Behind the Incinerator

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Chapter 4

The prospect of having Owen Rush’s cock in his mouth was making this the most promising birthday Court had ever had. He had dreamed of that prospect for so long. And, finally—he had found himself right here. Right where he wanted to be. Right now. With that beautiful chunk of meat in front of his face.





This was it. The moment. The dream. On the verge of being fulfilled.


Owen pulled a quarterback option on him and here they were—suddenly reversed. Court Applegate was leaning against that grimy cinder block wall and Owen was on his knees. Owen ‘fucking’ Rush was on his knees and he was slowly taking inch after inch of Court’s cock into his mouth.

Not that he was complaining, but….

What the hell?

Owen had a girlfriend. Owen was straight. Wasn’t he?

Owen’s left hand slid upward from Court’s right knee. Back down. Up again. The muscles in Court’s thigh responded with faint tremors as those fingers glided through the soft, silken hairs.

“Fu…,” the athlete choked out before the rest of the word caught in his throat. Owen’s hand moved upward, still—until it gently gripped his nuts and tugged … massaged … tugged … massaged … twisted.


Owen’s right hand followed a mirror path up Court’s outer left thigh. Up. Down. Up. Moving across his hip and along his ribs … across abs of granite … down to his belt line. Down. Farther. Farther.

“Fuck,” Court croaked as the massage and tugs of his nuts was now joined by that free hand—it encircled the base of his cock. All, while Owen’s moist, warm mouth worked its magic up and down and over the head and shaft of his throbbing bone.

Owen is a fucking cocksucker? A natural fucking cocksucker?

Palms flat against the concrete block wall behind him, Court began a gentle fucking motion with his hips. Fucking his cock into Owen’s mouth. Not too deep. But he gently fucked that handsome face.

And, Owen took it. Owen took it all.

A long, low whimper reverberated in Court’s throat as Owen’s tongue circled round and round the head of his cock.

Owen pulled back and then plunged back down. His nostrils flared as he inhaled between bobs and sucks. He found himself fascinated by the scents soaking into his brain. The aroma of Court’s balls. The savory flow of juice from his winking slit coated his tongue—tangy and sweet at the same time.

Owen’s mind spun farther out into left field. Here he was, behind the incinerator and on his knees. He had Courtney Applegate’s dick in his mouth. He was sucking Court’s dick. And, he liked it. He liked the feel of the silky skin covering the titanium rod shaft of his dick. He liked the texture … the taste … the scents.

He got a little too caught up in the newness, the feeling of it all, and he plunged too far down the throbbing shaft—the mushroom helmet pushed against his throat and he gagged. He pulled back quickly—sputtering as Court’s dick popped free from his lips. Sputters and a hack or two … a few tears welled up in his eyes.

“Sorry,” Owen gasped out as he fished for oxygen and tried to stop hacking. He glanced up into his friend’s eyes. A sheepish blush swept his cheeks. “Never done this before.”

Court reached down to finger his way through Owen’s hair. Gentle rakes through that thick silk evolved into a firm grip. He held Owen’s head firm and still and offered a smirk and smile combo.

“Just take your time. There’s no rush. Slow and easy ‘til you get used to it,” Court mentored as he moved his hips forward. He pressed the drooling tip of his cock against Owen’s lips once more. “Relax. Take your time. We’ll make a skilled cocksucker out of you in no time.”

Those ought to be fightin’ words, bucko.

But they weren’t.

For some reason, Court’s comment spurred Owen on. His lips parted for Court’s cock … his tongue immediately licked and slurped across the head and slit—scooping up the continual flow of pre-cum. He opened wider and his tongue dragged along the bottom of Court’s shaft as his cock slid deeper into his mouth.”

“Mmm. Mmmph.”

Courtney’s brow rose. Holy fuck! Owen was into this? Owen was ‘really’ into this. Talk about an awesome birthday gift! ‘Straight’ Owen Rush, star athlete, All-State pitcher, and starting QB was sucking his cock and he was really into it!

“That’s it. You’re doing great. Suck it, Owen.” Court held his friend’s head more tightly and began to fuck his face. Gentle strokes were joined by quick jabs. Owen took it. He kept sucking. His tongue kept licking and swirling … lapping up the globs of pre-cum as they bubbled out of that winking slit. “You’re gonna swallow for me. Right?”

Owen pulled back. He gazed at the glistening cock just inches from his face. He watched—mesmerized—as one hand gently massaged his friend’s full lemon-size nuts. His other hand slowly stroked the length of the shaft and then up and over the purple, shimmering head as the slit winked and spit … winked and spit, thick, tangy juice streams.

It took him a moment or two before Court’s question sank in. Oh. Yeah. Right. He was sucking Court’s cock—how do you spell ‘blow job’?—duh. Swallow? Right. Swallow. Would he swallow when Court came? Good question. Really good question. He’d have to think about that one for a while.


Or, maybe ‘not’ think about it considering how quickly that response rolled out of his mouth.

Courtney Applegate sank into those blue eyes as Owen’s one word response hit him full on. Okay? Owen just said he would swallow his load when he came in his mouth? He really said ‘okay’? Oh. Fuck. Yeah! This birthday was getting better by the minute!

“Really? You’re gonna swallow for me buddy?”

“Yes,” Owen said with a glance back at Court’s drooling cock. “Cum in my mouth. I want to swallow it for you.”

Court slid his fingers back into Owen’s hair and pressed his throbbing cock back against his friend’s lips. “Yeah—I’m gonna make you a really good cocksucker.”

Owen nodded. He opened his mouth. Courtney’s cock slid back inside, and—he sucked. Yeah. He would swallow. For Court, he would swallow.

As his friend began stroking in and out of his mouth—fucking his face—Owen lost himself in the whole moment. Again. The texture. The feel of it. A cock in his mouth. The scents. The flavor. The … everything. There was something very primal about it. Very … satisfying in some unknown way. Something that would never have occurred to him in a million years—before this moment anyway.

As they fell into a perfectly synced groove—Courtney Applegate fucking Owen’s face, and Owen taking it and sucking for all he had—Owen began to wonder about something else. Something that both blew his mind and made his own cock throb between his legs … throb and drool its own globs of juice. For the life of him, Owen didn’t know why but as his friend’s cock stroked deeper into his mouth—took possession of it—used it—and as his tongue licked and swirled more insistently … as he sucked more hungrily … the thought that had flickered to life now burst into a full-fledged flame.

I wonder if Court wants to fuck me.

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