Dude, Are You Serious?

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Chapter 14

Ellis’ brain was spinning out of control. So many WTF’s at once. So … so … many sensations, feelings, questions were whirling like tree limbs in a tornado. Yeah, that was a good way to look at it. Tree limbs whirling in a tornado … spinning wildly and banging against the inside of his head.

Ryan McGregor was sucking his cock. Ryan ‘fucking’ McGregor? On his knees? Bobbing and licking and sucking? Ryan McGregor sucking cock? Add to that, Bennett was kissing him? Kissing him and tweaking his nipples. Kissing. Tweaking. Kissing….

And, Ellis was kissing back.

No way in hell when he had walked into B&T’s a while ago would Ellis have ever placed money on the idea that he would be here, in Ryan’s living room, naked and kissing Bennett while he was sliding his throbbing hard cock in and out of Ryan’s mouth. He broke away from that incredible kiss and gasped for air before he looked down.

Yeah, he wasn’t imagining a thing. Ryan McGregor was on his knees, naked, with a throbbing bone of his own. Naked, on his knees, and—submitting to the invasion of Ellis’ thick cock between his lips and deep inside his mouth. Much deeper and he would be sinking into Ryan’s throat.

This was ‘so’ gay. So … so … gay. And, it was the hottest fucking thing he had ever seen, or—experienced in his entire life.

The … hottest … fucking….

He watched—detached from reality—as his fingers raked through Ryan’s hair several times before taking another firm grip. He held Ryan’s head like a vice and he began rocking his hips forward and back. Forward and back. Forward. Back. Taking a more dominant role. Taking control. Driving deeper and possessing Ryan’s mouth more completely.


Bennett’s voice knifed its way through the slurping and squishing to caress Ellis’ ears. He slowly pulled his attention back from Ryan on his knees and his head pivoted in Bennett’s direction. He gazed into those eyes. He gazed at that handsome face. He squinted in concentration. Bennett said something. He did. Say something. Didn’t he?


Bennett forced his smirk into a friendly grin. Oh yeah, they had him. They totally had him. Ellis was going to take anything they threw at him at this rate. He was hooked. He didn’t understand it. He didn’t grasp it. He might argue it later. But, they had him. And he could argue all he wanted but the fact of the matter was plain as the vision of Ryan on his knees sucking cock right there in front of them.

At this point, Ellis Blackwell probably couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. Even if his weakening good judgement whispered he was in a potentially dangerous situation. He definitely would be back for more. No way could he help himself. No question. He was totally caught up in what was happening right now.

“What do you think?” Bennett asked as he raked his own fingers into those silky blond curls and pulled Ellis back into a lip lick, kiss, tongue dance. “How do you like what the cocksucker is doing to your beautiful chunk of meat right now?” Lip lick, kiss, tongue dance. “Hell of a cocksucker, huh?”

Ellis gazed downward—across his dinner plate abs, over a rigid 8-pak that he had honed, grazing through the fine blond trail … to his glistening, throbbing shaft of man meat as his hips pushed forward and forced his way back into Ryan’s—the cocksucker’s—waiting mouth. Again. Again. And, again.

He was a little astounded. Okay—he was a lot astounded. In so, so many ways right now. But very possibly, his most astounded point at the moment was how Bennett had gone from speaking to or about Ryan as ‘Ryan’ and had taken to referring to him as ‘the cocksucker’ and ‘cocksucker’. It was a little shocking. It was a little astounding. It was callous and yet, incredibly hot somehow. More … animalistic.

There was no question. Bennett and Ryan were best friends. Lifelong best friends. They loved each other like brothers and bros. They were so different and yet so alike. They could be twins from different wombs. They complimented each other. They played off each other. They read each other. The two of them were perfectly in sync to one another. Them, and the other third of their whole—Charley Stockton.

He was still surprised to see them out on the town alone tonight without Charley. But, he guessed Charley was occupied by Whitney’s twin sister, Chelsea. Beautiful, buxom, sexy as hell, screeching-nails-on-a-chalkboard voice, Chelsea. He, hell, anyone and everyone could see what Chelsea saw in Charley. Charley Stockton was the total package. The big catch. The golden ticket. Gorgeous. Athletic. Smart as fuck. And, just plain nice. Charley Stockton was pretty much kinda the ultimate slice of perfection. Like Dillon, actually.

And, yet. Despite the intensity of their friendship. The closeness. The in-sync-ity that they shared. Bennett was in control. Bennett was calling the shots. Even without saying anything now and then. Ryan was submitting to it. Now, Ryan was submitting to him.




How hot was that? He had already taken Bennett’s cock. He had already swallowed what seemed like gallons of Bennett’s cum. And, now—he was taking Ellis’ cock invasion and he would not be able to stop the rising flood of cum that was yet to come.

And, more.

Somehow. At least for now. Bennett had distanced himself from that intense friendship and was no longer calling Ryan by his name. No longer referring to Ryan as Ryan. Instead, Ryan had become ‘the cocksucker’ or ‘cocksucker’. Pure and simple, it had gone from best friendship to nearly animalistic possession. The dominant Alpha cock(s) and the submissive mouth.

Ellis wondered at that. Marveled at that. Dissected that. Maybe it was just that. The intensity of their friendship might possibly not allow them to cross the line of what was going on. Maybe they had to step back from the love and closeness and enter a totally different dynamic. The Bone Zone. Nothing more. Animal instinct replacing emotion. Cocksucker.


Right now, Ryan McGregor wasn’t Ryan McGregor.

Right now, he was ‘cocksucker’ … ‘the cocksucker’. On his knees, submitting fully to their forceful dominance. He’d never experienced a more commanding, powerful feeling. What a rush!

Ellis’ swirling brain reached out and hooked onto one of those mental tree branches flailing in his mind tornado and he remembered Bennett’s questions a moment ago. He broke his stare down his naked body and cock as it slid into Ryan’s—no, the cocksucker’s—mouth … again. He forced his gaze upward and over to take in Bennett’s handsome face. That grin. Those lust drunk eyes. He offered his own grin and a nod.



Fucking incredible.

“Can you believe how hard he’s chowing down on it? The cocksucker is fucking taking everything you shove at him, right? Cocksucker fucking loves a dripping, throbbing bone in his mouth.”

Ellis looked back down at Ryan on his knees, opening to him completely and taking his cock in his mouth. He squinted as he fell deep into a pocket of thought he hadn’t actually gone into before. Yeah. Huh. Go figure. Ryan—no, the cocksucker—was totally into it. Beyond totally. He couldn’t get enough of it. It was like he lived for it. He existed only for it. Cocksucker, and—cock. Cock, and—cocksucker.

He couldn’t imagine having another guy’s cock in his mouth. Why do guys do that? What did the cocksucker get out of it? What need, what desire was it that made a guy crave another guy’s cock so intensely? It was beyond his comprehension. Maybe that was the point.

Just at that moment, the cocksucker gazed upward. His eyes locked with Ellis’ eyes. They gazed into each other’s swirling skulls. Swirling. Tornadic. Two different points of view and, yet—two minds in the same place. Sex. Mind blowing. Incredible. Sex. Neither had expected to be here, in this position, but here they were.

“Imagine that,” Bennett’s voice broke through the haze. “Imagine. Cock. Throbbing. Huge. Thick. Drooling. Oozing. Cock. Sliding in and out of your mouth. Taking your mouth. Owning it. Possessing it. Fucking into it. Building up steam. Waiting. Just waiting. Preparing to blast a thick, steaming wad of cum down your throat. Hungry for it. Ravenously wanting it. Addicted to it. Wanting cock so bad you would beg for it if you were told to.”

Ravenous? Addicted? Beg? What the….

They both looked down and watched the cocksucker bob and gulp and lick and ‘hunger’ on it.

Ryan’s eyes drifted upward.

Ellis’ eyes drifted downward.

Their gazes locked.

Ellis could almost hear the ‘ching’ as something clicked into place.

Ryan gulped and slurped, licked and bobbed.

Cock. Cocksucker. Ravenous for cock. Addicted to cock. Begging for cock. Cock….

Ellis swallowed hard.

Bennett held a huge grin in check as he watched Ellis’ throat bob and his tongue slide across his lips. Oh, fucking yeah. They really had him. Ellis was falling deeper into the moment. Helpless. Unaware.

“Cocksucker really wants that cock, huh? Wants it. Hungry for it. Needs it.”

Ellis nodded. Gazing into Ryan’s eyes. He swallowed. He licked his lips. He fell into that fevered, intense gaze crashing into his own. His tongue slid across his heated lips once again. He felt his head being pulled back and to the side once more. He felt another tongue—Bennett’s tongue—slide across his lips and then force its way inside to find his own tongue and take up that familiar dance. They fell into a deep, crushing kiss. Short circuiting his brain. What was left of it. The intensity. The searing passion. The raw, animalistic need of that kiss made it seem like he’d never before been kissed. Ever. Maybe. Just maybe. He hadn’t. Not like this. Not ever like this.

Bennett slowly pulled back from the scorching kiss. His lips and tongue traced their way from Ellis’ chin and along his jaw to his ear. He licked and nipped at the lobe. His breath was hot and moist. His voice was heavy, thick, heated … hungry in its own way. Hungry for its own reward.

“So … fucking … hot, huh? So fucking hot,” Bennett moaned huskily. “Cocksucker so hungry for it, huh? Hungry for cock. Wanting cock. Needing cock. The taste of it. The feel of it. The power of it. So fucking hot, huh? Wanting the taste of it. Needing the taste of it.”

Ellis felt a shiver cascade down his body. From his tongue-licked and nipped ear down his neck. Down his spine through the center of his shoulders. From his lower back and smack dab dead on into his boiling nuts. Ryan’s mouth was going nuts on his throbbing cock. His tongue was lapping up the thick, oozing goo that was pouring out of his mushroom’d head. He whimpered behind a rolling groan and the words hissed through clenched teeth.

“Hungry for cock. Wanting cock. Needing cock. Cocksucker wanting it.”

Bennett let his fingers graze through that blond hair again, gripped a little tighter and pulled Ellis back to his mouth. He licked his way across Ellis’ lips. He landed a half dozen butterfly kisses and his breath caressed across Ellis’ mouth.

“Yeah, hungry for it. Wanting it. Needing it. Almost makes you wonder what it’s like from the cocksucker’s place on his knees, huh? What it’s like there, kneeling in front of a cock. Opening your mouth for it. Spreading your lips wide for it. Taking it. Submitting to it. Worshiping it. Being owned by it. Possessed by it. Conquered by it.”

Their lips crushed the butterfly pecks from existence and they dove deep into a soul searching kiss once more. Soul searching. Soul defining. Soul redefining. Crashing into previously securely bolted mental doors. Ramming those doors. Hard. Splintering those doors and leaving them weak and waiting to be fucked out of existence.

“Makes you wonder, huh?”

Ellis swallowed and licked his lips. Fuck if he knew why but yeah, it made you wonder. What was it about a cock in his mouth that made Ryan so hungry for it. What was it about that cock sliding in and out as it possessed his mouth and banged on his throat that made Ryan go voracious cocksucker. On his knees. Worshiping that cock. Taking it. Wanting it. Like Bennett said, ‘needing it’.

They sank into another deep, soul crushing kiss.

They broke for air.

They kissed.

Ellis stroked his throbbing cock into Ryan’s mouth.

Ryan—‘cocksucker’ took it. Sucked it. Licked it. Worshiped it.

They broke for air.

Strong hands gently massaged powerful shoulders.

“Makes you wonder, huh,” Bennett cooed out once more. “Makes you wonder about the cock. Worshiping the cock. Being owned by the cock. Possessed by the cock. Getting your reward for a cock job well done. The blissful reward of the cock. It’s all about the cock, isn’t it? Makes you wonder, huh?”

Throat bob.

Lip lick.



“Yeah. Makes you wonder. What is it about the cock,” Bennett mused as he licked and nipped at that ear lobe once again. He felt the shiver quake down Ellis’ beautiful, muscled body. “What is it about the cock? What is it that makes you want to lick it? Suck it. Need it. Worship it. Submit to it. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?”


Throat bob.

Lip lick.

“Yes,” Ellis hissed as Ryan’s throat opened and he sank to his balls. “Fuck yes. Makes you….”

Bennett moved from that tongue and teeth licked and nibbled on ear, along that strong jaw line and then dove down Ellis’ muscular throat. He licked and breathed and sucked on it. Hard. He marked it with his teeth. Just a little. Just enough to put his mark on Ellis fucking Blackwell. Staking his claim to the 6’3”, perfectly muscled straight boy.

Straight. For now.

He kissed and licked down the great pec divide and then across the right dinner plate to a sex heated nipple and licked. Ellis gasped. Bennett licked again. Ellis gasped again. His teeth took hold of the hard nip and tugged and nibbled and tugged. And, Ellis gasped.

“Oh fuck. That feels….”

Back across that perfect dinner plate and down into the valley and back up the other side. Bennett licked and kissed his way across the twin plates and zeroed in on the other nipple. His teeth clamped down on the nub. He bit softly. He licked. He bit. He licked. He sucked.

Ellis shivered and gasped.

Bennett finally let that ravaged nipple slip from the clutches of his lips and teeth and then he licked toward the edge of his left plate and into Ellis’ pit. The taste exploding on his tongue. Pure, complete, total Ellis. The faintest scent of his soap and spray but mostly—Ellis. All, delicious Ellis. He was definitely going to make a meal of Ellis before the night was over. He would tongue and lick and taste every inch of that granite body. The thought of ‘consuming’ Ellis sent yet another lustful surge of power to his already overheated, dripping dick.

He grinned through his licks and nips when he heard the whimpers. More heated. More needful. Perfect. He kissed and licked and nipped his way out of that pit and down Ellis’ ribs. Down and down and down. He reached the crown of Ellis’ left hip. He sank to his knees and worked away from Ryan and that throbbing cock taking his mouth; he worked in the opposite direction. He nipped at a firm, muscular butt cheek. Straight boy bubble butt. Bubbled to perfection. Marking still more of his territory.

Ellis gasped.

Ellis whimpered.

Bennett landed squarely on his knees and nipped again and again, and—again.

His hands massaged and caressed and kneaded Ellis’ twin mounds of granite. So beautiful. So perfect. So inviting. Enticing to the point it made his mouth water. He nipped and licked and kissed. He massaged and kneaded. A thumb slid between the mounds and gently, innocently grazed through the deep cleft. The pad of his thumb immediately sensed the heat from the pucker hidden at the deepest point.

Ellis whimpered.

His legs spread involuntarily.

Another exploration of that glorious valley.

Another pucker graze.

Another whimper.

“What, ungh,” Ellis choked out as his body rocked with new sensations. Holy fuck that felt good. Holy fuck what the hell? “What are you…?”

“Shh, relax,” Bennett cooed as he kissed and licked closer to that deep cleft. He nipped at that beautiful cheek and felt Ellis jump slightly. “Shh. Relax. I got you. Concentrate on the cocksucker. Concentrate on his need for cock. Concentrate on worshiping the cock. Focus on the cock. Taking the cock. Being possessed by the cock.” Nip. Kiss. Lick. “Lose yourself in those wonderful, incredible feelings.”


“Shh,” Bennett whispered as he kissed and nipped and then blew hot breath between those powerful cheeks. “Shh….” He spread those cheeks wide and gazed inside. He blew warm air. He massaged and kneaded and kissed and licked.

And, there it was.

The goal.

The prize.

The straight boy pucker.

Bennett spread Ellis’ cheeks wider. He exposed that beautiful, pink, winking pucker more completely. He leaned in and inhaled—taking in the wonderful scent. The musk. The sweat. The essence. Uniquely Ellis. He leaned closer and his tongue took a slow exploratory swipe. Ellis bucked. He grabbed his hips and pulled him back—held him in check—he tongue swiped.

“Of … fuuuuuu….”

“Shh,” Bennett said in barely more than a whisper. “Shh. Just relax. Focus on the cock.”

Ryan ramped up his worship mode on the beautiful cock stuffed in his mouth. He couldn’t believe how good Ellis tasted. Or how much goo he was leaking. His tongue got busy licking and lapping at it.

Ellis moaned.

Bennett let his tongue slide along that valley again. Again. And, again.

Ellis whimpered.

Ryan sucked and slurped and licked and slurped and sucked. Not a drop of the gifts Ellis was sharing would be wasted.

Bennett’s tongue slid deeper and grazed over that beautiful, winking skin. Explored the folds.

“Benne…. Fu….”

“Shh,” Bennett soothed. “Just relax bud. Just relax.”



Cheek spread.




Pucker slurp.

Ellis jumped and whimpered.

“Shh,” Bennett soothed. “Relax. Focus on the cock. We gotchu.”




Pucker slurp.

Pucker slurp.

Pucker slurp.

“Holy fuck. Shit. I’m gonna….”

Ellis’ massive, throbbing cock sank deep into Ryan’s mouth. Into his throat. And it exploded.

“Swallow it cocksucker. Swallow.”

Ryan swallowed. And swallowed. And, he swallowed.

Ellis’ brain—what was left of it at this point—exploded in fireworks like he’d never seen before. His mind exploded along with his cock and balls. He came. And he came. And he came. Panting. Gasping for air. He’d always cum a lot. He regularly ended up hitting himself in the face multiple times. Getting it in his hair. Heck, he had to wipe the wall behind his bed more often than not. But this. This! OMG! He had never cum as much—or as hard—in his life. Holy fucking fuck!

Bennett slurped and licked and slurped. He pulled back and reached up to bend a fairly boneless and dazed Ellis farther over.

“Ever had a rim job, ‘E’?”

Bennett’s tongue zeroed in on its target and attacked. He licked and probed and licked and kissed at that tight, twitching, winking pucker. Ellis involuntarily bent over farther, his legs spread wider. He moaned. He whimpered. He moaned.

Ryan swallowed everything that Ellis unloaded into his mouth and then reluctantly let that massive cock slip from his lips. He licked the last drops and still wanted more. He went back down on it. He bobbed and sucked. He licked and searched for every last bit of Ellis’ monumental cumplosion. He had no idea a guy could cum so much. He reluctantly relinquished that amazing cock and let it slip from his lips. He gazed at it.


That monster?

Bennett’s monster?

He had taken them both? He blow jobbed both of them? He became a cocksucker? What the fuck!

Holy fuck! I ‘am’ a cocksucker. I … really … am a cocksucker.

As if to seal that realization. In that moment. Ryan leaned forward and kissed Ellis’ cock. He kissed it again. And, a third time. He didn’t know why. He just knew he had to do it. He ‘knew’ he had to kiss it. It was more than submitting to it. It was … worshipful. Yeah, that was it. It was somehow ‘worshipful’ to kiss the cock he had just blow jobbed. A mental ‘tick’ anchored itself in his muddled brain. He would have to go back—later—and kiss Bennett’s cock in the same worshipful way.

Bennett’s tongue hit home and began to work Ellis’ pucker more intensely. He licked it. He kissed it. He nipped at it. He worshiped it. He prepped it for the big moment. A moment that Ellis had no idea—yet—that would come before the sun came up.

Ellis whimpered.

Ellis moaned.

Ellis spread his legs more without realizing it.

Ellis bent farther over.

It was amazing he was still standing.

Ryan kissed that beautiful cock one more time and then slowly rose to his feet. His knees ached. His jaw ached. His taste buds tingled and sparked with the task of cock and cum. The taste of his lifelong best friend mingled with that of Ellis Blackwell. Holy crap! He grabbed his own throbbing cock and stroked it. He realized only then that Ellis was bent over so far … legs spread so wide … and that Bennett was eating his ass. Bent so far over that he could just slide his cock right into Ellis’ mouth the next time he moaned.

Bennett licked and slurped.

Ellis moaned.

That was just what Ryan did, too. He stepped forward at that moment, and—he slid his cock into Ellis’ wide open mouth.

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