Written by: J.P.G.


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Story Written by: J.P.G.

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Chapter 56

Alex tried to stay awake while the Mayor and the Chief of Police were there visiting, but he kept dozing off and they saw it. After the third time Alex jerked awake, the Mayor thanked Alex once again for everything he had done and then Matt and Franseca. Once he went around the room, he made his way out, leaving Alex alone with the Chief of Police.


"Our Mayor left me alone with you and your family for a reason." Chief Falster looked around the bed into Alex, Franseca and Matt's faces. "He figures I'm the right person to talk with you since I'm new at the job and everything that happened, happened before I came into my position. It kind of makes sense, but I'm not about to talk with you about what he wants me to. It just doesn't feel right!"


Chief Falster walked over to window and gazed out. After standing there at the window for a minute or so, he made his way to the door and made sure it was closed. He knew one of the Mayor's men were at the door and was listening in, so he would have to keep his voice low as what he is about to tell Alex since what he'll say is completely the opposite of what he was asked to say.

Alex, Matt and Franseca looked at Falster and were wondering the same thing. What in the world was he doing? He threw a half thought out and then just walked away, which has all three of them confused. They knew the visit from the Mayor wasn't just kindness, that he has a motive and by the looks of it they are about to find out what that motive is.


Once Falster felt the room was as secure as he could make it, he made his way back to Alex's bed. "The Mayor wants me to try and dissuade you from suing the city and the different departments that failed you in the last month." Franseca was about to object, but stopped when she saw Falster put his finger over his lips. "Like I was saying, he wants me to try and get you to see what happened in the last month in a different light, but I won't.

The way I see it if I was in your shoes I would want to sue the pants off of anyone and everyone that failed me. From what happened at El Paso High School and what the old chief of police did all the way up to this last weekend, you have been failed by those that were supposed to protect you. I don't have an excuse for that failure and I'm not going to make up one or give you the line of bull crap the Mayor wants me to feed you.


With all that said young Alex, sue the hell out of the city, the police department, fire department and the school district. It won't affect me in any way since it all happened before I took over." Alex was surprised to hear Falster take that position. "Your life was not put in jeopardy once, but several times these last months and, as a parent, I wouldn't just accept an apology from those that put my son's life in danger and a stupid plaque."

Falster tapped on the plaque that was given to Alex by the Mayor. "I know this has been said by several people out there in the last couple of days and I am going to say it again because it's true." Franseca, Alex and Matt looked straight into Falster's eyes. "The only way any company, city or government office gets the message that things need to be fixed is by them getting sued. Not just a simple lawsuit, but suing the pants off of those that need to have their blinders removed in order to see wrongs that are right before their very eyes.


If they get away with an apology and a ten dollar plaque, nothing is going to change." Once again Falster tapped Alex's plaque. "You can't fold because nothing will get fixed and maybe the next kid that's put in harm's way might not be as lucky as you were Alex. So please don't let anyone walk in here and try and talk you out of suing the city of El Paso and the other departments that are at fault for what has happened to you in the last month."


Alex couldn't believe he was being told to sue the city by its own chief of police. He agrees with Falster that the only way things are going to get changed is by hurting them where it counts, their bank accounts. The only thing that is holding him back on that is when he wins the lawsuit the ones that will actually hurt is the taxpayers because their taxes will increase in order to pay for the lawsuit. However, at the same time those that are in power and are voted into their positions will lose their jobs. So that means it's a wash to a point in Alex's thinking.


"Chief Falster, I will make sure my son won't be talked out of suing those responsible for putting him in danger. In fact we have already got the ball rolling on that by getting in touch with Alfred Serna. He got us in touch with a very good law firm. In the next week or so the lawsuit is going to be filed and the Mayor and the others that are going to be named in the lawsuit will be served with the lawsuit. I really hope you are prepared for all that."


Falster smiled as he nodded his head. "Ma'am there is no way this lawsuit is going to affect me. As I said before, everything that happened to young Alex here happened before I took over. That means I won't be named in this lawsuit. In fact you will be doing me a favor. It will help me effect the changes I want to enact. Without the powers that be being awakened, the changes I want to put in affect won't happen. They will think they got away with this and they will be able to get away with things like this in future."


Franseca agreed with Falster on every point he made. They talked a few more minutes before Falster had to take his leave. He wanted to stay and talk more with the younger Alex because he was nothing like his father or grandfather. There was no doubt in his mind it was Franseca that made a difference and saved her son from the prison life.


After Falster left, Alex dozed off to sleep. Every fifteen to thirty minutes he would wake up, but when he saw Matt and his mother sitting there at his bedside, he went back to sleep. Alex had no idea when Matt crawled into bed with him, but when he realized his boyfriend was lying beside him, he wrapped his arms around him and held onto him as tight as he could without hurting him.


The noise in the hallway woke Alex up. When he got his bearings, he saw two older people sitting in the chairs at the far side of his room. He had no idea who they were since he had never seen them before. They were into their conversation they didn't see that he had woken up and he wasn't about to alert them he was awake.


He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep as he flipped over in the bed so where he was facing Matt. Not wanting the two older couple to catch on he was awake, he didn't move for a couple of minutes. When he felt he gave it enough time that they weren't looking at him, he gently started to shake Matt awake under the covers.


It took longer for Alex to wake up Matt since he was gently shaking him. When Matt returned to the world of the living, he smiled at Alex, loving that he woke up at his boyfriend's side. However, he saw concern in his boyfriends face. He had no idea what Alex could be concerned about, and he was about to talk, Alex placed his finger over his lips to stop him.


In a whisper, Alex started to speak. "Try and look over my shoulders and look at the older couple sitting in the room. I don't know who they are and I have never seen them before. So that leaves me with only one assumption, they are here to try and talk me out of suing."


Matt lifted his head just enough to peek over Alex's shoulders. When he got a clear view of the older couple sitting there talking, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He should have suspected, but he still couldn't believe it. He laid his head back down next to Alex's with a big smile on his face, which got Alex more anxious then he already was.


"Don't worry Alex, those two aren't here to try and talk you out of anything, they are my grandparents." Alex breathed in a sigh of relief. "I guess Noah has already spoken with them and told them how to find me." At the very moment Matt realized that he hasn't told Alex anything that he and Noah had spoken about in the last couple of days.


"I'm sorry Alex, I completely forgot that I haven't told you about the conversation I had with Noah about my grandparents and the rest of my family." Matt went into as much detail as he could and told Alex everything. It was hard because he was whispering and Alex heard every other word. Matt realized that Alex was hearing everything he was saying, so he started over, but this time he didn't go into a lot of detail. He hit the bullet points and when he was done Alex had a smile on his face.


"You need to get out of this bed and go and greet your grandparents." Alex whispered. "I lost count how many times you have told me how much you want to talk with more of your family. Well here's your chance, so take an advantage of it. Don't let me or anyone stop you from mending fences with those in your family that want to be part of your life."


Matt didn't need to say a word, his facial expression said it all. He turned around the bed and played off as if he just woke up. He stretched out his arms, yawned and then started to rub his face. As he got up into the sitting position, he looked over to where his grandparents were sitting and pretended it was the first time he saw them.


He quickly crawled out of the bed and walked over to them. As he reached his grandparents, they had stood up and extended their arms. They hugged each other and held the hug for a very long time. Alex had turned and looked their direction. Matt's grandfather was the first to see Alex and he broke the hug with his grandson and wife.


Matt looked over to Alex, to his grandparents and back to Alex. He did that several times trying to get a read on what his grandparents were thinking. No matter how hard he looked into their faces, he couldn't read them. Hesitantly he gave up and walked over to Alex, with his grandparents right behind him. The whole way over to the bed Matt hoped and prayed that his grandparents would accept Alex as part of the family.


Clearing his throat, Matt started the introductions. At first he stuttered, but once he got the stuttering under control, he spoke clearly. Alex was preparing for Matt's grandparents to start yelling or throwing out demands, but when they leaned down and hugged him, both Alex and Matt were surprised. Both of them were preparing for the worst.


"It is good to finally meet you Alex. We have heard a lot about you from Noah, Matt's cousin. Thank you being there for our grandson when his family wasn't." Alex could see Maxwell, Matt's grandfather, was sincere in what he was saying by the way he was speaking, his body language and the look on his face. "When we should have been there for Matt, we weren't and for that I'm deeply sorry. I also promise that won't happen again."

"There is no need to apologize grandpa! I see now all the hell I put you and the rest of the family through when I was only thinking about myself. You guys stood beside me as long as you could and it took tough love to open my eyes to what I was doing."


"Trust me Matty boy, we felt bad shutting our doors on you. On top of that, we feel even worse having listened to your parents without giving you a chance to defend yourself. We know you did some bad things that are yours to own, but there is no way you did everything that your parents said you did. Not the Matt we know. So from now on we are going to listen to both sides and then make up our own minds, not let others do that for us."

That made Matt happy and Alex too. "We understand that you boys have been out of that ugly place since December. What have you been up to?" Maxwell asked as he turned and pulled up the chair for him and one for his wife. "I know all about the house, what happened this last weekend and a little bit of what happened in-between. So please fill in the rest for us."



"Well grandpa I don't even know where to start, let's see..." Matt went over some of what Noah had told their grandparents, but the majority of what Matt said was new. Every now and then, one of Matt's grandparents would stop Matt and ask him to either repeat what he had said or ask him a question. However, at the end, they didn't take offense to any of what Matt had to say, which surprised Matt most of all.


Alex knew that Matt and his grandparents had a lot to talk about and told them to go and have lunch. Matt didn't want to leave Alex's bedside, but Alex didn't leave him with any other choice but to go. Reluctantly he agreed, gave his boyfriend a kiss goodbye, and headed out with his grandparents to the Taco Bell across the street from the hospital.


They placed their orders, got their food and then chose a booth in the corner of the restaurant. At first no one said anything to really get excited about, they just made small talk. After halfway into their meal, the conversation started to get more serious. Not in a bad way. Maxwell and Eleanor, Matt's grandparents, wanted to know more about how things are in Matt's life.


Scratching his head before taking a drink of his Pepsi, Matt thought long and hard about everything he had told his grandparents to see if he'd forgotten anything. "I don't know of anything else I haven't told you already except about Alex's and my business." That grabbed his grandparents' attention. "Not a big business, but it makes us money to live on."


Matt went into detail on how he and Alex got the money to start up the business they each own half of. After getting through how the business got started, he explained how the business got its name, which brought tears to both of Matt's grandparents' eyes. He stopped for a moment to make sure his grandparents were okay, and then continued with his story.


"Just today we got the word that our dear departed friend Ron's estate has been finalized and we have our checks." Matt pulled out the envelope that had the check in it and handed it to his grandparents. "With this money, Alex and I can repay the money we owe Jacob and own our business outright, debt free. That's something we thought was going to take us years is now here."


"Matt this is a lot of money here. What I understand with what you have told me, you two don't owe this young man all this. So what do you plan to do with the remainder of the amount once you pay off your debts?" Maxwell looked at his wife and back to Matt. "I hope you guys plan to put some of this away for a rainy day. Trust this old man, those days do come along when you least expect them and having something to fall back on would put your mind at rest."


"Of course grandpa, Alex and I are planning to put some of that money in the bank, but we also plan to invest some of it. Jacob's grandfather really knows how to make money and we are planning to go to him in the next couple of days to see what advice he has for us as far as investing our money where we can make a lot more than interest."


"I don't know about that, Matt! With this kind of money I don't know if I would trust another person with it and more so a person that makes a living off of investing someone else's money." Matt was a little confused by where his grandfather was going with that, and Maxwell saw the confusion in his face. "Don't get me wrong, it is a good idea, but throwing it in a savings account is a lot safer and you know that money will always be there.


As far as taking money and giving over to your friend's grandfather, it is a good idea, but, and yes there is a `but' there. He is your friend's grandfather. Put aside what I just said about not trusting a man that makes a living on investing someone else's money. The guy you are talking about wouldn't take care of your money as he does his grandson's since neither of your blood."


Matt saw where his grandfather was coming from, but he was wrong in this case since he hasn't met Jacob or his grandfather. He hasn't really gotten to know either of the two, but what Alex has talked about them and what he has seen and heard from the other guys, these guys will never wrong another no matter what has happened in the past.


"Grandpa please understand this one thing, you don't know these two guys I'm talking about. I understand your concern and trust me I had the same concerns at first, but not anymore. Jacob isn't the type of guy that would take or profit from another. He doesn't need to do that anymore since he is almost a billionaire." Maxwell and Eleanor's eyes shot wide open.


"As far as his grandfather, you are wrong about how he makes his living. He isn't an investor of any kind. Al only invested his money, his grandson's and Joey's money. He has a full time job working as the Governor's Chief of Staff. So this guy, just like Jacob, is pure of heart and would take care of Alex's and my money as if it was his own."


Maxwell was stunned hearing how rich Jacob is and hearing who Jacob's grandfather is. He loves local, state and national politics. And because he really gets into politics, he knew exactly who Al is; Alfred Serna the new Chief of Staff to the Governor who took over after his old chief of staff stepped down to go on to be nominated for the lieutenant governor slot.


"I'm sorry Matt I had no idea who Jacob or his grandfather are. Now that I do, I agree with you one hundred percent. Definitely go to them and see what they can do to make the money you have work hard for you. If Mr. Serna is able to do what he did for his grandson with your money, you guys will be millionaires for sure!"


Matt turned red in the face! He tried to play it off by looking down at the table and taking a bite of his bean burrito. That didn't stop Maxwell or Eleanor from continuing. They kept talking until they had finished eating their meals and even a little longer. None of them wanted the conversation to end, but they all knew that Matt had to get back to Alex.


"Before we head off Matt, we wanted to talk with you about your parents and the rest of the family." Matt knew this conversation was coming, but had hoped he would have had a little bit more time to enjoy being with his grandparents. "The rest of the family wants you back. In fact, they made it clear to your parents they had never disowned you in the first place. They had no idea what was going on and now that they do. Let me tell you, they weren't at all happy being lied to. Your parents found a way through lies to get the family to follow their lead.


As far as us, well you know already where we stand. We were wrong by doing what we did. A day hasn't gone by that we didn't ache wanting the time we missed with you back. But since we can't, we must move on and make sure nothing that happened in the past repeats itself. We love you Matt and we want the very best for you and the one you chose to spend the rest of your life with."


Matt tried to hold it together, but it was obvious to anyone that looked his direction he was touched by whatever was being talked about. "Anyway, let me get us off this emotional rollercoaster ride and end with this Matt: You are welcome at our house and everyone else's in the family, except your parents, whenever you want to come and visit. So we expect to see you and Alex for Sunday dinners when Alex is up and around. Okay?" Matt nodded his head.


Seeing that they had been away for almost two hours, reluctantly they got up from the table, tossed out their garbage and made their way back to the hospital parking lot. They continued talking all the way there, and when they reached Matt's grandparents' car, they talked a little more before saying their tearful goodbyes. Matt stood there after hugging his grandparents and watched them drive away. He felt a little more complete by talking to his grandparents, but not one hundred complete. He still wished that there was some way that his parents could see through their hatred and accept him for who he is.


Stefano kept going over and over in his mind what he was going to say to the gang when he got to El Paso. That was all that he could think about on his long bus ride back home. Before leaving the prison for the very last time, he checked in with Mr. Garcia to see if he had anymore instructions for him, which he did. He informed him that he has sent word to the Lieutenants in El Paso to be at a certain location by six and handed him a paper. Stefano took a look at the paper quickly, memorized what was on it and handed it back to the elder Garcia.


The parting words the elder Garcia kept ringing in Stefano's mind. "Make sure you lay down the law and you show them you're the boss. If anyone tries to stand up to you, put him in his place. Even if that means killing him, do it so you send a message the others that you are in charge and you won't take any back talk. Things need to start running smoothly out of there and if they don't, I'm coming for you."


Stefano made himself a promise after hearing those words that he won't be put in the position that he has to be worried about his life. He also swore that he was not going to run his part of the gang by fear like the elder Garcia does. It doesn't produce much but fear, which won't get a lot done. Instead he will run the gang in El Paso the way he heard the young Garcia wanted to run it; like a business. He agrees with the young Garcia, the gang is a business.


The only problem with that is, he doesn't know how to even go about getting it done. The little he learned about the younger Garcia and how he was moving things over to a business set up before he left and the new boss stepped in and turned it back to the old ways, wasn't going to help him. Simply put, none of the new plans were put into action, which meant that no one could ever say what the younger Garcia wanted to do would have worked.


The closer he got to El Paso, the more he was clueless about how the younger Garcia was going to move the gang into a business set up. When the bus reached the terminal in downtown El Paso, Stefano pushed that worry to the back of his head as he got down from the bus. There to meet him was his mother and most of his family.


Putting on a mask of happiness, Stefano made his way to his family hugged each of them before they made their way to the cars. Everyone was talking all at once, but none of them were asking him about how it was being in prison, for which he was thankful. He didn't want to tell them what he had seen and what has been asked of him. It would tear the heart out of his mother, who he promised that he left that life behind.


When they reached the cars, Stefano's brother let it slip out that they were throwing him a party. He tried to take it back, but it was too late, it was out there. Stefano asked him mother about this party as they got going and after pressing her about it, she finally told him that is wasn't anything big, but there was a party. Stefano didn't like it because he asked his mother not to throw him any kind of party. He knew she couldn't afford it.


Not wanting to spoil the homecoming, he let it go and thanked her for the party as they drove up to the house. Before getting out of the car, Stefano's mother asked him to promise her that he would act surprised when he walk in and he had no problem doing that for her.


No one caught on that he was acting, which made his mother very happy. Stefano went around the room thanking everyone for showing up. Once he nodded hands with everyone at least once, he made his way to his room to get to get the few things he had put away. When he walked in, he was surprised to find his room exactly how he left it. After looking around the room for a few minutes, he made his way back to the living room and played host with his guests.


The party wasn't anything big. Those that were there were Stefano's family and friends who all wanted to welcome him home. The meal was a simple Mexican dishes, enchiladas, rice, beans, chicken and a couple of other side dishes. Once they all had eaten, they made their way out to the back yard to talk about how things had changed in the time Stefano was gone.


Every fifteen or so minutes, Stefano would look down at his watch. As it clicked closer and closer to his time to meet with his lieutenants, the more worried he got that he wasn't going to be able to make it. He started to think of an excuse to get away from his family and friends, but he couldn't think of one. Just as he was about to give up, an excuse for him to get away for a long period of time fell in his lap.


His mother needed a couple things picked up at the store, but not just any store, a store in downtown El Paso. The stores that were close to them didn't carry the items she needed, so she had no other choice but to go downtown for them. But she couldn't go because she had things cooking in the kitchen for a small evening meal. Hating to ask her son, she pulled him to the side and asked anyway and he was more than willing to help her out.


"I know something is going on Stefano!" Stefano's mother whispered as she went through her purse for her wallet. "You have been looking at your watch a lot these last couple of hours. Since I can't get you to change, just do me a favor and be careful with whatever you are going to do and get back here as soon as you can." She handed Stefano several twenties.


"I can't go through you being arrested again and sent to prison for the rest of your life. So whatever they have you doing, make sure you are smart about it. Have another do the bad things and you stay away from those bad things. Please Stefano, I need you here helping me with your brothers, not in prison. You don't belong in that place, we both know that."


Stefano couldn't argue with his mother because she was right. Even though he agreed with her and didn't want to argue with her, he didn't confirm to her that he was up to no good. In fact he told her that he wasn't which she didn't believe. As he headed out the door, she repeated what she said earlier to be careful and get home as quickly as he could.


Before going to do what his mother asked him to do, Stefano headed down to the location where the elder Garcia ordered his lieutenants to meet him. Several blocks before the location, Stefano slowed down and carefully scanned the area. To make sure there wasn't any police in the nearby houses, he went around the block several times. Once he was confident that there were no police anywhere, he headed to the house where everyone was already waiting for him.


As he walked in, all of the lieutenants stood up and just looked at the young kid as he made his way to the middle. They couldn't believe that such a young kid was picked to lead them. In fact many of them are old enough to be his father and had more experience. They thought they were up for the position, but they see how wrong they were. Now they have to report to a pimple faced teenager who doesn't look like he shaves yet.


"Please take your seats." Stefano pointed to the seats as he sat down. "The reason you all are here is because you were ordered by Mr. Garcia to be here to meet me. My name is Stefano, but my street name is Sin Miedo, no fear. Some of you know who I am because I came up in the gang under you. I know for you guys this change in leadership is going to be hard, but I also know we will be able to get past it and be able to work together."

The lieutenant that Stefano was under jumped up! "Sin Miedo I don't know what you did to get this position but let me tell you. I know you and I know that you can't handle running this gang here in El Paso. With that said, I won't fight the decision. I will back the decision one hundred percent and try and help you the best that I can to get what needs to get done here."


The other lieutenants nodded their heads in agreement. "I don't really care if any of you like the decision or not. It has been made and you all have to live with it." The lieutenants stopped nodding their heads and just looked at the young kid standing before them. "You all had your chance to get things done here in El Paso your way, and it didn't work. That's why Mr. Garcia chose me to take over because the old ways aren't working and he wants things to start moving again, and he doesn't care at what cost.


Here is what is going to happen to accomplish what Mr. Garcia has laid out for us." Stefano looked around the room and found that his lieutenants were ready to listen and follow him. "The old ways aren't working because the times have changed. Even the big mobsters changed with the times and that is how they made it as long as they have and are still successful getting business done.


Now it is our turn to change with the times if we are going to make it. We no longer can run this gang by fear because it doesn't work anymore. The proof on that is in the pudding." Stefano could see his lieutenants were confused by the last thing he said. "In other words, our recruiting is way down because no one wants to join a gang of any kind that uses threats and violence to get things done. As well if they do something wrong, they don't want to be killed."


None of the older leaders sitting agreed with Stefano and they wanted to put him in his place, but they didn't. They kept their mouths shut and just listened to this young kid who reminded them a lot of the other young kid that ran their gang who wanted to do the same thing and failed at trying. They were all hoping that would happen here with this kid as well.


"We will run this gang as a business because that is exactly what it is. We bring in product that our customers want. If we continue doing business the way we have in the past, we will run off our customer base and our suppliers. And if you need any proof of that, look at the position we are in now. No one wants to supply us or buy from us because they are afraid to do business with us for the fear of getting their butts beaten or worse, shot. Those ways must end and must end now."


Several of the lieutenants jumped up at the same time and objected to what Stefano was saying. Stefano on the other hand didn't care what they thought or had to say. As of right now he was the leader and they had to listen to what he had to say and follow his orders. Even if they didn't agree with them, they had to follow them to a T.


"Listen! I don't give a shit about your objections! This wing of the gang is going to move towards on becoming legal, as legal as we can. The parts we can't do legally, well those parts we will have to handle differently as they come. But that doesn't mean in those parts we will kill and intimidate our customers and or our people that are out there making it happen. Is that understood?" Reluctantly the lieutenants nodded their heads.

"Good then, there is two more items I need to go over with you all before I have to head out." Stefano looked at his watch and saw that he was there already thirty six minutes. "Let's go through these last two items fast. Alex Garcia, the young Garcia; it's hands off of him. That order comes from our boss and his boss as well. You all witnessed what happens when you don't follow the orders the main boss gives." All at once heads started to nod.


"The second item I have to cover with you is Ashton. We must find the guy before the police do and you guys know why. If the police get their hands on him, he will flip without a doubt. He knows way too much information on how things are done here in this wing of the gang. So reach out to your contacts in Juarez or anywhere in Mexico and find out where he is. Once one of you locates him, let me know. Don't try and go after him alone. Once again we have seen what happens when a couple of us try and be big shots for the gang by going after Ashton without backup. Somehow he gets the upper hand and people die."


"Yeah it is all just luck I am telling you. This guy has more than nine lives, but if I ever see him, I will waste all the remaining lives he has left." The lieutenant that was in charge of the northeast part of the gang shouted as he pulled out his gun and pretended to shoot it.

"I know the last few things I have said goes against what I said at the beginning, but these are orders from the top and must be executed. But once these orders are executed, we aren't going to deal with our problems with guns or fists. We are going to deal with them in ways none of you are used to, but is just as effective as using a gun or our fist, if not more."


None of the lieutenants had any idea where Stefano was going. To make matters worse, when he didn't give them any more information, they were lost even more. Just as they were about to ask him for more information, he got up and concluded the meeting. Out of experience they knew once their boss ended the meeting, it was over. If they had anything else that they wanted to cover, they would have to wait until the next meeting.

Stefano could see the confusion on his lieutenant's faces and knew he had to get out of there before they started asking him to go into more detail. He quickly ended the meeting and headed out of the house and drove off. As he drove down the street, he kept looking back to see what the lieutenants were doing. To his surprise they all got in their cars and headed if in their own directions. Seeing that they didn't stick around to discuss the meeting among themselves, he felt he got away with giving out a halfcocked plan that he has no idea how to execute.


The rest of the evening was quiet across town. Matt stayed with Alex when visiting hours were over, Franseca decided to head home and make sure her younger boys had done what they were supposed to do. She was dead on her feet and wanted to get more than a couple of hours of sleep. These last couple of days that is all the sleep she has been getting.


As she was driving into the hotel parking lot, she noticed a car in there that she has never seen before. She knew it wasn't Mrs. Walker's car because she saw her car when she left in the morning and it is still parked in the same spot. She also knows it couldn't be any other new employee because Jacob didn't mention that he had hired someone else.


Going through all the possibilities of who the car belonged to, she gave up. Mainly she was too tired to play who, how and where Colonel Mustard was killed. Her guess was the maid in the study with the candle stick. Thinking of that board game, she started to laugh because it brought back memories of when all her boys were young and use to play the game after school.


Little by little a tapping sound brought Franseca out of her thoughts. When she realized the tapping was for real, she snapped back to reality and looked out the window to see who it was. To her surprise it was Principal Michaels standing there, starting to kneel down. Putting on a smile, she started to roll down the window.


"I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you like that." Principal Michaels chuckled. "I know I promised you that I was going to let things get back to normal in your family, but I had to come down and at least see you. All I have been thinking about is you all day, and let me tell you that hasn't happened to me in very long time. In fact, I can't remember the last time that has happened to me." Michaels scratched his head. "I think it was when I first saw my wife."


Franseca smiled at the red faced principal that she heard was a hard ass from the boys. "Don't worry, it is good to see you because I thought about you as well throughout the day." Franseca motioned to Michaels that she was going to get out. "I bet you the boys in the hotel are wondering what you are doing here!"


"None of them have seen me! At least I don't think they have!" Michaels scanned the windows of the hotel to see if anyone was looking out. "I didn't want anyone to know I was here so I stayed in car until you arrived. About five minutes after getting here, several of the security staff came out to see what I was doing. I told them the truth and asked if it was possible if they wouldn't tell anyone. They told me that they wouldn't, but they had to note in their logs, which I had no problem with or with one of them staying out watching me while I waited."


"I don't know what to say except wow!" Franseca laughed as she closed her door to her car and leaned against it. "I just don't want any of the boys to start asking questions about something I have no idea where it is going to go. Plus most of my time right now is going to be spent at the hospital until Alex is released. Even then, I will be busy taking care of him when he comes home. There is no way he is going to be able to do things on his own for a while."


"Knowing Alex the way I do, I don't think he is going to be able to stay in bed and be waited on hand and foot. That young man is very independent and a leader." Michaels took one last scan of the hotel windows before leaning against the car next to Franseca. "He will probably stay in bed for a couple of days, but eventually he'll get restless and want to do things on his own."


Franseca nodded her head. "Anyways you told me that last night and I respect that. I don't want to add undue pressure on you. That you have plenty of with everything that is going on right now in your house! All I want is to get to you outside being Alex's mother. I know there is a lot more there about you than you have allowed others to see."


This time Franseca turned all shades of red. "There is nothing that interesting about me. I am a single mother of three boys who works for a very nice young man that pays pretty well. My kids father, well let's just say you wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley one night, God rest his soul. He not only did a lot harm to a lot of people out there, but to his own family. Other than that, my late ex-husband was the only exciting thing in my life."

"Don't sell yourself short Franseca, there is a lot more to you than just being a mother of three great boys and widow of a gangster. Mr. Garcia knew where he was going in his life way before he met you. So trust me when I say this, when he asked you to marry him, you had a lot more to offer than being a great mother to his future kids. In other words, he saw what I see, a very attractive and delightful, warm woman that everyone loves to be around."


Franseca didn't know what to say so she just stayed quiet. "I know there are things in your back ground that probably scare off most guys, but not me and let me tell you why. I don't care what happened in the past because I know it won't affect the future. Alex is proof enough of that."

The only question that has been bouncing around my head is about your husband's father and the rest of his family. I know most of the males, if not all of them on your husband's side are all locked up and will pretty much be spending the rest of their life behind bars. But I was wondering will any of them turn up one day and want to be part of your kids' lives."


Not meaning to, Franseca started to laugh, confusing Michaels. "I'm sorry about that, but you don't know anything about my late husband's family. Once Alex turned against the life of being in the gang, they all disowned him and the rest of the family. In their eyes and mind we don't exist anymore. In other words, we are all dead to them and I like it like that. So none of them are going to show up one day and want to get involved in my sons' lives."


Michaels breathed in a sigh of relief. He has learned from others and on television how gangsters deal with new comers in their family. More so someone that comes in and starts to date the wife of one of their own that had passed away. With what he has found out, they don't accept the new guy and normally they handle it in a way that ends someone's life.


"They didn't care about Alex and the boys when Alex Sr. was alive, they are going to care even less now that their father is now gone. So if you are worried that they are going to appear one day and make trouble, don't. Everything dealing with that side of the family is been dealt with the moment as I said before when Alex quit the gang life."


"That had to make you very happy when he decided that wasn't the life he wanted?" Franseca nodded her head. "As an educator I'm glad he chose the right path because that young man has a good head on his shoulders. It would have gone to waste if he would have stayed in the gang life and not planning to go to college and getting a higher education."


Hearing that coming from her son's principal, Franseca couldn't be any happier. She always knew that her son had more to him then his muscle and great looks. His father thought otherwise because that is how he was brought up, but not her. She always knew Alex was smart could go places if only he was left alone to work on his studies.


"Thank you for those kind words. You don't know how that makes me feel after what has been going on in the last couple of days. I know others would have done things differently with a son like Alex, like wash their hands of him, but I couldn't and will never be able to. My three boys are my life and I will do anything to make sure they have every opportunity for the life they deserve."


"Well you are defiantly on the right track on getting that done." Michaels stood up and walked in front of Franseca. "I know before we even try to see if dating is even a possibility, there are a lot of things we need to discuss. Besides the obvious of me being Alex's principal and one day soon your other two boys' principal, there is the other boys in the house to think about. Each of them goes to my school and I can't let others think I'm showing favoritism to them. Besides those things, there is a whole lot of other things we need to talk about to see if we can make this work."


"I agree with you on that, but I don't think we need to talk about every little thing right off the bat. You being the principal to Alex, soon my other boys and the others in the house, yes we have to talk about that. We need to make sure no one can ever say you are showing favoritism to them because at the end of the day you need to stay untouchable in your job."


Franseca and Michaels sat out there for almost an hour talking about the two things weighing heavily on their minds. Michaels being the principal at El Paso High school and what if anything would her late husband's family would do if they ever find out she was dating again. Once they were confident enough that they cleared those two items up, they said their goodbyes.


Michaels wanted to kiss Franseca goodnight, but he thought better of it. He didn't want to rush things or make it look like he was rushing things, so he held back and settled for a handshake and a promise to see each other before the week was out. As he got into his car, he felt like a high school student again, a kid head over heels in love with a girl.


Wednesday flew by fast for Alex, his friends and family. The only thing that was exciting that they talked about was the debate between Jacob and Markus after school. Everyone that lived at the hotel that attended El Paso was talking about it. When some of them stopped by the hospital before heading home from work Wednesday evening told Alex and Matt what happened, making them regret that they weren't there to not only support their friend, but to witness it.


Matt knew he had to go school on Friday because it was Election Day, but as far as Thursday he decided that he was going to stay with Alex. Alex tried to fight him on that, but Matt wasn't hearing any of it. He wanted to be there for him when he needed him the most. At the same time Alex thought the worst was over and now it was healing time, which for the next couple of days if not weeks having Matt, his mother or anyone for that matter hanging around won't hurry that process.


Dropping his objections, Alex enjoyed the evening with Matt after everyone had left the hospital. They stayed up watching TV until Alex couldn't stay awake any longer. Once they both realized they couldn't keep themselves up anymore, they gave in and turned in for the night. They slept comfortably through the night together in the single bed that normally only one sleeps in.


The next morning, Alex was the first to get up. Not wanting to disturb his boyfriend. He laid there in the bed caressing Matt. Gently he moved his hand up and down Matt's right arm. Little by little he made his way further and further down Matt's body. Before he knew it, he was caressing Matt's right buttocks, making his morning wood even more intense.


Unable to control his hormones, Alex used his other hand and slowly made his way under his boxers. Once he reached his hard dick, he started to stroke it as he continuing caressing Matt. As he got close to exploding, he felt Matt's hand on his, causing him to freeze. He looked down and saw his boyfriend looking straight up at him with a big grin on his face.


"Why don't you let me take care of that?" Matt didn't wait for an answer. He removed Alex's hand from his boxers and slowly removed the boxers down his muscular thighs. Once the boxers were at the cast, he stopped because he didn't want to hurt Alex. They weren't in the way impeding what he wanted to get to, Alex's dick that was standing at attention.


With a big grin on his face, he leaned over and started to lick up and down Alex's dick slowly, driving Alex crazy. It was driving him so crazy he started to moan. At first the moans were low, but little by little the moans got louder and louder. Once the moans got to the point Matt thought that it was going to bring in the nursing staff, he stopped licking up and down Alex's shaft and looked up at him, placing his finger over his lips.


"Please Alex don't be so loud!" Matt moved up to Alex's face and started to give soft kisses on his forehead. "You don't want the nurses to come running in here thinking that you are in pain, or do you?" Alex didn't say a word or move an inch. "You want an audience watching us making love?" Alex's eyes shot open and he rapidly started to shake his head. "I thought so, so please don't be so loud or we will have an audience."

Matt looked over to the door and saw it was cracked open. He quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the door, closing it. He looked up and down it to see if there was a lock, and when he didn't see one, he peeked out and saw one of Alex's security agents standing there. He tapped on the door to get the security agents attention. Once he had it, he asked him to keep everyone out of the room until he comes back out to tell him otherwise.


As soon as he got the security agent to agree, he shut the door again and made his way back to Alex with his hard dick fighting to get set free. Immediately Alex saw that, and before Matt could crawl back into bed with him, he stopped him. At first Matt thought Alex didn't want to have sex anymore, but when Alex started to tug at his boxer briefs, he knew what he was up.


Trying to make it easy for him, Matt moved as close to the bed as he could. It took a little more work on Alex's part than normal, but he was able to pull down Matt's boxer briefs that were hugging his body as if they were painted on him. When Matt's dick snapped out at attention, Alex licked his lips as he wrapped his right hand around it.


"There is no way I'm going to be able to do what I want to do with this." Alex whispered not breaking eye contact from Matt's hard dick, already leaking loads of pre cum. "Can you please get on the bed and, um, well, um..."


Matt placed his finger on Alex's lip as he finished pulling off his blue boxer briefs. Tossing them to the floor, Matt slowly got on the bed and straddled Alex. Once he was almost sitting on Alex's chest, he leaned forward and started to kiss his boyfriend. While they switched back and forth on whose tongue was in whose mouth, Alex moved his hands over to Matt's dick and started to play with it. Not wanting Matt to explode all over his chest and face, Alex stopped stroking Matt's dick. At the same time he broke the kiss and moved his hands around Matt's waist.


Alex started to pull Matt closer and closer to his face and didn't stop until Matt's dick was touching his lips. Sticking out his tongue, Alex started to lick the pre cum that was steadily now leaking out of Matt's dick. While Alex was enjoying the sweet taste of Matt's pre cum, Matt leaned backwards with his eyes closed enjoying how it felt with Alex's tongue at his head of his dick. It was throwing shock waves all through his body, making him feel horny all over.


Then when Alex slowly wrapped his lips around his dick, Matt shot to outer space. He left his body and he was looking down at what was going on between them. Alex slowly started to take in his dick. When he got it all in, he rested and played with his dick, driving Matt even crazier. He thought he was going to lose it right there.


Alex must have known that because he slowly started to come back up. Just as Matt's dick was about to come out of Alex's mouth, Alex started to go back down. Little by little Alex started to gain speed. Once Alex was in his groove, it didn't take long for Matt to start shooting his load into Alex's mouth. Alex didn't let one drop go to waste. He swallowed it all, and enjoyed every bit of it. Even when Matt was drained, Alex kept trying to get some more. Since they hadn't had sex for a while, Matt got hard again instantly and in minutes afterward he exploded again.


As he came down from his high, he slowly removed his dick from Alex's mouth, who didn't want to let it go. But as he slowly removed his softening dick from his boyfriend's mouth, he moved back to Alex's mid-section. He knew he was there when he ran into Alex's hard dick sticking straight up to the air.


With Alex's pre cum, Matt lubed up Alex's dick and then his hole. After making sure there was enough lube on both Alex's dick and his hole, Matt slowly leaned backwards, guiding Alex's dick to his hole. After a couple tries, Alex's dick broke through and started to sink into Matt, making both of them feel as if they were one.


At first Matt didn't move once he had Alex's dick completely in him. He wanted to savor that moment because he had no idea when the next time they were going to have sex. But at the same time he knew at any moment the nurses or worse, their mother will walk in. So he slowly to move off of Alex's dick, and just like Alex did, Matt didn't let Alex's dick completely out.


Just as the head was seeing light again, Matt slowly to go back down! He stayed at this speed for little more than six minutes, driving Alex insane. The more Alex tried to control the speed, the slower Matt went. Finally Matt picked up speed, and as Alex was getting close to explode, he slowed back down, not letting Alex to reach his climax.


After bringing his boyfriend to the edge, but not letting him cum several times, Matt got off of him and started to jerk him off. It didn't take long for Alex to start to shoot, and when he did, Matt engulfed Alex's dick, sucking down every drop of Alex's cum. Once Alex was spent, Matt hesitantly let Alex's dick slip out his mouth as he fell next to his boyfriend on the bed.


They sat there looking up at the roof, trying to catch their breath. Just as they were breathing normally, the door flew open and Franseca came walking in. Quickly Matt reached over and pulled the covers over him and Alex. Lucky for them she was turned around arguing with the security agent or she would have caught them laying there in their birthday suits.


When the security agent saw that the boys were covered, he stopped arguing with Franseca and left the room. She turned and looked at the boys sitting there looking at her red in the face. At first she thought they had red faces because they were woken up, but little did she know the reason they were red in the face was because they had just finished having hot heavy sex.


Then as she made her way to her son's bed, she saw her son's boxers sticking out of the covers. She looked at Alex, and then Matt, but didn't put it together yet that she walked in on them just finishing having sex with each other. That was until she walked around and found Matt's blue boxer briefs on the floor. It hit her like a ton of bricks what she walked into.


Not wanting to look at the boys, she started to make her way back to the door, but tripped on Matt's boxer briefs. They got tangled up in her high heels, which grabbed Alex and Matt's attention. Alex can't remember the last time he saw his mother in high heels and dressed up the way she is right now. He wanted to ask her why she was dressed up, but couldn't.


Matt had his hand around Alex's dick the entire time Franseca was in the room. He was surprised that his mother didn't see his hard dick against the sheets. As they watched Franseca stumble around the room trying to get free from Matt's boxer briefs, Matt started to speed up on jerking off Alex. Just as Franseca stepped out, Alex exploded all over Matt's hand.


"You know you're and asshole." Alex snarled, punching Matt in the shoulder. Matt couldn't help but break out laughing seeing his boyfriend's face. "This isn't funny Matt. My mom not only knows what we were doing before she walked in, but you were jerking me off while she was walking over to probably give me a kiss! What would have happened if I exploded when she leaned in to kiss me? How would I have been able to explain to her what got on her dress?"


"Well I guess we will never know since that didn't happen!" Matt said between laughs. "You should see your face right now Alex. Man you would be on the floor laughing even harder than I am right now." Matt crawled out of the bed and walked over to the door to fetch his underwear with his dick at attention. "Look, I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself, your dick was winking at me and you know how much I love your dick."


For the first time since his mother walked into the room, Alex cracked a smile. Then he cracked up laughing thinking back to just moment ago with his mother and the look on her face. She looked like she was about to have a heart attack or something when she realized that she had walked into the room just as her boys finished having sex.


As Alex lay there laughing at the whole seen that just unfolded with his mother, Matt was going around the bed collecting his and Alex's clothes. Once he had everything, he quickly got dressed. He got a warm, wet wash cloth to clean Alex up and then helped Alex pull up his boxes and put on his running pants under his hospital gown. Just as they finished getting dressed, they heard a soft knock on the door. They both thought it was their mother, but when they invited whoever was at the door in, it wasn't.


"Good morning boys, how are you boys doing this morning?" Dr. Whitmore looked around the room, smelling something that he hasn't smelled before in the hospital. He couldn't put it together, but he knew it wasn't the normal smell in the rooms. "I will make sure this room gets cleaned up before lunch. I'm so sorry that you guys have to be in a room that smells like this."


It took everything Alex and Matt had to keep from breaking up laughing. At the same time they told Dr. Whitmore not to worry about the smell, they were used to it, but Whitmore refused to let this dirtiness get by him. He explained that if the room was dirty, there was more of a chance that Alex would come down with and infection through his wounds.


"Boys I don't want to scare you, so let's just drop this and have the housekeeping staff come up here and do their job." Alex and Matt nodded their heads in hopes that would drop the subject. "Alex I spoke with the nursing staff assigned to you and they informed me that you have had a couple goodnights. If you make it through the rest of the week without any problems, I will go ahead and let you out on Saturday so you can go home and enjoy the weekend with your family. How does that sound to you?"


"That sounds awesome doctor! Thank you so much!" Alex looked at Matt, high fiving him.


"Good that is settled. If the next two nights go as well as the last couple nights you will be going home on Saturday." Dr. Whitmore walked up to the bed and looked at Alex's legs. "You have to promise me when I do release you, you won't put pressure on your legs. Even if you feel you can walk on them, don't because it's not that your legs are ready, it's because of the pain meds."


"I promise Dr. Whitmore, I won't try to walk until you tell me I can. But if you release me on Saturday, can I go back to school on Monday or do I have to stay home for another week or so?" Alex looked at Dr. Whitmore with his puppy dog look.


"Let's play that by ear, okay?" Alex nodded his head. "We need to first get you to Saturday. When that day rolls around, I will be able to give you an answer to that question. But I'm warning you not to get your hopes up that I'm going to let you. You have to give your legs more time to set before you get into crowded areas like your high school hallways and cafeteria."


Alex understood what Dr. Whitmore was telling him, so he didn't fight him on it. He agreed to wait and dropped the subject. Dr. Whitmore finished looking Alex over before calling in one of the nurses to call the housekeeping staff up to Alex's room. When she walked in, she smelled sweat and sex in the air and knew exactly what had gone on in the room.


She winked at Alex and Matt as she promised Dr. Whitmore that she will get right on that. As soon as he was satisfied that the room was going to get cleaned, he bid Alex and Matt goodbye and continued on his rounds. The nurse followed Dr. Whitmore out of the room, but turned back and smiled and winked once more at the boys when she reached the door and then walked out.


When Alex and Matt thought the worst was over, Franseca walked back into the room. She didn't look the boys in the eyes as she took her seat and started asking Alex how he was doing. Both of the boys felt bad, but didn't know what to do to make their mother look them in their face. So they kept talking and in time she did make eye contact.


After an hour of talking, Franseca left the room to get the boys something to eat. As she was gone, Alex and Matt started to talk what they were going to do with the money they got from Ron's estate. They knew that money was coming, but at the same time they thought that Ron's brother was going to hold it up in court as long as he could. So they weren't really ready when the lawyer walked in and handed them their checks.

"Let's try and get a hold of Al and see what he thinks we should do." Alex said as he turned and grabbed the phone. He dialed Al's office number and a few rings later, Al's secretary's voice came over the line. Alex told her who he was and asked if he was available. She put him on hold and a few minutes later Al's voice came over the line.


"Mr. Serna I'm so sorry to bother you at work, but you are the only one Matt and I could think of to go to for this kind of question." Right away Al thought the worst and started to ask if everyone was okay. "Oh I'm so sorry sir I didn't mean to scare you like that. Yes everyone is just fine. Jacob is back at the hotel and by the looks of it I might get released on Saturday, leaving only Tom and Thomas here. They won't be getting out anytime soon."


"Thank god you got my heart going a mile a minute there for a minute." Al settled down in his seat. "Don't worry about bothering me Alex, I'm here whenever you need someone to talk to, so shoot, what can I help you with?"


"Well sir Matt and I finally got our settlement." Al was lost on what Alex was saying and asked him what settlement. "I thought Jacob told you that Ron, our old day manager left Matt and I some money. The holdup was his brother who was at first fighting it, but he gave up his claim on the money. That cleared the way for us to get what Ron left us."


Alex went into more detail on much was left to them and what he and Matt were planning to do with some of it. That made Al happy hearing that Alex and Matt's first thoughts were to repay his grandson what was fronted to get the print shop up and going. That just proved again to him that his grandson was a good judge of character.


"Well by the sounds of it you two already are starting out really good on investing that money. Owning a business completely is good, but it is also good to have the protection of a larger company in case your company goes through hard times. I suggest you pay back Jacob most of the loan, but let him keep ten percent of the print shop so if it ever runs into hard times, The Angel Corp. can help you through it."


Alex and Matt liked that idea. Matt was sitting almost on Alex's lap listening in on the phone call since the phone didn't have a speaker button. They were thinking the same thing as Al went explained the pros on being under the umbrella of a bigger company and will Jacob go along with it.


"Now as far as the rest of your money I suggest you invest some of it in the stock market and save some of it in the bank for a rainy day." The line went dead. At first Alex and Matt thought that the call was dropped, but they heard Al ruffling through papers. "I'm sorry boys give me a few minutes I have an idea that might work for you guys."


Matt looked at Alex to see if he knew what Al was up to, but he got a blank look back. "Here it is boys an idea of a business I was going to run by Jacob, but you guys might want to get into this as well. The other day I received a call from a friend that keeps an eye out for me for businesses that are going through hard times and are looking to sell. Well he found several businesses in El Paso that are having a hard time keeping their doors open. They are looking to sell and if it is done right we will be able to get the businesses pennies on the dollar. The only problem is that you guys won't own that business straight out, you will have to share it."


"I don't see a problem with that sir as long as it is with Jacob and no one else. We work very well with him and I know we will be able to work well with him in any business venture we might get into down the line." Matt echoed what Alex said.


"That is good to hear because this is a great opportunity. A company from Juarez wanted to own an American vending company. They thought it would be as easy running a vending company in the states as it is running their coke bottling company in Mexico. Well, they bit way too much off then they could chew and now they have no other choice but to sell the business.


Right now it is the largest vending company in El Paso, but it won't stay that way for much longer if they don't sell it soon. Their customers are getting angry with their service and are starting to look at the second largest vending company in El Paso. So if you boys want to do this, it has to be done in the next month or so, or forget it."


Alex asked what the vending company did, which got Al laughing. "I guess we all really don't pay much attention to those snack, food, ice cream and soda machines out there whenever we go up and buy from them. As long as they have what we want, we don't care how they get filled or run. Well that is what this company is all about, it places, services and fills those machines.


McCliff came in and bought out what they call all the moms and pops vending companies in El Paso. Along with their purchases, they bought out a couple of the bigger ones as well. The huge ones they bought had a lot of debt and they took that debt on. That's what is causing their down fall, the bad debt they took on that you guys won't take on because I won't buy the company for you and Jacob if they want us to assume that debt.

That is not the only company that is looking to sell. The Coca Cola plant in El Paso is looking to sell as well. That one is a lot more expense, but I'm sure Jacob will be willing to go into this half owner with you guys. These two companies work hand to hand and will make you guys a lot of money if they are run right. So what do you guys think about these two companies?"


Alex and Matt couldn't believe that they were being offered this chance. They quickly answered Al that they would like to have the chance and they won't let him down if he they do go into business with Jacob. Al didn't need the reinsurance, but liked hearing it anyway.


"Okay then give me a couple of days to get the ball rolling on these two companies. Once I know more about what needs to be done and what they are asking for, I will call you guys and touch base with you. Until then, put your money in the bank and keep it there. If this doesn't work out, I will invest your money until I find another company that will make you guy's money."


At the same time Alex and Matt thanked Al and hung up the phone. They sat there on the bed in silence, but that didn't last long. They started talking at the same time about how cool it would be to own a vending company. They lay back on the bed and started to imagine how it would be to own a company that they see everywhere.






{Welcome back one and all to another chapter of "Beneath the Mask". I know it has been a while since you all have read a chapter in this saga. I really hope you didn't forget what was going on in this story. If by any chance you did, forgive me on the delay and please go back and read the last chapter to refresh your mind. If you don't want to do that, please drop me or my editor an email with your questions and we will be more than happy to get back to you guys.


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Chief Falster didn't like being asked to do that and he told Alex, his mother and Matt just that. He went even further and told them that they should sue the city because he believes, like many others, that is the only way things are going to change to the positive. If you all have kept up with all four stories, there is a lot of bad going on in El Paso right now and basically every area of El Paso, the police, fire department and even the school district needs to clean house.


After the Mayor and Chief Falster left, Alex and Matt got surprised by unexpected visitors. I don't know about you guys, but I don't thing Matt's grandparents are getting in touch with Matt for anything else except for the reasons they have said. However you guys know me and how evil I am when it comes down to characters and plot lines. So stick around and find out where I take them.


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With that said I like what Stefano wants to do with the gang. He wants to take it where Alex wanted to take it, but he doesn't know how to do it. The question that comes to mind knowing that is, will Stefano go to Alex for help in this matter? If he does, will Alex help him or ask him to leave. We all know Alex has left that life and we don't want to see anything pull him back into it again. This is one for sure thing that can get him back into the gang life.


It looks like Franseca and Michaels are going to go for it, or are they? We know they talked about the pros and cons on dating, but we really don't know what the final outcome will be. All we know is that they are going to see each other before the week is out. If any indication of how Franseca was dressed on Thursday morning, Thursday evening might be the date night!


Talking about Thursday morning, Alex and Matt having a little sex session. As I wrote out that scene and I loved how it unfolded and everything else that happened afterwards. It has been a while that any of my stories have had a sex scene in them, so it was about time we had one. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did as I wrote it. Although it was not a really a heavy sex scene, it couldn't be because of Alex's condition, but it was hot.


Everything that happened afterwards was funny as well. These two weren't only caught by their mother, but a nurse as well. We all should have seen that coming. Come on guys, they are in a hospital that people are always coming in and out of the rooms all the time. But still it was funny and I loved writing those funny scenes in my stories. It makes the kids look human.


After getting the good news from Dr. Whitmore that Alex might get released on Saturday, Alex and Matt got some more good news from Al. Knowing Al the way I do he is going to get the numbers to work his way and get these two companies for Alex and Matt. If that happens, a lot is going to open up with owning a bottling and vending company. Please come back and see what is going to happen with that plot and all the other open plots out there.


There are a lot of open plots still dangling out there in the air that will come back and as well a whole lot of new ones. So please stick around as I have said and keep on reading. I hope that you all enjoyed what you have read and will keep coming back week after week to this saga and the other three I write.


I do not want to say too much more and spoil the future chapters to come, so I won't. I warn you though! Do not skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}




Stefano is coming into his new position with a good attitude, but he's short on experience. He has the right idea to make the gang into a more legitimate business but changing the old ways is going to take real and solid leadership. I'm afraid he's going to have to use some old fashioned tactics to firmly establish his credibility in the position. I have a hunch that he will seek out Alex for insight and counsel. That meeting will be interesting as Alex will shun any contact or involvement with anyone in the gang.


Matt's grandparents are real and genuine. Matt has Alex and his family, but having been estranged from his own family has left an aching void in his spirit. It doesn't appear that he will ever be reunited with his parents, which is sad but at least the rest of the family has opened the doors with him. There are just some relationships that can't be fixed. That comes from some people having wrong beliefs and attitudes that can't be mitigated.


Maxwell, Matt's grandfather was quick to jump into a paternal role when Alex confided in his grandparents about his financial status. Maxwell showed he is ready to have Matt's back by questioning the wisdom of using a friend's grandfather for investment advice. As soon as he was made fully aware of the facts, he agreed with Matt on their decision to enlist Al's advice.


It is fun to see Franseca and Principal Michaels doing the mating dance! Something tells me that that JPG is going to have fun with this plotline. Here we have two mature adults finding romance quite unexpectedly. They have some real adult complications to deal with, but at least they recognize the issues and are discussing them openly. Again, I expect to see some real fun reading about these two. I hope that they can balance all those adult issues and make a go of it. In reality, this wouldn't be something new, a teacher or principal having students in the school that are somehow related. Avoiding any appearance of favoritism isn't difficult.


And lastly, Alex and Matt's love scene. When things started heating up, Matt did all he could to ensure their privacy. He couldn't have anticipated that Franseca would barge past the security man outside the door. Franseca will probably be a bit less intent on getting into the room when she's discouraged in any way in the future. There are just things a mother doesn't want to know, after all. Dr. Whitmore didn't catch on to what caused the odor, but the nurse sure did!


We got two really good shots of our characters being so very human in this chapter. We saw Franseca and Principal Michaels dancing around issues as they anticipate the future and Matt and Alex making love and nearly getting caught in the act. Franseca's reaction was priceless! At some point, Franseca should make one of those "mama knows what's going on" cryptic statements that will embarrass the boys to the core!

Oh, there's going to be more fun coming in this saga for sure! I can't wait!


Until Next Time,

"Daddy" Rick