A Boy Next Door: Avery's Choice

Tyler: "Fuck you!"

The response was inaudible, but whatever was said, it was enough to make him scream out in frustration.

Tyler: "I fucking hate you!"

I couldn't help but get out of my bed and walk over to my window. I hated the fact that Tyler had it so hard at home, but he wasn't the easier person to understand. I, along with most of the neighborhood, were silently looking down at the scene in front of us. It wasn't enough that Tyler was loud enough to wake up the whole street, but when his father came out of the house, it turned physical.

I ran out of my room and down the stairs as quickly as possible. As I swung open the door, I saw that I wasn't the only one. Victor, from across the street, who was only a few years older than us, beat me to the punch and pulled them apart. I was glad he did, as I wasn't as physically imposing or menacing, but as I pulled Tyler back towards my house, I could feel the anger radiating from him.

I thought I had a pretty good grip on him, but he shook me off, sending me to the ground and he ran and swung on his father again. That fight raged out of control again, but Victor was able to get them separated and I got a more secure hold on Tyler. I knew he could break out of it again, but as his father spewed insults and curses at him, he seemed to completely shut down. As Victor pushed Tyler's drunken father back towards the house, he turned to us with an exasperated look on his face. This wasn't the first time and bets were, it wasn't going to be the last.

Victor: "Can he stay with you tonight?"

'' Yeah... yeah, sure of course..."

I grabbed him by his sleeve and directed him to my house. Tyler and I had never been close, actually since they had moved in, he had been kind of a douche. But, his father liked to get drunk and in situations like this, everyone tried to help. My parents were luckily away for the weekend or they probably would have called the police again and made the situation worse than it was.

I only got slight resistance as I lead Tyler upstairs and into the bathroom. I hoped he didn't drip anything on the carpet, because his lip and eyebrow were both split and leaking blood and his nose was dripping as well. I stepped out of the room to grab a towel and the first aid kit, and when I came back, Tyler had removed his shirt and was pressing it to his face, just as I walked in.

'' Whoa, whoa, whoa!"

Tyler: "What?!"

'' Towels. I have towels."

I heard the bite in his voice and honestly, it did make me back up a little, but when he lowered his shirt and waited, I took a cautious step forward. I wanted to make sure I didn't cause him any unnecessary pain, so as I turned on the faucet to the get the towel ready, I made sure it was at an okay temperature for him.

I almost wanted to ask him to take the towel and clean himself off, but I quickly and without thought closed the distance between us and pressed the towel carefully to his eyebrow. As I expected, he did react to the pressure, but besides a low hissing, he didn't make any noise. I tasked myself with making sure he was free of blood before I made any attempts to tend to his wounds.

It seemed like he was finally getting himself back together and then the anger came back into his features. I had always been somewhat scared of Tyler and his father. As I wiped away the blood from his lips and eyes, I guess I kind of lulled myself into an almost automatic trance of wiping his blood away and then rinsing out the towel.

I had never been close enough to Tyler to study his features, but now, without him being mean or treating me like shit, I had a chance to really study everything about him. I wasn't even going to try to look below his neck, because he would probably kick my ass, but I did notice how plump his lips were and how his dull baby blue eyes seemed to sparkle and catalog everything in our bathroom. Including me. He had the most perfect button nose and despite the open wounds on his face, which I'm sure would turn to scars, he was breathtaking.

I turned away from him once more to get the blood out of the towel and start fresh, but when I turned around, he was standing up and right in front of me. I found myself not being able to breathe as I stared right at his very well defined chest. His pecs looked hard as rocks and his nipples were actually a dark pink color. His six pack, while somewhat bloody and scratched up, clearly showed his dedication to perfectly developing his body. I wanted to reach out and touch him, touch the light cream colored perfection of his body, but I didn't dare.

I had never known much about Tyler's ethnicity, although I always wondered. His father was very white, that much was clear and I knew the woman who lived with them wasn't his mother, so I didn't know what his nationality was.

I was petrified to look back up at him, but when I did, he just had a curious look on his face. I was sure he was going to be upset, but he didn't say anything as I got out the peroxide to disinfect his other scrapes, and I didn't either. I felt like a fucking idiot. But, since Tyler didn't say anything I didn't either. I took the time to continue cleaning the small cuts he had accumulated, but I refused to say anything for fear of saying the wrong thing.

It was only just a few more moments, but soon enough his cuts were all cleaned up an dressed. I took a stop back to look at my handiwork, but also because I didn't want the extended contact with him to make the situation any more awkward.

'' There you go."

Tyler: "Thanks."

I couldn't read anything by the tone of his voice, so I backed out of the room. His eyes followed me the whole time, but as I made my way to the linen closet, I just tried to get my head together. I was all over the place. I grabbed him a big towel and a wash cloth and when I returned to the bathroom, he was looking at his face in the mirror. He could have been looking at the new mark above his eye, or even the small nick on his lip, but as I watched him for a moment, they just accentuated the bad boy look I had always associated with him.

When he finally noticed I was standing in the doorway, he took a step back and I could see he was still upset, but also I could tell he was uncomfortable being here. I tried to turn my lips into a smile to reassure him, but my face wouldn't do what I wanted it to. Instead, I laid the towels on the sink and stepped back again.

'' That should be good for a shower and I'll put out some clothes that might fit you. They are old from my dad, but you're a few sizes smaller than him, so it should be okay."

Tyler: "Thanks. For everything."

'' No problem. I'll be downstairs."

He closed the door and just seconds later, I heard the shower running. I refused to let my mind go in any crazy directions, so I went into my dad's room to grab a shirt and an old pair of his pajama bottoms. I set them down in the doorway of my room, which was just across from the bathroom and then went downstairs.

As I moved around downstairs, it was almost as if I was on auto-pilot. I had grabbed pillows and a blanket from the guest bedroom on the ground floor and was setting up the couch when I heard the shower stop. It was a touch on my awareness, but I didn't pay any further attention to it. I was being very conscious of my thoughts about Tyler, and I wanted to keep them in a very clean light.

I tried to watch television, listen to music, even play a game on my phone just to kill the noise in my head, but nothing was working. Tyler had been out of the shower long enough to be dressed by now and I was wondering what was taking him. Everything he needed was in the bathroom and I even thought about calling up to him to make sure he was okay. But instead, I went to the sink to grab a glass of water. What was five more minutes and besides, I didn't want him to feel like I didn't trust him in our house.

I had just gotten some ice in my cup, when it felt like the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I felt a shiver go down my spine and as I turned to try and find the source of my discomfort, I saw Tyler's shadow and the blue of his eyes almost glowing. From where he was standing, they were the only thing I could see about him. Everything else was shrouded in shadow.

I hadn't even heard him come down the stairs and that alone was alarming, but as we stared at each other on opposite sides of the room, my stomach tightened into a knot of tension. I had never been alone with Tyler in any capacity and with him acting so strange, it was starting to really scare me. I watched as he stepped further into the room and the look on his face made me want to run in the other direction. As my eyes roamed over his body, clad only in the pajama bottoms I had laid out for him, I noticed the magazine he had clutched in his hand.

As his eyes followed mine to his hand, he chuckled slightly and then his lips set into a hard grin. I found myself backing up slowly, the water running in the sink completely forgotten.

Tyler: "Interesting reading material you've got here."

He emphasized his statement by brandishing the magazine at me and as I saw the flash of skin on the cover, my heart gave a sickening lurch.

'' You went through my stuff."

I meant it to come out strong and defiant, but my reply came out as more of a question laced with hurt and fear. As he continued moving closer to me, his features didn't allude to how he was feeling at all. His eyes were completely cold and as he stepped closer still, he absentmindedly turned off the faucet and then threw the magazine down on the island top. I held my breath as I watched the pages turn and fall to the middle spread where two guys were in a very, very unexplainable situation.

I felt the sting of tears as Tyler "hmphed," but none fell as fear coiled up my spine again when he stopped right in front of me. I had already hit me back to the wall and there was nowhere else for me to go. Nowhere for me to run.

Tyler: "I did. Was checking for 'spiders' under the bed and it's a good thing I did, huh? Or I never would have found this little bit of gold."

His air quotes would have been charming if I wasn't so scared, but as I refocused my attention on him, I noticed the smell of toothpaste on his breath and the cologne he must have sprayed on before he went into my room to invade my personal space. I wanted him to get out. Whatever problems he was having with his father be damned. Courage was a fleeting thought at this point, but...

'' I think you need to leave!"

Tyler: "Hmmm... No."

'' I'm not joking Tyler. You had no right going through my stuff!"

Tyler: "If I didn't, how would I have ever known? I mean the signs were definitely there, but who'd have thought?"

'' Please just go."

Tyler: "No."

I went to shove him back, but before I had even lifted my arms, he slammed them against the wall and smashed his lips to mine. Shock was my first emotion, but then there was anger. I tried to shove him off of me, but he was so much stronger than me, and honestly, this was something I had dreamed about ever since he had moved in next door.

My emotions were all over the place, but it only took a few seconds for me to stop fighting him and enjoy what he was giving me. Tyler was a great kisser. No, scratch that. Tyler was like the "King of Kissing." He was so much better than Derek, that I started to forget...

'' Stop! Stop."

Tyler: "What?!"

'' Stop. Please."

I could see how pissed off he was, but this was wrong.

'' I have a boyfriend."

I saw something flash behind his eyes so quickly that I wasn't sure if I had imagined it or not, but almost immediately, the cocky, care-free look was back in his eyes.

Tyler: "Does it look like I give a fuck?"

I quietly gasped as he lifted me up by my butt and wrapped my legs around his waist. I threw my hands around his neck instinctively to keep myself from falling. I could tell he thought my shock was funny and I couldn't help the beat my heart skipped at the sight of his mischievous smirk. He turned us around and carried me to the kitchen table, where he set me down and tried to kiss me again. It took everything I had to back away from him, but as I leaned away, I could see the confusion in his eyes.

'' I have a boyfriend."

I didn't even know why I was having this conversation with him. Tyler had been nothing but a jackass to me. He was a year older than me, but he always acted like he was so far beyond everyone else. It was hard enough that I was the only "confirmed"ethnic kid in our school. There were a few who you couldn't exactly tell, like Tyler, but there was never any denying that I wasn't one of them. I was mixed yeah, but my skin was a golden brown and my hair was thick and full of curls. All of this different, further accentuated by the fact that I had been adopted by two very Caucasian parents.

That alone was a problem people had with me, but I was the only person subjected to the racial jokes everyone was so eager to share, even from my so-called friends. Not that Tyler had ever done anything to me personally, he hadn't, but he always turned down his nose at me like I was beyond notice. And now, here he was, a completely different person that I didn't understand at all. I knew he was somewhat of a loner, his group of friends being kept to the bare minimum. But, I don't know... With us being neighbors, I thought we would be cordial, if not friends.

He watched me as I processed all of these emotions, responding to the feelings I'm sure I was clearly telegraphing. But, I didn't care. Why should everything change because he wanted it to? I had tried to be his friend, tried to even just have a conversation with him, but I was always beyond his notice. Until now anyway.

I didn't look at him as I slid off of the table and moved around him. I tried very hard to act like I wasn't bothered, but truth be told, it was taking every ounce of concentration to not start shaking. I could feel Tyler's eyes burning into the back of my head, but as I walked back to the sink and got a glass of water to try and calm myself down, I resisted the urge to turn back to him.

'' Tyler. Go -- please."

I didn't even turn in his direction as I walked out of the room. That was probably a mistake. I barely heard Tyler's footsteps, but I did feel when his body crashed into mine and he pressed me flat to the wall, knocking the wind out of me. I cried in protest, but as he secured me against that wall, I knew this was getting way out of hand.

Tyler: "What don't you get? Do you know how long I've wanted to be here? Right here with you? But you were always turning your fucking nose up at me! Thinking you're better than me. You and everybody else in this fucking town."

'' What?! I never did that."

Tyler: "Bullshit. You and your friends. Always looking at me like 'Oh, he has it so bad'..... 'Oh, his dad has a problem.' I don't need your fucking pity, and none of you are any better than I am."

'' Tyler, I..."

I could feel the anger radiating off of him, but I think he about felt when my resolve faltered. Seems we had both been misconstruing the truth, but as his hands moved down my sides and squeezed my ass, I gasped in shock. His lips found my neck and I about melted in his arms. This was so wrong. On so many levels, but I didn't stop him. I think I was scared to stop him.

As his hands moved to the front of my pajama bottoms, grazing my very stiff hard-on, he reached for the string in the front and lowered my bottoms until they were resting on the top of my feet. I shivered in the barely there cold, but the removal of my pants made me feel very vulnerable. I didn't move a muscle as he ran his hands over the curves of my body. It didn't feel strange like it when Keith did it, this felt more natural. Like he wanted to memorize every inch of me.

I was scared of what was happening. This was so different than what I was used to experiencing. Everything was on fire inside of me. Whenever Tyler would touch me, a new fire would start, setting my body ablaze again. This was how it was supposed to feel.

Whenever Keith would touch me, it felt empty -- passionless. But, with simple caresses and his warm breath blowing across my skin, Tyler was waking something up inside of me. As he cupped both of my cheeks in his hand and alternated between kissing each of them and lapping his tongue dangerously close to my center, I couldn't help the moan that I exhaled out. Without thought, I pushed myself closer to his tongue, but he slapped my ass and in the next second he was behind me, arms wrapped around my waist and pressing his extremely hard member into the very same space I had wanted him to further explore with his tongue.

Tyler: "You're beautiful."

It was a simple statement, but coming from him, it meant a lot more. I turned my face to search his eyes and saw nothing but sincerity in them. He leaned in for a kiss and this time, there was no hesitation at all as I leaned into him and pressed my lips to his. Damn! He was a good kisser. I tried to turn around so I could face him full on, but he stopped and pressed me back into the wall, his arms around my waist keeping me from going anywhere.

Tyler: "Not yet. There's still so much I haven't done back here."

I stared questioningly at him, but when he moved his hand from my waist to my ass, I couldn't help but suck in a nervous breath. I wanted to clamp down as his fingers maneuvered between my cheeks and he found my hole. I let out my breath slowly because I knew what was coming, and with Keith, I had never enjoyed any form of penetration.

I waited with bated breath, but as he felt how tight I was, he removed his hand and lowered himself to his knees. I looked back at him in time to catch his eyes looking hungrily at me and then he was running his tongue closer and closer to my hole. I wanted him to just go for it and he didn't disappoint. As he grabbed two handfuls of my bottom and spread them, he dove right in and kissed my spot. As he continued to kiss and lick me, pleasure that I hadn't experienced before was rippling through my body, making me lose myself in thought. As he pulled me back on his tongue, I moaned out loud, shocking myself in the process.

As he got more aggressive and started really going in, I tried to claw at the wall to get away from him. Nothing had ever felt this good. It was like sensory overload. I think he felt that it was too much, but from the way he stood and turned me around, I don't think he was overtly concerned. Once again, he grabbed me up by my ass and wrapped my legs around his waist. This time though, there was nothing but joy as I kissed him with as much passion as I could. I could feel his hardness pressing up on me, its firmness surprising, but it also made me happy that I was the reason behind it.

As he carried me back over to our kitchen table and set me back down on top of it, I couldn't help but kiss him with even more fervor than before. As I trailed my hand down from his pecs, to his abs and then further down to his very firm member, something in me relaxed. How many times did you get to live out your fantasy with the boy of your dreams?

I reached for the sides of his pants and went to tug them down, but his hands found mine, and interlacing our fingers, he moved my hands away. I looked up at him in confusion, but with a gentle smile followed by a soft kiss on the lips, he told me "not yet." I wanted to protest, but with another kiss from him, I sorta forgot what I was going to say.

Tyler: "You are so beautiful."

'' This coming from you?"

He smiled at me as he pressed his lips back to mine and set my spirit on fire again. Truth was, I had the same insecurities as most kids my age, but I dd know that I was a pretty good looking guy. From the picture I saw, I got my father's thick curly hair, my mother's grey eyes and a smile that had influences from both of them.

Unlike Tyler though, my body wasn't cut like his was. I had a more sleek build, due to running and tennis, but Tyler he played basketball, lifted weights and did other miscellaneous things to keep his body in shape. As he broke the kiss and lowered me back down on the table, he lifted my legs and pressed them down until my thighs were pressed to my chest.

As he pressed his face back to my hole, I moaned very low in my chest, the sound coming out almost like a hiss. As his finger replaced his tongue, momentarily, I almost lost it as he slid his digit inside of me. I wanted to cry out, but I held my fist to my mouth and arched my back as the first shot of cum exploded from me and landed on my chest in a wet splat. I barely watched as I fired of two more shots, because at that moment, Tyler stood up very quickly, at the same time lowering his pants. I caught a very brief glimpse of one of the nicest looking penises I had ever seen before I felt the pressure of him trying to enter me.

As he so very carefully pressed himself into me, I couldn't help but jump at the sudden pain of his head entering me, spreading me open with the width of his member. As I could feel him going deeper and deeper inside of me, the tears that were leaking down my face were the only indication that I was hurting. The rest of my body was on another plane of existence.

Nothing with Keith had ever felt this amazing. I was never completely comfortable having sex with him, but it was like with Tyler, this was what my body was waiting for. It was what my body was craving. I'm not sure how long it took Tyler to bottom out inside of me. Long enough for my own cum to turn cold, I knew that, but as on fire as I was, I couldn't feel it at all.

But soon, I could feel his pelvis pressed against me and the feeling of him inside of me was one of the most intense feelings I had ever hard. As he moved inside of me, creating waves of pleasure that I had not even dreamed of feeling, my own dick which had gone soft after I climaxed came back to life. Almost painfully so. Even though no one else was in the house, I pressed my hands to my mouth, trying to bury the scream of pleasure that wanted to escape so badly. This was so different from what I was accustomed to experiencing. So much better. My body felt so much more alive.

I knew Tyler was very close to cumming, when his eyes shot open and he looked like he was in a world far, far away from here. The only reason I recognized it was because I was on my own journey to the very same place. As he pulled me back on him, rougher than before, the jolt of pain lovingly wrapped in the flow of pleasure was enough to send me over the edge. As shot after shot of cum exploded from me, my orgasm more intense than the last time. I felt Tyler's penis expand inside of me and then fiery jet after jet of his load shooting inside of me.

As I watched his facial expressions, the pleasure and intense emotions I was feeling multiplied. He was perfect. Everything about him . To his curly brown hair that was so light it was almost blond and his lips and nose that hinted at an ethnicity far more complicated than his father's, he was perfection. His pale cream colored skin. His blue eyes. His everything.

As he collapsed on top of me in exhaustion, I couldn't help the smile that touched my lips and the feeling of elation that overcame me was almost overbearing. Whenever Derek and I would finish whatever we were doing, he would pull away from me like he was finishing a business transaction. He never wanted to kiss, or cuddle, or do anything that signified I wasn't some cheap fuck.

But as I pulled my fingers through Tyler's curls, playing with its almost silky texture, the differences were stacking up, yet again. As he caressed the underside of my thighs, my legs still wrapped around him, he was planting little kisses on my neck. Being connected like this was more than I had ever had and guilt was far way from what I was feeling. For now anyway.

As I felt Tyler growing inside of me, stretching me out again, I couldn't help but respond to him. As he picked me up and secured my legs around his waist, he walked us over to the couch and after laying me down, he showed me a completely different side of his sex game.

As he crushed his lips to mine, he slammed into me in one hard and fast motion. I cried out as the pain broke through the bliss of the moment, but as he pulled out of me and pushed himself back in, the wash of euphoria was enough to clear my head entirely. It was like I was floating somewhere off in the distance, waves of pleasure threatening to pull me under. To drown me in everlasting glory.

'' Oh, fuck!"

It was coming. I could feel it and it was scaring the hell out of me. As I tried to scramble away from him, to drag myself away from everything he was giving me, he grabbed me around my waist and pulled me all the way back into him. I didn't know how big Tyler was, not getting the chance to really see his dick, let alone measure it, but literally felt like he found someplace inside of me that hadn't been discovered before. It's like he was stroking my soul. Like he was having a personal dance with every want and desire I had.

As blissed out as I was, I was in complete shock when Tyler flipped me over, propped me up on my knees and re-entered me. I yelped at the sudden change, but as he bottomed out in me again, the world righted itself and my eyes closed in pleasure. I thought that in this position, that it would give a me reprieve from feeling like I was about to fall off of the edge of the world, but those feelings just intensified. I had never been fucked so violently and passionately at the same time. As hard as he was slamming into me, I thought I would be in pain, but I was in like pleasure overdrive and that was overriding any lasting pain from the intense strokes he was giving me.

This was so wrong! This was wrong on so many levels. How could someone make you feel so amazing, while doing something so inappropriate? As guilt took a swipe at me, I almost begged Tyler to stop. I didn't want to hurt Derek, he was a great guy, but there was no spark. No fire. We were just two people existing in a relationship, mostly to feel like we were special to each other.

Tyler: "I want to see you cum..."

I gasped as he pulled me up until my back was pressed to his chest. I turned my head and in his eyes there was a heat that I never saw before. While there was no spark with Derek, no fire, in Tyler what I was looking at was the world being set ablaze.

He gingerly kissed me. While his strokes became agonizingly slow, I didn't know if he had possibly picked up on my change in emotion, but I couldn't not kiss him back. He left himself open, me reading his emotions like he was screaming them aloud.

As he held me to him, arms locked around me like he was scared to let me go, maybe scared I would float away, I came. It wasn't the world-splitting orgasm I was expecting. It was better. I realized that the edge I thought I was falling off, it wasn't really an edge at all. It was more like a threshold I was crossing. It was like all the pieces fell together. As it felt like I was literally being carried away from my body, something felt right about all of this. This was what it was supposed to be liiikk.....

Tyler: "Avery... Avery are you okay?!"

'' Huh?"

Tyler: "Avery, wake up. Are you okay?"

As I strained to open my eyes, I could hear his heartbeat as if it were pressed to my ear. As I finally opened my eyes, Tyler was looking down at me and I was laying in his lap. I could feel his naked skin against mine and it was almost enough to get me hard again, but I was utterly exhausted.

'' What happened?"

Tyler: "What happened? You came and like passed out..."

I couldn't dispute the fact, I mean, I was on complete overload before...

He chuckled lightly and lifted me up until I was in a sitting position. I felt like my brain was still on the sofa, but as I watched him stand up and walk to the kitchen, my eyes stayed glued to his backside. I actually chuckled aloud, but seeing him nude was not something I had prepared myself for. But, his ass was perfect, just like the rest of him. It wasn't super muscular, it was still plump and round and it just made him all the more attractive to me.

Honestly, watching him walk towards the kitchen was one of the most erotic experiences I've ever had. Watching the way his muscles pulled and flexed, it accentuated the fact that he was very dedicated to perfecting his body. As he reached in the cabinet to get a glass, then to the freezer for ice, then filling the glass with water, it was like -- this was what it was supposed to be like. Like he was meant to be here. Guilt tugged at my heart again, but I buried it down for the time being. I was going to see this to the end.

As he walked back towards me, it was the first time I was able to see him full frontal and he didn't disappoint. As he moved towards me, his dick swinging with his walk, I found myself getting mesmerized. There were always little hints that Tyler was more biracial than he looked. Although his was skin was a pale cream color, his groin area was a shade or two darker, but with an angry red tint to it. I gulped as I saw that even flaccid, he was sizable and it was almost scary that I was able to take him.

As he stopped right in front of me, I couldn't help but reach out and grab a hold of him. He looked down at me with a shy smirk on his face as I held his penis in the palm of my hand, the weight of it surprising. As he gulped down some of the water, I could see him looking at me over the rim of the glass, something close to apprehension in his eyes. I could feel my emotions starting to take a stronger hold on me and when he offered the glass to me, I took it graciously. I couldn't help the play of emotions I was going through, knowing I had never been good at masking whatever I was feeling.

As he lowered himself to his knees and took the glass out of my hand, he lifted my legs and wrapped them back around his waist. I almost started to protest, but the look in his eyes, the hunger... it scared the hell out of me. As he pulled me onto him, I could feel his girth spreading me out all over again. Even with becoming used to him, the slight break was enough to have my clinch my teeth as he moved deeper inside of me.

As he grabbed my around my waist and moved back and forth inside of me, the well of emotions that I was feeling reached a breaking point. It was bad enough that I was cheating on my boyfriend. I had never wanted to do that. I did love him, but Tyler was... he was Tyler. He was the boy who I got dressed cute for school for. He was the boy I had dreamed of having my first kiss with. He was the guy that stopped my heart every time I saw him, even though I knew he didn't like me. Well, I thought he didn't like me. He was my Tyler. And today, everything had changed.

Stroke after stroke brought me closer to my end. Each time he pulled himself out of me and pushed back in, my world crumbled. Everything I thought I knew about myself was flying out of the window and in it's place, there was this thing. There was me, and then there was the stuff that I wanted. The things that I really craved. There was Tyler. As he fucked in and out of me, something inside of me changed and I recoiled from it like the good little boy I was trying to stay. But some things, some realities don't take "no" for an answer. No matter how hard you tried to fight or say otherwise.

I tried to hold it together, but the release I was waiting for was building up to be a double-edged blade. As Tyler alternated between slow sensual strokes and thrusts that had me clutching the cushions to keep from screaming out, the tears kept falling. Why wasn't this my reality? Why didn't I have this passion in my life? Why wasn't it mine?

I cried out as Tyler slammed himself into me and stayed there. I could feel him pulsing inside of me, sending ripples of pleasure throughout my body, turning every inch of my skin into what felt like an inferno. I wanted to ask him to pull out, to let me breathe, but...

Tyler: "I want to see you cum!"

'' Ungh..."

Tyler: "Come on, give it to me!"

I arched my back as he pulled out and slammed back into me. I thought that he was trying to kill me as he repeated the motion over and over and over again. It hurt, but as he continued to try and crush that magic spot inside of me, I started to feel that yearning deep inside of me. The dam that was set to blow, the flood that would level everything.

'' Please, stop. Tyler, please!"

He didn't hear me or he was too far gone to care. I caught his eyes directly for just a moment and was almost as lost as he looked. It's like in his eyes, I could see every hurt, every fear, every want. It's like everything was there. In this he was seeking his own release. Like this moment was his freedom.

'' Tyler, please..."

I watched as a flicker of recognition resurfaced in his eyes and then it was as if the tide took him out again. I grunted in surprise as he pulled me off of the couch and down into his lap. As he bottomed out in me again, it literally felt like I was about to pass out. This was all just too much...

As he guided me up and down on him, he kissed his way from my neck to my lips. As he kissed me like the world was ending, I felt the first shot of liquid fire explode inside of me. I held onto him like he was a life preserver, because at that moment, with the heat of him inside of me, filling me up...

Tyler: "Cum for me... Please!!"

I did.

Painfully so. As he bucked wildly inside of me, filling me up, the floodgates opened and I came. As I closed my eyes from the overload of having him inside of me and from my own load shooting out, it was as if everything that had ever hurt me ceased to exist. I had found my nirvana. The Fountain of Youth. Glory, everlasting -- Love. I felt it there, like a tiny seed with too little water and not enough sun. Maybe it had been waiting, maybe it had always been there. It could have even just sprouted up, but my goodness it was there. As real as I was.

Tyler: "You okay?"

'' Yeah. I'm fine."

That seemed to satisfy him and he snuggled up closer behind me, making sure we were both covered by the blanket I had laid out. While I was still naked, he had put on his boxers and socks, something about he wasn't used to sleeping in the nude.

His skin against mine was enough to send a shiver down my spine, but that was mostly just guilt talking. We had been as close as any two people could get, so my paranoia was completely unfounded. But, that didn't stop it from going away. If anything, the tension in my body ramped up a notch. What the hell was going on with me?

As I started shivering uncontrollably, Tyler put his arms around my waist and honestly, it calmed me all the way down. There was no way he should have this effect on me, he wasn't even mine. But, just like that, it was like he spread warmth into me. I wouldn't think of tomorrow. I wouldn't think of the future. I was just going to enjoy my final night with the boy of my dreams. As much as I loved Tyler, and I did, some dreams aren't meant to come true. Some dreams aren't for everybody. Tomorrow, I would take a step back into reality.

Tonight. Well... I dreamed.

Umm, yup so here it goes.

I am not versed in writing stories about sex, though I've written a few steamy scenes, but although there is a lot of sex in this first chapter, it's not all this story will be about.

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