Another Day 12 - The Rebound

This story falls under the "High school" section and may involve sex between minors.
The minors in this story are purely fictional, and in no way is this story
based on real underage illegal sex.

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I'm never drinking again!

This is the thought that ran across my mind when I grabbed my hidden pack of cigarettes, carefuly slid open the sliding door, slipped through it and slid it shut. The best place to sit was the edge of the pool, since the ground had been dried by the warm air and the first rays of early morning sun, and the benches were still wet. I put my feet in, and the water was nice and cool.

Alcohol made stupid, stupid, stupid things happen. Like my first time having sex, which I only remembered parts of, and the resultant relationship with an idiot who broke my heart. And now, I thought, there's a sleeping guy in my room, strong enough to beat the crap out of me, who was so drunk that he may not remember that it's his own fault he's lying in my bed naked.

Stupid, stupid, drunken mistake.

Although, I wasn't really the drunk one. Or, not quite as drunk as Jared, anyhow. I'd been drinking on my own. That's a much sadder and more moderated kind of drunk. Sure, he probably only slept with me because he was drunk. But still, maybe it was the fact that my mind was a bit cloudy was why I didn't stop and think the thing through, even though my actual reasons for letting it happen had more to do with the terrible feeling that was clawing at me. I would have done anything, and I did, just to get it to stop for even a few minutes. Which it did, I suddenly realised.

Maybe swearing alcohol off was a bit extreme...

I grabbed one of the cigarettes out the box it was a little bit flattened and crushed, which I suppose is what happens when you buy a pack and only smoke one cigarette from it every couple of months. I don't usually do the smoking thing. I needed something to calm down, and even though I didn't believe nicotine could do much for me, it was worth a shot.

Jared.... Jared, Jared. I just had to do it. I had to fucking give in.

He was drunk, and sad about breaking up with the supposed love of his life. And I took advantage of him. To be fair to me, I was a little drunk too. But he was definitely worse, by a long shot. So, if he didn't remember the sex, that kind of made it rape. Technically, anyway. It's not exactly like he was anywhere near saying 'NO'

Suddenly, I felt a pair of hot lips at my neck. I jumped, and nearly fell into my pool, but a strong pair of hands grabbed and stopped me before I could.

"Morning." Jared whispered into my ear, his hot breath sending a tingle down my spine.

"Um.... M-Morning." I managed to stutter out. Okay, so he was awake. And he definitely rembered last night. Or I had started looking a lot like Sarah...

Nope, bare male chest, stirring erection in my boxers. Definitely still male.

"So..." Jared flopped down beside me, stuck his feet in the pool next to me, grabbed my cigarette and took a deep drag. I just watched him with what I assume must have been a very confused and shocked expression.


"Last night was pretty fun." He smiled like a naughty toddler.

"You remember it?"

"Uh.... sure. Why... wouldn't I?" He winked. "You got low self-esteem or something?"

"You were pretty damn drunk."

"Yeah... but... uh... I always remeber. Sometimes I wish I didn't, when I think of some of the really stupid shit I do when I'm drunk."

"Am I one of those stupid things?" It sort of fell out of my mouth. It was sitting in my head the whole time, and I felt like this might be a very stupid thing. For both of us to have done.

"Uh... No," Jared smiled. "It was sex. It was hot. And we didn't hurt anyone. How could it be stupid?"

"I...." I sat in thought. This was just... beyond believing. I had always kind of assumed he was straight. Maybe a bit Bi, but even then, I was expecting a little bit of homo-bashing so he could feel secure in his straightness or something. Then I registered what he said, and I flushed in embarrassment.

"It was hot?" I smiled, looking down, hoping he didn't see me go red. This was only my second time. I was already clocking up quite a record.

"Uh-huh." He nodded, flashing me that annoying smile that just made me want to blush even more. "Can I have a puff?"

"Okay..." I said, passing the cigarette over. I watched his perfect lips close around the filter, and I saw his chest puff out and inhale. Wow, I thought. I gave myself a mental shake.

"Okay. What the hell is this? What are we doing?"

"We're... uh... smoking?" Jared looked at the cigarette like he was wondering if he was wrong.

"No, not this. THIS." I gestured at him and me, then, looking at his confused expression, realised I wasn't being clear enough. "Last night. What the hell was that?"

A small smile flickered across his face, and his eyes brightened.

"Well...uh... you see, when a boy reaches a... certain age, he starts to... experience 'changes'-"

"Not sex." I couldn't suppress a little bit of a smile. "I mean, what... is this?"

He looked very thoughtful.

"Listen, I... uh... I just got out of this relationship, and I... this was really just about the sex, dude. I'm not into guys romantically, really. I know I prob-"

I put my hand on his leg, and leaned in to kiss him.

"I think I'm fine with that." I smiled, and moved my hand up some more.

"Awesome." He smiled and pulled me back, so we were both lying on the cold stone edging of the pool.

I pulled away and looked into his eyes, just for a second. I looked at his mischievous grin, his flushed cheeks, his moist lips.

This wasn't love, whatever was happening between him and me. In all likelihood, it would never become love either. At the worst, it could be just a bad decision, and at the best, it could be a sort of friendship. Either way, it probably wasn't very healthy, and probably wouldn't end very well.

But I was sad, I was heart-broken, and I was tired. If I could just fall into this, lose myself, just for a little while, it would be better later. Or even if it wouldn't be, then at least I'd have something to take my mind off of it, and I'd be able to face the world once again, rested, if nothing else.

I was tired of the high road, and being careful, and doing what was appropriate.

This, whatever it was, was what I wanted.


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