Chapter 12: Morphing Satisfaction


Morphing Satisfaction

"Come on. They are probably there already!" one of the boys said.

"It's not like they will go anywhere, Pete."

"No, but I don't want to make them wait. Plus, I'm eager to hear the story! So, hurry up and take your shower, Joe!"

The room was bright. The blinds of the glass walls were lifted and the sun's morning rays were traveling in a playful and dazzling light. The only two walls, the one with the doors and the other with the bed next to it, as well as the ceiling, were painted and decorated in a gray and red graffiti gradient. The room and the furniture all had a strange metallic scent, although most were made out of wood. Even the queen-sized bed, which shared the same colors as the walls, had the strange feeling to it.

The room looked normal for a teenager couple.

The two boys had woken fifteen minutes ago and were in a hurry for an appointment. Pete had always been the faster one. He was tall with a slim, but well-build body. His hair and eyes matched perfectly into the same brown color.

"WHAT KIND OF SHOWER DO YOU WANT?" a voice came from the bathroom where Joe was.

"Make it a quick one!" Pete shouted.

"Why don't you come and we'll make it an extra long."


"I won't let you touch me later!" Joe laughed.

He always teased Pete, but the last didn't stay far behind. Pete was the smart one, but Joe was the funnier. Whenever their conflict couldn't be settled by playful wits, they resorted to more extreme measures. Joe was the stronger of the two and he was usually at the top, pinning Pete down to the floor and making him say "I give up." Pete often tried to seduce him, but that gave effects only after he gave up.

Some minutes later Joe came into the room naked with water dripping from his hair. Pete marveled at the gorgeous body in front of him. It looked so smooth and hairless. Although it annoyed him that Joe always won all their wrestling matches, he didn't complain about those strong arms holding him tight, unable to escape, against his will. He enjoyed the weight of the muscle statue, the soft skin coming in contact with his own, the warmth they shared, the masculine smell of his teen body. It was a good reason to often give up without a fight.

He didn't realize, but his mouth was open and his eyes were fixed on the lower half of Joe.

"Hey, sexy, wanna do it?" Pete snapped out of it and found a silly grin forming on Joe's face.

"Will you get dressed already?! You're making me... nervous." He blushed.

"Oh, aren't you adorable." Joe, still naked, went behind Pete, wrapped his hands around him and hugged him tight. Then he leaned close to his ear. Pete felt the gentle, euphoric touch of Joe's sweet breath. After that, Joe moved to his neck with his tongue. "Look what you made," he said as he snuggled as close as possible in him. "And I'm the one without clothes," he whispered.

"Joe... Joe," Pete said between breaths, "...later... we... go..." But he couldn't resist the naked body that had embraced him. Joe was slowly grinding into him and working his way down his neck at the same time. "No... Joe... seriously..." He tried to break out but the strong arms held him in place. Joe's tongue continued to tickle his neck. It aroused him to unbelievable heights. "Joe!" he finally forced his way out. He was sprouting a tent, but it couldn't be compared to what he saw when he turned to face Joe. "Get some clothes on," he said, trying not to stare too much.

"Oh, come on." He frowned. "Because of some old geezers we can't have our fun," Joe said with a puff.

"Let's have something else for once! We can have sex anytime, but what about experiencing and learning about all the other stuff that is out there. Hmm?" When he saw the disappointed look on Joe's face, he got closer to him again. "Hey, I promise I'll make up for it later," Pete said as he took Joe's naked body in his embrace and placed a small peck on his lips. "I just think it would be interesting to hear their story."

"Okay." Joe finally gave up. "But I won't let you sleep tonight. You better be prepared!" He grinned widely. "Now, what should I wear?" He was still naked.

"Here, give me your hand," Pete said. There was a round metallic-looking bracelet on Joe's arm. The instant he placed his palm over it clothes appeared on Joe's body: sneakers, jeans, and a T-shirt with the sign "Boy Machine" on it. "That suits you." Pete smiled.

Joe walked over to the mirror on the wall next to the bed. But as soon as he stood still in front of it, a voice like the one before from the bathroom, sounded.


"It won't come on. Haha, I always forget. Come here, Pete."

Pete walked next to him and placed a hand over his shoulder.

Their reflections were now visible.

"Well, aren't you a good designer," Joe said and kissed Pete on the cheek.

As they got outside, they headed hand-in-hand towards the park.


It was yesterday when they met Alan and Sam.

They were having dinner at a neoteric restaurant. It was fairly empty, but the table next to them was taken by some older men. Joe, being the hot-tempered one, offhandedly exploded when he couldn't take it anymore.

"How does this damn thing work, Alan?" one of the men asked the other.

"How should I know? Try like this." the other said.

By the looks of it they were in their late sixties. Alan seemed calm, but the other was clearly frustrated and angered.

"Calm down, Sam. You'll break it."

But Sam slammed his hands on the table, the noise startling the few customers in the around.

"I hate all this change, Alan!" he yelled. "I don't want to be here!"

And that is when Joe interfered.

"Could you keep it down, old geezer, and stop making a raucous!" he said angrily as he turned towards them.

The one, named Sam, was startled and abruptly turned towards Joe.

"Who are you calling a geezer, kiddo?" He tried to move, but Alan had caught his hand.

"You! How could you possibly not know how to use a P.T.B?!" Joe tried to stand up, but Pete, too, caught his wrist.

"Joe, relax..." But he couldn't finish.

"Didn't they teach you to respect your elders, shorty?! Do they even teach you something besides indulging in your self-pleasure and ego?!"

"Sam, stop it!" Alan tried to calm him down.

"How can I respect a senile, old baldy like you?!" Joe continued with the insults.

Well, believe it or not, things got better between them. They even joined tables and within minutes their previous quarrel was forgotten. Pete and Joe got to know them. They learned that they were not from the Dome, something that was really interesting for Pete to hear, because neither of them had ever left the megalopolis. Sam and Alan had some kind of job to do here.

"So, you two pretty boys are together, right?" Alan said at one time.

"Yes!" Pete said happily.

There was some kind of connection between the four people. In character Alan and Pete almost matched, as well as Joe and Sam. The first were kind of introverted, calm and sensible, while Joe and Sam shared that hot-headed and stubborn temper. It didn't go unnoticed, but Pete considered it a simple coincidence.

"Would you believe that Sam and I are, too?" A smile appeared on Alan's face.

"Really?" Pete exclaimed.

"You are?" Joe, too, was amused.

"Is it hard to believe, shorty?" Sam laughed.

"No... But..." Pete looked at them curiously. "How did you meet?"


Seeing older people in the Dome was unusual. It was Pete and Joe's first time, though they had heard that other couples had also seen some. The boys' whole surrounding was made so that it can be enjoyed by young people. Their cliques consisted of boys their age. Their friends were couples like them. The question which Pete had in the back of his mind was why it was like that and he kept it to himself. When everyone around him seemed happy, who was he to raise suspicion? He hadn't even told Joe, but he did try to find an answer alone.


The two boys immediately stopped as the artificial voice spoke throughout the whole park.


Small fluterrings were happening all over the green scape. Later, Sam and Alan would tell them that it reminded them of the old TVs. Pete and Joe, hand-in-hand, didn't move from their places. It was like an illusionary earthquake. They didn't feel anything, but in front of their eyes trees, bushes, and scattered benches were disappearing and reappearing in different places, changing from solid to transparent, losing their hologram model.

It didn't happen often, but the boys had gotten used to it. The crash was going to be fixed soon, however it was a little disturbing to lose touch with the reality.

A sudden darkness engulfed their senses. It lasted only a second and it left the boys wondering if it really happened. After that the same emotionless voice as before announced that the system was recovered.


"Hoho, look, Alan, pretty boys," Sam said as the two boys got close to the bench, where they promised to meet.

"Did you enjoy the magic show?" asked Alan.

"I hate it when that happens," Pete and Joe said in unison.

They both looked at each other.

"Haha, isn't that nice," Alan said laughing.

"Okay, old mans, we're here now." Reece was anxious to get it over with.

"Don't call me old, sonny. I'm in my youthful sixties!" Sam grumpily said.

"Oh, sorry, the appearance really lies."

"Do you want a fight, shorty?!"

"No, no, I'll regret it if something happened to your bones."

"Whaaat?! Come here, you!"

They continued to tease and provoke one another for a while, leaving the other two to just exchange their impressions on how alike they were.

"Oh, stop it already, Sam!" Alan finally put an end. "Boys, do you know why we took a liking to you? Why we are here now?"

"No..." Pete said. "But I have lots of questions."

"Come, sit down." Alan invited them on the bench next to theirs. "I'll get straight to the point. The question..." He looked at them both. "Are you boys happy with the life you have here?"

As soon as he heard him say that, Joe got a cautious look on his face. Pete sat dumbfounded; more because that was the question he had asked himself many times.

"Pete, let's go!" Joe stood and grabbed his boyfriend's arm.

"What... do you mean?" Pete's voice sounded after being in deep thought.

"Pete!" Joe's voice rose.

"Relax, boy. We won't do anything. We just want to talk," Sam said with assuring seriousness.

"Yeah, right! Pete!"

"Wait, Joe..." Pete shoved the arm that was pulling him away. "I want to hear what they want to say."

"Idiot, don't say . You don't know who they are and what they'll do!"

Suddenly, Alan stood up and faced Joe.

"Hmm... This is your first time when you are feeling the need to protect, no?" The boy was perplexed. "Don't worry." Unnoticed, his hand touched Joe's by the wrist with the bracelet.

In the next moment Joe looked like he calmed down. He sat down and took Pete's hand in his own.

"Only for a while... If I notice that something is going on, we leave."

"I thought you didn't know how to use the Pleasure Transferring Bracelet," Sam snapped at Alan, who gave him a smirk.

"When we first saw you, we instantly knew there was something special in you two," Alan began. "You were placed to live together by someone else's will and plan, but you must have noticed how the bond and feelings between you has developed. You must have noticed it... that your relationship is slightly different than all the other couples like you."

It was true. Pete thought about the first time he met Joe. Before they got to live together, they didn't know anything about each other. And on the first night, when one of them was eager to finally happen, while the other had his doubts and fears, it was the same like all other fresh joinings throughout the Dome. They were both struggling and wondering how to approach what was supposed to happen. Joe was the first to act. He said there was no need to pretend and they both knew what must be done. He wanted to have his fun for a long time. At first, Pete didn't give in, but the thought that the boy would get what he wants, despite his unwillingness, made him even more scared. So, their joining became complete.

But what Alan was talking about started to appear little by little as time passed. They both felt there was something in the other person that completed them, a tingling feeling that gave them no rest. No one else around them talked about it, so they didn't ask and tried to ignore it and shun it, but it only came back stronger. They understood that it wasn't only the sex; the feeling was there constantly even when they didn't touch. The boys found something in each other's eyes which drew them nearer than any of their other bonded friends. They couldn't explain it, however.

"How did you know? How did you see it?" Pete asked anxiously.

"When you've submersed yourself in it, it becomes an instinct," Sam spoke.

"Yeah and what is it?" Joe was dubious.

"Romance!" Alan started the two. "Do you love the other because of the pleasure you receive from him, or is there something greater that connects you? When was the last time you said you can't live without him? Have you at all? Have you ever felt the beauty and deepness of his eyes? Are you melting in his arms every time he embraces you? You may have been bonded by others, but the rest has been up to you, boys!" Pete and Joe couldn't say anything. They were holding each other's hands tight. "Do you love each other?" Alan's voice was firm, yet they felt it like sheaves of tickling light.

"We'll tell you our story," Sam said, "then you'll decide what your feelings really are."

"Me and Sam were kind of lucky, you know," Alan took over, "because in the old times we met each other by pure chance. Imagine a time when you didn't know what the future had in story for you at all. Imagine that you had the power to create your own path, not follow someone else's. Sam and I lived in such a time, boys." He stopped and looked at them.

Alan took the boys many years back to a particular summer night when he met his partner for the first time. It was at a party in a friend's house. There was a face he hadn't seen among their group before. They told him that it was the new boy that had moved in the empty house on the same street. Alan told Pete and Joe how when their friends introduced them to each other a goofy smile appeared on his face. He couldn't keep his eyes off him through the whole night. Alan didn't explain the feeling to them, but told that it was an instant, powerful attraction. At one time, while he was taking yet another peak, more obvious and prolonged because almost everyone was drunk, the eyes of the boy connected with his own. His heart then skipped; he was caught in the act. But as he saw Sam going up the staircase and turning with a grin, he knew he had to gather his courage and follow him.

Joe laughed when Alan told how he gave his first blowjob that night, without going too much into details.

Many more scenes and memories were shared, many more laughs and moments of trouble. Pete and Joe were surprised to know that in those times being so open with another boy was dangerous. They didn't understand why somebody would try to harm and destroy pleasure by spewing hatred. Still, they both begun to envy the numerous possibilities that they would never experience. The two boys avidly listened to the story. To them it seemed like something they had missed, which will never happen on its own; impossible, even if it was so ordinary.

"We were wild, young and handsome, boys," Alan said in conclusion, "now, at our age, we're only handsome." He shared a laugh with Sam.

"Do you see the difference? Do you see what these times lack? Do you see why you are uncertain as to what you really feel?" Sam said. "Your lives are planned boys; your meeting was planned. I only hope that your feelings for each other aren't."

"The heart is the greatest guide of all," Alan said wisely and smiled at the two silent and stunned boys. "Trust it."

"Look at the world around you! It's all made up. Pleasure and entertainment... they've made you think that is all there is. Question it! Everything! To the last detail." Sam was a bit more direct.

They talked continued to talk. Pete and Joe started to loosen up a little, but it looked like Sam and Alan were in a hurry. They both learned a lot of things, their minds were opened. And somehow they knew they wouldn't see the two men again. Pete figured that since there were only young people in the Dome someone must be keeping the older out.

After the boys thanked and wished them good luck, they headed home, pleased with an unfamiliar satisfaction that will never repeat again. Sam and Alan silently watched them disappear into the green illusionary landscape. It was a while till they spoke again.

"My God, haha, they looked exactly like us! Did you see their happiness?"

"Yeah, but... I'm wondering... can it be real? Will they still be happy if they could see...?"

"As long as they have each other -- yes."

"I only wish this wasn't the place where they could truly try to be themselves."

"Yeah, but I think they'll remember us and the things we said."

"It's better to remember our time, Sam... the lost times."

When the Dome's artificial voice sounded through the whole park again, both men stood up, ready for what they knew was going to follow.

"INTRUDERS IN SECTOR P-754," it said indifferently.


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