Chris My Love


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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My name is Tommy Roe. I am fifteen. I have never thought too much about sex. I mean I discovered masturbation last year and it's okay. I don't do it to much though. I do have a lot of, what my dad calls wet dreams. I have no idea what I dream about. I just wake up and I've got a sticky, gooey mess in my shorts. I take them off and use them to wipe myself down and toss them to them to the floor. I roll over and go back to sleep. I guess this happens about every other day sometimes daily. My dad suggested that I masturbate more. He asked me what I fantasized about. I really don't know. I don't think dad believed this. He made a lot of talk about some guys thinking about other boys and a passing phase and all that shit but I really don't think about anything at all. I will be lying in bed and I get a hard on. I just put my hand around it and pull the skin up and down and I shoot. It just takes a few minutes and it is all over.

The shits about being fifteen is transportation. My bike got ripped off during the summer. I had gone to the public pool and when I came out the skimpy chain and lock I had were laying on the ground and my bike was history. I live a little over a mile from school and the only way I have of getting there and back again is the two foot express. It's not so bad. I like to be alone and just think. It sucks though when the weather is bad. Dad tries to take me when he can but he is working when I get out of school. Mom doesn't drive. She rides to work with a friend.

We don't have much. Our house is old. It was built before the war, civil war I think. No, sometime in the thirties. It is on the high side of the street. It sits about ten feet above the street. There is a stone wall that runs along the sidewalk for three blocks through here. It is around five feet high and holds the dirt back so that our house sits on a hill. The house has a big crawl space under the front porch and I used to play under there when I was little. The good thing is that I can stand on my front porch and see over the tops of the houses across the street and all the way down to the river about two miles south of here.

We have a small basement that we can get into from a door in the back. It is a little bigger than my bedroom. There is an old oil burning furnace down there. Somewhere in the past the furnace was converted to burn natural gas. Dad had the old oil tank removed to give me a little play area. The rest of the room is used for storage. It is dark and dirty and no place to really hang out.

I was walking home just thinking about nothing much at all. A kid that I knew from school was walking up behind me. I don't think I have ever talked to him. He seems to be nice enough but we just don't travel in the same circles. He walked up beside me and we started small talk. His name is Chris. It turned out that his mother had just divorced his dad and married another guy. They had a house across the street from me.

Chris was going to have to live with his mother and he wasn't happy about it. He had wrecked his car and his dad came down hard. I guess his dad is a lawyer or something and he has lots of money but he cut Chris off. Chris hates his step father and he doesn't think to highly of his mother. He says she drinks and she has a steady stream of boyfriends, even when she was still married to his dad. He called her a slut.

I know my mother is a waitress in an all night dinner. She flirts a lot and I know that she has gone home with more than one customer. My dad is okay. We really don't get along but I would never, ever call my parents names. We exist together. There is very little arguing in our house. We all just do our thing and pass, as they say, like ships in the night.

When we got to the corner of our street Chris asked me if I had ever had a blow job. I stumbled over my own two feet. Our conversation took on hushed tones as he continued on. I don't know why I did it but I asked him if he wanted to see my old play area. I took him in the back way and down to the basement. I told him to be very quite because my mother would be waking up anytime now to get dinner ready and then she would go to work.

Chris and I sat on an old bed that my dad had put down in the basement. He asked me if I jacked off. He wanted to know where I liked to go when I jack off. He asked me if I liked to just let it shoot all over me or if I wrapped a rag around the head. All of these questions really confused me. I had never thought about any of this and I had never heard anybody talk about it before. I guess I should have mentioned one thing that kind of gives you a better idea of where I was coming from. This all happened in nineteen sixty. It was an age of innocence in America and sex was just not a topic of discussion as it is now.

Finally Chris asked me again if I had ever had a blow job. I told him no. He told me that he would give me one if I wanted. I looked at him and thought about it for a moment and agreed. He told me to pull my pants down and lay back. I stood up and he knelt in front of me as I opened the buttons on my jeans and slid them and my old yellowed briefs down to my knees. I sat back on the bed with my feet on the floor and lay back. He crawled up to me and took hold of my dick.

Wow, this was wild. This was the first time that anyone had ever touched me. It felt good. He took my balls in his hand and with his other hand he pulled and pushed on my foreskin. He pulled my skin back all the way and ran his hand all around the naked head of my dick and I thought I was going to go out of my mind. I felt so strange. I felt good. It hurt. I didn't want it to stop. This is not right. Do it some more. He licked the head of my dick. I buckled up with excitement. He put his hand flat on my belly and pushed me back down.

He changed his position and took my whole dick in his mouth. I had never heard how a blow job worked. I had heard the word, of course, but I didn't know that it actually entailed someone taking a whole dick into their mouth and sucking on it. This felt so fucking amazing that I couldn't stand it. I knew I was going to cum any second now. Chris must know what he is doing because he took his mouth off of my dick. He was feeling of my balls and he looked up at me. He asked me if I liked it. I moaned my approval. He asked if I wanted him to continue. I said I did.

He started licking my balls. He pulled them aside and licked up the crevice along the side of my dick where my legs and crotch met. This drove me wild. It tickled but it was such a good tickle that I didn't want to laugh I wanted him to keep doing it, forever. He licked up into my dick hair and used his teeth. He nibbled and worked all around. He licked the base of my dick and had me squirming all over the bed. I had never had any idea that anything could feel this good.

He continued to lick chew and suck all around my balls and crotch while holding my dick. He would slowly pull the skin up and down. When he got it all the way down he would pull it really tight causing my dick head to bend down and get almost flat. He would run his hand all over the head and send shivers throughout my body.

After probably ten minutes of this he took my dick back into his mouth. His hands continued to caress my hair and balls and he ran his fingers back and forth along the crevices of my legs. He was going up and down with his mouth on my dick and he was pushing my dick against the roof of his mouth with his tongue. I could feel my dick head going into a very tight place as he would go all the way down and stick his nose in my hair.

I was delirious. He kept this up and began to go up and down faster and faster. I was raising my hips up and pumping into his mouth as he was working me. I felt the most fantastic feeling ever working through my body. It felt like every part of me was tuning in on my dick. I could feel movement from every region of my body as it made its way to the source of my pleasure. My feet started to tingle and my toes started to curl. My hands were rubbing on my stomach and on my chest. I was breathing hard and the sweat was pouring out of me. Then it hit.

I felt the first blast as it shot through my dick like a speeding freight train. I had never felt my cum move like this before. I was actually cumming in Chris's mouth and I was loving it and I was not going to stop. Another blast from the deepest recesses of my body and I felt it go deep into his throat. He had his lips locked around the base of my dick and had the most amazing suction going. He was literally sucking my cum out of my balls. I was sure my balls were going to suck up and shoot right out of the head of my dick. I shot seven long hard blasts of cum into the sucking mouth. Chris had moved up so that only the head of my dick was in his mouth and he was using his tongue around the little slit trying to pry it open to get more cum out of me.

I collapsed back on the bed. Chris pulled off of me and gently squeezed my dick. Another wad of cum moved up. He gently put his mouth over my dick head and sucked it in. I was tender and he knew it. He continued to clean me up with a minimum of discomfort. He licked my balls and dick hair clean of all traces of our encounter then sat back on his heels.

I looked at him. I got my breath and stood up. I pulled up my pants and moved to the door. He followed me up the short stair way. I shut the door and went into my house. He walked down the driveway.

I took a shower. My mother had dinner ready when dad came home. We sat and ate in silence then I went to bed. I took off my clothes and lay naked on my bed. My dick was so hard. I felt of it. I wanted to make it feel like Chris had. I couldn't get that same feeling. I shot cum all over myself and it felt good but not like it had when Chris had done me. I didn't wipe the mess up. I lay there with it all over me. I felt between my legs. I fondled my balls. I shot another load. It just didn't feel as good. I wiped my hands through the cum. I smelled my hands. It was a strange smell but I really liked it. I stuck out my tongue and tasted the mess on my fingers. It was strong, pungent, nutty flavored, salty, good. Good? Yeah it was good. I took some more. I looked at it. It was thick and creamy looking. The thicker part tasted much better than the part that was kind of thin. The thin stuff was good but the thick had more flavor. I stoked my dick and shot a third load into my hand. I took this straight to my mouth and licked every drop of it up at once. I really liked that. I fell asleep.

I awakened early the next morning feeling more relaxed than I had in all of my life. I felt like a new person. I had more energy and strength. I was going to tackle the world today. I showered and dressed. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and jogged to school. I felt alive. I was happy.

I didn't see Chris at school the next day. I'm sure he was there, we just didn't cross paths. The next night I had one of those dreams but I remember the dream. I dreamed of Chris and me. We were naked and sucking each other. I wanted to suck him, in my dream. I don't know if I like the way this is working out.

I saw Chris in the crowd the next day but we never crossed close enough to even nod to one another. He was in the cafeteria, at the football field, in the halls, everywhere he should be but we never spoke. Why should we? We had never spoken to each other before but now I....I needed him. Am of those...oh, I hope not. But still.

Friday I came home from school and there was an old wrecked car sitting in Chris's driveway. It was really smashed up sitting back against the detached garage. I didn't see anybody around as I headed up my driveway. I did my homework and then sat and talked to my mother as she fixed dinner then got ready for work.

My mother told me that she and dad weren't doing so well. She told me that she had met a man that made her feel like a lady. I asked about him but she told me that he did not want kids. I told her I wasn't a kid, I was fifteen. She said, "Anyway it wouldn't work. He just doesn't want kids around. When we get married we're moving to Texas."

I almost shouted, "When?" She told me that they were getting married. I was shocked. "You're still married to dad." She shrugged her shoulders. A car horn sounded and she grabbed her purse and ran out the door. Dad did not come home that night. I was all alone. I wanted to go over to Chris's house but there were no lights on and no cars in the driveway except for the wreck. I had a fitful night. I think I cried. I'm sure it was sweat running off of my brow. I can't cry.

The sun hit me right in the eyes. I looked at the clock. It was seven o'clock. I heard a strange noise outside. I looked out the window and Chris was working on his car. I pulled on my jeans and an old shirt. I walked up to Chris, "Hey, this the wreck, huh?"

He looked at me and smiled. He put his arm around me without touching me with his greasy hand. "Hi there. Yeah this is it. Can't shake hands. I'd get you all greasy." I nodded. He went back to working a wrench. A boy of about twelve came out. "This is my step-brother David. Hey Dave, get hold, bud." They both took hold of the fender and pulled it off the car. They carried it over to the pile by the garage where the hood, bumper, and grill were laying.

I looked at the car. I had never seen a car without its' hood or fender. I took a second look at the motor. It was chromed and had lots of stuff I had never seen on a car before. I have never really looked at a car that much. I have seen ours when dad checks the water and stuff. It doesn't look anything like this.

Chris pulled a large dishpan from under the front of the car. It was full of green stuff. A boy of about ten came out. "Hey. I brought you some cool-aid. I saw your friend out here so I brought him some too." He handed me a glass with some red cool-aid and ice. I thanked him. "Cool, you got all of the anti-freeze out." He said looking at the dishpan.

Chris said, "Yeah, you and Dave can pour it in to those old gallon cans over there. Don't spill it. It'll stain the driveway and kill the grass then your dad will have my ass. Oh, hey, Tommy. This is Donald. He's our baby brother."

"I'm no baby. I'm ten."

"And mean as fuck."

"You said that word. I'm telling."

"You won't want to tell when I fuck your cute little butt." The boy giggled and turned red. I wondered what this was about. Chris was working wrenches on what I knew was the radiator. It had a big hole in the back where the fan blade had cut it up. He pulled the radiator off and put it with the other parts. He came back up to me and was wiping his hands on a rag. "You like working on cars?"

"I never have done it."

"You can help if you want or you can watch. I'm glad you're here. I like talking to you." He smiled at me and looked down at my crotch. I felt a twitch and hoped he meant what I thought he did. I looked back at his face and he licked his lips real slow and smiled."Tastes good like a young man should." He said in a low voice that only I could hear.

His two brothers had the anti-freeze in to two gallon cans and put them in the garage. David took a hose and washed the dishpan out and then hosed down the driveway, even getting up under the car. I heard a car coming up the street with loud mufflers. "Jimmy's here. This is Jimmy. He's my sister's boyfriend. He has steel packs on his fifty six Ford." A dark green Ford that I have seen cruising around the school pulled up out front. A tall junior got out and walked up.


"Hey! How's my baby sis?"


"He and my sister are getting married next year after we graduate." I know his sister. She is fine. She is in four of my classes. All the guys like her but she is always waiting for this junior, Jimmy, I think Chris said. He wasn't a bad looking kid. He had a strange hair cut though. It was flat as a board on top and shaved down his neck and around his ears, kind of like a regular flat top, but around the flat top his hair was a little longer and curly. He combed it so it stood straight up and curled down into the short, flat hair. "You ready to go." Jimmy nodded.

"You guys washed up. No grease in Jimmy's car or Sarah will skin you alive." The boys showed their clean hands and turned around and bent over showing no grease on their little butts.

"Come on, go with us. We're going to the junk yard to see about parts." I agreed. Chris's mother called the two little ones over to the back door.

Jimmy walked over and looked at the car. "Man you were lucky. None of the engine parts look like they got hit." He was looking at the frame and what he told me was the steering box. He explained how it worked as he showed me how the steering column connected to this box with what he called tie rods and stuff leading to the front wheels. I was lost but I liked learning. I thought I would like to learn about cars and if these guys would teach me.

Chris's mother went inside and the two little brothers were headed back. "Last one in gets the middle." I took off and ran to the car. I opened the driver's door and climbed in the back seat scooting all the way across to the passenger side window. Donald opened the passenger door and was climbing in as I scooted across. I saw the look on his face. I grabbed him and sat him in my lap. We was all smiles then. David got in back and Chris up front. Jimmy started the car and I fell in love with the sound. We pulled away from the curb and Jimmy got it rolling. We were half way down the block when he punched it and I was thrown back in my seat. Seat belts had not been invented yet.

Chris looked at Jimmy as they turned a corner. A block away we had to stop for a stop sign. David and Donald held on to the window frame. Jimmy reved up the motor then I was thrown hard against the seat as I heard the motor roar and the tires were squealing. I looked over my shoulder and saw heavy smoke billowing up from behind us as we tore down the road. I could see the speedometer and we were doing eighty five and had only gone two blocks. I felt Donny wiggle in my lap. "He did it! Tommy's got a boner." He wiggled again and I realized I had a total hard on and he could feel it as he rubbed his butt on me. I turned bright red. My face was so hot. I wanted to hide but I was in the back seat of a two door car with a ten year old kid in my lap.

Everybody was laughing. "We all do it, Tom." Chris said as he turned in his seat to look at me. "Sometimes I still get a boner and I am used to it. I guess it's just the adrenaline rush." I looked at Dave who had his ass off of the seat and was arched up with his shoulders against the seat back. I could see what looked like a pretty good sized dick in his jeans and it was hard. Don scooted off my lap and sat in the middle. He told me his legs were shorter so he could set there easily. He said he only sat in my lap to see if I got a boner. We all giggled again. Don reached over and squeezed me. I was soft. He looked at me and smiled.

As we walked around the junk yard Chris and Jim were telling me about Chris's car. They had built it together. Chris's dad is very rich and he gave Chris everything but he got careless and his dad was teaching him a lesson by making him live here in poverty with his mother.

The car had a bored and stroked 265 Chevy block. He had a stroke kit with oversized, high-dome pistons, an Isky cam. He had ported and polished the heads and triple chromed the ports. The exhaust manifold was custom built and chromed inside and out. He had three Carter carburetors with progressive linkage that he needed to fine tune because it was stiff and sticking on him. He had a close ratio transmission that he built from truck parts into a car case. He was careful to get the right ratio but wanted the tougher gears. He told me trucks used a harder steel that wouldn't break as easy.

He had a sixteen spring clutch and heavy duty pressure plate with a quarter inch thick shield to prevent a shattered clutch killing anybody. I had never heard of that so they explained it to me. Jimmy had welded the spyders and they had assembled a 3:57 ratio rear end that was total posi-trac. It was a bitch to drive on dirt roads because it would not slip but he could hold straight and tight on the strip.

I asked and he told me that he raced every weekend at the local drag strip. "It is only a eighth mile strip but it was fun and gave him the opportunity to tweak his system," he said. He had planned to go down to Dallas to their big track next weekend and really needed to get his car running now. He asked me if I would go with him I said I wanted too and I would beg and cry and throw a temper tantrum that wouldn't quit until I got permission. They thought that was cool and laughed so hard they had to sit down.

All of a sudden Chris was totally still. He was staring right past me and a tear was rolling down his cheek. Jimmy looked at him and then in the direction he was staring. Dave and Donny had climbed up on the hood of the car we were sitting on and they started yelling and jumping up and down. They ran over and crawled between the cars on the other side of the small pathway. "It is exactly like yours." They yelled out.

It took us a little time to get to the car Chris had spotted but it was a nineteen fifty six Chevrolet Bel Aire coup, two tone blue with white top and hood. The back end was totaled but the left front fender and the hood were perfect. The glass was all good. I hadn't noticed but Chris's windshield and driver's door glass was broken. Chris wrote down the number on the windshield of the car and we made our way back to the office.

Chris and Jimmy were in heavy negotiations with the owner of the yard. Chris had a list of what he needed and the man was telling him that he wanted three hundred dollars for the parts. No matter what Chris could not get the man to come down. All of a sudden Jimmy stopped and looked at us and said he had to go. He said he would be back in a few minutes. Chris was still trying to bargain with the man.

Jimmy came back as the phone rang. Chris was telling him that he had not succeeded Jimmy said that he was sure they could find the parts elsewhere. The man called Chris to the phone. Chris's eyes lit up and he looked at the man. He started to bounce up and down on his toes then started saying, "Thank you, thank you, I love you. Thank you so much."

Chris hung up the phone and started back over to us. "Seventy five dollars and you pay the fifteen dollar towing fee. I can bring it to you this afternoon." The man said.

"Well my dad just told me..." Chris said.

"I am making you my final offer. You're here and you know what you are getting. It'll save you time. Yes or no?"

"Yes." Chris opened his billfold and handed the man a hundred dollar bill. The man wrote out a receipt and handed it to Chris with ten dollars in change. We all headed out to Jimmy's car and roared away. " Thanks. I would really like to kiss you, man. I'll tell Sarah to go extra heavy on the petting tonight. You are the best."

"Anything for my best bud and my future brother in law, you know that. We're family and we'll do anything for each other."

"Okay, blow me."

"I'll blow behind your ear while you suck my dick, faggot."

"I've got your faggot hanging, right here." Chris was cupping his crotch and pushing his hips toward Jimmy.

I asked what had just happened. Chris turned around so he could look at me."My man here called my dad. He's an attorney. My dad called the junk yard and told them that he was the lawyer working on the wreck that I was in. He had been told that I was looking for used parts to fix my car and had been told that I might be coming in there. He had located a car across town that I could get. I could buy the whole car and have spare parts for only seventy five dollars. Jeff is the owner back here and Jimmy and I have bought a lot of stuff from him. He agreed to sell his car for the same price. He gets those cars from the insurance companies for ten or fifteen dollars then sells the parts. By selling me the whole car he doesn't have any labor and he makes fifty dollars or more profit. So he just sold me the whole car. Now I have to find a place to put it."

"You can put it in my garage." Chris spun around and looked at me. He smiled a big smile and said, "I'm going to kiss you."

"You can kiss my ass, fairy boy."

"You're all ass. Pick a spot."

"Right here on my pretty pink pucker." I embarrassed myself with that remark. Chris knew it and he was laughing.

We pulled up to Chris's house and got out of the car. Chris's mom had here purse in her hand and was coming out of the door. "I'm going up to the drug store. Who wants ice cream?" I miss those days when the corner drug store had a small lunch counter. We liked to stop and get a cherry lime aide or, my favorite, a cherry phosphate. The two little ones ran to her. Chris told her he had to get everything cleaned up that he had found the parts to fix his car.

Jimmy said he had to go. He had to wash his car and he promised his dad he would cut the grass and wash his car also. He asked Chris if he was going to double date tonight and Chris told him that he was so busy working on his car that he forgot to call Karen. He said he would beg off but maybe the four of them could go out to the lake tomorrow night. He said it would be a full moon and they could take some blankets and sit on the shore and make out. Jimmy liked that idea. He got in his car and left.

"You want to go to my house and clear out my garage so we can get your car in it?" Chris wiggled his eyebrows at me and grinned. I hoped this meant what I wanted it too. My pecker puckered and Chris grabbed it and fondled me for a minute. His mother and the boys were walking away and no one saw what he did. I got a hard on.

We opened the side door of my garage. It was dusty but pretty empty. There was a long work bench across the back that had two or three truck loads of dust on top of it. Chris looked around for a minute. He walked over to a shelf and pulled an old woolen Army blanket from the shelf. He shook it out and opened it up. He walked out to the back yard and told me to help him. We shook the blanket pretty hard and the dust really came out of it. He folded it in half so that was the old dirty side was inside. He went back into the garage and grabbed a broom and swept off the top of the work bench. There was like an old bar stool in the corner. He swept that off too. Then he spread the folded blanket in the center of the workbench putting part of it up against the back wall. He turned to me and popped the buttons of my jeans the pulled me close and hugged me. I was naked from the waist to my knees. He pulled me against himself and just held me with his head resting on my shoulder. I had never had this kind of closeness before and I kind of liked it. I got as close as I could and I put my arms around him. He put his hands on my naked butt. That sent chills all over my body. I melted into him. He kissed my neck. Goose bumps went down my back. He had a butt cheek in each hand and he started to knead them like a baker kneading a loaf of bread dough. My dick was so hard and pushing up against the front of his jeans. I could feel his hard dick in his pants.

Chris backed up just a bit and reached between us. He pushed his jeans down without unbuttoning them. He didn't have underwear on either. He moved back against me, our dicks smashed side by side in full contact. This just felt so good. Chris pushed my tee shirt up and pulled his head up so he could lift it over my head. His hands were all over my back and my ass. I was breathing like I had just run a race. I sort of ran my hands over him but I knew I didn't do it right. I had never done any of this before and I was kind of scared. More scared that it would stop than scared of what we were doing.

Chris told me to jump up. He grabbed me around the waist and as I jumped he lifted and sat me on the blanket that he had placed on the work bench. He pushed me back so that my head and shoulders were against the back wall and I was sort of lying on the bench. I could see my chest, stomach and dick from this angle. I had never really looked at my dick. It looked bigger than I thought it was. Chris reached up on the shelf by my head and picked up a yardstick.

"I think this will be long enough." He giggled. He knocked it against the floor and the dust flew off. Then he took the edge of the blanket and wiped the yardstick clean. He pulled my dick upright and placed the yardstick tight against my pubes. He got down to look real close. "Cripes man, you got six and three quarter inches, and you're only fifteen." I asked him if that was good and he kissed it and said, "perfect" He took it in his mouth and began to suck me. He reached behind himself and pulled the stool up and sat upon it. He pulled my foreskin back and put his tongue against the head of my dick then pulled the skin back up. over his tongue. He was running his tongue all around the head of my dick, inside the skin and making me feel so fucking good.

I didn't get to see his dick but it had felt huge. I kind of wanted to play with it but I didn't know. I have heard about fags and Jimmy had used the word. Did Jimmy know about Chris doing this. Did it matter? If I did it would everybody know? I was so confused. I was feeling so good and didn't want this to stop.

Chris ran his hand up under my balls and played around the crack of my ass. I loved it. He was moving his fingers around my ass hole. This was totally new. My ass hole felt like it was a new part of me. I had never felt anything there before. Chris put his finger in his mouth then put it back at my ass. He wiggled around. I hope he pushes his finger in. What? I really did though. It felt like the thing to do. He was pressing against my hole and wiggling his finger. I was going crazy.

Without warning my ass hole seemed to just open up and let his finger in. It went up inside me and it felt so fucking good. I gasped for breath. Chris paused. He continued to suck on my dick but held his finger still. In a few moments he wiggled his finger inside me. Bright lights flashed behind my eyes. I shoved my dick another foot or two into his mouth. He pulled his finger back the pushed it in a little further. Then he pulled his finger all of the way out. He put it in his mouth and sucked on it. When it was good and wet he put it back to my hole and pushed all the way in as far as he could get it.

Now I have seen light shows where they hook up a stereo set to a light box. All of those flashing colors are nothing compared to what I was seeing right then. Chris was moving his finger in and out and going in different directions with each push. He was sucking my dick which was all of the way down his throat. He kept hitting one spot inside my ass that was making me feel like I was going to shoot the biggest load of cum the world had ever seen.

After a few minutes he pulled his finger out and sucked it again. This time he put two fingers inside me. He started fucking my butt with his fingers and making me have feelings like I never imagined I could have. Next he put three fingers in me. He was moving in and out and all around. He spread his fingers, stretching my ass wide open. Then he did something that I just about had a heart attack over. He took that spot in my ass and squeezed it between two fingers and he started to stroke it with his middle finger. At the same time he was going up and down on my dick like a mad man.

My heart stopped. I quit breathing. My body tensed. My ass rose from the table. I was trying to crawl up into his mouth, dick first. I blew a wad. Not just a wad, the granddaddy of wads. I was sure that the head of my dick shot off it was so massive and intense. Then I did it again. The lights were flashing. My toes were curling. My whole body was sending all of its' power to the head of my dick as another immense wad shot forth.

Chris was stroking that spot and squeezing it. I was going wild with new sensations. My cum was pumping out of me like I never thought possible. Then it all stopped. I was gasping for breath. I don't know how long I had held my breath but I was seriously out of breath. Chris continued to suck my dick as my cum just seemed to move like a river out of the head of my dick. He let go of that spot and began to slowly pump his fingers in and out. It felt so good. Each pump in sent more cum out and each move out pulled more air into my lungs. My dick went soft. Chris licked my balls and around in my dick hairs. He kept his fingers in me. I felt so good.

My breath was even again and I was relaxing. I was aware that he still had his fingers in my ass but they weren't moving. I opened my eyes and looked down. He was resting his chin on my soft dick and staring at me. "You okay?"

"More than okay. That was great."

"The best is yet to come." He moved up closer to the table and pulled me to the edge. He placed his dick in the curve of his fingers and pushed in. He pulled his fingers away as he pushed his huge dick inside me. I never felt so full in all of my life. In a short time he was all of the way in me and he was just holding me and smiling. I had almost no pain and what was there disappeared so fast that I didn't care. His face was inches from mine. I moved forward and he came to me. We met and our lips touched. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. He opened his mouth and let me in. He sucked my tongue all the way to the back of his mouth and began to lick all around it.

His tongue entered my mouth and I licked it as he licked my teeth, the back of my mouth, my tongue, under my tongue. We reversed and I was inside his mouth again. I had never kissed anyone before. My mother has never even kissed me. I was feeling like the most loved person on the planet earth. Then I became aware that he was pumping his dick in and out of me. He was way past that spot but he kept moving back and hitting it. Then he would push in again.

I was humping back at him. I was getting fucked and I was loving it. I had a man inside me and he was making love to me like I never knew a man could do. I tried to picture a man and a woman fucking and I thought that this was so much hotter. I loved Chris and there is nothing I wouldn't do for him. I never wanted him to leave me. My ass was so happy right now. I just kept pulling him tighter against me and pumping my butt in tempo with his thrusts. I had my legs around his ass and was using my heels to pull him into me. I know he cummed. I could feel him as it pulsed in me. He paused for a moment and took several short strokes as he rammed his dick hard into me. He moaned into my mouth as he ran his hands all over my back. He took a deep breath pulling all the air I had in my lungs from me. I took breath in from my nose as he let his breath back into me.

Then he started to pump again. He started slow and steady. I was watching his eyes. He was in pain. His dick was sensitive but he pushed through the pain. He kept on and after ten or twelve thrusts he got a steady rhythm going again and started to pound my ass.

I have no idea how many times I had cum. I know that he had made me shoot volumes of cum between our clenched bodies. I tried to think and I was sure of twice and I thought that there were more. Then I felt the cum of cums working through me. I thought his finger fuck had pulled me dry but there was a cum about to happen that made me want to yell. I pulled my mouth away and screamed to the top of my lungs, "Oh hell yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. I love you I want you in me always. Fuck me like there's no tomorrow." and I blew a load that squirted up between us and hit us both in the face. He was licking cum off of my face and I was licking cum off of his when he tensed and shoved his dick six more feet into my gut. I felt his dick expand to at least ten times its' prior thickness then the biggest blast of cum shot into my ass that I could imagine. I felt his dick pulsing and I could feel the warmth of his juices. He was pounding me with long, hard strokes as he sent everything he had deep into me.

At last he fell away. He grabbed at the stool behind him and sat down. He leaned forward across my body. He fondled my balls and took my soft dick into his mouth and suckled like a babe at a teat. I ran my hands through his hair. I loved this guy and I never want us to be apart. I slipped from the table and stood beside him. He was still trying to get his breath. I got down in front of him and took his dangling dick in my mouth. He flinched. It was tender but I kept on sucking. I licked it clean.

He got up and climbed up on the table where I had been. He pulled his feet up to rest on the edge of the table letting his legs spread wide. I licked all around. I licked out his hair. I licked in his crevices. I sucked on his balls. I took them into my mouth one at a time and sucked them clean. Then I pulled his foreskin back and sucked his dick. It was so good. It tasted so funky. I loved it. He couldn't cum again and I was disappointed but there would be more time later. It wasn't even noon yet.

We got ourselves under control and pulled our pants up. Chris grabbed a broom and started to sweep the garage clean. "Fuck there is a lot of dust in here." I got an idea. I opened the double garage doors and propped them with some old wooden crates. At the corner of the house there was a water spigot but it had a regular faucet and a big faucet. Chris said it was a one inch line. We don't know why it was there but it was perfect. On the shelf over the work bench was a one inch water hose made out of thick red rubber. We hooked it up and turned on the water. The pressure was amazing. I hosed out the entire garage, walls, ceiling, overhead, and all.

Chris took the hose and went up to the workbench and started to blast all of the water and mud out toward the door. In no time the inside of the garage was sparkling clean as he hosed down the driveway and washed all of the mud down the street. We put the hose away as Donny came up to tell us that lunch was ready. "Mom has chicken and dumplings." They both said yumm and Chris grabbed me and pulled me along.

I had never had chicken and dumplings. I think that this had to be the best meal of my life. I had a cup full of the soup and I had made a bologna and salami sandwich with pimento cheese and lettuce and tomato. Chris's mom asked if I wanted more chicken soup. I ducked my head and kind of nodded. She laughed when I told her I never eaten it before but I loved it. She got up and got a big bowl and filled it for me. "Eat all you want," she said.

I ate until my stomach ached. Chris pulled my shirt up and my belly was all pooched out. He patted it and laughed. David yelled out, "There's a tow truck with your car out front." We all ran out the front door as Chris told the driver to put the car in my garage with the front pointed out. The driver didn't like that because he had the back end jacked up in the air. There was a missing rear tire on the side that had been smashed. He had to get what he called a dolly off of his truck and let the car down on that then pull around and lift up the front end.

He was really cussing as he tried to get the car up the steep driveway and in to the garage. It took almost a half and hour and he was really mad. Donny brought him several glasses of cool-aid and he kept patting the boy on the head and smiling. I guess Donny really saved the day.

The car in place and the wrecker gone we started to work. Chris had so many tools that it took all four of us boys twenty minutes to haul them all over to my house. Chris showed me how to use a half inch ratchet and then had me get on my back and break the big bolts that held the bumper on. David was under there with me and as I would break the nut loose he would use his ratchet to take them off.

Chris called me to help him lift the hood. I got up and took one side. Donny pulled the bolts out and the hood came free. We walked the hood over to his house and put it by the garage. He then had me get hold of the fender and he grabbed the bumper which we took back to my house. We continued to work together like this and in two hours we had all of the parts off and swapped out so that they were with the car they were going back on.

Another car with loud mufflers pulled up to his house. We went over to talk. It was a guy named Alfonse, Al. He had a fifty seven Mercury and it sounded hot. Chris talked to him and he knew how to do glass. He opened his trunk and took out a piece of real thin wire with two sticks on the ends. He said it was piano wire. He got a long screwdriver with a sharp point on it. It was real thin and looked like an ice pick. We went back to my house and he showed us how to pop the chrome trim from around the windshield. With that off he took the screwdriver thingy and pushed in through the rubber at the top of the glass. I could see it as it went through to the inside of the car. He had me get inside as he took one of the sticks off of the piano wire. He fed the wire down through the hole beside the screwdriver. When he got the wire inside he came in and put the stick back on. He showed me how to pull and told me to work with him but to be careful. He told me one little mistake and the whole windshield would shatter and it would all be over. We worked really slow as we cut the rubber all the way around the windshield.

Meanwhile Chris and his brothers had gone back across the street. They had the radiator, fender, and grill on and were putting the bumper on when we got through. Al and I had carried the windshield over and we started working to get the broken one out.. Al showed Chris how to take the inner door panel off and get the broken glass cleaned up. He lubed up the operating mechanism and got it ready to put the new window in. By then we had the broken windshield out and Al cleaned the whole frame so the new glass could go in.

Al told us he had to go but that he had the sealer to put the windshield in. He also had the suction cups that we would have to have. He told us that he could come back after Sunday School the next day but he had to go or his dad would hang him. He left as Chris and I went over to get the door glass. We had it out and the door of his car reassembled in about an hour.

The little guys had refilled the radiator and everything looked real good. Chris started the car. We watched it for leaks and listened to the engine to make sure it sounded okay. The neighbor lady next door came out yelling and cussing at us for making so much noise. Chris's mom came out and talked to her. They yelled at each other and the lady started cussing big time. Chris's mother let loose on her and they screamed at each other for ten minutes. Chris was satisfied that his car was okay so he shut the motor off. By this time the two women were hugging each other and the lady was crying and saying how sorry she was.

Chris's mother came back with a big smile on her face. Chris told her he was going to drive the car around a little bit to check it out. She looked at the missing windshield. He told her he wasn't going far and wouldn't go fast he just wanted to make sure that it was steering okay. We checked for tools and stuff on the ground under the car and on the driveway. The guys jumped in the back seat and I got in the passenger's side. Chris had old airplane seat belts in here. He bought them from a junk yard. He showed me how to buckle up. He told me that he raced this and he had seat belts in case he got into real trouble.

We started off and rolled down the driveway and went slow up the street. It was strange with no windshield. The wind was really hitting us in the face. Chris told us to squint in case a bug hit us in the face then he said we should probably keep our mouths shut too. That got a lot of ewwwws from the back seat.

We took it real slow as for several blocks as he swerved back and forth checking his steering. He felt everything was okay and he punched it. We were going like twenty miles an hour and he shoved his foot to the floor. The car literally jumped as we gained speed. I could see the speedometer showing sixty in just a half block.

We pulled out onto tenth street. This is a wide, main road. There was no traffic at this point. He told the guys to hold on. From a stop he "lit up his tires", as he called it. The engine was roaring and the smoke was billowing out from under the back end. I had never seen anybody shift gears so fast. He had his hand on the floor shift and in a blur he would shift. The engine sounded different each time and we were gaining speed We had only gone two blocks. I looked at the speedometer. We were doing one hundred. He shut it down and turned real quick. He punched it up the street and turned at the next corner then again at the next and we were back to the back streets and going real slow. He grinned at me. "Gotta be careful of cops. They use unmarked cars now." I gave a nervous laugh.

Back at his house we parked in the street. All of us got out and checked the driveway for parts and bolts and stuff. We put the new windshield in the garage and covered it up so it wouldn't get broken. We took the old windshield out to the trash and then the guys hosed down the driveway. Chris parked his car back in the drive being sure to pull far enough forward so that his step-dad could get in. Then we went back to my house. He didn't know whether to put the old parts on the other car or what. We decided to leave it for now.

We went in and took a shower. David had come in with us and Chris asked him to run home and get him a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt. He also asked for his white tennis shoes. Now tennis shoes in those days were not like they are now. What David brought back was a pair of canvass low top shoes that you can buy today for about ten dollars. When David got back we were both naked. He stood and stared at us. Chris grabbed my dick and shook it in the boy's face. I got a hard on and Chris was hard too. David just stared. "Just wait a couple of years buddy. Your's will get there too." Chris opened David's pants and he had a four inch boner. Chris rubbed it for the youngster who was really enjoying it.

"Want me to get you off?" David nodded. Chris picked him up and laid him on my bed with his legs hanging over the edge. He pulled the boy's pants down and began to stroke him. David was really enjoying himself.

"I wish I could get a blow job."

"Where did you hear that?"

"Some guys at school."

"Do they do that?"

"They say they know somebody who'll do them."

Chris looked at me. I nodded. "Hey he's your brother. Do him a favor."

"He is my brother." He looked at the young dick in his hand. I thought maybe I could do it. "You won't tell mom or dad will you?"

"No way."

"You'll have to do me too. And Tom."

David looked up at me then at my dick. "He gonna blow me?"


Chris took his little dick in his mouth. David's eyes rolled to white as they went back into his head. Chris took the little nuts in his hand and rolled them around. They were about the size of large grapes. He opened his mouth and took the dick and balls all into his mouth at once and then pushed his finger in David's butt. David popped his nut. Chris let the balls out of his mouth as he pumped up and down getting all of the boy cum he could get. David rolled back and let out a deep breath as he started to come down from his orgasm.

"That was way good. Did I cum?" Chris nodded and showed him his tongue. "Ewww, you got it in your mouth."

"Didn't you want me to?"

"I have never cum before. I didn't know I would. I guess it's okay. How does it taste?"

"Like cream of some young guy." David looked at him with a blank stare. Chris picked him up and put him on the bed. "Your turn." He motioned for me to suck David as he took my dick in his mouth. David looked at us then he held Chris's dick. He pulled the skin back and forth. I started sucking real hard. He moaned. I opened my mouth and took his balls in with his dick. He really liked that. He took Chris's dick into his mouth. He played around on it for a little and then he really started sucking. Chris had me there already and David shot his little thin load in my mouth as I started to cum in Chris's mouth.

We finished and I raised up. David was all grins. "Did you make Chris cum?" He shook his head no. "That's okay. This is your first time. I'll do it." David got down real close and watched as I gave my first real blow job to the boy that I loved more than life itself. Yeah, I knew right then that I was in love. I made love to that marvelous dick of his as I made long, loving strokes up and down its' massive length. I loved the way it stretched my mouth and pushed as it went down into my throat. I had all of him in me and I was so happy. I looked into David's eyes as he laid his head on Chris's stomach and watched me. He reached over and kissed me on the nose and I rubbed my hands on the back of his little head.

Chris began to cum. David's eyes were wide as he watched. He was very excited about what was going on and got right up close to the action. I pulled off and let the cum shoot right on his face. He opened his mouth and I pointed the dick at his mouth. He put his mouth over the head and took the next shot. I pulled it back and sucked it again taking the rest of the load. David wanted more so I let him have the little dribbles. He opened his mouth and took most of the dick into his mouth. I grabbed his hair and pushed him up and down as Chris humped up. Finally spent Chris pushed us away. We all crawled up and began to kiss each other. David watched then he got in there for his turn. He was a good kisser and we all enjoyed each other.

We gave David a shower and washed him like he had never been washed before. Chris had his finger in David's ass as he told him to never tell what we had done. He told the boy that if his dad found out he would beat both of them. He said that he liked doing it for him and if he wanted we could do it again sometime. David agreed. Chris dug his finger around as David squirmed. Chris said that if he told next time this would be his dick, not his finger. Chris pulled his finger out of the boy's butt and licked it clean. "Mmmm, finger lickin' good." The Colonel was just opening up all over the country and that was their motto.

We took off for Chris's house carrying David between us. When we got to the back door David pulled Chris away and deep kissed him. "You are the best brother a guy could ever have. I love you." We went inside to a huge pot roast dinner that their mother had fixed. I have never seen such a bowl full of mashed potatoes in my life but they disappeared in no time flat, and they were good.

Dinner finished Chris told his mother that my parents had not come home yet so he wanted to stay with me. She looked at us and then agreed. She put two pieces of hot cherry pie in a tin pan and told us we could eat desert at my house. Then she gave us a bag with two roast beef sandwiches in it for snacks later.

Afterglow. That's what they call it, afterglow. Sex is the greatest but when you don't just have sex but make love and lay with your lover, cuddling, kissing, and being together afterwards you get the feeling of contentment and joy sweeping throughout your body. This is afterglow. I lay, naked, with my head on Chris's naked right shoulder. He was naked in my bed after the most intense sexual experience that either on of us had ever had. I was rubbing my fingertips all around his chest and belly. I would trail down to his pubic bush and squeeze his cock How do you like the new words? Chris told me I needed to grow up and learn the proper names for our body parts.

I felt a shudder and small shaking in Chris. "What's the matter, babe?"

"I am so lucky. I never knew that there were feelings like this in this world for me. I can't believe I found you and that you love me. I don't want to ever be away from you."

"Sweetness, I am the lucky one. I never knew what sex was. I hardly ever jack off. I never fantasize. I have never looked at another person and thought about sex. You have awakened me. You sucked my dick on Tuesday, just four days ago. Then have done things to me that I didn't know boys could do. I have loved every minute of it and I want more. I love you so very much. I can't imagine going back to what I was Tuesday when school let out. That next hour was like a new person being born. I have a dick, oops, cock and it is for more than just peeing or squirting a mess in my pants at night. Chris, my dick is yours to do with as you please, when you please, where ever we are.

"Who taught you about sex. Where did you learn to do all of these fantastic things?"

"Well, we have a cabin on the side of a mountain over on the east side of the state. Every year we go up there and stay for two or three months. My dad built the place when I was four. By the time I was six I was really enjoying going up there. It is not very high up. The whole area is about thirty nine hundred feet above sea level and the cabin itself sits a little over five hundred feet above this big, wide river. Just to the east of our place is an ice cold creek that is full of big fish. There are large and small mouth Bass and some of the catfish in that creek get up to three feet long. I know I caught one when I was ten. Dad hung it up by its' gills and I stood beside it with my arm around it while he took my picture. My arm couldn't reach all the way around and the fish was just inches shorter than I was. I'll show you the picture sometime it is in my bedroom at dad's house."

"So did the catfish teach you how to suck cock?" We both laughed and he started tickling me which ended in another of his very hot and long kisses. I love kissing him and making him moan deep inside my mouth. I can feel his passion. His whole body puts off a warm glow and he gets hotter and hotter as we kiss. He can keep me warm any night.

"No you silly faggot. I learned that from two boys when I was thirteen."

"Am I a faggot?"

"Fuck no!!! I just use that word with you because I love you. I would never say that in front of anyone else. If you are a faggot you're my faggot and I'm a faggot too, for you. Tommy, I guess we are queer. After all we have done today I know I am. I don't want to be with Karen anymore. I want you. I want to suck you and let you fuck me all of the time now. I can't believe how good it felt to have you fuck me. Your dick going in and out of my ass. I love sucking cock. I love the taste of cum and I can't get enough but when you fucked me a few minutes ago...I love it and I want to do it again."

"Okay! But now...thirteen and two boys."

"Well it was the day after my birthday. I had gone to get water. About two hundred feet east of our cabin is a big rock outcropping. My dad found a huge pool of clear, fresh water under this rock. It very hard to get to. You have to climb over some very large boulders that are bigger than cars. Some are as big as a house.

The pool is slowly being formed each year when the river is at flood stage. The river comes right straight at this rock outcropping then turns and goes south for several miles. Normally it is a smooth turn. The river is over three hundred feet wide right there and it is very deep. But at flood stage it is twenty feet higher and really fast. We were down there one year at flood season and watched the river for two weeks so we could see what it does. It comes crashing into the side of the mountain and forms a huge whirlpool right over this clear water pool. All of the debris and the swirling water have washed the rocks away forming a perfect grotto about thirty five, forty feet in diameter. You can see the spiral marks on the walls inside the grotto.

At the bottom of this grotto is a clear water pool. Dad dove down with a line one time and said it was over twenty feet deep. The pool is not fed from the river. There are two little streams running down the mountain side fed by freshwater springs higher up. These flow into the pool. Back under the big rock that forms the roof outcropping is another spring. The water coming out of there is so clear. It is icy cold and sweet. I have never tasted water so good in all of my life. .The water level at regular season flows over the rocks and makes a little water fall into the river. There are no fish in the pool.

Dad and I rigged a block and tackle from a twelve inch branch of a big tree beside the upper path. The branch hangs out over the edge. At the bottom is a rock shelf at the side of the grotto. We leave an old, worn out line of cheap stuff in the pulleys all year and when we get there for the summer we tie new, heavy rope to the line and pull it through. We still hide the rope so nobody can find it. I like to climb trees so I get to climb up and get the rope.

One morning I went to get water. We have two big Coleman water cans that hold five gallons each and an Army surplus Lister Bag that holds fifteen gallons. We took my old Radio Flyer wagon to the cabin so I can put the cans or the Lister bag in it and go get water. I had the cans and I tied both of them to the block and tackle pulley and let them swing out over the grotto. I heard voices so I climbed out on the big limb. What I saw changed my life forever.

Laying on the big flat rock to the north side of our pool were two boys. Both were naked and they were in a sixty nine position sucking each others cocks. I had just learned that I could cum three days earlier when I was stoking myself as I sat in the outhouse taking a dump. I had a talk with dad that afternoon and he explained to me what had happened and I let him watch me jack off as he gave me pointers on how to do it so that I don't hurt myself. He got some of my cum on his fingers and looked it over very close and then tasted it. He told me to taste it. I did and I was hooked. Dad jacked off and let me see his real white and thick cum compared to my milky colored watery stuff. I tasted his and it was really acid and it burned my throat. I liked mine but not his.

I watched the two boys and they both cummed in each other's mouths. I was sure that's what they did because of the way they were acting. I grabbed hold of the rope and sat on the cans. I kicked the block and tackle and the rope played out lowering me at a pretty quick pace so that I landed right beside them. They both jerked up and saw me. "Why, were you sucking each other?"

"Where did you come from?" I pointed up and they could see the rope. "Were you watching us you little perv?"

"This is our grotto. You are on private land. Of course I'm going to watch. I have to know what is going on on my own property don't I. Did you swallow his cum? Why were you sucking each other? Does it feel good?"

"Okay, okay. Stop with the questions. Yes, it feels good. That's why we were doing it. Yes, we swallowed the cum. Are you going to tell on us?"

"Not now. I'm going to fill my water cans and swim for a little first."

"We'll suck you if you'll let us swim with you." The deal was struck I untied my cans and took them back under the rock to the spring. We all got a long drink of the fresh water then I put my cans in the flow and they quickly filled up. I left them in the shade as I pulled off my tennis shoes and shorts. Now, as naked as they were, I jumped into the water. They jumped in with me. We played around for awhile. They kept feeling my dick and I felt of theirs. I had never seen a circumcised dick before and I was fascinated by theirs. They liked my uncut cock so we were all happy.

These guys were best of friends and had been jacking off together for two years. They started sucking a year ago and started drinking each other's cum during Christmas break. Jerry asked if I could cum and I told him yes. He told me he wanted to suck me and eat my cum. We got out and lay down on the rock and he took my dick in his mouth. It felt good but I wanted to try it. I got around so I could suck him like I had seen them doing to each other. Teddy got out of the water and lay down beside me and told me how to suck Jerry. I was able to take all of Jerry's six inch cock all the way into my mouth in just a few minutes.

I shot my thin cum in Jerry's mouth but just kept right on sucking his dick. He was hurting me and he realized it so he quit moving and just sucked me. In a few minutes he was cumming in my mouth. I loved it. I waited until he went soft then I got over on Teddy and started sucking him. He rolled over to his back and pulled me on top of him. I was humping his mouth as I sucked his dick. He filled my mouth with cum in just a few minutes. I loved their cum. It tasted like mine, not dad's. I wanted more.

I grabbed Jerry and started sucking him again. They were laughing at me but let me suck them. I did one then the other for almost an hour. I made both of the cum three times. I told them I had to get back with the water but that I would be back after lunch with the Lister bag and I would suck them some more. We sucked each other for two weeks until their vacation was over and they had to leave.

The next week I found a sixteen year old boy and I sucked him several times a day. He left on Sunday and it was three weeks before another teenage boy showed up with his family. He taught me to corn hole. He really liked it. I could suck him but he wouldn't suck me. I corn holed him three or four times a day and I sucked him about seven or eight times a day."

I was glad that those guys had taught my guy to suck cock. He taught me and I want to suck him and have him fuck me forever. We cuddled together and fell asleep awaking in each other's arms. We got dressed and headed over to his mother's house. They were going to church. Chris decided we should go too. It was another first for me but I really enjoyed the classes and Chris sang in the youth Choir. He had a solo and I learned that my man had a beautiful tenor voice. I saw angels and had tears in my eyes as he sang. I looked at the other kids in the choir loft and many of them had tears in their eyes also.

I met Karen. She wasn't in the choir but she sat at the side of the balcony with me as we watched them sing. After church Karen, Sarah, Chris, and I rode with Jim in his car. Chris's folks took us to a fancy steak house where they had a Sunday smorgasbord. There was enough food there to last for years. The salad table was first. It was forty feet long with salads and cold cuts of every description. Everybody piled their plates super high. We carried our plates to our table then went back to the hot vegetable table. Chris put little chicken legs on my plate and pieces of steak and mushrooms in a thick sauce.

We then went through the meat line. Chris had carved prime rib, extra rare. I tried it too. It melted in my mouth. We were sitting there eating. I tried the little chicken legs. Chris was watching me. I said they were good. He told me that they were fresh frog legs as he ate one. Then I picked up the steak and mushrooms. It has a real nutty taste that was extra good. He told me that this was sliced rocky mountain oysters. Everybody was laughing as David yelled, out "bulls balls." Mom slapped his mouth. I was looking for a place to spit.

David and Jim insisted that I join them and their girlfriends for the day of couples fun. They told me that I would start dating soon and I could ask them along. We went bowling then we went to a movie. When we came out it was dark. Jim drove out to the lake and we sat on a spit of land that had water down three sides, a peninsula? I think they called it. The moon was rising full and reflected off of the water. The two couples were huddled together. I watched Chris as he made out. He was really going at it with Karen but she would not touch him. He tried to squeeze her boobs but she slapped his hand away.

In a little while he got up to take a leak. He asked me if I had to go. I didn't but said I did. We walked about thirty feet away to get behind some tall trees. He grabbed me and kissed me. "I am so fucking horny. Girls just won't do anything when they get you all worked up." He had his dick out and I was stroking him. We heard Jim so Chris turned real quick and peed on a tree. I was put my dick away and zipped up like I had just finished. Jim looked at us with a funny grin on his face, "I don't care and I don't tell." He winked at me.

I had a great evening. We took the girls home by nine o'clock so they could do their hair for school. Jim took us home. I was in the middle of the front seat. I started to say something. Jim squeezed my thigh and shook his head no. He smiled at me. Chris and I got out at his house and Jim went home with promises of seeing us at school the next day.

Chris got his clothes and school books then we headed off to my house for another hot night of raw sex. He was so worked up by Karen that he nearly tore me apart with his hot lips. He didn't fuck me. He wanted to be fucked.

We fell asleep and didn't move until my alarm went off at six. We showered and dressed. We grabbed a bowl of cereal and took off to school. We met David as he left his house and the three of us walked together.

That morning the principal came to my class room and got me. He took me to the office where there were two policemen. Chris tells this part better than I do because I choke up. Here's how he tells it:

" was...nine...I guess ten after or fifteen after. We had just come in from home room to Trig. Well Mr. Stark had just started on about some stupid postulate or something. We were doing a review of solid geometry because everybody missed a trigonometry question on the test that had to do with angles and tangents or co-signs. Okay, okay, I'm getting there. Anyway we heard screaming in the hallway. Mr. Stark opened the door and I heard you yelling, "Chris, Chris, where are you. Help me! Chris." Then you burst through the door and knocked Mr. Stark down. You looked at me and screamed, "My parents are dead. Help me!"

"I jumped up and grabbed you as you fell to the floor. You were crying so hard and shaking like a leaf in a tornado. I was holding you against me and was bent over your face when Jimmy bent down and straightened out your legs. He locked eyes with me and I wiped the tears from your face. I was talking to you about how it was going to be okay and everything.

"The principal and the two policemen came in. The principal told Jimmy and me to take you to his office. We were walking down there when Jimmy looked at me, "I thought your were going to kiss him, man. I had to stop you." I grinned at him. He looked at me funny. Anyway we got to the office and put you on a couch to lay down. The principal told me to stay and Jimmy went back to class. I called my dad and told them what had happened and he came to the school."

"Yeah, well you didn't tell what happened so I'll take over again, you doof. You can't tell a story worth shit."

The police told me that when my dad's boss came into work that morning they found my dad hanging by his belt from a pipe on the ceiling. There were divorce papers on the floor under him.

The Texas state police had notified them that my mother and some guy I never heard of, had been in a car wreck and both of them were dead. I was an orphan all week end. I went crazy and wanted to be with Chris. The principal tried to get me to lay still but I ran to find Chris.

The police told me that they were going to arrange for me to go to a home for orphans after school. I held on to Chris and started to cry again. His dad came in. He took Chris aside and talked to him for a few minutes. He came over and got my full name and birth date. I saw him at the counter talking on the telephone as Chris and I sat on the couch. Chris was smiling and telling me it was okay. I wanted to kiss him and make it all go away. The police were talking to each other and the principal had moved away. Chris got up real close to me and told me he loved me. That made me feel all warm inside and I relaxed a little.

Chris's dad hung up the phone and walked over to the police. The principal joined them. In a few minutes he came over to us. "We are waiting for some paper work to arrive. I had my secretary take it to a judge for a signature and then she will bring it here. You will be going home with Chris and I until we can get a permanent home arranged." He looked at us, "We'll try to get the courts to let you live with us until you're out of school." Chris beamed and I hugged him with one arm. We both wanted to kiss.

A half hour later a woman walked in. She handed Chris's dad some folded papers with a blue paper cover. He thumbed through them and handed them to the policemen. They looked at them and radioed their boss. I could hear them talking as their boss told them to return to duty. The principal had given the papers to the lady behind the desk and she had a file folder out making entries in it.

The principal handed back the papers and told me that Chris and I could have the day to get settled in. Chris's dad said it would probably take a few days to get the funerals and everything over. We left.

As we were driving off Chris's dad, who I learned was called Mike, looked in his rear view mirror at us in the back seat. "Go ahead and kiss. I won't look." Chris turned red. His dad chuckled as we scooted together and kissed long and deep.

We stopped to get something to eat. "Look boys, I was young once myself. It is not unnatural to have affection for another boy. It is something most boys do and the rest lie about it. I have no problem as long as you are discreet. I don't want someone to think my son is queer. He may be, he may not. Only time will tell. For now you two are with each other. I don't know where Karen is in all of this but we'll see." We ate a good hot plate lunch and then Mike took us back to school to get Chris's car. Al had gone over after church the day before and he and the boys had put the windshield in. Chris had his car and it was perfect.

Chris and I went to Mike's house. It was huge. It was three stories in the very best part of town. It was a mansion. Chris had the whole third floor to himself. It was one big room that ran the length of the house. He said it was twenty five feet wide and forty seven feet long. There were three large dormer windows in the steeply sloping side walls. One looking east, one north, and one south. He had a big bathroom of his own and a closet bigger than my bedroom. It was full of clothes, nice ones. He had a big bed and he told me that this was our bed.

I was tired so Chris took my clothes off and put me in bed. I awakened a little later and Chris was naked and laying beside me. He told me that he and his dad had talked and then he had to go back to work. We were alone until his sister got home, probably around four. She would not come up here but he wanted to be up to talk to Jimmy. He bent over and began to suck me real slow. I was soft and he told me that he loved to suck a soft cock as it got hard in his mouth. I have done that to him now and it is nice. It feels like I am in total control. I turned around and sucked him. We were in no hurry we just wanted to suck each other.

Later we heard Jimmy's car pull in. Chris grabbed some shorts and ran downstairs. He told me to stay there. In a little bit he came back in with Jimmy. I was still on top of the covers, naked. I jumped up. They both giggled as Chris got a pair of old shorts and tossed them to me. I pulled them on but they were so tight you could see my dick. Chris and Jimmy sat down on the bed and Chris grabbed my arm and pulled me down behind him so that I was laying across the bed.

"Jim, I don't know how I feel right now. I love Karen so much but...I am in love with Tommy. I know it sounds queer and you'll hate me but I just can't quit thinking about him."

Jimmy shocked the hell out of us. He kissed Chris on the cheek and hugged him tight. "I know, man. Do you remember Jerry Schroder? He and I were in love for like two years. We used to suck each other's cock everyday. He taught me how to fuck. I still fuck him sometimes because I don't want to fuck Sarah until we get married. I never told you this and I'll call you a liar if you ever tell anybody. Don't even let Jerry know, you hear me." He was smiling at us.

"How about your brother Bobby? Does he know?"

"No, but have you seen him and Tyler. I stood in the bathroom door and watched him fuck Bobby last night. They were kissing and doing everything I used to do when I was fourteen. I watched them fall asleep sucking each other off."

"Were you beating it?"

Jimmy looked at him weird and nodded with a sheepish grin on his face. "I am so horny."

"The other day at the junk yard you said something to me. Do you remember what it was?" Jimmy shook his head. "You said: "Anything for my best bud and my future brother in law, you know that. We're family and we'll do anything for each other." Do you remember that?" Jimmy smiled. "So..." Chris said.

Jimmy looked at me. He stood up and took all of his clothes off. His dick was hard as wood. He was about six inches long. I pulled my shorts off and he looked at my dick then at his then he shook his head. Chris pulled his shorts off and Jimmy's eyes bugged out of his head. "How big is that?"

"Just over eight inches and growing." Jimmy wrapped his hand around it. He couldn't close his fingers on it. "It is just over six inches around. I hope it doesn't get any thicker I won't be able to fuck. You want to fuck or be fucked." Jimmy lay back and spread his legs. "Roll over and sixty nine Tommy. We'll give you a ride like you never imagined."

I took Jimmy in my mouth. He had mine about half way in his throat. Chris told him to take it out until he got in him. He didn't want him biting off his favorite toy. Jimmy laughed but was stifled as Chris slid in him. It took a few minutes before Chris was all the way inside. Jim was moaning and saying how good it felt. He was trying to suck me but he was lousy. Chris was down whispering in his ear. Jim was trying very hard and as Chris got into a steady rhythm Jim became a little better. After awhile he had all of me deep in his throat and was doing a decent job on my cock as Chris plowed him.

This was the neatest thing I had ever seen. I was watching Chris as he plowed his huge cock in and out of Jim's tight butt. Their balls were swinging back and forth and slapping each other each time Chris bottomed out. Jim didn't last but just a few minutes and he filled my mouth with a strong, thick wad that just sort of slid down my tongue into my throat. I still had not cum by the time that Chris got off.

Chris told him he was a terrible cock sucker and he needed lessons. He laid Jimmy back and sucked his dick like only Chris can. Jimmy was moaning and thrashing all over the bed. He fired a load into Chris's mouth. Chris nursed him clean then told him to roll over, I hadn't gotten off yet. Jim took Chris into a sixty nine as I climbed up on the bed and porked his stretched ass hole.

He was really going down on Chris and it appeared that he had learned how to give head. I popped my nut just as Chris fired off. I felt Jim's ass constrict around my cock so I guess we all got there about the same time. Jim lay there breathing heavy. He smiled at us then he shocked me, he kissed Chris. "I think I'm really going to like being a part of this family. I never enjoyed sex like that." He turned and kissed me and smiled at me.

We talked forever. He told us about his hangups and desires. He was afraid of his inadequacies and his fear of not being a good lover and husband. Chris told him to keep his mouth shut and come spend the night with us from time to time. He said we would all learn to be good lovers. The phone rang. I didn't know Chris had his own private phone line. It was his sister wanting to know where Jim was. Jim took a quick shower and went down to meet her. We heard them drive away as we got dressed and went to Chris's mom's house to tell her what had happened. The boys were disappointed because they wanted Chris to live there but he assured them that he would come see them often and if they did their chores and school work that they might get to go get a burger and a soda from time to time. He told them that he would take them to the movies when they could go. That made them happy and I could see that his step-dad liked that idea himself.

We got all of Chris's clothes then went to my house and got me a few changes. Chris told me that he would help me buy new clothes because mine were really pretty bad. Then he hugged me and we fell to the bed. We kissed awhile then he said we had to go home to fuck so we took off.

His dad took care of everything. We had separate funerals. My mom was buried in a small cemetery out in the county somewhere. My dad had a nice funeral and a lot of people came. They told me how sorry they were. He was buried in his family plot, next to his mom and dad.

Mike came to me when we got home. He handed me an envelope. It contained almost three thousand dollars, more than a year's wages in those days. He said that people at the funeral wanted to help me with my education fund. I asked him to put it in the bank for me.

We talked for awhile and I told him to sell the house and car. He had looked into life insurance and found four thousand dollars. The funeral had cost six hundred with the casket and the rest he had to put in the bank for me. He sold the house a few weeks later and got four thousand nine hundred dollars for it. He got two hundred for the furniture and fifty dollars for the car. Chris and I had to get his car out of the garage.

The races in Dallas had come the weekend after the funeral. Jim, Sarah, Jim's brother Bobby, David, Donald, Chris and I went to Dallas in two cars. We laughed when Chris said that we took two cars in case he blew his up and we needed a tow home. He said it would be real fun going home.

Of course he won his class. He was a really good driver. He was class eliminator and had gone on for stock eliminator but lost by one half a second. His car did one hundred and twelve miles an hour in a quarter mile at ten point four three seconds. A record for his class Jimmy told us. He had a neat four foot trophy and a check for eighteen hundred dollars. He had several people want to buy his car. He and Jim were offered jobs when they finished school. They talked about traveling the drag circuit all the way home, a three hour drive. Sarah drove his car with the boys in it. Jim and I rode with Chris. Sarah said she knew Jim and Chris and they would go crazy if they couldn't talk about this now. She said it would be better if she drove instead of having to stop every ten minutes so they could talk.

Chris took the engine out of the wrecked car and all kinds of parts. We cleaned everything so it looked new. We put it all in boxes. He had a spare starter, generator, wiring harness. That car had air conditioning and he saved all of those parts. He saved the heater core and fans and all of the light bulbs. He took the engine and tore it down. He taught me how to rebuild and engine then he went through the transmission. The rest he sold for scrap iron. He got twenty dollars for the metal. He sold the three side windows for ten dollars each and got twenty for the back window. He sold the seats for thirty dollars, the door and side panels with knobs and door handles for twenty, and the carpets for ten. He had parts and fifty five dollars profit for the car. He took me out to my first ever steak dinner. It was so romantic. We went to a fancy steak house and ate in a corner booth by candle light. We kissed all through dinner. The waiter was queer and he thought we were so cute. He was thirty two and he wanted to have sex with us but Chris just looked at him and said, "Can't you see we're getting married. I don't share my man." He did give the guy a three dollar tip for our seven dollar meal. The waiter slipped us a glass of wine apiece and we drank to his health.

Chris and I stayed together through his senior year. He married Karen then went off to the Army. I stayed at his dad's house. Chris and I got together often. Jim and I got together when he just had to have a little extra in his life. Karen had two sons with Chris then she left him. He and I took an apartment in nineteen eighty five. In nineteen ninety Mike died and Chris and I moved into the old house. We still live there with Chris Jr. and Mike II. They are now grown and are lovers. David comes around sometimes. He is married but he still loves Chris. Who doesn't. Donny has a boyfriend. They have been together since tenth grade. Chris's mom and step-dad died during the eighties. They didn't leave anything but bills for the boys. Chris has a lot of money so he paid everything.

Mike put me through law school and I had become a full partner before he died. I am now senior partner with twelve other attorneys in the office. We specialize in family law.

Chris is a dabbler. He has made a fortune in stocks and he has an uncanny knack with commodities. He has made a fortune with the current gasoline fiasco.

Chris and I are celebrating our forty fifth year of happiness. We don't count the years apart because we always got together when we could. We are expecting a hundred people to come in. It is being catered by the waiter from the steak house and his partner.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at

Hangin' hard, dude.

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