Hi, my name is Jay Pearson and this story is about me. First of all, I live in a small southern town in South Carolina which borders a lot of other small towns. People here live for high school sports, and as you may have already gathered, I am what most would consider, a jock. My dad began prepping me for sports as soon as I plopped out of my mom's womb. Ever since I could remember, I was lifting weights and exercising daily, two and three times a day. Now, here I am, 15 years old, standing 6'2" and weighing in at 225 pounds. Without sounding like I am bragging, I am the starting quarterback, star pitcher, and two time defending state champion in wrestling, as well as being on the school's weight lifting team. I am an A and B student trying my best to earn something more than just a sports scholarship. Anyways, I am just one of those guys who seem to be a natural when it comes to sports. Oops, I might as well mention I have brown wavy hair, cut close to the ears, and green eyes. By no means, can I flatter myself and say I am an Adonis, but I look fairly decent, but it is my muscled body that gets the most, if not all, the attention.

Just to tell you a little bit about my body, I am heavily muscled, more like a cross between a bodybuilder and weightlifter. I have six pack abs, and according to the girls I bed down, one heck of a solid bubble butt. As far as body hair is concerned, for whatever the reason may be, I just don't have any. I have a few little hairs on my shins, but my chest, thighs, and arms, are virtually hairless. My balls are probably mid sized, like two large eggs, and my sac is sparsely covered with little black pubic hairs. My dick, well it's mine, so I don't think of it as huge or anything like that. When fully hard, it sticks straight out from my body a good 7 inches. I am circumcised and the mushroom shaped head is just a tad thicker than my shaft. Speaking of the thickness of my shaft, according to the girls, it's pretty thick. Most of the girls have some difficulty stretching their mouths wide enough to suck my dick properly, but at this point in my life, I never passed up some girl wanting to give me a blow-job.

Without further boring you about all the gritty details of my life, this is the point in which something strange took over my every thought and every sexual desire. It was the beginning of wrestling season, and since our school supports a huge amount of students, the first day of practice was a huge turnout. More than 100 students showed up for try outs. We were all in the gym listening to the coach, or at least they were. I was trying to figure out which cheerleader I was going to screw that afternoon after practice. My mind was wandering a bit, but my eyes fell onto a student who was sitting on the bleachers below me. His hair color was rather confusing, a dirty blond in some areas, and pure blond in others. His hair was feathered back and fell just below the neck line. For whatever the reason, my cock started to grow inside my sweat pants. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, the coach called out my name to stand beside him to introduce me to everyone as the defending two time state champion. Knowing the first day of practice was not going to be anything major, I didn't even bother putting on my jock strap, so there I was, plopping down the bleachers towards the coach with one heck of a boner flopping to and fro inside my baggy sweat pants. To say I was mortified would be the understatement of a lifetime!

Standing next to the coach with my cock straining against the baggy material at full attention, knowing all good and well, that ALL eyes were on me, I was petrified. As the coach rambled on, my eyes returned to the guy who caused my cock to rise to attention. If his hair caused my cock to initially respond to a hardened state, then what my eyes were glued on, caused my cock to go into rapid convulsions. He didn't look old enough to be with the rest of us, as I silently thought his age to be around 11 or 12. His face was slender and his nose was in the shape of a cute little button. Angelic dimples burned an impression on each slender cheek and his lips were thin, but in the color of bright cherry. My eyes even studied his ears as they were uncovered by any hair. They were so small and stuck close to the side of his head. His eyebrows were the same confusing color as his hair, thick and rich, but in different shades of dirty blond to bright blond. His eyelashes looked as if they had been professionally implanted, long and slightly curling upwards. From my direct view, his eyelashes appeared to be a dark brown or a pale black in color.

He was sitting on the bleachers just a mere ten or so feet from where I was standing, and in my direct eye contact. Speaking of eye contact, the boy's eyes were glued to me, holding me perfectly still in a transfixed state. Never in my life had I ever seen such clear, crystal colored blue eyes. Those eyes held me at bay, entranced as if they were a magnet, and I was nothing more than a piece of metal. I stood there frozen in time with both hands doing their best to retrain my raging erection closer to my body, trying to figure out why my thoughts were focusing so drastically on this guy. I was not gay, nor had I ever had any homosexual tendencies, or at least, up until now.

My eyes zeroed in on his spread legs, doing their utmost best to see just what may lie underneath those light gray sweat pants. No matter how hard my eyes strained, I was unable to see even the slightest of outlines of his balls, or cock, for that matter. I fought hard with my imagination trying to tell myself I wasn't gay, or anything like that. I tried to erase his utter beauty from my mind, but it seemed like the harder I fought myself, the more infatuated I was to become. No matter what, I was completely unable to take my eyes off of him. By far, this guy was prettier than any girl I had ever seen or been with, or at least, that's what my mind kept telling me.

After the practice was over, I went straight home and jacked off. I imagined every pretty girl I had been with, but the thought of that boy in practice kept popping up. I kept telling myself that I wasn't gay, but his beauty burned an ever lasting impression somewhere in my mind that just wouldn't go away. Every day at school, I searched relentlessly for this beauty, but never found him. Only at practice was I able to witness his profound beauty, but thanks to our different weight divisions, I was only able to catch a quick glimpse of him from time to time. I was in the heavyweight division, and he was, which I later found out, wrestled in the 100 pound division. It wasn't until the third week of practice, and cuts, that I had to go to the coach's office for something. On top of his desk were folders, with pictures attached to the outside. Like a thief in the night, I rapidly went through them until I found the folder of my recent dreams. I opened up the folder and found out his name, Sean Meyers. He was 13 years old, stood 5' 3" and weighed in at 94 pounds. I also found out that he lived two subdivisions over from me and was a single child being raised by just his mother. I grabbed a pen and tore off a sheet of paper and jotted down as much information as time would allow, including his telephone number and email address.

As the weeks went by, more guys were being cut from the team, but as luck would have it, Sean was still in the running. Here is where my confusing plot began to get even thicker for me. We were at practice when the coach called me over to the area in which the lighter division were practicing. It was then that he introduced me to Sean and asked me to help him out with a few moves. Just shaking his hand sent chills racing up and down my spine. We walked over to the mat and locked up. Naturally, I towered over him and was stronger and outweighed him by a lot, but then again, this was just practice. When my hand struck his belly and pressed, I could feel his muscles sing a beautiful song to my every emotion. His stomach was definitely muscular and I could easily feel the ridges of his six pack as they danced so freely upon our every move. If things couldn't get any worse for me, his pure and intoxicating natural aroma was like an aphrodisiac drawing me more and more infatuated over him. Though we were kind of sweaty, his aroma was not musky at all, more like a soft fragrance of a mild baby powder that constantly shot up my deeply inhaling nostrils. Even his breath was fresh and smelled ever so clean. The longer the coach had me help him, the more frustrated I became. To add to my already confusing and miserable perverted thoughts, during one of the spinning moves, my nose found itself pressed rather firmly right up against his butt crack. To be more precise, my nose was pressing up against his hole! Without any reason whatsoever, I inhaled more deeply. I had no clue as to why I was sniffing his asshole, but I was doing it! By doing such a foolish thing, I only created more of a problem for myself. I don't know what I was trying to smell, but the aroma spewing from those little butt cheeks was addictive! The odor I guess I was going to smell was certainly not what I was expecting. It was the same soft mild baby powder fragrance.

Thank heaven I was wearing my jock strap, but from time to time, I could feel his small hands rub up against my aching, throbbing erection. I know his touches were just accidental, but I did my best to feel him whenever I could. Due to people watching us, I never managed to cop a good feel, but I could tell he was wearing a jock strap as well. As each day went by, my thoughts were totally of Sean and his inherent beauty. Only at practice was I ever to spot him. Many nights, I sat by the phone and wanted to call him, but I always chickened out. I even wanted to email him, but I chickened out with that idea as well. I found myself plowing some girl's pussy or letting them suck my dick, but in ALL cases, I always pretended that the girl was really Sean. As each miserable day passed, I became more and more obsessed over him.

Each day, on the way home from school, I found myself passing his house ever so slowly, hoping against all hopes just to see him out in the yard. That never happened! Finally, the last cut was posted outside the coach's office door. I knew I was already on the team, but I was praying that Sean made the team too. My heart pumped rapidly as I searched the names for all those who were to attend practice that afternoon. There, there it was...he had made the team! I was more happy to know he was officially a member of the team that I forgot to even check my own name, but then again, I had already had it in my mind that I already was. Now, with just 25 guys on the team, my chances of seeing Sean daily enhanced. As predicted, I was correct. At the start of practice, we all had to run 5 miles. Not bragging, but I am a fairly good runner, but now, I ran just fast enough to stay in behind Sean. With each outstretched running leg, my eyes zeroed in on his little butt, and oh what a butt this boy has. I don't know really how to describe his butt, but it kind of sits up higher than most normal guys butts. His butt is not a bubble butt, but the shape of it is more like two precious little tear drops. My one hand could probably cover up his entire little shapely ass.

Hear comes another factor of my sexual dilemma. His voice! Sean's voice was soft, gentle as a summer breeze. Every time I heard him speak, my heart would flutter a million times. And as always in my case, just to see him or hear his voice, my cock would immediately get harder than a bone. Now that he was on the team, the coach had me practice with him daily. Just like in all the other times I practiced with Sean, that mild aroma of baby powder always graced my deeply inhaling nostrils. Each practice, I always managed to find my nose pressing up against his butt hole and not once did I ever get a whiff of anything remotely close to disgusting. In fact, and I know I am stupid for even thinking such a foolish thought, but I literally told myself that Sean was not capable of taking a shit. Not only did I tell myself that, but I was so overwhelmed by his beauty, that I believed it as well.

No longer could I tell myself I was not gay, but now I was jacking off many times a day thinking of my sexual desires with Sean. I was sucking cock, licking his balls, kissing him, and more than a few times, I imagined my tongue buried up his sweet smelling little butt. Up to now, if someone would have mentioned eating some girl's asshole, I would have spit on the ground in utter disgust, but I was fantasizing about doing that to Sean every single day, many times throughout the day.

Here is where my obsession and perversion over Sean took an even more perverse and twisted turn. I created a fake screen name pretending to be a girl. I even managed to search the internet and came up with a few pictures of the same pretty girl. I wont bore you to death with all the dirty details, but I managed to correspond with Sean a few times over a period of three days. Though I was pretending to be a girl, as each email was sent, I became a little more sexual with each one. I found out that he was a virgin, as well as he jacked off at least three times a day. As I read each of his email's, my cock was always in my hand, pounding the flesh right off until I exploded my thick cream all over myself.

Practice went on and so did the email's. Though our email's became more and more sexually based, Sean would never tell me just how big his dick was, nor would he tell me what color his pubic hair was, or if he had any just yet. In a twist of imagination, I tossed out my real name in one of the email's and when I read his return email, I was floored. Sean wrote a fairly lengthy email based solely on me, which in a nut shell, he thought I walked on water. I found out that he wished I ate lunch with him at school and wanted to be my best friend so that this bully at school would leave him alone. He mentioned the bully's name and I had already made up my mind that I would pay him a visit at school in the morning.

The next morning, I caught the guy who was the bully walking into the bathroom, so I followed. I let him take his piss and put his dick back in his pants, but when he turned around, I slammed him against the wall and left no shadow of a doubt that if he bullied anyone anymore, I would be more than happy to cut his ass in front of the entire school population. The punk understood where I was coming from, so I didn't pound him right then and there.

That day, I found Sean sitting on a block pillar in front of the school eating his lunch, so I sat right next to him, leaning my left leg closely on his right leg. His smile stole my heart and I fought back the urge to ravish him right there. We ate and I walked with him to dump our trash. Practice was right after school, so instead of running behind him as I always did, I ran right next to him. We talked the entire time while running the 5 miles. It was during our run that he agreed to let me drive him home after practice. To me, practice seemed like it would never end. All I could think about was Sean, and hopefully, with any luck at all, he would invite me into his home.

Finally, the coach called an end to a very hard practice. As always, I took a shower before getting into my mom's car all sweaty, but this day, it finally dawned on me that Sean never took a shower with the rest of us. Technically, I wasn't old enough to drive just yet, but since this was a small town, and I was a jock, the local police always turned their heads.

After showering and getting dressed, I met Sean outside of the gym. It was cold outside and he was wearing a pretty long and thick coat, so I was completely unable to stare at his mouth watering body, but I was ever so glad just to see his glorious beauty and hear his angelic voice. We got into the car, and without thinking, I drove straight to his house. I pulled into his driveway, and Sean looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and asked ever so softly,

"Jay, how did you know where I lived?"

Damn, I forgot to pretend I had no clue as to where he lived, and now, I was totally busted. Being the stupid "jock" that I am, I simply replied,

"I just did!"

As my luck would have it, Sean offered for me to come inside, and without any hesitation, I did. Oops, that day at practice, the coach did pass out the wrestling uniforms. He offered me a drink as I followed him into the kitchen. He took off his coat and slipped over the back of the barstool. His back was facing me as he was at the refrigerator and my eyes were vastly glued to those tight blue jeans hovering over his little butt as if he had been born with those pants on. When he turned around to hand me my drink, I knew I had been busted staring, more like drooling, at his butt. Sean was so happy to have the two uniforms, one for home and one for visiting that he asked me to follow him. I walked behind him, still dazed by watching his marvelous ass, and followed him to his bedroom. I saw the computer to the left and realized then that this was the spot Sean jacked off every day, at least three times. His bed was a single bed and his room was perfectly spotless. Nothing was on the carpet and his bed was neatly made. Sean faced me and with all the excitement in his voice said,

"I'm going to take a shower so I can try my new uniform on...make yourself at home and I wont take too long."

He grabbed the home uniform and headed two doors down the hallway to the bathroom. I waited until I heard the shower start up and walked over to his computer and wiggled the mouse. His screen saver was a picture of me when I won last years wrestling state championship. I was all sweaty with both arms raised over my head in a victory stance. I remembered that match all to well, cause the guy I beat was strong and fast and I barely beat him by a single point just as the time clock and buzzer went off. I sat in his chair and was just being nosy. I went to his favorites section just to see what all he likes to do on his computer and clicked on a site that was just named "Nifty."

I couldn't believe my eyes what I was now seeing, more like reading. It was all gay stuff mixed in with some bisexual stories. I hit the X button and went to the last site Sean had visited. It was a gay story involving two boys, pretty much our age having sex. Though I couldn't believe what I was reading, my cock sure did like it, cause I was sitting there with one massive throbbing erection. I clicked off of that and clicked on WordPerfect. Sean was in the middle of writing a story and it only took a few lines for me to discover that the story was of me and him. Just as the shower head cut off, I read the line that said that I ripped off his clothes and forced my massive cock down his throat. Wanting not to get busted, I clicked off of that, but the screen saver of me was still on. I knew once he walked into his bedroom and saw the screen saver, he would know that I had played around on his computer. There was nothing I could do but admit to being a stupid jock!

I got up from the chair and sat on the edge of his bed and just waited for Sean to come back in. My mind was going over what my eyes had read from his computer and never heard Sean enter his bedroom.

"So, how do I look in my new uniform?"

I looked up and was immediately floored. Sean was standing at the entrance of his room, wearing our home uniform, smiling brightly, and I could easily tell he had no jock strap, or underwear on under the jersey. From the top of his little feet up to the top portion covering his little muscular thighs, I saw no signs of any hair life whatsoever, not even peach fuzz. I could see the ripples of his six pack abs and the definition of his solid hairless chest. Even his arms were hairless, including his underarms. All of this detection was done in the matter of a mere second or two, but my eyes stayed much longer on his crotch. I could see the outline of two perfectly shaped, rather small balls. And his dick, finally the envy of ALL my dreams and fascinations, was making an everlasting picture perfect impression as it pointed to the right, about an half an inch long. I could see the royal crown of his cock head as it perfectly was outlined in the tight jersey. It wasn't thick, but in my eyes, it was priceless!

As if my heart could take any more of this, Sean spun around to show off his backside. His muscular solid butt rippled excitingly as he tip toed on each foot. That little crack was tempting me beyond any revelation and I wanted so desperately to drop to the floor and eat his, incapable of taking a shit, ass. With his back still facing me, Sean torturously asked,

"So, how do I look?"

My mouth opened before I had the chance to think,

"Fucking delicious!"

Sean spun around to face me with the most puzzled look dashing across his gorgeous face, and quickly asked,

"What? What did you mean?"

My heart was pounding furiously and my eyes were dancing in their sockets as if being caught in some sort of wind tunnel as I offered my lame reply,

"I, uh, I meant that uh, you uh are, well, the girls are going to be all over you!"

He just whispered,

"Yeah, right!"

Sean turned and headed back towards the bathroom with my eyes glued to his tempting little solid ass. Like the fool that I am and was, I sat there frozen in time, wondering just how I could make the story he had wrote about me and him come true. Sean was in my every thought, every second of the day, and I just passed up a glorious opportunity to do something, but I failed miserably. When he returned, he was just wearing a pair of baggy shorts, and nothing else to go with it. I could see his little bright pink nipples as they protruded just barely from his smooth, solid chest. Those baggy shorts did nothing for him, because they literally swallowed his perfect lower body up leaving only the imagination as to the glory hidden inside.

A week went by and Sean and I became closer. I was giving him a ride home every day, and each day, I was staying just a bit longer. It was the same ritual every day. When we got to his house, he would go take a shower, leaving me in his bedroom. It was during one of these days that I sat down at his computer, rushing against the clock, and emailed the stories he had written to my fictitious girl email address. I erased my tracks after I hit the send button and quickly returned back to his bed in time for him to finish his shower. There were three stories and I really couldn't wait to get home to read each one of them so to find out Sean's sexual desires and thoughts. After about two hours of just talking, I went home and quickly darted into my bedroom to sit down at my computer. Upon reading each of the three stories, I discovered that each one was about me and him having sex. He did mention seeing my raging erection during a wrestling try out, standing in front of everyone. The more I read, the harder my cock got until I had no other choice but to jack the heavy cream from my sexually frustrated body. Not once, in any of his stories, did Sean mention his cock size, pubic hair, or taking my cock up his perfect ass. The stories were mostly me feeding him my cock, which varied in size in each of the stories.

That night, while pretending to be the girl, I sent an email to Sean literally begging him to tell me how big his cock is and asked about the color of his pubic hair. I even tossed out my real name and asked him if he had ever seen me naked, and if he did, what he thought about it. It was a rather long and sexually intense email that I sent him, so I just sat at my computer, after cleaning my cum up, and waited to see if he would respond. After about thirty minutes of just playing on the computer, the announcement was made that I had mail. As luck would have it, the email was from Sean. He wrote that he always dreams of having his dick sucked, and yes, he had seen me naked more than a few times. Once again, Sean never divulged his cock size, nor his pubic hair color. The only thing remotely close to what I was hoping to hear was when he wrote that Jay had a huge fucking cock!

I wrote him back, still pretending to be a girl and asked him if ever thought about sucking Jay's dick. I also wrote that I had heard a lot of the girls suck his dick all the time. Within minutes, he responded, but not with what I was hoping to read. Sean just said that if I ever was to have seen Jay's cock, that I would drop to my knees in a heartbeat. He didn't even hint that he would do the same! I found my rock hard cock back in my right hand pounding the flesh off of it again. I went to bed after cleaning myself and I tossed and turned, still dreaming about Sean, his beauty, and his perfect magnificent body.

We had our first match at home on a Friday night, and to move the story along, Sean's mother asked me if I could spend the weekend with him since she had to go out of town and wouldn't be back until late Sunday night. This was Sean's first match and he easily dominated his opponent, pinning the guy early in the first period. I watched his every move, his body as his muscles rippled, and dreamed of the precious cock that rested below. So, there I sat, right next to the coach, with one throbbing, painful erection. My mind was on Sean the entire time when I was called for my match. The guy I was to wrestle was no slouch, but all I could think of was getting to Sean's home and have the balls to tell him I wanted to suck his cock. I almost got pinned twice in the first period, not having my mind where it should be. Come the second period, I finally realized that if I pinned the guy, I could shorten the time to get Sean home. So, I attacked the guy with everything I had and finally managed to put him in one hell of a painful submission hold. The guy outweighed me by thirty pounds and I just couldn't pin him, so I put him in pain, a lot of pain. In the wrestling world, we call this particular move the banana split. My legs are wrapped around his left leg, and my arms have a tight hold on his right leg, and I just literally pull while pushing out. Your crotch will feel like it is being ripped from your body and all you can do is scream from the pain, and he was doing a whole lot of screaming. Finally, the guy tapped the mat and the match was over. Not that anyone cares, but our school easily won the match.

I followed Sean into the locker room, keeping a very close perverted eye on his tight little tear drop shaped ass. I went to my locker and he went to his. Just like in practice, I took a shower, but Sean just got dressed. He was doing his best to brag about my match while I was driving us to his house. Each time the conversation swayed to my match, I changed the topic to his successful match. We arrived at his house and I followed Sean to his bedroom, as always. He tossed his gym bag to the side of the bed and went to the bathroom to take his shower. I had already made up my mind that this weekend would be the opportunity for me to grab my balls and confess to my obsession over him, face to face. Trying to gather my thoughts as to the most appropriate way to tell him, I was oblivious as to Sean's re-entry back into the bedroom. He was standing just a few short inches from me, wearing nothing but the brightest red tight fruit-of-the-looms. Naturally, my eyes went straight to his crotch. I could just barely make out the two ping pong sized outlines of his balls, and once again, the formation of his slender cock and cock head, angling to the right. Just the pure sight made my mouth water vigorously.

After a brief discussion, Sean insisted I get into my bed clothes. I complied by fumbling through my gym bag and retrieved a pair of cut-off sweat pants that I intentionally cut for the occasion with Sean. I cut them short, allowing a good portion of my butt cheeks to be left out in the open, as well as the inside, nearest my crotch. I was just fixing to go to the bathroom and change, but stopped a few feet from the bedroom door and decided not to. I began pulling off my clothes, standing at an angle to give Sean a clear shot of my entire left side of my soon to be naked body. After shucking off my socks, I stood straight up and was peering out of the corner of my eyes and noticed Sean sitting at the foot of the bed keeping both of his gorgeous eyes glued to my every move. My cock felt his eyes on me too and went from flaccid to growing, right before both of our very eyes. It was too late for me to do anything else but reach down and grab my shorts. Slowly, I began pulling each of the short baggy leg openings up each leg, trapping my cock, pushing the growing and thickening cock head up towards the ceiling with the elastic band. Once I had the shorts all the way up, I let the elastic snap and it made a slight slapping sound as it struck my flesh. My now rather hard cock went from straight up to tenting downward, darting to the right.

I sat down next to Sean and his eyes zeroed in on mine, holding me at a bay with his glorious beauty and dazzling entrancing eyes. With the softest words ever heard by mankind, Sean whispered,

"You've got the body of death and the dick to go with it!"

I put my left arm around his shoulders and trillions of volts of electricity tore through my body. My heart pounded savagely and my breath became short as I replied,

"I wish, but it is you who are the envy of ALL dreams and fantasies known to mankind!"

My nostrils caught the fresh fragrance spewing from his perfect body, sending chills racing up and down my spine as if he was created from the worlds most powerful aphrodisiac. The very same aroma, a mild baby powder fragrance, or something just like it, tortured my every inhaling breath. I was totally consumed by his beauty and thought of nothing else than to make love to him, right then and there!

Out of my mind, lost in lust, and completely devoured by his beauty, I pushed Sean back, forcing him to lay flat on the bed with his slender hairless muscular legs dangling off the foot of the bed, and quickly locked my lips around his. My tongue immediately entered his boiling hot wet mouth and began stabbing, rolling, and flopping all over, dining on his tongue along the way. My right hand found his tight chest and began caressing the silky flesh, relishing in his unnatural beauty. Within seconds, Sean's tongue slithered deep into my mouth and just our moans echoed gently off his bedroom walls. His left hand slid along my back, causing my body to cringe from his mere soft angelic touch. I forced my left hand out from under my body and began gently running my fingers through his unbelievable beautiful hair. His soft moans echoed down my throat, awakening every sexual animalistic desire in my body. Sean's breath was as fresh as pure mint and his saliva tasted like no sweet candy I had ever had before. To me, this moment, with this angel, I truly was in Heaven!

My right hand slid all along his chest, winding up on his six pack, heavy breathing, torso, mesmerized at all the tiny muscles dancing at my tender touch. With our tongues wiggling in each other's drooling mouth, our eyes dared to lock onto the other. The more I looked at this angelic creature, the more obsessed I became at tasting every square inch of his delicious sweet aromatic body. Forcing my tongue out of his mouth, I began circling all around his cherry thin lips, stabbing inside his heavy panting nostrils. As my lips and tongue worked their way up to his beloved eyes, Sean's lips and tongue began licking and nibbling on my throat area. Our sexual moans became heavier as my tongue licked his eyebrows and my lips kissed his closed eye lids. My fingers found his tiny barely drawn in belly button, as they gingerly drew mini circles over the hard to notice little hole. My lips moved over to his right ear as my tongue darted inside the little opening, relishing in this new found flavor that only Sean himself could offer. His little body wiggled profusely as my tongue danced to his chorus, stabbing and licking all around his ear, in and every where in between.

My right hand trickled further downward into the region just below his belly button, resting just on top of his underwear. His skin was like nothing my hands had ever felt before, almost to the point being a cross between silk and pure velvet. I began working on his left ear at this point while my right hand maneuvered itself right on top of the area of my utmost desires, his crotch. I could tell and feel through his under garment, his raging erection. My hand slid across the thin shaft, detecting a good five inches of slender treasure before embarking on the tip of his swollen cock head. Just as I had thought, his cock head was a bit thicker than his shaft, but not by much. The wetness had soaked through his underwear, glorifying my every touch.

The rock hard piece of flesh intensifying my hand, twitched and jerked profoundly, causing my already shivering body to convulse uncontrollably. I could feel the intense burning heat striking my hand, coming from somewhere below his throbbing cloth covered crotch. After thoroughly devouring his tasty sweet ears, my lips and tongue went lower, tasting his tongue one more time. It was easy to do since Sean's lovely mouth was already open and panting. I relished in the sensation of his angelic moans vibrating every chord down my throat, resting deep into my lungs. His body was twisting, wiggling, and gently humping up and down as my hand massaged the lovely hunk of meat, covered only by his tight underwear. My fingertips touched his balls, and Sean moaned with hungry passion inside my mouth. I could tell that his balls were more like the size of two ping pong balls and just as round, just by my light gracing touch.

Breaking the seal of our passionate tongue swapping kiss, I began to lick all over his heaving smooth hairless chest, finding each of his little erect nipples. Sucking and nibbling on each nipple caused Sean's entire body to react wildly. His precious moans grew to almost shouting frenzy as I took turns working on each tasty nipple. Both of his small hands were massaging my head as I slid my tongue from his nipples, further south, and licked all over his bulging dancing torso muscles. Somehow, my left hand got close to his mouth and I almost shot a load as he shoved three of my fingers into his boiling hot mouth and began sucking, sliding his delicious mouth up and down my fingers.

My right hand cupped his cock and balls and applied a little more loving tension on his beloved jewels. His underwear felt like he had pissed himself, drenched from where his hard cock twitched and throbbed. His hips bucked into the air with his every breath as my lips and tongue began swirling all over his speck of a belly button. Be it in my mind, but his intoxicating light baby powder aroma became stronger the lower my nose came to his underwear covered crotch. Without a question, I was in one hell of a sexual frenzy and had to keep forcing myself to slow down. In my dreams, I had sucked his cock many times, but now, faced with reality, I was going to get my first taste of cock, and that cock belonged to the only guy I had ever dreamed about!

Still with his underwear on, my tongue moved over to the outlining cock and began slowly moving up and down the full length of his shaft. As the wetness stuck to my tongue, I could literally taste Sean's pre cum as it warmed my every taste gland. My tongue went into a rage and began slithering across the formation of Sean's cock head, doing my best to scoop more of his sweet tasting pre cum into my mouth. Soon, I found my mouth sliding along his twitching shaft, using my tongue to absorb more and more of his highly addictive pre cum. The more my mouth and tongue worked on his throbbing love muscle, the harder he sucked on my fingers and the louder his moans became. Sean was in ecstacy and I was in heaven!

My free hand roamed his silky smooth thighs, savoring in the spine tingling sensations his flesh sent through my hand, deep into my already bewildered mind. Unable to control my animalistic urges anymore, I forced my fingers out of Sean's hot little mouth and used both hands to grab the top portion of his underwear while keeping my lips firmly intact around his tasty throbbing shaft. Just as I was pulling his underwear off, Sean pantingly whispered,

"Wait, wait! I don't want to spoil this moment, but before you pull off my underwear, I got to warn you that my dick is really ugly! Once you see it, you will want to stop everything and I can't blame you if you do!"

I cut him off by saying, "Sean, don't you worry, there is nothing about you that could ever possibly be ugly!"

My fingers pulled the tight fabric while he raised his little butt off the bed, and soon, I had his underwear on the floor and now my dream lover was laying before me totally naked and my eyes could see his beautiful glory. His dick, the same dick Sean said was ugly, was definitely not what I was expecting, but it was not ugly by any meaning of the word. It angled to his right and the shaft was indeed, very slender. His cock was about five inches long and his cock head was just a tad thicker than his shaft. What he considered ugly was all the skin covering his cock head. Totally erect, Sean's foreskin completely devoured his cock head and hung down a whopping four more inches. My eyes marveled at the tiny patch of pubic hair that was in the color of a soft/light blondish/brown that bordered just around each side of the base of his cock. If I had taken the time, I could have easily counted the little strands of pubic hair, but counting was the last thing on my mind. Just as I had imagined, Sean's balls were the size of ping pong balls, perfectly rounded, encased in a rather low hanging hairless sac.

Using my tongue like a shovel, I scooped up all the dangling foreskin and got my very first real taste of cock. My tongue wormed its way inside the baggy foreskin and I immediately went into shock at all the sweet pre cum rapidly filling my mouth. Better than before, sweeter than ever, my moans silenced Sean and all of his worries about his cock. My left hand began toying with his super hot nuts while my right hand softly caressed his heavy panting muscular little stomach area. In no rush, I took my time licking and sucking his foreskin until my tongue struck Sean's piss slit. Instantly, upon contact, Sean arched his body and more pre cum began flowing like a heavy rain onto my tongue. No longer could I wait. The temptation of having Sean's cock in my mouth out weighed the reality of all that I was doing. My mouth sunk all the way down on his cock, burying my nose deep into his hairless pubic region, savoring the same intoxicating aroma as the rest of his delightful body spewed.

My first time at sucking cock, and I knew right then and there, that this would definitely NOT be the last. Sean's cock inside my mouth felt more at home than my tongue stuck in some girls fishy smelling pussy. I slowly began bobbing my head up and down while using my tongue to bathe his cock. It wasn't long before Sean screamed out that he was close, so I reluctantly released his cock from the clutches of my mouth and lowered my head a tad further until I had both of his hairless nuggets inside my mouth, being washed thoroughly by my exploring tongue. Sean placed both arms behind his head and his pretty little face was thrashing about while his hot mouth contorted into the most precious of mixed gestures known to mankind.

Even his balls made my mouth water with a sexual hunger never before had I ever experienced. His bucking motions and heavy groans told me I was doing a great job at pleasing him. With his perfectly rounded hairless jewels lodged inside my mouth, his bucking motions caused my tongue to swipe the little area leading from his balls to his butt hole. This sent Sean into a bucking rampage, so I savagely began licking that area with the hungriest desires. Be it sucking his cock or working over his tasty balls, my eyes never once left his gorgeous face.

My mouth instinctively went back to his cock while my fingers toyed with his balls and the area just under his low hanging jewels. Sean thrashed and bucked wildly, forcing his cock to fuck my mouth rapidly. I had to use my right hand to gently pull down his foreskin where I quickly locked his precious pre cum spewing cock head with my lips and began lathering his piss slit with my tongue. If his moans couldn't get any louder, Sean was now seemingly screaming at the top of his lungs while going into a rather uncontrollable body humping rage.

Each time Sean would get close to feeding me his load, I backed off, taking turns between sucking his addictive cock and milking his golden jewels. Eventually, Sean was begging me to let him cum, but there were still a couple of things I had dreamed about doing to Sean before I would even consider letting him spill his load. One part of me wanted to taste his sperm while the other half thought that it would be too gross. Sucking a cock was one thing, but swallowing a guy's load was a completely different story, even if the load was Sean's. I just figured I would take that up once the time was right, but for now, there was more of Sean that I wanted!

Having pounded my meat so many times of doing this to Sean, I rolled him over and quickly positioned him in the doggie style position. I sank to my already weak knees in total awe at the most marveling vision before me. I had dreamed so many times of Sean's butt, and now here I am, face to winking eye at the object of so many wonderful orgasms. I had seen plenty of girls butt holes, but none, not a single one, could even come close to the beauty I was now drooling over. Never before had I ever imagined putting my tongue into a butt hole, but I had fantasized many times about tongue fucking Sean's. After all, I had convinced myself that Sean was completely incapable of taking a dump, and I had sniffed his sweet aromatic asshole many, many times. Just looking at his spread little hairless smooth cheeks and the little line we all call a crack, kept me in one hell of a drooling state. The object of my numerous perverted dreams was nothing like I could have ever imagined in a million years. His flesh was a creamy color and his asshole was nothing more than a single dot, trapped between the valley of his mouth watering butt cheeks. It was so tiny, it looked like a needle wouldn't even fit inside it. There was no wrinkled skin, just perfectly formed into the smallest circle my eyes had ever seen!

Calling Sean's tiny asshole a little brown eye would be totally incorrect. There was no brown coloration whatsoever, just a natural cream color matching his smooth flesh. All of this accurate description was done in a matter of just a few short seconds. Like a dog attracted to a fresh bone, I found my face being drawn to his entrancing asshole. My nose caught the bottom of his crack and began slowly drifting upwards, lost in his unbelievable divine aroma. No musky or foul odor, just the same fine hint of something like baby powder was all my deeply inhaling nostrils captured. Finally, my nose pressed rather hard into his dot of a butt hole and I took a deep breath and became absolutely intoxicated in the luxury of his pure and natural aroma. My right hand cupped his lightly swinging balls while my tongue replaced my nose and began lavishly, luxuriantly, basking at his butt hole.

I felt like I had conquered the world just knowing that my tongue was now rolling and frolicking on Sean's most hidden of treasures, his asshole. The feeling of his two little smooth muscular butt cheeks caressing the sides of my face while my tongue probed and licked his butt hole sent chills racing up and down my spine. His loud moans told me of the acceptance of my tongue on his never before eaten asshole, so I devotedly carried on. My left hand reached around him and latched onto his hard cock and began slowly jacking that sweet tasty morsel into an ass rocking frenzy. Sean was driving his butt onto my tongue, but no matter how hard I tried, I could only manage to lick on and around it. Sean screamed,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

And eat him I was doing! The harder he crammed his solid butt onto my tongue, the more pressure I applied. When he got close to shooting his load, Sean was considerate enough to brush my hand away from his cock. I would wait a few seconds, then jack him some more. Sometime later, the miracle of all miracles happened, Sean's tight little asshole accepted my invading tongue. His scream and the fact that my tongue was now rooting its way further into his anal canal, shocked me into a hair raising panic. His scream was so loud, it sounded more like a blood curdling scream and the fact that his anal muscles attacked my tongue, trapping it into the tightest of coils, I was temporarily stunned. I tried to pull my tongue out, but his anal grip was way too intense, but in reality, my tongue felt like it was caught into a high powered vacuum, pulling it further and further into its fiery hot tunnel. Sean screamed,

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"

And I was feeling it too! His ass was pulling my tongue deeper into its clutches, choking it in the process. My tongue had reached the point it couldn't come out of my mouth any farther and Sean began rocking his ass back and forth, crushing my tongue with each squeeze of his anal muscles. In an attempt to retrieve my tongue, I inadvertently used my right hand and slapped, kind of hard, his right butt cheek. To my total surprise, Sean screamed,

"Yeah, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Work that assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

So I did! I began swatting his ass cheeks, meeting his backwards thrust with a stinging hand. Each time, Sean loved it and began telling me to do it harder and harder. Now, with my tongue literally stuck up his ass, I was using both hands to swat his beloved little ass cheeks. Each time, getting harder and harder. Either my tongue lubricated itself, or something inside Sean's ass canal had some mercy, but now, my tongue was easily sliding in and out of his still rather muscle gripping chute. Sean had both arms stretched way out in front of him, using them as weapons against me, driving his ass faster and faster, and harder and harder onto my tongue and face.

I would slap and try to grip his ass cheek with each thrust, leaving fingerprints tattooed on his creamy bright red flesh. My tongue felt like it was going to fall off, so I used my left hand to push his erect cock behind him and quickly sank my mouth over his sweet mouth watering pre cum dribbling cock. I was still slapping his thrusting ass cheeks when I spit on my right middle finger. Timing his backwards thrusts, my middle finger shot all the way up his canal causing Sean to exhale and momentarily freeze into a hunched position. His head was arched high and body began shaking as if he were in some type of convulsion. Not knowing what a cock is supposed to feel like when it gets ready to shoot, I quickly found out. Sean's cock expanded inside my mouth and soon, only his loud grunts could be heard as his cock unleashed the load from hell. The first powerful blast of his thick cream shot straight down my throat, giving me the shock of my life. I almost gagged, but whatever sexual drive that was within me took over and I held my mouth firmly on his erupting cock, still doing my best to suck the flesh right off of his shaft.

I could feel each jet of sperm missiles as they struck all over inside my mouth. It was hot and thick, and to the best of my knowledge, I didn't even recall what the first powerful load sliding down my throat even tasted like. Now, I managed to keep his erupting cream inside my mouth awaiting his final delivery. His orgasm was ever so powerful and rather lengthy too. Just when I thought the last of his cream fired out, there was a few heavy dribbles, then more several powerful eruptions blasted off inside my mouth. Absent mindedly, I was pounding his tight little asshole with my middle finger the entire time. Sean's body went into an uncontrollable violent rage as more thick cream flew from his cock in one massive spurt after another. Between his cock inside my mouth, my saliva, and his thick cum, I had no choice but to start swallowing. Closing my eyes and expecting the worst, I let some of his fluid trickle down my throat. The taste, well that's the problem! There was no taste, but in my spinning mind, his sperm was like melted chocolate, sweeter than sweet, divine to the last drop.

Sean's cock remained hard even after such a powerful cum shooting eruption, but he sort of forced my mouth off of it cause I imagined it was just getting too sensitive to be sucked on any more, or at least, for right now. As soon as his cock left my mouth, Sean literally collapsed on his stomach onto the bed, forcing my middle finger to plop out of his tight asshole. I watched as he lay there breathing heavily, lost in his complete and astonishing beauty. He was almost in a fetal position as his left knee was raised to his chest, leaving his right leg sprawled out. Like the sick pervert I am, I looked at my finger that had just graced Sean's miraculous asshole and raised it to my nose. What I was thinking or hoping to find was completely unknown to me, but I began smelling my finger like a dog smelling a steak. Just as I had imagined and had myself believe, there wasn't the slightest hint of an odor, in fact, my finger was just as clean as before I had shoved it up his tight ass.

He lay ever so peacefully, but it was I who was the animal in a rage. Leaning onto the bed, I shot my face into his closed crack and began shoveling my tongue onto his once finger filled asshole. Only a slight moan evaded his closed lips as I struggled to regain entry once again inside his fiery hot chute. My left hand gripped his tight left butt cheek and spread it apart, giving my tongue full access to his speck of a butt hole. Unlike the first time, my tongue greased itself up his chute, twisting and probing, licking and sucking. His soft moans and my loud slurping noise was all that could be heard in the silence of his bedroom.

Using my strength, I rolled Sean onto his back, heaving his legs high up into the air, forcing his knees to impale into the mattress on either side of his face, just slightly behind him. Now, I could dine on his ass while looking him straight into those beautiful entrancing eyes. And I was happily lost into his loving trance! In this position, my tongue traveled farther than ever before, and his soft accepting moans told the story of true pleasure. Be it the reason, or whatever the reason may be, I simply could not get enough of Sean's asshole, and cock for that matter.

His anal canal muscles converged around my tongue, increasing its choking pressure as my tongue worked deeper and deeper up his chute, further than ever before. His body was twitching and bucking and his angelic voice chimed out with the most lustful of purrs. I was nothing more than an animal lost in full lust as my tongue pile drove in and out of his delicious intoxicating asshole. It was Sean's soft voice that brought my bewildered mind back into my head, as he pantingly whispered,

"Jay, Jay, stop, stop please! I want to, oh shit, suck, suck your cock!"

Reluctantly, I withdrew my tongue from his muscle clamping asshole, and in one shot, jumped to his side, leaning my back against the railing of his headboard. Somewhere eating his ass and sucking his cock, I managed to free myself so that I was completely naked. Once I was in position, which didn't take but a split second, Sean rolled onto his knees and crawled between my legs with the most strangest look on his face. He was so close to my raging erection, I could feel the burning heat firing from his nostrils. Just before his mouth was at my cock, Sean whispered,

"Holy fuck, it's bigger and thicker than I had ever dreamed it to be!"

I was about to speak when his tongue took a long stroke beginning from the base of my cock, all the way to the pre cum spitting piss slit. Like I mentioned earlier, most of the girls who sucked my cock only managed to get the head in their mouth, then use their hands to jack me, but Sean surprised the living hell out of me by using both hands to fondle my balls while his little mouth stretched wider than I would have ever thought, sucking in a good four or five inches. The scorching heat from within his mouth caused me to groan out loud as he forced his mouth farther on my thick member. Within seconds, Sean was bobbing up and down on a good 6 inches, and with each downward thrust, tried in vain to force more and more of my cock into his tiny mouth. My head was spinning while my hands caressed his bobbing head, while his own little hands performed a symphony on my cum filled nuts. Within a minute of Sean sucking my cock, I felt the urge to explode and did my best to warn him, but he increased his sucking while increasing his bobbing up and down.

Just the fact that it was Sean who was giving me the best blow-job I had ever experienced, or be it the fact that it was just Sean, my swollen nuts exploded its seed, sending rockets of sperm missiles flying into Sean's mouth. My head was spinning as Sean slipped a finger straight up my asshole, causing more hot cream to fire from my cock by the gallons. His finger was digging up my ass while my cock fired round after round of thick cream straight into his little over stuffed mouth. I know I was making all sorts of noises and making all sorts of weird faces, but at this point, I really didn't care! Sean sucked my dick until I had nothing left to offer to the point I had to force his mouth off my rather sensitive still hard organ.

Sean released my cock and kneeled up onto his knees looking at me, but my eyes only saw trillions of flashing stars. I did manage to hear him as he whispered,

"That was one hell of a huge load and it tasted better than I ever dreamed it could and I can't wait to feel this thick fucker take my virginity!"

I was still sitting, speechless and starry eyed, as Sean rolled off of the bed and walked down the hall. When he returned, I was still gasping for air and he was carrying a tube of something in his right hand. He hopped up onto the bed and sat next to me, looking me into the eyes and said,

"Jay, I have dreamed of this moment since I first laid eyes on you! Until I saw you, I never once had a homosexual thought cross my mind, but since seeing you, you have been ALL I have ever dreamed of. Now, I am smart enough to know that when you go to fuck me, it's going to hurt like hell, but I have dreamed that you and only you, were the one who fucked my ass for the very first time! I don't give a shit how much pain I have to go through, all I know is that I am more than ready to feel that thick cock stretch my asshole wider than I ever imagined. I know I just dumped a lot of stuff on you, but please, please Jay, please tell me that you will fuck me!"

My eyes were now watery as I opened up and confessed,

"Sean, just like you, I never had a homosexual thought pop into my mind, ever, but since I first saw you, you have been in ALL of my dreams and fantasies. In fact, call it sick or perverted, but I have even gone so far as to convince myself that you are TOTALLY incapable of taking a shit! During practice, I took every chance to sniff your ass! I've done every sick thing you can imagine to smell your ass, and the weirdest thing of all, before you came along, there wasn't enough money for me to smell someone's asshole, much less put my tongue there! Since we both confessed, Sean, I uh, I think you are the most gorgeous person I have ever seen and I don't want to just fuck you, I want to make love to you forever!"

Our lips instinctively found the other and our tongues once again battled. I got a mouthful of my own cum from Sean's darting tongue while our hands roamed freely over the other's body. We kissed for a long time and when our seal broke, I asked,

"Since we both have shared the same dream, what position do you want me to take your virginity in?"

Sean got up on his knees, looked at me and grinned, then whispered,

"I want to look into your eyes as you enter me!"

With that being said, Sean squeezed a glob of lube into his hand and began slowly working the slippery substance all over my throbbing erection. While he was busy lubricating my cock, I grabbed the bottle and squeezed some of the slippery cream onto my right hand and sort of forced Sean to step over my right leg moving his left foot arched up. At first, I slipped one finger in, but then graduated to two, relishing in the heat and the tremendous tightness of his anal canal. After a short time, I worked a third, then a fourth finger up his tight ass, listening to Sean purr like a little kitten as my fingers danced inside his boiling hot chute. I would have never guessed four of my long and thick fingers would have fit into such a tiny hole, but here I was, with four fingers chiming away inside his delicious little asshole.

I was more amazed at watching Sean as he humped up and down as my fingers explored his anal region. Sean lifted up without saying a word, forcing all of my fingers from his tight anal clutches, looked at me, then softly whispered,

"Jay, it's time! Please take my virginity!"

There was a towel on the bed which he must have placed there when he went to go get the lube. We switched positions, I toweled off some of the slippery ,lube from my hands as Sean was laying there, flat on his back with his knees already hiked up waiting for me. Walking on my knees, I lifted his slender hairless legs and draped the over my shoulders, then pushed his legs forward to the point that his little glistening asshole was sticking almost straight up to the ceiling. Using my right hand, I grabbed the base of my slippery cock and guided it to his little hole and pressed. Our eyes were glued to one another, patiently awaiting the moment that my thick cock head forced his little speck of an asshole to open up and greet my girth.

The harder I pushed, the more my cock either traveled up his hairless crack or down it, but never enter. Sean amazed me even further by reaching around both of his spread legs and hook them with his arms, spreading his little ass cheeks even wider. I pressed again and then it happened. My cock head forced his muscle open and Sean literally screamed,


The expression on his face told me just how much pain he was in and I asked him more than once if he wanted me to pull out, but he would shake his head from side to side while biting his lips and clutching his fists. I was in sort of a major dilemma cause with just my cock head barely inside of him, his ass muscles were literally crushing my head, but then again, I didn't want to hurt him no more than I already had. I tried in vain just to remain there, but the pressure on my cock head was just too damned painful, so I inched forward, feeding his muscle convulsing anal canal about another inch of my cock. Sean screamed,


Just like before, I asked Sean if he wanted me to pull it out, but he just shook his head no. The fiery heat was burning my cock, but at least my cock head didn't seem like it was being pinched like earlier. I could feel his muscles squeeze my shaft with his every breath and I was completely overwhelmed by the extreme tightness of his ass. I had taken a couple of girls cherries before, but none of them were ever this close to being as tight as Sean's ass was, and is. Sean was blowing air from his perfectly formed circle of a mouth as I just held my cock in place. He was cussing, panting, and his entire body was shaking like a leaf caught in a wind storm. I don't know how long it was, but I pushed about two inches inside him by accident. Sean screamed at the top of his lungs as those two extra inches stretched his little ass farther then ever.

It felt like hours, but I soon had my entire cock buried all the way up his ass. Sean was still grunting, panting, cursing, and forcing air out of lungs. My heavy balls rested on top of his and I patiently waited for the right time, his right time, to begin working my cock in and out of his super tight, burning hot, asshole. Sean unhooked his arms from his legs and caught the back of my head with his hands and pulled my face to his. Tears were steam rolling down the cheeks of his gorgeous face as our tongues darted in the other's mouth as our lips sealed the air around them. I took this as a sign Sean was ready and I slowly began working my cock almost all the way out, then slowly pushing it all the way back in. His heavy grunts vibrated down my throat as I continued this ever so slow assault on his cock crushing ass.

After several long and slow minutes, I picked up the pace just a bit, and began working my cock just a tad faster in and out of his ass. By far, Sean's asshole felt better and tighter than ANY pussy I had ever fucked and I was more than determined to make this chance last as long as humanly possible. Using my body to hold his legs in place, I used my hands to hold Sean's hands over his head, still locked into a beautiful kiss, I began really plowing his now bucking ass. The pain he was once in must have completely gone, because Sean was doing everything in his power to hump his jutting ass onto my pile driving cock.

Not bragging, but I was plowing his ass, sending the sounds of flesh slapping flesh echoing off the bedroom walls, winding the sounds down the hallway. My swinging balls crashed onto his with each and every powerful thrust. A long vibrating grunt shot out of his mouth and rifled into mine, as I felt his cock spit more of his hot thick cream between our two intertwined bodies. I felt each and every jet of hot cream that shot out of his cock, which caused the muscles inside his ass to coil and tighten harder than ever before. My pounding of his asshole heightened to a higher level as my cock blistered rapidly in and out of his clutching ass. Soon, the cum churning somewhere within my toes fought its way to my cock, and I felt as though I was going to pass out as my thick cum fired from my pile driving cock, deep into his super hot anal canal. It felt like gallons of cum was shooting from my cock, and I felt Sean tense up and then felt his hot cream shoot between our bodies once more. Now, both cock's were erupting their intense thick cream. I pounded his tight ass until my cock went totally limp, but still kept it in the comfort of Sean's unbelievable little ass. Both of us were in dire need of air, so our kiss ended. I leaned my head to the left side of his precious face and just stayed there, panting as if I had just ran five miles. Sean too, was panting just as well and his arms found the strength to caress my heavy panting back. I, on the other hand, had no strength to do anything but lay there.

The beauty of the moment, the burning passion of desire, and knowing I was in the arms of Sean, darkness over took my eyes and we both fell fast asleep. Upon waking the next morning, I found my once limp cock, now painfully hard, still inside Sean's asshole. Even during the night, neither one of us had moved an inch. I did what every red blooded American pervert would do who was in my position. I began plowing his tight ass again! Sean was sleeping so beautifully peacefully, but once he felt my hard cock begin to plow his little butt, the look on his face when he woke up was utterly priceless. I knew I had to pee, but I also knew I had to feel the rhythm of my cock wearing his tight chute out once more before I did. Maybe it was all in my mind, but Sean's morning breath was a welcoming perfume to my heavy inhaling nostrils. The more of his breath I breathed in, the harder I crammed my erect pole into his chute. Soon, it was just the two of us purring and moaning as our tongues openly battled one another.

Our bodies were rather sticky from the night before, but Sean tensed up once more and his cock began shooting his beloved delicious cream between our gliding bodies. The wetness and heat from his cum ignited my own balls to shoot another whopping load straight up his little ass. I was biting my lips as my head blasting orgasm crashed throughout my body as Sean's own cock had stopped shooting his sperm and was now firing rockets of hot piss all over both of us. >From his reaction, I could tell Sean was still in one hell of an orgasmic state, and I was too, for that matter. I was still frantically pounding Sean's ass when I thought my own cock had emptied all of the sperm I could muster, but then another wave crashed through my body as my cock fired off another round. Sean was pumping his ass onto my thrusting cock as I was lost in a world of spermatic frenzy. I could barely smell the aroma of his piss when my cock began to finally go soft. I still did what all I could do to keep pumping my limp noodle in and out of his cum filled butt. One outward thrust is all it took for my cock to slip out of his butt, and when I did, I realized then that the last orgasm I had, was not really sperm firing from my cock, it was my bladder emptying the mother load of piss up his rectum.

To say that his bed was a mess was the understatement of the year. I helped Sean clean his bed and we never once thought about putting our clothes on, in fact, for the entire weekend, we stayed nude. Up until his mother came home, Sean and I had sex almost every waking moment. For the next week, Sean and I had sex in his bedroom every day after school. My thoughts were no longer thinking of girls, just Sean and his total and complete beauty. During one of our sexual escapades on the second week, Sean's mother busted me plowing her little angel's ass like tomorrow would never come. After being busted, we got dressed and met her in the kitchen. I could barely make eye contact with her and all she did was smile, place both of her hands on my shoulder, and said,

"Jay, all I can ask of you is to love my son with all your heart!"

The only words that flipped out of my mouth was, "Ma'am, Sean is my heart!"


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