This story is entirely the work of fiction. Any resemblance to people in real life or in non-fiction literarture is entirely coincidental.

***Warning*** This story contains graphic depictions of consenting homosexual teenagers. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email me at

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PS (This is my first attempt at submitting erotica, please be gentle)


When I was in middle school and high school my friends and I were always hanging out at Chris' house. His parents let us do literally whatever the fuck we wanted, so almost every weekend from 7th grade to graduation we would go there, play video games, talk about girls and smoke some dope. It was around this time that I started having questions about my sexuality. While they talked about which girl they like and adjusted the boners in their tight pants, I was watching their pants and thinking “I like you, not the girls.” Eventually I came to realize that I was gay, and that I wasn't gaining anything by hiding it from my friends, so I told them. They were all cool with it, my family was as well and most people at school didn't know me enough to care, and those that did care were generally positive about everything.

After coming out to everyone I thought it would be easier to hookup with people, or to fool around with friends. The opposite was actually true. When I came out I slowly realized that there were few to no gay people in my class, or even in my town. My only source of “mental spank material” at the time came from spying other boys in the locker room, but after I came out most of the guys made sure to turn away from me for some reason. There were a few of my friends that I was attracted to, and I tried to make moves on them, but all of them told me they were strictly straight and I respected that, not wanting to lose friends over something stupid. However, in 10th grade we introduced somebody new to our friend's group, and that changed my life forever.

However, before I get into that I should tell you some stuff about the “original crew,” as we so often called it. My name is Alan, I was 13ish at the time, with curly brown hair, pale blue eyes and thick 'hipster' glasses. I was a bit 'pudgy' at the time, but I was not fat by any means. I was a video game nerd, and a tabletop game nerd, and that got me drawn into Jean and his friend group in 4th grade. Jean was also a nerd, but he was tall, lithe and had amber colored hair that was beautiful when the sun caught it just right– I had a crush on him for a really long time. Then there was Dustin, he was short, skinny and cute as fuck – he had all of the weed hookups. Finally there was Chris, who's house would be come our weekend home for the next six-plus years. He was fat as hell and kind of a dick, but he was a nerd and was a nice guy in his own way.

I mentioned earlier that in 10th grade we added someone new. To be fair we added about five people to our group, but only two of them matter. Dustin got a girlfriend named Amber, who was a nice girl, but really naive and didn't really fit in too well with us. She had a cousin however, his name was Andrew. From the moment he walked in I knew that I had to get with him. He had medium length blonde hair that always sat perfectly covering one of his opalescent eyes. He sported a boyish grin that tempted me, and suggested devilish mischief was always on his mind. He also had a perfect bubble butt that he often stuffed into pairs of skinny jeans, those fleshy globes begging to be released. The first time he walked in he sat down and immediately started talking with me and Jean like he had been here the whole time.

He was a welcome addition to the group, and nobody so much as blinked when the next weekend he showed up again, and again, and again. He was a nerd, he had the best weed, he always had cigs and his dad would buy him booze; he was a perfect fit for our “motley crew” and I WANTED him.

There was one weekend in particular I remember very vividly. That entire week Andrew had been flirting with me, and I back at him. During school he would stick his ass out at me as I would pass by, at Chris' house he would smile at me whenever I looked at him, and when he got on the bus that morning he was wearing a cologne and made sure to lean over me to open the window so I could get a smell. That night at Chris' house we did the normal stuff we would always do. We played Rock Band, went into the attic to smoke and drink, came back down for our weekly D&D game, then went to bed. Chris and Dustin shared Chris' massive cal king bed, Jean took the couch, and Andrew and I drew “short straws” - aka sharing a blanket on the floor next to the AC. Andrew smelled amazing, and when he was asleep – or at least I thought he was – I turned over and looked at him, staring at his perfect, blemishles face, and his golden hair resting peacefully on the lower part of his face.

If we weren't surrounded by sleeping friends I would have woken him up and tried to make a move on him, but that wasn't tonight, and not wanting to risk waking people up I decided instead to just go to sleep. I shut my eyes, still on my side facing Andrew, when suddenly I felt something begin to rub the area around my belly button. I opened my eyes and saw a very slight grin on Andrew's face. I reached down to feel what was rubbing me and it was Andrew's hand. When I touched his hand he wrapped his fingers around mine and pulled my hand over to him, placing it over his jeans. I began to feel his cock grow under my hand, the boy's rod begging to be released from its denim cell. I started to unbutton his jeans when he opened his eyes and leaned in and kissed my ear before whispering.

“We'll have plenty of time for that, now that I know you want it.” He said before nibbling on my ear softly.

“Message me on Facebook tomorrow and we'll talk.” He continued before turning slightly and pushing my lips onto his. He opened his mouth and allowed his tongue to tease my lips, which I parted in turn for him. We allowed our tongues to swim together in our mouthes for what must have been an hour. When he finally broke the kiss it was to smile at me and say,

“See you tomorrow stud, can't let these guys know what we're up to.” Before turning over and going to sleep.

That night I dreamed that our tongues were snakes and that Andrew layed an egg in my mouth. I have really fucked up dreams when I get high before bed.