{Beneath The Mask is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Written by J.P.G.

Chapter 29

Hearing Matt coming down the hospital corridor, Alex looked towards the door. He can hear Matt talking with someone all happy and chipper. That made Alex wonder what has Matt so chipper. Being that he is going to school, to work and straight to the hospital as soon as he gets off of work has to be taking a toll on him.

The minute Matt walked in the room Alex saw that he has a big smile across his face. Not saying a word, Matt walked over to Alex and sat down on the edge of the bed smiling at him. Now it is getting annoying to Alex that he has no idea why his boyfriend is acting the way he is.

"What in the world..." Matt put his finger over his lips to quiet Alex. "I have something that we both have worked our butts off for." Matt handed Alex his envelope that Ron gave him. "Today Ron handed me our first paychecks. I haven't opened mine because I wanted to open it with you."

Alex couldn't take his eyes off the envelope. He debated with himself if he should open it or not. What if the check is not a check, but a bill? To open the print shop, he and Matt had to borrow a lot of money from Jacob. The as the clients paid, they had to make payroll and pay the cost of running the shop and pay on the debt.

"Come on Alex let's open the checks together. That way we can enjoy each other's response. There is no way that there is any bad news in these envelopes." Alex agreed and put his finger in to start opening the envelope. "Okay let's do it on the count of three, one, two and three."

They opened their envelopes and pulled out their checks. Both of their eyes almost popped out of their heads. Never before have they gotten a paycheck, let alone a check of this size! Alex and Matt gave each other their checks so they could see what the other got paid. When they saw they both got the same amount, they started laughing.

"It shouldn't be a surprise that we got paid the same amount. We own the same amount of the business." Alex smiled as he looked at his check once more. "I knew that we were going to make money, but I didn't think it was going to be nearly this amount! High hundreds, maybe, but not almost three thousand!"

"I'll tell you what I plan to do with my money. I want to buy you what you have been wanting for a very long time, but haven't I had the money. Now we have the money and I am going to get it for you. Then the rest of the money I am going to save because I don't know when we are going to be paid again!"

"Matt as for as buying me something, you shouldn't. I don't even know what you are talking about. There are a lot of things I want, but don't have the money to buy. So please don't spend your hard earn money on me. Just you being here when I needed you the most is all I have ever wanted."

Matt pulled Alex into a hug. "Now I think we are going to get a paycheck at least once a month, if not every two weeks like the others. Since we got our first check, it means that we are finally running in the black as Ron would say. You should enjoy this paycheck, but don't spend it all in one place either!"

They giggled about spending the money in one place. Alex couldn't believe that he is sounding more and more like his mother every day. He is saying things that she used to tell him when he was growing up. He has caught himself saying not just his but many other sayings that his mother likes to say over and over again.

"I will tell you one thing I am going to do with this check and that is to pay Jacob at least for the bedroom set. He has given us a lot, and now that we have a chance to start paying Jacob back, I am going to."

"As sure as I am sitting here Alex, Jacob won't take any money from you. Not off of your first paycheck at least. I really believe Jacob will never ask you to start paying him back on anything he has loaned to you. He just doesn't strike me as that kind of person. Even more so if he ever finds out that you are the one that donated him the kidney."

Alex understood where Matt is coming from, but he is going to do what ever it takes to get Jacob to accept payback. Jacob has been there whenever they've needed him. Alex has stated the promise that he will pay Jacob back. Alex feels if he doesn't pay back his debt, his word is worthless. When a man's word is worthless, he isn't a man in Alex's world.

"No matter how many times Jacob says no, I am going to find a way to pay him back for all the stuff he has done for me. If he doesn't accept it, I will sneak it into his pockets or buy things that the house needs. There will be ways I can pay Jacob back and he won't be able to stop me or give it back. At least I hope so."

Alex handed Matt the check back and asked him to take it home. Explaining when he gets out of here, he will go and cash it. Matt didn't question, he just put both checks in one envelope and put them in his pocket. After putting the checks aside, Matt crawled in bed and lay down with Alex.

The remainder of his visit, Matt just laid his head on Alex's chest, with Alex putting his fingers through Matt's hair. They talked a little, but they mainly just cuddled. Matt has gotten use to having Alex in bed with him. With Alex here in the hospital, he has had really bad nights, just tossing and turning.

When visitation hours came to a close, Matt didn't want to leave. Alex didn't want to let Matt go. Still they knew they had no choice but to go. Matt has to work in the morning and he needs to be in the house by ten so his anklet doesn't go off.

Reluctantly Matt got out of bed, leaned down and kissed Alex. "You need to behave yourself and get home to me. Your side of the bed has been empty far too long already. Stop falling and getting into fights here and just come home to me! That way we can spend our spare time with each other."

Alex felt bad that Matt is feeling the way he is feeling. Most of what has happened to delay him from leaving the hospital is because of him and Alex knows that. He pulled Matt in to him and held him as tight as he could. Neither of them wanted to let the other go. It's just way too hard for other to leave each others side.

"I love you Matt and I will do whatever Dr. Whitmore needs me to do in order to go home. We haven't been apart since we met and it's hurting me as well. Even though we weren't going out at first, I wanted you and had fallen for you."

Matt finally pulled from Alex with tears rolling down his cheek. As he kissed Alex one last time, he whispered in Alex's ear that he loves him as well. Once Matt started to walk away, he didn't look back. Knowing how much he is missing Alex right now, if he turns back, he won't leave his side.

After Matt left, Alex couldn't focus on anything. His mind kept wandering from the TV to Matt and back to the TV. He finally gave up and turned off the television, used the bathroom and crawled back under the covers. Some how Alex nodded off with nothing but thoughts of getting out of the hospital in order to be with Matt.

As Alex went deeper asleep, he started to dream of being with Matt. Matt and he are in their room getting ready for bed. Once they shower and changed into their sleep wear, they crawled into bed together. At first they didn't do or say anything. All they did is just lie side by side, holding each other's hands.

The more and more Alex tried to pull Matt over to him; Matt held his hand even tighter. Alex tried everything that he could to pull Matt into a kiss, but he just didn't move from where he is laying at. All of a sudden, Matt started to hold onto his hand even tighter. The tighter that Matt is holding on, the more Alex is starting to feel that it isn't a dream. It is starting to feel too real to him.

Trying to force himself to wake up, Alex started to pull back; at least he thinks he is pulling back. Finally with every bit of strength, Alex started to open his eyes. He turns his head to the right and noticed someone sitting at his bedside. He thought that it might be morning, but it dawned on him the room is way to dark for it to be morning. Then he thought the one that is holding his hand is Matt, but the blurry figure sitting at his bedside is too tall and thin to be Matt. Alex started to focus more and realized it's Jacob.

"Hey there Jacob, I didn't know it was you sitting there. I thought it was Matt, because he or my mother is the only ones that hold my hand like that." He looked at Jacob's face and saw tears rolling down his cheek. "You shouldn't worry about me Jacob, I am fine. It is you that we need to worry about. You just went through a really major surgery."

"I understand you went through major surgery as well." Jacob trying to get control of himself, but couldn't. "Why didn't you tell me you were the one donating me the kidney? I had to hear it from a nurse I don't even know. I would have liked the chance to talk you out of taking such a big risk as you did with your life. If I..."

Alex couldn't believe that a nurse told Jacob that he is the one that donated the kidney. After going through all that he went through to hide the fact he is the donor, a stupid nurse gives it away! And here is Jacob, saying exactly what he thought he would say or do. He knew Jacob would have reacted the way he is. Jacob's predictable reaction made Alex smile like the Cheshire Cat.

When he made the decision to donate, he didn't want to give anyone a chance to talk him out of doing it, including Jacob, his mom and Matt. He also didn't want Jacob to feel that he owes him anything for doing this. The only reason he helped Jacob because Jacob needed the help and he matched him; no other reason or desire of a payback.

After Jacob tried to tell Alex that he shouldn't have taken the risk or at least have told him so he could thank him, Alex tried to make it clear to Jacob that he didn't take a risk or want anything in return like paying off what he owes him. Then Jacob came back and told Alex that he doesn't owe him anything. That didn't sit well with Alex and he still plans to pay everything back to Jacob that he owes him.

"Thank you Jacob and no matter what you think now, I was a complete ass when we didn't know each other. I am grateful you are a bigger man than I was and came to my defense when things looked gloomy. From now on I won't say anymore that I owe you, but between you and me, I do. I love you Jacob, and I consider you a brother."

Jacob let go of Alex's hand and leaned down to hug Alex. Never before since they met, have they ever hugged. At least he can't remember a time and that is why this is coming as a surprise to him. Just like he just said, he put Jacob through hell and here they are brothers. If someone would have told him a year and half ago that he and Jacob were going to become more than friends, but family, he wouldn't have believed them or envisioned it.

Once they settled down, they moved onto other things. It dawned on Alex that Jacob doesn't know who knows the truth and who doesn't. So he explained to Jacob those who know the truth and who he thinks knows the truth. It wasn't a surprise to Jacob when Alex told him that he thought that his grandfather had it figured it out.

Jacob simply explained it away that his grandfather is that type of person. Between everything from the business all the way up to helping the Governor, some people think that he is no nonsense type of guy at least that is how Jacob feels other think of his grandfather. Alex on the other hand sees Al in a different light.

Yeah at first when he met Al, he thought that Al would kill him if given the chance. Over time Al has opened up and showed a side of himself that only people close to him see. Now that Alex thinks about it, Jacob could be right. Al may not let those that aren't close to him see the side of him that Alex has gotten to know.

Alex got to know more about Jacob in their talk that night than he learned about him the entire time he has known him. Alex sees that Jacob isn't as tough as he shows all the time. He can see as they talked that Jacob is getting worn out putting on the face of a well put together kid. He's a kid that has responsibilities that most adults would never have in their entire life time! It's wearing him down, but Jacob will never admit it or tell anyone that he isn't as together as he shows all the time.

All of a sudden a nurse walked into the room surprising both Jacob and Alex. Alex didn't recognize the nurse from his floor, and when she went directly to Jacob, he knew the nurse is here for Jacob. Alex tried to mind his own business, but the nurse is yelling at Jacob, causing both Jacob and Alex to giggle. They didn't mean any disrespect to the nurse but there was no need for her to be so angry with Jacob.

Giving up trying to explain to the nurse why he isn't in his room, Jacob got up and hugged Alex and kissed him on the cheek. He walked out with a smile, causing Alex to laugh again as he laid back down on his bed.

In no time Alex had fallen asleep after Jacob left and didn't wake up again until he heard the nurse come in with his breakfast. Pulling the table over to him, Alex took the top off his plate and tried to imagine the food before him isn't hospital food and started to dig in. He found the faster he eats the food, the less chance his body would reject it.

After he finished eating, Alex crawled out of bed and sponge washed himself. Looking over at the shower, Alex really wanted to take one. This sponge bathing isn't working for him at all. He still feels dirty after his sponge bath, no matter how many times he wipes his body down with the sponge. Still he promised everyone that he will follow the rules and taking a sponge bath instead of real shower is one of them.

Alex returned to his bed and started to channel surf. Thinking that is Saturday, there has to be something on that will grab his attention. Unlike the weekdays, there's not soap operas on every channel. Instead on every channel right now are cartoons. Alex thought that cartoons are a lot better than soap operas and settled on one that he and his brothers used to watch all the time when he was younger.

At ten thirty, Dr. Whitmore walked in, surprising Alex. Alex looked over at him, thinking that Dr. Whitmore would be at home instead of here doing rounds on his patients that his staff can do in his place. Even if he didn't want his staff to do it, he could have the nurses on this floor do it since they are here anyways.

"Good morning Alex! I see you are all alone this morning." Alex looked around the room and back to Dr. Whitmore nodding his head in agreement. "Everything is looking good and you are where you are supposed to be after a surgery like you had. Aside from the two times you opened your stitches, everything else is really good. The minute you got out of surgery and woke up, your one kidney is working very well. There is no extra pressure on it that we need to be worried about.

Since you are where you are suppose to be, I am going to send you home this morning. You'd better not think that by me sending you home means that you are ready to assume your regular duties, because you aren't. Go home, relax this weekend. You can return to school on Monday, but nothing more than regular classes and then back home. Don't do anything that will re-open your stitches. If that happens, I will put you back in the hospital and not release you until I take the stitches out!"

A huge smile went across Alex's face. "I promise not to do anything that will pull my stitches out; just rest, regular classes at school and then go back home." Dr. Whitmore looked at Alex trying to figure out if he is just saying that to get out. "I mean it Dr. Whitmore! I don't want to be in this place until you take out my stitches. The boredom alone in this room is enough to drive any person up the wall to insanity!"

"Good, I'll take you word on that Alex. Remember what we talked about the other day, I really mean it. I gave you my personal numbers and if you ever feel that you are about to do something that you know is wrong or just need to talk with someone, you call me. You call me day or night, it doesn't matter. Sometimes we feel better talking to someone that isn't so close to us about certain things."

"I promise Dr. Whitmore, if I ever feel I have no one to talk to or just want to talk, I will pick up the phone or go down to your office to talk with you. With all the support I am getting, I have no plans to ever return to gang life again. I am better than my dad, and I will show everyone that doesn't believe that."

"Good, I'll have your paperwork done in a few minutes, so get dressed and be ready to go home." Dr. Whitmore put the clip board back on the foot of bed and looked back at Alex. "Oh one other thing you need to promise is that you will take it easy at the party today. Jacob invited me, but I can't go. I would love to, but I need to do some things that I put off. The Misses isn't happy with me right now. So I need to get it done before she puts me out in the back yard with the dogs."

Alex laughed as he pictured Dr. Whitmore in the dog house with his dogs. "It's sad that you won't make it, but I hope you will come the next time there is a party. You have known Jacob for a long time and I know he would like you to come to the few parties that his family throws. So hopefully, like I said, you can come the next time."

Dr. Whitmore nodded his head and headed out of the room. Alex jumped out of bed, ran over to the closet, grabbed his bag of clothes and then ran to the bathroom to change. Within a few minutes Alex walked back out of the bathroom dressed but with no shoes, and walked back to his bed to wait for someone to come in to let him know he can leave.

When the nurse walked in, Alex jumped up thinking that she is going to let him know. "I am here to take out the IV young man, nothing more than that. So please take a seat so I can pull it out of your arm."

Alex had forgotten all about the IV in his arm. They haven't connected him to anything since they put it back in after the fight. He often wondered why they would put him back the IV if they had no plans to use it. But Alex never questioned it because he isn't a doctor or even a nurse.

"You should put on your shoes and socks. When Dr. Whitmore sent me to take out your IV, he was pretty much done with your paperwork. We don't want you to go out bare foot, catch a cold and end back in here. Whenever someone has surgery like you did, your body is weak and can catch colds or the flu a lot faster than normally."

Not asking the nurse any questions, Alex listened and put on his socks and shoes. A few minutes later the same nurse came back in and informed Alex that he is done and can leave. Alex got up from his bed and wondered how is he getting home and then he remembered what Jacob had told him last night.

He walked out of the room, stopped at the nurse's desk, thanked them for everything and got on the elevator. Getting off on the fourth floor, Alex asked the nurses which room Jacob Hernandez is in and once he got that information he walked over to the room. When he walked in he found Jacob dressed but laying in the bed with Dewayne.

Jacob right away started to tease him about opening up his stitches. At first Alex started to worry that Jacob is going to give away the true reason why he is in the hospital, but he didn't. His teasing followed the story that he and Dr. Whitmore made up. Alex breathed a sigh of relief knowing for sure Jacob isn't going to blow his cover story.

Going along with the teasing, Alex answered Jacob. He explained his fall with the fact that he slipped the first time because the drugs from the surgery were still in his system and that is why he had fallen. He made it clear that Dr. Whitmore did rush in and help him up, stitched him back up before anything else had happened.

Just then Dr. Whitmore walked in joining into the conversation. He handed Alex his prescriptions and then handed Jacob his. As soon as Dr. Whitmore walked away from Alex, a nurse walked up and started talking faster than he has ever heard a person talk.

"Hold it ma'am, hold just a minute please! You need to slow down a little so I can understand what you are saying. I don't know if anyone has told you before that you would make a good person that could be a first class auctioneer! You can talk as fast as they do."

"Let me start over so you can understand what I am saying. We have no insurance on file for you and we need to collect payment for your stay here. We aren't a charity and therefore we need to get paid for our services. How do you plan to pay for you stay here?" The nurse handed Alex several pages that made up his bill.

"In addition to the regular bill, you need to pay for the damage that you made in that room the other day. You also owe us the cost of the ER bill of the two kids you sent down there. Since you are the one that sent them there, you should be responsible for those bills as well. So again how do you plan to pay for these bills?"

"First ma'am, you need to be reasonable and understand what had happened in that room the other day. I won't pay for their ER bill since I didn't ask them to come and try to kill me. I am responsible for my and my bill only and that is the only bill I will talk with you about." Alex looked at her angrily.

"There has to be payment plans that your hospital sets up for people like me that don't have insurance. Why don't we talk about that? I will sign anything that you need me to sign that will make you feel comfortable that I am going to pay what I owe. Once again, that doesn't include the ER bills for those two guys that were sent down there after trying to kill me. If you have a problem with that, let's talk with you higher ups."

Jacob must have noticed that the conversation is getting heated up, because he jumped in to try and settle the problem. He asked for the bill and where to pay for it. The nurse looked more like a fool when she told Jacob that the cashier's office is closed on the weekend. That didn't make Jacob happy; in fact it made him a little angry.

"You know I don't understand you accounting people at all. When you walked in here you knew he didn't have insurance. I think you did what you did because you love belittling people because you have the power to do so. Send the damn bill in the mail and it will get paid the minute I get it."

For a few seconds the nurse couldn't speak. When she did all she asked for is for Jacob's information. By then Jacob had enough of her and told her that the information that she needs is in his records and get it from there. Dr. Whitmore stepped in and asked the nurse to leave. It looks like Dr. Whitmore isn't happy with the nurse. He didn't say anything, but you can see it in his face the disgust he had with the way things got handled.

Dr. Whitmore wished the boys a good weekend and ensured them that he will take care of the bill. They shook Dr. Whitmore's hand as they walked out of the room. On the way to Walgreens, none of them talked about what happened in the room. Still Alex felt bad and embarrassed that they had front row seats to his humiliation.

The first thing they did when they arrived at Walgreens is hand in their prescriptions to get filled. Dewayne pulled Alex away to the magazine rack, while Jacob stood waiting for the scripts to be filled. Every few minutes, Alex would glance over to the counter to see if his meds were ready. Down deep in his gut, Alex feels that Dewayne is trying to keep him away from the counter, but for what reason he hasn't figured out yet.

The third time when he looked over at the counter, Alex saw Jacob approach the counter, pull out his credit card and pay for the prescriptions. He looked back to his magazine to play off that he did not see what he saw. As soon as he gets his medicine, he will look at the receipt. He will give that money back that Jacob paid for his meds when he cashes his paycheck on Monday.

As soon as they walked into the door of the house, they were greeted by Al, Virginia, Franseca, Lorenzo and Ismail. Lorenzo and Ismail were the last to hug Alex, but they didn't want to let their big brother go. On the way to the kitchen, Alex walked with his little brothers hanging onto him, one on each leg.

They got off and sat down in order to eat the snack that Franseca prepared for them. While talking with Jacob about how good it is to be home, Alex enjoyed eating real food, food that he has grown to love and can't live without. The hospital food tastes more like TV dinners than anything else and that is something Franseca has always taught her kids isn't real food.

Once they finished eating, Jacob went with Al to the study, Dewayne went upstairs, Franseca headed over to get ready for the party and Lorenzo and Ismail pulled Alex down to the basement. They immediately turned on the TV and picked up where they left off on in the game. When one of them died, they handed to the control to the one that is just watching them play.

When they got tired playing the video game, Alex got them to play hide and go seek for a while. Although he knew where his little brothers were hiding, he allowed them to think that he had no idea. Just like when they were younger, Alex would let them win. It wasn't because he felt sorry for them; he did it because he wanted them to feel like they can do anything they put their minds to.

He remembered when he was younger and his father would make him feel like crap. Never did his father let him feel like he could do anything that he put his mind to. His father always made it clear that he was better than him. So now he wants to do the exact opposite with his brothers. Let them win, even if it makes him look like he is not as smart as his brothers. At least in the end his brothers walk away feeling good of themselves.

Their game got interrupted by a knock at their front door. Alex yelled out to his brothers that there is someone at the front door. They came out running and caught up to Alex as he looked out the window to see who is knocking at their door. When he saw several officers and his probation officer standing there, he thought that he is in trouble.

"Hey do me a favor please. Go back to mom's room and tell her to come up front to the living room. Then you two stay either in her room or your rooms please. Once these guys leave, I will go and get you. But don't come out until I go and get you."

Lorenzo refused to leave Alex, while Ismail went to the back and did as he got asked. No matter what Alex said, Lorenzo stood by his side. Alex gave up and answered the door. He invited the officers and his probation office in. As they walked into the living room, Franseca walked in from her room.

"Good afternoon, what do we owe this visit gentleman?" Franseca looked at the officers with a concern look on her face. "Please take a seat and take load off. Can I get you guys anything to drink since I am up?"

"No ma'am we are fine. We don't want to take up to much of your time today. The only reason we are here is to put Alex's anklet back on. Once we do that, we should be out of your way so you can get back to what you were doing." Both Alex and Franseca relaxed when they heard why they are there.

"Alex you should have called me to let me know that they had released you earlier. I didn't like that I got a phone call from the hospital staff telling me that you have gone home. You are doing so well and this makes me think that you want to try and cheat on your conditions of your probation. Put that with what had happened a couple days ago, I am starting to wonder if you are turning back to your old life. Let me tell you if I get any proof that you are, you will be locked up."

"What happened the other day wasn't my son's fault. Whoever is calling you from the hospital giving you up dates is misleading you. If it is that nurse that gave my son a hard time when he was leaving, let me tell you I will have her job. Those four kids walked into my son's room with one thing in mind and that was to kill him. He didn't invite them, but he did defend himself."

"Ma'am I didn't say this to get you upset. It just looks like your son is trying to get around the system. If that is true, I am here to make it clear to him that there is no way around it. I will know what he is doing no matter if he has the anklet on or not."

"When Dr. Whitmore told me I was going to be released, I thought that you were called from the hospital staff. When I got dressed, I waited for you to come and put on the anklet. In fact I didn't put on my socks and shoes until the nurse came back and told me there was nothing else and I am able to go. If I didn't get a visit from someone from your office by the end of the day, I had planned on calling the weekend number to let them know that I am waiting to have my anklet put back on."

"I will take your word that you were going to call if we didn't show up. So far you haven't shown me any reason not to take your word. Don't do anything that will throw away that trust I have in you, Alex." One of the officers locked the anklet in place and let Alex's probation officer know it is done. "It looks like we are done, so thank you for your time. Have a great weekend and I will see you, Alex, on our scheduled meeting date."

Both Franseca and Alex escorted the two officers and probation officers to the door. "In the future when you come over, you will have more luck knocking on the main door of the house. Normally we are up front, not here in the back of the house."

The probation officer looked at Franseca confused. She explained the set up of the house and gave him the address where the front door of the house is at. He wrote it down and walked out of the house. Franseca closed the door and started to curse in Spanish about what an ass that probation officer was being.

Alex and Lorenzo laughed as they headed to their rooms. Alex has heard his mother curse, but in his defense. Lorenzo has never heard his mother curse and thought it was funny when he did. As they reached Alex's door to his room, he knelt down to be at eye level of his little brother.

"You listen to me little, bro I love you and all I want to do is protect you. I never want you to see me taken out of here in handcuffs. Don't get me wrong, I am doing everything I can to stay out of trouble and be good, but there are people out there waiting for me to screw up. Please, when I ask you to go to your room next time, do it. It might not be my probation officer; it might be those that are looking for me. If anything would happen to you, mom, Ismail or Matt, I would not be able to live."

"It's just, um, I am, you know trying to be like you, strong. You are everything I want to be Alex. You just saved Jacob and you didn't even have to think what you wanted to do. That is the person I want to be when I get bigger."

"You are that person and a lot better. Never have you done the bad things I have done. So be yourself and if you do that you will be a lot stronger than me. I have told you this already, learn from me and don't ever do the bad things I have done. Every night I go to bed I wish I never did what I did. Then I think if I didn't I might have never met Matt. For me it s double edge sword, but at least I can show my brothers the right path."

Alex hugged Lorenzo as hard as he could before getting back up and heading into his room. When he walked in, Alex found Matt sound asleep. Quietly Alex walked up to the bed and laid down trying not to make a lot of noise or move the bed too much.

Once Alex settled in, he wrapped his arm around Matt and fell asleep. The next thing he felt is someone kissing him on the lips. Slowly Alex opened his eyes, as he focused he saw Matt leaning in for another kiss. This time Alex returned the kiss with tongue and all, pulling Matt back into the bed with him.

Rolling around on the bed, Matt kept landing under Alex. He tried to flip Alex where he lands on the bottom, but no luck. After rolling around on the bed for over five minutes, Matt gave and let Alex kiss him on the lips. Alex wrapped his hands around the top of Matt's head as he pressed against Matt's lips. Taking turns, each of them put their tongue in the other's mouth.

"We better get going so where we aren't the last ones to show up at the party. I am so glad that you were released so you can enjoy the party as well. There would be no way I would have gone to the party if you weren't here. It wouldn't have been any fun for me, plain and simple."

"That is one of the many things I love about you Matt. I have told you before the other reasons, but this one is at my top five. You care so much about me; I can't do a thing but love you to death. You complete me Matt, no question about that. "

As Alex got up from the bed, he pulled Matt up as well. They walked over to the bathroom, but Alex didn't get undressed like Matt is doing. It dawned on Matt why Alex isn't getting undressed. He wrapped a towel around himself and left the bathroom. When he returned, he has a roll of clear wrap.

"Take off your shirt and I will wrap this clear wrap around the area where your stitches are. That way you can take a shower and the water won't get into your wound."

Not thinking twice about it, Alex pulled off both of his shirts. Mat started to wrap his mid section with the clear wrap, making sure it is tight around his body where water can't get in, but not so tight to cut off the blood flow. Once Matt felt that there is no way that water will get in, he cut the clear wrap and tucked it in.

Both of them jumped into the shower, not waiting for the water to get the right temperature. Alex washed Matt, and Matt washed Alex. They made sure to get every inch of the others body. In return it caused them both to get hard.

Matt pulled Alex into him as he wrapped his hands around Alex's mid section. His right hand wrapped around Alex's dick and started to jerk it off. Alex fell against Matt, closing his eyes enjoying the hand job that Matt is giving him. He didn't feel when Matt slipped his dick into his hole until he pushed all the way in. That threw him over the edge and he started to cum all over the shower wall.

As Alex shot, his butt cheeks tightened around Matt's dick causing Matt to start shooting his cum inside Alex. Since both of them haven't had sex for over a week, they knew it wasn't going to take much to get them to shoot their loads.

Not waiting to catch their breaths, they washed each other once again. Like before, they got hard, but this time they let it go. At the same time they told each other that they will take care of each other when they return from the party.

They stepped out of the shower, dried each other off and walked to their room to get dressed for the party. After they checked themselves in the mirror for the fourth time, they headed over to the main house. When they walked down the hall they saw everyone making their way out to the yard.

Matt pulled Alex through the door in the middle of the hall that leads into the back yard. Alex didn't even know that door was there until Matt opened it and pulled him through. Before they even made to the others, the ground started to move. Alex and Matt jumped to the side where the ground isn't moving.

Alex looked as the ground parted and the pool appeared. He has never seen anything like that before. It is the neatest thing he has ever seen in his life. A pool that has been built under the lawn of the back yard, he kept telling Matt over and over again how cool it is.

Before they could sit down, Lorenzo and Ismail pulled both Matt and Alex back to their side of the house. They are so excited about going swimming. Alex couldn't understand what they are saying. He walked down to their room, helped them find their swim trunks and walked out as they changed.

"There is no way you will be able to go swimming. Even if we wrap your surgical wound up like we did in order for you to take a shower, water will get in. So if you can't go swimming, I'm not going swimming. We can sit on the edge of the pool and make fun of the others that are being dunked under the water."

"No Matt you won't stop doing things because I can't do them. I made my decision to do what I did and I knew I wouldn't be able to do certain things for a while. Now, of course, I never thought that we would be swimming in the month of January. Still, I will have fun watching you have fun. So go and change into swim trunks. If you don't have a pair, you can wear a pair of mine."

Alex walked into the room, pulled down a box in the closet marked summer clothes and found several pair of his swim trunks. Matt grabbed Alex's favorite pair before even asking if he could use them. He quickly took off his pants and underwear, slipped on Alex's swim trunks before taking off his shirt.

"These swim trunks fit you right in all the right places. I love this butt of yours and I can look at it all day long as you swim. Water making the swim trunks cling to your body, man that is a sight I want to see." Alex grabbed a hold of Matt's right butt cheek. "Let's get out there before I toss you on this bed and have my way with you!"

Matt smiled at Alex, grabbed his hand as they walked back over to the pool. As soon as they walked out into the backyard, Matt let go of Alex and started to run. When he reached the pool, he jumped in causing water to splash into everyone's face that is in the pool. Alex couldn't help but laugh as he watched the guys get angry with Matt.

At first Alex sat alone watching as Matt got out of the pool and jumping back in. Just like he told Matt in the room, once the swim trunks got wet, they did cling to his body. As predicted the clinging swim wear showed off his nice bubble but and his package that Alex loves so much. He got pulled out of his day dream when Major Moore walked up.

"Is it okay that I join you Alex?" Alex looked up at Major Moore and then pointed to the chair across from him. "Thank you, I was over there sitting with my wife watching you sit here alone while the others are swimming in the pool. Only you and Jacob are the only ones that aren't swimming. I know why Jacob isn't and I think I know why you aren't swimming as well."

Alex tried to not show Major Moore any indication that he is right. He moved a little in his chair to get comfortable, but other than that, Alex didn't say anything or give away anything. At least that is what he thought, but Major Moore picked up on something he did that let he believe that he is going in the right direction.

"When you put everything together, a person can come up with only one solution to what lays before us on why you missed school and why you are sitting here like Jacob. I am not going to ask you if I am right or not, because it isn't any of my business. If I am, you are a better man than I ever gave you credit for.

The day I heard you were going to be part of my program I did everything I could to get you out, but lost. But you have been proving me wrong every day. I also know that I haven't been much of an instructor this year to any of my cadets. That is why I retired last Wednesday. That is when I realized I was doing more harm to the program than I was doing good for the program I love.

Alex you are a good kid no matter your history before you got to my class. I hope you do go into the military, but I can see in your eyes you have no plans to do so. No matter what you do in your life, you are going to be great at it. If you need any proof of that, just look at what you did this last week."

Major Moore got up and walked over to Alex's side. "You and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other since I am going to be working for Jacob and his grandfather. Now that I am not your instructor, I hope to get to know you like Jacob does. One thing about Jacob is he knows who the good apples are and who the bad ones are. You are a good apple Alex and I hope to know you as I have gotten to know Jacob."

"Thank you sir and I am sorry to hear that you retired. Still we aren't losing out because you are coming aboard with us. It's a company owned by two very good and fair guys. Hopefully I will be seeing you around the office if you work nights or weekends. At least that is my schedule until the summer."

Major Moore extended his hand for Alex to shake. After shaking Major Moore's hand, Alex turned his attention back to Matt. As he looked out to the pool area, Alex started to wonder how many of them are trying to put the same things together. If they ever see where his surgical scar is at, they will. It is not anywhere near where he got stabbed.

Al called everyone in when he had enough meat cooked for everyone to eat twice over. Once everyone sat down, the phone rang and Al started to make a speech. Little into the speech he told everyone who is on the phone. Jacob's brother; a guy he has met, but never really gotten to know. By the looks of it, Andy Jr. is the total opposite of Jacob.

After Al finished his speech, everyone started to eat and talk within their little groups. Alex kept answering questions that Lorenzo and Ismail asked him about being in the hospital. Lorenzo might have put it together, but Ismail hasn't. At the same time Lorenzo didn't let his little brother know what the real reason why his older brother was in the hospital for. That Alex is thankful for that because if Ismail knew, soon everyone would know.

Right after they finished eating, everyone headed back outside; No one got into the pool at first, but after a while one by one jumped back into the pool. It wasn't forty five minutes, but it was pretty close. They stayed in the pool until the only ones left were those that lived in the house and the new guy, Ethan, who showed up after they returned to the pool.

Little by little, everyone started to get out of the pool, dry off and make their way into the main house. Before they knew it, they found themselves in front of the television watching moves the rest of the night. Everyone with their significant other, except for Chase and Ethan, they set together, but not like the rest with the one they love.

The boys slept in the next morning. Franseca even put off cooking breakfast until late morning when she started to hear some of the boys getting up. Matt woke up before Alex, but he didn't get out of bed. He just laid beside Alex, on his side, looking out his sleeping beauty that he has missed for these last several days. Thinking to himself that he will do everything in his power to never spend another night without him.

When Alex started to stir, Matt leaned in and started to kiss Alex on the lips to finish waking him up. It didn't take long for Alex to start returning the kiss. Matt broke the kiss and just looked down at his boyfriend, who is smiling back up at him. Alex started to put his fingers through Matt's hair and then down his cheek.

"This is the sight I want to wake up to the rest of my life. You are a gift I never thought I would ever get in my lifetime. A gift of love that never wavers no matter what I do or say. Thank you Matt for not giving up on me when I have given you so many reasons and excuses to do so! If you ever leave me, I don't know what I would do."

"Don't talk like that. I will never leave you! I knew who you were when I first met you and fell in love with you. I have told you that many times already. So don't worry about running me off, because you won't. There is nothing you can do that will send me running out of the door."

For the next couple of minutes, neither of them said a word or even moved. They just looked into each others eyes and knew what the other is thinking. In the last couple of months they have been going out, they have gotten to know each other very well. Now all they have to do is look at the other and know what they other is thinking and feeling.

"Now I am going to say something to you, but you need to let me finish before you say anything. Knowing you, you won't let me finish before jumping out of this bed angry that you were right about this subject. So, promise me that you won't say or do anything until I finish what I need to say."

Alex promised Matt that he will hear him out before doing or saying anything. So Matt went on and told Alex everything that happened on Friday between Carlos, Dabria and him. How Carlos and he put together a plan to see if Dabria was actually telling the truth about why she is there. Matt went into full detail on what happened at lunch and what Dabria said and Carlos said before Dabria was taken out in handcuffs.

"As you can see, Dabria did originally tell the truth. Just when the opportunity presented itself to take you out and put Carlos on top, she jumped at it. All this happened without Carlos knowing about it. It angered Carlos that he didn't see it. He didn't see that Dabria was wearing a mask in order to get power that Carlos never had or wanted."

"One thing I can say about all this is the fact that I know Carlos would never turn on me. Even if he is madly in love, he won't turn on me. Both of us have wanted to get out of the gang life for a very long time, but we didn't know how. In fact we didn't even want to get into that life. We hid from our fathers, but eventually we ended up being sucked into doing what they wanted us to do; being part of the gang.

It is sad that the girl that Carlos had fallen for turned out to be a lying, backstabbing bitch. No matter if he told you that he is okay, he isn't. Just like me, we were taught not to show that we are hurting. So Carlos is going to act the same, but underneath he's not."

"Well Alex, what you need to do is to be there so if he needs his best friend he will have him. After getting to know you, I know it is best to let him work it out on his own. If he is like you as you say he is I have learned to let you work things out on you own. No matter how much I want to jump in and try to help, I let you come to me when you are ready."

Alex pulled Matt into him and they started to kiss. All of a sudden their bedroom door flew open, scaring the crap out of Alex and Matt to the point that Alex pushed Matt to the side. He looked up to see Lorenzo standing there in his pajamas. Alex tried to figure out what is going on, but all he could get from Lorenzo's face is confusion.

Before Alex could say anything, Lorenzo ran in and jumped in the bed. Crawling between Alex and Matt, he kept looking from Alex to Matt, back to Alex and back to Matt. Over and over again Lorenzo kept looking at each of them. By the looks of it, Alex put together Lorenzo is trying to figure who he wants to talk to.

"Little bro, what is going on with you. Normally you and Ismail are already awake and playing video games down in the game room. I have never seen you sleep in this late. So tell me what is going on and maybe I can help you. Are you and Ismail fighting?"

Lorenzo shook his head back and forth. That left Alex wondering even more what is going on with his little brother. By the looks of it, Lorenzo doesn't want to talk about it and wants them to figure it out. So Alex started to look Lorenzo up and down, and by the third time looking his little brother over, he realized what might be going on.

Before Alex asked anything, Lorenzo spoke up. "I don't know what is gong on with me Alex. I am scared that there is something wrong with me. The last month I have been waking up and this has been pointing up." Lorenzo pointed to his dick. "Finally today I touched when it pointed up, and I made it worse. What is going on with me? Am I broken or something Alex?" Lorenzo started to tear up, but didn't move his hands from his dick.

"Oh come here little bro, there is nothing wrong with you!" Alex pulled Lorenzo into a hug. "All of us go through what you are going through right now. In fact you will more than likely be waking up every morning the same way. It's what happens to us guys when we get older. There is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of."

"But why does it get bigger when I touch it? It has never done that before. I don't want this to happen to me Alex, I don't."

"You can't not stop it Lorenzo. Like I said it happens to all of us around your age. And the reason it gets bigger when you touch it is because it is sensitive to your touch. That isn't bad; soon you will see what I mean. It will grow even bigger than it is right now and you will even start to grow hair down there. When your body is ready, you will start to squirt other stuff out of it, not just pee. When that happens, don't think there is some thing wrong. It is part of growing up that all of us guys go through."

Lorenzo looked up at Alex. "You went through all this that I am going through? How did you handle it? I know dad was around, did he tell you what you are telling me? I am so scared Alex, I don't know what is going on."

"Don't be scared Lorenzo, I am here whenever you need me. Plus Matt is here as well whenever you can't find me. As far as dad, he was never around when I went through this. I learned everything on my own. I won't let that happen to you or Ismail. I promise I will be here no matter what is going on for you guys. Just come to me and I will try to help you with what ever is happening.

My little bro is growing up. Soon I will need to be knocking the girls off with a broom because they would not be able to keep their hands off of you." Lorenzo looked at Alex with a sour look on his face when he mentioned girls. "Right now you don't like girls, but really soon you will change on that. Trust me when I say you are a catch and the girls will be running after you little bro. Just be nice when you let them down."

"Yuck, I will never like girls. They don't like us boys and we don't like them. Please whenever you see a girl come after me, hit them with the broom like you said to me. They are gross and yucky; there's no way will ever like them!"

Both Alex and Matt started cracking up laughing. "Little bro I thought the same way you are thinking now. Give it time; you will see girls in a different light. When that happens, come back and we will talk about what you should and shouldn't do. I will show you how to handle yourself with them. I have fallen for Matt, but that doesn't mean I can't show you how to get the girl you like."

Lorenzo jumped out of the bed, yelling "yuck" over and over again as he walked out of the room. Alex turned to Matt and couldn't help but laugh as he heard his brother yelling "never" as he walked into his room. Although he is gay, he felt the same way his little brother is feeling right now about girls. All pre-teens feel that way about the opposite sex. Until they go through puberty that is.

Once Alex and Matt pulled themselves out of bed, they made their way to the kitchen. They didn't bother to do much to look presentable except throw water on their faces. Other than that, they looked look like the other guys wearing warm-ups, t-shirts and either bare foot or socks. None of them wanted to get dressed because they have no plans on going anywhere except to the TV room.

That is exactly what they did through the day, sit in front of the television. Besides getting up to get something to drink, eat or answer the door whenever someone came by, they just plopped themselves down in front of the television all day long. Like the night before, they sat with their significant other except for Chase, Jeremy and Ethan when he showed up later in the day.

When it came time to get ready for school, no one really wanted to move. But one by one, each of them left the TV room to shower and head to bed. Alex and Matt were one of the last to leave the TV room. They showered together, using the excuse they wanted to save on water, but ended up using more water than they would have showering separately!

Both of them wanted to fool around before going to bed, but Alex started to feel the pain that his pain meds take care. He didn't take any because they make him tired. He wanted to be awake in order to be with Matt. But he had to give up to the pain and take his pain meds. Matt could see that Alex felt horrible on not being able to be with him.

"Listen Alex I know it is going to be awhile before we are back to normal. What we did yesterday in the shower, we were lucky that we didn't do anything to hurt you. Don't get me wrong, I am glad we did it. For now, I am totally happy to have you at my side, in bed at night. Let's not rush it and when we do do it, it will be awesome, like always."

Matt pulled Alex into him and the boys went to sleep. When the alarm clock went off the next morning, Alex hit the snooze button a couple of times before either of them moved. By the fourth time the alarm clock went off, Franseca walked in and got them up.

Nothing really changed in their routine except Jacob is taking a different route to school in order to pick up Ethan, but after that they went straight to school. After eating breakfast, Jacob left like he always does and they headed out to library. When it is cold they hang in the library when it is warm they go out and play on the field.

Most of the morning was uneventful for Alex and Matt. Alex's teachers loaded him down with all his make up assignments. That means that Alex's evenings for the next couple of days are going to be filled with books. He wants to try and get his GPA up in order to get some kind of scholarship to at least go to the local college here in town.

Between second and third period, Alex ran right into Shane and his friends. This is the first time Alex has seen Shane in this area, but it could be because he never really paid any attention to him or his friends. Alex tried to do the same, but Shane and his friends wouldn't let him pass them. Shane pushed Alex to the side of the hallway.

"Don't think I don't know it was you and your friend that came after me and my pals last week. I asked around to see if anyone knew anything about what had happened. At first no one said anything because no one heard anything. You guys are smart and didn't blab all over the place about what you did. But the more and more I asked, I found out you and your friend are the only two that had messed up knuckles as if you were in a fight."

"Whoever is telling you this information is lying to you. I don't know who in the hell you are, but if you don't get your hands off of me. I will get to know you really quickly. At least my knuckles will get to know that fucked up face of yours really quickly. So if you don't want a beat down here in the hallway, you'd better just walk away."

"Now I know for sure it was you that came after me and my friends like week. You shouldn't have said a word to me. I may not have seen your face that night, but I do remember your voice as clear as a bell. Now that I am certain it was you, you'd better watch your back because I will get pay back for what you did."

"You are such a chicken shit that you can't fight a person unless you jump them. Like I said, I don't know who gave you that information and because you want to believe what you were told you are making yourself believe that my voice is the voice that you heard that day. If you try to come after me for something I didn't do, I will defend myself. Trust me I will make you and your friends regret ever coming after me."

Alex pushed Shane to the side and walked to his third period class. As he sat down, he started to think that he needs to strike first. He can't allow Shane and his friends to keep him looking around the corner the rest of the school year. That is the type of fear he use to put into others. There is no way he is going to be afraid of Shane; no way.

After the teacher took attendance, she looked over and smiled when she saw Alex. "This Wednesday, the trial is going to start. Since we haven't picked our jury yet, we are going to go across and join the other class. Between the two classes, we are going to pick twelve jurors and four alternates. Then if we have any time left today and all period tomorrow, I will give those that are involved in this mock trial the time to get ready."

Not giving her students a chance to moan about the assignment, she asked them to get up and head across to the other room. When they walked in, half of the room is empty for them to sit down. As they settled down in their seats, both of the teachers called for the students that have already been picked to play a part in the mock trial.

The defense team sat in the three desks that are set up closer to the jury box and the prosecution team sat in the five desks further away from the jury box. The student playing the judge sat behind the teacher's desk that is sitting directly in the middle of the room. As you face the desk the judge is sitting in, there is an empty chair to the right side.

"Okay, we welcome you students from Mrs. Linscott's class, my name is Mr. Galey. As you have probably been told, every year both of our classes put this mock trial together. Although I know my students grades depend more on this mock trial than Mrs. Linscott's students grades does, but I hope those that are participating in this takes is seriously.

Today we are going to pick a jury and move onto the trial on Wednesday. On Wednesday we are going to meet in the auditorium, instead of your class rooms. There is a change this year as far as doing this mock trial. We want to make it as real as possible. So I invited the journalism class and the other government classes this period to watch and they have accepted. Like most trials today there is a viewing audience."

Alex looked over at Mrs. Linscott; he saw that she got caught off guard on this change as he did. Alex already was uncomfortable doing this in front of the two classes as it is. Now he has to get up in front of several classes and act like a defense attorney. That is something Alex doesn't want to do!

"Okay, let's get down to picking a jury. As we call you guys up in groups of twelve, sit in the twelve desks here." Mr. Galey pointed to the jury box. "Each side will have a chance to ask three questions before deciding if they want to except or object to the person to be part of the jury. Remember a right jury can help either side, so don't take this procedure as if it doesn't mean anything."

The first twelve got called up and started the procedure to select a jury. Alex and Matt took turns asking questions of each juror, trying not to give away their defense. On the other side, only one of the five students got up and asked the questions. That told a lot to Alex and Matt that they aren't really facing down five, but only one on the other side.

By the end of class, they had picked their jury. Neither side got to seat the jury that wanted. It looked evenly split down the middle as far as to which way they will vote when the case gets handed to them. That means the prosecution has more work cut out for them than the defense. The defense only needs one to stay on their side in order to win.

As they headed back to their classroom, Mrs. Linscott stopped Alex in the hallway. She didn't say anything until every one of her students had taken their seats. After telling them to do what they want until the bell rang, but do it quietly, she rejoined Alex in the hall, but before speaking, she gathered her thoughts.

"I don't know what happened in there. I had NO idea Mr. Galey planned to do that. Every year we bet on the out come of the trial. This year the bet is for the students and that is why I picked the students that have the best chance to win this trial. I know this isn't fair to you, but I really need you to win this case. If we lose, I have to pay for a pizza party for his class. If we win, he has to pay for a pizza party for our class."

"Matt and I will do what we can to win this trial for our class to get the pizza party. We think we have a good defense put together to win, but if we see it going bad, we can change our strategy." Alex smiled at his teacher as she nodded her head.

Just then the bell rang and the class started to empty out into the hall. Mrs. Linscott asked Alex not to say anything about the bet to anyone before Matt joined Alex in the hall. He agreed and she let him head to lunch. She wants to tell her class about the bet, but she doesn't want them to do this mock trial for the wrong reasons. That is why she and Mr. Galey agreed to keep it to themselves until the end of the trial.

Alex couldn't stop thinking about being in front of so many students. It isn't that he is terrified on talking in front of large groups, it is just he doesn't want to look like a fool doing so. None of them know much about the law and if they say or do something that is wrong they will become the laughing stock of all the classes attending this mock trial.

At the same time, Alex kept looking around to see if Shane and his friends are there to jump him like Shane did to Jacob. If they catch him off guard, Alex knows he can defend himself, but they will get in a couple of good punches. Punches right now that can actually hurt him more than usual because of the surgery he just had. As he and Matt reached the cafeteria, Alex decided he won't walk around in fear. When the time comes and Shane makes his move, he will defend himself.



{Although this chapter wasn't filled with a lot of excitement, it had enough for the plot lines I was dealing with in the chapter. It picked right up where I left off at in the last chapter with Matt arriving at the hospital to visit with Alex and give him his first paycheck! A well deserved paycheck if you ask me.

Alex has his head screwed on right. I thought after getting hit as many times that he got hit the other day, he might have lost a few of his marbles. He wants to pay Jacob back everything that Jacob has loaned him. As he explained to Matt, even if Jacob refuses to take the payment, he will find a way to get it to him.

Just like you found out in "Jacob Finding His Way" chapter fifty nine, Jacob found out that Alex is the donor. That moment was very emotional and brought the two boys closer together. They created a friendship out of weird circumstances. Normally no one would have done what Jacob has done for Alex, much less become friends with a guy like Alex.

Now when you think of Alex, some may think he's dumb because of the choices he has made in his life. But we saw several times in this chapter that he isn't dumb. First time we saw it is when he, Jacob and Dewayne were at Walgreens. Dewayne tried to keep Alex's away from seeing what Jacob was doing, but he saw. When Alex cashes his paycheck later, Jacob is going to get a pretty good payday himself.

The party was in both stories; I really didn't go into much detail about it. You all read it in "Jacob", so there was no need for me to repeat myself in a lot of detail in that plot line. Unlike the plot line when Jacob found out about Alex being the donor. We saw it from Jacob's point of view and now in this chapter we see it from Alex's point of view.

We did learn a little more about Lorenzo. Not much more about Ismail, but that is coming soon. Anyways Lorenzo showed that he really does look up to Alex. He refused to leave Alex's side when the officers and probation officer showed up. I see where Alex is coming from and I also see where Lorenzo is coming from. So it makes it hard for me to say that one or the other is wrong here, both of them are right.

Poor little Lorenzo, he is starting to go through puberty and it is confusing him. I would like have been a fly on he wall to see the looks on Matt's and Alex's faces when Lorenzo came busting through the door on them. I am glad that Alex was there for his little brother and made it clear to him that he will be here when ever Lorenzo needs him. Alex doesn't want his little brothers to be without someone to be there for them like he was when he went through what they are going through in their lives right now.

Oh no, Shane is back and knows it was Alex and Carlos were the ones that jumped him. Here is the second bit of proof when I say Alex isn't dumb. Not once did he admit that he or anyone in his group was involved in Shane's beating. How does Alex know that Shane isn't recording the conversation or has someone nearby like Carlos and Matt did to Dabria? He also made it clear to Shane and his friends if they jump him, he will defend himself. Here is a fight that we all know is going to come.

The mock trial has taken another twist. Now the trial is going to be done in front of several more classes that is aren't even involved in the project. Also Alex found out that there is a bet between the two teachers. He can understand why the teachers aren't talking about the bet, because if they do it will move both classes to stand for their classmate's even if they didn't win the case. Neither side will come out as a clear winner.

Now that Alex is out of the hospital, I am going to move back to the other plots just hanging out there. Steve and Robert will be back in full force. Carlos is going to be out looking for a new girlfriend that the gang will accept. I will bring you guys more into the world of Lorenzo and Ismail besides video games and TV. There is more we need to know about Franseca. She is there, but what do we really know about her? Where are the grandparents on both sides of Alex's family? Where are the aunts and uncles as well? I the chapters to come you guys are going to meet more of Alex's family.

I know there are so many other open plots out there and as soon as Alex gets out of the hospital, they will come back. Steve and Robert will be back. Along with Lorenzo and Ismail we will see more and more of them. Plus the love scenes will be there between Alex and Matt as well as Steve and Robert. So don't worry, the story is just beginning.

I don't want to say too much more and spoil the future chapters to come, so I won't. I warn you though! Don't skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}


What a great chapter with so much (overall) good going on.

I'm anxious to read how the mock trial goes. I get the idea that there's going to be fireworks with that. I expect Alex, Matt and their class will be eating great tasting pizza; victory pizza at that.

It's good to see Alex is out of the hospital, back home with Matt and that their love just keeps growing deeper each day. Their rekindling of their love life in the shower was just as I would envision it to be, fraught with desire and built up passions...not to mention a bumper crop of love juices! I hope to get a ringside seat as their love making matures and they find more ways to express their love.

Shane and his crew are going to stir up trouble I suspect. Alex now has a heads up on that score and I hope that he will enlist the aid of Carlos and Matt to outsmart Shane rather than deal with it in the old fashioned, customary way. Alex's initial reaction is to do what he's always done and deal with it as a gangster. I hope Alex will use his intellect rather than his brass to resolve the problem. Alex needs to keep in mind what Dr. Whitmore said about being on probation and that one slip will land him back in detention.

Uh huh, sure enough, Lorenzo is getting into puberty and the usual changes are causing questions and concerns for him! I'm glad he has Alex around and is able to come to him with the questions that "arise". It will be interesting to note over time if he becomes interested in the opposite sex or is more closely related to Alex in that regard. Either way, he'll have Alex's complete support and guidance. I hope he'll enlist Matt's wise counsel as well.

I'm looking forward to learning more about Alex's family as Jacob hinted. It would be great to find that Alex has a functional side to his family and now that his father is gone, they can reconcile. I can well imagine that decent family members would have abandoned Alex's family because of his father's evil ways of living. With the strength of character Franseca shows, I expect that there's a ton about her we don't know and I'll wager that there's a lot interesting once you get the inside information!

Until next time,

"Daddy" Rick