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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Thirty Two


Tyler was concerned about Abby. She had steadily gotten more and more inebriated on the flight from Toronto to Atlanta. When the plane stopped at the gate and the other passengers started to stand, Tyler saw that she was having difficulty rising from her seat. He knew he was going to have to help her. "Abby, let's just wait until the other passengers have cleared away and I'll help you to the terminal," he suggested.


"Nonsense dear boy, I'm fine," she insisted, then tried again to stand.


She collapsed back into her seat yet again, and acquiesced to Tyler's suggestion. "Perhaps you're right. I might need a shoulder to lean on after all."


Tyler put his hand over hers. "You did say your grandson was meeting the flight didn't you?"


Abby nodded. "Yes, my Jayson will be here. I just hope he won't be too disappointed in his only Granny. I really should stay away from the whiskey."


Tyler looked at her and smiled. "You'll be fine," he assured her. "We can stop on the way and get you a coffee; that might help some."


They waited until all the other passengers had left the aircraft before Tyler assisted Abby to her feet and helped her up the ramp and into the terminal. There was a Starbucks shop not far from the gate. Tyler left Abby sitting at one of the tables and went to order them each an espresso. They sat quietly, neither of them really knowing what to say as they sipped their drinks.


Tyler returned to the counter three more times for refills before Abby thought she was ready to make the trip to baggage claim.Despite the coffee, Abby wasn't very steady on her feet, so Tyler put his arm around the elderly lady's shoulder and helped her along the way. They drew a few stares from other people in the airport. It seemed that regardless of their best efforts to conceal it, everyone they passed realized that Abby was drunk.


- - -


As Thomas and Jayson sat talking, Thomas' phone vibrated, indicating that he had an e-mail. He took the phone out to check it, thinking that it might be Tyler sending a message to explain the delay. Quite to the contrary, it was an automated message from his server sending him a photo from one of the motion-activated security cameras he had installed at his home.


Thomas opened one of the snapshots, and was a little taken back by what he saw. It was a photo of his backyard, specifically his hot tub and pool. Kevin had apparently decided to use his home for a little `entertaining' while he was hired to look after Thomas' puppy. The image was quite graphic, and he certainly didn't intend for the boy sitting with him to see it, but the angle at which he held the phone and his companion's natural curiosity worked against him.


"Wow! Fuckin' hot..." the blonde boy murmured under his breath, just barely loud enough for Thomas to hear. Thomas glanced over and saw that Jayson was staring at the image he'd opened on his smartphone. Jayson looked up and saw that Thomas had been looking directly at him looking directly at the image on the phone's screen.


"Do you get e-mails like that often?" Jayson asked, nodding down at the phone.


Thomas shook his head. "That's actually from my home security system," he answered. "It seems the young man I hired to watch after my dog decided to... Um, well, have a friend over. I'll have to talk to him about that when I get home."


"So he doesn't know about the camera that sends you e-mails?" Jayson inquired.


"A security system wouldn't be very good if everyone knew about it, right?" Thomas replied as he closed the image.


"I suppose not," the boy answered, shrugging.He paused for a moment, then he sniggered, "Hey, would you send me a copy of that?"


The look Thomas gave the boy in response was an obvious `no.'


"Hey! It can't hurt to ask."


* * *

Tyler's head was pounding when he woke. `I must have drank way too much of that hunch punch,' he thought. Tyler gently disengaged himself from the other two bodies in the bed. He crawled over Andy, who was snoring lightly and headed into the bathroom. `Maybe a shower will make me feel better.'

The warm spray only made him feel marginally better, and his head still throbbed. Tyler dug through his backpack and pulled out a loose fitting pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Tyler stepped into the shorts and tried to open the bedroom door. It was still locked. Tyler turned the mechanism and stepped into the hallway.He was pulling the t-shirt over his head as he shuffled down the hall when his feet tangled in a piece of cloth lying on the floor and nearly caused him to trip. Tyler finished pulling his shirt on and looked down. His feet were caught up in a pair of boxers. There was a shirt next to them.

As he kicked them aside, Tyler recalled the incident where Chris had caught the couple having sex in his bed the night before. He shook his head as he thought how embarrassing that must have been, especially for the girl, whoever she was.

When Tyler got downstairs, the house was in horrible disarray. There was trash everywhere -- half empty drinks were on every surface.Some of them had been knocked over -- but at least nothing he saw looked at if it would cause any permanent damage. Chips were strewn about and some of their schoolmates were passed out not only on the furniture, but also flat on the living room floor. Tyler had to step over a couple of them on his way to the kitchen. `They must not have known about eating the fruit,' he thought as he picked his way through the mess.

Another couple bodies were laid out on the kitchen floor. Tyler glanced out into the backyard and saw that still more were lying in the grass outside next to the keg. Tyler rummaged through the cabinets looking for some aspirin to ease the aching in his head. He came up empty. `Perhaps a little hair of the dog,' he thought, spotting the cooler, still a quarter full of the punch on the kitchen table. Tyler dipped a ladle and filled one of the few remaining clean plastic cups left on the table.

He took a large swallow of the now diluted, but still potent liquid. A moment later the throbbing in his head eased, if only slightly.He took another swallow, hoping that the hangover remedy he'd occasionally heard his father speak of actually worked. Tyler stood for a moment before turning to go back upstairs. The alcohol easing its way back into his system was indeed relieving the pain in his temples.

Tyler stopped short when he left the kitchen and walked back into the living room. Amanda Peterson was standing in the middle of the room, her arms crossed over her chest. The expression on her face clearly made the point that she wasn't happy."Where's Andy?" she demanded.

Tyler stalled. He swallowed hard, then took a large gulp from the red, plastic cup he held in his hand. There was no way he could tell her where he'd last seen Andy -- naked in Chris' bed with the two of them. He figured there was no way she had been upstairs yet, so she couldn't know where he was. "Um, I'm not really sure," he lied. Tyler knew he wasn't a good liar, but it looked like Amanda was buying the story.

Then she said something that made him think perhaps she wasn't. "You, Chris and Andy all disappeared at the same time last night.That just seems sort of... queer." She put emphasis on the last word.

Tyler didn't know what to say -- it was true, they had. He couldn't very well confess what they'd gotten up to in Chris' bedroom though.Then he had another horrifying thought.He'd left the two of them in bed -- naked -- and he hadn't shut the door behind him. `If any of these people he hadn't expected to find still in Chris' house walked by that door... Shit!This could turn into a real disaster!'

"Um, maybe he's one of the people passed out down here somewhere?" Tyler suggested. "There's even some out in the backyard, but I don't know who all is still here. Maybe you should look out there?" He was really hoping she would do that -- maybe that would afford him at least enough time to get the bedroom door closed.

Amanda was starting past him into the kitchen when Tyler saw a pair of bare feet and legs starting down the stairs. All the things that could possibly go wrong started running through his mind. When a pair of plaid boxers came into view, at least one of these was averted. When it turned out to be Chris coming down the stairs, rather than Andy, Tyler breathed a sigh of relief.

As Chris approached him, Tyler tried to keep his voice down as he told Chris that Amanda was there looking for Andy. He didn't realize that she had just done a quick survey of the backyard through the kitchen window and had returned -- standing just slightly behind him. When he finished the statement with "...and she seems pretty pissed," he noticed Chris trying to signal with his eyes that she must be within earshot.

"Oh, he's upstairs in my shower," Chris said. "I guess he passed out upstairs last light or something."

"But I looked everywhere for him!" Amanda insisted.

"Well, that's where I found him a few minutes ago, still wearing the same thing as the last time I saw him last night." Chris didn't mention of course that this was nothing.

- - -

Andy didn't consider when he got out of the shower that there may still be people from the previous night's party still at the house, nor that he had been on a date with Amanda and just disappeared, leaving her there alone. He also did not consider that she might have come back looking for him.His head was still a little cloudy from the alcohol he'd consumed so he wasn't thinking very clearly anyway.Foremost in his mind was getting an aspirin and something to eat.

He came down the stairs, rubbing the towel over the top of his head to dry his hair. This served to obscure his vision somewhat. Tyler and Chris were both facing Amanda, so she was the first to see him. Her mouth dropped open when she saw him. The towel was the only thing he was wearing, and well, he wasn't even exactly wearing that as he was still working on drying himself with it.

"Andrew Miller!Would you cover yourself?" she shrieked.Of course she'd seen him naked before, but that wasn't anything she considered should be public knowledge -- she didn't want to acquire the sort of reputation Justine had.

"Shit!" Andy exclaimed as he took the towel from his head and quickly wrapped it around his waist."Jeez Amanda, I didn't think..."

"Damn right you didn't think!" she interrupted, shouting. "What happened to you last night? We were here together and you just disappeared!"

"Um sorry, I guess I kind of passed out," he muttered quietly. Fortunately for him, he had accidentally used the same story Chris had a few minutes before. He was moving forward as if to try and kiss and make up, but she brushed past him.

"You have a lot more making up to do than that Andy Miller!" she called back over her shoulder as she stormed out the front door, slamming it behind her.

"Dude, you are in some deep shit with her," a groggy voice from the sofa in the middle of the living room observed.

This reminded the three more awake boys that they were still not alone in the house. "Come on," Chris said to them. "We have to get all these people out of here and try to get this mess cleaned up." The original plan had called for Tyler to help, but since Andy was here now as well, Chris thought he may as well enlist his assistance too. Besides, Chris thought that they should probably talk through what had happened between the three of them the previous evening.

- - -

It took almost forty five minutes for them to rouse everyone left over from the party and get them sent on their way. More than one grumbled that they were going to be in trouble with their parents for having stayed out all night without having made previous arrangements.

A couple had even asked Chris to use a shower at his house before leaving, but he refused."We weren't having a sleepover," he told them. "You just got fucked up and passed out. Besides, I don't even really know who you are." That was true, most of the `left-overs' that morning were crashers who had simply heard about the party and decided to check it out rather than people who were actually invited.

It took them another two and a half hours to get the house looking presentable again. All three pitched in though, so the work had gone more quickly than it otherwise would have. When they were done, the only evidence left of what had gone on there the night before was the cooler with the remaining hunch punch, the near empty keg in the backyard and a shirt and pair of boxers lying on the floor in the upstairs hallway.

Tyler asked Chris what he wanted to do with them. "Trash them," Chris answered. He didn't particularly care if the boy who had run out leaving them there wanted to have them back or not and Chris certainly didn't want them.

Andy had still not changed from the towel wrapped around his waist and into regular clothing. The towel had started to slip from Andy's waist on a few occasions as they cleaned the house, causing him to have to re-wrap it, but he didn't want to put on the same clothes he'd been wearing the day before."That would just feel dirty and gross," he explained.

Chris fixed a big plate of scrambled eggs and enough bacon so that each of them could have several pieces. After the party last night, and now cleaning the mess that had been left behind, food was very welcome. The last thing they did before sitting down to eat was start a load of laundry so Andy could have clean clothes to wear. Their hunger finally sated, the three splayed out in the living room and Chris turned on the TV.

Still no one had mentioned what had happened between them in Chris' bed the previous night. The topic however was weighing heavily on Chris' mind; he was just having trouble coming up with the right way to start the conversation he felt the three of them needed to have. He finally decided to just blurt it out. "Hey, listen, I think we should talk about what happened last night..." he started.

This got both Tyler and Andy's attention -- both were pretty sure exactly where he was going with his opening statement. Andy interrupted him, "Dude that was just a few of us buddies helping each other out -- it's no big deal. The girls don't want to do it for us, so we just have to help each other. It happens all the time."

"It does?" Tyler and Chris responded simultaneously.

"Well, maybe except for Ty, we all know he's gay, but I guess since he doesn't have a boyfriend, I don't see a problem including him. He needs relief just like the rest of us." Andy apparently either didn't recall the compromising scene he had caught Chris and Tyler in, or he was just choosing not to bring it up.

"So you aren't like freaked out or anything?" Chris asked.

"Nah, I've heard stories about guys doing stuff like this... It's just like, um, experimentation. Relief when our girls won't do anything for us, that's all. It doesn't make us any less straight. Right?"

Chris couldn't quite grasp Andy's logic. They had started off with oral sex, but things had quickly progressed much farther.The night before, Andy had let not just one but two other boys stick their dicks deep in his ass, begging to be fucked by them both. In turn he'd happily done the same to the two of them. Now Andy was saying he felt that none of this made him the least bit gay.Chris exchanged a glance with Tyler, who shrugged in reply. He didn't get it either, but neither of them pressed the issue.

A chime sounded from the laundry room, indicating the washer had finished its cycle and the clothes were ready to go in the dryer. Chris got up and padded off to the laundry room. "Forty-five minutes," he announced when he returned, referring to the time it would take for the dryer's cycle to run.

"Fuck," Andy commented."I'm not going to be able to take this for almost another hour." Having said that, he unwrapped the towel from around his waist. He raised one leg as he leaned back on an elbow."Having that thing wrapped around you just restricts your movement too much, gotta be like wearing a skirt. I don't see how chicks can stand that."

Tyler and Chris looked at each other, then back at Andy. He was splayed out naked on the towel in front of them. He wasn't hard, but neither was he completely flaccid.Andy adjusted himself idly then turned to Chris. "TV is getting boring," he stated. "You got any porn we can watch instead?"

"Porn?" Chris responded, surprised. "Of course not..." He hadn't expected that request. But then he didn't expect Andy to suddenly throw off the towel he'd had wrapped about his middle and sprawl out naked in the middle of his living room floor either.

Andy turned and reached up to take the remote from the tabletop. "There has to be something on here," he stated as he hit the remote's On-Demand button.

Chris reached over the table and tried to take the remote away from Andy, but he rolled away."Dammit Andy, you can't watch pay-per-view porn! My parents will kill me!"

Andy continued to roll back and forth on the carpet, dodging Chris as he tried unsuccessfully to regain control of the remote. This did however succeed in keeping Andy from searching through the pay channels.Tyler was having great fun watching as Chris wrestled on the living room floor with the naked Andy, attempting to regain control of the television.

Finally, Chris called for Tyler's assistance, and the two of them managed to pin him down so Chris could take back the TV controller. He returned the set to the regular TV they had been watching, then tossed it up onto the sofa where he had been sitting a few minutes before. The three were still in a tangled mess of boy parts when Andy suggested, "Well if we can't watch any porn, let's make our own!"

"You can't be serious!" Chris gasped.

"No fucking way!" Tyler echoed Chris' sentiment.

"No, really. Look I've been stuck wearing nothing but that damn towel all morning, and you two..." He pointed first at Chris, "you've been popping out of the fly on those boxers all morning and you," he continued as he directed his attention to Tyler, "you're wearing those shorts that show off everything you've got when you're sitting down."

Andy paused for a moment."Besides, it'll be hot, and it's just for us, so what's the big deal?"

Chris and Tyler considered his proposal silently for a moment. Neither thought it was a good idea -- both were thinking about the same thing -- recording something like that was almost like inviting it to get out in public for everyone to know. Andy took their silence for acceptance of his idea. He untangled himself from Tyler and Chris and ran up the stairs.

"We're not doing this, right?" Tyler asked Chris.

"Absolutely not!" he replied.

* * *


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