Chapter 9: Tease, Please


I laid my head on his chest. "A melodic heartbeat under my ear..." I softly said. He giggled and squirmed. Ticklish. I lifted my head and kissed each of his nipples. My tongue began circling around them. The delicate body under me wiggled and tried to lift up while two warm hands, on my head and shoulder, were pushing me to move somewhere south. I lifted my head and my eyes met two filled-with-lust blue orbs. Against the weak force of his body I moved my attention upwards while brushing his skin with my breath and lips. The resistance was handled with a pinning embrace to his hands. Inches away from a desirable kiss, with hearts and breaths out of control, I evaded his sudden forceful lift and nuzzled in his lying golden locks. My tongue found his earlobe. "He thinks only he can do the teasing," I whispered, "but he doesn't have even the slightest idea what I can do to him." Our cheeks pressed together. "Description? No. Even though I work well with words, it's impossible to tell what I see and feel. Hehe." I started to break the cheek contact. "It's all about payback now..." Before I even lifted my head, I felt him bite my neck. He wanted to keep me in place. The full contact of our naked bodies wasn't enough for him. He wanted more. His body started to make the only possible movement in his pinned position. He lifted his butt underneath my weight and started to grind into me. Our erections rubbed against each other. The rhythmic moans of pleasure weren't late to come. It was then I made the mistake of letting go of my grip. As soon as that happened, he released his bite and started to push my head with both of his hands. Soon, I gave in... without realizing that I had failed my initial intentions.


Even before waking next to Merry, in my sleep, I knew I had found my paradise. The sight of him sleeping in my embrace, while our naked bodies were pressed together under the cover, held every moment that had made us feel closer. I don't think that all the sparks were meant to lead to this as some result from a mutual attraction or that they built the atmosphere for last night's event. No. Said more precisely, the moment of having him next to me had everything in itself: every gesture, every feeling, every situation we ever shared.

We were in something like a hug: me lying on my back and he -- on his right side. One of his hands was wrapped around me and I was acting as a pillow for his soft blond locks that were scattered across my chest. He was still asleep. I didn't want to wake him up, so I stayed still, watching him and enjoying the warmth of our bodies, while our last night replayed vividly in my mind. With my hand around him I began to tenderly caress his back, not able to resist feeling his skin.

It wasn't long after that, when the sun reached the wall against the terrace, that Merry woke up... like a kitten. I first felt how his heartbeat and breathing returned to normal, then his eyes slowly opened and, spreading blueness around the room, they met my own; fully awake.

"Hey," he said and yawned. His cheeks stretched over my skin and I would have been more than happy if his lips didn't make only a slight brush. But he had to do the teasing. "Good morning!" His voice happily ringed through my ears. He was beaming and I felt how his hand started to slide in circles across my chest. "Mmm... Waking up like this is nice."

Rather than saying it, I turned and placed a light kiss on his forehead, between his blond locks. He giggled to that... and began his assault on my body. His leg wrapped around me and his morning excitement pressed against my thigh. I too was sprouting quite a visible tent already thanks to my earlier memory travels. His hand slowly moved downwards from my chest till it made the tent unnoticeable from above the covers. I gasped loudly at the touch. Geez! He woke up just a minute ago and was full with energy. Hehe. Not that I was complaining. I was actually planning to give him a taste of his own playfulness. So, with much more effort than I thought I'd take, I succeeded in bringing his hands above the covers...


Not long after we made love again, this time in daylight, and we calmed down a little from the over-thrilling sensations there was a knock on the door. Good thing it was locked because I didn't want to see or imagine the shocked and embarrassed expression on our friend's face finding us like that; being naked was the least that would disturb him. But whoever was behind the door didn't try to open it. From the footsteps we heard, the person walked away. What I noticed, however, was a white piece of paper under the door that he must have slipped. I didn't want to disentangle from Mery's warmth and softness, but there had to come a time to start the day. Another reason was the silly grin he had on his face because of my failed attempt at trying to be the one in control. Grrrrr!

I walked naked to the door and took the paper, hearing giggles behind me when I bend down. I stood perplexed as I read Hayden's recognizable handwriting.


Good morning, lover boys!

Slept well? Of course you did! Though, we, the other residents in the house last night, noticed it quite late... when you quieted down.

Ah, but that's love. I'm happy for ya!

P.S. Check behind the door. The bananas are fresh!

P.S #2 I think Reece likes me <_<


Oh, she figured it with that airhead of hers? How did that happen, I wonder?

When I opened the door I smiled at her keen thinking. A tray with breakfast was laid on the floor. Looking closer, there was French toast with two cups of what looked like tea and two bananas. I took it and shut the door, enclosing again our intimate morning. Merry was sitting cross-legged on the bed as I turned around. He had an impish grin and he wasn't looking me in the eyes. His stare was naughtily fixed on my wobbling manhood.

"Breakfast in bed?" I asked as I got closer. His eyes grew wide, but he didn't lift his gaze. I had to drop the tray a little for him to snap out. Hehe. I doubt he even noticed the food.

"Oh." Two red cheeks appeared on each side of his grin, making him look so innocent in his doing. "Hey, let me feed you!"

"I was thinking of doing the same to you." I grinned widely and placed the tray on the bed, while I made myself comfortable; in contact with Merry's body, of course.

"We can make it interesting," he said and bit his lip. My look, which said I couldn't be surprised any more, though I was still lost in joyous wonderment every time with his ideas, made him giggle. "Your tummy -- the plate and me with no hands." He winked seductively.

"I don't think the food is appropriate." I laughed.

"The banana." He was eager and didn't give up.

"The banana?" I lifted an eyebrow.

"Yeah." He stuck his tongue out playfully.

"Mmm. Nope."

Before he could make a demanding cute face I put a hand behind across his shoulders and took a toast with the other, which I guided to his mouth. At first he was turning his head at my attempt of feeding him, but after I stole a surprise kiss and parted his lips, I was quick to shove the toasted slice in his mouth. Hmm... guide it there...

We laid on the pillows and made ourselves comfortable, putting carefully the tray with the cups next to us. We ended up with our hands entwined and holding sandwiches in front of the other.

"I don't know the time," I spoke as we fed each other, "but we should go down soon. It's probably a mess after the party."

"Let's take a shower first," he said nonchalantly, although I sensed his anticipation.

"Hehe. You're explaining to Reece why we couldn't help him with the cleaning."

Instead of eating his banana normally like me, Merry peeled it slowly in front of my eyes and temptingly started to run his tongue around it; then followed slurping noises till he by accident took a bite.

I couldn't help but goof and act funnily around him. We couldn't stop laughing and smiling because of the good time we had, because of the shared feelings, because we could talk about anything; and we couldn't keep our hands away from each other's naked skin... not that there was any need to.

And although I told him we should get downstairs soon, the shower was yet another trap of his that had us in a lustful and passionate session. His subtle mention about it meant taking it together, of course. Ah, no, not that there was anything to complain about. I was lost in the pleasure and so into it just as he was. We didn't do anything more than touching and kissing, though touching and kissing was what brought us to climax. But at times I thought that I just couldn't keep up with the young wild side I had found in him. He was the one leading, though I was the one with experience; he was the one who completely grasped the moment, while I couldn't catch a breath and comprehend what happened. Since last night Merry was constantly one step further than me and even though he had the smile of someone you've made happy, I wanted to stop our fast-moving rollercoaster of emotions for just a minute and show him my way of doing things.


It was around eleven when we went downstairs to see what was going on.

We were so used to our nakedness that we were both kind of disappointed when we had to put clothes on. My mind was trying to apply a vivid image of Merry without any like moments before, but it wasn't the same. The truth was I didn't want to go anywhere but back to bed and stay there forever. Hehe. When my green couldn't separate from his blue, I knew Merry was thinking the same.

Surprisingly, the house was clean and tidy, which meant Reece and the others were early to get up. The furniture was in place and everything seemed normal as though there wasn't a wild, unsupervised party with lots of alcohol and raging hormones the previous night.

We heard voices from the kitchen and we headed there. The Sunday morning was already more than eventful for Merry and me, but it seemed it was just beginning to fill up for our friends. The voices sounded quite agitated and I was surprised because it was unusual for Reece and Hayden to quarrel.