"

Xander cracked up, "No, Dusty is his name. I didn't mean that he WAS dusty."

"Oh!" Luke caught on. "Do you think I will be able to talk with him, too? I have so much anger over my dad, with what he said about you and even more with what he told Matthew and Mark. Maybe he can help me."

"I'm not sure, but since you're a resident of the Home, I believe that will be an option for you," Xander responded.

"I hope so," Luke admitted.

"If you ask me," Tim declared, "I think you both are already better off than most people. You know you have an issue and are doing your best to control it, but are also willing to seek help. I'm happy to have both of you as friends."

"Thanks, Tim" Xander and Luke chimed in unison. Luke added, "I think we are both lucky to have you as a friend, as well."

End of Scene

Patrick got out of the water and was looking around. He called out to the boys still swimming, "Do any of you see Jake?" The only response he received was many of the boys shaking their heads. Patrick started calling out to Jake, hoping that he wasn't under the water. Then he called out to Matthew and Mark, relieved a little when they didn't answer either. As he started looking for them, the boys in the water started coming out, some looking under the surface before they did. The boys in the canoe came to the dock; Luke started worrying since Patrick was yelling for his brothers as well as for Jake.

The boys were nowhere to be found around the cabin, so Patrick got dressed. He didn't feel like traipsing through the woods naked. As he finished dressing, Luke ran up to him, "You start looking for them and once I am dressed, I'll join you."

Patrick continued to call for Jake, then Matthew and Mark, as he walked. Eventually Luke caught up with him, and they took turns calling out. They also heard the other boys calling as well.

Patrick and Luke went halfway around the lake calling, when Patrick started crying, grief-stricken about what might have happened to his brother. Luke put his arm around Patrick and assured him, "We will find them, they couldn't have gone far; they wouldn't have gone far."

Hearing sobs, Jake poked his head from around a tree. "Why are you crying and why were you calling for me?" Jake questioned.

"I was worried about you," Patrick rushed to put his arms around Jake. "Why are you so far from the cabin?"

"Matthew, Mark and I wanted to try what we saw Eric doing this morning," Jake answered, "but I don't think we are doing it right."

"What did you see Eric doing?" Patrick asked.

About ready to cry, Jake responded, "I'd rather not say."

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

"Grandma and Grandpa Laredo, this is Phoenix, my boyfriend," Eric proudly proclaimed.

Grandpa Laredo walked around Phoenix as if he were sizing him up. Finally, he asked, "Do you love my grandson? And I mean really love him?"

"Yessir, I do," Phoenix stated confidently, looking directly at Grandpa, "being with him has made me the happiest I've ever been, except when he feels pain, because then, I ache for him."

Grandpa Laredo continued walking around Phoenix, showing no expression on his face. Phoenix was getting nervous. Finally, Grandma spoke, "Papa, will you just tell the boy what's on your mind? I think you're scaring him."

"What's on my mind?" Grandpa asked. "Why, I think the two of them are handsome boys, they make a cute couple, and while Phoenix may have been nervous, he was brave enough to stay, plus he looked me straight in the eye when he professed his love. You two have my blessing, but on one condition."

"What's that, Grandpa?" Eric inquired.

"Whatever you say, sir," Phoenix chimed, ready to do whatever was asked of him.

Grandpa Laredo smiled, "You have to stop calling me sir; I am Grandpa."

Phoenix wrapped his arms around Grandpa Laredo, "If that is what you want, Grandpa." Once Phoenix let go, the four chatted, with Grandpa and Grandma Laredo getting to know Phoenix better. They made him feel wanted and loved.

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With having the boys gone for a few days, Jim and Zac were enjoying some quality alone time to themselves. Thursday night, they had a candle-lit dinner, and still being teenagers madly in love with one another, they acted as such.

During the day Friday, Jim missed having Patrick helping him with the horses, but he was happy that the boy was off having fun with his friends. Zac thought he would tease him and came out to assist, "I figured since you didn't have your usual helper, I would help. After all, these horses would like to be fed today."

"Are you saying I'm slow?" Jim asked.

Zac chuckled, "Not really, but maybe a little slower than you were before you had help."

"I'd like to see how fast you can do it, since you've been out of practice," Jim shot back.

"Probably slower than you," Zac admitted and then moved to give Jim a kiss.

Jim chuckled and asked, "Do you remember my first day?"

"Yup, this really cute teenage boy started working that day," Zac declared. "And now he's a very handsome young man."

"The night before was your first kiss, but I would have never known had you not told me," Jim stated, with a big grin. "But what I remember most, Jackson knocking on the window and you calling him 'mister.'"

"Yeah, I almost had to do push-ups."

"OK, let's get these horses taken care of," Jim advised. "Once we are done, it'll be just the two of us in the house again."

"I think you're enjoying the boys camping as much as they are," Zac laughed.

"I love our boys, don't get me wrong," Jim stated, "but it's not often that we get to do stuff, at least not like we did."

"I know," Zac smiled, "and I admit that I am enjoying this time, too. But yet, I miss their hugs."

"Oh sure, you had to mention their hugs," Jim faked a pout.

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While Eric continued to visit with his grandparents, at nine, Phoenix went down to the cafeteria/classroom to see if Tuck was around. Tuck had just walked in and saw Phoenix, "Hey, I thought you were camping this weekend."

"We are, but Eric is visiting with his grandparents, and I promised I would help you…"

"I would have understood if you stayed out camping."

"Well, Eric isn't out there, so I wanted to come along with him," Phoenix explained.

Tuck gave Phoenix a smile, "I'm glad that you did. Do you remember my husband, Zarek?"

"I've only met him one time, but yeah," replied Phoenix.

"Well, he and I are wanting to eventually adopt, and he would like to get to know you," Tuck stated.

With a puzzled look on his face, Phoenix questioned, "Why does he want to get to know me? He's only met me briefly."

"Blame me, I guess," Tuck chuckled. "He said that as much as I talk about you, he would really like to get to know you, and if the three of us agree, then perhaps we can see what happens."

"Well, he's Jim's cousin, and you love him. I like you," Phoenix started. "Sure, we can get to know each other and see what happens. But I'm not getting my hopes up, just in case."

"I don't blame you, but I have a feeling you're gonna like Zarek and he will love you."

"So, what are we doing today?" Phoenix asked.

Tuck explained that since the Home officially opens on Monday, he needs to get several laptops ready for whoever may become a resident. He didn't have a clue how many he would need, so he wanted to have most of them ready. Joe's office had over two hundred laptops waiting and only fifty of them had the curriculum.

It was almost noon when Eric entered the room. He announced, "My grandparents want to head back to their hotel to eat lunch and then rest. They were so excited with meeting you and got worn out. Are you ready to head back to the camp?"


"Go, have fun. We have a hundred laptops ready now, and I will do some more before I leave. Plus, I will be doing more tomorrow."

Phoenix gave Tuck a hug and then left with Eric. As they climbed into the golf cart, Jim approached. He handed Eric a radio, stating, "I'm not sure how much of the battery is left on the other one, and we want to make sure you have a charged radio while you are out there. Just bring the other one back tomorrow or Sunday."

Phoenix looked Jim in the eye, "Did you know?"

"About Tuck?" Jim asked. "Yeah, he approached me this morning and asked if he could say something the next time he saw you. Nothing is definite, but we will see how things go."

"If they do adopt me, will I still be able to attend school here? And work on the ranch?"

"You will have the option of attending school here since Tuck is the teacher. That will be between you, Zarek and Tuck to decide. As for working the ranch, you will be able to as long as we have parental approval. But let's not put the cart before the horse. Find out if you want them to adopt you, and whether they want to adopt you before we even start thinking along those lines."

"I hope Zarek is as nice as you," Phoenix averred. Jim simply smiled.

As they left, Jim whispered, "I'll miss you Phoenix, but I know my cousin will make you happy as your dad." A tear rolled down Jim's cheek.

Jim walked into the office and Zac stood up. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I was just talking to Phoenix," Jim responded. "I know he's only four years younger than us, and we really don't have the room until Austin goes home, but…"

"You wish we could adopt him," Zac finished Jim's thought.

"Am I wrong?" Jim asked. "Am I being selfish?"

"Babe, you care about him, there is nothing wrong with that," Zac stated. "If you want to adopt him, we can figure something out, but I believe he will have a better life with Tuck and Zarek. And you will see him almost as much."

"I love you, Zac Allen Bolt," Jim whispered. "And you are right. I want what's best for Phoenix."

"I know you do, on both counts. And I love you, too." Before Jim could make another comment, Zack pressed his lips to Jim's.

Fence Separator

"So, Tuck and Zarek are thinking about adopting you?"

"Right now, we are just going to get to know each other, but it is a possibility."

"They both seem like great guys from the short time I've know them. On one hand, I think it would be great for you, but on the other, you won't be living at the Home, so we won't see each other as much."

"That would make our time together more precious and meaningful, but I will miss you when we are apart."

Eric got a smile on his face, "Too bad we can't get married like Trevor and Roger did, but I don't think either of us is ready for that."

"No, but when I am ready, I hope that it is you I do marry."

"I hope it is me, too," Eric chuckled.

"To be honest, I wish that Jim and Zac would officially adopt me. We've talked about it many times, and they would like to, but they are not sure what the State would say with them so close to my age and having two adopted sons already. They have agreed that I can call them Dad and Papa like Patrick does, but it's not the same."

"Make sure you discuss that with Jim, Zac, Zarek and Tuck. It wouldn't be fair to anyone if you don't express your true feelings."

"I know, but I've barely even met Zarek, shouldn't I give him a chance? And I really do like Tuck, just not as much as Jim or Zac."

"Well yeah, you can give them a chance, but not without them knowing how you feel. There is nothing wrong with being a hundred percent honest. It looks like we are pulling in just in time. Xander is pulling food off the grill."

As they got out of the cart, Patrick walked over. Jake ran up to them and gave Phoenix a hug. "You must have been swimming," Phoenix laughed, "you're still wet."

"Sorry, but I missed you."

"Eric…" Patrick started, "I need to talk with you privately. It seems Jake saw you doing something and…"

Jake started to cry, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been watching."

"Ummm," Eric didn't think anyone had seen him and started to blush. "Jake, did you see what I was doing to Phoenix?"

"Uh huh, and I tried doing it with Matthew and Mark, but think I was doing it wrong."

"Jake, let's you and I talk," Eric insisted.

"Can I talk with my brother first," Patrick almost pleaded.

Patrick took Jake into the cabin. Once inside, he assured, "Whatever you did, just know, you are my brother and I love you. You won't be in trouble, but if I know what you were trying, I may be able to help you."

Jake explained what he had seen and tried. He said that all that happened was Matthew's private got really hard and nothing else. Patrick smiled, "Bro, at your age, that's all that will happen. You may have been doing it right, but you're still too young to enjoy it as much as Eric did."

"And you're not mad?"

"Because you experimented? Heck no. When I was your age, I was curious to try things, but never had anyone to do it with, that is, until I met Scott. All those times when my door was locked, Scott and I were experimenting different things. Dad and Papa didn't want you walking in on us, so… anyway, if you ever have questions, and I know I did… heck, I still have questions. But if you do, just ask me, and I will help you out as much as I can."

"Does it mean that I am gay because I like boys?"

"There is a good chance of it, but I think you are still figuring yourself out. As you get older, you may discover that you like girls as much if not more. Just be true to your heart and be happy. Dad, Papa and I will love you no matter what."

"Thank you, Patrick."

"Would you mind if I have Luke and I talk with you and the twins? None of you are in trouble, but I think it would be good if we all talked. And it might be good if Trevor was in the chat."

"And Roger?" Jake inquired. "I like Roger and Xander a lot."

"Yeah, I can see if Roger and Xander can join us."

Once they came out, Eric put his arm around Jake. "I'm sorry that I wasn't more discreet with what I was doing. You shouldn't have seen that, but I am the one to blame."

"You looked like you enjoyed it," Jake chimed, "and it was beautiful to watch. I could tell how much you love Phoenix."

"That I do," Eric cooed. "Still, I wish that I wouldn't have done that with an audience. I'm hungry, let's go eat."

Trevor welcomed the two back, "I thought you'd be back for lunch so I planned to fix enough for the two of you, but Xander and Tim took over the grilling, so I asked them to cook enough. Did you have fun with your grandparents?"

"We sure did, and Grandpa approved of me," Phoenix blurted out. Eric laughed and nodded his head.

The rest of the day, the boys swam and made plans for Saturday. Before going to bed, they made a campfire and cooked marshmallows. Patrick had a private chat with Luke and explained the situation. Luke was a little upset but agreed to have a chat with all three boys. Patrick explained what he had in mind and Luke agreed that it might be beneficial. Patrick approached Trevor and Roger next. Jake chatted with Matthew and Mark, while some of the older boys told stories.

As the other boys were climbing into their sleeping bags, Tim grabbed Xander's hand and led him away from the group. When he was sure no one could hear him, he stated, "Xander, I like you a lot; I mean, I've always wanted to ask you out but never knew you were gay. I can't say that I understand what you went through, but I do know that I want to be there for you, to help you in any way I can."

"I'd like that. And I wished you would have told me before that you wanted to go out. I understand though; I thought about asking you out as well, maybe under the guise of being friends, but I knew that I wanted to be with you."

"Can I kiss you?"

Xander didn't answer with words. He placed his hands on Tim's hips and pulled him close. They pressed their lips together and both felt like they had died, gone to heaven and were being kissed by an angel. It was blissful.

After the kiss, Tim grabbed Xander's hand again and led him back to camp, where they climbed into their joined sleeping bags.

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Saturday morning, Phoenix woke up with Eric's arms holding him tight. He nudged Eric awake, "Are you planning to visit your grandparents today?"

"No, they told me to enjoy my camping, and decided to stay until Tuesday so I can still see them just as much as I would had we not been camping. They understand that we had planned this before I knew they were here."

"They are so awesome."

"Were you wanting to help Tuck? You can drive my golf cart, I don't mind."

"If you're staying out here, so am I. Tuck told me that he would understand."

"No one else is up, you want to sneak into the cabin so we don't have an audience?"

Phoenix smiled, but declined. "No, everyone is going to be waking up soon. Perhaps we should save that for when it’s just the two of us. Let's start making breakfast instead."

Eric gave a fake pout, but he knew that Phoenix was right. He found the eggs, bacon and sausage while Phoenix heated up the grill. Eric walked over to the grill with the food and exclaimed, "Whoa!!! Damn, Babe... I knew you were hot, but this is ridiculous! While I realize your last name is Blaze, this… you have that fire a’blazing."

"Yeah, I think I put one log too many in. We may be awhile before it dies down enough to cook."

As the boys woke up, they commented about the blaze, then ran to the tree line. Trevor walked over with a couple of strong sticks, pulled a log out of the grill, into the sand, where he then smothered the fire. He looked at Phoenix and chuckled, "You should have seen the first time I tried fixing breakfast for Dad and Daddy. Fortunately, it never combusted, but you should have seen the smoke. At least this wasn't in a house."

Trevor assisted them, but let Eric and Phoenix fix breakfast. Several boys commented about how they liked Trevor allowing others do it, even though he bought almost everything. Trevor just played it off like he was just being a friend, nothing special.

As they ate, Luke suggested that they get dressed and take a hike to enjoy being in the woods. Tim suggested, "Make sure your legs are completely covered. You may even want to tuck your pants into your boots. I don't know about these woods, but Wyoming does have ticks which carry some severe diseases. After the hike, I suggest that we partner up and check each other for ticks, just to be safe."

Mark looked at Jake and assured, "Matthew and I will be sure you don't have any ticks."

"And I will check both of you out."

Once everyone was dressed, Tim checked the younger boys to be sure their pant legs were tucked into their boots. He figured the older boys were smart enough to take care of themselves. Xander smiled as he thought about the kind of dad Tim will be. The more he got to know about Tim, the more he was happy that Tim wanted to date him.

Patrick approached the three boys. "When we get back from our hike and have made sure no one has any ticks, Luke, Trevor, Roger and I would like to have a chat with you three."

"About?" Matthew asked.

"It's OK, they just want to talk with us about what we were doing yesterday. They're not mad, but think it would be a good idea if we all talk,"

"Since Jake says it's OK, then I say it's OK," Mark declared.

Fence Separator

Matt showed up his usual time. Gina wasn't with him, so Jim asked about her. "Jake Patrick has a cold, so she's staying home. I offered to stay with her, but she insisted that she could handle it. She is great with that boy."

"At least you offered. I've heard that most dads don't."

"I remember when I was sick, Dad was the one who took care of me. Mom was always too worried. How about you? I mean…"

Jim looked down, "Yeah, Dad and Mom took turns."

"I'm sorry that I asked," Matt chastised himself. "It slipped my mind that he is gone."

"No need to apologize, you asked a simple question," Jim gave a weak smile which slowly grew. "But you also brought back some happy memories."

"I think Dusty would be proud of you. So, where are the boys?"

"Camping with their friends before Trevor and Roger head home."

"At the lake?"

Jim just nodded his head as a response, but then stated, "Yeah, I've lost count of how many are out there, but all boys so… clothing may be optional."

"May be?" Matt questioned. "When we were their age, Zac and I went camping all the time and stayed naked. Even after he told me that he was gay, I knew I was safe with him, so I didn't mind."

"There's nothing like enjoying nature in the raw. Yeah, I know the boys are probably naked, but didn't want to just say it."

"Should we ride out, surprise them and see how many make a run for the lake?" Matt chuckled.

"Nah, we'll leave them having fun. I have another trail for us to ride."

After the horses were saddled, the two young men mounted and Jim led Matt on a path that Matt never knew about. This trail went over onto the Rescue's property. Jim, Zac and Jacob had made this trail shortly after they removed the fence separating them. The trail led to a clearing where Jim had set up a picnic.

"I originally planned this for you and Gina. I thought I would bring you here and just leave the two of you alone; I was going to offer taking Jake Patrick back to the ranch. But since she didn't come…" Jim chuckled.

Matt smiled, "I'll have to tell her what she missed out on."

"Or, you could take it home to her and just bring the basket back next week."

"If you don't mind that I do that," Matt had a big grin on his face.

"You're a friend, a true friend. We won't mind, besides, I suggested it."

Jim and Matt dismounted from their horses, cleaned up, carefully packing the picnic back into the basket. Once Matt was back on his horse, Jim handed him the basket, which Matt hung from his saddle horn, using the attached rope. Jim climbed back onto Gold and they returned to the barn.

Once they returned to the barn, Matt put the basket in his Dodge truck and then Jim suggested that they ride some more since they weren't gone the whole hour that they usually were. "Have you ever been to the cave?" Jim inquired.

"There's a cave on this property?"

"The entrance is. Most of the cave is actually on someone else's but you can only access it from our side of the property line. Jackson spoke to the guy who owns the other property, even showed him the cave and he said that as far as he is concerned, it's our cave."

"That's cool."

"If you and Gina ever want to use it for camping, instead of the lake, you can."

"You seem highly interested in Gina's and my romance."

"Well, I know that once Jake joined our family, Zac and I have had a difficult time finding time to be romantic. We still do when we can, but it's not easy. I just want to help you and Gina to have an easier time."

"Yeah, since Jake Patrick has been born, it isn't easy. Thank you for any assistance we can get in that department."

"And Patrick and Jake want to help watch the baby while you two have some fun." Matt just smiled.

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The boys returned to the lake and stripped. They made sure everyone was checked and no ticks were found. Once they were certain of that, Patrick grabbed Jake's hand, Matthew and Mark followed. They went some ways from the camp, where Luke, Xander, Trevor, Roger and Scott were waiting. Jake was a little surprised to see Scott had joined them, but he also thought Scott might be helpful. "You boys sit on the log please," Patrick requested. "I'm going to start by saying that none of you are in trouble, but we want to discuss this with you before you get too carried away."

"We remember what it was like when we were your age. We all wanted to try things that we saw older boys doing. I'm glad that Patrick was my first kiss, and first of everything else, but I also wish that I would have waited longer. All of us are growing up too fast."

Trevor explained, "There is nothing wrong with what you boys did, but you may want to hold up doing such stuff. Have fun being a kid and just playing for a while longer."

"Don't give up your innocence just yet," Luke added. "What we are trying to say is, while there is nothing wrong with loving one another, when you get older, you will wish that you waited, just be friends and play with toys for now."

"Are you disappointed with us, Lukey?" one of the twins asked.

"Never, no matter what you do, or don't do, I will never be disappointed with you two. I love you guys. But I hope you don't try growing up so fast."

"Why did you boys go so far from the cabin?" Xander asked. "If it was because you thought any of us would be upset… first, you were wrong to think we would be upset, and second, that should have suggested not to do it."

Jake looked down, "That is why we did. We're sorry."

Xander lifted Jake's chin up, "It's OK, Little Dude, but know that we were once your age. In the future, please come talk to any of us, first. We will never get mad because you ask questions. Understand?"

Jake gave a smile and held his arms out for a hug. Xander complied. Roger finished up the chat, then the boys went back to the cabin and Trevor started fixing lunch. The rest of the day went fast and their last night sleeping at the lake was upon them quickly.

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