Chris in Highschool

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  Chapter 11


December, 8th, 2008

    Well, that Monday classes were specially boring, but things were cool at home, at least, and guess what, I had lunch with Peter... aaah, Peter, with that blond hair, straight enough to blow with the wind... yeah, Chris, and you should mark those words... straight and blow are words that are good together only when it comes to hair stuff...

    How-ever, Peter was so beautiful and... er... I guess I had a decent conversation with him for the first time. I mean, he's blond, blue-eyed deadly gorgeous, loves romantic songs, and ...sigh... as I read in a magazine the other day "what's not to like"?

    You see, he's gorgeous, but not the hunk gorgeous type, muscular... he's lean, and sexy, and he doesn't have that `predator' look, he's sweet, gentle, but very manly, I guess... talking about muscular handsome guys, there was football practice after classes...

    Cold was starting to hit but we were sweating at the end of the training, because coach was pushing us especially hard that day... well, maybe it's because we didn't do good last season... however... shower time...

    Damn, I would get hard like a rock in those situations and keep telling myself it's because of the hormones, the teenage phase, etc., but it seems now I'm aware of the real reason, two basic things happen: one, the `reason' keeps shoving on my face and, two, I get very hard all the time!

    The `reason' that keeps showing up in front of me... well, there was Trevor to start, very well built, with dark hair even on his forearms, I mean, he took his sweaty t-shirt off and damn it, there was a lot of hair going on on that chest, very big chest, and that white smile with that angular jaw... my jaw started to drop, but he was so full about himself talking out loud he gladly would pay no attention to my staring.

    I stopped staring... because I'm a good boy... nooo, because Bruce arrived and he was hot as hell... his blond hair was all wet with sweat and around his reddish face. He already had his t-shirt off and was collecting his things inside his bag, and damn it, he was some sight... gee I was getting hot in there...

    I took a towel in front of me to `cover me'... just got it wrapped around my hand with it in front of my... *blush* shaft... I didn't even care if someone saw my butt ... well, actually they should worry about me... but seriously, I was worried about it, I mean, I didn't wanna end up being hit on the face... though I guess I had some `bad credit' that was on my side between now and something happen... hope senior year ends soon with no major events.

    Well, if there was to a major event happen it could be with a soft, wet, long, french kiss.. I was picturing, closing my eyes, as the hot water hit my back and my shoulders, I had my head down and my hands on the wall in front of me... geez, Chris, stop picturing Peter in your head.

    I turned the water to a colder temperature, not to get a red bruise over my neck and back, but also to check if my shaft went down, as the boys got out of the shower... but as I looked, it didn't help... Derek, his usual self, showing off his packs only with a white towel around his waist... sigh.

    Well, when they were vanishing from the lockers, to be honest, there was only one way for my hardon to `go down', and... to be honest... my balls were starting to hurting from holding back, you know, so I know that closing my eyes and with a few strokes it would be over.

    Actually as I touched it, it trembled in my hand. I took with my both hands, and was careful not to get hurt, but it was so hard and I was so damn horny.

    And with that cum erupted on the wall as I held my dick with my right hand and used my left hand for support.

    Then I put my other hand on the wall and let the warm water run all over my hair, pour on my face as I watched the water go down, to subside. I relaxed so much that I felt my piss running down my shaft ... still hard... and through my legs... and I breathed heavily.

    "Is there someone still there?" I heard coach yell.

    "Oh, Chris, it's you."

    I instinctively put my hands in front of me and with a jolt my hardon subsided quickly.

    "Ow... it's you." coach said with an `I figured it out' look. "Dubois, just... let me know when you're... finished... er I mean, dressed and I'll come to lock the door." and with that he was gone.


December, 9th, 2008

    "Alright, people. Listen to me. We have only one week to the science fair, so I guess you'll have to make your project in pairs." Mrs. Green said. And with that, the class was all cheers.

    "People, silence!" Mrs. Green continued. "I mean, now you can talk, make your pairs. The only issue is... you'll have to make one project and drop the other idea... I mean, the two of you, in each pair, choose the project that you thinks suit you better. So, do not choose your pair just because is your friend, but keep in mind someone who has alike materials, someone who's really gonna cooperate, ok? Five minutes."

    "Hey, that's easy, Chris." Peter said by my side with a smile. Sigh, that smile, you know, his face wasn't pale, but wasn't reddish either, he just had that peach fuzz skin, and the most beautiful smile. You know those people who smile with their eyes, well sure thing Peter is one of them!

    "Chris?! Are you listening to me?" he insisted.

    "Er.. what?!" I replied and made a mental note to stop staring like this... like a psycho... a zoned out psycho... sigh.

    "I said we should finish the project together." he said.

    Yeah, me, bully Chris, that nobody wants to work with, and straight A Chris, competitive... er, that no one wants to work with again... being invited by cool Peter, cool beautiful Peter... to finish the project with me.

    "The project? The volcano?" Peter inquired, never losing his smile, in his shiny eyes.

    "Yeah, sure." I said, probably with a goofy smile that, thankfully, was unnoticed.

    And with that the bell rang and, of course, Nick was already by the door to talk to Peter.

    As I was packing my things, Peter got back at me and asked "Let's have lunch then?"

    "But Schaeffer... er Nick was just here?" I inquired dumbly I know I should only accept... however I didn't give a thought, I didn't have the time, I was taken by surprise.

    "He said he has to resolve some science project issues with Jenna during lunchtime." Peter said with a shrug. "So let's go?" he continued and that shiny smile got back.

    As we were in the patio, I noticed the guys from the team weren't having lunch together. Of course, each one of them were, cheekly, trying to convince one of the girls who study and have good grades, differently from them to pair up with them to make the science project. We passed by them and chose a spot in a table.

    "So, which materials do you already have to make the volcano?" Peter asked me.

    I would normally shrug and casually say I have a few things, but the truth is, being the study freak I am... and no one from the team can dream of it, I bought all of it. I mean, I looove going to the stationery, the smell of new things, you know...

    "Well, I bought the styrofoam, the ink, the sodium bicarbonate, and I thought of making a few small trees, like in a model, you know, so I thought we could use toothpicks and crepe paper, what do you think?"

    "Wow, you really thought about all of it. Anyone would feel luck to pair with you." he said that, referring to the project of course, but it sounded sooo cute.

    "What?" he asked. I guess I zoned out again.

    "Er... nothing. So, what have you been watching? Any series?"

    "You know, last time you mentioned animes, I didn't use to like it, but I just started watching Sekaiichi hatsukoi and it turns out to be so nice... It seems not all animes are about fighting and super powers." he said and finished with a light laugh.

    "Yeah, but probably it's gonna take some time for me to have time to watch it..." I mean, with the upcoming exams and everything.

    "Really, why?" he asked.

    "Ow... it's just that... I have practice, and the team isn't doing fine since last season..." I covered that with a half-truth.

    "And you?" Peter asked. "What are you doing in your freetime, watching something new?"

    I'm writing some songs, listening to really romantic songs... but I didn't want to give that `sissy answer', you know. "I'm watching a lot of sports in the evening, you know?" I covered it up. I don't like it very much, I barely watch the news just to cover up the subject talking to the guys, next day, at school.

    Sigh... Chris, Chris, I was thinking to myself how I can make new friends... well, some friend period... if you can't be true...

    "So, can you come over this afternoon, for us to finish the volcano?" he asked, with a smile.

    "Sure." I quickly replied with a smile of my own.

    "But the materials are at home..." I inquired.

    "I... also... bought all of it. We were competing for the best volcano, remember?!" Peter said with a chuckle and combed his hair with his fingers as the wind brushed it. And with that the bell rang.


    And there I was, in Peter's bedroom. I mean, for a teenager... and being Peter's bedroom it was almost like a erotic experience.

    Peter was so beautiful concentrating with glue on his hands, and locks of straight blond hair falling close to his eyes, very blue eyes, as he was working on the model. He even bit the tip of his tongue or his lower lip while making an effort to the crepe paper not to glue in the wrong places.

    "Well, it seems we're far from finished with this, so let's have a break and have a juice in the kitchen." Peter invited me.

    Actually after a little more chatting and glue and stuff, the volcano was finished. It was pretty cool and guess what, it works!

    "Hi, Mrs. Hershey." I said as Peter's mom arrived at his place.

    "Hi, Chris!" she said all smiles, kissed me on the cheek and ruffled my hair.

    "Oh, it's late. I'm sorry about the time, but I'm already going home." I said. "It's just because we were finishing some school work."

    "Yeah, mom, it's a volcano. It's pretty cool." Peter added.

    "Oh, no need to worry, I'll walk home." I replied to Mrs. Schaefer.

    I ended up taking the cab but I didn't want to trouble Mrs. Hershey as I was so welcomed by Peter.

    Well, as I arrived home, I had an almost unique experienced. I was sitting for a moment or two on Peter's bed.

    I don't know if his bedroom has his `smell' you know, a smell of clean, a male scent, but still so soft, you know...

    I was recalling the events of the day, and I was lying on my bed, looking at the ceiling... and I was hard, so I ran a hand on my crotch. Next thing, I took my white t-shirt off, and as I already had kicked my shoes off, I managed a sitting positing just to take my socks off and lie again.

    It was getting uncomfortable, so I took my beige khaki pants off and I was running the palm of my hand over my briefs.

    I closed my eyes and I was picturing Peter, as we were having lunch, as he took a bite of his sandwich, never losing eye contact with those piercing blue eyes, directly at me, always smiling, always polite, always interesting to talk to, to look at and as the wind brushed his hair... and when we were holding our trays getting out of the cafeteria to look for a table, his elbow brushed in mine... oh, and when the napkin was about to fly with the wind and he held my arm, to put it more centered in my tray... sigh, I touched his skin today... you know...

    And that was forming a wet spot in my briefs as I ran my hand over it and couldn't resist pressing the tip of my cock, I took my briefs off.

    I had one hand on my shaft and the other caressing my balls, it seems it really helps to `produce more'... *blush*

    As I closed my eyes again, the big guy from my other day dream showed up only in black boots... for some reason, and all of a sudden, he was grabbing me from behind... and kissing my neck. I felt a shiver.

    I didn't want to erupt yet... but at the same time I did... so it "worked better than the volcano model" let's say *giggle*


December, 10th, 2008

    Next day, lucky me, I had lunch with Peter again.

    "So, what about the girls?" Peter asked between a bite and another of his sandwich.

    Damn, he's straight. You know it, Chris. It's good you "see" that happening now. Well, I gave the evasive reply I mostly use...

    "So, what's the next upcoming concert you want to go to?!" And we were back on the track of cool topics.


    "So, do you wanna come over at my place, after class..." I asked and trailed off. And I guess this sentence got a little `weird'... maybe with more sincere intentions than it should... and he's straight, Chris, don't even think of it. "Er... to play video games or something, you know." I felt like I should complete the sentence.

    "Oh, it's just that today I can't." he replied.

December, 11th, 2008

    And, next day, the same thing. Yeah, remember, Chris, I was thinking to myself, you're only lucky because gorgeous Nick is busy with school project and stuff... other than that Peter wouldn't even dream of having lunch with you.

    But I'm getting fond of `my time' with him... but I know any day can be the last. Gee, it sounded too profound, but you know what I mean, Peter's gonna get back to his routine between Nick, and all the other cool guys, while I should get back to pretend I'm part of the team, before they start questioning me about where I've been, what I've been doing, `which chick I'm banging'...

    I guess... maybe... I should just drop the subject. But the part about cooling off about `being part of the team', I mean, just going to practice and not hanging around with the guys is fine, I mean, I don't know how much more I can get of that. It's like I'm just `there' and it doesn't add up anything to me... somehow I don't see any of those guys having a good job in the future, people nice to a nice chat, an after college friendship... I mean, mostly they shouldn't even go to college, you know... on the other hand, Peter... ow Peter, so gentle, kind, gorgeous...

    Sigh, it's probably gonna be a blue night, with a white blu-ish full moon by my bedroom window.

    I should probably let Peter get back to his routine, not trouble kind Peter to favor me with his glow during lunch time... I was thinking about it, lying on my bed, between the sadness and the horniness feelings...

    Should I insist on Peter coming over tomorrow... again... sigh... or should I just drop the subject?

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