Ever After



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Adaen: There's one thing everyone is given right off the bat. Life. It's up to us whether we should live it or to let it slip away...

*Ding Dong*

I opened the door to see Marco standing on my door step.

"Look, I know you don't want to see me. But I've been thinking about us. I want us." Marco pleaded, "We're best friends...always have been. But I think we've been more."

"Who's at the do...Hey, it's Marco." Jenni smiled, "He's still as cute as ever."

"Tell me about it." I smirked.

"Can we be alone?" Marco asked irritably.

"Why?" I asked.

"You're finally hitting on my friend?" Jenni smiled.

"What's she doing here?" Marco asked.

"He's such a charmer." Jenni said, "I'm going to your room." She said leaving.

"What is she doing here? She's not a good person to be friends with." Marco said, "I thought you learned your lesson."

"I learned a lot of lessons." I frowned.

"Don't let the jerk squad ruin you." Marco frowned.

"I've got to go Marco," I said quickly, "I'm locking the door." I said, shutting the door.

Adaen: Yeah, everyone's given one life. The question is, what should we be doing with it?

Chapter 46: Lives

"You're breaking up with me?!" Ryan said with disbelief.

"Oh yeah. Big time." Davis said, "I don't want to see your face again."

"But I love you!" Ryan frowned, "I should be the one that's mad! You were supposed to be on our side!"

"Your side is pathetic and pitiful." Davis said, "You're hurting someone who unintentionally hurt you."

"Hurt me? As if he ever could hurt me!" Ryan said with a sudden and swift sadness.

"I think he hurt you deeper than even I know." Davis said, "And Leslie is just a thug in a skirt."

"If you alienate me and Leslie, then you have no one else! You're just a very injured basketball player with no friends." Ryan said.

"I'd rather be that than anything like you." Davis frowned, ushering him out of the room. He slammed the door and answered his ringing phone. It was Anthony, his manager, telling him about the discrepancy in his new contract, "Anthony, you're my agent! I want a better offer. What?! I know I'm injured, but I've taken this team farther than they would have gotten without me! Fix it." He said angrily, ending the call.

"What was that?" His mother asked.


Adaen: This life doesn't last forever. The life of anything is living on borrowed time. And sometimes, you have to acknowledge that fact...

Leslie sat at the table, applying lipstick when Ryan walked over.

"I got a text from an unknown phone telling me to meet you here." Ryan said.

Leslie pulled out her phone, "I got the same text." She smiled.

"So, why are we here?" Ryan asked.

"Because I'm very good at what I do." Jennifer smiled.

Jennifer and I stood behind Ryan, smiling. The look on their faces was priceless.

"You called us here?" Ryan asked.

"Oh yes." I smiled.

"What do you want?" Leslie asked, "You want us to wave the white flag? Done. You know all about us now."

"Waving a flag isn't going to save you." I smirked, "You declared war on me, sweetie, and I am not going to stop until I you are so low on the social food chain that the geeks naw at your eyeballs."

"You can't be serious." Ryan said.

"Oh, I mean it." I smiled, "This town isn't big enough for all four of us and...this is my town."

Leslie chuckled nervously, "You can't do that." She frowned.

"I'm going to give you twenty four hours to leave my town before I give it everything I got." I smiled.

"Bring it." Leslie smiled, standing.

"You know...Carlo's is our gossip girl, sweetie." Jennifer smiled.

"Then I guess this is war." Leslie said.

"What? I don't want war." Ryan said.

"Too late." I said, "TTFN." I said, turning with Jennifer.

"Oh yeah, see you guys at the party I'm throwing." Jennifer said as we left.

Adaen: Wars have been started over lives we choose to live. Sometimes lives are what we fight for. What we can do with them...


Adaen: Sometimes lives intertwine by choice...

"So, I think I'm in love with a woman." Kendall said.

"What?!" Hannah asked.

"Ballard's wife. She's a...ummm, loose." Kendall said, "We had sex."

"Did you...eat her...ummm..." Christina asked.

"Shut up." Kendall said quickly, "No...not immediately. We did stuff...and..."

"You enjoyed it?" Christina asked.

"I don't know." Kendall shrugged.

"Was it...was she good?" Hannah asked.

"Yeah. I mean..." Kendall trailed.

"What was it like?" Hannah asked.


"Yeah, I remember when I tried it." Christina blurted.

"You've tried it?" Hannah asked.

"Hasn't everyone?" Christina asked.

"No." Hannah frowned.

"So, do you have feeling for her?" Christina asked.

"I think I do." Kendall said, "That's the bad part. I don't know what to do."

"Did she say anything?"

"That's it's no biggie." Kendall said.

"It's a big biggie." Hannah frowned.

"No, it's really not." Christina said, "It's just sex."

"The revirginized woman says what?" Hannah asked.

"Nothing is just sex, sorry. Old habit." Christina frowned, "I haven't had sex with my boyfriend."

"Really?" Hannah asked.

"Nope and we're thinking about it." Christina said, "I don't know if I should."

"When the time is right, you'll know." Kendall said.

"Are we going to Adaen and Jen's party?" Hannah asked.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world." Christina said, "I wonder who's going to embarrass him tonight."

"Yeah, he really should stay away from parties...and big crowds...and people." Kendall said.


Adaen: Life can be a party. Life can be a commercial. Life can be anything.

The party was in full swing! Eric had done right by us and All of the Lights by Kanye and Rihanna was playing in the club and everything was great. Everyone I passed said the same thing: Good job. Everybody was in attendance and right where I wanted them to be. I walked over to Jennifer, who was already sipping on vodka. Things seemed so much better when I had a real friend here. Jen and I danced until she danced off with some guy. I smiled and walked to the bar to get a drink.

"Hey." Davis said, causing me to turn.

"I don't want to talk to you." I frowned.

"You have to." Davis said, "I have to tell you everything."

"No. And if you don't get the hell out of my face, I'll have the bouncer throw you out." I said.


"Tomorrow. Stop by and you might get by." I said.

"Thank you." Davis smiled.

"Go." I said.

His smiled disappeared and so did he.

"I hope he's around for the show." I smirked.

"The show?" Hannah asked.

I turned to see Hannah, "Oh hi Hannah." I smiled.

"What show? What's going on?" Hannah asked.

"You lost all rights to ask me those kind of questions a long time ago, sexy." I smiled.

"I hope you're not up to your old tricks." Hannah frowned, "Just because Jennifer's back..."

Jennifer walked over and put her arm around me, "...You're right. Jenni's back on the block." She smirked, "You ready?"

"I've been ready for years." I said, "If you'll excuse us." I said, leading Jennifer to the stage. We hopped on stage and told the DJ to stop the music, "Hey, is everyone having a great time?"

The crowd yelled yes.

"Well, this party is about to get better." Jennifer said into the mic.

"Of course you all know by know, via Carlo, that some bitch named Leslie Bergman. Larry Bergman's sister." I said, "She was mad at me and now it's pay back time." I said, "Cue the pics."

Suddenly, behind me on the projector wall, pictures of Leslie naked flashed across. There were three pictures, in various positions.

"You can thank your neighborhood ex for the pictures." I smirked.

I didn't have to search for her. She was the one desperately trying to get out of the room as fast as she could. Laughter erupted as well as pointing and whispering.


Adaen: Sometimes, lives intertwine without reason...

"What you did was really bad." Eric said as I reached the bar, "I can't believe you did that."

"Believe it." I smiled. I ordered the bartender to fix me something strong.

"No. That was beyond despicable." Eric said, "That's totally not you."

"Then who is it?" I asked.

"Jennifer." Marco frowned, walking up with Hannah, Christina, Kendall, and Ballard.

"You went too far." Hannah spoke, "It's unforgivable."


"Good?" Eric asked.

"I'm not looking for forgiveness." I said, taking a drink, "I'm out for vengeance."

"Your brother's right." Kendall said, "I think you need us."

"You're either with me...or against me." I said, turning with my drink, "And if you're against me...you're dead in the water." I said, walking away.

Adaen: ...But sometimes, these lives were live or held together by the finest thread. As easy as life is given...it can be destroyed.


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