Dude, Are You Serious?

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Chapter 17

With the same graceful maneuvers that he displayed in every other aspect of his life, whether on the field or just simply walking down the hallways of the school, Charley somehow managed to slide and tug his jeans and boxer briefs down his thickly muscled legs and over his boots. As he straightened back up, he folded his jeans and tossed them onto the tailgate of Dillon’s truck.




He took a deep breath, counted to three, and then began a slow turn away from the truck to face … Dillon. His friend. His very close friend. The friend that had taken his mouth only minutes ago and who now was going to take his butt. Yeah. Dillon was going to fuck him. And, yeah. He was going to let him.


Hell with that! He had ‘asked’ for it!

As his turnaround came to a halt, Charley’s eyes rolled. Of all the times for a mockingbird to begin his early morning serenade. Was this really morning? Already? Apparently so. That friggin’ bird was really chortling away. Or, maybe it was guffaws. Maybe that bird knew what was about to take place and he was calling his fine feathered friends to come grab a perch for the show. He could almost hear him rattling off his message in bird speak—Hey guys! Get over here, quick! Dillon Jamison is gonna drill Charley Stockton a pussy! Come quick!

Yeah. Total eye roll. Now he was interpreting bird speak….

Friggin’ bird.

Just don’t tell any ‘humans’ about this….

Yeah. ‘No’ humans. ‘No one’ could know about this. Not right now. Especially not Ryan or Bennett. Or, for that matter, Dillon’s best bud—that homophobic prick, Ellis Blackwell. Charley would go down in flames over this if Ellis found out about it. He wondered again—how the hell had the two of them become, and for that matter—stayed best friends.

The taunting lilt of the bird’s singing high above on one of the branches of a Cypress, Pecan or Oak wasn’t the only thing that caught his attention. Charley took in the gaze back in his direction. Dillon was staring at him. Eating him alive with his eyes. He felt the blush begin to rise.

“What’s wrong?”

Dillon heard the question but it took several seconds before he could react. Finally, he gently shook his head after his eyes finished dipping all the way down to his friend’s still boot-clad feet and then climbing back upward—taking in ‘everything’ in between—he let his eyes drift farther upward to Charley’s chin, his nose, those lips that he had just buried his cock between … upward, still—to meet those eyes.

“Nothing.” Dillon’s voice had a catch in it. Gravel and sand. Just add water and they’d have a concrete throat problem. “Nothing at all, dude.”

“Then why, um….” Charley shifted self-consciously. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”


“Like … that,” Charley nodded toward his friend. Toward his face. His expression.

“My God, you’re beautiful,” Dillon said with such emotion. Such admiration. Such … whatever. Even in the dark of night, he might not be able to ‘see’ it but he ‘felt’ the heat of the blush that was flooding Charley Stockton’s face. His hand floated the distance between them and he grazed across Charley’s pec and let a thumbnail flick at the nub of his left nipple. Charley’s breath caught … rasped … hitched and then the groan rumbled from deep in his throat. It all empowered Dillon. It juiced his confidence level, here … now. It served to just egg him on; he flicked again. And, again. And … again. The longer that Dillon nailed that nipple, the deeper the groan. Before long, it was more of a growl than anything.

“Keep … doing … that,” Charley choked out between growls and gasps, “You’re gonna make me cum.”

Dillon chuckled softly. Man, would he love to see that. However, he’d rather have his mouth wrapped around that beautiful cock when Charley volcano’d.

“We wouldn’t want that, would we,” Dillon said with yet another nail graze. “A good manpussy and cocksucker doesn’t cum until he’s got a cock taking his mouth or his hole and he’s given permission.” Nail graze. Grown and growl. “Or, he’s getting spit roasted by two cocks at once.” Nail graze. Growl. Nail graze. Gasp. “Got it?”


“Got … ungh … it.”



“You’re killing me, here, dude.”

Dillon was astonished. Charley Stockton was spread out—naked in front of him on the tailgate of his truck—waiting for him to fuck him. Seriously? Charley was gonna let him fuck him? Double seriously? Charley had ‘asked’ him to fuck him? And there was no question about it—Charley had asked for it, and—Dillon was gonna do it. He was going to fuck Charley into the dirt.

“Ready for me to fuck you? Ready to become my bitch?”

So fucking ready. FuckifIknowwhy.

Charley hissed softly, his voice still rumbling with a low growl as Dillon moved to his other nipple and repeated the nub maddening nail scrapes.

“How do we … ungh … do this?”

Nail scrape.



“Can I kiss you?”


“Can I kiss you?”

“This ‘is’ gonna hurt, huh?”

“Kissing you? No, it won’t hurt at all.”

“No, fucking me with … ‘that’,” pointing at Dillon’s enormous cock. “It’s gonna hurt, right?”

“Yeah, it’ll hurt,” Dillon said matter of factly. He wouldn’t lie. Not to Charley. Charley had never been fucked by him. By ‘anyone’ for that matter. He was gonna take Charley’s cherry and, yeah—Charley would definitely feel it. Dillon knew he was more than amply endowed compared to the other guys.

Yeah, there were some monsters in the locker room and showers but … yeah … he totally had it hanging. He was huge. He knew it. Charley knew it. And, Charley was about to find out just how huge. Charley was gonna take the whole fucking thing and he was gonna get fucked into the dirt.

Yeah, it was gonna hurt like hell but then, hopefully—he’d go nuts over it and love it and beg for more.

“Yeah, dude. It’s gonna hurt like fucking hell. For a minute. Maybe two. But then it will be fantabulistic.”


“Okay, I can kiss you or okay, let’s fuck through the pain and into ecstasy?”

“So. It ‘is’ gonna hurt, huh? I mean, fuck you’re … huge. Will that even fit in my hole?”

“It fit your mouth just fine.”

“I have a big mouth.”

“You’ll take it just fine, Charley. Trust me.”

“I trust you.”

Yeah. Obviously, Charley did trust him. That felt really good. Really good. But not nearly as good as his manpussy lips wrapped around his throbbing cock when he started fucking his brains into mush.

“You know, you don’t have to go through with this. I’ll pout and whimper but I’ll understand,” Dillon said with an attempt at lightening the moment for … well … a moment. “Seriously, Charley. I want to do this. You have no idea how much I want to fuck you and make you my bitch. I so want to do this. But, you … your friendship … ‘our’ friendship … mean everything to me. Everything. So, yeah—seriously. You don’t have to….”

Charley pushed away from the tailgate of the pickup and pressed his naked body into Dillon’s. He reached out, grabbed the back of Dillon’s head, and pulled him forward. Their noses banged. They banged again as each moved in the same direction. They finally radar’d into each other’s position and their noses slid into place beside one another—fitting together perfectly and just as easily, their lips brushed lightly.

It felt so different from kissing a girl and yet, so much the same … except … different. Pressure increased and they moved more completely into each other. Dillon’s hands slipped around Charley’s waist and he pulled him tight against his body. Their drooling, throbbing cocks rubbed and rutted and slid against each other. They were so slick with precum that with each slip and slide of shaft against shaft, soft squishes filled the dark night that surrounded them.

The kiss gradually grew more insistent. More needful. More demanding. More passionate. Charley felt Dillon’s tongue swipe across his lips and then press forward. He knew what Dillon wanted.


Access to his mouth to explore.

And, he gave it to him.

Dillon pressed forward, pushing Charley backward until he was flush against the tailgate of the truck. He pushed him more deeply into the kiss, deeply into the rising passion and lust that he had only imagined before. He felt Charley giving into it. Giving into it and melting. Charley Stockton was melting.

How hot was that?

Charley Stockton was melting under his kiss!

It took another minute, maybe that long and Charley was flat on his back on the tailgate—Dillon half-crouching between his spread thighs. He rutted his cock against Charley’s cock. Against his nuts. His throbbing cock was leaking profusely with his need to take this to the ultimate level. To fuck Charley.

Ultimate level?

Yeah … fuck!

Dillon groaned into Charley’s mouth, his tongue exploring and invading and then exploring deeper. His thumb found one of those sensitive nipples and he nail’d it. Again. Again. And, again. Whimpers and growls met each stroke of the nail, each invasion of that tongue. Charley’s back arched into those nail scrapes. His cock throbbed more violently. He felt his juice flowing freely from the mushroom of his cock. Or was that Charley’s juice? Both?

Dillon gasped for air as he finally broke from that kiss. He gazed deeply into Charley’s eyes. Charley’s chest rose and fell in nearly sync’d rhythm to his own lust fueled daze. He bent down to lightly explore those lips once again—full, thick, pout perfect. A bead of sweat slid along his left temple and disappeared into Charley’s hair. Back to those eyes.


Charley felt Dillon’s massive chunk of meat sliding under his balls, leaving a steady, thick stream of his juice behind it with each pass. He felt his butt rising and falling to meet those strokes. His back arched in synch with all those movements and even his hole twittered and twitched with the thought of what was coming. It was about to be spread wide open. It was about to be invaded. It was about to be annihilated. It was about to be fucked into the dirt and left a dripping, drooling hole. A hole … cunt’d.

Was he ready?

What a question.

And, what an answer.

Fuck, was he ready.

Why the hell?

What the hell?

But, oh fuck—was he ready!

Whatever the reason—the blow up with Chels, or … whatever—oh fuck was he ready! But, fuck! That cock was so huge! It was fucking enormous! How in the hell would he be able to take it? ‘Could’ he take it? ‘Could’ he take that monstrous cock in his ass?

“I don’t … ungh … see how I can…. There’s no way that I can take that monster. You won’t be able to get it in me,” Charley choked out as that thumbnail hit his sensitive nipple once again. “Ungh, fuck. Feels sooo…. Fuck! Dillon … you’re … killin’ me, here!”

“We could call Adrian,” Dillon said with a grin.


Why would they call Adrian Bridgewater when they were about to fuck?


Gasp. Whimper. Throb. Twitter and twitch.


Gasp. Whimper. Throb. Twitter and twitch.

“Well, you know he’s always bragging about that goop stuff he got his hands on. I think he calls it ‘Can Opener’. He says if he swabs a glob of that goop into a resistant pussy, it throbs and twitches and catches on fire and begins to beg for cock fucking deep into it. How do you spell in-sa-tia-ble. I’m guessing it would work on your hole, too. It would turn you into an insatiable cock whore.”

He let out a chuckle at the expression that swept Charley’s face at that comment. “We could rent your manpussy and mouth out and make a fortune. You’d be such an insatiable cock whore we’d ‘have’ to rent you out to feed your new, ravenous hungers.”




Double snort.

That would serve Chels right. Yeah, that would teach her to refuse him reciprocation with a blow job after he’d given her dozens of clit jobs and Earth shaking orgasms? He’d become an insatiable whore for cock. Hell, Ryan and Bennett, Rhett and Trey—even Cullen Lee would probably love to see his mouth or mancunt wrapped around their throbbing fuck meat. Ryan and Bennett spit roasting him … fucking him into oblivion … using him … dumping their cum loads down his throat and deep in his mancunt.

Double hell—him being a cunt and cocksucker for Head Male Cheerleader Cullen Lee.

Double hell squared—Whitney would probably love to fuck his cunt, too. That’d show Chels; giving up his cunt to her twin brother and that big fucking dick of his.

Yeah! That would totally show her!




Double snort.

Why did the idea of being an insatiable cock whore make his dick throb and his hole twitch? Why did the idea of being an insatiable whore to Ryan and Bennett’s cocks make ‘his’ cock feel like it would explode in a mind blowing orgasm of all orgasms? The idea of being a whore for Cullen Lee to use to the max? The idea of doing any or all of that behind Chels’ back? Yeah.

Chels not knowing anything about it. Fuck. That would be something. Something about him that she would be totally in the dark about and he’d be whoring right under her nose. He might go way behind enemy territory under her nose and whore it out to her twin brother. That would be something and a half. Yeah, Whitney would love taking his sister’s boyfriend—mouth and mancunt—and using him like the insatiable whore that he was turned into by Adrian’s miracle cunt goop.

Take that, Chels!

Maybe they ‘should’ call Adrian?

Maybe he shouldn’t think about that.


Not now.

Yeah. Later.

He was so pissed off by her ‘tude and her refusal to return the millions of clit-favors that he was almost ready to say yeah, call Adrian. Turn me into an insatiable cock whore with that ‘miracle cunt goop’.

He was about to get a monster cock shoved in his ass. Dillon’s monster cock. Dillon was gonna fuck him. Hell, Dillon was gonna annihilate his butthole with that monster. He’d drill him a cunt with that thing. He’d finish only when he’d fulfilled his promise earlier, while he had his drooling cock sliding down Charley’s throat. He’d make him his bitch before the sun came up….

Okay, that was a huge step, calling Adrian, or for that matter, anyone else. Yeah, maybe they could hold off on that one and think about it for a while.

On the other hand….

Yeah. Later.

Right now … Dillon. Just Dillon. Only Dillon.

“As tempting as that sounds,” Charley said with a mix of rising lust and deepening bewilderment. “You’re the one that is going to take my cherry. No one else knows about this—especially Ryan and Bennett. Besides, if you called Adrian, he’d know you were going to give me that goop crap and then he’d want in on it, too.”

Dillon smiled wryly. His right brow danced.

“Well, that wouldn’t be so bad—would it? Think about it, he is a good looking son of a biscuit, and—he’s hung like a moose. The dude is hot as fuck.”




Yeah, Charley had to admit it—Dillon was right. Adrian was a hot guy and yeah, hung, too. Not as huge as Dillon but easily just as thick and he had a mushroom the size of a golf ball.

“You’re the only one that’s going to fuck me. At least for now, dude. Maybe later you can whore me out.”

Dillon grinned and spread Charley’s legs wider—lifting them upward at the same time. He leaned in before Charley realized what he was doing and he enveloped Charley’s throbbing cock deep in his mouth.

Talk about an arching back. Charley’s back arched high and his eyes rolled back into the depths of their sockets as warm, velvety moistness enveloped his achingly stiff cock. Dillon’s mouth. Oh … fuck … yesss! Dillon’s mouth sank down … down … down over his cock. Oh fuck it felt incredible!



Oh fuck, yesss!

What the hell had he been missing all this time with Chels’ unwavering refusal to go there?

Just as he regained a morsel of his senses and raised his head to gaze downward … to watch his cock sliding inside Dillon’s mouth … the tongue came into play.

Oh … the … glorious … tongue!

Charley’s head snapped back against the tailgate of the truck with a resounding ‘thud’ and his eyes rolled away—again.


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