Blackmailed by Eric

By Adam D.

Chapter 1 - Photography


Disclaimer : This story is a complete work of fiction and any similarities to real life are purely coincidental. If you are underage or find works that include gay sex, humiliation and blackmail offensive, do not read any further.

I looked myself in the mirror, curious on how I looked after an hour long workout. As always, I was proud of the view. Toned abs, arms rippling with muscle and beautiful pecs. Not bad for a seventeen year-old.

With dad out at work and little bro at his dumb photography club, I was all alone in the manor. Needless to say, I did what all horny seventeen-year-olds did when left alone.

Before long, my gaze was traveling downwards until they stuck like glue to my jockstrap-covered crotch. I had a decent-sized package, if I do say so myself. And it was fascinating to watch the bulge there grow until I was painfully hard. Unable to resist, I reached through the waistband to wrap my fingers around my growing hardness.

The smallest of motions was enough to make me grunt with excitement. In record time, my jockstrap was off and flung across the room as I began to jack off to my own reflection, my eyes slowly rolling back into their sockets as I basked in sweaty ecstasy.

With it being summer when school was out, it had become my daily routine. Breakfast, go for a morning jog, hang out with the guys, lunch, workout and then.. some me-time.

I was only minutes in when I heard the sound of Anthony's car screeching to a halt on the driveway. Damn it. Almost instantly, I lost my rhythm. From where I was, I had an easy view of the window and through it, I saw the familiar shape of his car and the teenage passenger through the gray-tinted windows.

Anthony was a childhood friend of dad who stuck close to him after mom's death. After our dad got rich, he'd practically become our family's chauffeur. Fuck, I'd nearly forgotten that Jack's photography club ended at three.

At the moment, I was horny above all else. As quick as I possibly could, I ran down the stairs and hid behind a bookshelf, not bothering to put on clothes first. Jack and I had seen each other nude dozens of times, what difference would one more make?

Taking care that I was well hidden, I waited for the door to open. The moment he passed by was the moment I would charge at him and throw him into the closet and lock him inside. It wasn't the most brilliant of ideas, but if it worked, I'd practically have the house all to myself again.

Never let it be said that I was a good brother. There was never a time when I never seized the opportunity to embarrass him or his friends. It satisfied my daily sadism quota.

I heard the sound of Anthony's car driving off and before long, the sound of keys tinkling turning as the door was unlocked. Then, I heard a voice, "Hey! Anybody home?"

It was a teenager's voice, but certainly not Jack's. Instantly, my plan fell to pieces. It must have been one of his friends. If he saw me like this... I had just turned, ready to sprint back upstairs when I heard a gasp, "Oh my god."

It was then that I made the biggest mistakes of my life. I turned back and tried to explain.

I never got a single word out before his camera went off at least a half-dozen times, catching pictures of me completely nude. His lips curled into an evil grin when he realized what he had just done while mine turned into a horrified gape.

"What the hell are you doing!" I shouted, my hands clenched into fists. He was a good few heads shorter than me and bespectacled, the very image of a nerd and easy enough for me to overpower. And by the photography club shirt that he wore, it was obvious he was one of Jack's buddies.

"I could ask the same of you, asshole." I recognized that voice. Eric. He'd come here before and the last time he did, I had dunked a cup of coke on his camera. The glare on his face told me he still held a grudge for it.

"Look, I can explain. I was just going to scare my brother, no big deal. Now can we just forget this ever happened and erase those photos?" I said, my voice still quaking with rage. All the while, I kept edging closer and closer.

"Why the hell would I--"

Before Eric could speak any more, I pounced. My fist struck his chest and he crumpled to the floor like someone had just thrown a concrete block at him. My hands went for his camera but he threw it aside, just out of my reach.

"Get the fuck off of me!" he shouted and I was happy to follow, charging after the camera just a few feet away. In my desperation though, I had left myself wide open. I never saw the kick coming, but it caught me straight in the balls, making me scream from the sheer agony of it.

In seconds, I was down on the ground, clutching my balls as though they could have fallen off. It was all the time Eric needed to gain the upper hand, climbing to his feet and pummeling me with punches until I shouted for mercy. Beaten up by a fourteen year-old, I must have been flush with embarrassment by the end of it.

With a kick, he threw me against the wall. By the time I recovered, I was in no state to fight. Especially since his foot was inches away from my crotch, threatening to turn my balls into mincemeat in a moment's notice.

After he took up the camera again, checking to make sure it was still alright, he said, "Now, will you play nice?"

I nodded, what else could I do?

"On this camera," he continued with a smile that grew by the second, "Is an upload button. All I need to do is to press and the pics will be on facebook for the whole school to see. Give me one reason why I shouldn't press it after all you've done to me."

"Please!" the words left my mouth before I could stop them, the last thing I wanted was to have my nude pics circulating through the phones of everyone I knew. "I'll do anything you want. Just don't do it."


With a sigh, I said the words that would condemn me forever. "Anything."

"Alright then, jack off."

"What the hell? I won't fucking jack off in front of you. Why would you even want to watch?" I cried out, desperate to salvage whatever remained of my shattered pride.

"Curiosity. As I remember it, you said you'd do anything. Are you breaking our agreement then? Because if you are," he said with a sudden confidence, "I'll upload the pics."

I tried to say more, but he was having none of it, his finger constantly lingering by the button that could end my reputation. Blinded by fear and desperation, I did as I was told.

My fingers trembled as they wrapped around my flaccid cock, pumping hard until it finally hardened into a weak erection. No matter what I would do, it would grow no more with him in the background. "Tsk, tsk. Is that all you can do? Maybe you need some encouragement."

"What are you--" Before I could resist, my legs were pulled apart and over my head, putting my hairy hole into full view. The smirk on his face and the bulge in his pants told all, he was being turned on by the sight.

"Open up, slut." Realization of what he was about to do dawned upon me when his fingers, slick with his own spit, began to press against my hole. My first instinct was to clench up, but he pushed in regardless. With the camera so close to him, I was at his complete mercy.

I screamed until my voice went hoarse as two fingers pushed into me, stretching out my tight ring of muscle. Once he was through, he began to finger me, thrusting in and out to match the pace of my still jerking hands, I could not stop even if I wanted to. The friction of his scissoring fingers was unbearably hot.

Slowly but definitely, the pain grew distant; replaced by shameful pleasure as the fingers brushed against my prostate. He must have noticed, for his smile grew wide as he stared at my fully erect cock. "You're such a fag, getting off on another guy fingering your ass."

I could only whimper as he continued to finger me, soon adding another finger to my hole. I was beyond rational thought by now and moans left my mouth unbridled. Each time I cried out from the combination of pain and pleasure, he would only smirk and thrust harder.

In record time, I came with a scream. Spurt after spurt of white hot cum splashed onto my bruised body. And by the end of it, I was panting from the sheer strength of my orgasm.

Once the deed was done, his fingers slipped out of my hole, making me whimper from the emptiness in my hole I now felt. As my eyes closed from the exhaustion, I could feel his fingers trailing across my skin to admire the muscle, stopping as they came to the pool of cum that had gathered on my abs.

He chuckled as he collected a handful of the white stuff in his hands.

With my eyes still closed, I felt his fingers wet with my cum press against my lips. Dutifully, I opened them to suck, ignoring the shame that came along with it. I took his fingers in my mouth and sucked away the cum that had only just exploded from my cock.

"Hot," Eric growled as his camera took more pictures. Each time his camera snapped away, I could not help but wince. If there was any consolation in all this, it was in the fact that he at least found me attractive.

"From now on," he said to me with lips close enough to my ear that I could feel his hot breath on my shoulder, "You'll call me master. It's about time someone gave you a taste of your own medicine."

And with that, he was gone, slamming the front door hard as he left.

For a long while, I lay there leaning against the wall confused and battered. What just happened? Did I really get finger-fucked by a fourteen-year-old? And why the hell did I enjoy it? The questions followed me into the shower as I washed the dirt, sweat and cum away.

* * *

When evening came, our family of three sat around the dining table while Anthony served us dinner. Usually, dinner was eaten in silence except for some smalltalk, a fact I was always thankful for, especially on a night like this.

"Hey, David." Jack said to me, "Eric's coming over tomorrow to collect some of the project stuff he forgot to take today."

The thought of the teen that was blackmailing me coming over tomorrow was a horrifying one and my only response was a quick nod as I tried to keep the fear out of my expression. I dared not speak since my voice was still raw from screaming.

"Hey sport, is something wrong?" dad asked. He was nothing if not perceptive and my decision not to insult my brother as I always did whenever he opened his mouth must have surprised him.

"Nothing much, Dad. Just a workout injury."

"Alright then, there's some medicine in the cabinet if you ever need it." he replied with suspicion still on his face. "You know that you can confide in me whenever you need to, right, son?"

"Yeah dad." For a moment, he looked as though he wanted to ask more, but decided to drop it. If only he knew.

To be Continued...

Copyright 2011 Adam Davison. All Rights Reserved.