Chapter 11: Rain Figure


Rain Figure

A question there rises, bear it in mind:

was the imaginary sex great or not at all fine?


Why did it always happen to me, I asked? Why did something always have to happen when I was having a good time?

There I was, enjoying the solitary moments of fishing; moments that only those devoted to the sport know how precious they are. I didn't expect at all that it would rain today! When the dark clouds covered the clear sky, I knew that my fishing trip was over. Not long after that it started to rain. It began with a few small drops, which, like needles, pierced the water of the lake in front of me. The tranquility and harmony were distorted, so was my mood. Suddenly the rain got stronger, it was pouring wildly from the sky. In seconds I was dripping wet, there wasn't a dry cloth on me. The clouds were raging above, clashing together, striking with their lightning and tearing the sky with thunders

I quickly gathered my stuff and ran for the car. I worked fast, not because I wanted to hide from the rain, I was already wet, but the road to the lake would get muddy and the car would be unable to move. I didn't want to be stuck here in this kind of weather!

It annoyed me! Why did the rain have to ruin my good time?! I wanted to have some time for myself in the spring break and this was what I got. If it was a little rain, I would have enjoyed it, but this was... awful. It was a storm, it was cold, and wet, and suddenly unpleasant to be so close to nature. It made you think that your cozy place, back there in civilization, was more comfortable and pleasant than the harsh conditions of mother-nature.

I had planned to set up a tent, stay a few days alone, and be away from all the madness. But that plan was no longer an option.

You couldn't say it was afternoon, you couldn't say it was spring, either, with all the rain and lightning and the lack of even the slightest ray of light from the sun. No, it was dark; it was one of those really bad-weather days when you know you shouldn't be poking your nose out in the wilderness.

I had another set of clothes with me, so I changed in the car. Good thing they were dry.

I managed to somehow reach the main road without getting the car stuck in the mud. However, the windshield wipers were working like mad. The second they cleaned the windshield it was covered again by the rain. I had never driven in such a rain. I could barely see anything on the road and the road itself. There were no other cars, either.

I was driving really slow, afraid that I won't be able to handle the car. I wondered if I should stop and wait for this hellish rain to pass. Just as the thought crossed my mind, between the strokes of the wipers, despite the low visibility, a figure came into view. At first I only saw a black silhouette walking alongside the road not far away from the car. The outline of the figure became more visible as I slowly approached.

The person stopped when he became aware that he was illuminated by a car's head-lights. I barely saw him as he turned and started waving with one hand. It hadn't crossed my mind that I would be asked to stop by the person under the rain. Duh... The rain was awful and it was lightning. I wouldn't want to be walking outside in weather like this and in a place like this. I definitely wasn't going to continue until it passed, so I pulled off the road.

It was when the car bumped and descended that I realized it was not on the asphalt road anymore. I felt the wheels sank a little and as I stepped on the gas the car only skidded. Sure enough, I was stuck.

I didn't give much thought to it, but I wasn't stuck alone. What did I do? I stopped for a stranger. What could he be doing at a time like this, away from the city, walking? My imagination quickly ran through all sorts of possible identities and reasons: from the worst him being a lunatic killer, to the more peculiar and harmless a peripatetic sage. Curious and slightly frightened, I waited for the person to reach the car, which I was sure he would eventually do.

Soon there was a knock on the window, followed by an opening of the door. A head covered in a leather jacket peaked inside. A hand was holding it in front so that only through a small opening, like a hole, could I guess what the person looked like. Behind the few wet locks that were hanging outside the cover I saw two icy-blue eyes which instantly intrigued me. Those couldn't be the eyes of a killer that I knew.

"Can I get a lift?" a tentative young voice asked.

I was startled and couldn't say anything. My head just nodded in approval while my eyes were locked on the two lucent dots inside the cave of clothing. Just as he got inside and settled on the seat next to me, a flash of lighting, together with a thunderous roar after that, muffled every noise: the rain outside, his wiggling to get comfortable, and my quickened breathing.

"God! That scares me every time," I heard him say somewhere in the back of my mind.

I understood why my body winced from the sound of his voice, both times, when he removed the jacket. If his eyes only intrigued me, then his revealed face left me fascinated and breathlessly stunned. The boy was gorgeous. He looked a year or two younger than me. His smooth skin was pale. The wet locks of his sandy-brown long hair were either stuck on his face or were loosely handing down to his shoulders. A shade of pink covered his cheeks with dimples and thin lips. His button nose and pointed chin allured my gaze and enchanted my vision.

A boy like that was sitting next to me!

"Will you drop me off in the city?" he asked me, his voice sweetly ringing in my ears.

I had to stop starring directly at him or he would have noticed. I averted my eyes down his body.

"Sure... No problem," I managed to utter.

I couldn't gather my thoughts in his presence.

"Are we like... going?" He was hesitant and he bit his lip when I looked at his face again.

My instant obsession with the boy was not something that would go well if he learned. I had to assure him I wasn't going to do anything to him since he looked a little bit frightened.

"We are a little... stuck." I somehow found the words, though they might not have been the most appropriate ones.

"Oh.. I'm sorry. It's because of me." He bit his lip again and avoided my eyes. "Should I go push around he back?"

"Umm... We should probably wait for the rain to stop. It would be dangerous to drive in this kind of bad weather." He shivered in the seat and I saw him put a hand on the car door. What was with me that I couldn't say the right things? "No, hey! Look, I'm not going to hurt you or do anything to you."

He eased up a little and finally looked me in the eyes.

"Then what are you doing here?"

The question confused me a little.

"Here? The rain caught me during my fishing trip. I'm returning home. My tackles are in the trunk. Honest."

"Oh..." He seemed to trust me because he let go of the door handle. I felt that he was studying my face. Having this cute boy stare at me like that made me nervous and excited.

I was going to ask him the same question, but it was then that I noticed what his clothes were like.

"Hey, you're drenched... I have some dry clothes in the backpack on the back seat if you want to."

He narrowed his eyes and then looked away.

"I guess I'm getting your car wet. Sorry," he said and squirmed, trying to get on the back seat through the space between the two fronts.

"What?! No. Fuck the car. Aren't you cold?"

Just as he was about to cross, he suddenly turned and looked at me. I couldn't believe how close his face got to mine. I felt one of his locks touch my cheek. The sensation made me gasp and shiver. And as though that wasn't enough to make me instantly hard, I realized that his leg, which was doubled up under him, was making contact with my thigh and his knee was practically in my lap.

"Thanks!" He grinned at me.

And as he wiggled his small body a little more, he passed over to the back. I did take a peak... Okay! I looked at his butt which the wet pants were tightly stuck to. I somehow got this cute boy that came out of nowhere to remove his clothes on my back seat! As if on instinct, not wanting to break my stare-connection, my attention turned towards the rearview mirror. I was surprised that he was fully visible. Surprised... and knowing that I wouldn't resist looking.

"Is this the one?" I heard him ask.

Why I did the mistake of looking in the mirror and not turning back to him I would never know.

"That's the bag..." I spluttered.

Though he didn't say anything, I knew I was busted. I heard him unzip the bag. I guess it didn't bother him that I had a front row seat to a show behind me.

Still, I wanted to punish myself for my intention to invade his privacy. I looked away from the mirror. I told him I wouldn't do anything to him, so I had to contain my fantasies in my mind only, even deeper at the moment.

Even though it was afternoon, it was pretty dark outside. The bloody rain was pouring like mad and was lashing on the roof of the car, which was the only hearable noise. The sky was divided by frequent the lightning and roars. It made me...


What was I thinking and looking at?! Why was my hand on my crouch?

The sky was grey and clouded; it unleashed its force down to earth. But I was horny!

Whatever humble thoughts I had about the weather quickly faded as my desire to see a piece of his naked flesh overwhelmed me entirely. I gathered up all my courage and turned to look in the mirror.

I was lucky because he was just starting to undress. I saw him struggling and fumbling, trying to lift his shirt. Little by little, his skin was becoming exposed. It was his naval at first, then my eyes laid on his abdomen. What would it be to feel it with my tongue? When he lifted the shirt up to his head, I was fascinated by how pale he was. His chest was flat, making him look delicate, but not skinny. I had visible access to his nipples!

When he finally removed the piece of clothing, I turned away, but kept looking out of the corner of my eye. In the next moment I saw him bent forward till only his back was visible. Oh, how I wanted my hands to travel all over his body! He was driving me crazy with excitement!

He probably removed his shoes and socks. I was surprised that as he came into full view again he didn't reach into my bag to put some clothes on, but moved his hands down to his pants. My heart was in frenzy; I was unable to breathe. Was he really going to do it?

It was like in slow motion. He first unzipped his jeans and then unbuttoned them with one hand. He lifted his butt and slid the wet fabric. My eyes were by then like glued from a distance to the mirror and even if he looked back at me then, I doubt I would have moved my lustful gaze. Good thing that I was sitting because I would have fallen by the surprise that followed. My jaw dropped wide open. There was no fabric under the fabric... The boy wasn't wearing any underwear! Was this like a fantasy coming true? I had a hot boy on my back seat that benevolently removed all of his clothes. My eyes drank his nakedness and cupped his forms with imaginary hands. The small reflecting rectangle was a being a restriction and I had the untamable urge to turn around and see him in full glory.

But then a thought crossed my mind...

He had to know I could see him from earlier. And why did he remove all his clothes without putting any at the same time?

Together with my moment of inner reclusion, as my eyes were still gazing at the mirror, I heard a chuckle. Was the reflection a mirage or did I really saw him playing with himself?! With one hand he was massaging his nipple, while the other was traveling up and down his thigh.

It was then that I sharply turned; excited to unbelievable heights and thinking that if it was a dream I would have time to catch a quick glimpse of the real screen.

His erection was where my eyes stuck to.

"We might as well have some fun," he timidly said. "Till the rain stops..." Yet his voice was full with passion.

My eyes traveled all over his naked body and finally stopped at his face. The scared boy from only a moment ago was gone and in his place there was an impish, sexy and aroused replacement.

"Where did you come from?" I asked bewildered.

Answering with a seductive smile, he leaned and grabbed me by the shirt, pulling me towards him between the seats. When a sky-tearing clap of thunder pierced above the pelting rain I was quick to calm him with a kiss before he got scared.



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