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Please note this story contains boy-to-boy sexual activity and if you
don't enjoy this kind of story read no further.
This story is completely fiction and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is wholly coincidental.
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Because of the three week break between my stories here is the final paragraph of the previous chapter

"So the poor little boy cries in his sleep for his mommy does he?"

"I'm sorry guys, I didn't mean to wake you all up, it was just a bad dream, I won't let it happen again."

Gone was the tough bully attitude that Garrett had when surrounded by his own gang at El Paso high, it was replaced by a wimpy snivelling kid who was almost peeing his pants at the site of these guys surrounding him.

"Well if you're your missing your mom so bad maybe I can help you out."

"In err, in what way." He nervously asked.

"You can be my BITCH."


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Tears began to fall from Garrett's eyes as he surveyed the scene above him, "I didn't mean any harm to you guys and I've said I'm sorry."

"Just remember I'm the boss of this outfit my names Jake and these guys are my minders if you get my drift."

Garrett nodded never once taking his eyes off this massive giant of a man. "Now we're going to show just how big we are and we mean big."

All of them unzipped their pants pulling out their cocks all of which were massive to say the least. In unison, they began slowly jacking themselves off still standing over Garrett who had never seen big dicks like this ever before. Taking their cues from Jake they began to speed up their jacking off until finally they all shot their load all over Garrett as he lay on his bed. He tried to cover his face but Jake kept knocking his hands away and soon he was covered, on his face, in his eyes everywhere was a sticky mess. As soon as they had all finished shooting they went back to their own beds laughing only Jake stayed behind. "There that wasn't too bad was it? If you behave yourself and do what I say we'll get on very well together and don't worry I'm not going to fuck you, I'm no fagot."

After Jake had gone back to his bed Garrett sobbed quietly to himself wishing that he could go home to mum. He got his towel and tried cleaning himself up but the smell of male sperm lingered on his body. He was worried because while the guys were jacking off he got hard at the sight and couldn't understand why. Finally, he dropped off to sleep but it was a restless one as he thought about big Jake and not his mother.

Next morning Johnny Walker, was told by doctor Whitmore that he could go home but not do anything too strenuous for about twenty four hours. The doctor then turned his attention to Davey who looked remarkably well considering what he had been through. Still looking a little pale and feeling uncomfortable because he had to sleep on his stomach, or if he laid on his back he had to have a pile of soft cushions to ease the discomfort in his butt.

Doctor Whitmore very carefully checked Davey's wounds trying not to hurt the poor boy. After he had finished he said, "Well young man you are beginning to heal quite well, but you will have to stay in the hospital for a few more days I'm afraid, perhaps we'll start thinking about you going home in about five days' time. In the meantime young Johnny has done his bit and must now go home and back to school."

Dr. Whitmore paused gathering what he needed to say before continuing, "Johnny has become a very good and dear friend to you by the look of it and you need all the friends you can get right now." Davey nodded and Johnny blushed at what Dr. Whitmore said

"Just bear in mind boys what happened to Davey, because I don't ever want to have to perform another operation like I had to with Davey here." Johnny's mother had arrived to pick him up and she went out into the corridor with his bag while the boys said goodbye. Johnny walked up to the bed standing looking down at Davey who was looking sad that he was going to be left alone. Johnny wanted to kiss his young friend goodbye on the lips but was worried that Davey might freak out at the contact. Davey held out his hand for Johnny to hold it and when he did he gently squeezed it making it almost an invitation for Johnny to go a bit further. "I'm going to miss you and wish you didn't have to go." He said his bottom lip beginning to tremble. "Me too but I'll be back every night after school and you'll soon be home." He took a chance leant in towards his friend placing his lips onto those of Davey.

Davey didn't move in fact he responded by parting his lips allowing Johnny's tongue to enter his mouth. He then followed suit and their kiss became a lot more passionate. Finally, they pulled apart with smiles on their faces; the first smile from Davey for quite a while. Spontaneously they moved into a gentle hug so that Davey didn't hurt. When they came apart Johnny looked down at the big boner he had sticking out. Davey noticed it and burst out laughing which made Johnny very happy not because he had a boner but because his friend was laughing. "You'd better get that down before your mother sees it." He said between laughs. He adjusted his pants so it wouldn't show so much as he made his way slowly out of the room, turning back at the door to smile and give Davey a gentle wave. He laid back on the pillow happy and content once again with the way his new found life was going.

Carlos was feeling guilty about himself. Kimberly and he hadn't been to see Davey since he was rushed back into hospital. As soon as he got to school and met up with his girlfriend, he told her that they must go see him straight after school. Kimberly agreed because she also had a soft spot for the poor boy.

The night before, after dinner Sally and Luke were sat around talking. Now that she was out of a job and basically had nowhere permanent to live, a lot of things were going through her mind. She had a lot of things she wanted to tell her son, things which she had kept secret for a long time even before Luke was born. As a young child Luke had asked quite a few times about his father and so on, but Sally was always non-committal. As he got older he stopped asking so many questions believing that his mother would tell him when the time was right, but that time hadn't come and he was now in his twenties.

"Son, I know when you were younger you kept asking about your father and my past life and for various reasons I kept avoiding the answer and not telling you anything. Looking back I think that was wrong am I'm sorry that I haven't opened up and been honest with you a long time ago."

Luke interrupted her, "Mom that was just the curiosity of a little boy and I've been past that age for a while now so you don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to."

"My life is changing around a fair bit and I think I should come clean about something that has been worrying me for a long time. You are a good son and I love you as much as any mother loves her son and I must tell you this to clear my mind."

"If that is what you want mother then go ahead." Just as she was about to open her mouth Joey walked into the room pausing in the doorway when he realized he had interrupted what looked like a deep and meaningful conversation between mother and son.

"Sorry I'm interrupting your conversation, I'll come back later." He turned to walk out but Sally called him back, "It's alright Joey, who did you want to see me or Luke?"

"Actually it was you Sally, but it can wait." "No I'll come right now; I can talk to my wonderful son anytime I want." She kissed Luke saying that she would talk again later. Luke nodded in agreement; as Sally followed Joey out of the room towards his private office, he had in the hotel.

"Come in and sit down please Sally." They both sat down, Joey behind his desk and Sally in front of him.

"I was sorry to hear that you lost your job because of what you did to help Davey. That was a mean trick for the government to play after all the good you have done." He paused as if gathering his thoughts together. Sally just sat wondering what all this was about.

"It might be good if I fill you in with what is happening here and my plans for the future."

Sally was still puzzled about where Joey was going with this so she sat quietly waiting for this young man to continue.

"As you know, thanks to my mother and uncle I was kidnapped and sent to a horrible place were terrible things happened to me. I was saved, met my boyfriend, Caleb and his parents who looked after me. My plan was to open a home or shelter for guys who were gay and had no where to go for different reasons. Al and Jacob gave me this hotel, which I intend to use for just that purpose. Once Jacob and his crowd get their house built there are going to be a lot of empty rooms. I would like to have one floor for women who have been beaten by their husbands or boyfriends who are homeless, plus another more secure floor for young offenders who have been before the courts and aren't really bad boys, but just need help and guidance. I have enough money for all this to happen plus the state will help out if I take these people with problems off their hands." He paused to take a breath.

"That's all well and good Joey and I congratulate and admire you for all you're doing to help others, but what as all this to do with me?"

"I was just about to come to that. It is going to take a lot of staff with many different qualifications to run this place. I have already run my idea past Caleb, his mother and father and they agree with me that the best person we could possibly have to look after the welfare of all the people in the shelter would be you."

Sally could hardly believe her ears, here she was an out of work social worker being offered what is to her, a dream job where she can really do something worthwhile helping people who really need it and not being dictated to by stupid budgets and idiots who don't care.

"I'm honored and flattered that you are asking me, when you know so little about me." Joey pulled a file out from his desk drawer opened it saying, "I know a lot more about you than you think, your old boss has nothing but praise for you and the reference he sent is a great compliment to your work. And I have been watching and listening to things while you've been here and the help you gave poor Davey is above and beyond what a government social worker is expected to do."

Sally was speechless which is unusual for her and all she could do was stammer her thanks over and over again. When she had recovered sufficiently she said, "When do you want me to start?"

"As soon as you want Sally, the office you have been using will become your permanent work area and the job also includes your food and accommodation, plus if you have to travel around anywhere one of the shelters vans, being kindly donated by Jacob, will be yours to use."

She couldn't believe what she was hearing and pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Joey looked at her studying her face with a slightly worried look on his. Sally thought here we go there's a catch to this and it's coming up right now.

"There is just one thing Sally. How do you feel about working for a boss who's still at school, gay and with a gay boyfriend?"

"I knew Davey was gay right from the first time I got his file and I knew he had a lot of problems associated with that. This didn't bother me and because he was in a minority group of people who suffer from bullying, bashings and hatred taunts I was more determined than ever to make sure he had as good a life as possible, sadly I let him down on that which I will never forgive myself for. As for working for a young man like yourself and Caleb, I think that would be an honor. You might be young and inexperienced but you make up for that in enthusiasm. "

"I don't think you let Davey down, no, you did everything you could to make his life more bearable." They chatted a bit more going over a few things and discussing money, which would be a little bit lower than she was getting but all the fringe benefits like food and a room made up for that. Joey also told her that as the hotel began to fill she would be able to take on extra staff to cope with the workload. When they had nothing else to discuss Joey stood up shaking Sally's hand welcoming her to the shelter.

Davey was bored out of his brain lying there all day on his own with nothing to do. He watched a bit of television then dozed off to sleep only to be woken by the nurse changing drips and fussing around him. This went on all day, plus he was starting to get hungry for some solid food. He was still on a liquid diet but was allowed some jelly for lunch, which he devoured. Doctor Whitmore was slowly weaning him off the painkillers and he found himself asking the nurses for more because of the stabbing pains he was getting in his butt.

The nurse had called the doctor who came in with his entourage, "Now Davey, tell me a bit more about this pain because it should be starting to ease by now." Davey told him where it was and the type of pain it was. He was asked to lie on his stomach while the nurses cut away the bandages so the doctor could have a look. He examined his young patient carefully prodding and poking causing Davey to yell out in pain now and again. Dr. Whitmore kept apologizing feeling sorry for the poor boy. When he had finished he gave some more instructions to the nurses noting things on his chart. When he was finished he explained to Davey what was happening, "I started to take you off the pain killers a bit too soon and I'm sorry for that. The nurses will be applying a cream onto your wounds during the night and maybe through tomorrow. It will be uncomfortable and painful while they are doing this so please be patient and the other unpleasant thing is that you will have to stay on your stomach with your butt in the air for at least the next eighteen hours or so. Believe me when I tell you that it will soon be over, and you'll be heading back to your new home."

Davey thanked the doctor as he left to continue his rounds. He thought to himself now I'm going to be even more bored because I can't even watch TV. Not long after the pills began to take effect and he dropped off to sleep.

As soon as the final school bell rang Carlos and Kimberly ran to their lockers and then ran outside were Carlos' mother was waiting to give them a lift to the hospital. As soon as his mother pulled up outside the entrance, they thanked her before dashing into the building and straight up to Davey's room.

When they walked in and saw Davey lying with his butt in the air they just couldn't help laughing, seeing their young friend, on his stomach with his bum in the air. "Sorry Davey but we can't help laughing because it does look funny, it might not be for you, but it is from where we are." Even Davey managed a slight grin. After all he was happy to see them both. "How was school today and how are all the other guys?"

"School was school and I expect the guys will be in to see you later." The nurse came in with some thin soup followed by jelly and prepared to feed Davey because lying how he was he couldn't feed himself. Kimberly offered to feed him and the nurse was very grateful because she could go and do some of her other jobs.

Between mouthfuls of soup and jelly they talked about school and his new family making general conversation. Carlos took over from Kimberly with the jelly and the talk turned to Karate. Carlos was keen to get involved when his little friend was fit and able and Davey suggested that he might like to look around at the different clubs in El Paso and pick out a couple that they can go and have a look at when he can move around a bit. Carlos agreed that was a good idea. "What's this I hear young Davey that you and Johnny Walker are becoming an item." Davey blushed but still managed a slight smile at the mention of Johnny's name. "He's a good kid and you two will look good together." Carlos joked. Davey again blushed as him and Kimberly laughed.

Not long after that the rest of the family arrived including his new mother and his extended family. The last to arrive just before visiting time ended was Sally bursting with the news of her new job. Davey was so thrilled that his good friend Sally was also going to stay around.

Carlos and Kimberly said goodbye to Davey, Kimberly by giving him a big kiss on the cheek and Carlos by touching knuckles. As he left the room Carlos surprised everyone by turning around and saying to his friend lying there in bed, "Take care buddy, I love you and don't want anything else to happen to you." He blushed and quickly corrected himself, "I love you as a brother that is."

All the way back to Carlos' place Kimberly teased him on what he had said. She was still giving him a hard time as they headed upstairs to his bedroom so they could do some homework. They quickly finished the homework and Carlos went and lay on his bed, inviting Kimberly to join. With a mischievous grin she asked, "Why should I, we can chat just like we are now me sitting at your desk and you on your bed."

"It wasn't chatting I had in mind, I can't remember the last time you gave me a kiss."

"Try about thirty seconds ago." Kimberly replied laughing. Their relationship had reached the point where she was finding herself deeply in love with this rough and ready guy. She knew all about his gang past along with his time in detention but that hadn't stopped her falling in love big time with this guy. After teasing him a bit more she joined him on the bed kissing him long and hard.

"I love you Carlos, I love you very much." Carlos then totally surprised her by saying,

"I love you too Kimberly, I have strong feelings for you which I have never had with anybody ever in my life."

They began making out big time kissing, while Carlos hands are creeping under Kimberly's bra. She didn't stop him in fact she was enjoying the thrills that was going through her body. She could feel his hardness pushing against her leg which sent more thrills through her making her wet and ready. Their tongues were meshing together and the sensations this was creating were incredible. After a while, they both pulled apart staring into each other eyes. In a quiet voice Kimberly spoke, "What's happening to us Carlos?"

"I don't know but it feels good, do you want to go further?"

"I think I'd like to go on but I'm scared. What if I get pregnant or something like that?"

Not sure how to tell his girlfriend this because she might think he's pushing her, he said, "Don't think I'm trying to force you into anything but I do have a condom." Kimberly was a bit shocked at this at first but the stirring deep down made her forget the fact that her boyfriend was prepared. She leant into him kissing him deeply as her hand slowly moved down to rub up and down on his dick. Although he was a virgin, he'd been dreaming of this day for a while now and thinking about it every time he jacked off. He also began moving his hands down Kimberly's body, his hand undoing her jeans and moving inside. He was surprised how wet she was, having no idea that girls have precum even more so than boys.

"Let's take our clothes off." He suggested and his girlfriend nodded unable to talk she was so hot and ready. While Kimberly was getting undressed Carlos made sure that his bedroom door was locked and at the same time, he got his one and only condom from his desk drawer. He looked closely at it wondering exactly how to put it on. He turned to gaze at Kimberly lying naked on his bed, as he walked slowly towards her, she couldn't take her eyes off his massive dick swinging back and forth as he walked. It looked so big she wondered how on earth it would fit inside her but she didn't care all she knew right now was she wanted, no needed to make love to her boyfriend.

He lay on the bed next to her and when their skin touched they both felt a tingling sensation running through their bodies. The started kissing again with their hands roaming over each other's bodies, until Kimberly couldn't stand it anymore, "make love to me Carlos please, do it right now." He rolled the condom onto his hard penis before moving on top of Kimberly his body poised between her legs. She spread her legs wider as he slowly entered her. She shuddered and whimpered slightly and Carlos thought he might have hurt her and he stopped but her hands and legs were wrapped around his body forcing him all the way in. Slowly he began moving in and out of her gradually increasing the speed until he was pounding into her body and she was jumping around uncontrollably trying to match his thrusting with hers.

Being the first time Carlos realized that he was going to cum far too early but his dick was out of control, had a mind of its own and soon with his dick right in up to the hilt he shot his juice into the condom. Perspiration was dripping from their faces and running down their bodies, as they lay totally satisfied in the afterglow of their sexual encounter.

Carlos looked at Kimberly and smiled that rare deep smile of his which wasn't seen very often. "Happy?"

"Oh yes, I love you so much Carlos, but I hope you love me just as much." There was a slight tremble in her voice as she thought maybe I was too hasty and now that he's seen how easy it was to get to me that may be all he will be interested in.

"You do love me don't you Carlos?"

"More than anything else in the whole world." To emphasis, what he said he kissed her long and deep. This began both of them getting stirrings in their nether regions. Carlos reading her thoughts said with a grin. "I only had one condom."

They both laughed and at the same time heard someone outside the door. Scrambling off the bed trying to find their clothes there was a knock, it was Carlos mother telling them dinner was ready and would Kimberly like to stay and eat with them. They told her yes that would be ok as they continued cleaning themselves up and getting dressed. Once they were fully dressed, they kissed again before heading downstairs hand in hand.

Doctor Buchanan had spent most of the day on the phone but always with a drink in her hand. She was trying desperately to find out a bit more about the school her son had been sent to because she wanted to contact him to talk to him about their little secret. "I don't want him telling anybody anything about that." She mumbled to herself. She went right through her phone book seeking help but with no luck. Her lawyer finally called back.

"Were the fuck have you been?" she slurred, "I've been trying to get you all day, you'd better not be charging for those missed phone calls and messages you got from me. Have you found out if I can talk to my son, I really need to see him and make sure he's ok."

"The facility your son is in doesn't allow visitors Doctor. The boys get points if they behave themselves and when they have enough they are allowed out for the weekend."

"What kind of a fucking school is that?"

"Well they are very strict."

"Fucking strict my arse, he hasn't even been tried for what he's supposed to have done and yet he's being punished already. If you can't do anything about this then I am, What's the address of this place and how do I get there?" Her lawyer told her insisting that she was wasting her time but she kept on and on about it. He thought to himself I'm beginning to wish I never took this case.

The doctor got ready, putting on clean clothes and generally tidying herself up before downing her drink and then calling for a cab because she had far too much to drink. The cab took ages to arrive and she was in an even worse mood when it finally pulled up at her front door. She gave the driver the address and directions that her lawyer had given her. This facility was way across town and the traffic made it a long slow journey. When she arrived and looked at the building she thought this looks like any other school in El Paso what's to stop her boy from just walking out. She found out as she tried to walk through the gateway and two burly guards stopped her.

"Excuse me ma'am, this is a private facility, do you have business here?"

"Yes I'm here to see my son Garrett Buchanan." "I'm sorry, but visitors are not allowed, but if your son has behaved himself he might be home one weekend soon for a couple of days."

"No I want to see him NOW, he's done nothing wrong and has been locked up by a mean vindictive judge, so get me somebody in authority so I can make sure my son is all right."

Both guards looked at each other and rolled their eyes. "I'm sorry ma'am but you just can't come in and that's that, now we have been very polite in telling you to leave and if you don't then force will be brought into play and you will be forcibly removed from the facility and the police informed."

Taking a step back from them she took a deep breath yelling, "Garrett my son here's your mommy son, where are you? It's time to go home." That was enough for the guards to grab hold of her arms and guide her outside back onto the street. She began shouting even louder and another couple of guards came running. One of them took in the situation and ran back into an office of some kind to call the local police.

Garrett was working in the woodwork section when he heard the shouting, wondering what it was but once it got louder he realized it was his mum. He rushed out of the building heading for the general direction the noise was coming from. The instructors and some of the guards called for him to come back but he took no notice as he ran calling his mother's name as he ran.

"Is that you son? Come here to your mother, I want you I need you." By now, she was sobbing as well as screaming and the guards holding onto her couldn't believe what was going on. Garrett came running round the corner hotly pursued by a whole heap of security guards. Just as the guards caught up with him he reached his mum and she stretched out her arms to grab him and Garrett did the same but the guards pulled her back causing Garrett to fall flat on his face. Showing superhuman strength she shoved the two men holding her off and fell down beside her son, kissing him and holding him in her arms, "Garrett my poor baby your mummy loves you and needs you it's lonely in my bed every night without you."

All those standing around were amazed at these words coming out of this woman's mouth. They grabbed both of them pulling them up and separating them, but both of them tried to get back together again. The doctor began screaming uncontrollably, it was so bad that the school nurse was called to give her a shot of something to calm her down. Once that was done she was moved into a small room sat down in a chair and with four guards standing over her. The screaming died down to be followed by non-stop sobbing.

Garrett was marched into the main office and into the principal's office. A slightly overweight bald man possibly in his late fifties was sat behind the desk. Garrett was told to stand in front of the desk and not move by one of the guards who brought him in.

"Garrett Buchanan, you got off on the wrong the foot the minute you stepped down out of the van that brought you. Then during the night you disturbed the other guys in your room by calling for your mother." Garrett stared in amazement that the principal knew all about that.

"There's not much that goes on in this school that I don't know about. Jake is one big mean guy and I think by having all the guys masturbate over you was a surprise, usually he would have half killed you and then fucked the stuffing out of you. By him not doing that it looks as if we are finally getting him calmed a bit." He looked at the guards smiling and they nodded in agreement.

"So what are we going to do with you and your mother? We can't have her coming round here every day causing trouble and after that outburst I am going to have to report the matter to the police, after all she is on bail."

"Please don't send her back to jail sir." Garrett pleaded. "She's just a bit upset that's all, can I speak to her and calm her down sir?" This was a Garrett that we haven't seen before, gone is the swaggering bully boy and standing in front of the principal is a sniveling whining kid who wants his mummy.

"No you can't speak to or see your mother and if you try again you will be sent back to your small cell and back under Judge Evans authority and I'm sure you don't want that."

"No sir." Garrett mumbled as the principal ordered the guards to take him back to his woodworking class. The police were called to pick up Doctor Buchanan and took her back to jail. Her lawyer arrived just as she was being put into a cell.

"What the hell happened? I told you not to go looking for Garrett, now it looks like you'll be in jail until your trial date."

"All I wanted to do was speak to my son and the bastards wouldn't let me." She had calmed down a bit by now but as the drug they gave her began to wear off, her head was beginning to pound. "All I want to do is go home take some pain killers and go to bed."

"Leave it with me I'll talk to the desk sergeant and tell him you were overwrought."

He left her in the cell and went to talk to the sergeant on duty who luckily was an approachable reasonable man. Her lawyer explained that she had been drinking, was deeply worried for the welfare of her son, "If you release her to me I'll take her home and make sure she is safe and remains there."

Reluctantly the police officer agreed and Dr. Buchanan was brought out form the cells so the lawyer could take her home. They arrived at her house and the lawyer made sure she was safely in the house before he went to leave. She stopped him putting her arms around him attempting to kiss. He pushed her away, "please stay the night with me I'm so lonely without my son, I'll make it worth your while if you stay."

"Thanks for the kind invitation but I have a wife waiting for me at home so I'll wish you goodnight." She was still pleading for him to stay as he made his way back to his car. He thought to himself, she's heading for a breakdown and is a sad case.

The doctor poured herself a drink and sat on the sofa putting her hand inside her panties she began fingering herself, "I miss my Garrett, he's such a good boy. He looks after my needs I miss him so." She said mumbling to herself.

Meanwhile Garrett was eating his evening meal sitting on his own feeling so down. He was missing his mum and missing his old school gang who always had his back. Jake the unofficial leader of all the kids there by the look of it, came up and sat next to him, "Follow me to the showers." Jake said and Garrett had no option but to follow. There was no one else around as they enter a shower cubicle, suddenly Jake slammed him into the wall and Garrett fell to his knees. With one hand on Garrett's head and the other one unzipping his fly he said, "If you can't service your mummy tonight then you'll have to be content with me."

He forced his massive ten inch cock into Garrett's mouth pushing it in until Garrett began to gag, Jake pulled out slightly instructing him how to breathe through his nose and slowly all ten inches went down his throat. Jake began really humping Garrett's mouth hard and savagely, the strange thing was Garrett wasn't struggling any more in fact he was trying hard to satisfy his attacker and he had one of the biggest erections he'd ever had. Mind you he'd never had sex with a girl only what took place in his mother's bed. Jake suddenly grunted and sent wave after wave of his juice down Garrett's throat. When he had finished he pulled out wiped his dick on the kneeling boy's hair and tucked his massive penis back into his pants. "You really enjoyed that once we got started didn't you?" Looking ashamed Garrett still knelt with his eyes downcast looking very sorry for himself.

Jake thought for a while before saying, "If you tell anybody what I'm about to do I'll fucking kill you understand?" With a puzzled look on his face, he nodded, but not really knowing why. His black aggressor pulled Garrett up on his feet before kneeling down in front of him and unzipping his pants he took Garrett's seven-inch dick out of his pants and began slowly sucking it. This made Garrett moan and groan with pleasure, he had never had anyone do this to him before and he was loving it. Sadly, it was all over too soon because he couldn't control himself and sent wave after wave down Jake's throat. When he was totally finished Jake stood up and leaning down he kissed his lover on the lips before entering his mouth with his tongue. Young Garrett could taste some of his own sperm and he thought it didn't taste too bad. That night lying in his bed he began to worry, surely I'm not gay he thought, or am I? That session with Jake was enjoyable once I got into it and when he sucked me off, well that was sensational. He knew his mother had kept telling him how wicked being gay was and that all gays should be banished from this earth, but he didn't see anything wrong with the blow job he just had and the one he received. He drifted off to sleep and for once didn't think at all about his mother.

Davey was bored out of his brain, he was still lying on his stomach unable to do anything not even watch TV from the position he was in. All the family was either at school or at work so he had nothing to do. Doctor Whitmore finally came in on his rounds and he could tell from Davey's expression that he wasn't very happy. "I guess young man that you're bored to tears lying in that position, am I right?"

"Yes sir, can I please move around a bit?" "Ok let's have a look at you." He removed the padding and bandages to check on Davey's wounds and after he had finished his examination he wrote a heap of instructions on his chart before instructing the nurse to bandage him up again but not quite as heavy. When the nurse had finished he helped her sit Davey up, propping pillows behind him. The look on Davey's face said it all. After a small amount of pain as he lowered his buttocks onto the bed, he felt so much more comfortable.

"Your wounds are healing very well Davey, in fact better than I thought they would. We are going to start taking some of your tubes out and tomorrow all being well, you'll be staying on a light mainly fluid diet. After that we'll see, but for now young man you will soon be able to pee on your own."

Davey managed a small smile as he thanked the doctor. The next thing he did was turn on the television finding some funny cartons to watch which cheered him up no end. He must have dozed off. The next time he woke was when a nurse brought him a bowl of hot water and a sponge and helped him wash and change his pajamas. He got to brush his teeth, something he hadn't done for what seemed ages, but was only two days. He began to feel refreshed and a bit embarrassed when the nurse insisted on combing his hair despite his protests that he could manage. Fruit juice and jelly arrived next and he was this time able to feed himself, although he did think that it would be nice for Kimberly and Carlos to feed him. He managed a smile when he recalled his two best friends doing that for him. Then he started thinking about Johnny Walker his new dear friend who helped save his life. Deep in thought with a slight smile on his face, his mind then drifted back to the other night when before Judge Harold in a makeshift courtroom he got new parents and a great family. His first visitor was Sally who burst in the room delighted to see Davey sitting up and looking so much better. Kissing him on the cheek she went on to tell him all about her new job and what she would be doing. Davey was so happy that his lifesaver would be staying in El Paso close to him.

"Davey I'm so thrilled I have the job of my dreams and if you have any problems I will be close at hand to help you."

"I'm thrilled for you Sally and I hope it all works out well for you and we can be friends and neighbors for a long time." What started out as a bad boring day is now turning into a happy one. His new mum and dad arrived not long after and they were surprised to see him sitting up and at last smiling. Plus they had brought him some comic books to read and some brand new pajamas. The rest of the gang followed soon after which didn't thrill the nurses too much because close to a dozen people were crammed into the tiny room. The last one to arrive was Johnny Walker with his mother Peggy who came up to him kissing him on the cheek, while everyone watched with smiles on their faces as Johnny walked up holding out his hand but then changing his mind and kissing Davey quickly on his lips. His new found boyfriend didn't pull away or flinch which was a good sign and they both went a deep red when everyone applauded and cheered.

Gloria moved away from where she was sitting at Davey's bedside so that Johnny could be next to his mate. Once again Johnny tentatively moved his hand onto the bedcovers towards Davey's hand stopping just short and resting it there. Without hesitation Davey reached out and held Johnny's hand. Once again the whole gang cheered and applauded and once more the two boys blushed, Davey spoke up this time, "Will you guys cut it out, we're just good friends and that's all."

"It don't look like it to me." Carlos said with a grin. Everyone laughed out loud again and the head nurse came telling them to leave because their noise was disturbing other patients on this floor. Jacob on behalf of the others apologized and they all said their goodbyes to Davey. Johnny got up to go as well but his mother said, "You stay and keep Davey company for a while, I'll head down to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and a chat with Sally and some of the others."

"Thanks Mum." Johnny replied. Once they had all gone and peace and quiet returned to the ward floor, Johnny and Davey still holding hands looked at each other smiling. "Thank you for coming in and kissing me like that. I really do like you Johnny and I hope we can be friends for a long time."

"Is there any chance of us being boyfriends?" "I think so but as I told you yesterday I've been hurt so many times when I've thought everything was going to be all right and right now I can never go any further than the occasional kiss and holding hands. If you want more then I'm sorry and you should look for someone else."

"I will wait for you Davey, you are a beautiful young guy who I have fallen for big time. I'm sure the time will come when you're ready to take our friendship to another level and until then I will wait." After saying this he leant in closer to kiss Davey once lightly on the lips. The response was more passionate this time so Johnny tried putting his tongue between Davey's lips but he shook his head no and kept his lips together. Johnny was happy to go along with this although he did get an awesome erection from this kiss. When they finally broke off Davey looked sadly at Johnny, "sorry but not yet."

"I'm the one who should be saying sorry for pushing you too far too quick." They continued holding hands and chatting about what happened at school and also about Karate.

"When you're fit again I'd like to go to Karate with you if that's ok?"

"That's good I'd like that, Carlos said he'd like to join as well. I asked him to look out for a good club here in El Paso and I would be able to give you some pointers and lessons when we hang out together."

"I'd love that Davey; I hope we can do a few things together." He thought with that last remark he might have put his foot in his mouth again but there was no reaction from his boyfriend. Johnny's mother came back in telling her son that it was time to go. She gave Davey another kiss on the cheek before leaving the room telling Johnny not to be too long saying good-bye. Johnny kissed Davey on the lips and this time they held the kiss for a couple of minutes before reluctantly breaking off. Johnny stepped back and Davey looked at him smiling, "You'd better do something about that big bulge in your pants before you go out to your mother." Then Davey, the first time for many months burst out laughing. Johnny blushing adjusted his jeans to make it less noticeable before waving to his friend and leaving the room. Davey lay back on the pillows feeling much happier than he had been for a long time.

Earlier that afternoon Luke and Franklin, the acting district attorney, met to discuss the Garret and his gang bashing of Davey case. "Luke, I've been looking closely at this case and while we have a strong case with witnesses against Garrett and the other boys, the case against his mother is a lot weaker. I've been looking at similar cases in other states and the success rate is about twenty five percent which means the chances of us getting a conviction against her are not looking too good."

"That's all well and good but we can't just let her get off scott free, she's an evil woman who manipulated her son to do her deeds for her, she made the bullets and he fired them."

"I think there may be a way we can put her away, not for being the leader of a gang but what we believe she has been doing with her son. Reports coming in tell me that she was causing trouble at the school he's attending. Earlier today she had to be sedated. She was taken into custody, but her lawyer talked them into letting her go home. How do you feel about you and I talking to Garrett and offering him a plea bargain if he tells us everything about his relationship with his mother?"

"Do you think he will?"

"From what I've been hearing, one of his fellow inmates at the school has used him sexually. Now the thing is, the principal allows this guy to take liberties in return for information and he said Garrett responded instead of repulsing him."

"That doesn't mean he's gay, he might just have been scared, so didn't fight it."

"True, but we think it's the first time he's experienced anything without his mother."

"Ok then Franklin, we'll both go see him tomorrow and put a deal to him. What do you propose?"

"I'll talk to Judge Evans before we go and listen to what he has to say, but I thought maybe he do no jail time but go into rehabilitation in this new shelter for troubled teens Harold Evans is involved with."

"That could be difficult and cause problems Franklin."

"Why's that?"

"At the moment that's were Davey and his new parents are staying until the house that was burned down is rebuilt."

"Shit I didn't know that, in that case we might just have to leave him at the school he's at right now until we can move him."

"There is a secure floor were the kids are housed, they go to school but must be on the floor before six o'clock and not allowed out till they leave for school in the morning."

They left it at that and Franklin made the call to the school Garrett was staying at requesting that he be brought to his office by ten next morning. Luke left to go and take his mother out to dinner to celebrate her new job and Franklin put in a call to Judge Evans.

Once the judge came on the phone Franklin told him of the plea bargain.

"I'm not happy about this Franklin I think he is getting off far too light, after all he raped a young boy stabbed a young man while attempting to murder the school principal. In all honesty I believe he should do some serious jail time."

"I'm inclined to agree with you judge, but our case against his mother is shaky and we will have a much better and stronger case if we charge her with incest. From what we heard so far she has had this boy in her bed for years, since he was very young. She is one screwed up lady, and Luke agrees with me Garrett would have grown up an entirely different person if he didn't have his mother influencing him and continually seducing him."

"You realize we shouldn't be having this conversation without his attorney present don't you?"

"Yes judge, but because I plan to have him placed in your new facility at the hotel I wanted to run it past you first." The judge was quite for a moment thinking things out before he answered.

"He goes into the facility in the hotel, but we have to make sure while Davey is living there, their paths don't cross. They have their meals served on the floor and have a separate secure elevator that only stops on their floor along with their own side entrance, but we still have to be careful. Plus I want an electronic tracker on his ankle at all times and I think he should serve a thousand hours of community service at a hospital which has a special wing for those with sexually transmitted diseases such as aids."

"I think your being a bit harsh with him judge bearing in mind he only committed these crimes because of his mother's meddling with his mind."

"I agree but if we don't impose these strict penalties on him, then others coming before me will think I've gone soft. Oh and I forgot something else that he also receives treatment to undo the damage his mother has done to his mind."

"That's fine with me judge and thank you for your help." He broke the connection still thinking the judge was being a big too harsh on Garrett.

Luke got dressed up and drove to the hotel to pick up his mother and take her out to dinner celebrating her new job as social worker in The Joey Alvarez Shelter. He waited in the foyer chatting to some of the guys waiting to go into dinner. Joey and Caleb came in and Luke approached them, "Thank you guys for giving my mother a job, she is thrilled to be given the chance to work here doing something she is dedicated to doing."

He held out his hand, which Joey and Caleb accepted and shook it. "She had a glowing reference from her last boss, plus I'm sure she will do a great job here with our boys."

"What you are doing here Joey is a great idea and I hope it catches on all over America."

"Thank you Luke, you know if ever you decide to give the Texas Rangers up I'm sure we could find a place for you here helping us in what we are trying to achieve."

Luke was astounded at the offer and while at the moment he was happy doing what he was doing in the Texas Rangers, it was certainly something he could always fall back on. "Thank you Joey I'll certainly bear that in mind for the future. I would like to stay in El Paso close to my mother to keep an eye on her but I expect when my work is finished I will be called back to headquarters." Just then his mother emerged from the elevator to a catcall of wolf whistles. She had a beautiful black strapless gown on which showed her figure off to its fullest. Luke was amazed because he'd never seen her in anything but jeans and a top.

"Wow mum, you must have a hot date tonight."

"I have with a hot looking Texas Ranger."

Everyone laughed as they said goodnight heading for the front door. They got into Luke's car and headed to a nice quiet restaurant. The meal was excellent and they enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. Luke thought now would be a good time to ask his mother a little bit about his and her past.

"What happened between you and dad, I mean I never met my dad, what ever happened to him?" Sally looked pensive and a bit worried not sure on how much she should tell her son."

"What's the matter mum? If you don't want to tell me you don't have to."

"It's not that son it's just that the whole things a bit nasty and messy and this is the first time I've even thought about it for years."

"That's alright mom forget it and lets change the subject."

"No I should have told you my story many years ago. Several times I thought about telling you but at the last minute changed my mind. I think now is as good a time as any."

She paused gathering her thoughts taking a sip of wine. "I never ever knew who your father was Luke. It was while I was in college with about a year to go, when a friend and I went out to have a few drinks, we'd just finished exams and both did well so we went out and got a bit drunk. We decided to walk home because we were far too drunk to drive and couldn't afford a cab. We were walking down this dark path arm in arm singing some stupid song I think, my friend and I stopped and were kissing each other getting a bit hot if you get my meaning?"

She paused again taking another sip of her wine and Luke nodded in answer to her question about understanding.

"Anyway there we were in the middle of this footpath which went through a park and was a short cut to our dormitory, when I was pushed onto the ground by this dark figure. My friend ran off to get help I hoped but just a bit further on she fell spraining her ankle and couldn't move. To cut a long story he raped me and you are the product of that rape all those years ago. You were the only good thing to come out of that terrible night."

"Oh mum that's terrible, did you go to the police, what happened after that?"

"I went to the police but no one believed it was rape and it was hard to prove back then, no one wanted to know."

"Why didn't you tell me all about this rape years ago. I can remember as a boy asking you time and time again about my father and I recall you telling me that he was a sailor who went to sea and his ship was sunk with everyone getting drowned."

"I was too ashamed to tell you the truth Luke, you were such a good boy growing up and you've turned into a wonderful man, who sometime soon I hope, will find a girl and make me a grandmother."

Luke gave a laugh before saying, "I've had a few girlfriends mom but none have lasted, but you never know one day." He paused also having a drink of wine before he asked his next question, "And because of that rape, is that why you've never married or had a steady boyfriend?"

"Partly son but seeing as I'm coming clean and telling you all tonight, I also need to mention something else." She stopped thinking about what to say next.

"What else do you have to tell me mother."

"I'm a ...

To Be Continued ...


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In a very short time, we have observed many interesting developments. Most importantly, we see how Davey and Johnny respond to each other. We see how they recognize their mutual interest in each other and how that interest is growing into the beginnings of love. They are so cute with each other, especially when we see how they hesitate, unsure how to respond or what to do next. Their youth, inexperience, and insecurities all come across in such a refreshing innocent way that helps many of us to think back to our own first loves. I, for one, hope that this budding love develops into a long and happy relationship.

We finally see Garret as the real momma's boy that he is. He is only brave when he has his friends to back him. Otherwise, he becomes the subject of the bullies. We see Garret just accept the dominance of Jake and Jake's friends as they gave him a cum facial. I am certain that Jake observed the growing lump in Garret's crotch and realized how turned on Garret had become. I think this is why Jake responded to Garret in the shower by returning the blow job. Jake realizes how much control he now has over Garret and knows that Garret would never tell anyone about what just happened. Garret may be in the closet but he is coming out to Jake.

I have said this before and I will say it again, that Dr. Buchanan is a piece of work. She is so obsessed with her son that even if she were sober, she would not follow her lawyer's advice. Little by little as she interacts with others, she reveals bits of information about her true relationship with her son. And little by little, others are putting things together and are coming to realize her incestuous relationship. Yes, I think Dr. Buchanan's days as a free women are numbered.

I am very pleased that Joey has offered Sally a job at his center, and that he is expanding help to other underserved groups as well. Sally is a very generous and caring woman, just the kind of person Joey needs for his organization. She has also raised a great son in Luke. He has certainly grown up to be a fine caring young man. I don't think it surprising that Sally kept Luke in the dark about his father, and he is handling the news quite well which is testament to the type of person he is. I think I know what other secret Sally is keeping from her son, but we will just have to wait until the next chapter.

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