Written by J.P.G.

{Beneath the Mask is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Love Scenes Written By: Daddy Rick

Edited By: Daddy Rick

Edited By: Ed

Chapter 39

When Ethan and Derrick showed up, they pulled Alex out of his thoughts. After the introductions were done, Alex jumped into the conversation. When they learned that Joey was the same rank as Jacob in ROTC and was going to be going for the same promotion next year, the guys started teasing Jacob. Alex threw a couple of shots at Jacob as well.

Right after Jacob had left with Joey, Zach and Mitchell came looking for him. When they were told that he had already left, they turned their attention to Matt informing him about the speeches during sixth period. Both Alex and Matt asked at once if Matt had to make a speech and were relieved to hear the answer was no. He just has to be on the stage in order to be introduced to the student body.

They confirmed that Matt will be there and then took off. Alex and Matt sat down with the others. Almost immediately Alex fell back into his thoughts about Ron and what he said at the hospital. He had no idea what was being said or what he was being asked. He agreed with anything that was asked.

The bell brought Alex once again out of his thoughts and back to reality. All the way to their locker, Matt asked him what he was thinking about during lunch. All that he would say is it wasn't anything for him worry about. That of course got Matt to worry even more than he was already. Alex isn't good about letting people in when things are bothering him. When he does finally let people in, it isn't by choice. It's because things just boiled over and he needs help getting it back in to the pot.

The long awaited announcement of who is going to be taking over the prison from Mr. Flores demise was announced. The message came in coded from the top chief and that took time. Since Alex had given up a lot of their trade secrets, they had to find new ways to get things done such as messages from one lock up area to another.

Everyone in the gang knew who it was going to be, it just needed to be made official. Alex's grandfather received the kite and right away called a meeting of his top leaders. He wanted to make sure there was no one in the ranks thinking they could kill a higher up so they will be given the position. Basically he wanted to put the unrest to bed and get the gang back into working order.

Those that were known by the guards that were in the gang were summoned to meet with Alex's grandfather in the courtyard of the prison. Other gang members that were promoted into leadership weren't present for this meeting because they have not yet been marked as gang affiliated. Just like the guards, the gangs are changing up their ways of running things especially after seeing what the Governor is doing in El Paso.

"Many of you have assumed that the leadership of this gang was going to fall back to me after the loss of Mr. Flores. That has been made official today when I got the kite from the higher ups informing me to take back control of the gang. As you know none of us can and won't say no once an order has been given."

Alex's grandfather looked around at his leadership as they nodded their head. "Many of you were around when I was in charge of the gang before my son. Some of you are new and only knew my son or Mr. Flores as the leader. Let me make this one thing clear here and now, I was not pushed out by my son. That rumor is just that a rumor. My son was sentenced to life and we all agreed that the younger generation should take the reins.

With that said nothing is going to change with me in charge. Things are going to go back to being run as it was run with my son in charge. I showed him the ropes and that means he was running things as I would have. There will be a few changes that we will put in affect. And yes these changes were thought of by my grandson." The leadership grunted when Alex's grandfather mentioned his grandson.

"I know many of you would like to see my grandson dead. Add me to that list, but we can't do a thing to him. The higher ups made a decision to take off the green light and that is that. None of us have the power to override that decision. If any of you try or give the order to your people in any way you will meet the same end as Mr. Flores."

Almost all at once everyone started throwing out ways that they can get to Alex and it can't be traced back to them. Alex's grandfather couldn't believe how willingly these guys are willing to disobey an order. He knew he had no other choice but to make an example out of them in order for them to understand the order must be followed. So he walked up to the loudest of the group and punched him in the face, breaking his nose.

"I don't understand what part of what I just said you guys didn't understand. My grandson isn't to be touched by any of us. Even though I want him dead as I have said before, he isn't to be touched. I don't care if it can't be traced back to us. An order has been given and must be followed. So if you know what is good for you, you will keep your thoughts to yourselves. I'd better not find out my grandson was touched in any way shape or form. An order is an order and we must follow that order."

The guy Alex's grandfather hit got up and headed to the infirmary. The others stayed and continued the meeting. They talked about how to get things moving again. When it was all said and done, they agreed that their procedures will have to be completely changed in order to make sure they can do their business.

It didn't take long for the word of the new leader of the gang to get down to all areas of the prison system. By the time the evening meal was being served to Ashton, he had heard that Alex's family is back in charge of the gang. He didn't understand why after what Alex's did as he left the gang.

First thing that bothered Ashton is the fact that Alex chose to leave the gang. One of the very first things a person is told when they join is once in, always in, no matter who you are or who your family might be. You made the decision to join and you must stick with that decision.

The second, but most important concern that bothered Ashton about this bit of news is the fact the Alex gave important information about how the gang is run to the police. That alone is immediate sentence of death. Once again though some how Alex has been able to wiggle his way out of that as well. He got the green light taken off of him.

And of course there's the thing about Alex being a fag. Ashton almost threw up just thinking of the word. He can't imagine a guy making love with another guy. In his mind it isn't natural and shouldn't happen. He had never imagined that Alex was that type of guy that not only gave it up the ass, but took it up the ass as well.

Yes there were times he was horny enough that he would have allowed to have a fag suck his dick or he would fuck up the ass. He just would never get down on his knees and give back. It is just something a real guy doesn't do. The stronger guy prevails and weak ones are the ones that get the fucking up the ass when those like him are no longer satisfied with the love making their hands give their dicks in a hot shower.

The more he thought about everything that Alex got away with, the angrier he was getting. He slammed his fist against his table, which got his mind thinking something else, pain. The hand he slammed against the table was the very hand that Alex broke his fingers on, which got him even angrier.

Just as he was about to hit the wall, Ashton heard a guards stick hitting his door. He walked over to the slot of the door as the guard pushed in an envelope. He took it and sat back down. Looking down at the sender, he turned the envelope around and pulled out the letter. It wasn't a letter but a document from the court letting him know that he has a court date on Friday. It didn't recognize the court room number, but he didn't care.

Right after roll call, Alex's class was asked to gather their stuff since they won't be coming back to class. Alex didn't bother to take anything out of his backpack since he knew about the speeches. He got up and lined up in the line with his fellow classmates as they started to make their way down to the stadium.

As Alex sat down, he looked around to see if he could see Matt, but no one was on the stage yet. It didn't take long for the students to start to get rowdy. The teachers did the best they could to keep their classes in check, but whenever kids get into a large group like this, they try to out do each other. Thankfully Principal Michaels came on to the stage just as it looked like the teachers were about to lose control.

Alex couldn't help but think to himself, how one person could keep thousands of students in check. It's not like Principal Michael's walks around school with a gun in a holster on his side, but when he walked out every student quieted down. Even as he introduced the students that were running for a position, the student body stayed calm and applauded as the student names were called out.

When Matt walked on the stage, Alex jumped up applauding for him. Then he did it again when Jacob was introduced and walked out on the stage. Once everyone settled in the principal handed over the microphone to the first student to make a speech. Principal Michaels didn't walk too far away from the student and Alex wondered why.

His concern was answered when the second student started to give his speech, if you want to call it a speech. All he was doing was trying to get the student body all riled up and the principal wouldn't have it. He took the microphone away from him and had him sit down and then called up the next student.

There were several students that the principal had to take the microphone away from before Jacob got up and spoke. All through the speeches Alex kept looking over to his boyfriend and to Jacob. He saw that both of them weren't comfortable sitting up there. Jacob being uncomfortable Alex could understand, but Matt, he doesn't have to make a speech. So there is no reason for Matt to be uncomfortable being on the stage.

When it came time for those that were running for student council president, they gave better speeches, but they also tried to get the student body riled up. Some promises were made, but again nothing worthwhile. Finally when Jacob was introduced, the student body barely applauded, if they even applauded at all.

Alex felt bad for Jacob being treated this way. It looked like it made him even more uncomfortable than he already was. Once Jacob cleared his throat and started speaking, his speech just flowed right out. It hit so many chords that it got every student in the stadium going, but in the right way. Well maybe not every student, the jocks didn't join in, they held their ground backing their friends running for the position.

Jacob wasn't afraid to tell it as it is. He not only hit back at the jocks, he hit them so hard they fell on the ground. He made them sound petty when they promise pizza parties and other items that won't make a difference for the entire student body if they are elected. Then when Jacob talked about the regular student and how they out number the jocks and those that think they are the ones running the school, it hit them hard.

Alex looked over at them and could see that they were getting angry with Jacob. Things that Jacob are promising they know they can't even attempt to try, because they can't deliver on it. By the time Jacob was done with his speech, the student body was on their feet applauding Jacob. It was a total one eighty from when Jacob got up to make his speech.

Principal Michaels walked up to the microphone and went through the list of those who are running and for what position. When he finished going through the list, the bell rang. The students didn't need to be told they were able to go. They picked up their stuff and headed out of the stadium. At first it was hard to move since students were going all different directions, but once you got out of the rows, it was easier to walk.

Debating with himself whether or not to go down and be with Matt, Alex stood at the top of the stadium looking down at the stage. Since there were still too many students trying to push their way through to the top or the sides of the rows, Alex decided against it. Instead he will wait for Matt in the parking lot with the guys. There is no way he is going to try and fight his way through the sea of students; there's just too many of them.

Alex and the guys talked about Jacob's speech as they waited for him and Matt. They couldn't figure at what was taking them so long. It didn't take long for Alex's mind to start to get carried away. After seeing how the jocks and those that follow them were taking Jacob's speech, Alex couldn't help it.

Just as he was about to head back over to the stadium, Jacob and Matt were walking towards them talking and laughing. Alex relaxed and joined the others. Since they wanted to talk more than they did in the parking lot, the guys asked Jacob to give them a ride to the house. All the way home the conversation was all about how Jacob stood up and basically told off the jocks. They were all stunned and proud of Jacob at the same time.

As soon as Jacob dropped them off, they jumped into Alex's family SUV. The conversation they were having in Jacob's truck continued all the way downtown. Even as they got out of the truck, they kept talking as they walked into the building. They didn't stop talking about what had happened at school until they clocked in and went to their assigned machines for the day.

Alex and Matt went over to see how Adam was doing. He came in earlier to shadow Sergio. He learned a lot with the boys his first day, but there is some things the boys can't teach him since they are not old enough to work the machines. Neither Alex nor Matt was bothered with him shadowing Sergio, in fact they like it.

"Sergio, how is Adam here getting along?" He patted Adam on the shoulder and then shook his hand. "I hope he is learning things that we don't know yet so he can teach us." He started to laugh as he shook Sergio's hand.

"He asked all the right questions. I enjoyed having him around so I could catch up on some of the paperwork I have fallen behind on. In order to show him how the paperwork was done, we did it together and he caught on right off the bat."

The four of them walked over to Alex's office so they could see where the day shift left off at on the print job that is running right now. It is also to be fair to Sergio. He has already worked his shift and doesn't get paid anything extra for staying over like the hourly employees. So Alex and Matt try their best to come in and relieve Sergio as soon as they can in order for him to go home and be with his family.

"It looks like we are ahead of schedule on this print job, I love it." Matt handed Alex the clipboard. "As soon as it finishes, we will start the next job on the list."

"I agree and by you guys starting a new print job, you can show Adam how the change over from one print job to another goes. If you guys have no more questions for me, I need to get out of here. My wife needs me home for a PTA meeting this evening. Man I hate those, but when the wife says jump, I jump."

Everyone started laughing as Sergio grabbed his brief case and headed out. Alex and Matt talked a little with Adam about what he learned. Nothing he said was new to them. They had hoped that maybe Adam saw something or learned something they hadn't learned from Sergio or Ron. Just as Alex thought of Ron's name, the phone rang.

Alex picked it up not thinking it might be the hospital. He was into the conversation he and Matt was having with Adam. When a young ladies voice came over the line asking for him by his complete name, Alex knew who it was without asking. He informed the young lady she has gotten the person she is asking for.

"Sir you and Matthew Robinson are listed as the people to contact if anything has changed with one of our patients by the name of Ron Baird." Alex knew what the news was and didn't want to hear it. He put the phone on speaker and informed the young lady that he did so where Matt could hear what she has to say.

"Gentlemen you need to come down to the hospital as soon as you can. Mr. Baird isn't doing well and the doctors don't think he will make it through the night. So please if you can, come to the hospital so you can be with him."

Alex barely was able to get out the words informing the nurse that they are on their way. As they hung up the phone with the hospital, Matt explained to Adam what was going on. Without hesitation Adam informed the boys that he has everything under control here and if anything does comes up he will call Sergio. As they walked out of the office, they remembered about the print job about to end.

They walked onto the production floor to talk with Adam's elder sons. Alex confirmed with them that they knew how to change out the print jobs. He explained what the next job is and where to get the templates. They will call several times to see if they are okay, but they are depending on them to show their father how to do the changeover. On their way out, they asked Adam to tell the guys they will be back.

The ride this time to the hospital was even worse than the night before. They know now that Ron isn't going to make it through the night. At least the night before there was a chance that he was okay and it was something simple. Neither of them said a word because they had no idea what to say to each other.

As soon as they got to the hospital, the quickly parked and almost ran over to Ron's room. The minute they passed the waiting area and saw Ron's family, they knew they were too late. His entire family was in the waiting area, not in the room. The ladies and some of the guys were crying. Alex and Matt were barely able to hold it together as they walked down the hallway to Ron's room. It felt as if they were never going to reach it.

Several nurses and doctors walked out of his room when the boys reached it. The doctor that spoke with them the night before recognized them and pulled them off to the side. By the doctor not saying anything right away confirmed what they thought when they saw Ron's family in the waiting area.

"We did everything that we possibly do for Mr. Baird, but he was too far gone for us to save him. He passed away about eight or so minutes ago. I am really sorry for your loss and I know he went..."

"Screw you and your apologizes! You guys didn't do everything you possibly could for our friend in there. You or this hospital can never say that about this patient because you refused to put him on the transplant list." Alex was yelling so loud, guests in the other rooms walked out to see what was going on. "You and this hospital killed him. You guys gave him a death sentence and you know that."

"Sir I need you to bring down your voice. I know you are angry and don't agree with our policies, but they are there for a reason. Nothing can be solved or changed by yelling and throwing blame on anyone at this point."

"You know what, you can go to hell! I will lower my voice. Not for you, but for them." Alex pointed to the visitors that are looking at him and the doctor. "But this isn't over between me, you and this hospital. I am going to sue you. We probably won't win, I am fine with that. I just want everyone in this city to know how this hospital practices. A lawsuit will allow me to get it out there. Let's see after I take your asses to court how many patients will come here."

Alex pushed his way passed the doctor and walked into Ron's room. It was dark. The only light that was on was the light over the bed. They had already covered Ron's face with the sheet, which didn't surprise Alex. He waked over to Ron and sat down at his side. Slowly he slid the sheet off of Ron's face. To Alex's surprise, Ron looked at peace. He didn't look like he was dead. He just looked like he was asleep.

Alex grabbed Ron's hand and started to whisper to him. "You damned old man why did you have to go off and die on me like this? You were the first adult in a very long time that actually accepted and respected me for me. I thought I was going to have you around for a lot longer than I did. Why did you have to leave me so soon?"

Tears started to roll down Alex's cheeks in a steady stream. Alex wiped away the tears, but more came. He was unable to speak because of his tears and running nose. Never did he think he felt this way about Ron. He never knew that Ron touched him so deeply in such a short period of time.

"If you weren't feeling good, you should have told me and Matt. We would have understood and demanded you to quit. All we wanted is you to be here with us. Not to work your butt off the way you did for us. I should have stopped you. I should have gotten you help even if that meant not getting paid myself. You being here with me and Matt is all I ever wanted. Now I don't have you to talk with anymore."

Matt walked up behind Alex and placed is hands on Alex's shoulders. "We are going to miss you Ron very much. A day won't go by that something won't remind us of you. It is because of you that our company is where it is today and I will always remember that when I walk into the doors of the print shop." Alex looked up to the ceiling.

"I know you are now on the right side of the man above. Please don't give him a hard time up there. I know when you were giving Matt and me a hard time it was your way on teaching us something. Trust me everything you have taught us, told us and gave us we will pass on. Anyone that is willing to listen to us talk about you, we will talk their ears off. You taught us so much; it is just right to pass it on."

"Ron I am going to miss your stories. We never had a chance to hear what you did in the military and the life after the military before we met. Thank you for letting Alex and me into your life. I know at first you didn't want to, but every day I am thankful you changed your mind and let us in your room that day. Please rest in peace and just like Alex, I know you are up there looking down at us."

Just like Alex, Matt's tears were rolling down his cheek in a steady stream. They stood at Ron's side for over thirty minutes. No one disturbed them. Even when they came to move Ron, they waited outside until Alex and Matt were ready to leave. Once they gathered themselves, they got up, re-covered Ron and walked out of the room.

They passed the doctor and the hospital staff as they made their way down to the waiting area. As soon as they joined Ron's family, the staff that came to get Ron's body rolled by them with it. Everyone stood up and walked to the edge of the hall to try and get one last glimpse of Ron before they took him down.

As soon as they elevator door closed, Alex and Matt sat down with Ron's family. At first no one said a word, but that didn't last long. They sat there in the waiting room listening to Matt and Alex talk about him. They told Ron's family about the first day they met him. They laughed and agreed what Alex and Matt was saying sounded like him.

To the boys surprise Ron's family asked them how he was the last months of his life. They took turns on telling stories on what he did. Some were funny, some were serious and some were boring, but they were glued top their seats as the boys recounted their time with Ron. At times they laughed, cried and remembered their own stories of him.

None of them budged for close to two hours. Alex and Matt forgot all about calling the shop. They were enjoying their time with Ron's family. But it finally came time that they knew they had to leave. Before doing so, Alex and Matt talked with Ron's son about funeral arrangements. Although they didn't even touch the tip of that conversation, they got it started and agreed to talk about it tomorrow afternoon.

They needed to see what Ron had put in his will as far as how he wanted to be buried. He could have placed in his will that he wanted cremated or something like that. None of them knew and that is why they decided to table the conversation until they are able to find out what Ron wanted.

On the way back to the shop, they talked about Ron. Although they were present with each other whenever they were around Ron, they still kept throwing back at each other remember the time this or that. It made them happy to remember Ron as he was, full of life. Not what they saw at the hospital this evening.

"I have an idea Matt and don't say anything until you hear me out." Alex caught him through the corner of his nodding his head. "You know as well as I do our print shop wouldn't be up and running if it wasn't for Ron. He did all the hard work on setting it up and getting it going. I think we should name the shop after him, what do you think?"

"I think we should have done that from day one. The shop doesn't even have a name. We just keep calling it the print shop. As you said he did all the leg work to get this company off and going. We should at least name it after him."

"The only regret I have is that Ron isn't here to see it. Like you said we should have done it from the beginning." Alex reached over and placed his hand on Matt's knee. "The only thing I am worried about is that people are going to think the reason why we are naming the shop after him is because he passed away. Not because of the true reason."

"Let them think what they want Alex, who cares. As long as you and I know the real reason why we are naming the shop after Ron is all that matters. Ron is looking down at us and he knows the real reason as well. So as long as at the end of the day, the print shop holds his name, we did what we wanted."

They pulled into the parking lot as Matt finished talking. Not another word was spoken about their plans. They walked into the print shop to find everything running smoothly. By seeing that, it confirmed to Alex and Matt that Jacob was right when he suggested putting Adam down in the print shop. He can be trusted to get things done without anything falling apart. Of course he had the help from his older sons.

Those that knew where Alex and Matt went didn't ask them what had happened. When they walked in and saw their expressions, it said it all. Knowing that it isn't good to be alone after losing someone close to you, Adam debated rather or not to talk with his young bosses. He chose to leave them be for now. They are really not alone since they have each other to lean on.

As the shift came to a close, Adam and his sons closed down the shop, leaving Alex and Matt to only lock up the building. On their way out, the boys thanked everyone for everything they have done. They made it clear that if it wasn't for them stepping and helping, they wouldn't have been able to leave like they did! Adam simply replied to the boys that is why he was hired, to run the shift.

On the drive home, the others picked up the conversation they were having on the ride to work. Neither Alex nor Matt cared. In fact they'd rather have them talking about that than asking them question after question about what happened. They knew Ron, but they didn't know Ron the way they did.

Once they got home and had dinner, Alex followed up his promise he made Jeremy. After helping his mother with the dishes, he went up to see if Jeremy was ready to go outside with Cupid. Just as he was about to knock on the door, Jeremy opened it with Cupid in his arms. He smiled at Alex as he walked past him.

For the next hour Alex and Jeremy hung out in the front yard playing with Cupid. The same neighborhood kids that chased Jeremy into the corner the other night passed by, but they didn't cause any trouble. Alex was ready for trouble, but none came. They didn't even look once toward them or the house.

After they passed by, he turned his attention back to Jeremy. As he watched him play with Cupid, he wondered how he could always be so chipper. After all the bad things he has been dealt so far in life, he always has a smile, which is contagious. That's one thing Alex doesn't mind catching.

Right before they went in, Matt joined them. He tried to talk with Jeremy, but couldn't. Unlike Alex, he hasn't taken the time to learn sign language. As a result he really can't talk with him so he just sat with Alex and watched in awe as his boyfriend talked with Jeremy. As he watched he couldn't help but be amazed at his boyfriend and how patient he was with him. There is no doubt in his mind that he would be a good father if they would to ever have kids.

Pulling Matt from his thoughts is a car that he saw driving by when he first walked out. The only reason he noticed the car the first time and now this time is that the car is driving very slow as if whoever is in the car is scoping out the houses. Matt looked down at the plates to get the number, but there wasn't one on the front.

Just as the car started to come to a stop, Alex got up. He saw a young guy, no older than twenty one, if even that. Not waiting for the guy to get out and walk towards him, Alex started to walk towards the car. As he got closer to it, the young guy rolled up his window and sped off down the street.

"Who do you think that is Alex?" Alex turned around and shrugged his shoulders. "That is one of the strangest things I have ever seen. The guy looks like he is lost, but yet he doesn't try and ask for directions. Instead he spooks us and speeds off."

"Look I am not going to sit out here and wait to see if he is here to do us harm. Let's get Jeremy and go back into the house." Alex tapped him on the shoulder and signed that it is time to go in. He refused at first and then Alex asked him. That put Jeremy in the spot on making the decision, which he liked.

He picked up Cupid as he got up and signed to Alex that it is time to go in. Alex agreed and followed him into the house with Matt at his side. After closing the front door, Alex looked out the window and saw the same car slowly coming to a stop in front of the house. This time the kid actually got out of the car and started his way to the front door.

Before he was able to knock, Alex opened it. "I don't know who in the hell you are, but you better state your business and I mean fast!" Alex could see that the kid was not a threat at a closer glance. In fact the kid looks like he is in college.

"I am sorry about before on speeding off like I did and driving by your house several times. I just wanted to make sure I had the right place before disturbing you guys. I am almost for sure I do have the right place, but let me make sure. Does Matthew Robinson live here?" Alex looked at the guy trying to figure him out.

Not sure if he should confirm if Matt lives here or not, Alex didn't say anything for a few seconds. The guy standing before him didn't push for answer, which confused him even more. This whole thing from the beginning has been confusing. He can't figure if this guy is a threat to him or Matt, which is rare that he can't figure that out right away.

"Before I even think of answering your question I need to know who you are." The young kid just looked at Alex as if he was out of his mind. "All that I know about you is a guy that drives around neighborhoods scoping out the houses. Then when someone that lives in a home that you are scoping out walks up to you, you speed off. So I would like to know who you are before I even entertain answering what you asked."

"Again as I said I am sorry for what I did at first. I know it wasn't the greatest first impression. But I can understand why you are hesitant on answering my question. I would if I was in your shoes. My name is Noah Cooper, Matt's cousin. We haven't seen each other since we were young, so that is probably why he didn't recognize me."

Noah pulled out his wallet and handed Alex a picture. There was not doubt the young kid in the picture is Matt. The smile and dimples has not changed through the years. Plus his eyes, they are as loveable as they are now. Alex has never seen a picture of Matt as a young kid, not until now. He handed the picture back to Noah and invited him in.

"I am sorry for being a prick with you. I just wanted to make sure you weren't some crazy guy out to harm someone in this house." Alex closed the door and showed Noah to the den. "I hope this question doesn't upset you, but why are you here? What I mean is that Matt's family has cut him off."

"In a sense they have. They froze him out by treating him like dirt in his own house. In return it left Matt no other choice but to live elsewhere. And being that my mother is his mother's sister, we were to fall in line and do the same thing, which my family did. I finally grew a pair and told my mother the other night what we were doing to Matt wasn't right. No matter what he has done or is, he is our family.

He and I were more than cousins when we were growing up. We were connected at the hip. I miss my cousin and I don't care if me reaching out to him means that I am out in the street as well. He didn't deserve what he got from his family. That includes me since I didn't stand behind him right off the bat."

"Well it's better late than never. Matt needs his family and I am glad that you are willing to come and stand by your cousin's side." Alex extended his hand and Noah took it. "My name is Alex by the way. He and I live here with a lot of our friends, which you will meet very soon. Let me go and find Matt for you."

Alex started to walk out of the den when he remembered Matt telling him that he needed to speak with his grandfather. He turned around and asked Noah to follow him. Noah didn't ask any questions, he got up and walked out with Alex. They didn't say anything as they walked over to Alex's family's side of the house.

As they made their way, Noah couldn't believe the size of the house. From the outside it didn't look this huge. It looked big, but not this big. He looked in at every room they passed, each one more stunning than the other. Then they reached the hallway that lead to Alex's side. Noah looked out the window and couldn't believe that they actually have a built in swimming pool and they are already swimming in it.

"This house use to be four different houses." Alex finally spoke up. "Jacob, our friend, owns the house. He bought all four houses and then put them together to make one. He and his family live here as well as my family."

"Wow, I mean wow, is all I can say! I knew the houses on the side of town were nice, but not this nice. Your friend must be rich if he not only can afford to buy four houses next to each other, but the put them together like this. Man it actually looks like one house once you are inside, and on the outside it doesn't look anywhere near this big."

"Yeah he did a very good job putting the houses together. Jacob is very smart and knows how to stretch a penny. Also his grandfather helped out on this." Just then they walked into Alex's living room. "Please take a seat and I will go and get Matt for you."

Alex left Noah in the living as he walked back to what used to be his and Matt's room. He knocked on the door and his grandfather asked him to come in. Slowly Alex opened the door and walked in to find Matt sitting on the bed next to his grandfather. Matt jumped off the bed when he saw Alex. The way Matt got up raised red flags for Alex, but he didn't want to bother with that right now.

"The guy that was driving by the house when we were outside has come back. I invited him in because..." Alex saw Matt's look changed quickly. He is now looking at Alex with a look are you crazy. "He claims that he knows you Matt. He showed me a picture of him and you together when you guys were maybe eight or nine."

Matt didn't even ask Alex who he guy was. He pushed his way past Alex and walked out of the room. When he saw Noah sitting on the couch, he knew who he was. He walked over to his cousin and pulled him up into a hug. Just like with Alex, he didn't ask why he is there. It was just good to see someone from his family.

When they broke the hug, Matt just looked at Noah. "It's me Matt, it is me. I am so sorry for not being there for you when you needed me the most. I know it was wrong and there is nothing I can do to correct the past. But I can make sure that no more time passes us by without talking and hanging out with each other like we used to."

"What about Aunt..."

"I don't care what my mother thinks or says. Like I told Alex I finally grew a pair and told her what our family is doing to you isn't right. I don't care who you love or what you did. You are my cousin and I love you. I miss you way too much. There is no way I am going to let anyone tell me who I can or can't hang around with."

"Thank you Noah! God, I really missed you as well! I thought that for sure no one from my family would ever come around and realize that I am no different than I was before I got into trouble or came out." Matt looked over at Alex and waved him over. "I really want you to meet my boyfriend Alex. Don't let his mean looks scare you!"

Matt laughed as he pulled Alex over to him. "I met him already. He is the one that answered the door and refused to let me in until he knew I wasn't here to hurt you. With out a doubt he is a keeper Matt. I wish my girlfriends would be that protective of me." Alex looked at Noah as if he was going to punch him. "Please don't get what I just said wrong. I am not saying that you are the girl in this relationship or Matt is."

Noah stopped talking. He just kept stuffing his foot further and further down his throat. He wished he never said what he said about his girlfriend. All he was trying to get out is that he liked it when he saw Alex being as protective as he was over his cousin, but he screwed that up. Instead he called Alex a girl.

"Don't worry man! Matt and I are equals in our relationship. We both make the decisions together whenever one is needed to be made." Alex kissed Matt on the cheek. "To tell you the truth I think that is why we work. Neither of us tries to tell the other what to do. I think that is one of the major issues in a straight couple relationship; titles. There has to always be one in the relationship that needs to wear the pants."

Noah couldn't help laughing at the last part. "That is no lie Alex. In every relationship I have been in with a girl they always want it clarified who is calling the shots. Why can't is be as simple as you and Matt have made it? Both people in a relationship equally call the shots by discussing whatever the issue is."

"Your guess is as good as mine is in that area. I don't know much about girls since I really didn't pay them much attention when I was going out with them. They never asked me why I didn't pay them any attention since they figured it was part of me being who I was. That is the only thing I got lucky on being who I was, no one questioned me on how I acted or what I did with whom."

The look on Noah's face said it all. He had no idea what Alex was talking about, which got Matt nervous. Alex had gotten so used to everyone knowing who he was and where he came from. He never thought that one day he will be speaking with a person that isn't aware of his background like Noah.

Alex changed the conversation as quickly as he could to Noah. He threw out a few questions and that got the conversation going in a different direction. Once Matt saw the tension leave his cousin's face, he settled back down. He added a few questions of his own, which Noah was more than happy to answer.

By the time Noah got up to leave, he answered every question that Alex and Matt asked. He is going to college here at UTEP and is living in the dorms there. Although his family is here, he didn't want to be living at home while he was going to college. As far as a girlfriend, he doesn't have one right now. He explained that he just broke up with his girlfriend that he was going out with for over four years. So now all he wants is to date.

They continued talking as they walked back to the main house. Just like he did as he and Alex made their way to Alex's family side of the house, he looked around. It wasn't that he was casing the place. He just was at awe of the whole thing and wanted to take it all in. Every time he looks at something in the house, he sees something he didn't see before.

Alex said his goodbyes to Noah and left so Matt could have some private time with his cousin before he left. On his way to his room, he found his little brothers still awake playing video games with their cousins. Alex made them stop playing once they finished the level they were on and go and get ready for bed.

By the time Matt made his way down to the basement, Alex had gotten his brothers and cousins to bed. They got out of their clothes and made their way to the bathroom with just their towels wrapped around them. As they got in bed, they both were hard. They looked at each other with lust and love in their eyes, but they just couldn't get into the love making mood no matter how much they wanted it or how hard they got. The loss of Ron quelled any chance for meaningful love making.

Carlos was woken up the next morning with his step father crashing through his bedroom door. He jumped up from his bed to see his step father standing there at the foot of it. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Carlos softly spoke asking his step father what was going on. At first he didn't say anything, but when Carlos went to ask the second time he spoke up matching Carlos's level of voice, soft.

"I didn't mean to scare you Carlos. I thought you were awake already. Your mom told me that you helped out on catching up the bills in the house. Thank you! I know it isn't your responsibility to pay the bills, but we really do appreciate it. Hopefully things are going to get better now since it looks like the ownership issues were cleared up."

Carlos thought or understood that his step father's hours were cut back. He had no idea that the company he worked for was going through internal issues over who owns it. That is something his mother hadn't told him, but why should she have? He is just a kid that shouldn't know or be talked to about that kind of information.

"I thought your hours were cut back and there wasn't any worry about you losing your job. Mom never told me that there were internal issues at your job, but why should she? After all I am just her son." Carlos trying not to sound like he was whining for not knowing what was actually going on. He felt like he was lied to.

"Normally as a mechanic our hours don't matter since we get paid by the job. It is a lot to explain but the short explanation is that we are assigned a vehicle to fix and told how many hours we are going to get to fix that vehicle. About a month ago everything was put on hold since no one knew who the owner of our company was."

"That doesn't make any sense at all. Since the company was already open and in business you guys should know who your owner is, unless the company was bought out, closing down or something like that!" Carlos was now more confused than he was when the conversation started.

"It is hard to explain what our company has been going through in the last several weeks. The owner passed away and everyone assumed that his son was going to take over. That didn't happen because the owner changed his will. In return the owner's son tried to fight it and never notified the new owner that he was the owner.

That put a strain on the company because nothing could be ordered as far as parts and things like that. There was no clear owner to authorize those purchases or sign payroll. Now all that has been cleared up and we have a new owner, which many of us think it is weird that it is a high school student, but we are getting paid again."

"So that means you are going to get your hours back soon?"

"We had a meeting yesterday and were told that everything is back to normal. The new owner is now in place, which means payroll and stuff like that is going to be paid once again. So the short answer to your question is yes. We might need your help one more time, but after that we should be okay. That is what I came in here to tell you."

Carlos crawled out of bed with a smile. "That is no problem. Just tell me what you need from me and I will get it for you and mom."

They walked out of the room and as parted ways in the hallway when they reached the bathroom. Carlos jumped in and took a quick shower and then went back to his room and got dressed. Just as he finished combing his hair, he heard a knock on the door. He walked over to the door and didn't even look through the peep hole to see who it was because he knew it was Kimberly and her brothers.

Carlos invited them in and asked them to wait for him in the living room as he goes and gets his books. On his way back to the living room, Carlos yelled out to his mother and step father that he was leaving. They yelled back to him to be careful and that they love him, causing Carlos's to turn all shades of red. They yelled loud enough that Kimberly and her brothers heard them.

As they headed out, Kimberly's brothers teased him all the way to school. They parted ways about a block away before reaching school. Kimberly's brothers thought it looked un-cool to be walked to school by their big sister and her boyfriend. Neither Kimberly nor Carlos cared. In fact they understood them and knew they probably would do the same thing if they were in their shoes.

"So do you think things have settled down with your friends today?" Kimberly looked at Carlos, grabbing his hand.

"To tell you the truth I don't know. I don't think things are going to be settled down with them until Patricia is out of the picture. That I know is not going to happen since Chase is head over heels over her and until he sees what she truly is, everyone is going to be on pins and needles while she's around.

I still need to find a way to deal with her for what she did to Alex. There is no way she can get away with that. Even though we are no longer in the gang and Alex is no longer running things, no one should be allowed to step up to us the way she did. To make matters even worse it was a girl. There was really no reason for her to jump him and claw the hell out of his neck the way she did."

Just as they reached the door that led down the long hall to the cafeteria, Kimberly pulled Carlos to the side, against the wall. At first Carlos thought that he might have said something wrong by the expression on Kimberly's face. Then the expression changed o worry, which settled Carlos down just a little.

"You need to promise me Carlos that you will drop this thing with Patricia. She is not worth you getting into trouble over and maybe put back on that thing...or worse! Show her and everyone that you are a better person. Just let her wallow in her own filth. It will stink enough that Chase will finally see and smell how dirty she actually is."

Carlos wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him. He started to whisper to her that he will leave things alone, but Kimberly saw through him. She knows by the way he is talking he is not going to drop it. He is too proud of a person to allow a woman to do what Patricia did to him or his friend Alex.

Alex slammed his hand on the snooze button for the third time. Matt pulled himself out of bed and walked around the bed in order to drag Alex out of bed. At first he fought him, but knowing he was not going to win this fight, he gave in. He tossed the covers to the side and sat up. Rubbing his eyes, he tried to wake up. After rubbing his eyes, his hands instinctively went down to caress his morning wood.

He looked up at Matt and couldn't believe that he was in a chipper mood. He had the same amount of sleep, but somehow he is able to wake up and be in a chipper mood. He opened his mouth to ask him what has him in such a good mood, and then he remembered. Noah. He finally has a connection back to a member of his family.

"Alex I know you don't want to talk about this, but we will have to eventually." He walked over to Alex and kissed him on the forehead. "I am going to miss the hell out of Ron. There is no question about that. But there is nothing we can do to bring him back now that he is gone. I am hesitant about asking this, but we need to talk about it."

"Stop right there Matt I know what you are going to ask me and I really haven't given it much thought. I know I should have, but Ron died so fast." He got up and walked over to the closet. I think what we should do first with the money is pay Jacob back everything that he has loaned us. If anything is left from that, we save it."

"That is what I was thinking as well. We won't have enough money to buy controlling interest in the print shop, but we will own our portions straight out. We could little by little buy Al and Jacob out as time goes by."

"Exactly and we will own our house straight out as well. That is something that very few kids our age can say. In fact the more that I think about it the only kid our age that I know of that can say that is Jacob. So we get to join his ranks on owning our own home and business while still being in high school."

He walked over to Matt and wrapped his arms around his waist as he combed his hair. Matt smiled an evil grin that he didn't catch onto until it was too late. He turned around on him so fast, he couldn't react. Pulling Alex into him, Matt started to comb his hair as if he was a doll for Matt to play with.

"I love you with long hair Alex. You are so handsome with this length of hair rather than your head shaved." Alex looked up at Matt with puppy dog eyes. "Oh don't get me wrong I love you with your head shaved as well, but this look really looks good on you. You are one very handsome guy that I am so lucky to have."

"No I am the lucky one since I have you." He took the comb out of his hand and tossed it on the dresser. He slowly walked backwards to their bed, pulling Matt with him. When he felt the mattress pressing against the back of his legs, Alex fell back, pulling Matt with him onto the bed.

They started laughing and rolling around the bed trying to fight each other on who is going to be on top. Alex eventually won out after a few minutes of rolling around. He leaned in and pressed his lips against Matt's. At first they just kissed, but Matt eventually opened his mouth, letting Alex's tongue in.

Alex started to explore every inch inside Matt's mouth as if this was the first time they kissed. To him every time they kiss it's as though it's the first time. He just can't get enough of being with Matt in any sense of the way.

They started rub against each other, immediately making each other hard. As Alex explored his mouth, Matt reached between their bodies and started to tug at Alex's hard dick through his jeans. He could feel not only his dick get even harder, but his pulse as well. That caused his dick to expand even more in his jeans.

Even though Matt's hand is between their bodies, he felt Matt's dick get even harder. Not wanting to, he broke the kiss and made his way down to his neck. He knew that if he didn't stop rubbing his dick, he was going to blow his load before he is able to get his dick out of his pants! Alex pulled Matt's arms above his head and started to kiss up and down each of them.

They both were thinking the same thing about really wanting to be with each other at that very moment, but they knew they didn't have the time. They didn't want a quick suck and fuck. No, they wanted to be with each other in every sense of the word taking turns on exploring each others bodies inch by inch and being in each other.

Matt pulled his face over his and smiled up to him. "There isn't a word in the English dictionary that I can say that expresses how I feel about you. I love you Alex with every fiber in my body. I want to spend every waking minute with you. But reality sets in and it tells us we have to get upstairs before the guys come storming through the door."

Alex chucked. "You're right, I just don't want to. I want to be with you so bad I can't stand it any longer." Alex started to kiss Matt's neck again, causing Matt to forget what he just said for a moment. But the boys were brought back to reality again when they heard Franseca calling for them to come up and have breakfast.

Pushing Alex gently to the side, Matt got up from the bed, his hard dick very noticeable through his jeans. At first neither of them saw that they got so into it, they actually had noticeable wet spots at the tip of their dicks. When they did notice it, they started to run around their room pulling off their jeans and underwear they had on, clean themselves up with their bath towels from last night and redressing in clean underwear and jeans.

By the time they finished getting dressed for the second time, their dicks softened enough that no one would be able to figure out what they were doing. They looked at each other and giggled as they started to head upstairs. When they reached he stairway, Matt turned around and squeezed Alex's dick several times causing it to get hard, and then turned and ran up the stairs.

Alex gave chase yelling at him how he couldn't believe he did that. He caught up to Matt at the door and slapped him on the butt several times, which got the same reaction from Matt's cock. They stood together at the side of the entrance of the kitchen waiting for their dicks to go soft again. Once their dicks weren't noticeable anymore, they went in and sat down to eat.

On their way out to the truck, the phone rang. Jacob ran in and got while the others waited for him at the truck. It didn't take long for Jacob to come out and unlock the truck for them. On their way to pick up Ethan, there were several conversations going on in the truck, which wasn't out of the ordinary.

After picking Ethan up, things changed very fast. Ethan asked Jacob to pull over where he could talk with the group. When Jacob pulled into the empty parking lot of a grocery store, everyone got out of the truck to see what Ethan needed to say. At first it looked like Ethan had lost his ability to talk, but he finally regrouped.

As he stumbled around with his words, David helped him out. He stopped Ethan and told him that he didn't have to go any further that they all knew what he had to say. Alex looked at Matt and then over at David. As he looked at him, he nodded his head in agreement, which wasn't a lie when he did that.

He knew what Ethan was hiding and has known almost from the beginning. If you would look at Ethan and talk with him, you wouldn't be able to put it together, like Alex couldn't at first. But when he, Chase and Patricia started to have issues, it gave it away, and then when he introduced Derrick to the group that confirmed it for him. It wasn't that they showed their hand. It was just something he was looking for and saw.

Tony jumped in and lightened the mood when he teased Ethan. It wasn't bad teasing. It was the kind that puts a person at ease when a person feels out of place. He teased Ethan about bringing Derrick around and then having a chance at the girls that come up and ask him out, but he turns down since he is with Derrick.

After talking for a few more minutes, they jumped back into the truck and headed to school. Not another word was spoken about what Ethan said once they got out of the truck and started their way in. Those in the group that are gay and are out knows how ugly the other students can be when they find out you are gay. To make matters worse for Ethan he already is being teased for being a farm boy.

All through breakfast, Alex kept an eye on Chase and Patricia. He can see that she didn't take the news that good that not only Ethan came out to the group, but the group didn't care one way or the other. At times Alex thought that Patricia was going to lose it and jump over the table at Ethan. She never did, but looked like she was getting close.

Kimberly was seeing the same thing that Alex was and knew something needed to be done about Patricia before she causes more trouble. She looked at Carlos and noticed that he was looking at Patricia as well. Except his looks weren't of concern, they were hate and anger. These two look like they wanted to go after the one they hated. Carlos wanted to take out Patricia and Patricia looked like she wanted to take out Ethan.

As they got up and headed out to the stadium, Kimberly asked Patricia to go with her to the restroom. She didn't think anything of the invite since they normally go together when ever the other needed to. At first nothing was out of the ordinary when they walked in, but when the last person left, leaving Kimberly and Patricia alone, it took a turn.

Patricia didn't notice Kimberly walking over to the door and locking it nor did she see Kimberly walking up behind her until it was too late. Kimberly pulled Patricia by the hair and dragged her into a stall. Patricia yelled and kicked at the floor as she was being dragged. She had no idea why Kimberly is doing what she is doing to her.

Not saying a word, Kimberly turned Patricia around by her hair. As she looked down at the toilet, Patricia knew what Kimberly was planning. She reached up, trying to do whatever she could to get herself free, but nothing worked. Kimberly had a grip on her hair that she couldn't get free from.

Before she knew it her face was in the toilet. Trying not to swallow the water, Patricia struggled to get free. Through her struggles, she ran out of breath and ended up sucking in toilet water through her mouth and nose. Kimberly pulled Patricia's head out of the toilet, giving her a few second to cough and try to catch her breath before pushing her head back into the toilet. She did that several more times to Patricia before letting go.

Once Kimberly let go of Patricia's head, she slid down on the floor of the stall coughing and trying to get her breath. Kimberly walked over to the sink, washed her hands before walking back over to Patricia. She looked down at her and waited for to catch her breath and make eye contact.

"You are nothing but trouble and if you know what's good for you, you will dump Chase and get as far away from him and the rest of us as fast as you can. If you cause anymore trouble for anyone in the group, especially Carlos and his best friend, you and I will be back at it again. If that happens I won't be as nice as I was to you today!"

Kimberly threw the paper towels that she used to dry her hands at Patricia as she walked out of the restroom. Patricia didn't move until several girls walked in. She didn't want anyone to see her all wet, so she quickly got up and closed the stall door. As she sat there waiting for the girls to finished up with their business, she plotted on how she is going to get Kimberly back for what she just did.

She decided that not only she will go after Kimberly, but her boyfriend and Alex. Since she made it extra clear to not make trouble for those two, she will have her vengeance on both of them. As she sat there on the toilet, she swore to herself that before the year is up, she will have her payback that will result with Kimberly and Alex being gone once and for all.


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With that said let's move on to the recap of the chapter. It was an exciting chapter and a sad chapter at the same time. At the beginning it started off slow, but it picked up. I touched on the same plot as in "Jacob", but again not in detail. Alex and Matt were told about the assembly later in sixth period and that Matt wasn't going to make a speech.

The question that has been hanging out there about who is going to be the new leader of the gang was answered. It shouldn't have been a surprise who it was. What should have been a surprise is that Alex's grandfather, on his father's side, wants Alex dead. He is blood and to want your own blood killed gets you to think what is wrong with the males on Alex's father's side.

Ashton found out that Alex's grandfather is now back in charge of the gang, which got him angry. He never respected Alex before he and the others knew what Alex had done. It was no surprise to learn that Ashton harbored so much hate for Alex. The only good thing is that Ashton can't act on it since he is locked up. He has a court date on Friday, anything can happen there.

Alex enjoyed seeing his boyfriend on the stage during the assembly. When Matt was introduced, Alex got up cheering for him. These two came together in one of the ugliest places a person could fall in love at. Their love only got stronger and Alex showed that when Matt walked on the stage during the assembly.

He and Matt also showed each other how much they love each other when they woke up and fooled around with each other. You know it is true love when a couple can do what these two did to each other and be able to stop because they didn't want to have a quick suck and fuck. They wanted to have real romance with each other as they make love.

It is good to also see that Adam is already stepping up to help into his position. Yes he had help from his sons, but isn't that what he wanted? By having Adam there, it allowed Alex and Matt to leave when they got that ugly call to get to the hospital. I wonder if they didn't have Adam there, would they have locked up the shop and go or would they have stayed until the end of shift? That question will never be answered since they weren't put into that position.

It is rare to see Alex the way we saw him in this chapter. He always has his guard up and never shows his emotional side. He did that once with Jacob at the pool and now again when Ron passed away. I am glad to see that Alex is human and has the same emotions that we all have, but I wish he would show the softer side of himself a lot more.

I don't know about you, but man the ending was awesome. Not only Patricia got what she deserved, but it was Kimberly that stepped up and gave it to her. If it was Carlos or Alex it wouldn't have gone over well with anyone if anyone had found out. Now the only concern I have is that Patricia is going to be true to her word and get her payback. I wonder if this is another beginning of another Elizabeth. If so how will this one end? In order to find out the answers to those questions, you will need to come back in the weeks to come.

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Nothing ends a chapter like a good cat fight! Wow, sweet Kimberly has an edgy side. Who'd have guessed? Yet, on the other hand, I can see her standing up for those she cares for. I wonder if she suspects that Carlos might deal with Patricia himself and get in deep trouble. Perhaps, if Kimberly deals with the issue, it will prevent Carlos from doing something ill advised.

Patricia is dangerous. She's vindictive and she is going after multiple targets. She'd have been satisfied taking down Ethan, but he seems to have thwarted her chances doing that. There is going to be some serious drama coming along. I hope all in the group will be on watch and keep an eye out. She will do something and it won't be pretty.

Alex and Matt so deeply felt the loss of Ron. Alex, in particular, had taken serious amounts of spiritual strength from Ron. It seems Ron had a deep and profound effect on Alex. Both Alex and Matt have mourned their loss but only momentarily. I expect that the funeral will be deeply emotional for both of them.

It is right and fitting that Ron be memorialized as Alex and Matt are talking. It is a fitting tribute to his life; a legacy that he has left.

I was thrilled with the reunion of Matt and his cousin Noah! The loss of contact with family has been a current of discontent just beneath Matt's warm and caring personality. I didn't realize that there was a relative Matt was close and attached to. I am glad Noah "grew a pair" and stood up for his sense of right and wrong. I suspect that there's going to be some family drama coming out of the reunion, but I expect Noah and Matt will stand up to the heat and come out on top. They need to firmly shame those that shunned Matt.

Alex's paternal grandfather being tapped to head the gang can't be a good thing. It is particularly troubling when we hear that he wants his own grandson dead. He's in prison, but he will have a far reach. On the surface he's respecting the orders from higher up that Alex is hands off. That is the surface. I am concerned he'll have a hidden agenda.

I am very curious what Ashton's court date will be about. I don't recall what landed Ashton in custody in the first place. I hope that the system will keep him off the streets. Green light or not, he would do anything he could to take Alex out.

I suspect the next chapter is going to be filled with intrigue. I'm waiting anxiously!

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