Chronicles of a Charter Kid Chapter 2

By: Stlkhom

Hello, and thanks for you for reading my story.  I am obligated to tell you that this story contains sexual experiences between minors.  If you are under the age of 18 then I’ll call the whaaambulance because you “can’t read it.”  Also this story is property of me and may not be replicated, duplicated, or re posted without my consent.  The characters in this story are fictional, and resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  Please note that in this story the characters do not use protection because STD’s do not exist.  In the real world, however they do and you should use protection unless you want it to rot and fall off.  I hope you enjoy this story, and all feedback whether it be negative or positive is welcomed.  My email is  Happy Reading!!!!

    BUZZZZZZZZZ!!!  I shot up, heat pounding looking around for the source of that noise.  It was almost like nails on a chalkboard, and I mentally cringed at it’s harshness.  It took me a few seconds to realize that it was just my alarm clock, which I had set because I sleep like a bear during winter.  Slamming the off button, I hauled myself out of bed and checked the time.  It was 8:30 A.M. on a Saturday morning.  Most people my age would be asleep at that time, but I had a baseball game so I wasn’t most people.  

Walking down the stairs an into my kitchen I was about to open my fridge to grab something, when one of my two dogs decided that barreling into my legs was a real good eye opener.  That damn dog literally threw me in the air like a bull, and I wouldn’t doubt that I hovered for a few seconds before gravity decided to have “mercy” on me.  I hit the ground with my hands outstretched, cushioning my fall.  Cursing my dog, I collected myself and stood up, only to see my other dog calmly trot out of my sister’s room, lick my leg, and head into the living room.  It often made me wonder who actually ran my house.  Looking both ways this time, I opened the fridge and grabbed a hard boiled egg and a water bottle.  I peeled the shell and cracked open the water bottle.  Taking a sip while I walked to the table, I could hear my sister snoring in her room, and my dogs doing dog stuff in the living room.  As I ate my egg, I ran over my mental checklist for today’s game against our rivals.  Throwing away the paper towel I used, I headed upstairs into my room to dress.

Grabbing my uniform off my dresser, I slipped on a pair of sliding shorts, put my cup on then my pants and my uniform shirt.  I liked to wear my socks rolled up, so I put those on last.  Grabbing my hat, I also grabbed my quad keys and cell phone.    Now I know that it sounds unrealistic, but I lived on a dirt road and the field was literally across the street.  I walked over to my garage and opened the door, throwing my bag onto the back of my quad, and stopping to tie my cleats.  I did a few quick stretches, took a lap around my house, and hopped onto my quad.  It was a nice machine, an 02 Polaris 700 with about 300 hours on it, and I loved to ride it.  Since it was warm out, I decided to forgo letting it warm up and pulled out of my garage and to the street.  Checking both ways, I entered the street and drove down to a small intersection.  It was were the paved road met the dirt road, and as I made a right down the hill I gunned the engine hearing all 700 cc’s at work as I flew down towards the main road.  Now, I live in a rural area and the biggest road in my town was a two lane highway.  As I reached the bottom of the hill, I pulled the quad under and overhang, shut her off, and slipped the keys into a magnetic box under the floor plate.  

I jogged across the road to the field, and saw several of my friends all ready warming up.  I also saw Kevin their, as he must have been hanging out with my “friend” Ben.  He hadn’t seen me yet, so I took the time to admire him, because I had a thing for him.  He was wearing a yellow t-shirt advertising a skateboard company, and a pear of board shorts that showed of his thin but nicely toned legs.  Kevin stood about 5’6” and had a thinner build with a four pack hidden by that shirt.  I knew he wrestled and skated, but I wasn’t sure what else he did.  As I jogged past him, I said Hello and flashed a smile to which he responded with a Hey and another shy grin.  I would go into detail about the game, but it would simply take too long as it lasted almost three hours.  We ended up winning 6-5 in a very close game, and to celebrate our coach announced that there would be a BBQ at his house in a few hours.  Normally I wouldn’t go, but since Kevin was there I made an exception.  I crossed the road again and threw my bag back onto the quad.

Waving to my friends, I started it up and, backed it out of the overhang.  Switching into High gear, I once again “dropped the hammer” and flew up the hill and towards my house.  As I turned onto the dirt road, I fishtailed throwing up a cloud of dust and pulled into my driveway.  Parking the quad in the garage, I threw my bag onto a shelf and walked into the house.  Neither my sister or father were home, probably both working.  I climbed the stairs taking off my uniform as I went, and by the time I got to my room I was down to my sliding shorts.  I peeled those off, tossed ‘em in the hamper, and walked to my bathroom for a shower.  I turned the hot water all the way on and the cold half way so the water stayed warm.  As I scrubbed the clay and sweat from my body, I thought about my life.  I was 14 years old, gay, and my mom had died 5 months ago.  My father worked from 6 to 4 and my sister 8-5, so I saw little of them.  My mothers store was failing, and we owed money for it.  It certainly wasn’t a pretty friggen picture, and envied those who had it easy.  I felt the water grow cold, so I rinsed off, shut off the water, and stepped out.  I grabbed a towel and began to dry myself as I walked to my room for some clothes to wear.  I ended up selecting a pair of blue jean shorts and an Aeropostale T-shirt.  I checked the time and saw I had about an hour to kill before the BBQ so I hopped on my Xbox and played some GTA IV.  I was almost late, as I hadn’t been paying attention to the clock because of the game.  

The ride was too far to take the quad, as it was public road and I didn’t want a State Trooper catching me.  So I grabbed my bag with some stuff in it, headed out the door, and into my garage.  I opened it and wheeled my bike out and after closing the door, I began my trip to the coaches house.  About halfway there I turned around to check for traffic, I was glad I didn’t take the quad.  A State Trooper passed me, the white Crown Victoria looked poised and ready move if it needed to.  He made a left onto a street in front of me, and I watched his car until it disappeared around a curve.  About a mile down, I made a turn onto the coach’s street and shifted into a lower gear as I pedaled up the hill.  As I reached the top and coasted down, I could see the cars lined up on the street, and as I pulled up I saw a few people standing outside.  I hopped off my bike and leaned it against a basketball hoop.  I walked over to my friends Tim and Tyler.

“What’s up guys, whose hear?” I asked
“Nothin much dude.  I think Ben, Steven, Tyler G, Kevin, and Andrew are hear somewhere.” Tim replied.
“Alright then, when are they serving the food?”
“Actually they’re doing it right now.” This time Tyler answered my question.
“Sweet, you wanna grab a burger with me then?”
They both nodded and we walked around back to the deck, on which our coach was grilling some chicken, burgers, and hot dogs.  He looked up and spotted us.
“Hey guys, you want some food?  I’ve got hamburgers, hot dogs, and some chicken thighs.  Also got some cheese if you want to make it a cheeseburger.”
I told the coach that I’d take a cheeseburger and a piece of chicken, which he promptly scooped of the grill, and handed to me on a paper plate.  Tyler and Tim both got hotdogs and hamburgers, and we walked to a nearby table.  We were sitting there for about an hour talking about fishing, quads, cars, and girls.  I did have to lie my way through that one, and my secret stayed safe as they believed me.  

We eventually ran out of soda, so I offered to run inside and get more, so I walked into the house.  As I walked out of the kitchen with the three full cups, I overheard a conversation coming from the coaches son’s room.  I decided that Tim and Tyler could wait a minute, so I set the cups down and moved closer.  I could see three people in the room, Kevin, Ben, and the coaches son Tyler.  They were seated on the bed, with Kevin sitting in the middle.  Normally I would have walked away cause they were probably talking about weed, but I stayed because Kevin had weird look on his face.  He was speaking very low, and I couldn’t hear what he was saying.  But, judging from the reactions from the other two it wasn’t good.  All of a sudden, Tyler jumped up and started shouting.

“Holy shit that’s disgusting.  What the fuck is the matter with you?  Jesus fuckin Christ man, you’re a faggot?”
It didn’t register at first, but then it hit me.  So as in every other story, I was like “Yes YESSSSSS, I have a CHAAANCE!!!”  But that chance quickly disappeared when I saw Tyler push Kevin off the bed.
I watched Kevin get up and walk/run out the door.  He saw me, and turned even paler than he was.  He ran out the front door, but I didn’t see which way he went.  I grabbed the cups and rushed outside.  I put them on the table and told Tim and Tyler I had to go, my dad needed me home.  On my way to my bike, I saw my friend Justin shooting some hoops.  I asked him if he had seen which way Kevin had gone.  He told me which way, which ended up being the way I came in.  I hopped on my bike and dropped into 5th gear to gain some speed.  I didn’t downshift on the hill, and my legs burned by the time I reached the top.  Coming down I shifted into 6th, and turned onto the main road.  I could see Kevin walking up in the distance, so I sped up and shifted into the highest gear, 7th.  I finally pulled up next to him and slammed on the brake, leaving a thin skid mark behind me.  
“Kevin Wait!” I yelled, “Dude come here, I just want to talk.”  He stopped and looked back at me, his eyes were red, and his cheeks glistened.  
“Why would you want to talk to me?”  You heard what I am, I saw you standing there.”  He sounded so sad and I could imagine why.
“Kev, please man.  I don’t care about that.  Just come over here, I only want to talk.  Please!”  He relented, and slowly walked towards me.  I put the kickstand on the bike down and got off.  I sat down on the grass, and patted next to me.  He sat down, and just stared at the ground, and we sat like that for a while; me staring at him, and him staring at the ground.
“Kev?” I tenderly said.  He turned his head an looked me in the eye.  I do not lie when I say they were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.  They were emerald green, with a vivid brown around the iris, and they were locked with mine.  He held my gaze for a moment, and then broke down crying.  I hugged him, and he went limp against me.  We stayed like that for what seemed like forever, before he finally looked up at me again.  I felt everything slow down, as we moved closer towards one another.  I was surprised when our lips met, I almost jerked back.  But, I was able to control myself and pressed my lips against his.  It wasn’t so much a kiss as a peck on the lips, but it had the desired affect.
“Hey Kev?” I asked.
“Wanna come over?”
“Yes, I do.”
To Be Continued.......

Hmm, two chapters already.  I was incredibly surprised at the feedback I had to my first chapter, so I’d like to give a shout out to bobdipalma,  Jay McGee, iesocaliboi, and Paul Jamison for their advice and complements.  Thanks for reading guys!!!