Written by: J.P.G.

{"Beneath the Mask" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

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Chapter 47


The Sherriff walked up to the three bodies that were burnt to the point that a person couldn't tell if they were female or male. He kept looking at the bodies and saw right away what the others saw, the gun shot wounds. He knelt down to get a closer look, but there was nothing on any of the bodies that gave him what he was looking for.

He got up and looked at the two sheriffs that were on the scene first. "How do you know for sure these are our guys?" One of the men handed the Sheriff two bags that contained the badges of the officers. It didn't take long for him to determine that the badges that were handed to him were not only real, but they were his men's.

"How about the third body, do we know for sure it is the inmate they were transporting. What was his name?" The Sheriff looked at his guys for help on the name. One of them spoke up and gave Ashton's name. "Yes, do we know if this is Ashton Rocha or not? The body to me doesn't look like a teen, but older than that."

"Yes we thought the same thing sir. Of course we won't know one hundred percent if this is Ashton until the body gets down to the morgue. They'll do a dental impression and compare it to Ashton's last x-ray on file. Only then will we know..."

"No sir, we can't wait for that because it will take days before we get the answer. In the mean time if this is not Mr. Rocha, he is getting further and further away from us. The kid by the looks of it isn't stupid. He isn't going to stick around El Paso or even the states for that matter for very long. That is if he hasn't already crossed the border."

Mr. Anthony Ballista, the Sheriff, turned to see if he could locate the vehicle that his officers signed out. He didn't locate the van, but spotted a car in the ditch not too far from where they were standing at. He turned and asked his men and the El Paso Police if they have checked out the vehicle in the ditch yet. They all said no, which didn't make him very happy hearing.

Pointing to two of his men, he ordered them to go and run the plates. "After you've done running the plates, contact the owner." Mr. Ballista turned and looked at his other officers. "Put out an APB on our vehicle, contact the borders and close them down and send several units to Mr. Rocha's house. Make sure who ever goes, they are aware the guy we are after is a cop killer. So don't take any chances with him. If he feels he has been pushed into a corner, he won't have a problem shooting his way out."

Mr. Ballista made his way back to the command center, where almost all of his men were waiting for orders. Even if they were not on shift, they wanted to do what they could to get the person that killed two of their own. Even the El Paso PD joined in and wanted a piece of the action since the guy they are after, just the day before killed one of theirs.

Seeing the huge amount of officers standing there waiting for orders, Mr. Ballista jumped on top of one of his cars and whistled to get everyone's attention. "Ladies and gentlemen, two of our own lost their lives in the line of duty today. Their bodies are lying not more than fifty feet from where we are standing, shot and burnt. There is a third body among our two slain officers, but I know it isn't the inmate they were transporting, unless he somehow shot himself after starting the fire.

No ladies and gentleman I don't think that happened, which means we have an escaped cop killer on the loose tonight. He is running scared and if we catch up to him, he will shoot first and ask questions later. I am telling you I will not lose another of our own by this kid's hand. If you are the one that finds him, don't allow him to get over you. If he makes any kind of movement, shoot to kill."

An uproar of `hell yea' broke out from the officers of both departments. "I and the commanders of the El Paso PD will give you instructions on what we need from you. If you are given an area to search, don't leave that area until you've searched every inch of the place. If you run into any of his known associates, arrest them on the spot. I don't care if they don't give you a reason to do so or not, arrest them.

It is time that we take back our streets from these small gangs here in El Paso. We must make it clear to them if one of theirs kills one of ours, they will all pay the price." Once again the officers yelled out in one way or another in agreement. "So round them all up and lets put them in cages where they belong."

Mr. Ballista got down from the car and walked over to the precinct commander. One by one they gave each of the officers their assignment. It took a little over an hour to give all the officers that showed up an assignment. When the last officer got his assigned area, Mr. Ballista was handed a phone. Not asking who it was, he answered it.

"Mr. Anthony Ballista, this is Governor Lopez, I am sorry to hear that two of your men were killed in the line of duty today. My chief-of-staff, Alfred Serna, is currently in town and on his way over to you as we speak. He has the full authority of my office to get you what ever you need in order to catch the ones that killed your officers."

"Thank you sir, but I think we have it handled."

"I know you may think you have it handled, but you will see as the day unfolds, you don't. I have already ordered the border closed and all footage from the cameras at the borders to be looked at from the moment your officers picked up the inmate. If he made it over, I will immediately get on the horn to the president of Mexico and demand that he does what ever he has to do to catch him and turn him back over to you."

"With all due respect sir, you don't have a good record with the president of Mexico. At this very moment you are still at a stand off with him to turn over another person. I don't think he will even answer the phone for you."

"Mr. Ballista you don't want to get on my bad side sir, trust me on that. Even if you don't like me, you will respect me as your governor."

"Sir I am sorry if I am coming across that way, because I do respect you and like you. Heck I voted for you when you ran. It's just this kid has a leg up on us right now, time. He escaped custody at around ten or eleven in the morning, which means he has over twelve hours on us. That is plenty of time to get over the border and away from the Juarez. Even if you get the president from Mexico to work with us, he wouldn't even know where to start looking."

"I agree with you and that is why I am sending everything to you that I can. Right now a unit of National Guard troops is on route, as well as Texas Rangers. On top of that, I am calling in as many favors that I can to get every department involved in this manhunt. By morning, you will have everything you need to catch this kid."

Just as Mr. Ballista and the governor hung up, Al drove up. He got down and went straight over to the Sheriff, introduced himself and got down to business. Within a half hour, they had a plan on how to use the man power they were getting. Basically El Paso is going into lock down until they capture Ashton.

As the morning commute started every citizen of El Paso County had to go through several check points from their home to their place of employment or school. At first they had no idea what was going on, but once they found out, the majority of them didn't mind being searched. They were willing to do anything they could to help catch the cop killer that was on the run.

Several people tried to out smart the check points by turning around or going around them, but they found out quickly there was no getting around them. Everyone that tried to not go through the check points was pulled over by a cop, sheriff or an MP that was laying in wait for those that thought they could out smart them. Not only were they subject to a complete search of their vehicles, but they received a ticket for trying to run the check points.

While all the citizens in El Paso were finding out that there was an inmate on the loose that killed another two officers, Alex, Matt and the others were getting ready to head to school. It took a little more time to get out of the hotel due to the fact the group has gotten a lot larger with Joey, Caleb and the others from the shelter.

Today is the first day for most of them to walk into the halls of El Paso High School. Things did not go so well at Austin, that left Joey and the others here at the shelter any other choice but to switch schools less than two weeks of being here in El Paso. When Alex heard the news, he didn't think Jacob was going to take it too well. After all by the looks of it, he is barely accepting the friendship as it stands right now.

But when Joey went to Jacob and told him the news, Alex was there and saw the whole scene go down. Not only did Jacob have no problem with his ex going to the same high school as him, he invited Joey and the others to sit at the table in the cafeteria with him and the others. That really surprised Alex to a point, but to a point not. This is Jacob after all, and he doesn't hold a grudge against anyone for anything.

Anyways back to the present. As everyone was heading out, Alex offered to give those that wanted one, a ride to school. He found out quickly that the guys from the shelter really didn't trust anyone that they really don't know, and that includes him. Knowing what they have been through, Alex understands why they are they way they are, but they have gotten to know each other in the last couple of days. Still they didn't want to take a ride from Alex, so Alex let it go and got into his SUV.

As he pulled onto the gateway, Joey was right behind him with a packed truck. Driving up to the lights on the gateway, right before getting on the highway, Joey did the turn around heading towards the Austin High School, not El Paso High. That confused Alex, but when the light turned green, Alex once again dropped it and took off.

While they were sitting in the cafeteria eating, Joey and his group walked up, but with four extra guys. Alex looked over at Joey and then over to the four guys he has never seen before. The others at the table did the same thing, except Chase and Jacob, which Joey noticed. As Joey was putting his tray down, he introduced the four guys to everyone that didn't know them. When they got to Chase and Jacob, they were welcomed with open arms. Alex saw that and made a mental note to find out what all that is about later.

Just like every other morning, Jacob got up before the others and headed out to the ROTC building. About ten minutes after Jacob left, everyone else got up and headed out to the stadium. They stayed out there until the first warning bell rang. As they headed into the building, Joey and his group broke off to head over to talk with Principal Michaels.

Getting back into the school was harder than before. The security at the doors checked every student to a master list they had. If the picture didn't match the student, they were not allowed into the building. Instead they were escorted down to the football field, into a tent. There they went through several checks to make sure they were students at this school. Once it was confirmed they were students at the school, a new picture was taken of them before letting them head to class.

Those students that couldn't get confirmed were held until the principal or someone he appointed could get down to the tent. When they got there, they had to one way or another prove that the student was attending the school. By the time they got through that step, every student that got pulled out of line was confirmed.

During the morning announcements, Principal Michaels informed the students on how things were going to change. As he was going through the changes, the teachers were handing out booklets of the new procedures. At the end of the announcements, the principal made it clear that the final page of the booklet needed to not only be signed by them, but by their parents as well. This page needed to be turned in on Monday in order for them to get into the school, no earlier or later than that day. If they come to school without it, they will be sent home.

When the principal said that, the majority of the students booed. The TV went off and Alex's teacher started to talk. "Many of you may not like these new procedures, but they have to be put into place after what happened last Tuesday. At this school, we have students that no other high school in this city has. In return we have to take extra precaution when it comes down to security.

So if you don't want to be counted tardy from this day forward, make sure you have your school ID. Then when you are issued your new security badge, make sure you have that. Without your school ID for now and when we switch over to the security badges, you will not be allowed into the school. Even if the teachers or security know you, you will not be permitted to walk into school, which means you will be counted absent. We all know you don't want that since it will go against the allowed absences you get.

Do not try to enter into doors that are off limits or areas that are off limits. If you do, you will be taken to your assistant principal. First time will be a warning! Second time will be detention! Third time you will be suspended and so on and so on. Everything is spelt out in the handbook you got, so make sure you read it cover to cover, any questions."

Alex looked around the room seeing everyone shaking their heads. Just as their teacher started going over yesterday's homework, the door opened and a student came in. He walked over to the teacher and handed her a note and walked back out. She read it and then called Alex up to the front.

He got up, followed by his security, and went to see what the teacher needed. She handed the hall pass to Alex and told him to go and see the principal. A little confused on why the principal is asking to see him, he turned and walked out. When he reached the door of the classroom, he looked over at Matt and smiled, trying to calm him down. He knew that Matt was worried, and a smile was not going to work, but he tried.

His two security agents walked alongside of him as he made his way to the principal's office. One of them went in first when they got to the office, but Alex went in immediately afterward. He looked to see if Joey and his gang were still there as he made his way to the counter, but they were not.

Clearing his throat to get the secretary's attention, Alex handed her his hall pass. She smiled at him and asked him to take a seat and then picked up the phone. Before he could even get to the seats, Principal Michaels called his name. He turned and walked down a path he was getting to know way too well for his taste.

Without waiting to be asked to take a seat, Alex sat down. Principal Michaels closed the door to his office before making his way to his seat behind his desk. He put away a few files before he started to explain why he called Alex down to the office in the first place.

"Good morning Alex, I am sorry for pulling you out of class, but I need to talk with you about a few things." Principal Michaels looked up at Alex. "First let me ask you, have you given any thought about my comment the other day." The principal could see that Alex was confused with the question, so he reminded him about suing.

"Oh yeah, I have given it some thought and I decided to bring my friend's grandfather into this. He was the one that sued the school district and the city I believe, a couple years ago, and won a big lump sum of money. If anyone would know if I have a case it would be him." Alex leaned back in his seat.

"Good, very good, keep me informed on that. If you need anything, if I can help, I will. Now onto the next item I would like to talk with you. As you know from our past conversations that you are in the running to have the highest GPA in your graduation class! The last we talked about it, you were in second place." Alex shook his head. "Well I have some good news! You are now the one with the highest GPA in your class."

Alex was stunned hearing what he just heard. He knew he had a high GPA, but to beat out the one that was holding first place, he never thought he would reach that milestone. Maybe get close to her, but beat her he never thought that would happen.

"I know it may come to as a shock to you that you are now in first place, but you are. The student that was above you transferred out. Her parents felt that this school was getting to dangerous for their daughter after what had happened on Tuesday and then Wednesday morning. Even if it cost their daughter the valedictorian, they didn't care. All that they cared about is their daughter's safety, which I understand."

"Um, don't get me wrong Principal Michaels, I really want to be my graduation class valedictorian with all my heart. I know this kind of news would make my mother very happy and proud of me. Heck after all the hell I put her through, she deserves at least one thing she can brag to her friends and family about me.

With that said, I don't want it this way. I want to earn it by beating out the person above me, not by her or him leaving the school. If it gets out, and it will, that I got it by default, it really won't mean a thing. My graduation class will always say I never earned the valedictorian, and to a point they would be right."

"No sir they wouldn't and I don't want you thinking that way." Principal Michaels wanted to show how close Alex was to the other student, but he knew he couldn't. "I wish I could show you both of your grade point averages, but I can't. So you will have to take my word for it. You two were very close. I truly believe if she stayed, it would have been a toss up next year on who was going to get it. None of us would have known until the final grades were handed in.

Never think that way Alex, okay?" Alex shook his head. "So what I need from you is your full concentration on your school work from here on out. If you run into any problems, come to me and I will see what I can do to help out. If any of the teachers give you any problems, again come to me and I will get to the bottom of why that is happening. But keep in mind I will not bend or break any rules for you."

"I know that sir, and I will never ask you to." Alex leaned forward in his seat. "Can I ask you what might seem to be a weird question to some people?" Principal Michaels answered yes. "Why are you doing this for me? What I mean is you have been really nice to me and my friends, why? If there was someone else in your seat, they would have thrown me and the other guys that came with me into a room and forgotten about us."

"I am not that type of person. There are people out there like that in our education system, but I am not like that." Principal Michaels got up from his seat and walked around the desk and stopped in front of Alex. "I truly believe in second chances, even at times third chances if the person shows remorse for the wrong he or she did. When you walked through the doors of my school, I figured if the governor of this state believed in you, why shouldn't I. Heck he has more to lose than I by what he did for you guys.

Yes when we first met, I laid down harsh ground rules, but you and the others proved that you didn't need to be treated like little kids. Every day you surprise me on the things you do. Besides your GPA, you have become a leader at this school, and not in the way you were in your last school. The students actually look up to you. If you wanted to, you probably could run for student council president and give Jacob a run for his money."

"I would never do that to my good friend Jacob. He has done so much for me. I can't stab him in the back like that. Plus that is his thing, not mine. I am happy being a person behind the scenes getting him and Matt elected." Alex looked into Principal Michaels eyes. "Do you really think Jacob has a chance on winning this thing?"

"I'm not supposed to have a favorite in a student election, but I will not lie to you. I have one every year. Normally they don't win, but I have my favorites. With that said, I really think Jacob has this thing in the bag. The students I think, are finally seeing they need someone like Jacob in that position, not the status quo, but this must stay between you and me." The principal chuckled.

"Anyways we have gotten detoured on what we were talking about. Let's get back to you and what you have done since you have been here." Principal Michaels took Alex through all his accomplishments, and when he was done, Alex started to believe that he did earn his class valedictorian. "Now let me ask you..."

The phone on the desk started to ring, and by the look on Principal Michaels face, Alex could see that he wasn't happy. He reached over and whispered in the phone that he didn't want to be disturbed, but who ever was on the other line, got his attention. He walked back around the desk with the phone glued to his head. After a few minutes of yes, no and one worded answers, the principal laid down the receiver on his desk.

"Alex I have on the other line the warden that is in charge of your grandfather's prison. He says he knows you and needs your help like in the past." Alex had no idea what the principal was talking about. He doesn't know any warden in the prisons system. "He says his name is Henderson and he was in charge..."

"Yes sir I know him, but I really don't want to talk with him. It was because of him that my friends, Matt and I were almost killed."

"I understand, but he says it is urgent. Why don't you let him tell you what he needs help on, and if you are still not comfortable talking to him, I will end the call? You are my responsibility, not him or his problems." Alex nodded his head. Principal Michaels then picked up the phone and said a few things before putting the phone on speaker.

"Warden I have Alex in my office, but before we go any further, I would like to lay down a few ground rules. First at any time during the conversation if Alex doesn't want to continue, that is it, it is over. Second there will be no raising of the voices from anyone. Third there will be no threats of any kind thrown at each other. And finally, if I feel Alex is in harms way in anyway, shape or form, I will end the conversation."

"I have no problem with any of those rules Mr. Michaels." Hearing Mr. Henderson's voice again, sent shivers down Alex's spine. "I have here in my office, the captain of the guards, his second in command and the block leader of lock down." Mr. Henderson gave their names, but neither Alex nor Michaels wrote them down. "Alex it has been a while since we have spoken, how are you doing?"

"With all due respect sir, let's get to why you need to speak with me." Alex spoke to Henderson forcefully. "I am no longer in your facility and our deal we had went out the door the day you almost got me, Matt and my friends killed because you..." Alex held his tongue out of respect to Principal Michaels and the rules he laid down.

"I don't know what you heard about that, but by the sounds of it, you have been fed miss information, but that is neither here or there right now. I would like your help on something that I think you are familiar with. So please can you put our past where it belongs, in the past." Mr. Henderson choked out the last sentence. It really bothered him to say the word please to Alex.

"You grandfather is using some type of Morse Code to keep in communication with his gang in population. Shit hit the fan last night when members of his gang received orders from him to kill members from the rival gangs that were trying to take over their business. The reason I say he gave the order is because the killings were carried out after your grandfather and those he is communicating with finished up their session.

We need to know what is coming down the pike, but we cannot break the code. My guards and I have brought in every known member of your grandfather's gang to try and break them, but they wouldn't give us the information we needed. We know if there is more violence still to come, and we need to stop it, can you help us?"

"I don't understand why you are coming to me on this. I haven't been part of that world since I left the center. So I am afraid you have wasted a call."

"I am afraid you are not being completely truthful with us here Alex. You are the only one smart enough to come up with something like that. No one else in that gang can wipe their butt without an instruction manual. So what do you say that we stop lying and start telling the truth? If you don't, I can move to have you arrested for obstruction of justice and have you held until you are more willing to help us out on this."

"You wait a minute sir..."

"Principal Michaels why don't you sit back and let the grown ups here talk. You are just a high school principal, you don't know this world like Alex and I know it. In order for me to get through Alex, he has to understand that he can still get arrested even though he was given a pardon by the governor. I am pretty sure if Alex lands up behind bars again, Governor Lopez will not come to his rescue again, not if he wants a second term that is."

"Mr. Henderson I laid down ground rules at the beginning of this call, and not even five minutes into the call, you broke them. For that I am terminating this call and will inform Alex's parents the minute we get off the phone. At the same time I will stress to Alex not to talk with you again. Also I will instruct Alex that if you or anyone from your staff contacts him again, that he presses charges against you for harassment."

"Wait a minute, you are getting..." Principal Michaels interrupted Henderson this time around. "Sir you will not speak again! You have lost any chance you had on getting Alex to help you. Even if he knows what you are talking about, I hope he never tells you a thing about it. That way you waste away in the shithole that you call your life."

The phone line went dead before Mr. Henderson could say another word. He took the phone off of speaker and leaned back in his seat with his staff looking at him as if he was out of his mind. Just like his staff, he knew he screwed this call all up.

"I honestly don't understand what you thought you were going to accomplish by doing what you did on that phone call." The captain of the guards spoke first. "Not only you can't have him arrested like you said you could, but you threw away any chance we had on getting the information we need to break the Morse Code. Every death from here on in, is on you. I really hope none of my staff is killed because you will..."

"I will what, what will I do?" Mr. Henderson interrupted his captain of the guards, slamming his fist on his desk and yelling. "I put you where you are when no one else would have even given you a second look. Then when you asked me to transfer you here, I didn't hesitate. For all that, and a lot more, I get this from you. I don't deserve that. I deserve your loyalty no matter what your personal feelings are about what is going on."

"With all due respect, you earn our loyalty! You don't get it because you see the promise in a person and promote them to a position they earned. It is sad that you think that since you promoted me, I am going to be your lap dog, because I won't." The captain of the guards walked up to Henderson's desk.

"From the get go on this thing with Mr. Garcia and the gang in here you have screwed it up. We have had more deaths in the small period of time that we have been here, than they have had in several years put together. I know deaths are a way of life in a place like this, but not this many. Plus you know as well as we do the death count will not only increase on the inmate side, but soon on the officer's side as we try to keep the peace."

"There are two ways we can make sure the worst doesn't happen here. The first is of course finding a way to break the code, but as of now that is slim to none. So we will have to go to our second option, which is silencing them. Any time we hear banging coming from the cells, we go in and stop it. If they refuse to stop it, we tie them down. One way or another the banging code, will stop."

The captain of the guards sat down thinking about what the warden said. He agrees that option A is now out of the question, so they don't have any other choice but to go to option B. The only problem with that is that there is a bigger chance that the officers under him will get hurt going into cells of inmates that will do anything to keep from getting silenced.

Before the captain could say anything, the warden got up from his desk and asked every one to follow him. They walked down the hallway towards the cell block where they have Mr. Garcia locked up in silence. The closer they got to the cell block, the more nervous the captain got. He has gotten to know his boss, and he thinks he is invincible.

They walked into the guard station and Henderson grabbed the keys to the cells. Still not explaining what he plans to do, he walked out of the guard station and over to Mr. Garcia's cell. Henderson yelled for the outer door to be opened, and once it was, he unlocked the inner door. Mr. Garcia got up from his bed, and faced the warden as he walked in. There was no fear in the older guy's face, which worried the captain.

"This secret way of communicating with your guys is over. I just got off the phone with your grandson before coming down here and he told us everything." Mr. Garcia didn't mean to show his disgust, but he did. He couldn't believe his grandson did it again after he had promised that he wouldn't. "So keep tapping away, we will know what you are saying and stop what ever you are ordering before it even gets off the ground."

The warden turned and walked out the cell, followed by his officers. He turned, slammed the inner door of the cell closed, locked it and then yelled for the outer door to be closed. As they walked back to the office, the captain of the guards was disgusted with his boss. Meaning to or not, he just signed the death warrant of the young Garcia.

When they walked back into the office, the captain unloaded. "Are you fucking stupid or do you want young Garcia killed." Warden Henderson looked at his captain, stunned at the way he is talking to him. "By telling the older Garcia what you told him, he will get word to those he needs to. In return it is just a matter of days before we read in the news paper the younger Garcia is dead."

"So? So what if that happens!" Henderson slammed several files on his desk. "By me doing what I just did, I accomplished several things. Among the things I accomplished is that we know for sure that the younger Garcia is the one that did write the Morse code they are using. The little shit lied to us like I thought he did.

One of the other major things I accomplished by doing what I just did is stopping them from using it. Even though we don't know it, he thinks we do. There is no way he is going to use it now that he thinks he could get caught giving orders that can send him to death row. There are so many other things this small lie fixed.

So don't come at me asking me to feel sorry for that little shit in El Paso. If he lands up dead in the Rio Grande in a week or two, the world is better off with that result. Once bad, always bad no matter what anyone tells me. The younger Alex is rotten to the core and there is no turning him around."

"You are wrong and I will not stand idly by while that young mans life is in danger." The captain of the guards walked to the door. "I don't care if I get demoted or lose my job; I am going over your head on this. If the first person I call doesn't listen to me, I will keep going up the ladder until the next person and the next person until someone listens."

The captain walked out and down the hall to his office. As he walked in, he asked his secretary to get him the principal at El Paso High School, in El Paso Texas immediately. She quickly picked up the phone and dialed information. Less than a minute later she was connected to Principal Michaels and passed the call to her boss.

"Principal Michaels this is Captain Falster. We met earlier in the conference call with my boss, Warden Henderson. Let me first say the way the call was handled was wrong and I didn't know the warden was going to do what he did. Please let Alex know that he is in no danger of getting arrested in any way. It is totally up to him to help us or not. We cannot force him to do so,"

"I already knew that and have told Alex pretty much what you are asking me to tell him. I don't know why you are calling, but I think it is a trick. So if my assumptions are right, let's end the call now before you get into more trouble captain."

"No I am not trying to trick you and Alex. The main reason I actually placed the call was to ask you to warn your student that the warden here just did something that has put his life in danger." Captain Falster could hear the principal mumble what now. "Before calling you we went down to talk with Alex's grandfather in lock down."

"Don't tell me that your warden told his grandfather that Alex gave the information he has been seeking on breaking the Morse code they are using. Boy if he did, not only the warden, but his entire staff and prison system is in deep and I mean deep water here."

"I am sickened to my stomach on what he did, but what you fear is what he did." The principal yelled out to his secretary to get him Alex back. "The warden told Alex's grandfather that their Morse code is now broken thanks to his grandson. The look on the elder Garcia's face when he was told was disgust, anger and hatred. This is a man that never shows emotion when talked to about anything, but yet here today he went through all the emotions a person could in a few seconds.

Seeing that, I am fearful that Alex is now in danger. Principal Michaels you need to do what ever it takes to talk the younger Alex into leaving El Paso. I really don't think it will even be safe for him to ever set foot back in this state again. Mainly due to his grandfather and those he reports to will never stop going after him until they get him."

"No sir I will not do that. If Mr. Garcia tried to go after his grandson, he will have to go through a lot of security to get it done. His grandson now has a security detail around him twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, which will get even tighter after I tell them what you just told me. So you need to do what ever you can on your side to help out my Alex. Stop his grandfather from getting the message out until he is told the truth."

"I plan to do that, but your Alex's track record on talking to the police will hurt him as far as his grandfather believing that he didn't rat on the gang again. Again I will talk with the elder Garcia until my face turns blue, but I don't think he will listen."

"Tell me then, what can be done to keep him from getting the message out to the others? It is a lie that is going to cause a lot of problems for Alex."

"For now I am putting in transfer orders to remove the elder Garcia from lock down to a padded room. There he will be sedated and put in a straight jacket, but this is a temporary fix. It will only buy maybe a couple months, but that is all. He will get out and when he does, he will be angrier than he is right now."

"We need a permanent fix to this situation. Is there any way you could keep Alex's grandfather in isolation permanently? You know away from all the other inmates so where he doesn't get the word out that his grandson betrayed him."

"We already have him there, but that isn't stopping him from running his gang from in there. I am afraid there is no stopping him if he wants to get a message out." Captain Falster sighed as he tried to think of another solution, but nothing came to mind. "No sir the more and more I think about, the more I see there is no real solution to all this."

"Okay I understand and thank you for giving me heads up on what happened. Alex and his security detail just walked into my office, so I need to let you go unless you have time to stay on the line and explain what you already explained to me."

Captain Falster felt obligated to stay on the line and explain to who ever he needed to explain to, the major screw up that happened. Before he retold the story for the second time, Principal Michaels briefly explained what was going on. The minute he finished, questions started to fly. Falster took that as his queue to jump in. Since there were no interruptions, he was able to get through what he called about pretty fast.

"Captain what happened up there..." Alex's head of security was lost for words. "Man I really don't know what to say on what happened up there. One thing is for sure, your warden will no longer be in that seat. By doing what he did, he not only put Alex's life in danger, but he put the governor's kid's lives in danger. Since all four of his kids attend this high school as well, we have to inform their security, and it will get to the governor without a doubt in my mind."

"Look I am not trying to cause trouble or make more work for anyone, but when I saw what my boss did, I couldn't in my right mind sit idly by and do nothing. I did what I needed to do. Now it is up to you guys to do what ever you feel you need to do in order to keep everyone safe. And of course I will be here if you need anything from me."

No one spoke for a few minutes, and when the silence was broken, it was Alex's security talking with the principal. The little that Falster was able to hear wasn't good. He heard the principal get on the line calling the head of security for the governor's sons. There is no doubt now that before the day is over, shit is going to hit the fan.

After eight or so minutes, Falster was brought back into the conversation. "Thank you captain, expect a call from at least the head of the governor's security down here within the hour. He will need to touch base with you before taking this up to the governor. When that happens, rest assured that all hell is going to break loose."

Not meaning to, Falster laughed as he agreed with Alex's head of security. They talked a few more minutes before hanging up. Once the captain was off the line, the principal's door swung open and Benedict came walking in with a couple of his security agents. He didn't look too happy being asked to come down here in a hurry.

"I hope whatever reason you called me to come down here immediately is good, because I was on the phone with the governor. We are currently on heightening alert due to the escaped inmate from the county jail. The governor and those advising him fear that the kid that escaped is going to try and finish what he started on Tuesday. I agree because now that kid has nothing to lose after killing two more police officers."

"Sorry for taking you away from your work. I know you are busy and I try not to bother you, but I had no other choice but to do it this morning." Principal Michaels told Benedict what he and Alex's security was just told by Captain Falster. As he was going into detail on what happened down at the prison, he could tell Benedict was getting angrier and angrier.

"May I use your phone please?" Not waiting for an answer, Benedict picked up the receiver and dialed a number. A few seconds later, he asked to speak with the governor. He wasn't on hold for long when he greeted the governor and informed him on what he just found out from the principal. Once he was done, all he said was one word answers for a few minutes and then put the phone on speaker.

"Principal Michaels how are you this morning?" Governor Lopez asked and the principal answered alright with all things considered. "Today is turning out to be one hell of a day, don't you think so?" Principal Michaels agreed with the governor. "First we have an escaped inmate from the county jail somewhere out there willing to kill who ever gets in his way. Then to make matters worse, which I didn't think was possible. One of my wardens really made our lives more miserable."

"Tell me about it! I tried to see if Captain Falster would be able to keep Alex's grandfather from talking, but there is not much he can do. Basically the warden down there at that prison really messed things up and there is no way to fix it now."

"There is, trust me there is a way and I plan to do it. Hopefully within the next couple of hours, this threat will be taken care of. In the mean time I asked Benedict to bring in some more men and alert the El Paso PD to the situation. If you can do the same with your security guards, I think everything at the school will be fine."

"That is no problem sir I was planning to do that anyways. Due to the escaped inmate and now this, we are locking down the campus. That means students cannot leave the property during lunch as they normally do. The roads leading up to the school have been blocked off five blocks away. Everyone that gets through the road block either lives in the houses around the school or can prove they have business here at the school."

"Fine, very good, I like the security you guys have put into place since the shooting. With that said, I agree with my head of security down there to leave the check points in place permanently. I know there are already a lot of changes coming down the pike within the next couple weeks, you really don't want to take on anymore, but this is needed."

"I understand the reason for it, but the cost I will not be able to clear with the school district. Already the security at this school is costing more than all the schools in the district put together. The superintendent has been on my case to cut that cost."

"Don't you worry about the cost Principal Michaels, I will have someone contact your superintendent to inform him that any cost beyond the norm for security to your school, to send that bill to me. After all the heightened security at the school is because of my kids, so I should pay the extra cost."

"Mr. Governor and Principal Michaels', said Alex's head of security, "I have spoken with Al and Jacob this morning and they are going to take on the cost for the permanent security road blocks. At the same time, they will help with the cost here at the school with the security since they are going to start using everything we have put in place."

"There you have it Principal Michaels. The security agents have everything under control. If you have any more concerns or questions, please go to my head of security down there and he will answer any questions you have." The governor was interrupted by his secretary informing him that he is running late for his meeting. "Alright you all I have to go, but there is nothing to worry about, everything is in hand.

Benedict do those couple of things I asked you to do immediately." Mr. Benedict assured the governor he will get it done. "Thank you Principal Michaels on staying on top of things down there and keeping my guys in the loop. Things will get a lot smoother in the weeks to come, you will see."

One by one, they bid the governor goodbye except for Alex. He didn't know if he should because he thought the governor didn't know he as in the room. Then before the governor hung up, he surprised everyone in the office.

"Alex you don't worry about anything young man. Those men you have around you are there to make sure you are safe." The governor was about to say goodbye when he remembered something. "Also I don't want you blaming yourself on what is going on either. Neither of the two incidents is your fault and there is nothing you could have done to have stopped them."

Alex thanked the governor before bidding him goodbye. Benedict and his guys left the office when the governor hung up, leaving only Alex and his security. Principal Michaels wanted to speak with Alex about one more thing, but he decided against it due to Alex missing already most of his morning classes. He did though ask Alex as he and his security left the office to come back either after lunch or after school. Alex agreed, but was worried on why the principal wanted to see him again.

Just as Alex walked into the hallway, the lunch bell rang. As he was heading to meet up with Matt and the others for lunch, his younger brothers and cousins were also getting out of class for lunch. They all met at Lorenzo's locker like they normally do.

Once Morris walked up, Lorenzo closed his locker, but didn't budge. "I was thinking during third period on how we always do the same thing over and over again during lunch and I am bored of it. I don't know about you guys, but I want a change." Ismail and his two cousins just looked at Lorenzo, trying to figure out where he is going with this.

"I say instead of going down to the cafeteria like we always do for lunch, we go somewhere off campus, like McDonalds." Big smiles went across the faces of the three younger boys. Lorenzo took their smiles as an agreement to what he suggested.

With that, Lorenzo headed to the front door, with his brother at his side and his two cousins behind them. Since it wasn't an open campus for lunch, Lorenzo and the others had to sneak passed not only the teachers assigned to the exits, but the school guards as well, which wasn't hard. Once they were outside the school, they headed down Mesa St.

About halfway to the McDonalds, Ignacio started complaining that he was tired. Trying to be the grown up in the group, Lorenzo lied through his teeth telling his cousin that they were almost there, which they were not. None of the boys knew when they started this trip that the McDonalds was this far away from their school.

Seeing that his explanation didn't work, Lorenzo started joking around. First he said a few jokes and when that didn't get the others laughing, he started running around them. Eventually after a while of tapping them on the shoulder, arm or the back of the head, the others joined in. They started running after each other as if they were playing tag.

They got so involved in the game of tag they were playing with each other, they stopped paying attention to the clock. Simply put they were having way to much fun trying to get the other. The fun several times almost got them ran over. They actually ran out into the street when they thought there was no oncoming traffic. Each time they were brought back to reality with a loud blaring horn.

When they finally reached McDonalds, their lunch period was over, which started to freak out Lorenzo's cousins. They didn't want to skip class because they didn't want to get into any trouble with their aunt. Now when it comes down all Lorenzo wanted was to do something different than they normally do, but not this.

Trying to keep control of everything, Lorenzo asked his brother and cousins for their lunch money so he could go and get them something to eat. As he made his way to the counter, he counted the money. It came out to five dollars and twenty six cents, not enough to buy everyone a meal.

His mind was on the menu trying to find something that all of them could eat when Andy Sr. walked up to him. When he felt a tap on his shoulder, he almost jumped out of his shoes. Once he settled down, he saw he had nothing to worry about since it was only Jacob's father. He smiled at Andy Sr. as he tried to think of up a good lie.

"Little man why you are here and not in school?"

"Um sir, um, my brother, cousins, um, and um, I, um..." Lorenzo couldn't form a single sentence because he knew he was caught. His mind betrayed him when he needed it the most. On top of that, he couldn't stop shaking.

"Don't bother trying to come up with a lie little man!" Andy Sr. laughed as he rubbed the top of Lorenzo's head. "Where are your brother and cousins?" Lorenzo pointed over to the tables near the restrooms. "Go over there and find out what they want to eat and come back. I will get it for you guys, you will eat and then I will take you back to school."

Lorenzo did as he was told. He walked back over to his cousins and brother, got their order and walked back to Andy and handed it to him. He took the paper and walked behind the counter, rang it up before getting the drinks. As he put the drinks on a tray, Lorenzo walked up and thanked Andy.

"Don't thank me yet little man. Don't take what I am doing as a sign that I am condoning what you, your brother and cousins did. I have to tell your mother about all this." Lorenzo tried to give Andy Sr. his puppy dog eyes that always works with his mother, but it wasn't working on Andy Sr. "Don't give me that look. I am sorry, but I am not the ones that decided to take a field trip down here and miss class."

"Come on Mr. Hernandez remember when you were our age. You did things that you were not supposed to do and look at you now. "

"Yes I did things when I was your age, but I never left school when there is a crazy gun man out there on the loose." Andy Sr. turned, scratching his head laughing. "To tell you the truth when I was young we never had to worry about what you guys have to worry about today. Heck our biggest worry was getting the kissing thing. None of this school shooting and convicts on the loose killing police officers."

Seeing a crack in Andy Sr.'s armor, Lorenzo tried to take advantage of it. "Yeah you never had to deal with the things we have to deal with. So in order to forget about how everything is such a mess, we blow off a little steam by not eating lunch at school. We never planned to ditch class, I promise!" Flashing his puppy dog look again at Andy, hoping he falls for it this time. "So what do you say, don't tell my mother about this please."

Andy Sr. couldn't help himself, he started laughing as he and Lorenzo walked over to the table. "Okay I will make you a deal boys. Eat you food in fifteen minutes and let me take you back to school with no objections. Also never do this again no matter what is going on, more so something like today. If you do ditch school again, and I catch you or find out you did, we are going to have a different conversation than we are having today."

Ismail was not the only one confused by what Andy Sr. just said. "Um Mr. Hernandez does that mean you are not going to tell my mother on us?"

"Yes that is exactly what I am saying. Even though every bone in my body is telling me that I shouldn't be making this deal with you guys, but I understand where you guys are coming from. So I am going to do something I shouldn't do and that is keeping this between just us at the table here. Just don't ever do this again, please!"

In a pleading voice, Andy Sr. asked the last part. He knew what he was doing here was wrong, but at the same time he wanted the boys to trust their adults around them and see them more than just mean people that ground them all the time. From time to time, adults can actually be cool and see where they are coming from.

As promised they ate their food in fifteen minutes and headed back to school. The ride all the way back to school, they joked around. Even Andy joined in and told the boys a couple of jokes. When they arrived back at school, Andy Sr. walked them in and made sure they were straight as far as the attendance office was concerned before leaving.

He didn't head back to the McDonalds, but instead he went to the main office. As he was walking into the lobby, he ran into Andy Jr. at the elevators. He knew something was up by the look on his son's face, a look that he has seen far too many times looking back at him in the mirror. Trying to be a good father, he asked Andy Jr. if he could help.

"I don't know dad!" Andy Jr. looked his father in the face. "I was hoping that grandpa or maybe even Jacob was here, but they are not. They are the ones that I normally go to for problems like the one I have right now."

"Try me, I might surprise you. If I don't have the answer or cannot help you, you are no worse off then you are right now, right?"

Seeing the logic in what his father was saying, he told his father why he was there. The young boy that got arrested while he was pulling MP duty at the gates is being released, but he has no where to go, which confused Andy Sr. He thought that the courts would never release anyone unless they had a place to go.

"Why don't we walk down to where ever this young man is at and along the way you can explain everything to me." Andy Jr. smiled and took his father up on his offer. They walked out of the building and headed down to the county jail. As they made their way, Andy told his father what was going on. The more he explained everything, the more the puzzle was coming together and made sense to Andy Sr.

Meanwhile as Andy Jr. and Sr. made their way to the county jail, Patricia and her parents walked into the district school building where they had a hearing scheduled. They walked in silence as they made their way to the hearing room. When they reached the room, they walked in to find a hearing just wrapping up. They stood in the back until those that were involved in the meeting before theirs passed them. Once they left the hearing room, Patricia and her parents walked up to the front row and sat down.

Just as they got settled, Patricia's name was called. They quickly got up and walked over to the podium on the left side of the room. Patricia looked around half suspecting to find her school principal on the other side, but Principal Michaels wasn't there. Instead it was several people she has never seen before in her life.

Her attention was brought back to the front when the superintendent hit his gavel on his desk several times. "We are to discuss the matter of Patricia Sala's being expelled from El Paso High School. Let me first go over a few things. This is not a court of law nor do we follow the procedures that are followed in a court of law. This hearing is..." The superintendent went through all the rules before they got down to business.

"Ms. Sala's you were expelled from El Paso High School after you were caught raising your hand towards another student. By the looks of your record this is not the first time you have gotten into trouble, it was just the last time. Each time you were sent to the principal's office it was for something worse. Why should we overturn Principal Michael's decision on expelling you from his school?"

Nervously Patricia moved the mike on the podium closer to her. "Well sir I believe I shouldn't have been expelled from my high school. Yes I haven't been a very good student this year, but each time I was sent to the principal's office, it was for defending myself. Just like the day in question. Principal Michaels has his favorites and those that I was defending myself against are some of his favorites. That is why I am here and they are not, which I believe is unfair."

"Explain to us why you feel that way Ms. Sala's." Patricia went into detail about each of the times she got in trouble. Her explanations were half truths, but the school board was eating it all up. By the time she got to the reason she got expelled, she had the school board eating out of her hands, at least she thought she did.

"Ms. Sala's you may have the other members of this board believing your lies, but I don't. In order for us to overturn Principal Michaels decision, we all have to agree on it. Let me tell you here at the get go that it is going to take a lot more than what you have said here to get me to vote to overturn Principal Michaels. I have known him since he started teaching and he tries everything to reach his students. Never does he give up and just expel his students like what happened to you."

"With all do respect sir; you don't know Principal Michaels anymore. He doesn't try to help his students like you say he does. One sign of trouble, he ships the student out of his school claiming it is to protect the special students that are attending his school. That isn't fair to the rest of us that attend that school. Don't get me wrong, I understand he has students like the governor's kids and the very rich attending his school, but that doesn't give him the right to treat them like kings and queens and the rest of us like scum."

"You are wrong Ms. Sala's, and don't come in here assuming that you know how well I know Principal Michaels. He has a hard time as it is because of what you just mentioned, so he cannot have students like you running around his halls causing trouble." The board member raised his copy of Patricia's school file. "I haven't seen a file this thick on a student since we looked into the incident of last year.

There is no way we are going to have another incident like that again. By the looks of it, you are heading down the same road. Principal Michaels gave you more than enough chances to shape up, but you never did. Instead you got worse and unwilling to say you were wrong. If you would have at least done that instead of pushing the blame onto every one else, I might have voted to overturn, but as it stand now, I won't."

"Hold on everyone for just a minute, let's not make any decisions until the hearing is complete." The superintendent interrupted. "This is a forum for those that feel they were not treated right to come and air their grievances. So let's let Ms. Sala have her hour before any of us makes a decision on how we are going to vote."

"I am sorry sir, but I feel this is a waste of time. She is unwilling to take some responsibility on any of this. So I am not going to give her a forum to bad mouth a very good principal." The board member looked at the superintendent. "Plus all of you know I was against this hearing from the get go. She should have never gotten a hearing based on her record. For some reason we broke policy and gave her the hearing anyway."

Seeing that he was not going to budge one of his board members, the superintendent ended the hearing, not making Patricia's father happy. As they walked out of the hearing room, he threatened if they did not overturn the wrong that was made against his daughter; he is going to bring a lawsuit against them.

Back at the prison, Warden Henderson was ditching the calls coming from the governor's office. He knew what they were about and he didn't feel like getting yelled at. So instead he told his secretary that when ever a call comes in from a member of the governor's staff to tell them he is out somewhere in the prison.

By three, the calls were coming in every fifteen minutes. It got so bad the warden got chased out of his office. He went looking for Captain Falster to ring his neck for the mess he created, but he wasn't in his office. His secretary told the warden that her boss was out doing rounds. At first he thought he was being lied to, so he went into the inner office, but didn't find the captain there.

Thanking the secretary, the warden went looking for Captain Falster. On his way, he passed several inmates doing their assigned duties, so he didn't think anything of it when he saw a single inmate walking towards him. Just as they were about to pass each other, several guards stopped Henderson to have him sign their time cards.

The inmate that was walking alone kept walking, but turned around when he reached the end of the hallway and headed back towards the warden. About halfway down the hall, the guards that stopped the warden walked passed the inmate, talking to each other, not paying any attention to what was going on around them. Once he felt the guards were far enough away from him, he started to run towards the warden.

By the time the warden realized what was going on the inmate was on top of him. The footsteps of the inmate running down the hallway got the attention of the guards that had just finished talking to the warden. As they turned around, they saw the inmate wrapping his right arm around the warden's neck and his left arm coming up with something in it.

They quickly ran down the hallway to get to the warden. As they made their way, one of the guards radioed in for help. At first the dispatch officer didn't understand what was being said and asked the guard to repeat himself.

"The warden is being attacked! Get all the guards you can to corridor B now!"


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At least the security industry is getting plenty of work and making lots of money.

Back to Ashton, is he really heading for the border, he might even be in Mexico by now or is he lying in wait somewhere for poor Alex, not that he'll get much of a chance getting near him but let's face it if Alex's younger brothers and cousins can get through surely a crazed gunman can. Food for thought there.

Alex's younger brothers are still at that beautiful young innocent stage when nothing matters they don't have a care in the world. Sadly they will grow up in a mad crazy world and all that will change. They'll do all right if they do what Alex is doing now and not what he was doing several years ago.

I admire Principal Michaels he is a wonderful man who takes is job seriously and believes in giving every student a fair go, but if they don't play by the rules then there gone. We had a similar guy at my old school years ago, back when homosexuality was never spoken about in company, and he was wonderful in helping my partner and I thought difficult times and Principal Michaels is very much like him.

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