Blame the White Lightning

By Rob Loveboy

Edited by: Francis Symes


All Copyrights Reserved

 This story is much shorter than my usual writings. Like the others it is based on the true experience of an individual: a seventeen year-old I met told me this and allowed me to write it as-is with no built up story line. My interest is that youth have open minds an are experimenting more and more today than ever.


It just kinda happened with my two buds, Jeremy and Jason. Me and Jeremy were fourteen, Jason was fifteen. We had gotten into my father’s homemade wine directly from the large plastic pails that the wine fomented in, Dad would never miss a few pints of the “white-lightning,” as he called the wine before it was ready for bottling.


We were in sleeping bags on the floor of my basement playroom watching a movie on the French TV channel known to air risque flicks on Friday nights … every teenage boy in the province of Quebec knew about it. Plenty of tits were seen as well as the odd pussy and cock if you didn’t blink and miss the millisecond view.


That particular night the channel aired a bisexual movie, a love relationship where two guys shared a woman … and each other. Of course, the movie wasn’t graphic enough to show a great deal of nudity other than the tits and bare asses of the actors, however, the scenes left very little to the imagination.


We often jerked off together inside the privacy of our sleeping bags, the material fluttering away held just below our bellies in modesty, the faint sound of saliva-  smeared hands beating out meat and the odd moan. We used our socks to clean up the mess, having said that, I’m sure their bags were like mine, crusted with cums from the past and present ejaculates.

Maybe it was the wine, we would later use that as an excuse, I removed my briefs completely and tossed them at Jeremy who retaliated by tossing his at me. Jason removed his and put them on his head, ever the comedian. We were all naked, the edge of the sleeping bags barely covering us, bare thighs could be seen, our hands inside playing with ourselves, watching the movie with our backs against the sofa.


I felt extremely horny that night and by the way we were looking at each other’s crotch trying to be discreet, I was sure Jeremy and Jason were just as sexually charged that night.

I let go of the flap barely covering myself and let it shimmy down until I was fully exposed with my hand around my five-inches of cut cock that I swear was harder than usual.


It didn’t take long for the guys  to lose their modesty and we were all rubbing our dicks, openly watching the lady get fucked by one man who was assumed to be sucking the other guy’s cock, the camera angle suggestive.


Jeremy was beside me and Jason by his side. I dared to reach over and shared the lower shaft with his own hand which he soon left for me to control his uncut six fat-inches. Jeremy turned his lurid attention to my cock as well and reached over to feel up Jason who didn’t seem to mind.


I was beyond being horny if that’s possible, Jeremy’s cock looked very appealing to me, I wanted desperately to suck it. Mutual masturbation was one thing, but oral sex was pushing close to, if not completely gay. I leaned over and took him in my mouth kind of expecting a punch in the head. Jeremy only sighed, a silent permission for me to continue.


I loved the meaty texture and the salty taste. Even with Jason watching on and looking shocked, I did not feel humiliated in the least. I felt up his nice balls, smooth as satin, My hand explored his heavy bush of wiry pubic hair.


I sucked and bobbed as if I was an experienced cock-sucker in a mindset unbecoming of me but with which I was very content. I reached over and maturbated Jason’s thin five-inch cut cock, fully intent on giving him a blowjob next.


Jeremy was breathing heavy and purring like a kitten and uttering. “The best … yeah, buddy … fucking awesome.”


His words encouraged me to suck harder and jerk off the base of his cock. He grunted then warned me that he was cumming, something I fully expected and planned not to take in my mouth, however, I didn’t give a damn about anything then and continued to suck him to the last drop, surprised that the taste was not as gross as I thought it might be.


I blew Jason immediately afterward, his cock smaller but no less enjoyable. his thin cock throbbed in my mouth and I expected what would follow, Jason not seeing a need to warn me since I had obviously took Jeremy’s load without complaint.


My friends never shunned me after that night. They would never forget who gave them their first blowjob but it was never mentioned again … the white lightning wine made me do it.




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