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Choosing a New Life Path


My parents had been talking secretly for several months.  Since they also seemed worried I started to listen to find out what it was all about.  It was trouble.  It was very big trouble!  They were being investigated for improper business dealings, corruption and bribery and worried about not only being arrested and convicted but being sent to the penal colony.  Of course, I then started to worry also.  What would happen to me?  Would I effectively be an orphan?  Would I be put into a state home or foster care?  One thing I realized was that my quality of life would crash without them and Dad's income.

Then I really got hit by reality.  Their lawyer came by one evening to talk.  He was very glum.  He warned them that they would likely be arrested in a few days.  "I guess we will have to make some arrangement for Oscar." said my mom.

The lawyer said that would not be necessary and explained.  "As the boy is a minor he will remain with you in the penal colony if you are convicted.  If he remains here he will be considered to be chattel and will taken along with all your other possessions and sold as a slave.  Now since your assets have been frozen you can not even sell him."

You can imagine how that made me feel.  Why hadn't the lawyer anticipated this and prevented the loss of my freedom.  I needed to find a way out of this.  The next day after school, I went to see my next door neighbor Dr. Ruffcorn.  A very smart man who I was sure would find a way out for me.  I was very pleased that he listened to me like I was an grownup rather than a baby as I explained all the facts.  He was very sympathetic and made a call to a very smart lawyer.  It turns out since I turned fourteen just a month ago that there was an out.  I could indenture myself even with the existing court order in force although I could have tried for emancipation before it was issued.  My parents' attorney had fucked up and I would have to pay the price.

The good doctor offered to help me by becoming my sponsor.  He told me to ask my parents for their assent although legally it was not necessary.  His lawyer would send him the standard form and we could go to court in the morning if I wanted.  My parents were happy with the prospect and told me to rush because they were worried about being arrested very soon.  I collected a few things and went to what would soon be my new home providing safety and security.

The Doctor and I took care of the paperwork including getting things notarized and then it was dinner time.  The household consisted of the doctor, his wife, his son Kendrick and one slave Tom.  Mrs. Ruffcorn worked part time and although they had a slave she still did the cooking.  Ken was a year younger than I.  We knew each other but were not really friends and I guessed that we would now become close like brothers and I would guide him even though he did not like me.  Tom was a few months younger than Ken and took care of most of the household chores.  The doctor did not want a manservant so Ken had more of the services of Tom than would be otherwise expected.

I did not worry about the superficial hostility of Ken and even less of that from the slave, Tom.  I was absolutely certain that I would quickly establish myself as the dominant youth because I was smarter as well as older than both of them.

For this first night I would have the spare bed in Ken's room.  (Tom would, naturally, be in the slave crib in the basement.)  I was surprised to see that Ken was at least a developed sexually as I was.  I did not tell him that he was a year ahead of me in that regard since I had first sprouted hair only a few months ago.  He was noncommital when I asked if he took advantage of having a slave rather than just jerking off.  Of course, that was not considered to be gay.  I knew that I would and was anxiously expecting to within a few days.  Since Tom was naked like all juvenile slaves, I could see that he was also into puberty although his pubes were closely trimmed.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning I got dressed in my suit and combed my hair very neatly so as to show respect for the Court for I had seen many courtroom scenes on TV and knew how formal a place it was.  I was surprised that the Doctor used the side entrance to the courthouse and that the courtroom was very plain with holding cells on one wall.  Dr. Ruffcorn presented the papers to the clerk who finding them in proper order put them in the box for the Judge.  We waited on simple benches away from the cells.  I did not understand what was happening with others but we only had to wait a short time before we were called.  The Judge looked over the papers and asked me a few questions.  I explained that I thought that this was a better option than what would happen if I stayed with my parents.

In just a few minutes the Judge banged his gavel, saying: "It is so ordered." and signed the papers.  The clerk applied the official seal and told Dr. Ruffcorn to take me to Room 101 to be processed.  That room made the courtroom seem luxurious.  I was ordered to strip and put my clothes in a bag.  The doctor explained that was routine procedure and not to delay so I striped.  I was fingerprinted, retina photoed, blood was taken to be genotyped and checked for diseases, and otherwise extensively measured.  The Vet did some examinations and then produced a huge needle.  I cringed being afraid of shots.  The Vet and Dr. Ruffcorn both snapped at me.  Some big rough beast held me still so the Vet could insert the ID chips.  He was not satisfied with just one but also did two more.  I yelled for all of them.  Everyone laughed at me.  The beast said that non-cooperation is punished with rougher treatment.  I was happy that Ken was not there to see how I behaved.

I wanted to get dressed but the doctor said that I was to go naked – like Tom did all the time.  "That's impossible – I have to go to school like you promised I would." I said insisting.

"Come here, boy." said the doctor angrily standing in front of a slave collar display.  "A number six in medium, please." he said to the clerk who handed him one.  "This is what you shall wear, Oscar."  He then looped that slave collar about my neck and snapped it closed.  The lock made loud snap.  I did not know it then but that snap foretold my future.  He pocketed the key.  It was made of steel and very heavy.  "You will be going to a different school.  Now, pick up your clothes and come along home."

"But this is NOT what we agreed." I protested.  He snapped a leash to the collar and gave it a tug.  I had to follow him to the car or get hurt.  I continued to protest on the ride home.  It was a very sobering sight when we got home.  My parents were being arrested – they were in handcuffs and being led to waiting police cars.  Many neighbors were watching their shame.

"You want to join them, boy?" he asked me "You want to be shipped to the penal colony?  You'll wear a collar there also."  The doctor drove into his garage and then lead me into the house.  Tom greeted us; more precisely, he greeted the doctor.  He was beaming when he saw me naked and collared.

I continued to protest when the doctor slapped my face and commanded me to be silent.  I obeyed because I was stunned.  Tom's opinion was requested.  He was very blunt.  "A most disrespectful slave who most certainly should be strapped and paddled!  Should I fetch the paddle, Master?"  I was appalled.  What right did this young kid, and just a slave at that, have to even suggest a punishment for me?

"No.  Take this unruly slave and teach it some manners.  A good hard ten whacks with the heavy paddle while on the spanking bench." ordered the doctor.  Then he spoke to me.  "You shall obey Tom who is to punish you."  Then he handed my leash to Tom.  There was a very scary implied or else it will be a lot worse for you.

"YES, SIR!  Immediately Master." said Tom obviously most happy with the assignment.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tom started walking with a tight grip on the leash and I was forced to follow.  We went down into the basement where the slave crib was.  It was a very tiny space.  He grabbed a cable and snapped it on the loop on my collar.  "Get over the spanking bench and take your punishment as Master commanded."

I objected and he pressed a button on the spanking bench.  There was a whine of a motor and soon I was being pulled by my collar.  That cable was being pulled into the spanking bench and soon I was being held tight but sprawled on the floor.

Tom got a strap and without a word began using it on me.  It seem to hit me everywhere and I yelled for him to stop.  Eventually he did and the cable tension let up.  "Are you ready to get into position for your paddling, SLAVE?" he demanded.

"I'll be good.  Please don't paddle me.  You can say you did." I begged very fearful of the paddle especially after having felt the wicked strap.

The cable tightened again and he repeated the strapping.  "Don't be a fool.  I'm not going to lie to Master and get punished for you.  This is all recorded, stupid.  You have a lot to learn."  Again he released the cable.  "Get on the bench."  I this time obeyed for fortunately I realized that he and most certainly his strap would out last me.

Once I was in position, I was clamped down.  I practically fainted when I saw the huge heavy hardwood paddle.  "This is going to be fun." chortled Tom.  He found his position and swung.  I saw stars and screamed in pain.  Over and over he raised that paddle and the hard whacks seemed to shatter my entire body.  I was blubbering like a baby before he was done but he still gave me the ten hard whacks Master had ordered.

Slowly I became aware of the world again although my butt was a roaring inferno.  I could not move.  Eventually, Tom returned.  I thought that he would free me but he did not.  Instead he began to play with my butt hole.  I was helpless to object and had to suffer as he worked up to four fingers in my virgin hole.  I fully expected that he would ram his cock into me for it had been rampant since he had lead me down here.  I was wrong, however.  Tom eventually removed his fingers and inserted a huge butt plug into me.  "The only reason that I'm not fucking you now, slave, is that Young Master might wish to take your cherry himself.  But fear not, we will have lots of opportunities in the future.  You are to address me as 'Boss' and you are to obey me at all times.  I have been charged to teach you the things that you must know and AUTHORIZED TO PUNISH YOU as I see fit.  Do you understand?"

I quickly felt his hand spank my already sore butt when I did not answer properly.  Tom quickly taught me with a lot of hand spanks that the proper response was: "Yes, Boss."  I hadn't any idea of how a mere boy and a slave boy at that could punish me so severely until it happened.  I certainly did not want a repeat.

You need to be made presentable for a slave boy said Tom taking a barber's clipper out of the drawer.  "Knell and stay still."  I obeyed and he turned on the buzzer and quite quickly and easily reduced my beautiful head of hair to the mere stubble of a crew cut and a pile on the floor.  He had me stand and clean cut my pits and pubes with similar ease.  While I was bemoaning that loss, he got out a shaver and finished the job leaving me looking like a little kid.  I was jealous of his close cropped pubes as I no longer had any.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tom took me back upstairs and started to teach me how to assist him with his chores.  Both Master and Young Master were impressed by how efficiently Tom changed my attitude.  Actually, my ass burnt so much I was afraid of being hit anymore.  After the family ate, we did the clean up.  I learnt what slave chow was while Tom had real food leftovers.

Boss told me we had to serve the Young Master milk and cookies before bed.  We prepared the tray and I took it upstairs.  I knocked gently as Tom explained and then entered.  The Young Master took some time to carefully examine me.  "You look a lot different tonight, boy." he said as he thumped my heavy collar.  "Your collar is most becoming and suits you perfectly.  Tom did a good job on your butt for it's nice and red."  He gave me another slap and I jumped in pain because I was still very tender from the paddling.

He then fiddled with the butt plug.  "Did Tom fuck you, boy?"

"No, Master." I said as Tom had taught me to respond.

"Have you been fucked, slave?"

"No, Master."

"Would you like me to take your cherry, boy?"

"No, Master." I said relieved that he wasn't going to do it.  He then sent me to fetch Tom which I did.  He asked Tom why he hadn't fucked me.

"I thought that you might wish to do that, Master." Tom replied simply.

"It does not want me to do that."  Tom gasped hearing that.  I thought that he was awed by it but he was shocked by my affront to Master as he later explained.  "I have decided to honor its wishes."  I was very relieved to hear that even though Young Master had reduced me to a thing.  Then he added:  "I want to watch you fuck my new slave boy."  That somehow made it feel more shameful than if he did it.  I wanted to say that I changed my mind and would like him to take my cherry but I remembered the painful lessons and knew I was not allowed speak.

"Yes, Master."  Tom ordered me to get on all fours and pulled out the butt plug.  He got behind me and quickly rammed his hard cock into my back hole.  Fortunately the butt plug had stretched me so he didn't rip me apart.  He had great endurance and he fucked me long and hard.  I couldn't believe how hard I got and how much I leaked.  Although I hated the concept something inside me felt good.

"What a wonderful expression, Oscar." exclaimed Young Master as a slave took my cherry.  Young Master also had his fun and fucked my mouth, coming before Tom although they both filled me with their man cream.  Young Master lectured me that I was to learn from him and must obey Tom, and emphasized that he had the authority to punish me and use me for sex as he wished.

Tom, or should I say Boss, and I were dismissed and we went to the slave quarters.  It was the same place where I had been beaten earlier.  It was a very cramped crib with two narrow cots and two tiny desks so we could do school work and, of course, that horrid spanking bench.  There was a hole to squat over rather than a toilet which also served as the shower drain.  There was a collection of spanking implements on the wall.  Tom said he had some homework to do and gave me a slave manual to study.  He told me what time for lights out and when the alarm would sound in the morning.

I was learning a lot about being a slave and beginning to realize that I had made a mistake.  But it was too late now for I was collared and chipped.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning the alarm woke us.  Boss insisted that I suck him the first thing and promised it would be part of our daily routine.  We cleaned up and setup breakfast and went to make sure that the young master was on time for school.  I watched sadly as Ken caught the school bus that I had used until just two days ago.  It was most symbolic of my life changes.

The number of chores that we were responsible for seemed endless yet Tom knew each of them without a list.  Midmorning Boss got my leash and we went shopping using the mistress' list.  As I pulled the shopping cart, I wanted to bolt several times as I saw people I knew.  Fortunately, Tom kept me in check with tugs on my leash.  It was worse in the supermarket as Tom collected the required items.  Tom even added a few items he said that we needed that were not on the list.  At the check out his id chip was scanned for payment.  Back home we had a zillion more chores although Tom did take a break to finish his homework and insisted that I continue to study the slave manual.

Young Master was displeased by how I served him his after school snack so he sent me to fetch the tawse.  It certainly was a more effective implement than the strap as I found out as he roasted my tail with it.  He made me bend over and swung that vicious thing on my ass with great vigor.  He gave me ten terrible cuts and I screamed for each one.  It was not as bad as the heavy wooden paddle but more than sufficient to make me fear it the sane way.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day was very different.  After the usual morning stuff, Tom and I were going off to school.  Master had left my enrollment papers for Tom to present at the office.  He also reminded me that I was going to school as he had agreed.  I had not realized that he had meant slaves' school.  Tom had made sure that I had the usual school supplies and that I knew which bus to use to get home with him.

Except that even a hint of sexual activity was severely punished and it was very easy to get into trouble otherwise, slave school was pretty much like the other school I had attended.  However, there weren't any frills nor electives.  Discipline was very strict.  In every classroom, there was a tawse and paddle hanging on the wall for the teacher to use.  After a few hours, I realized the important difference – everyone was quiet like a strict master was watching closely and ready to punish.  It was even quiet at lunch which, surprise, was slave chow with water.  "Lavatory" is probably the best word to describe the unisex facilities which did not have any privacy partitions and just holes to squat over and a wall to pee on like in the slave crib at home.

I managed to get into trouble the very first day.  I was recognized and taunted about my family.  Unfortunately along with my tormentors I got caught and was required to report to the discipline class.  The students there were delighted.  This was a course that was not given in my old school – how to apply corporal punishment.  The students in this class were training to be bosses of slave gangs and this was a required skill.  The students were delighted for today they would not have to practice on cushions and each other but on us miscreants.  I was strapped down and ten students each got to give me a stroke of a cane.  It was absolutely terrible.  I howled for the first cut which felt like a red hot poker when it landed on my butt.  A gag was immediately popped into my mouth to quiet me.

Even though I was a complete mess before they were halfway through, they continued.  I left with my tail on fire and could not sit on the bus going home.  I learnt a very important lesson – that I must back away from conflict with other slaves.  Tom said it just showed how stupid I was.

* * * * * * * * * *

After only three weeks as an indentured servant but really a slave I was not a happy puppy at all.  Both at school and home I was constantly being told that I was wrong both in my thoughts and misbehaving and did not know my place which was at the bottom of the heap.  Almost every day I was ordered to bend over to get my ass whacked with a strap, cane, paddle, flip-flop or even a hand.  It was a rare day that I could sit comfortably although there were not many opportunities to sit other than in classes.  Both Young Master and Boss managed to ram their hard cocks into me everyday although I was allowed to jerk off and often had to preform on command for their amusement.

Young Master and Boss kept telling me that I would have to learn to behave properly like the lowly slave boy I was or firmer action would have to be taken.  "I've been patient with you too long." said Young Master angrily, "You better shape up quick; real quick!  Or else!  Father is not happy about you either."

All Tom would tell me is "You will not like it and you better smarten up and toe the line."

I had trouble with my fellow slave students because I knew that I was better than they were.  I insisted that even though I looked bald where I should have man fur that was because it had been removed and therefore I was really a man.  I used this argument to explain why I was erect a lot.  A lot of the girls were damn sexy and they were all naked like us boys were.  The course work was simpler than in real school and that got me into arguments with the teachers both the free ones and the slaves.

I got sent home with a note from school.  Master was most displeased.  He gave orders.  Within the hour I had been given a cleansing enema and after the obvious discharge, strapped to the spanking bench.  For the first time Master watched me get paddled until my butt was a fiery mess and I was bawling.  I did not realize they shoved something deep into me before putting in the butt plug.  The next day I was also flushed but not beaten so I noticed that they shoved something into me before putting in the plug.

It was when I was emptying the waste baskets, that I learnt what was happening.  Puericil™!  There were wrappers from two suppositories and one rectal gel of the drug.  It was like a horror story unfolding as I read the package inserts and leant what the drug was doing to my body.  Within a few weeks, I would be turned back into a prepubescent boy who wouldn't need his pubes removed because he would have any and his cock would shrink back to boy size and he would stop being an aggressive adolescent male.

I went and begged Master on my hands and knees not to do this to me promising to change.  He was adamant.  The Puericil™ treatment would continue for at least two years.  I argued that it would cause irreversible changes but he said that would be good.  He clinched the argument pointing out that there was another alternative that I would like even less so I better shut up and get back to work.

Within the week I was a much calmer and obedient boy.  After a couple of months, it was like I had never gone through puberty.  Of course, that did not stop Young Master or Boss from using me for their sexual pleasure.  It did change some of my punishments.  For some I was simply spanked like a little boy.  I did not have strip as I was already naked but just got over Young Master's lap and got spanked with his hand or slipper or hairbrush.  I could not keep from crying at all.  It was better in school as well.  I stopped having conflict with others and rudely pointing.

* * * * * * * * * *

It has been a year since I renounced my freedom and became Master's slave.  My outlook on the world has changed and I hardly remember my previous stressful life.  I'm trusted to take my daily Puericil™ pill each morning by myself.  I don't dare cheat as the penalty is even worse.  In a couple more years the effects will be permanent and I will never have to suffer through the angst of puberty again.

I love serving Young Master specially now that he has blossomed into a powerful youth that I will never be.  I'm honored that he loves to fuck me and truly regret that I refused the honor of having a free man take my cherry.  Boss has gone on for advanced training to be in charge of other slaves although I am destined to be a domestic slave most likely serving Young Master forever.

My parents have been exonerated and the evil people who framed them are under arrest.  They wanted to take me back so that I could have a good and free life.  Master set a very high price which they could not afford.  Mother left in tears.  "The boy picked his own destiny.  There is nothing for us to do." said my father leading her away.  Alone in the slave's crib, I cried that night.

The End

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