This story is fiction, fantasy in a writer's active imagination, and belongs in the "Gay-Relationships" category. It's based in real life, on a brief friendship I had with an older boy in church in the early 1960s. The names and other details have been altered to conceal the identities of the people involved. The true nature of the relationship was never sexual back when I was a youth, and it was as I represent here: a teenager watching over a younger boy who he sensed needed a watchful eye on his welfare. As I mention, I believe he may have known just how enamored I was of him, as I was quite upset when he went away to college. The connection between he and I was never re-established in real life, however, and I still have sad but loving memory of an older boy taking an interest in me and my welfare, a lad unfortunately for me ten years his junior. My memories of him are sweet to this day, and he will never be forgotten, nor his attentions to me. His memory remains "frozen" in time: to me, he is still a blond-haired, blue-eyed Adonis, muscular, sweet, and attentive to me. In my heart, perhaps probably so, actually he will remain that way until the day I die. He was an idol for me, someone to admire, and gentle to a fault. I could not have asked for a better "big bro" to watch out for me. My heart remains enamored of him to this day, nearly fifty-five years later...


My mentions of church life are not and never meant to be offensive. It is the way I was raised, and still to some extent see life through that particular "filter," although to a much-diminished extent these days than in years past. The damage that was done by the Baptist church still affects me, to this day, more than fifty years later, and I still have the emotional scars to prove it.


This story starts off slowly. The first chapter is a phone conversation, and deals mainly with two men who haven't seen each other in more than fifty years, when the older boy was eighteen and the other only an eight-year-old boy. If you are expecting to get off right away, this may not be the story for you. The second part is a slow start to action and concludes with a mighty roar from one of the participants. The third part is one for the ages, I believe, and may end with more in mind for the two main characters, as David and Bobby Joe get hitched and set up housekeeping, as two senior-gay men.


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"Big Christian Bro" [A Love Story] Part Three

---Bobby Joe

Morning came and with it, an urgent need to piss. I came back from the can with a rod that wouldn't go down. David took one look at my cock and went down on it like he hadn't eaten dinner the night before. Well, actually, he hadn't, really: neither one of us did. Our cum loads filled each other's bellies and made us feel quite full. His cock-sucking ability was phenomenal, indeed, as he attached his mouth to my ample, thick appendage, once more. His own cock was standing straight out like a twenty year-old's and hard as a rock, once more, and mine was equally tumescent.

"Lover-boy, you want to fuck me again? I need your seed to be planted deep inside me. Please fuck me `til the cows come home, big boy!"

"OK, David. Sit on my cock and take it at your own pace this time."

He did, and I enjoyed watching the show in the mirror on the dresser, opposite the bed. His cock, rubbery and floppy as hell, bounced up and down with the movement of his ass taking in ol' "Junior," once again, this time even faster and more furiously than the first time, the evening before. His ferocious and voracious man-hunger was out-of-control, and he began to reach around to grab onto my chest and pull my nipples, as hard as he could. Finally, he began to realize I was getting close, and his desire to watch me cum was soon rewarded. He rose up off my cock and turned around to face me and once again sat on my cock. Nearly instantly, I let go, spraying his insides with a glorious load of cum at a rate competing with a paint sprayer. I collapsed into his arms as I loaded up his ass with my massive cum load. He began crying, the sobbing, then wailing. I was taken aback, yet understood that he had entered The Zone and I had hit all his erogenous zones. The fact that his beautiful manhood was quite enlarged, and his cock had been continually and repeatedly smacking up against my balls nearly the entire time I had been fucking him from behind, mere moments before. He had actually somehow managed to fuck his own hole with my cock, as he had faced away from me, at first. David had seemed like a man possessed in that moment of release for me, as his cum went everywhere! The movement of my cock, bottoming out as I had been as he had continually landed on it, and with the noise I now understand why the British call it "fapping," forced the cum right out of him!!!

"Awwww fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck man!!! That was spectacular!!! Look at me, I'm covered in cum, boy! You made me cum like gangbusters, fella!"

"You're seventy-two? Are you sure of that? You cum like some twenty year olds, bud!"

"Sweet man, I've not cum like that in ages, even with the BEST of porn! You're pushing all my buttons at once, hot stuff!"

"That's nice to know, David. I'm glad to hear I have that effect on you. You want to stick around for a while, and wait to go back to New England to get your stuff, or what?"

"My stuff is on its way here, little bro. I'm putting it in storage until we get a place of our own, together. I figured that way, it would be easier than sending for it later. And, I sensed when we talked that there was a bit of chemistry going, so even if it hadn't turned out well with us, I'd be moving anyway, so I've got my stuff with me that I needed for a while, and the rest will be here in a month."

"You were really THAT confident? Wow..."

"Yeah, and I sensed a desire in you that I felt back then too, that I couldn't keep your hands off me, and vice versa. Hopefully, I wasn't overstepping my boundaries."

"Nope. You hit the nail on the head. And now that you're here with me, let's get back in bed. I want you against me all night, and those delicious pecs in my mouth, dude. I've been lusting over those since August of '63, stud!"

"Uh, huh! Thought so!"

"Damn right, boy...when I saw you with that tight shirt on that one time when you were teaching our boys' Vacation Bible School class that summer, I knew you would be the man for me, were you available. I've been dreaming about that smooth, thick chest of yours ever since!"

"Yeah, I remember wearing it, special for you, actually. I knew you wouldn't be able to keep your eyes off me, and I was right, wasn't I? But, fifty-four years? You waited fifty-four years?!?"

"Yeah, and worth every minute I've waited! I've been in love with you ever since that summer day in '63, David, and I cannot believe still that you called me and wanted me as much as I've wanted you, all these years! I know you just came out, but you could have written me a few times, ya know! And, yeah, I remember "that" shirt, man! White, with cable-stitching-style ribbing. You looked positively angelic. If I hadn't been for the fact that I was only eight and didn't know what the heck it was that attracted me to you, I would most assuredly would have tried to touch your bare chest, even that day. You looked positively YUMMY!!!"

"I'm filled with shame, bro. I know. I wanted you and was afraid, all these years. I could have written you and let you know privately that I had these feelings for you, but, baby bro, my feelings for you were so strong that I was afraid you'd just tell me to come on and be with you. Honestly, little brother, I didn't know if I could handle that. I didn't know if I could handle feeling like I was taking advantage of you."

"Like I said before, my beloved big brother, I don't think you could have possibly abused me, `cause as you said you loved me too much, and I knew that. I would have been honored had you done so, yet even though you waited this long, it's an HONOR to know you this way, and to know the real you! I wanted to write you, too, David, however, I didn't know where you were, AND if I had tried to find out, I suspect my parents would have been suspicious, and put the kibosh on it, right away. They were too protective of me when I was young, and I resented them for that. When I finally DID come out, I got away from them and their stupid-ass religious beliefs as soon as I could, and moved into the city with my first partner. They finally accepted me as a gay man, a few years later, and didn't put me down anymore, although they made it clear we didn't believe the same way, but they loved me, anyway, despite my being gay. I was single for a few years after my first partner and I broke up, then I had a second partner for a little over four years, who died of a heart attack, more than twenty years ago, now. Been single ever since. Didn't really care if didn't have one again. I've been pretty content as a single man, up until the last couple of years. It's been kinda lonely lately. Guess my lack of family close by has something to do with that, but I like my independence out here, and the warmer climate. Just cannot handle the cold weather anymore!!! That plus the family is still kinda stuck in their old mind-set of gay men are living in sin and all that horseshit. I really don't want to hear it, so I just keep my distance. They love me, and I love them, but we just cannot live too close to each other, or we will end up fighting like cats and dogs! Besides that, they don't really know me anymore, for who I really am. Just what they believe me to be. I've done a lot of work to get rid of the old ghosts of my past in the last fifteen years or so, and faced the fact that there were some things in my home of origin that were just flat out bad news. Guess I still have to deal with the memories, although they are not as painful as they used to be, gratefully!"

"Bobby Joe, I'm glad to hear they did accept you being gay, even if they disagree with it. I only wish my parents and in-laws had been HALF as conciliatory!"

"Sorry to hear that, big bro, but we always knew that, right?"

"Yes, baby bro, unfortunately so!"

"So there we have it, and now that we ARE together, let's make the best of it, OK, big bro? I've always wanted to put my hands across that big, expansive chest of yours. Do you know that?"

"So you said, little bro. Here, bro...let me take my shirt off."

"Aww...man!!!!" was all I could get out of my mouth in the moment. I was just "too" stunned to say anything else! To be looking at that massive chest, and those giant pecs, was making me dizzy with lust. My dream of David's bare chest was right in front of my face...

A big, expansive chest with giant pectorals and huge nipples stared out at me. Even after all these years, David's chest was mostly smooth, covered with a fine spray of gold-red chest hair around the center, and a small pleasure-trail down towards the privates. I put my hands out, and he immediately grabbed them, and placed them where he wanted them, across his massive muscle-bound pecs. He was like I was imagining him, all these years, rock-solid, yet pliable. I squeezed the muscle, and he groaned. I felt like I was eight years old, all over again, and my heart was pounding. Tears came to my eyes then, as I saw my dreams were coming true. I turned my hands out flat, and rubbed his chest, flicking his nips and licking my lips. His lips met mine.

"Fuck, Bobby Joe! That feels wonderful, bro! You like pecs, I take it?"

"Damn right, big bro! I feel your strength coming out through them. I want to feel the muscular meat under the skin. Damn, man. You're solid! You feel my attention to your frame through my hands?"

"Damn right, baby bro! Squeeze them, and squeeze them, hard! Pinch my nips man!!! Hit me hard!!! Feel that muscle!!!"

Hitting him in the chest, I grabbed his flesh.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh, yeah, man! Grab that meaty tit, boy!!!"

"Fuck, David. You must be one of the most muscular guys I've ever met! Carry me to the bedroom and make love to me, big man!!!"

Just before he picked me up in his strong arms, his hands took mine and put mine across his chest again, and squeezed his pecs with his hands over mine, even harder-still.

"Squeeze, baby boy! Squeeze!!! Feel that muscle, boy! It's all yours!!! I am all yours, Bobby Joe!"

I began kneading his chest, like dough, and pressing up against him, and he just moaned even louder.

"Awwwww fuck, Bobby Joe...knead those teats, boy...grab onto them and let me know how much you love my body...!!!"

I lost it, then. My body jerked twice, and I came a load in my shorts that would have done any twenty-year-old proud. I cried out, in real pain, as my cum unloaded in my briefs.

"Damn, Bobby Joe! Are you really "that" turned on to my bod, man?"

"Fuck yeah, man! Are you kidding? I've waited fifty-four years to take this opportunity to touch you! I wanted you since that day in August of '63, big bro! And now, well, give it to me, David...I want all of you!"

"You got it, little brother...all night long!" My hands remained on his chest for the next several hours, when my mouth wasn't attached to his pecs and his nips. I traced the edges of the pectorals with my tongue and I licked up and down his entire torso until he came buckets in my mouth. The man's essence tasted quite powerful, bleach-like, and very manly. I drank down five of his loads that afternoon, and he drank down four of mine. His cock jerked up and down that last time, without his even touching it and I put my mouth around a thick, seven-inch shaft with a large, mushroom head that was positively breathtaking. Maybe some other men would not have found him as breathtaking as I did, yet after a fifty-four yet absence from my life, the man's body and mine met each other's anticipation mightily, and we remained glued together the remainder of the day. My hands remained attached to his body, and never let go. His chest looked like someone had smeared red lipstick all over it, but it was actually marks from my hands, up and down his chest, as I virtually took all of his massive chest into my mouth, and touched every inch of his torso. I couldn't get enough of him, and he didn't complain, even once!!! His face showed the rapture of being adored, as he was, and he knew that my adoration for him, all these years, was not bullshit.

Our love-making took on a different meaning in those moments. Fifty-four years melted like ice in the hot sun, and there we were again, he eighteen and a blond Adonis and me an enamored, lust-driven, idol-seeking eight-year-old. When the sun came up on Monday morning, we were already a couple, and David had already called the moving company to make sure his property would be dropped off at my place. A marriage license and a couple of blood-tests later, and we were officially a couple, only two weeks after his arrival. His love is a major contributor in my desires to remain in San Diego, and not relocate. My hands remained attached to his beautiful, thick pectorals that entire weekend and well into Tuesday.

While there may be the saying "You don't know what you've got until you lose it," there ought to be one that says "You don't know what you've got until you've re-gained it." With David and I, a fifty-four-year absence from each-others' lives, and seeing one another again after all these years, a real bond developed, once again, and our mutual love for the other returned, immediately upon our phone conversation. Our in-person meeting, however, took on a life of its own. Now, I don't have to worry about being alone, at least not for a few more years again, hopefully many more! If someone had told me a fifty four year romance could be re-kindled, I would most assuredly thought them insane! Yet, that said, here it is, and we are as happy as pigs in slop!

It is said that "Still waters run deep." For David and I, all we can say is, "Indeed, they do!!!!!"