Written by: J.P.G.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

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Chapter 49

The alarm clock sounded, bringing Alex out of his slumber. He reached over and turned it off, and got out of bed slowly. As his feet hit the carpet, he rubbed his toes into it as he rubbed his eyes. Coming to life, Alex stretched out his arms in the air, yawned, and got up from the bed, looking over at his sleeping beauty.

Matt was still dead to the world, which surprised Alex. Normally Matt is the first one awake and is doing everything he can to wake up Alex, but today was different. Seeing that he was happy there in his sleep, Alex did not wake him. He walked over to the bathroom and jumped into the shower to finish waking himself up.

As he was rinsing off his face, the curtains of the shower opened and Matt climbed in. Before Alex could finish rinsing the soap off his face, Matt wrapped his hands around him, leaned in and started kissing up and down the side of Alex's neck. He got some soap in his mouth, but he did not care.

"This better be my handsome boyfriend, or boy am I going to be in big trouble with him." Alex laughed as his head fell slowly back. "It is my gorgeous boyfriend and I can see that every part of him is awake." Alex reached between his legs and squeezed Matt's already very hard dick pressing against his butt cheeks. Alex pulled it down and let it sit between his legs, making it look like he had two dicks.

Alex reached around with his left hand and moved Matt's head towards his. He did not stop until their lips touched. They held the kiss, forgetting all about their shower. It took the water getting a little cold to bring them back to reality to what they were doing. Both of them sporting big hard ons and wanting some relief, but decided against it.

"I've been thinking about something and was wondering if you would do it with me." Turning around, Alex looked straight into his boyfriends eyes as the water hit him in the face. "When we were locked up in Juvenile Detention, whenever we found ourselves outside, we always got into a game of basketball. I was thinking that we were pretty good playing basketball, so why not go out for the team together at school."

Alex looked at him puzzled. Never before has Matt ever wanted to join a team in high school because he thought it was for dumb jocks. Alex always thought that Matt was using that as in excuse because he was nowhere near the size of a normal jock, but that has changed since they moved into Jacob's house.

Had he not only had a growth spurt, but also spent a lot of time in Jacob's weight room. The once skinny kid is no longer. He stands almost six feet, due to the growth spurt he just had, and nothing but muscle. Every girls dream and guys for that matter and the blonde hunk is all his. No more glasses that hid his beautiful grey eyes and the face is now chiseled like a Greek god.

"If you want to go out for the school's basketball team I have no problem with that as long as you go out with me for the baseball team." This time it was Matt looking at Alex with a puzzled look. He never knew that Alex liked playing baseball because he has never seen him hold a bat in his hand.

"Not to be a downer, but why do you want us to play baseball? I've never played the game, and as far as I know you haven't either."

"When I was younger, before I got into gangs, Carlos and I did play in little league. That all ended when our fathers left us no other choice but to join the gang. We tried to continue playing, but when the coach found out that we were part of a street gang, he did not want us around. I understood where he was coming from he didn't want trouble. At the same time, it bothered me a lot that I couldn't do the thing I loved because of what my father made me do."

Leaning in, Matt gave Alex a couple pecks on the lips. "If you want to play baseball, I am one hundred percent behind you. We will go out for both teams, but I doubt I will be playing much. That is even if the baseball coach lets me on the team. More than likely, I will be the full time bench warmer for the team. Now basket is a different story and I really want us to do it, okay?"

Alex smiled at Matt as he nodded his head. He reached down and turned off the water before stepping out of the shower. Grabbing the towels off the rack, he handed one to Matt. Not needing to say a word, Matt knew what he wanted. They dried each other off before heading back into the room to get dressed.

Once they were ready for school, Alex and Matt headed down the hallway to Jacob and Dewayne's room. When they reached it, the door opened and Al and Virginia walked out. Both Alex and Matt said good morning to them as they stepped aside to let them past. Al and Virginia returned the greeting. Before leaving, they popped their heads back in, telling Jacob they loved him, and not to worry.

Neither Alex nor Matt asked what was going on. They stood at the side of the hall and waited until Al and Virginia got into the elevator before stepping into the room. When they walked in, Jacob looked up from the floor and put a smile on his face, which Alex knew was a fake. He can see that his friend is hurting, but he did not know why.

Since his policy was not to ask about something that he had no idea about, he stayed away from whatever was bothering Jacob. He knew it has something to do with his grandparents, but what, he was not about to guess. Instead, he tried to make Jacob laugh, which took a little longer than normal, but he got there.

"So what's up guys?" Jacob asked as Alex and Matt sat down on the bed. "It looks like you were having a little one on one time with each other. The grin across your faces and the glow that is just radiating off you guys is giving you away."

Both Alex and Matt turned red, but the glow did not go away. "Matt and I were wondering if you guys had any plans tonight besides work as always." Dewayne walked into the room and sat next to Jacob. "You know after work, do you guys have any plans."

"Nothing yet except come back here as always. It is going to be a hectic day due to my grandparents heading back to Austin, but it should not bleed into the night, I hope. Why are you asking?" Jacob tried to figure out what was on Alex and Matt's agenda by reading them, but they were not sending out any clues except that they fooled around.

"Well the reason we are asking if you have any plans is because we want to go out on a double date tonight. A new club for teenagers opened on the eastside of town that I heard is an awesome club. It has five clubs in one, which includes a club for us. We really want to go down there and see what all the hype is all about."

"I heard the same thing about this new club from others at school. It's called Grand Central Station and has a club for everyone, no matter who you are. If you get tired in one club, you can walk over to another at no extra charge once you pay the door fee. Moreover, the club that is for us, the straight ones will find their way there. I'd like to see how they react in a club that is mostly filled with gays."

"That's true Jacob I'd like to see the same thing." Alex started laughing. "Why don't we do this, tonight after work we head back here and get ready to go to this club? If any of the other guys ask what we are doing or want to go, we polity say no. I want tonight to be just us four and no one else, what do you say?"

Jacob looked over at Dewayne and back over to Alex. "We have no problem with that at all. Let us try to be out of here no later than nine o'clock so we can make a night out of it. Then when the club closes, we go out to eat either at What-A-Burger or Chico Taco's." Jacob got a funny look in his face when he said the Chico Taco's.

"I know you don't like Chico Taco's Jacob, so why agree to eat there if you can't stand the food and always end up chucking it up."

"That is very simple to answer! It was the very first place that Dewayne and I ate together." Jacob reached over and grabbed a hold of Dewayne's hand. "We weren't an item back then, but it was the first place we ate. I may not like the food, but it does mean a lot to me for that reason. If Dewayne and you guys want to go there, I will go."

Alex tried to think back to the very first place that he Matt ate together, but could not remember it. Now of course when they first met, they had all their meals in the dining hall at the dentition facility, but that isn't what he was trying to remember. He thought back when they got released and even further when they came home for Christmas, but his memory was failing him. No matter how hard he tried to remember, he could not.

"Well anyway I say we will see where the night takes us." Alex snapped out of it. "As soon as we get out of work we get back here as soon as we can, shower, shit and shave before heading out to the club, okay?"

Jacob and Dewayne agreed with Alex as they walked out of the room. The ride down on the elevator, they disused a little more about the plans for tonight, but once the door opened, they stopped talking about their plans. They joined the others in the restaurant, minus Al, Virginia and Tony for breakfast.

Chase kept looking at the kitchen door when someone stepped through, hoping to see Marco or at least get a glimpse at him. By the third time Francesca walked in and out of the kitchen, Chase gave up trying to steal a glimpse at Marco. He looked around the table to see if anyone was paying attention to him. When he saw they were not, he got up and made his way to the kitchen.

As he walked in, Chase looked around for Francesca, but did not see her anywhere. At the same time, he did not see Marco anywhere as well. Chase started to look for Marco, but did not find him anywhere. He was not ready to give up. He turned around and made his way out of the kitchen and the restaurant.

When he stepped into the hallway leading to the elevators, he saw a woman walking towards him that he has never seen before. He started to freak thinking that this woman was here on behalf of Ashton. Slowly he continued walking and as he passed the woman, he took as many mental pictures as he could of her so he could describe her to the security when he finds one of them.

Chase turned around as he waited for the elevator and saw her walking into the restaurant, which blew him away. Quickly he made his way back, but did not go in. Instead, he cracked the doors and looked in. At first, he could not see anything, so he cracked the door even more. That is when he saw the woman talking with Jacob as if they were old friends or something. Seeing that, Chase moved away from the door clutching his chest. His heart was racing and he was breathing hard. It took him a couple of minutes to settle down, but once he did, he went back to what he was doing.

He headed down the hall to the room where Marco is staying. When he reached his door, Chase softly knocked on it a couple of times. Thirty seconds passed, and he knocked again. Before he finished knocking, he heard Marco's voice coming through the door and then the door opening.

Chase's jaw fell to the floor when the full view of Marco's body came into sight. He answered the door in just a pair of tight white boxer briefs that showed off his package. Looking up and down Marco's body, Chase could not believe how defined he was. He is not muscular, but he is not skinny at all. His body fits his personality completely.

"Good morning Chase, what can I do for you?" Marco spoke in a low voice as he walked back into his room. Chase did not budge from where he was standing. He just stood there admiring the beautiful person before him. When Marco pulled out a pair of jeans and started to slip them on, Chase wanted him to stop, but could not find his tongue to ask him to do so. Within seconds, Marco's lower body was covered.

"Come on in Chase if you want." Marco grabbed a t-shirt on his way back to Chase. By the time he reached him, he was pretty much fully clothed. "I know you are due to leave any minute now, so tell me what is up."

Chase got his tongue to move. "I was just wondering where you were, that's all." Marco looked at Chase with confused. "The last couple of mornings since you have been working here; I've seen you in the kitchen, except for this morning. I thought that something might be wrong, so I came looking for you."

"Wow, thank you for being concerned about my well being." Marco took a chance and leaned in to kiss Chase. When their lips touched, Chase tried to jerk away at first, but after a couple of seconds, he settled into the kiss. It was not one of those kisses you see stars, but it was pretty close to it.

"I'm sorry for being so forward, but you looked way to delicious to pass up." Marco whispered as he broke the kiss. "I know you are trying to find yourself and when you do, I hope you find that you like guys. Then I hope that I am the guy you like, and no other."

Not wanting to make Marco feel uncomfortable on making the first move, Chase leaned in and kissed Marco once again. This time the kiss made Chase see stars. He has never seen stars with any girl that he has kissed in the past. On top of that, he has never felt the way he is feeling kissing Marco with any of the girls he dated.

Breaking the kiss, Chase mumbled, barely understandable. "Um, I um don't know what to say except man do you know how to kiss." That got a chuckle out of Marco. "I don't know where I stand as far as all this is concerned. The only thing that I do know for sure is that I like kissing you. I know it is asking a lot, but can you work with me as I find my way through all this. The feelings I am feeling right now for you is scaring me and I just need a little time and patience."

"No problem Chase, I will give you all the time in the world. Just do me a favor, will you please?" Chase nodded his head. "Once you know where you stand, tell me immediately even if it's not good news for me. I'd rather get bad news than be stringed along."

Chase agreed to do that for Marco before heading back to the guys. As he started to walk away, Marco turned him back around and planted another kiss on his lips. They held the kiss for a few minutes, but had to let go of it in order to get their breath. All the way back to the restaurant, Chase felt like he was floating. His dick was hard, trying to bust through his jeans and he couldn't get it to go down. Just as he reached the doors to the restaurant, they flew open and a couple of guys came walking out.

Getting control of his heart beat, and getting his dick to go down enough where it was not noticeable, Chase walked in. As soon as he got to the table, the guys started to get up. Chase turned around and followed them out. Trying to not be noticeable, he jumped into the conversation that was going on as they headed to the parking lot. They crammed into the trucks and headed off to school. Just like the day before, they had to go through several roadblocks, minus the permanent one at the school. When they got to that one, they got on the lane that no one else was allowed to use and went right through.

As soon as he got down from his SUV, Alex went looking for Aaron, but didn't find him anywhere. Not knowing really where Aaron hung out, he had no other choice but to give up looking for him and join the guys. He grabbed milk and waffles they were serving as he walked into the cafeteria. Once he paid for his breakfast, he headed to the table. To his surprise, he found Aaron sitting there with Joey's group.

Not saying a word to Aaron, Alex sat down next to Matt and started to eat. Matt wondered where Alex had taken off to, but let it go. He figured that Alex would tell him eventually so there was no need to ask. Plus, he doesn't want to be one of those boyfriends that wants his boyfriend to clear everything with him.

Just as they were getting up to head out to the stadium, Zach walked up with a worried look on his face. Matt doesn't think the reason he was worried was because of his campaign since there is no one running against him for the position he wants. Then when he saw Zach looking straight at him, he started to worry.

"What is going on Zach is there something wrong?" Matt asked, now a little worried due to the look on the man that is running his campaigns face.

"No there is nothing to worry about, I just ran all the way from the fourth floor down here." Zach leaned down, putting his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. "As you know next Friday is election day. You and Jacob need to get out there a little more than you have. The votes are ours to lose now, and we are losing them since the others running against Jacob are talking more to our classmates than he is."

"Well I don't know why I need to get there since really no one is running against me for the position I am running for. As far as Jacob, well you know." Zach looked at him with a look that Matt took as he was lost on what he was saying. "Sorry, let me be a little clearer here." Matt sat back down, joined by Alex and Zach.

"Everyone knows about what happened to his house, burning down and all." Zach shook his head. "Well he has been rushing around trying to get everything he needs to get the construction work started on the new house. He is finally there, but now his grandfather has left town. That means he has to concentrate on his business, which means he really will not have much time to do anything else."

"That can't happen Matt, not now at least. Jacob needs to use all his free time for the next week on being elected. If our fellow classmates don't hear from him, they will start believing what the others are saying. No Matt, he needs to start working to get the votes, or he is going to lose an election that is his as of right now."

Matt looked over to Alex for help. "Okay, we understand where you are coming from, but you also have to understand where Jacob is right now. You are the ones that want him to run. He told you from the get go that he didn't have the spare time to do this. However, you said that wasn't a problem. You stated that he was not going to be needed much for the election, but here you are saying the opposite."

"I didn't lie to him or you guys. He was not needed for much of the election because we were able to do everything at that time without his help. That has changed now since we are in the final stretch. Here is where we need him to actually take part in his election, or he will lose. Again as of right now the election is his to lose and if he doesn't get out there talking to our classmates that is what is going to happen, he will lose."

"For now let us all agree that you are right Zach. Alex and I will help you get Jacob freed up to do some campaigning, but you are going to have to meet us half way. If you want him every day for the next week, that will not happen. You will be lucky if you get him two, maybe three days after school next week. To fill in the gap, I will go out there campaigning for my position and make sure everyone knows what Jacob stands for."

"That might actually work Matt, it might actually work. Why didn't I think about that before coming down here?" Zach got up from his seat and started to walk back and forth. Both Alex and Matt was thinking the same thing, this kid is going to keel over before reaching his twenties. He stresses out way to much.

"Okay I will go and draw out a plan of attack using your suggestion. I should have it done by the end of first period and in your hands by lunch. Go over it, let me know if what I put together will work for you guys. Let me know what won't work and I'll make the corrections, but by the end of the day I want a plan in place on how we are going to handle next week."

Matt agreed and waited to see if there was anything else that Zach needed before Alex and him head out to join the guys. When Zach didn't say anything else for a couple of minutes, he took it that Zach was done. He thanked him and promised that he will do what he can to help out Jacob as he walked past. Zach nodded his head, but didn't move from the aisle that he was pacing back and forth on.

As they made their way to the stadium, Alex and Matt talked about next week's election. Both of them were surprised that the election was already here. It seemed like it was just yesterday that Matt and Jacob decided to run, but here they are a week away from the actual day. The day that the students in this school decide if they can put aside what they have been taught on how to treat gay people and do what is right.

The meanwhile, Al was already in the air heading back to Austin, but had to make a stop on the way. He wanted to get to Austin as soon as he could. That way he could help Virginia find a place for them to live, but with this stop, they would be lucky if they would get there by early afternoon. That means in his mind they will be staying in a hotel at least for the next three days.

Virginia tried to explain to Al that she was more than capable of looking for a place for them, but would not hear anything of it. It was not that he did not trust his wife, it was because they are going to a city they have never been to. It is huge and with one wrong turn, you can actually be lost for hours in the streets of Austin.

No matter how he put it, Virginia took it wrong. In her mind, there was no way she would get lost since she is going to have a driver. A driver that knows the ins and outs of the city they are hired to drive in, at least she hopes. Anyways, Al didn't want her to go alone and tried to explain it away that he didn't want her alone in a city neither of them knew, no matter having a person with them that knew every street and place in the city.

Neither of the two was willing to give ground on what they wanted and had to leave the conversation unsettled since the plane was making its decent in to Odessa, Texas. The only thing they did agree on before getting off the plane was that he should go alone to do the errands that the governor needed him to do. While he is doing his job, she was going to take in a little sightseeing of the small town.

Al got into one vehicle, while his wife got into another. They were going the same direction until they hit the downtown area. That is where Virginia exited off the freeway and Al continued a couple more exits to the hospital where Mr. Henderson had been taken.

He wanted to get this over with and the meeting with the prison captain in no more than two hours that way he is back in the air by nine and in Austin by ten thirty, eleven. As he got down from the car, Al looked around and could not believe how small the hospital is compared to those in El Paso. Then he remembered the difference in population. The size of this hospital is just right for the size of this town.

Not giving it a second thought, Al walked into the hospital and straight to Warden Henderson's room on the second floor. When he reached the room, the warden had just finished eating breakfast and was watching television. He knocked on the door and waited for the warden to invite him in.

"Come on in sir, I was told that you were coming." Warden Henderson put on a smile as he flagged in Al, but knew this visit was not going to be a good one. "Your secretary called me a couple of days ago to inform me that you will be here sometime this morning. I did not expect you this early. If I would have known, I would have been a little more presentable." Henderson brushed his hand through his hair on the sides of his head.

"Sorry about not able to let you know exactly when I was going to be here, but none of us knew". Al sat down in the seat near the window. "I wanted to stay back home in El Paso for a couple more days to make sure everything was in order, but that was out of the question. Forget all that, how are you doing sir?" Al looked at Henderson with a concerned look on his face.

"Well I think I'm doing pretty well with all things considered." Henderson gently placed his right hand over his chest. "None of us could ever say we are ready for death. Even us that work in the field that we work in, would like to make it out of the place alive and go home to our families."

Henderson facial expression changed quickly as he looked Al into his eyes. "I know you didn't come in to talk with me about my health, not the chief-of-staff of the governor of Texas. No sir, you are here for another reason and I know what it is. What does the governor what me to do, step down from my position?"

The warden stopped short on what he really wanted to say. He knows the governor does not like him at all and has been waiting for a reason to remove him as warden. When he heard that his chief-of-staff was coming down, he knew that was it for him. He no longer has a job working for the state of Texas.

"You are right I didn't stop in to talk with you about your health. Governor Lopez has decided to remove you from your position as warden of the prison here in Odessa. You have not fulfilled your promises to him on cleaning up the prison. In fact, you have made things a lot worse since you have taken over."

"Wait a minute; you guys haven't given me enough time to do my job. I need more time than I have behind those walls to do what I promised. This is not right and..."

"Look the decision has been made and no matter what you say, it will not change that fact. You are no longer the warden of the prison here. That does not mean you do not have a job when you get out of here. When you are well, and the doctor's release you, back to full time work. You will have a job on the warden's board. There is where you will stay until you retire." Al got up from his seat and walked over to Henderson. "The governor wanted me to make clear to you that as long as he is governor, you will never get another prison. He can't fire you for what happened at the prison the other day, but he can keep you from ever getting another prison."

The warden could not believe how blunt Al is being. Normally people in his position use tact, but not this person. He is telling it how it is, not holding nothing back. "So if I am hearing you right, I haven't any chance at all to ever getting a prison again. At least while Governor Lopez is the governor of this state that is."

"That is correct and I am doubtful on what you are thinking is going to happen. He is a very popular governor that has reached across party lines. It does not matter if the voter is a republican, democrat, or an independent, they love this guy. There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to win another term and as many terms as he wants in landslides."

Al walked back over to his briefcase and pulled out some paperwork. "Here is your transfer from the job you had as warden to the new one you will have once you get out of here. Now if you do not like this transfer, you always have a choice and that is quit. I personally would like that, so when eventually the governor is pushed into a corner and he fires you. I have known plenty of people like you and you guys always mess up."

As quickly as he could, Al went through the transfer with Henderson. He answered whatever questions Henderson asked, but did not give him more information than he had to or knew about the job he was transferring to. Once he got all the signatures he needed from Henderson, he gathered his stuff and started to head out.

Just as he reached the door, Al stopped and walked back to the bed. "On a personal note, what you did dealing with Alejandro Garcia II was wrong. I have gotten to know his grandson and this kid is a very good kid. He has a real chance on making something of his life. Something that his father would never have thought was possible. By putting his life in danger the way you have, was wrong."

"I didn't mean it to unfold the way it did. It was just I needed..."

"You knew exactly what was going to happen if you played those cards. All you care about is yourself and getting further along in your job, which is okay as long as you are doing it right. However, you are not doing it right; instead, you are stepping on people to get where you want to go. That sir is wrong and will fail every time.

The position you got is thanks to Alejandro Garcia the IV, which you used and tossed away. You put his life in danger then, and did it once again this week. That is wrong and I will not stand by and allow you to do it again. I'm going to be taking a special interest in you, and when you mess up, which you will, I'll be there to pull you down."

Al turned and walked back to the door. "Mr. Henderson I really hope you have learned from this experience, but you haven't, it's going to end bad for you. You will come crashing down one of these days and I hope between now and then, you do not hurt anyone else. No one deserves to get hurt, or worse, killed, because of your ambitions."

Henderson watched the chief-of-staff walk out of his room. Once Al was out of site, he looked down at the paperwork that was left for him to read. It was what was required of him in his new job, which wasn't much. The more he read the paper work, the more he realized the job was a secretary job. He will not have any authority over anything or anyone. Something he knows he cannot handle now that he has tasted how it is running an actual prison. No, he will change this as soon as humanly possible.

The prison was not that far from the hospital where Henderson was. It only took Al twenty minutes to get there. As he walked into the building, Captain Falster met him and took him right through the metal detectors.

"I wish I had more time to prepare for your visit sir." Captain Falster said as he extended his hand. "It is an honor to have the chief-of-staff of the governor here. This prison has had the privilege to host not only a current governor, but as well our current president, along with you in the last several months."

"Thank you captain, but as you know this is not a social call." Al grabbed his brief case from the guard that checked it. "I am here on the request of the governor to see what in the hell is going on here. Ever since you and Warden Henderson took over this prison, we have had more killings by gang members than ever before. Even in the riot months ago, they didn't kill each other off the way they are doing it now."

"I know sir and there is really no excuse for any of that. Warden Henderson and I were brought in to straighten things out. Instead, we have done the opposite since we have gotten here. Bad policies and planning is what to blame on our failure."

"Well the governor has taken steps to begin fixing the problems here. I just came from the hospital, where I visited with Warden Henderson." Captain Falster heart started to beat faster when he heard that Al had visited with the warden. "By the orders of the governor, he has been removed as warden to this prison.

Nothing has gone right under his watch here, and the governor has had enough. He has had enough of hearing about all the killings and being questioned about it. In addition, he has had enough with prisoners at are locked up here still able to reach out and cause problems in his hometown. By these prisoners going after one of their former members, they are threatening the well being of his family and the fine citizens of El Paso."

"I am aware of that and have already taken steps on correcting it. The gang leader that has been giving the orders has been removed from solitary, and placed in a padded cell. The reason for that is to keep him isolated from his gang so orders are not being sent out. The only problem with this set up is that I can't keep him there indefinitely."

"So what do you plan to do with him when you are forced to remove him from the padded room? You cannot put him with the others prisoners if he is the one that is causing the majority of the problems. The guy must be isolated permanently."

"Sir I know that, and that is why I was writing a request to your office to have him transferred out of this prison." Al looked at him as if he was out of his mind. "He needs to be in a prison where he can't do any harm to anyone. The only prison that comes to mind that can get that done is the new one that was built in El Paso for gang members. He can't harm anyone if all there is in the prison are those of his gang."

"Well he can harm anyone he wants to. It does not matter if the person is from his own gang or not. With what I have read about him, he has ordered the execution of his own gang members, so that is not the answer." Al popped the buttons of his briefcase open and pulled out a folder. He handed the captain a copy of what he was about to read.

"The governor had decided to see what you can do with this prison. He is going to let you run it as the warden, but will not officially promote you to that position until you have proved that you can do the job. In order to prove that you can do the job, you need to do the following that is written on the papers I have given."

Al walked Warden Falster through everything that the governor and others felt needed to be done at this prison. On top of that, list is stopping the gang violence and killings. Get complete control of the prison without asking for more staff to do it. In addition, most importantly, take whoever is causing the problems out of the equation.

"Mr. Serna can I do what must be done in order to get these objectives done?"

"Captain Falster, or should I say Warden Falster, you can do whatever you need to do in order to achieve the objectives that has been laid out for you to do as long as you are not breaking the law. If you break the law, you are the one that will have to answer for it. Therefore, before you do anything, check with the prison attorney to make sure you is within the law to make the change."

Falster rubbed his chin as he looked down at the papers and back at Al., "I plan to enact policies that are already being done in other prisons throughout our state prison system. Many of them have pulled out their prisoners that are in gangs from population and isolated them in their own area with stricter rules. The reason behind that is to keep them from causing problems and at the same time keeping them from inducting new members into their gangs."

"I don't see a problem with any of that. In fact, I think it is a good idea to keep them away from the other prisoners. After all, they are raging havoc on the other prisoners. Just make sure when you do this, you are one hundred percent that those that you put in this unit are gang members.

Now back to the item we were talking about earlier. Alejandro Garcia II cannot be moved out of this prison to another so you can disown him. The prison that is in El Paso might be the ideal place for him, but the transport up there is the problem. I am worried on what is going on in El Paso right now might repeat itself. We can't afford to have a guy like Alex the second out there in the streets."

"I agree with you on all that, but if he is kept here, he will continue to cause problems. Eventually I am going to have to take him out of the padded room and put him back where we had him. When that happens, he will be back in contact with his gang members, and everything will start all over again."

"Not if you keep the gang members away from him. If a person is in the wing of the gangs that person cannot work outside of the wing. That means no kitchen, library, or anywhere else that they can have contact with the rest of the population of this prison. You must cut off their connection to the outside world, in order to destroy them."

Al moved around in his seat, trying to get comfortable. "Look, let me check into what we can do with him. After talking it out and weighing everything, if a move is best, I will call you and give you the green light. I rather not have him moved to El Paso, but if that is the place for him, so be it, he gets moved there."

Warden Falster and Al talked a little longer about what is expected of him before Al asked to see the man they have been devoting most of their time to. At first, Falster tried to talk Al out of seeing Alex the second, but there was no budging him. Seeing that his mind was made up, Falster made the call to prepare Alex for a visitor.

Before leaving his office, Falster called for several guards to help him escort Al to the medical wing. He was not going to take any chances on any of the prisoners getting close to the chief-of-staff. When it is all said and done, he plans to see Al off without him being rushed out of the prison in an ambulance.

When they reached the wing where Alex was being kept, Falster tried once again to get Al to change his mind, but he was not budging. Giving up on changing Al's mind, Falster got Al ready on what he was going to see. He did not want Al to be surprised on anything when he walks into the room where Alex is being held.

After going over everything, they walked into the medical wings and straight to Alex's cell. When they got there, they had the door already opened and Alex sitting up. To Al's surprise, the Alex he has gotten to know does not look anywhere near like the old guy sitting in front of him in a straight jacket.

Al looked back at Falster and asked him to leave them alone for a few minutes. Hesitantly, Falster agreed and walked out of the cell, leaving Al alone with killer. He did not go far and did not close the door all the way. If anything happened, he wanted to be able to get in there in seconds and get control of the situation.

Walking over to the elder Alex, Al kneeled down so he was looking into the eyes of the man that has been causing his family some grief lately. This guy looks like a shell of the man his grandson is. A blank look in his eyes and no zest for life! Now all that can be due to the drugs, or he has given up, but either way he is no Alex Jr.

"You do not know me Mr. Garcia, but I know you really well. You are a piece of shit that does not deserve to breathe the air that I am breathing. All you have caused all your life is grief to everyone you know, including my family and me. The funny thing about that is that we have never met you, but we have one thing in common, you grandson."

That got the elder Garcia's attention. "Your grandson has become part of my family and those that are part of my family I make sure scum like you never hurt them. We are aware of what you want to do to your grandson and let me tell you, you will fail. There is no way anyone in your gang will get close to your grandson to harm him."

"Never say never sir, because you never know. The warden of this prison walked around here thinking the same thing, and look where he is right now. If I want to get to my grandson, there is nothing that is going to stop me, including your old bag of bones. So if you know what is best for you and your family, you will get out of my face."

It took every ounce of his power of Al's not bash in Alex grandfather's head. This guy is not beaten, he is just plain old crazy. He just admitted that he had something to do with the attempted murder of the warden and had no problem doing so. Not showing any fear of what might happen to him by saying what he just said.

"First you don't scare me at all. I can take you out side beat you to the inch of your life on my worst day, and let me tell you why. You are nothing but talk, and no action. You give out the orders, and let others get their hands dirty. I bet you that you have not raised your fist in years and if you had to today, you will not be able to hurt a fly.

Your grandson is out of reach for you. Not only because you are in here, but also because he has a full security detail guarding him twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. If any of your people attempt to get near him, they will be killed. We are not going to have another Ashton again, trust me on that."

The last part confused the elder Alex, but he kept his mouth shut. "On top of all that, I will do everything in my power to make sure you die in a room like this and trust me I can do it. Not just because of my standing in the community, but because of whom I know and what I do for a living. You will never get out of this room as long as there is a breath in me. God willing that is going to be decades."

"I can make sure that you see God a lot sooner than you want." The elder Alex head butted Al, which threw him a couple of feet. The head butt was not a strong one. It just caught Al by surprise. He quickly recovered and got on his feet just in time to defend off a second hit from the elder Alex's head.

The door to the cell swung open and the room immediately filled with guards. Al looked over to them and asked them to back down. At first, they refused to listen, but what Al did next surprised them all. He moved quicker than they thought possible and was on top of the elder Garcia, hitting him over and over again in the gut.

It did not take long for the elder Alex to start crying out in pain, but that did not matter to Al. He wanted to make sure the message was loud and clear to the elder Garcia, so he did not let up. It took several guards to pull him off, and when they did, they found the tough gangster on the floor in a pool of his own blood, screaming out in pain for help.

They did not care about the elder Garcia, their concern was for the chief-of-staff. The guards quickly removed him from the room and had the medical personal to start looking at him. Besides a bruised head, a couple of scratches, and what will more than likely to become a black eye, Al was fine. Now the elder Garcia was a different story.

When they had, Al moved to safety, they went back into the room to work on the elder Garcia. He was coughing up blood and in a lot of pain. When they tried to move him, he cried out, pushing them away. Finally after the third try, they were able to pull the elder Garcia up from the floor and on to the bed.

The doctor exam him and found that he had three broken ribs on his right hand side, several deep cuts on his face where Al connected several times and somehow a broken leg. The last injury confused the doctor until he was told how Al took him down. Once he heard how Al went for the elder Garcia's legs. It explained how one of them was broken.

"Mr. Serna as you know each of those rooms is monitored by a video feed. I just came from the video room and saw that it was Mr. Garcia that attacked you, and you were just defending yourself. There will be no charges filed against you, but there will be new charges filed against Mr. Garcia."

"The new charges will not make a bit of difference with this guy, would they?" Warden Falster said no. "Then there is no need to charge him with anything. He has to live with the knowledge that this old man beat him to an inch of his life. It will get out that an old man got the Mexican gang leader screaming out in pain. When that happens, let us see how much control he will have over his gang then."

Liking where Al was going with this, he agreed with a smile. After the doctor made sure Al was okay to travel, Falster walked him out to his car. Never before has he ever had as much respect for a person in his position as he has for Al right now. This guy is not only a man that can be trusted, but a man that will not allow anyone to push him around.

Meantime as all hell broke loose down in Odessa, Alex in El Paso was making his way to the cafeteria with Matt at his side. They brought back up the subject they were talking about earlier in the shower about joining the teams. It was late for basketball, but not for baseball. Hopefully, the coaches will let them in without much objecting.

Once they sat down at the table with the others, Alex threw out their idea on joining the teams, which got everyone's attention. The first to respond was Steve. "Well you guys always won when we played at the center, but joining an actual team is a lot different than playing court yard ball. The rules and everything else applies that we didn't do. Plus you have to wear those uniforms." Steve looked up and down Alex and Matt.

"You know what; forget the last part of what I said. I would love to see you guys in a basketball uniform." Everyone started laughing as Steve stuck out his tongue, making it as if he was licking them. "Both of you have bodies that any guy or girl would love to have at their side and play with. Seeing more of them would be even better to fuel our fantasies on how you look under all those clothes."

Just as Steve finished, Robert jumped in. "Heck forget the basketball uniforms, the baseball uniforms are a little tighter." Robert reached over and tapped Matt on the leg, causing him to jump. "You man have developed into one handsome, muscular guy. That butt you have is a wet dream. I can imagine what Alex does with that when you two are making love. It would be awesome to see that butt squeezed up in those white, tight uniforms our baseball team wears during games. You should wear it around the hotel."

Everyone once again started to laugh. "Okay guys you have had your fun, but Matt's nice round butt and the rest of him is all mine and no one else's. So go ahead and have you dreams, but keep your hands off it. The only paws that will ever touch this muscular body are those that are attached to this body."

Alex dangled his hands in mid air. "That is fine, but there has been no mention for us to keep our hands off your awesome body." Steve said as he reached under the table and rubbed his hands up and down Alex's legs.

"If it isn't clear to you all, let me make it clear." Matt spoke up as he reached under the table and brushed Steve's hand off his boyfriend's legs. "The only one that is going to be touching this guy in any sexual way is me and me only. If we get on the teams, we will play basketball and baseball in our uniforms, in the privacy of our room. That means we are the ones that will be stripping each other out of those tight white uniforms."

Matt reached over to Alex and gave him a couple of squeezes in the front, causing him to jump. His dick got hard instantly. Wanting to return the favor, Alex reached over and not only gave Matt's dick a couple of squeezes, he actually held on to it when it got hard through the jeans. The others knew something was up with these guys, but did not mention it. They moved onto to another conversation, letting those two do their thing.

Like clockwork, Jacob got up and headed over to the ROTC building. Getting so involved into the conversation of them wanting to join the baseball and basketball teams, Alex and Matt had forgotten about the talk they had with Zach in the morning. At the same time, both of them called out to Jacob and headed over to him.

As they ran to catch up with Jacob, Steve and Robert were in their own little world. They got horny talking about seeing Alex and Matt in their baseball uniforms. They both imagined what the two would look like, and man did their imaginations get away from them. It got away from them so bad; both of them were sporting huge woods.

Therefore, when everyone was getting up to head outside, Robert and Steve both placed their trays below their belts in order to hide their raging hard ons. When they dumped their trash and gave their trays to the guy behind the counter, they quickly moved their book bag to their front. Lucky for them, none of the others saw what they were doing, or they would have never let them hear the last of it.

By the time they reached their normal spot in the stadium, their dicks soften enough that they were not noticeable anymore. Steve couldn't help but laugh at the close call that he and his boyfriend had on being found out they were getting horny thinking about two other guys. When Robert heard him laugh, he knew why and could not help himself either.

The other guys turned to see what was up, but before they could ask what they were laughing about, Alex and Matt walked up. Alex looked for Aaron and found him standing with the guys he came with from Austin High School. Not wanting everyone to know what Principal Michaels asked him to do, he nodded to Aaron to follow him.

Aaron saw Alex moving his head to the right, which he understood that Alex wanted to talk with him. He excused himself from his friends, and followed Alex and Matt. He knew what the conversation was going to be, but really did not want it. Mainly because he was all talked out from the day before.

They walked up the stairs and over to the edge of the stadium. When they got there, Alex and Matt leaned against the brick wall, as Aaron stood before them looking down at the ground. Alex saw that Aaron did not want to make eye contact and feared that they were back to how it all started in Principal Michael's office yesterday.

"Aaron I don't know what I can do to make you comfortable except promise that you have nothing to worry from Matt or me. The reason I did not talk with you down there is because I don't know what you want the guys to know and what you don't want them to know. I am leaving all that up to you."

Aaron looked up and made eye contact for the first time with Alex. "I really don't know any of them to tell you the truth. I have known Joey and his friends maybe two weeks, if even that, so I don't want them to know anything right now."

"I have no problem with that, but you have to know that they are going to want to know what is going on when they see you moving into the hotel." Alex looked at Matt and back over to Aaron. "I believe you are going to move into the hotel tonight. At least that is what your dad said yesterday. Has any of that changed since the last we talked?"

"No, none of that has changed. I'm already packed and ready to leave my father's house. Tonight will be the last time I will have dinner with my family for a long time."

"I know this has to be hard on you Aaron, but I also know that you know your father is doing this to keep you safe. You have not even healed up from what they did to you in the quad, and he does not want you hurt again. I know what I am about to say is something you are not used to hearing, or even seeing, but your father really loves you. This is hurting him as much as it is hurting you."

Aaron did not say a word or move. He just kept looking down at the ground, which scared Alex a little. Getting no response from him, Alex started to think that he crossed the line talking about his father. The little that he knows about the relationship between Aaron and his father is not good. It has been bumpy the last couple of years, to put it mildly. Ever since Aaron came out, he and his father have not gotten along.

"Aaron if you feel I over step the line with you let me know. One thing you will find out about us at the hotel, we are a very vocal group of guys. We always say what is on our mind, not matter what it is. Because we are so blunt with each other, we forget that those that are not part of our group are not used to that and might take it the wrong way."

"I'd rather a person be blunt with me, than to lie to me and stab me in the back! Those I thought were my friends were the ones that hurt me. I never thought they would ever do what they did, and because they did, I question everything now. I don't know if I am ever going to get over that, but for now that is how I am."

"Well I can tell you that you probably will and especially with our group. You will see that we are a close-knit group of guys that take care of each other. Joey and Jacob have known each other for years. The only other that has known each other as long as those two, is, Chase. They pretty much met each other at the same time. I think maybe a few days difference.

Those guys have gone through hell and back. Not once have they abandoned the other. Even after break ups and fights, they are still great friends." Alex reached over and grabbed Matt's hand. "They even took me in after all the crap I did to them. There is something in this group that they can see in a person's soul and know if the person is good or bad. They don't listen to rumors, or look at the past of a person. Instead they look in the soul of a person and decide if that person is welcome within this circle."

"So what do they think about me?"

"You are standing here being allowed to move into the hotel. That alone tells you what they think about you. If they didn't trust you or like you, they would never have opened their doors to you. No matter who is asking, if they don't trust you, they won't let you into their safety zone." For the first time, Aaron smiled, which was a gorgeous smile.

"With all that said, I need to tell you I will probably not be there at the hotel when your father drops you off. As soon as school lets out, I and the rest of the guys over there..." Alex pointed to Steve and the others. "We go to work at a print shop that Matt and I own. We normally don't get back to the hotel until a little close to ten. That means you should have already gotten there and will probably be asleep when I walk in.

Plus Matt and I are going on a double date after work tonight with Jacob and Dewayne." Aaron looked at Alex a little lost. "Dewayne is someone you haven't met because he graduated last year. He is Jacob's boyfriend and lives with him. They have been together for a few months, but act as if they have been together for years.

Anyways we are going out tonight, and if everything goes right, we all will wake up in the morning with huge smiles on our faces, if you get my drift." Alex actually got Aaron to laugh. "There you go, that is what we like to see. There is no need to be serious all the time. We are kids; there is plenty of time for us to be serious after we get out of school. For now we should enjoy ourselves and have as much fun as we can."

Alex, Matt, and Aaron stood there speaking until the bell rang. Aaron opened up even more than he did the day before, which made Alex happy. It made him feel like he was actually reaching Aaron and Aaron trusts him a little more. The things he talked about was private that if a person does not trust the person they are talking to, they would never breath a word of it.

Just like any other Friday afternoon at school, it dragged on for Alex. He tried to not keep looking at his watch or the clock on the wall, but he couldn't help himself. Every so often, he would glance over to Matt and do something that would crack him up. Doing that and drawing helped him pass the time in class.

When the final bell rang, Alex flew out of his seat as if the building was on fire. Even his security had a hard time keeping up with him because they were not prepared on what he did. By the time he reached his and Matt's locker, his security had caught up with him as well as Matt. They did everything they needed to do at their locker, before heading out to the truck, where the rest of the guys were waiting.

All the way to print shop the guys started to talk about their favorite subject of the week. Alex could not wait until tomorrow when Jacob got them their vehicles so they would shut up. At least if they do talk about their new cars, they won't be talking about it in his truck since they will be driving themselves everywhere.

To Alex's surprise, the evening went by fast. It felt like he had just sat down in his seat when Matt walked in to go home. He quickly tossed everything he was working on into the drawers of his desk, turned off everything, and followed Matt out of his office. They made sure everyone was out of the print shop before locking it up and then did the same thing with the building before setting the alarm.

Little did Alex know, he was being watched as he and the others were walking to the parking lot. Across street in an old beat up Oldsmobile was Ashton dunked down looking out the driver side window. He did not move as he watched the guy he hated so much get into his SUV and pulled out of the parking lot.

Ashton did not pop his head up until he knew Alex and passed him. The only problem was when he did get up. He did it when Alex's detail passed him. One of the agents saw him and right away got on the radio. Since there was no other security vehicle and they knew it was Ashton in the car watching Alex, they did not stop. Their priority was to make sure Alex was kept safe. Therefore, they called it in and handed it to EPPD.

He knew he fucked up, so Ashton started his car and sped out of there. Knowing that the cops were on their way, he used one of the escape routes that he planned for just this moment. By the time the EPPD arrived, Ashton was long gone and they had no idea where he went or where to even start looking since he was not on foot.

Going up and down the streets around Jacob and Al's office building for fifteen minutes and not finding anything, the police officers called it quits. They radioed in to see what their watch commander wanted them to do before leaving the area. Once they told their watch commander what they did, he agreed that they were wasting their time and ordered them back to their checkpoint.

After getting off the radio with his officers, the watch commander could not help but think to himself what a waste of city and state resources on having the roadblocks up. It is not doing a thing since Ashton seems to be able to get through them undetected. Seeing that, he made a mental note to bring up his concerns to his bosses and recommend shutting down the roadblocks and concentrating their resources around Alex and his family. It appears in his mind that is the only way they are going to get Ashton.

Meanwhile Alex and his security arrived at the hotel. Not letting Alex know what was going on, they rushed him and the others in. Once they were inside, the security locked down the building and asked everyone to gather in the lobby. Still with no explanation on what was going on from the security, Alex and the others did what they were asked.

While Alex and the others gathered, the head of Alex's security went looking for Jacob. They found him in the restaurant talking with Nancy. Not wanting to interrupt him, but had no other choice, Alex's head of security walked up to Jacob and whispered into his ear. Jacob looked over at him with not a worried look, but not a stunned look either. A look between the two, which confused the head of security.

Jacob got up and polity excused himself as he walked to the kitchen where they found Marco preparing dinner for those that just got back with Francesca. Jacob asked them to turn everything off and to join the others in the lobby. They looked at Jacob, but seeing that Alex's head of security was with him, they knew something was going on.

Francesca turned off the stove and moved the pans to the cooler burners before heading to the lobby to make sure her son was okay. When she saw him laughing and joking around with the other boys, she was lost. If he was not harmed or even worried that means whatever is going on in the kitchen must have nothing to do with him, Francesca thought. Boy was she wrong and soon she was going to find out how wrong she was.

About twenty minutes after she walked into the lobby, Jacob and several security agents walked in. Everyone quieted down and looked at Jacob to see what was going on. Alex and Matt tried to read Jacob and the security agent's faces, but could not get anything from them. Whatever is going on, they are keeping it close to their belt.

"From what I was just told, we have been getting to lazy around here about security." Jacob spoke in a soft, but reinsuring voice. "Alex as you drove out of the parking lot this evening, you were being watched by no other than Ashton. He was parked across the street from my building in an old beat up car."

Alex was stunned that he did not see Aston there parked watching him. He was more in his mind about getting home and getting ready for the date than he was looking around for any threats. As Jacob said at the beginning, they are getting lazy about security, and he most of all. If he were on top of his game, he would never have missed that.

"Ashton is somehow getting through the road blocks and getting too close to you Alex and rest of us. I do not like it and I will not be able to live with myself if anything would happen to any of you. Therefore, there are going to be changes made around here, which many of you will not like, but need to be done. In fact, these changes should have been done as soon as we moved in here, but I never thought we were in danger.

The hotel is Joey's, but we are staying here and we are the ones that need the security, not him and the others living here. Therefore, I am going to shell out the money to pretty much lock this place down tighter than Fort Knox. In the coming days things are going to change and they are going to be very visible to the naked eye."

Jacob took everyone through the changes that are going to go into effect. Some would not change their day-to-day activities like the security cameras everywhere, but others will. No longer will the front door, or any door of the hotel for that matter, be left unlocked for anyone to walk in. A system is going to be installed that you not only need your badge to get in, but a four-digit pin that will change once a week. Any friends that come down must be cleared by hotel security before they set foot in the place. In addition to that, friends will not have access on any other floor except the lobby, and much more.

When Jacob finished talking everyone through the changes, they all looked like they were told that their dog died. Jacob tried to put a good spin on it, but it did not work. As of this moment, their lives will change. They will no longer be as free as they were before because of idiots like Ashton. None of them blamed Alex. They blamed this increase in security on EPPD since they have been unable to do their job.

Once Jacob was done, he opened the floor for question. No one had any, so he ended the meeting. As everyone walked out, Alex walked up to Jacob and was about to ask him if their plans for the night were in the shit can, but Jacob beat him to the punch, it was not. That put a smile on his face as he and Matt headed up stairs to get ready for their date.


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I feel sorry for Aaron but it will be for his own good because if any of his old friends come round trying to cause trouble they will have to contend with the hotel security. I am sure eventually he will settle in and maybe even find a boyfriend.

I agree with Jacob about Chase. Go for it, you have a hot body yearning for you so try it out, if you do not like and prefer girls (YUK) please let Marco down gently.

There is not much more to say, because Jacob more or less covered everything. On a personal note thank you, all for the kind words regarding my taking on Rebirth. I am relieved that you like it and will try to keep the standard going.

Hugs Trevor