Anthony Bayer

2018 12 11: 3 AM

Hello, readers of nifty, this is another one of my more erotic stories.

I am an anonymous gay male who writes stories about his experience. These stories are heavily changed to preserve anonymity, but the underlying stuffs are there.

The original story is available at More of my stories are available at Almost all of my other stories not published here are non-erotic, but still emotional.

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I woke up. I was calmed, and still sleepy. I quickly looked over at the wall about four feet from the foot of the bed. A small white glow illuminated from the back of two arms that resembled a clock. It read 3:04, AM obviously.

I had my right arm around Ben's chest. He was naked, and so was I. We had fallen asleep about four hours prior after messing around a bit. I had my chest pressed up against his back, his butt nestled in my crotch.

My moving woke him up. He moved his legs and twisted his spine a bit. I moved my hand from his left nipple down to his lower belly. I started to move down to his penis, which was erecting a bit. "Wanna do a bit more?" I asked. He responded with a very lazy and long, "yeah".

I grabbed his half-erect penis. I played with his foreskin; pulling it back a bit, and pushing it forward. My erection pushed into his butt cheeks. I moved my pelvis to rub my penis on his crack. It was smooth, and simulating - almost ticklish.

I sped up with jacking him off. He breathed harder, and faster. His dick throbbed with blood; heartbeat slow, but still powerful.

I moved my right hand away from his crotch and onto his right leg, and pushed it up towards hos body. He followed suit - he curled up and stuck his butt out. I situated myself, and stuck myself inside him. He winced from the pain.

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