Dude, Are You Serious?

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Note: There are some references in this story and others, to things mentioned in another of my stories, Target Nemesis: The Tentacle Lord’s Revenge, which you can find here: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/sf-fantasy/target-nemesis-the-tentacle-lords-revenge.html. The story itself is about the movie being watched by characters in several of my stories - in which an alien warlord bent on revenge, ‘has his way’ with an Earth Forces Brigade hero. While I hope that you would enjoy reading that story, it may be a bit brutal for some readers and you do not need to read that story first in order to understand or to enjoy this story.

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Chapter 15

Bennett sank to his knees behind Ellis. Ellis … bent nearly in half. His cock still sliding in and out of Ryan’s mouth.

“I don’t think….”

“Don’t think. Just relax. Lose yourself in the incredible feelings,” Bennett whispered as he leaned into Ellis—spreading his legs wider. “Lose yourself in the moment. It’s just us. Just the three of us.” His fingers stroked and caressed and worked his granite hard mounds of flesh. “Relax….”


Butt crack.


Butt crack.




Pucker kiss.



Pucker flinch.

“What the….”

“Ever had a rim job, ‘E’?”

Ryan McGregor let the fingers of one hand slip free from their firm grasp of a tousle of blond curls and then slowly reached out for his cell phone on the end table … knowing all too well that the incessant ‘dings’ were coming from one and only one source. Charley’s girlfriend was texting him—again. Chelsea was burning up social media in her quest to hunt down Charley Stockton. This had to be call-text-email number 37 in the last 2 1/2 hours. They must have had one hellacious fight over something or other. They rarely fought. In fact, they were rarely anything but perfect. Of course, he loved Chels as much as the next guy or girl. She was one-half of the school’s undisputed power couple, after all.


Oh … the … ‘but’.

The girl could be overbearing, overpowering, overwhelming, over the top and just plain ‘girl’ way too often.

He, and several others around the school just couldn’t figure out what the hell Charley saw in her. Okay, yeah—she was beautiful. And, yeah—that body was as rockin’ as Charley’s was. And, okay, fine—she was smart and athletic and Head Female Cheerleader, and…. But, still—boil it down? Nearly everyone agreed, she must give award-winning blow jobs and/or must be one hell of a fuck. Of course, Charley never talked about their sex lives. He just nodded, rolled his eyes, walked away. Yeah. One hell of a blow job and fuck. That had to be it if Charley wouldn’t even offer up a morsel of info about it.

Not … one … morsel.

Maybe she was one of the few that would swallow, too?

Lucky Charley.

Poor Charley.

Those beautiful balls of his probably had claw marks permanently embedded in them. Yeah, those beautiful, plump, swinging balls…. Wait—why was he thinking about Charley’s balls? Oh, well, yeah. Probably worried that they would end up in a jar on her mantle one day.

Another series of ‘dings’.


Chels. Again. What was that, 39 times now? Fuck, one ‘hell’ of a fight, apparently.

Time for Lancelot mode.

Ryan lifted the phone up above that blond head that continued bobbing up and down his drooling bone. Tongue expertly slurping and licking and slathering around the oozing mushroom and down the thick shaft to his nuts and then back up.


Forty now? Yeah. Forty.

He looked back again at the screen. Yeah. Just as he thought. Chelsea. Again.

Poor Charley. Such a nice guy. Such a beautiful guy. Such a perfect athlete. Perfect best friend. If only he was the one on his hands and knees right now. It would be so much easier on them all, and their Chels-fried brains—if Charley was gay. Gay, and an insatiable bottom. Yeah, that would rock it hard and deep. Him and Bennett would take care of his hunger without a problem. If only Charley Stockton was gay and Chels was history….

Okay, too much to ask for, Ryan. As … fuckin’ … if!

Of course, he had just blow jobbed Ellis and Bennett and swallowed their cum loads. He was a fine one to talk. After his recent trip to Kneeville, he guessed anything was possible.

Yeah, she must have a ‘C’ clamp and a half encasing Charley’s balls. Chelsea. Oh … so … sweet and beautiful … Chelsea. Fucking high-maintenance bit….

“Mmm, yeah. Just like that. Suck it just like that. Use your tongue. That’s it….”

Yeah. Use that tongue on that throbber. Like he had just done to Ellis and Bennett’s bones. Geez, what the fuck? He had blow jobbed Ellis and Bennett? And, double geez—he kind liked it and wanted more. Wait, where did that come from? But, yeah—he kinda wanted more.

Confident that the voracious mouth engulfing his cock—like an industrial strength vacuum—was in it for the long haul, he let his other hand slip from its hold on that blond hair as well. He finger slid to his list of contacts and was soon texting his best friend—

  1. Chels is ballistic and killin’ me & Bennett with the texts-calls-emails
  2. You good okay fine?
  3. Need help?
  4. You know we got your back—right?
  5. You want me to improvise it?
  6. You want me to lie?
  7. Repeat 3, above.
  8. Repeat 4, above
  9. 411 me, dude.

He let out a soft moan as the thick mushroom’d head of his cock slid deeper into that suctioning mouth. So deep, that it knocked on the throat zone.

Oh fuck yeah….

“That’s it. Slow and easy. Take it down your throat,” he cooed as the mushroom sank deep into the velvet-soft envelope of that throat. “Show me how much you want it.”

The throat opened up with those words of encouragement and Ryan’s cock sank inside. Oh fuck, yeah! Nice. Real nice. His ‘shroom took root and made itself very comfortable in that moist cavern. A throat as hungry as that mouth and those lips. A throat that had opened up for his cock and now sealed around it like the hungry cocksucker that it was.

Ryan looked beyond that bobbing and twisting blond head; he skated over powerfully sculpted shoulders—easily the most sculpted and carved body in the school—and poured down the deep ‘V’ of the back to that remarkably trim waist, and—farther. His gaze came to rest on his ‘other’ best friend’s cock. How cool was that? How lucky was that? Two best friends? At the same time? Oh, yeah! Bennett Brownley was driving his monstrously huge cock into that butt without reservation … brutally pummeling and punishing that hole without much of anything but unadulterated—okay, in this case maybe adulterated—abandon. The sheer force of his rear assault was actually moving the ground beneath them. Well, okay, maybe it was just the couch that was rocking beneath them, but…. He said he was going to ravage and by fuck, that is what he was doing. Bennett was raping and ravaging the bejeebers out of that hole.

Ryan’s eyes rolled as every inch of Bennett’s cock split that butt wide open and penetrated balls deep into that insatiable hole. The moan erupting from that cock-stuffed throat vibrated around Ryan’s throbbing chunk of meat and nearly made him cum right then … right there. Right … fucking … volcanic overload, spew city, central core open them flood gates and run for cover, cum dumping it.

It was all he could do to rip his eyes from that massive cock as it continued to piston that hole. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. Yeah. Raping. Ravaging. Owning. Possessing. Hard. Really hard to look away. But he had too. He had to stop gazing at the glistening, throbbing chunk of meat. It was mesmerizing watching that thing take complete, total, dominant ownership of that butt that rose and fell in perfect synch with its impaling and withdrawing. Opening for it. Spreading for it. Submitting to it. If he kept watching Bennett’s cock … so completely focused on it … he’d cum—way … too … soon….

Ryan looked back at his phone. He checked his message to Charley, nodded silently to himself that the message said it all without saying it all, and—he hit ‘send’.

“Yeah, pound that cunt, B,” Ryan said as his fingers sifted back into the soft not-quite-curls … more like gentle waves of thick, silken blond hair. “Suck it. Suck my cock.”

Ryan focused on Bennett’s throbbing cock once again.

The thick shaft of meat plunged and dug in. It plunged and dug in. And it plunged and dug into that ravenous hole. He inhaled deeply. He sucked in the musk and sweat and scent of the three of them. He could still taste the flavor of that pounding, glistening, drooling cock as it pounded away at that hole. Glistening. Throbbing. Drooling. Dominating. He swallowed hard. Again. And, again.

That cock. The cock that had been in his mouth just a short few minutes ago. The cock that had cum down his throat and flooded his guts.

He couldn’t believe their spit-roasted cunt was taking it. Taking it all. Taking it, and—begging for more. He couldn’t believe any hole, or—mouth for that matter—could handle that monster jutting from between his friend’s thighs. There was only one cock in the school that was bigger, thicker, more monster-headed than Bennett Brownley’s and that was Dillon Jamison’s. Talk about a behemoth. That fucker was like Anacondazilla on steroids. Ryan was proud of his cock. It was larger than large. But, he had to give the crown to Bennett and Dillon. They were max huge and huger to the max.

‘Couldn’t’ believe but ‘had’ to. That cock had been down his throat. And, he had taken it. Every thick, throbbing inch of it. And, he had swallowed it all.

His gaze finally broke from Bennett’s power driving fuck tool and drifted upward once again. He took in Bennett’s undulating abs and his powerfully built chest with that baby fine sprinkle of hair between the dinner plate pecs and he finally settled into Bennett’s face. Sweat glistened everywhere … poured from his temples … dripped off the tip of his nose and somehow it all mixed and mingled into an irresistible and really kind of adorable recipe that made up all of what was his friend. Well, all and one with that body and that monster cock, anyway. Ecstasy was blending harmoniously just now with alpha domination. Alpha domination of the school’s ‘most alpha’ and ‘most dominant’ member of all time.

Just then, Bennett’s plunges kicked into overdrive and his thrusts erupted in massive, bone jarring pummels that became a blur, joined by the rising of squishes and that oh so erotic and hot as fuck slap, slap … slap banging of his twin peach sized balls as they bounced and crashed against that upturned butt.

Bennett’s eyes drifted open and linked with Ryan’s. Blazing with intensity. Feeding on power. Burning with lust. Bennett’s eyes. Oh, fuck—those eyes were as dominant and alpha right now as the rest of him. Those eyes—chocolate brown with caramel swirls and gold flecks here and there suddenly poured into Ryan’s sparkling blue pools. The cute as fuck athlete shot a knee melter of a smile in Ryan’s direction, he groaned, and he followed it up with a wink. That wink. The one that made girls leave goo puddles everywhere.

If only they knew.

If … only … they … knew….

They’d save their goo to spill over someone else.

Yeah—if only they knew that Bennett preferred boy pussy.

Ryan shot out a shy grin of his own and took stranglehold of sweat dripping hair and fucked his throbbing cock into that ravenously sucking mouth. Into that throat. That cock hungry throat.

“Mmph. Mmph. Mmph.”

“Take it, cunt. Take both our cocks,” Ryan grunted as he drove deeper and deeper. It felt like the tip of his cock was sliding between Ellis’ lungs now. He watched as Bennett kicked it into overdrive—times twelve—fucking with such complete force and domination that he was literally driving that mouth harder and harder down onto Ryan’s cock.

“Who … woulda … thought,” Bennett choked out between fuck thrusts—impaling that hole. “Who woulda thought, huh? You’re a fucking insatiable cock whore aren’t you? You’re a fucking cunt for it, huh?”


Ryan’s focus was back on his friend’s massive cock as it continued to dominate. As it continued to possess. As it continued to destroy that ravenous hole. Fucking hell. When Bennett was finished with this fuck job, for sure it would be a cunt. A man cunt. A fucking man cunt. He licked his lips in awe, wonder, everything and anything. Bennett was destroying the school’s alpha maximus bull stud with that throbbing, glistening slick cock.


More like annihilating.

So fucking hot. That cock. That cock power fucking Ellis’ new cunt. He felt his own pucker twitch and tingle. Twitch and tingle. Twitch, and…. So fucking hot.

“Cunt. Fuck, yeah—fucking hungry for cock….”

Bennett looked deep into his best friend’s eyes—again. He shot another of those knee melters. He winked … again.

“Say it. Admit you’re a fucking insatiable cunt for cock,” Bennett said low, guttural—commanding. “Say it.”

The pop that resounded through the room as Ryan’s cock slipped free from that throat … that mouth … those lips could have shattered windows. Almost. Maybe.

6’3”, 210 pounds of pure muscle. Pure Alpha-dominator muscle shifted. Sweat poured from every pore. Beautifully sculpted, handsome faced, homophobic-perceived Ellis Blackwell groaned long and low and gasped for air before heading back down for more of Ryan’s cock.

“Say it, cocksucker.”

“Fuck. Oh fuck! Insatiable! I’m a fucking insatiable cunt for cock,” Ellis said as his lips enveloped Ryan’s cock once again.

“Insatiable. Cunt for cock. Hungry for it,” Ryan said barely loud enough for even his ears. His eyes refocused on Bennett’s driving, dominating cock as it slammed into Ellis’ hole … his insatiable cunt … again and again, and—again. “Insatiable cunt for cock….”

His eyes floated upward to lock into Bennett’s. There was that smile—again. There was another of those winks—again.

“Say it again. You’re a cunt for cock. Insatiable.”

The words came from behind two sets of tightly clenched teeth. Forcing their way into the open. One whispered hoarsely. One groaned full throttle.

“I want it. My cunt is insatiable. My cunt is insatiable.”

“Yeah, you love it. You want it. Your cunt is insatiable. Cunt for cock.”


“Cunt for cock.”

“Cunt for cock.”

“Insatiable cunt for cock.”

“Cum,” Bennett said with that same low, guttural, commanding tone as he slammed once, twice, and a third time into that ravaged hole and began breeding their Alpha cunt. “Cum! Now! Cum you cocksucking cunt! Cum!”

Ellis’ eyes rolled back into the deepest recesses of his skull. His entire body shook and quaked. His breath froze on the highway between his throat and his lungs. His cock swelled. His balls exploded.

And, he came. Ellis Blackwell came like he had never cum before.

He came with the full force and ferocity of a rampaging bull.

And, more.

Ellis Blackwell came with the ferocity of a bull cunt.

He … was … now a … cocksucker. He was now a bull cunt.

And, Ryan came.

He came hard. He came and he came, and … he … came right down Ellis Blackwell’s cock stuffed throat.

“Good boy,” Bennett choked out, in the throes of his own orgasm. “Good boy.”

Ryan was unsure. Was that ‘good boy’ for their cunt, Ellis Blackwell? For him? He didn’t know but he let loose a goofy, lopsided grin and he felt the blush rise across his baby faced handsomeness.

And, he came.

And, he came.

And … he … came.

Ryan flooded Ellis’ throat straight down into his guts. Wad after wad of cum flooded and spewed right into his very soul and it nearly choked the life out of him. Nearly, but didn’t—he wanted it. He wanted all of it. He wanted more of it. He had to have it.

Ellis moaned and gulped. Moaned and gulped. Moaned and gulped.

And a roar erupted from behind him as Bennett threw one, last, mighty shove into Ellis’ new cunt, burying to the hilt, balls smacking one last time and then gushing their payload deep into him.

Ellis groaned and whimpered.

Ryan swallowed. Awe struck and amazed at the sheer power and animalistic vision before him.


And, Bennett bred that new cunt.

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