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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Thirty Six

Luke's legs were still spread wide, Kevin's fingers pressing their way inside him as Luke slowly recovered from his orgasm. Kevin's hand pulled away as he cuddled up, sheltering Luke's body from the warm spray of the showerheads above them. As the fingers were removed, there came another pressure against Luke's sphincter. Kevin's erection was aching, looking for relief. And Luke was not going to deny him.

The only lubricant they used was the generous amount of pre-cum leaking from the tip of Kevin's dick, yet his entry was made easily enough. Kevin was horny -- and his desire to take the boy beneath him was overwhelming. He pushed forward none too gently, quickly embedding his full length, causing Luke to gasp. The penetration Kevin made into him was painful at first, but once fully inside, Kevin waited for a moment before beginning his thrusting motions.

Despite Kevin's abrupt initial entry, their frantic copulation soon slowed to become tender and loving. Kevin pressed his lips against Luke's as they lay on the floor of the shower. The kiss was deep and certainly mutual, each boy vying for dominance as their tongues danced against each other. It seemed like forever, but it was only a scant couple moments before Kevin reached his own climax. His back arched involuntarily as he came, forcing the kiss to end.

They lay together, hugging each other on the tiles until the water began to cool as the hot water tank emptied. They did not dry each other -- that may have led to another coupling for which there wasn't enough time. Luke needed to get home and smooth things over with his parents about not having come home the previous night. Otherwise they might become too angry to allow him to return to stay the rest of the weekend with Kevin.

Kevin lingered in Thomas' bedroom to pull on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt while Luke went to retrieve his clothes from the patio where he had discarded them before going into the hot tub. When Kevin came downstairs, Luke was frantic. He was wearing a tiny red thong, the shirt he'd had on the night before, but his pants were missing. Kevin was intrigued by the thong and wondered where it had come from. He'd certainly seen no evidence of the tiny garment the night before. It certainly didn't do much to cover, well, anything.

"I can't find my pants!" Luke cried out, in an obvious panic.

The obvious solution would have been for him to borrow Kevin's long enough to get home and back, but the size difference would have been awkward. Kevin's legs were longer and his hips a little smaller than Luke's. Kevin had to ask about the thong Luke was now wearing -- that demanded a little explanation. The answer was that he had slid it off along with his jeans -- its miniscule size had kept Kevin from noticing it the night before.

It was quite by accident that Kevin went into the den where Shakespeare's bed was located as they looked for Luke's missing garment. The dog was there, snoring lightly. He was also curled up on top of Luke's jeans. Now the problem became how to move the over-sized puppy so Luke could retrieve his pants.

* * *

Andy had expected a sound thrashing from his father when he found out he'd been caught watching pornographic material in the school library and been given a two week suspension as a result. But that never happened. His father actually seemed a little proud that his boy was coming into sexual maturity. It would have been completely different if he had known the true content of the pornography his son had been watching. But Andy's luck had held out and the school had not revealed that information to his parents.

What really didn't help the situation was that his confrontation with Chris had left him with a not just a bloody, but a broken nose. That had required a visit to the local hospital and a rather painful procedure to set the cartilage back into place. It also required him to wear a sort of splint and a bandage on his nose for a number of weeks. His refusal to explain to his parents how the injury had happened did not sit well, but Andy stood his ground and refused to provide any details.

- - -

As time passed, Chris and Tyler started to grow apart. Andy's attempted blackmail had weighed heavily on Chris' mind. He had talked to Tyler about it, and Tyler had been sympathetic to the situation Chris was in. He just wished that Chris would be willing to be open about his sexuality. Chris remained steadfast in his conviction that there was no way he could come out publically. While they still cared deeply for each other, the divide between them continued to grow. Things had finally gotten to the point between them where the sex had all but stopped. Tyler had tried to initiate things more than a few times, but Chris had always had some sort of excuse.

The growing problem in their relationship was compounded by Chris having a difficult time with Tyler being so open in his sexuality. Deep down Chris knew this was something he would never be able to do. Nothing had changed in their daily routine, aside from the after school sex having all but stopped. They still rode to and from school every day in Chris' car, ate lunch together and saw each other outside of school as much as their schedules permitted. Many of their friends had begun to suspect that there was more to the relationship between Tyler and Chris than was let on, but both boys denied it on the few occasions anything was mentioned to either of them.

For his part, Tyler distanced himself from their relationship very reluctantly. He would have rather gladly shouted out to everyone "I'm in love with Christian Reynolds, and he's in love with me!" But he had agreed to keep Chris' sexuality something just between them and he was not going to go back on his word. This deception weighed heavily on Tyler's mind. He preferred to be honest, but Chris wasn't able to do the same where that part of his life was concerned.

- - -

Andy had never revealed anything he knew about Tyler and Chris being a couple, but the rift his attempted blackmail had caused in the friendship among the three boys could never be repaired. The news around their school about the video Andy had been caught watching in the library had also alienated him from many of his other friends -- Amanda Peterson in particular. She felt rather betrayed by him having been caught having sex with another boy -- let alone having it filmed, and even more so in that he had been the bottom in the clip that had been such a hot topic of gossip between the students at their school. Andy was left virtually friendless after the incident, which caused him to become somewhat despondent.

By the end of the school term, Andy's parents had become so concerned about how withdrawn he had become -- and the way his grades had fallen off -- that they sent him to a mental health counselor. They never did find out the truth about the content of the video clip, and the psychiatrist, being a rather attractive young woman in her late twenties did not help to persuade Andy to admit the truth about what was bothering him. He couldn't bring himself to tell her about what had happened between him and his now former friends. He had come to grips in his mind that he must be bi-sexual, for he was certainly interested in girls, but he had finally admitted to himself that he was also very attracted to boys.

Ultimately, his parents decided that the best thing for him would be to go to a boarding school for troubled teens once the next school term started. They hoped that he would be able to get the counseling he seemed so desperately to need in that environment -- even if they didn't have a clue to the true root of the mental anguish he was experiencing.

It was little surprise to the students at St. Ignatius that Andy Miller didn't return when their class came back to start their senior term. There were rumors of course, but no one was really quite sure where he had gone. Since he and Amanda had been close, she got many questions regarding his whereabouts, but she knew no more than anyone else, having broken up with him after finding out about what he had been caught doing in the school's library.

- - -

One of the major downturns in the bond between Tyler and Chris occurred because while Tyler and Chris had talked a lot about taking a trip somewhere together during their summer break, it never managed to come to fruition. These discussions had of course always taken place in private, when it was just the two of them together. Chris always cited some other plans which managed to get in the way -- usually this was one of the Reynolds' family trips -- something that became increasingly frustrating to Tyler. The truth was, every time one of his family's weekend getaways, or their big summer vacation came near, Chris worried that the true nature of his relationship with Tyler would become known to his family, so he always backed out on the offer he'd made to Tyler to ask his family if Tyler could come along, and always at the last minute.

Tyler finally opened up to Thomas about his increasing agitation in regard to Chris in one of their chat sessions. Thomas tried to reassure him that things may eventually work out, but Tyler was becoming increasingly convinced that he and Chris were doomed to never be able to openly express their love. Thomas considered all of what he knew about their relationship from what Tyler had told him. He had to admit that Tyler was right; a relationship based on secrecy was doomed to failure -- but still he tried to encourage Tyler that there could still be some hope for the two of them. He encouraged Tyler to talk to Chris, to tell him exactly how he felt about how things were going between them.

When Tyler told Thomas that he had tried, Thomas asked him if he really and truly loved Chris. When Tyler replied that he did, Thomas responded with, `then since you love him, you owe him the chance to work with you to fix things. Just remember that compromise takes two. You need to respect his feelings as much as you want him to respect yours. But he also needs to be willing to do the same for you.'

- - -

It was a Saturday afternoon a few weeks later. Chris and Tyler had spent the better part of the day together, but had hardly talked to each other at all. Tyler had become accustomed to this, but he didn't like it. He knew that the pressures on his relationship with Chris were pulling it to pieces, and even though a part of him wanted to try to save it, his heart told him that this was something that was just not to be. Every time he had tried to start talking with Chris about the problems he saw between them, Chris found a way to either steer the topic to something else or just shut the conversation down completely.

They were sitting on the grass in the park when Tyler tried once again to broach the subject with Chris. Tyler moved a little closer and reached out to touch Chris' arm. Tyler stroked the tips of his fingers along Chris' forearm. At first Chris didn't seem to mind, but then the sounds of some children playing nearby caught his attention and brought to his mind that they were out in a public area where anyone might chance by and see them. He suddenly rolled away from Tyler, got up and started to pace back and forth.

When he did that, Tyler stood as well. He however did not begin to pace as Chris was doing. Tyler stood still and crossed his arms over his chest. It wasn't just the scowl on his face, but also his entire body language that showed he was angry.

It took a few moments before Chris noticed. He finally stopped and stood still, facing Tyler. "What?" he asked, taking note at last that Tyler was clearly upset about something.

"You just don't get it, do you?" Tyler spat out. "We were almost having an intimate moment and you went and spoiled the whole thing!"

"But... but there are people around; we're out in public. Someone might see us," Chris replied.

"And why is that always such a bad thing?" Tyler shot back. "It isn't like there's anyone around here who knows us. There's only those kids playing way over there..." Tyler pointed to where the children were playing a game of soccer some 300 yards away on a level field in the park.

"Still, someone might see," Chris retorted. "You know I'm not... comfortable... with anyone finding out that I'm, uh... er..." his voice began to stammer. "That I, um... like guys."

"Chris, we're gay! I'm gay, you're gay! Why can't you even say it?" Tyler asked, exasperated.

Chris turned away for a moment. When he turned back to face Tyler once more he positioned himself with his feet apart. He was clenching and unclenching his fists and there was a dark look across his face. "Why does it have to be all about labels?" he asked with an extreme sound of annoyance in his voice. "Why do I have to be called anything?"

"It's not just about fucking labels!" Tyler shouted. "It's about you and me! It's about truth! Why can't you just see that?" Chris' question had wounded Tyler -- he thought their relationship went far beyond where Chris apparently saw it. He had never been angry with Chris before, and certainly had never yelled at him this way.

Chris buried his face in his hands and started pacing in circles. It took just a moment, but then Tyler was able to tell that Chris was crying. This wasn't the reaction he'd expected -- honestly he'd thought after the fact that his shouting at Chris was going to start a huge fight between them, but it hadn't.

Chris finally collapsed on the ground beside a large, old oak tree and leaned back against it. Tyler felt bad for him. He sat down next to Chris and put his arm around his shoulders. "I'm sorry," he whispered into Chris' ear. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It's not that," Chris finally answered a few minutes later. "It's just with everything that's happened -- it's just a lot for me to handle. I know I'm not dealing with it well, and I'm sorry about that. It's just, well... All the pressure and everything, and you know that if the rest of the team finds out that I'm... uh, that I'm..." Chris paused. Tyler kept his arm around Chris' shoulders, but didn't speak. He just waited for Chris to continue.

Chris sobbed into his hands a couple times, then finished; "...that I'm gay. If they find out that I'm a queer, I'm afraid that I'll be forced to quit the team, and I really don't want that."

Tyler didn't think that was the root of Chris' misgivings and told him so. "Is that all? Just what your jock friends would think of you? The only ones I've ever heard say anything bad about anyone that's gay were Ian and his little gang, so what makes you think that they'll treat you any differently if they found out?"

Chris didn't answer, but continued to sob into his hands.

Tyler spoke again, "Look Chris, I know something else is bothering you about this -- it can't just be the team, because I don't think they'll react as badly as you're making out and force you off the team -- and yeah, I understand how important playing baseball is to you, but I really think there's something you aren't telling me. Look, I know it's sort of against gay policy, but... Well, spit it out!"

Chris stopped sobbing for a moment. He couldn't help but laugh at Tyler's comment. He turned suddenly, and catching Tyler off guard, knocked him backwards so that he was lying on the cool, green grass under the tree.

Tyler was caught completely unaware and for a fraction of a second was half expecting Chris to strike him. But then suddenly the weight of Chris' body descended down on his and Chris was kissing him deeply and passionately -- right out here where anyone could see them!

Tyler wrapped his arms around Chris and hugged him tightly as they kissed. He didn't want the moment to end.

When the kiss finally broke apart, Chris propped himself up on his elbows above Tyler, looking down at him with a goofy grin on his face. "You're right you know," he finally said very quietly. "It isn't really about the team at all."

* * *

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