The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease is everywhere so if you are going to have sex please use a condom.

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Note from the Author: I'm so sorry to everyone who was reading my story things became hard with work and family and I had to put this on hold but I'm back and I will continue this and maybe start another story. Thanks so much for reading.

Daniel Rossi

Chapter Nine: Block Party Continued

Justin and me finally got up and fixed ourselves before heading out into the loud roar of the block party. By this time of the evening the food was ready, the music louder, the fun getting to be too much, and the feeling of freedom washing over everyone like a good ran. This was our version of sin; our mardi gras and I loved it.

Justin only spoke a few words as we walked along making eyes at the people around us and stealing a few drink when no one was looking or cared. I could tell he was on the hunt. He was looking for something wet to wrap around his dick and I was the last person on his mind.

"Finally" Justin said lighting up.

I scanned his eye level and dropped down as I connected with Raymond. I was hopping not to see that nigga and turned slightly wanting to walk away. I felt the hard touch of Justin's hand grab my arm and lead me forward and I protested. We walked and my head stayed lowered not wanting Raymond to notice me but Justin was making sure that he did.

"You got a square nigga" Justin asked Raymond leaning in cocking his head to the side and biting his lower lip.

"Yeah I got something inside" Raymond said looking Justin up and down and walking inside the house.

"I got something someplace else," I scream heading off to leave them two to do them.

I walked for a little while drinking my drink and taking a few puffs of some smoke letting the cool attitude of the block take me over. My dick was on rock but I didn't care I just wanted to be relaxed.

"Ty baby come holler at me" I looked around to catch the female named Erin waving at me.

I didn't want to go over but at the same time, I needed to be seen around at least a few females so I walked over and pressed up against her.

"You smell good," I said leaning into her.

"You feel good. What you up too?" She asked letting her hand grab my jeans and pushing me closer against her.

"Shit just walking around Chilin"

We talked and her friends gave me the look that told me I could fuck them all if I wanted but I was just putting on an act and was in a few going to dip. The music played and Erin and me danced for a bit as she grinded harder into me and I knew that she could feel my hard dick rub against she.

"Erin where the fuck you put my lighter?" I looked over to see Marcus coming out the door looking fresh to death in my fit. "Damn Ty what the fuck you doing round here?

"Nigga what it look like" I snapped back as his smile grew bigger and my dick twitched.

Erin gave the lighter to Marcus who sparked up stick as I continued to dance stealing glances at Marcus who shook his head.

Marcus was doing something to me that no other nigga had ever been able to do. The smile and his total swag were driving me crazy. I watched him standing on the porch a haze of smoke swaying his hips to the music and biting his lower lip. I wanted to drop Erin and run up to him and taste him, touch him, just feel the warmth of his body close to mine.

"Erin I gotta jet and meet my crew and handle a lil business." I told her leaning down the take another smell. "Strawberries" I said as he giggled.

"Marcus my nigga" I shouted leaving the yard quick.

I walked down the block trying to find a little privacy to tug on my dick. I needed to release some tension before I exploded. I walked for a bit past the crowds of people when my cell went off.

*cum 2 da old projects*

I looked at the text unsure who sent it and not giving a fuck. I turned and headed through the field and past overgrown bushes and trees finally making it to what remained of the old abandon housing projects. This place was falling apart and with broken windows and falling walls. It was going to be demolished to make way for a community center, park, and new housing but as usual the money vanished and we were left with ruin. My cell went off again.

*nigga cum to apt 118-bak rm drop them jeans and wrap them eyes*

I walked fining the apartment making my way to the back where I found a black cloth laying on some old dresser. I Picked it up and wrapped it around my eyes hoping that this wasn't me being stupid. I let my hands slide down my chest and slowly undid my jeans letting them fall to my ankles. My dick was brick and tenting the fabric of my boxer briefs as I soon let them fall too. I was pre cumming like a hose, which was something else new to me, and I had to admit I was nervous as hell.

I heard the sound of footsteps and the rough touch of hands against my thighs, I felt the moist touch of lips against my stomach, and the wet trail of a tongue licking down me. I let out a moan and had to catch my balance as lips wrapped around my dick sliding down to the base and back up departing with the slight lick of a tongue. Whoever this was skilled like a motherfucker going from my dick to my balls licking and sucking only biting enough to send shivers down my whole body. I let my hands travel to the back of this persons head and was more than sure that it was a dude. I pulled making him take more of my dick into his mouth as I rocking into him. This blowjob was what I needed and it was feeling good as fuck.

"Damn nigga suck this dick." I moaned pushing harder down his throat. "Deep this shit nigga suck it like you dying for it.

This nigga obeyed sucking harder moving up and down my dick as one hand played with my balls and the other found its was around squeezing at my ass.

"Fuck this shit you playing," I said moving this dude around with taking my dick from his mouth. I braced my self with one hand against the wall and the other on the back of his head as I started to fuck his mouth like it was the ass I needed. His hands squeezed at my ass rubbing up and down the crack moving deeper and deeper until one of his fingers pushed inside me.

"Fuck nigga" I let out as he pushed deeper fingering my hole.

I moved quicker feeling my dick ready to explode as I grabbed the sides of his head and held him in place.

"Get ready for them babies nigga" I let out as my dick shot.

I moaned and breathed harder as I shot rope after rope of my hot cum down this niggas throat. I held him in place letting the last of my juice leak out as my dick soften and he jumped up. I heard the sound of footsteps rushed out, as I quickly took of the blindfold to late to see who didn't want me to see them. I stood my jeans and underwear still around my ankles as I stretched and pulled my shit back up.

I walked out and away from the old projects and back to the chaos of the block happier and more relaxed than I had been in a good minute. I wanted to know who this dude was because this nigga could suck a dick like a beast but shit; I wasn't going to press it. I made my way back down the block meeting up with Justin thinking for a minute that it could have been him but seeing the way his swag was off and the fuck all grin on his face I knew that he had been off getting dick down good.

"Nigga you need me to call twelve?" I asked cracking a smile.

"Your boy put that shit down right nigga. Nigga had me all begging him to ease up like a bitch.

"You a bitch nigga" I replied laughing

We headed back to my crib and popped a few bottles open and sparked up another stick as we chilled to the dying of the music and the hangover that was gonna hit in the morning.

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