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Breathe Me-The untold story of Chezney and Dominic

Chapter 1-Chezney


A word that has one universal meaning around the world, that feels the hearts of millions, gives them a reason to wake up every day with a smile, give them a reason for living. But love can also break a person's soul, wither them down to nothing but a hollow shell, take the breath of life that was once their reason for living and turn it into the darkest dark of despair.


Can blind you and yet it can make you see. Can be the most beautiful song but make your ears bleed. And let me tell you my friend LOVE... can eat you alive until there is nothing left.


So I bet your wondering... why am I reading this? I want to read about love and happiness. I want a story that gives me a happy ending. Well I can't promise you that there will be a happy ending. I can't promise that you won't ever want to give your heart to someone. I can't promise you won't cry. What I can promise you is a story that doesn't edit what LOVE can do to a person. I promise that I will take you through the steps of the happiness, the pain, joy...heartache. I promise that I will tell you the truth in all things that come around it.

Lastly, my name is Chezney Boren, I'm 18 years old and I'm writing this as I stand on the top of a bridge, 100 feet in the air and there is nothing but cold icy water below.


I was sixteen when I first saw him. Tall about 6'3, lean, sculpted figure but for other people you might say he was nothing but skin and bones. His eyes were dark and light crystal blue in color that seemed to sink within his face in contrast to his high cheekbones. His hair seemed to be black as night, short spiked with gel on the top, and as he stood there casually looking up at an abstract painting by Milar he just took my breath away.

I think I stood stunned just watching him for about 10 minutes. He would casually walk painting to painting taking at least a full 2 minutes to appreciate its value. I wanted so badly then to walk right up to him and start talking to him but would only complicate things. You see, I'm not what you would call a normal 16 year old high school boy. In fact I do most of my studying while being on tour and rarely ever get chances like this to be out in public without a massive crowd cheering and swooning over me. I guess being in the biggest rock band on earth isn't all fun and games.

There I go again getting lost in thought. That seems to be happening more and more these days. Sighing to myself I turned to walk out the door when I bumped into someone. It was then I was stuck with a voice low, smooth and deep. The kind that commands attention, the kind you dream about at night whispering dirty nothings in your hear sending you straight to orgasmic heaven.

"Hey, I'm sorry forgive me I did not..."

It was then I realized that my sunglasses had been knocked to the ground. As if it was an automatic reflex I bend my face down brushing past him lightly heading straight for the door.


It was early on a Saturday afternoon when I decided to go to the local art gallery to see how the preparation was going for first show. I couldn't say I wasn't nervous, being only 16 most can only dream of such an accomplishment of being featured in an art show. After talking to the lead direction I decided to take a look around to scope out the competition. I still had a few hours before I was to be at a local party and I didn't need a fix too bad to be in a rush. After about twenty minutes of walking amongst the gallery I noticed someone watching me. This put me on edge a bit because I didn't know if he was an undercover cop with the sunglasses and raised hood so I tried my best to act causal.

I decided to take my time and look at each piece and I even had to admit some of them were quite good and took my interested but, this was mainly a front to put up just in case I was being watched. Hanging with the crowd that I do, I would not be surprised if I was. I had barely turned the corner when we collided right into each other. I left out a soft curse kicking myself mentally for making myself more obvious then I highly intended. I noticed that his sunglasses dropped and as I bent to pick them up to hand them back that is when I saw the face of an angel.

He stood just a tad bit shorter than me which is around 6'2, light grey eyes, long eyelashes dirty brown hair that fell just down to the top of his ears. He had an almost boyish face right between the ages of a teen heart throb becoming a man. That is when I realized; or rather that is when I couldn't even believe who I was starting at. He started to speak but it honestly didn't even register in my mind a word he was saying. Chezney, here in this semi small town right outside of the big city that no one really knows about? I wanted to badly to say something back but my words were caught in my as I watched him just disappeared right before my eyes.

Still in shock, a bit of adrenaline rushed through me as I started to chase after him. I had secretly admired him for the past year, hell I even had his poster on my wall when I still lived with my parents. But it was his voice that was the most amazing thing about him. A voice that with just a single word could pierce through a man's soul, strip him and leave him bare for everyone to see. I don't what was going through my head but I knew I had to at least talk to him.

He turned into the alley just behind the art gallery and I had to jog to keep up with him. I knew the alley was long and lead to a abandon building and not being familiar with the area, he could have found himself in a lot more trouble going this way.

"Hey, hey wait, you will never get out this way, the only thing that's back here is an abandon meat shop."

Thankfully his full pace run begun to slow and I was finally able to catch up with him.

"I'll give you $100 and an autograph if you let me go please."

As much as he tried to hint it I could hear the fear in his voice and he almost seemed to be shaking. I guess being who he is, alone in an alley with a stranger you would automatically thing the worse. All I could do was smiling coolly and look at him. Still in shock and amazement I reached for him but he pulled back quickly.

"Alright $300, I can get you more but I don't carry much on me."

He was speaking in more of a plea now even when I started shaking my head softly walking backwards hoping some distance would calm him down; his eyes were still searching for any possible way of getting out.

"I don't want your money nor do I want to hurt you are Chezney from Chezney and the Assassins right?"

He just nodded taking a small gulp which I'm sure he was hoping I did not notice. His hand reached up and ran his fingers threw his hair in a nervous kind of way as he took a long deep breath.

"Your music is amazing, but I'm sure you here that all time. My name is Dominic, Dominic Warren."

Extending my hand it hung in the air for a moment with him looking at it cautiously before slowly reaching his hand out to shake mine. His grip was firm but his hands were soft, I held on a little longer than normal but he didn't seem to mind. Slowly I pulled my hand away and caught that flicker in the corner of his eye. I gasped though I'm not sure it was even auditable but I knew than I had to do anything I could to never leave his side.