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- I woke up in the middle of making a mess this morning. GOD, I hate that! I'm fifteen for crying out loud. Does this wet dream thing ever just stop or...'go away' or something?

I honestly think AJ put a curse on me. He's some kind of demon, and he's actually invading my dreams like Freddy Krueger! I can't even stop thinking about him when I' unconscious. was pretty hot. Very simple. We were, and AJ, and Robin. Standing up in the center of his room, trading soft, sensual kisses. Robin was sandwiched between the two of us with me in back of him. Slow...soft....grinding on each other...his firm little butt pushing against my hardness as I sucked on the side of his neck. I can remember AJ reaching around to grab my ass tightly and pull us all closer together. Tongues connecting as our kisses became more feverish, gripping hands behind me, soft and spongy ass cheeks in front of me, clutching the length of my shaft in between those pinkish mounds and pushing back into me with the gyrations of his hips. Yeah....this is a dream I kinda want to remember. Even if it does have that evil little hell spawn involved.

Anyway, long story short, I was already two or three squirts in before I woke up enough to know what was going on. Now I've got to go through the whole process of doing the laundry when I get home, but first I have to 'hide' the sheets and my underwear so my mom doesn't come to put it in with her laundry or something...ugh. I'll be so GLAD when this body of mine stops pulling this messy prank on me. The routine is just getting old at this point.

So, I guess the big news is that Stevie came back to school today. He didn't look so bad. He still had a small bandage over his eyebrow, and his eye still had a bit of a purple ring under it, but outside of that he was ok. The strange thing is...he didn't really get as much of a warm welcome as Jimmy LaPlane did when he came back from'accident'. The girls definitely rushed to welcome him back, but the boys in our school seemed to just give a secretive nod. Some didn't even give him that much.

Maybe it's because Stevie is a bit more obvious than Jimmy is. I wouldn't call him flamboyant or over the top effeminate...but he's a bit...well he's just...I don't know. You can tell, you know? There's something about him that screams it. There was a time when I thought it was just me, but from the first moment I laid eyes on him, the first day Brandon brought him into the cafeteria and I saw that smile on his face, I just knew he was gay. I don't know if that's going to make things better or worse for him when he fully comes out to the school. I wonder if he started telling people already. How do you even bring something like that up? Even to your friends. 'Hey, wanna catch a movie this weekend? Oh, by the way, I'm gay.' I welcomed him back and traded a few smiles with him...but didn't say much more.

I hate to say it, and it's probably just useless paranoia, but I could already feel the eyes of other classmates as we talked in the hall. I actually felt it. I could do without that feeling.

Oh, hahaha! I saw Ian in the halls today, and I think he was actually skipping. His eyes were sparkling, his cheeks were flushed from the oversized grin on his face, his voice was louder and was an extremely different picture than the sad clown face that I saw yesterday.

He's like, "THANK YOU, Billy!!!"

I'm like, "What for?" He was so happy that I had to giggle some myself.

He's like, "For talking to Bobby Jinette for me. I don't know what you said to him, but it worked. Big time!" I almost thought Ian was going to, like...hug me or something. He was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet just to contain himself. He says, "Not only did he apologize for the lunch tray thing, but he said he was sorry about the unanswered emails and phone calls and for not telling me what he thought about my movie idea and everything. We stayed on the phone and talked all night. He's never been like that before. Not ever!"

I'm like, "Well, good. I'm glad. You two need to talk more." I started to say that they made a cute couple, but I don't think that I'm supposed to know about that yet. I mean, I know Ian's got a crush on Bobby, but he doesn't know I know. Lucky! He is going to actually have access to that beautiful, round, ass of Bobby's anytime that he wants it. Now that would be awesome.

Ian told me, "Bobby said we should hang out this weekend. I kind of wanted to see this horror flick at the movies, but I don't know if Bobby would be into that or not."

I said, "You could ask him."

He's like, "What if he says no?"

I said, "He won't." Ian gave me a smile, and I gave him one in return. So he agreed, and with a little blush, he said goodbye and walked off to his next class. I think Bobby Jinette might just have a better time this weekend than he expects.

I wonder if Bobby is still mad at me? I mean, I did what I had to do, and it worked. I dunno. Maybe once he comes back from his little romantic evening with Ian, he'll be too giddy and overwhelmed with joy to care one way or the other.

Seeing Simon today was a painful experience. He was looking so frazzled and sick, with slightly messy hair and bags under his eyes. That boy really needs to slow down and relax before he ends up collapsing somewhere, face down in the dirt. Seriously.

I asked him, "Dude, what are you doing to yourself? Did you even sleep last night?"

He said, "A little bit. I was with somebody that I'm tutoring until 10 o'clock last night. I'm trying to figure him out, but he's just not getting the material. And by the time I got home, I had a bunch of my own homework to do. That took me until almost 2 o'clock in the morning. Then I had to get up at 6. I got an iced coffee from this donut place down the street from my house, but the caffeine only lasted me an hour or two."

I'm like, "Well, caffeine can't replace actual sleep, you know?"

He nodded, like, "I know. If I can just...make it through the next two weeks...I'll be ok. I'll catch up on sleep later. Right now, everything has GOT to be perfect. I just have to push."

I said, "Don't push too hard, ok? I mean...getting a 'B' on a piece of paper wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, right?"

Simon grinned. "You don't know my parents. Let's just say that I am trying to please a very tough audience."

I watched him as he walked away, almost as if lost in a stupor. Nobody should ever feel like they have to put themselves through that kind of torture just for a measly grades. I can't imagine that Simon's parents would disown him if he came home with scores that weren't the best in the whole 9th grade. I mean, how long does a kid have to be a performing flea for their parents before they let up and loosen the choke chain on him. For the first time, I think I'm glad to be terminally 'average'.

Anyway, I've got to go through my notes and finish up more homework for tomorrow. Not to mention that I've got to put new sheets on my bed now. I sincerely hope my mom didn't notice me doing more laundry than necessary. She's known me for a long time...I'm not that tidy.

I wonder if Brandon is going to be as close to Stevie as he was at the hospital once the word about his sexuality gets around. I just keep thinking about it. Not to mention....I mean...are they broken up or what? Does a break up really count if some sudden tragedy brings them back together? Brandon can be a really compassionate person. Pity points can easily win him over if used correctly. And something tells me Stevie knows a little bit about manipulation.

I don't know. I'm too far away from either one of them to know for sure. Maybe I should just concentrate on me for a while.

Whatever. Gotta run...


- Billy

Ps- Congrats Bobby and Ian! You two better make this work! Or I'm giving BOTH of you 'fraidy cats a serious beat down!

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