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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Thirty One

After a few minutes in the cool, refreshing water of the pool, Kevin took Luke's hand and led him up the steps out of the pool. Kevin grabbed a towel from one of the lounges and draped it over Luke's shoulders. Then he wrapped his arms around Luke and started to dry him with the large, fluffy towel. After Luke's torso was dry, he allowed the towel to slip down and Kevin dried his legs as well.

While Kevin dried Luke's legs, he teasingly tickled his low hanging nuts with the tips of his thumbs. Luke's penis began to respond. As Kevin moved the towel down Luke's legs, he leaned forward and brushed his tongue across the tip of Luke's dick. As he returned his attention to drying his friend's legs, he felt the stiffening member rubbing against his cheek.

Once he'd finished his task, Kevin stood. The boys shared a tender kiss. When they broke apart, Luke mimicked exactly what Kevin had just done to him -- right down to the smallest detail. When he'd completed the job the boys kissed once more. Luke dropped the towel on a lounge as Kevin took his hand and led him inside. They left their clothes where they had shed them, not giving them a second thought. But why should they worry? They were here by themselves and Kevin knew he had the run of the place until at least sometime late Tuesday evening when Thomas told him he expected to be home.

Kevin took Luke to the master bedroom, where he intended for them to spend the night. While Luke went into the bathroom to relieve himself, Kevin turned down the bed.

On a whim, Kevin opened the drawer on one of the bedside tables. Inside he found a tube of KY lubricant. There were also a couple `toys' along with it. Kevin smiled as he picked up the toys and examined them. `Maybe Luke and I can use these this weekend,' he thought.

Kevin knew Thomas was gay, so it wasn't a surprise to find these items in his bedroom. They had run into each other at the one gay club in Savannah that allowed eighteen to twenty-one year olds to come in on the weekends. Kevin was there one Saturday night dancing with some of his friends, and Thomas had been sitting at the bar. Being neighbors, seeing each other there had been awkward for a moment. Kevin thought back to that evening...

- - -

It was Thomas who finally broke the silence between them. "Your parents know where you are?" he asked. Thomas knew that Kevin wasn't yet eighteen and therefore not old enough to have been in the establishment.

"Uh, um, no," he stammered. "You aren't going to tell them are you?"

He looked over at the boy Kevin had been dancing with. When he turned back to Kevin, Thomas shook his head and smiled. "No, and I won't tell the manager that you aren't eighteen yet either."

Thomas nodded back toward the boy Kevin had been dancing with. "He's cute, who is he?" Thomas asked.

- - -

Kevin was brought back to the present as Luke exited the bathroom. He was walking slightly bow-legged, which was not all that surprising considering what they had done just a short time before. From the looks of Luke's half inflated shaft, it seemed as if he was ready to go again. Luke crawled onto the bed next to him, and Kevin took him into an embrace.

Luke snuggled up next to him, returning the hug. His stiffening dick pressed into Kevin's leg. Kevin was aware that Luke was leaking a substantial amount of pre-cum, something that Luke seemed unaware of. Kevin pulled the lube he'd found in the nightstand out, squeezed a little out onto his fingers and began working it into his own hole. He intended to return the favor Luke had given him earlier.

Luke didn't notice at first what Kevin was doing. He didn't catch on in fact until Kevin grasped his dick and started to work the lube onto his shaft. Luke's genitals caught on far more quickly than his brain did. He came to full erection almost immediately once Kevin's hand wrapped around him. Kevin ran his hand up and down the shaft, working the cool gel into Luke's skin.

Luke's breathing started to become more ragged as he began to thrust into Kevin's hand. Kevin knew then that it was time to stop jacking his friend. If he went on much longer, Kevin knew that he would lose the prize he was looking for a few minutes down the line.

Luke gasped when Kevin removed his hand. He'd really thought Kevin was going to bring him all the way to orgasm. Luke gasped again when Kevin climbed on top of him. He'd known Kevin for a long time, and he knew that Kevin was exclusively a top. Until now that is... Kevin was slowly easing himself down onto his dick.

Luke just went with the moment. His dick slipped surprisingly easily into Kevin. But then he hadn't noticed Kevin applying the lubricant to himself a few minutes earlier. Kevin had had Luke on the brink of orgasm a few minutes earlier, but backed off, wanting to prolong their encounter. He thought Luke was going to last longer than he did, but it was only moments before Luke began thrusting wildly into him, heedless of Kevin's protests that it was too much for him to bear his first time.

Luke drove in hard and fast. His mind was ruled solely by his smaller head at this point. He needed release, and he was certainly going to have it. Thrice more he drove up into Kevin before he finally stayed, Kevin completely impaled upon him while he pumped his seed inside his friend.

Kevin felt as if he were going to split completely apart when Luke finally came inside him. He'd heard that the penis seems to expand even more at the point just before orgasm, but he'd never really believed it before. It undoubtedly seemed quite accurate to him now though. Kevin collapsed on top of Luke, completely exhausted.

Luke pulled out of Kevin and embraced him in a hug. Kevin returned the embrace, but was too worn out to show the same enthusiasm as Luke. They fell asleep that way.

* * *

Tyler and Chris lay together on the bed for a while. They snuggled together, Chris holding Tyler protectively in his arms while Tyler shed tears thinking about Ollie and what had happened to him. He had truly loved Oliver, and was quite sure the feeling had been mutual. `Why did he have to die?' Tyler kept thinking to himself.

Chris just held him and stroked his hair while Tyler sobbed into his shoulder. Finally after about forty-five minutes Tyler's weeping subsided. Chris brushed his hair out of the way and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Finally Tyler smiled. He still loved and missed Ollie, and knew that he probably always would, he had Chris now. And even though they had only been together for a very short time, he felt the same sort of feelings for Chris and was sure they were reciprocal.

They separated a few moments later. Chris got off the bed and went to his dresser. He dug through a drawer and finally pulled out a pair of white bikini brief underwear. "Here," he said, "these should work better," as he tossed the little piece of cloth to Tyler.

Tyler smiled as he caught them. He stripped off his clothes and put them on. He turned around slowly to model them for Chris. Chris smiled appreciatively before pulling Tyler into him and kissed him deeply on the lips. His hands slid down Tyler's back and cupped the firm, round globes of Tyler's butt. When they broke the kiss, Chris pushed Tyler toward the bathroom. "You've got streaks on your face from crying, you should go wash up."

Tyler did as Chris suggested. As he bent over the sink to wash his face, Chris admired the view. The tight, white bikini underwear didn't really leave much to the imagination. When Tyler turned and came back into the bedroom, Chris saw that Tyler had his dick angled off to one side. It would probably appear prominently through the fabric of the equally tight jeans he planned to wear for the party.

He stepped up in front of Tyler. "Here, we need to make a little change in the way things are situated," he said as he reached into the bikinis and adjusted Tyler's penis so that it pointed straight down between his legs. Chris stepped back and admired his handiwork. There was still a sizeable lump where it curved over the top of his balls, but he thought it looked better than pushed off to the side. It had also given him a good excuse to cop a quick feel.

"So what are you going to wear?" Tyler asked as he started pulling his pants back on.

Chris stepped into his walk-in closet and came back with a hanger. On it was a very light blue denim pair of what looked a lot like coveralls. The main difference was that these were also shorts. The legs looked long enough to reach possibly halfway to Chris' knees. Tyler reached out and felt the fabric. It was as soft as it looked. Tyler could easily tell that it would hang fairly loosely on Chris' body.

"What shirt are you wearing with it?" Tyler asked. He was hoping that is would be a tight t-shirt, preferably white. That way it would show off his body.

"I'm not," Chris answered.

"You're not what?" Tyler queried.

"I'm not wearing a shirt," Chris explained. "What you see here is what I'm going to wear, and all I'm going to wear."

"That's it?"

"Well, I'll probably put on a pair of sneakers, but yeah, just this."

"You're so naughty!" Tyler giggled. "I love it!"

Chris tossed the coverall shorts onto his bed and stripped down until he was completely naked. While he did that, Tyler pulled on a tight white t-shirt with little skull patterns printed all over it. He sat down on the bed to pull on a pair of white ankle length socks and black Converse sneakers as Chris pulled on his coveralls and fastened the straps to hold them up over his shoulders.

As Tyler had expected, the garment hung very loosely on Chris' slender frame. The openings on the sides came to just below his hips the way the straps were adjusted. The legs did end about halfway down Chris' thighs just as Tyler had expected. As Chris moved around the room, his chest and stomach were clearly visible.

They went downstairs to start getting ready for the party. Chris opened a door in the middle of a hallway and led Tyler down into the basement. Chris pulled a large plastic cooler off a shelf and handed it to Tyler. "Take that upstairs to the kitchen," Chris instructed.

Tyler did as Chris asked. A few minutes later Chris joined him in the kitchen. He was carrying a large box, which looked fairly heavy. The printing on the box indicated that it was Popov vodka. Tyler didn't think that was what was in the box though.

Indeed it wasn't, but several bottles of other types of liquor were. In fact the box held the entire twenty four bottles it was meant to. Chris pulled all the bottles out, separating them into groups. "Here, take these and start pouring them into the cooler. Empty the bottles," he told Tyler. "I have to get a few more things from the basement."

Chris returned a few minutes later with a case of Hawaiian Punch. A bag of ice sat on top of it. Chris slammed the ice bag on the floor a couple times to break it up, then tore the top open and poured it into the cooler along with the liquor Tyler had already emptied in. As Tyler continued to add bottles of liquor, Chris began opening the large cans of fruit punch and blending them into the mixture.

"So what exactly are we making?" Tyler asked.

"Hunch Punch," Chris told him. "It won't taste like much more than fruit punch, but it will get you fucked up in a big hurry."

Tyler looked at the empty bottles already lined up on the table. There were two bottles each of rum and vodka and one of Everclear. Tyler didn't doubt for a minute that this was going to be a very potent concoction. He wasn't sure that he approved of the brew Chris was having him help make, but he didn't voice any argument.

After a second bottle of grain alcohol had been added, Chris had Tyler help him slice apples, oranges, grapefruit and pineapples into wedges to drop into the punch. "Be careful about eating the fruit later," Chris admonished. "It will soak up the alcohol and be super-potent after a couple hours."

Tyler's cock started to react as he watched Chris' lithe form moving around the kitchen as they got things ready for the party that evening. Tyler even caught an occasional glimpse of Chris' pubic bush from the way the loose coverall shorts hung on his body. The way Chris had chosen to dress was making him incredibly horny. Tyler was becoming more than a bit uncomfortable. The manner in which Chris had adjusted his equipment earlier had set him off, and now just watching his boyfriend had Tyler very nearly hard. He looked down and saw that Chris was right about one thing -- the way his cock was pointed down between his legs, was keeping it from making a rather vulgar looking bulge in the front of his pants. He wasn't sure whether it was worth the tradeoff or not.

He did desperately hope that he would be able to get Chris alone back in his bedroom for a while before people started to show up for the party. At least that way he might be able to get some relief.

Deciding that he ought to try to press things forward a little, Tyler stepped behind Chris and slipped his hands around him -- inside the coveralls. Chris craned his head back to share a brief kiss. But as Tyler's hands started to slide down his stomach, Chris stopped him. "Sorry, but we don't have time to do that now. There's still too much we have to do to get ready."

Tyler frowned. He was aching, physically and emotionally. He thought that Chris was intentionally teasing him, trying to keep him on the brink of release but unable to achieve it -- wanting him to be right on the edge, but unable to relieve his sexual tension. It didn't seem fair to him, but he relented and released his grip on Chris.

Chris opened a pantry cupboard and pulled out several bags of various snack chips. He set them on a countertop and pointed to a cabinet. "There are some bowls up there, how about filling them up for me?" Chris asked.

The first bag Tyler opened was barbeque flavored Fritos. He took a large handful and started popping a couple at a time into his mouth. "These are my favorite," Tyler commented as he munched on the chips.

"Dude, those are supposed to be for the party!" Chris stated as he reached out and tickled Tyler through his t-shirt. Quite unexpectedly, Chris then leaned forward and kissed him right in the center of his forehead. That caused Tyler to giggle.

Chris backed away, then turned back to the cooler of punch they had mixed. He dipped in a ladle and drew them each a draught into large, red plastic cups. Chris raised his cup, and Tyler tapped his against it as Chris toasted, "Here's to you babe."

- - -

By eight o'clock the house was filling with people. Tyler recognized many of them from school, though he didn't necessarily know them. Chris introduced him to some of them, and to a few he explained that Tyler was new at their school. It seemed that there were quite a few people arriving at the party who Chris didn't even know. When Tyler asked about this, Chris just shrugged and told him that's the way it was -- word about parties would spread and random people would just show up.

Tyler wasn't sure this was a good idea. What if some of these random people who were showing up, just walking in the front door as if they owned the place ended up trashing Chris' house? He held his tongue, as Chris seemed to be having a good time and was acting like he knew what he was doing.

Chris continually circulated around the house, being the proverbial social butterfly. Tyler supposed that he might be doing this just to keep an eye on things and make sure that no one did any damage to the house. He was feeling a little isolated since he really didn't know anyone who was there, and the people to whom Chris had introduced him were off socializing in their own little groups. Tyler didn't feel like intruding as they had only just been introduced and he didn't really know them. Truthfully, he was feeling horribly abandoned and alone.

Tyler was just wandering around the living room feeling especially bored for being in the middle of a party when Andy Miller showed up with Amanda Peterson on his arm. `Finally,' Tyler thought, `someone I can hang out with!'

Tyler followed Andy and Amanda out to the backyard where a keg had been set up. Several couples were dancing there, the music from inside the house resonating out through the cool night air.

One of the people dancing was Chris. His coverall shorts were now only held up by only one of the shoulder straps. The other was hanging loose, leaving most of his chest and back exposed. A dark haired girl that Tyler recognized from school, but whose name he did not know was dancing quite close behind him, and regularly running her hands over the exposed parts of his body as well as inside his coveralls. This got Tyler into quite a state, and when a slower song came on and they began dancing closer together, her hands slipped farther inside the loose clothing Chris wore.

It was fairly apparent where her hands were moving as they explored Chris' body. Tyler became increasingly distressed as he watched Chris dance with the girl. Though they didn't say anything about it, Andy and Amanda both took note of Tyler's increasing agitation -- of course they weren't aware of the true cause. Finally Tyler didn't think he could stand to watch any longer. He turned and ran into the house.

It was just then that Chris turned to where he was able to see Tyler. Chris wanted to run in after him, but Justine Armstrong had a fairly firm grip on him, her hands having shifted to grasp in in the front now rather than the back due to his changing position. She wasn't about to let him go anywhere. Justine had developed a major crush on Chris a few years before, and this was her first real opportunity to act on it.

- - -

Chris was dressed very provocatively, and Justine convinced herself that this was done for her benefit. She had even noticed that Chris made no objection when she unfastened one of the shoulder straps which held his single piece of clothing on. She didn't realize that Chris was wearing nothing beneath them. She'd gotten glimpses of his body as he moved around the backyard, bending over slightly to pump the keg while getting a beer or dancing with the small crowd gathered there. Her thought was that he was probably just wearing a tiny pair of briefs.

As her hands slipped lower inside his clothing, she found that this was not the case. It was when the tips of her fingers touched the top of his pubic bush that she realized he was in fact naked beneath the loose garment. She began to slide her hands farther down, reaching for her prize. If she could just get her fingers around it, she knew she would be able to get him into bed. Suddenly Chris pulled away from her. She was caught completely by surprise.

Justine stood stunned, her mouth hanging open as she watched Chris run into his house after he managed to break away from her. `That was strange,' she thought. `He sure seemed like he wanted it from the way he was dressed, how odd that he got shy and so suddenly run off!' It did not even occur to her that this thought was one which males more routinely had about females.

- - -

Chris ran after Tyler as much as away from Justine. He knew Tyler must have seen him dancing with her. Chris had to admit that Justine was fairly attractive -- even being a girl. But then he was not physically attracted to girls, even though he had many as friends. Justine had what he thought of as an ugly personality, and that she behaved like a slut. `Well, of course she behaves like a slut,' Chris thought. `She is one. She's slept with over half the guys in our school.'

Had he given it that much thought, Chris would have realized that while many of her exploits he had heard about with the boys at their school had been in bed (and as many or more not), the term `sleeping' was completely inappropriate for what had really been going on. Even had Chris been straight, he wouldn't have wanted to do anything with Justine Armstrong, he might catch some unpronounceable disease from that.

By the time he made it inside the house, Chris had no idea where Tyler had gone. He was nowhere in sight. Andy and Amanda had come inside immediately after him, but Chris had not noticed this. As he looked around the living room for Tyler, he spotted them. He made his way through the mass of bodies that had showed up, mostly uninvited for the party to where they were standing, holding hands.

"Did you see where Tyler went?" he asked. He had to nearly shout the question to be heard above the din of the music and all the other people at the party.

Andy and Amanda glanced at each other, both just a little curious about Chris' concern for where Tyler had gone. They both shook their heads though to indicate that they did not know.

Chris thought for a moment where Tyler might have gone, and only a couple possibilities came to mind. The first was one of the bathrooms, the other was his bedroom. He decided to try the bedroom first. The door to his bedroom was locked when Chris got there. This made him certain that Tyler must be inside. He pounded on the door, shouting out for Tyler to open it. There was no response, so Chris went back to the kitchen to get a screwdriver from his mother's `utility drawer' as she called it. He thought of it more as a junk drawer -- a drawer where anything she couldn't think of any other place to keep ended up.

It took a few moments of rummaging, but he finally found the small flathead screwdriver he was looking for. He raced back up the stairs and used the tiny screwdriver to open his bedroom door. What Chris found when he flung the door open shocked him. There was a couple in his bed, between the sheets. They were obviously having sex. The lights were out, so Chris had no idea who it was, but his first thought was of Tyler. He was certain neither of these people were him, especially considering the feminine squeals coming from his bed.

Chris flicked the light switch on. He recognized the couple who were having sex in his bed from school, but didn't know their names. That didn't stop him from shouting at them to get off of his bed and out of his room. The boy in his bed flung the sheets back and rolled quickly off the girl. She tried as best she could to cover all her `private parts,' but it seemed she didn't have quite enough hands to accomplish the task.

Chris started grabbing the clothes they had discarded on his bedroom floor and began throwing them out into the hallway, all the while screaming at them to get the fuck out of his room. The girl jumped off the bed and ran toward Chris' bathroom, while the boy stood and tried to look menacing. Standing there naked with a quickly deflating erection, this wasn't entirely successful.

Chris balled up a fist and took a step toward the boy, who was about the same size and build as him. "Get your little fucking slut out of my bathroom, and out of my house!" he shouted at the other boy. By this time, a crowd was beginning to form outside the door in the hallway, many of whom were snickering at the situation.

The boy grabbed a pair of boxers from the floor, not his own, and started to step into them. "Oh no you don't," Chris said. "Those are mine. Yours are out there!" He then snatched the underwear away and pushed the naked boy out into the hall.

The girl cautiously opened the bathroom door and peeked out into the bedroom. She had wrapped a large bath towel around her in order to cover herself. "May I please have my clothes?" she asked.

Chris thought about telling her to get dressed in the hall in front of the crowd that had gathered there as he was making her boyfriend do, but in the end took pity on her. He gathered her clothes and handed them to her so she could dress in the privacy of his bathroom.

Once she had dressed and taken a moment to compose herself, she flung the door open and made a run for it. This was somewhat to the detriment of the boy she had been with, as he was still in the hallway, trying without much success to gather his clothing from under the feet of their schoolmates who had gathered there to watch the disturbance. When she ran from Chris' bedroom and pushed through the crowd assembled in the hall, she knocked him over, causing him to drop the few items of his own clothing he had been able to gather up.

Finally he managed to grab his shoes and pants, and thinking it unlikely that he was going to be able to successfully gather much more, he took those and ran after his girlfriend. He burst out the front door of the house, still naked and carrying his shoes and jeans. As he ran for his car, he dug through the pockets of his pants looking for his keys. His girlfriend was waiting beside his car, literally in tears. When he joined her at the car she demanded to be taken immediately home.

- - -

Tyler had run into the half-bath in the upstairs hallway of Chris' house. He had closed and locked the door behind him. He needed to be alone for a few minutes to think. Why was Chris dancing with that particular girl? Everyone at their school knew her reputation as being an easy lay. Whatever could Chris have seen in her?

When he heard the commotion, Tyler pulled back the door of the bathroom where he had run to and peeked out. Thus he was able to catch almost the entire event that he taken place when Chris had found the pair screwing in his bed. He considered that it was probably a good thing that they had thought to lock the door to Chris' parents' bedroom before the party started.

As the crowd started to break up and people wandered back downstairs to the proper part of the party, Chris finally noticed Tyler standing there looking at him. By now they were the only people left standing in the hallway. Chris walked slowly toward Tyler. He just stood there, his head hanging as Chris approached him.

Chris looked around to be sure no one else was with them, then brought his fingers up under Tyler's chin, gently easing up his head so their eyes could meet. He brought his face closer and closer to Tyler's, very slowly. Finally their lips touched and Chris kissed him gently.

"Why were you letting that girl feel you up?" Tyler asked once they had broken apart.

"I told you babe, I can't let anyone know I'm not straight. I have to put on an act for them. It didn't mean anything, I swear it."

Tyler didn't particularly like the answer, but he understood it, and remembered that he had agreed that he and Chris had to keep their relationship a secret -- at least for the time being. It did however cause him to wonder exactly how long that would have to last.

Chris took his hand and they turned, going back toward Chris' bedroom. Chris stopped abruptly. There, standing with his mouth hanging open, obviously shocked at what he had seen was Andy Miller.

Chris gestured for Andy to go into his room. Andy, still in shock from what he had just witnessed complied. Chris pulled Tyler in after them, closed and locked the door. Andy took a seat in the chair at Chris' desk, while Chris and Tyler sat next to each other on the bed, still holding hands.

"Andy, please, you can't tell anyone about this," Chris pleaded.

Andy was still not quite able to speak. He'd thought right up until that moment that Chris Reynolds was absolutely straight. They had known each other since Vacation Bible School when they were only five years old. They had been to parties and sleep-overs together; hung out with each other during school breaks, and now it seemed that he really knew nothing about his longtime friend.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Andy finally managed to ask.

Chris hesitated; he didn't have a good answer for his friend's question. So he just shrugged and said very quietly, "I just wasn't sure how you would take it, and I didn't want to ruin our friendship."

Andy moved to the bed, sitting next to Chris on the opposite side from Tyler. He put his arm around Chris' shoulders. His other hand gently touched Chris' cheek, turning his head so they were facing each other. "Chris, you're my best friend, nothing will change that. And don't worry; I'll keep your secret." Andy leaned forward and gave Chris a gentle kiss on his cheek to seal the deal.

All three lay back on the bed, arms around each other's shoulders. Tyler then rolled over on top of both of them for a much improvised horizontal group hug.

Tyler brushed Andy's strawberry-blonde bangs away from his eyes, admiring the way the light sparkled in the light blue iris. Andy reached up and pulled Tyler's face down to his. They shared a very brief kiss, their tongues touching only a few seconds before breaking apart. Then Andy turned and shared the same sort of kiss with Chris.

"What was that for?" Chris asked.

"I was just curious," Andy answered. "You must see something in it, so I thought maybe I should see what it was like."

As he answered, and as yet unnoticed by Chris, Andy was pulling Tyler's shirt up. As Tyler responded, raising his arms to allow Andy to remove it, Chris finally became aware of what was going on. Thoughts raced through his mind. `Is Andy trying to seduce us now? Is he that curious?'

His answer came a moment later when Tyler stood, and Andy unfastened his belt and loosened his jeans. The small pair of white bikini briefs Chris had loaned to Tyler now came back into view. Tyler assisted by kicking off his shoes and stepping out of his jeans. Tyler then raised his feet, one at a time and peeled off the little socks he was wearing.

Now attired in nothing more than the borrowed underwear, Tyler began loosening Andy's pants. Chris joined in by starting to unbutton the shirt Andy was wearing. Tyler pulled off Andy's shoes and socks, then he started pulling at the legs of his faded blue jeans. Andy was wearing very traditional tighty-whitey Fruit of the Loom underwear. The waistband of the underwear pulled down some as Tyler removed his pants, just enough to expose the top of Andy's pubic bush -- which it turned out was the same reddish-blonde color as the hair on his head.

Chris in the meantime finished unbuttoning Andy's shirt and pulled it off him. Tyler glanced at Andy's armpits, his arms being stretched out above his head as Chris attacked his nipples with his tongue. Not surprisingly, the sparse hairs growing there matched as well.

Tyler's gaze returned to Andy's crotch, where in addition to his erection pushing up the tight fabric, he now noticed a growing wet spot at the tip of Andy's penis. He was obviously leaking a massive amount of pre-cum. Tyler lay back down on top of him once more, pressing his face into Andy's armpit and licking. Chris meanwhile took his mouth away from Andy's nipples and started to push his underwear down his legs. Andy lifted his hips to assist Chris slipping them away from his butt.

Now, completely naked, Andy writhed with pleasure under the tender ministrations of his friends. They pulled him fully onto the bed and continued to tease his body, but in ways that he found very pleasant. `Maybe there is something to this gay thing,' he thought, `these guys sure know way more what to do to get me hot than anything Amanda has ever thought of.'

Chris teased near Andy's dick with his mouth, but he did not touch either it or his balls with his tongue. His hands however were all over Andy, squeezing and manipulating him, making Andy squirm and leak even more. So far Chris had not yet put a dick inside his mouth, but when he finally did, he had resolved that it was going to be Tyler's.

Tyler unbuttoned the other strap that was really the only thing holding the coverall shorts Chris was wearing on his body. It only took a second to strip them away, leaving him completely nude. That left Tyler as the only one of the three still wearing any clothing. Andy and Chris lay on their backs next to each other on the bed, and seemed to realize this at precisely the same moment as Tyler knelt above them. They glanced at each other, exchanging a conspiratorial look, then they snapped up at the same time, grabbing Tyler and tackling him to the mattress and tore the tiny bikini briefs from his body. Tyler pretended to fight them as they struggled to get them off, but it was obvious that he wasn't trying very hard to stop them.

Stripped naked, Tyler lay back on the bed with Chris and Andy hovering over him. All three of them were completely erect. No one had even so much as touched his dick yet, but Tyler still felt as if he was about ready to explode. Chris lowered his head and tentatively extended his tongue and finally allowed himself to take his first lick of another boy's penis. He grasped Tyler's throbbing shaft and licked away the drop of pre-cum that glistened at the tip. Chris had expected it to be a little gross, but the liquid he took on the tip of his tongue had a sort of sweet taste to it, not unpleasant to him at all.

Reassured by this, Chris took a leap of faith and went down as far as he could on Tyler's straining erection. Tyler gasped. He knew this was the first time Chris had performed oral sex, but it seemed that he took naturally to it. While Chris licked and sucked on his penis, Andy explored the rest of his body with his hands and mouth. Chris only let Tyler out of his mouth long enough to share a kiss with Andy when their faces were close together after Andy had taken Tyler's balls into his mouth.

After the kiss, Chris resumed the blow job he had been giving to Tyler. Andy moved up to suck at Tyler's nipples. He would have preferred that they were Amanda's, but she barely ever let him touch them through her shirt and only once had let him touch her breasts with his hands skin-on-skin. And then when he had tried to lick at her nipples she had pushed his face away, telling him that she thought what he was trying to do was obscene. He had managed to get her to give him a hand job a few times, but she was far more keen on seeing him naked than she was in letting him see her in the same state.

Andy was amazed at the sensations he was feeling. He just knew that he wasn't supposed to have these sorts of feelings with other boys, but still, it was happening, there was no denying that. He found himself wanting more; even though he knew what they were doing was supposed to be wrong. He had heard stories about boys who `helped out' their buddies, but he never thought he would be involved in such a situation -- he wasn't even sure until now that such things even really happened. He wondered how far things might possibly go.

Andy stopped what he'd been doing and straddled Tyler's chest, his erection pointed toward Tyler's face. He wasn't sure what Tyler would do, but he knew what he hoped Tyler would do. Tyler lifted his hand to cup Andy's nuts. Until now, Amanda was the only other person who had ever touched him there like that. Tyler's touch was different than hers though, more gentle and less needy.

Andy let out a deep moan as his head and shaft were suddenly taken into Tyler's mouth. Tyler's tongue rubbing on his dick was like nothing he had ever felt before. It was considerably more stimulating than Amanda masturbating him. Andy pressed forward, trying to get his entire length into Tyler's mouth and throat. He backed off a little when Tyler began to gag, but once Tyler recovered and had a chance to adjust the position of his head, Andy resumed pushing into Tyler's mouth.

- - -

Chris had given thought to what he and Tyler might do in his bedroom that night once the party had ended. He had been too embarrassed to go into the drug store and purchase something quite as obvious as KY, so he'd settled on the rather generic Vaseline which wasn't marketed only for things of a sexual nature. Chris figured this was as good a time as any, so he reached over and pulled the little tub of goo from the nightstand drawer. He popped off the lid and rubbed his finger across it.

He brought his hand up, gently easing his finger into the crevice that was being presented to him. Meeting no resistance, he rubbed the cool gel into the button he found at its center. There was acceptance shown, as his target seemed to press back against his finger. It was as if it was an invitation to go farther. Chris dipped his finger back into the Vaseline and then pushed in as deep as the second knuckle. He finally became brave enough to insert a second finger, and finally a third.

After a few minutes of fingering, Chris heard what he'd hoped for... "Go ahead, please... Fuck me!" Chris withdrew his fingers and dipped them into the tub of Vaseline one more time. This time he began stroking the gel onto the head of his dick and onto the shaft below. He wanted to make sure there wasn't any pain; the cries that might cause would create very unwanted attention. Finally deciding he was ready, Chris pushed his hips forward, the tip of his dick making its first entry into the back of another boy.

* * *

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