Dude, Are You Serious?

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Jonathan Longhorn

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Note: There are some references in this story and others, to things mentioned in another of my stories, Target Nemesis: The Tentacle Lord’s Revenge, which you can find here: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/sf-fantasy/target-nemesis-the-tentacle-lords-revenge.html. The story itself is about the movie being watched by characters in several of my stories - in which an alien warlord bent on revenge, ‘has his way’ with an Earth Forces Brigade hero. While I hope that you would enjoy reading that story, it may be a bit brutal for some readers and you do not need to read that story first in order to understand or to enjoy this story.

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Chapter 18


Oh … fuck!

His cock. Dillon’s mouth.

Holy fuck!

His cock ‘inside’ Dillon’s mouth. He had never felt anything so incredible. So that was what a blow job was all about. Getting one. He’d just given a blow job a while ago but this was his first ‘getting’ blow job. Holy shit! Yeah, he’d been missing out big time! He knew it would be mind blowing but he never had any idea it would be brain frying.

Never. Ever. In his entire life.

Holy fuck that was incredible.

Charley gasped for air. His eyes finally found their way back to their proper position in their sockets.

He tried to lift his head from the bed of his friend’s truck. But he was too weak. Amazingly … weak. It was as though Dillon had drained the very life out of his soul with that blow job.


That … was … sweet!

He had never felt anything so good.




“Fuck! What are you…?”

Until now.

Dillon’s tongue began lapping and licking its way down from Charley’s still spasming balls. Lapping. Licking. Lips butterflying. Charley’s legs had settled on Dillon’s powerful shoulders, spread wide—leaving him resting more on his own shoulders than anything else.

That tongue.

Oh fuck … that … tongue.

“Dillon.” Air suck. Pucker twitch. “Unghphuk.”

“Just relax,” Dillon said from between his friend’s spread open butt cheeks. “I gotchu.”

Fucking right on that.

Whatever Dillon was doing, Charley certainly wasn’t going to ask him to stop!

“Unghphuk,” Charley choked through another gasp of air. “What are … you … oh fuck … that feels….”

Dillon’s tongue found Charley’s tight pucker. He licked it. He licked it again. He ran a thumb nail gently over it which created sharp intakes of gurgled air. Lick. Lick. Thumb nail. Lick. Thumb nail. Thumb nail. Lick—small, electrically charged lightning bolts rocketed throughout Charley’s entire body. More gasps. A yelp. And, more gasps. His tongue picked up on the winking and spasming of its target, too. Charley’s pucker reacted as though those miniature lightning bolts were zapping and zinging their way inside.

He kissed Charley’s pucker.

Then he licked it.

He kissed it.

Then he swirled all around it.







“Holy shit!”









“Oh. Oh. Oh … fuckin’ ungphuk!”




Thumb nail.



Thumb nail.



Twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes of pure tongue torture.

Twenty minutes of incredible ecstasy.

Dillon’s tongue had been licking and slurping and jabbing and fucking into his hole for twenty minutes and then twenty minutes more. Or was it even longer? Charley had no idea at this point. Dillon’s tongue work coupled with those nail scrapes combined with kisses and caresses and even a toe tonguing and pad of feet kisses…. How he did it but he still managed the occasional nail scrape across his oh so sensitized nipples…. Tongue. Lips. Kisses. Licks. Slurps. Every pore. Every inch. Every … anything … that was Charley was being seduced. Erotically charged. Whimpering. Quivering. Sweat soaked. Throbbing. Leaking. Wanting.

Yeah. Wanting. Wanting more. Needing more.

Twenty minutes. Forty minutes. An hour? Hell if he knew. His mind was mush. His body was turning into a goo mass. He felt like he was transforming into a human jelly fish. And it was incredible. It was magnificent. It was amazing.

It didn’t matter how long it had been going on. All he knew was his entire body was surging and squirming and his cock was harder than it had ever been and his butthole was on fire. On fire and wanting and needing and begging. Yeah. That was it. Charley’s pucker was winking and twitching and begging for more.

His entire body was convulsing with sexual need. Need and desire. Need and desire, and—a hunger lust beyond anything that he had ever known or even fantasized.

Dripping and quivering.

Quivering and quaking.

That was it in a nutshell. Dillon had begun to turn him into quivering, throbbing, dripping, whimpering sexual energy that was waiting for the trigger mechanism to send him into orgasmic overload. And, it felt like he was close to that explosive outcome.

He opened his eyes and found himself staring straight into Dillon’s. His friend’s cute as shit face was only inches from his own now. His eyes danced and sparkled, twinkled and shone. Charley was so lost in that tongue pucker dance that he never realized he was being rolled farther back onto his shoulders. His legs spread even farther. Dillon positioned dominantly over him. Dillon—staring down into his eyes now with a determined hunger of his own.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Dillon offered a half-smile. His right shoulder shrugged. Barely. Then, he shrugged both shoulders to move Charley’s legs into more of a ‘soon-to-be-fucked’ position.


Rolled back.

Legs spread wide.

Hole pointing to the stars … waiting.

Waiting to be cunt’d.

“Are you sure?”

Huh? What? Wait. Huh?

“What, um. About what?”

“Me fucking you. Are you sure?”

I’m rolled up like a…. His cock is drooling all over my butthole. I’m so turned on right now, I’m shaking like fuck. And ‘he’ wants to know if ‘I’ am serious?

“Dude, seriously,” Dillon said as he adjusted his position again. Even more dominant. More power at the ready to thrust deep. Power like a nuclear-fueled tungsten steel bodied drill bit was surging through him. His confidence was soaring. He was taking more control by the second. He was dominating Charley Stockton, and amazingly—Charley was submitting. “Seriously, I ‘so’ am ready to fuck you into the dirt here. But only if you … are … sure you ‘really’ want this.”


Go figure.

Talk about a mind fuck. Charley’s head was spinning out of control. What the fuck was he doing anyway?

He was straight. He had a girlfriend. Well. Had. After tonight and that fight he didn’t really give a flying rat’s ass. Bitch.

Was he ‘ready’ for ‘this’?

Fuck if I know.

Charley gazed up into Dillon’s eyes. Twinkling. Shimmering. Dominant. Commanding. Strong. Lust filled. And, yet—something else. Something more. Need? Dillon needed this. For whatever reason, Dillon needed this. Yeah. He could keep telling himself that. This was for Dillon. Dillon needed this. For Dillon. For Dillon. Right. Uh huh. His quaking body and his drooling and quivering cock—and his winking and dripping hole—didn’t buy that. Not entirely. ‘He’ needed this. What the fuck? Why the fuck? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Charley needed this. Oh fuck did he need this!

“Seriously. Are you sure about this?”

I repeat … fuck if I know.


Wow. Clear. Short. To the point. Charley wondered if that expression of astonishment that was flashing across Dillon’s face right now might be mirrored in his own.


Fuck if I know.

“I just…. It’s just that….” Charley felt his pucker twitch and suck at a glob of goo that he knew must have just drooled from that massive head on Dillon’s dick. “Why? Don’t you want me? I mean, don’t you want to fuck me?”

Dillon chuckled softly. A mockingbird joined in. Chortling from a tree limb not far away.

“Oh. Trust me. I want to fuck you,” Dillon said with a rasp in his voice. A rasp that barely masked a throat throbbing growl. He stared down at his handsome friend. Charley’s eyes had drifted shut. Probably because he had moved even more dominantly over him and his dripping cock was now resting very comfortably against Charley’s upturned butthole. “And, I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck the daylights out of you. Here. Soon.” He paused to let that message sink into Charley’s swirling brain. He gripped the gorgeous athlete more tightly. “Unless….”

Unless? Did Dillon say ‘unless’?

“What, uh…. What … unless?”

“Unless you tell me to stop. But if you’re going to tell me to stop, tell me ‘real soon’ because once I get started,” he chuckled in spite of himself. So much for his control. His restraint was crumbling. “Once I get started,” he paused to emphasize his message with a short jab of his hips. The head of his cock pushed against Charley’s pucker. “I won’t stop until I’ve fucked you senseless.”

Senseless. Maybe that’s what he needed right now. Maybe he just needed to get his brains fucked out of him. Yeah. Senseless.

“Look at me.” Dillon’s voice was thick. Confident. Commanding. Dominant. Reflecting his position over Charley. His friend was shaking. Sweating uncontrollably. Drifting. Yeah, he was adrift and floating in a sea of panic and wanton hunger. He had to give him a solid, stable, core to grasp onto. To hang on to. To yield to and submit to and be taken for the ride of his life. And it was him—Dillon—that was going to be the ticket master on that ride. “Look … at … me, Charley!”

Charley refocused on Dillon. His face. His eyes. Those lips that had just delivered to him his first blow job, and—that incredible butt munching. Yeah, he was sure.

“Are you sure about this?”

Fuck if I know.

“I…. It’s just…. I just….” Pause. Deep breath. Regroup. “Everything is so linear. My entire life. From the day I was born. There’s charts and graphs of my life plan archived somewhere. Someone else’s plan for me. Everyone. Everything. It’s all laid out.”

“Maybe we should hold off and talk about….”

“No!” Charley slowly shook his head. “No. That’s just it. That’s my life. It’s all charted and graphed and laid out and talked out. I know,” he rolled his eyes and let out a bewildered chuckle. “I know. This is way to the extreme. Totally off the hook.”

Dillon laughed. Laughed, but pressed harder with his cock. One or two more moves like that and he’d begin spreading Charley’s pucker. Spreading it and going in. Going … oh … so … deep. Good thing he leaked what seemed like gallons of his own very personal brand of lube. Most of the time it was a pain in the ass to deal with but now….

“But are you sure you want to go ‘this’ extreme? At least, ‘this’ soon?”


Long. Long. Pause.

Way … really … long … pause.

Any longer and that friggin’ mockingbird would have to reach for new music sheets and start a whole new chorus while he waited for what was coming….

Charley reached up and slid his fingers into Dillon’s hair. He pulled his head toward him. Their lips met. And they kissed. They kissed deep. They kissed hard. They kissed … animalistic.

“Fuck,” Charley choked out as they separated. “Where the Hell did you learn to kiss like that?” Compared to Dillon’s amazing kisses, kissing Chels had been like … well … kissing a dead fish. He had never, ever been kissed like Dillion was kissing.

Dillon’s eyes danced and twinkled at a thought.


“I’m gonna blow your puckerginity off the face of the planet, Charley Stockton.”




“Yeah, well … give me a break. I’ve got a bone like I’ve never had in my life and it’s in position to ravage the hottest most perfect guy in the school. Don’t bust me on my word choice right now….”

Charley pulled him into another kiss before he could finish. It was longer. Deeper. Harder. Insistent. Wanting. Needing. Rabid. Even more … animalistic.

“Fuck me,” Charley choked out as their lips finally separated. “Fuck me and don’t stop until I’ve got a dripping cunt.”

Dillon nodded. Sweat beaded and dripped off the tip of his nose. Landed on Charley’s forehead. He positioned himself again.

“How do you want it first?”



There it was once more. That dominant, commanding smirk.

“You’re not getting away from here with just one fuck, Charley. I’m fucking you so many times you’ll need a butt plug to hold all my cum drippage.”

Butt plug? Cum drippage?

Charley chuckled. Gross. But, kinda hot, too. Being flooded with the cum of one of his closest friends? Probably ‘gallons’ of it? Why was that hot?

“Go for it. Destroy my hole and leave me with a cunt. Then you can fuck me however you want.”

They had been in position for so long. His cock had been drooling the thick, slippery honey all over Charley’s pucker. Neither of them realized just how far Dillon had already sunk inside that waiting hole. Charley’s hole. Charley’s soon-to-be fucked into oblivion hole. Fucked. Ravaged. Dripping with buckets of Dillon’s cum. He always came like a geyser. Yeah—he’d be left with a mancunt for sure.

Man, when I’m done drilling you a cunt, you’re gonna beg me to whore you out to Ryan and Bennett. And, you’re gonna be so insanely hungry for cock you’ll beg for it from now on.

And, Chels’ twin brother. Dillon couldn’t help but slide Whitney into the mix of possibilities rushing through his head. Fuck! Talk about ‘hot’! Watching Charley Stockton drop to his knees to worship Whitney’s cock. Hotter to the max? Whitney sliding that fat chunk of horse meat into Charley’s new cunt and fucking this brains out. Leaving his cunt dripping with his thick, boiling cum.


Take that Chels.

Take … fucking … that!

“Deep breath.”


You’re loss, Chels.

“Deep breath.”


You had your chance and you blew it.

“Deep bre….”

Hip snap.


Hip snap.


Hip … fucking … snap.


Let the ravaging begin.

“You want a mancunt? I’m gonna fucking fuck you a mancunt.”



Eye lock.


Lip lick.



Charley’s pucker gave up some resistance and it opened. Barely.


His pucker spread more.

The head of Dillon’s cock breached the tight ring.



Nipple pinch.




Dillon repositioned himself and gazed into his friend’s eyes.

Charley held his breath.

“Breathe. Deep.”

As fucking if. Charley doubted he would ever breathe again.

“One.” Pause. Stare. “Ready bitch?”

Okay. Maybe a breath was a good idea.

Fuck. Yes. Yes … fuck. Fuckifheknewwhy yes he was ready!

Deep breath. Charley sucked in so much air he thought his lungs would explode. He exhaled so completely he thought his lungs would never inflate again. He sucked more air, and….

“Do it.”

“Sooo … gonna … drill you a cunt.” Dillon’s body moved into total power mode. He flexed and tightened and made double … triple ready. “Gonna pound it into you and fuck you senseless and drill you an insatiable cunt.” He rolled Charley ever farther back on his shoulders ... his quivering pucker aimed straight for the stars. His knees steeled themselves to the tailgate for max leverage and pummel power. “Two.”

Hip snap.


Hip snap.

“Gonna make you my bitch.”

And, hip … fucking … snap.

“Mmmphuk! Do … oh fuckin’ … it!”

Hip snap.




And, hip … fucking … snap.

Dillon’s cock went deep. It buried itself completely. Charley was impaled on that blazing hot, throbbing, drooling monster cock. And, snap and thrust—Dillon’s balls slapped against Charley’s upturned butt cheeks as he pummeled his way as far inside that hole as he could possibly go.

“Welcome to your new cunt, bitch.”

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