Usual Disclaimer applies.

Let's start from the beginning. The events in this recount take place on July 16th 2011. Here in Australia it

was mid year school break. I live in a populated suburbia in Perth, Western Australia and the area is

pretty decent. The weather was a little bit cold and it was raining.

My name is Michael and i'm 14 years old. I've got dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes and a still growing 6 inch dick.

When i woke up on this day at 9am I got up, had breakfast then had a shower. After being all clean I slipped

on my comfy bonds underwear, a pair of jeans, shirt and a jumper. I went to see a movie with some friends at school

and was home by 2pm. On Facebook, I began chatting to my neighbour. His name is Josh. He is in his

final year at my school. He is 17 years old, fairly tall standing at about 6ft 7 and from what I can see from his

constant 5 o'clock shadow, arms and legs, he is really hairy. He invited me over to play some Call of Duty online

with him. I accepted his invitation and went on my way next door. Josh lives in a 2 story house with his bedroom

being upstairs. He was an only child and home alone since his parents were at work. Josh greeted me at the door

with his sexy voice. His voice is a typical Australian male that you'd find in any city. It's a little bit deeper than other

males but has the great Aussie accent. He had already set up a lobby in the game and we sat on his bed in his room

playing the game.

After about half hour he said he'd be back in about 5 minutes because he needed to take a shit. Since i'm a curious

14 year old dealing with puberty, I got a little interested into what other guys had in their room. I opened draws

quietly to see if he had anything. His underwear drawer consisted of a variety of bonds, an opened box of condoms

and a bottle of lube that was about 3/4 full. I had lube in my underwear drawer at home but no condoms. I hadn't had sex.

It excited me to know that my neighbour was sexually active. I got a boner thinking about him during sex. In the corner

of his room was a pile of dirty clothes. I found 2 pairs of used underwear in it. I sniffed one and it smelt normal but the

other had a massive cum stain right in the pouch. The smell was amazing and made my dick even harder. I thought

that I'd better get back to the bed before he came back. Josh came back a bit later with a bowl of pasta he had reheated.

He sat down and I continued playing. He then accidentally spilt the bowl on his shirt. He did the usual "ah fuck" then

he stood up and took his shirt off right in front of me. I was absolutely amazed. He had the perfect body. Well, what I like.

At this moment I think I realised I preferred men over women. His body wasn't toned but it wasn't twiggy. It was just nice.

He had thick armpit hair, chest hair, and a decent patch of hair around his belly button that ventured into his shorts.

"Wow, you're hairy as" I said.

"Surely you'd have some hair. You're 15 this year. At 14 I had hair around my stomach" He said.

I then took my shirt and jumper off to show him that I only had armpit hair and light sprinkles around

my belly button. He started to tickle me under my arms and I eventually returned the favour. It felt so good to have

his armpit hair in my fingers. It made me pop another boner and this time, he noticed.

"You got a boner buddy"

I went red. He assured me it was okay and normal. I knew it already but it's still embarrassing.

"Show me what you got in there" he said.

"What?" I said

"Yeh show me what you got"

I hesitated. He then got on his knees and unzipped my jeans and took them off leaving me in my underwear. My boner stretching

them to their limits. He took them off to expose my fully erect 6 inter with a nice patch of dark blonde pubes at the bottom.

Josh then grabbed my dick and began to stroke it. I let out a moan. I wanted this to happen and I think he could tell. He then did

something I didn't expect. He put my cock in his mouth. My first blowjob. The feeling was amazing. My dick loved it so much.

I loved it so much. He didn't suck me off for long. He stood up and began to kiss me. He kissed me hard. His tongue was

down the back of my throat. All these thoughts running through my head and I just wanted it so bad. He whispered in my ear

"suck me".

I got down on my knees and took off his shorts. His dick was fully erect by this stage too. It was. Big. Really big. I awed

at the tent in his underwear. I slid them off and revealed a 9 inch boner drowning in pubes at the base and on his balls.

I took it in my mouth. My first dick. The taste was amazing. He let out a loud moan. I gagged but he told me a trick, to squeeze

my left thumb and I should be able to fit a lot more dick in. It worked. I took in all of his 9 inch dick. I loved the feeling of

pubes on my face. I licked his dick from bottom to top, sucked on his balls (I watch a lot of porn) and swirled my tongue around

the head. He told me to prepare him for my dick. I didn't know what he meant. He explained I had to lick his arse hole and finger it,

so I could fuck him. He turned around and I was greeted by an arse that was covered in hair. I loved it. I began to lick his hole

and the taste was amazing despite his recent shit. I stuck my tongue in his hole after a while feeling a little adventurous. I then

stuck a finger into his hole and moved it around. After about 10 minutes of preparing his hole he went to his drawer to get the

condoms and lube. I couldn't believe I would be wearing a condom. I had always wanted to. He put it on me and lubed my cock

up as well as his arse. I didn't know what I was doing so I interred my dick as hard and as fast as possible. He yelped in pain

but told me to keep going as I was. I thrusted my 6 incher back and forth into his hole. It was amazing. I was having sex.

I couldn't believe it. Sex. Me having sex. Sweat fell down from my head and dripped onto his back. My armpits were sweaty also.

I was enjoying this too much to care. The room filled with the scent of teen sex. Young teen sex. I loved it. It made me even more horny.

I could feel my cum begin to boil in my balls.

"Oh fuck Josh, I',m gonna bust"

He then got my dick out his arse just before the point of no return. My dick was pulsing. He took the condom off and began to jack

me off. It took literally 5 pumps and I exploded over his face, chest and carpet. My cum looked so fucking hot caught in his chest hair.

That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. He stood up and pressed his entire body against me and attacked my mouth

with his. My cum was smearing between my sweaty body and his while our mouths were busy together.

"fuck me Josh fuck me" I begged.

He bent me over the desk in his room and started to rim my hole. He had done this before. His tongue knew exactly where to go

and my boner came back. I've never felt something so incredible. It was just epic.

"Ready?" He asked?

"Yeh. Take me." I said

He put a condom over his massive cock and lubed my hole up as well as his dick. He lined it up and began to slowly insert it.

I cried out in pain but he didn't care. He kept going deeper and deeper. It hurt so bad but felt so good at the same time so I didn't

tell him to stop. More and more he kept going in and before I knew it he actually managed to get his entire 9 inch dick in my arse.

I felt his pubes on my arse and his balls against my skin. He slowly began to thrust in and out, gradually picking up speed. I looked

back at Josh and saw his sweaty armpits which made me moan. His pace got a lot faster after that. It felt amazing. His dick

was rubbing my G spot in just the right way. The room filled with our moans. Josh took his dick out and turned me around. He

picked me up and slammed me against the wall. Josh continued to hold me and again began to fuck me against the wall. Facing

him, I started to kiss him. Being fucked and kissing was so far the best bit about this. He then started to bite my nipples. My head went

back against the wall with a moan accompanying it. I moved my hands to his hairy armpits and was welcomed with his hot sweat. My

hands became drenched with his armpit sweat. I brought my hands to my mouth and licked his sweat off it. It tasted amazing. His pace

got even harder and faster against the wall and I could feel another cum shot happening in my balls. My moaning and breathing

got louder and heavier. He knew I was gonna cum again. I let out a loud moan and my balls erupted. Of course little cum

came out but the orgasm felt exactly the same. He brought me to his bed and threw me on it. He took the condom off his

dick and lied on top of me. He fucked my mouth with his tongue again and began to thrust his dick against my body. His

hairs against my body felt amazing and there was still a little bit of my cum on his body. His breathing got heavier and heavier.

I tilted my head to the side so i could watch him cum while he thrusted against my body. Josh let out one last loud moan

and his cum exploded between our bodies. I counted 8 hot shots of jizz shooting up to my neck, nipples and over my body. He

collapsed on top of me making a cum sandwich between us. I picked some up with my finger and ate it. It tasted a lot better than mine.

I continued to kiss him. I wasn't done. I was still horny. I could jizz one more time. I kissed him for nearly 20 minutes before starting

to stroke his dick with my hand. We were both hard again and he laughed. I rolled him over to his back was on the bed then i stood

up. I squatted over his unprotected dick and let him fuck me bareback. I sat on his dick, facing him, bouncing up and down. This was

the only position I wanted to do this time. It was amazing. He lied on the bed with his eyes closed and his hands behind his bed,

having his hairy armpits exposed. I kept bouncing and stroking my cock. Our breathing got heavier together and we both

came at the same time. He shot up my arse and me over his chest. There was very little cum involved in these orgasms but

they felt incredible. We were done. We caught our breath and got dressed. I said I'd better get home. He sprayed some deodorant on

me so I didn't stink of sex. As I was leaving he said "So you wanna play Call of Duty tomorrow?"

I just looked back and said "See you at 2."