Ever After



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"Cassa. Since when does Bobby like me?" Preston Gregory asked. She stood in the kitchen of her house, cooking popcorn on the stove.

Cassa Birkin smirked, "You know Bobby totally has a thing for you." She said, sitting on the couch in front of the ending of Paranormal Activity 2.

"He doesn't like me enough to say anything." Preston said quickly.

Cassa stood up and walked into the kitchen, "Maybe he's waiting on you to make the first move." She chuckled.

"That defeats the whole purpose of him being the guy." Preston frowned, "Big turn off."

"And why are we watching scary movies on the anniversary of a school shooting?" Cassa asked.

"Because the guy went all psycho, remember." Preston said, "He got all stab-happy. Do you know they made a mask of the guy's face? Creepy."

The telephone rang.

"Cassa, can you get that?" Preston asked.

"Fine." Cassa said, walking over to the phone and picking it up, "Hello?"

"Hello." A deep voice asked.

"Who is this?"

"Who is this?"

"Cassa...who are you looking for?"

"Who am I speaking to?"

"Ted is this you? The whole Scream thing was old years ago. And just because there's another movie doesn't mean it's any more relevant." Cassa said, hanging up the phone.

"Who was that?" Preston asked, walking out with popcorn.

Cassa looked up to her, "Ted, he thinks that Scream bullshit is funny." She said quickly, "Boys are so dumb."

The telephone rang again.

"I'll get it." Preston said, handing Cassa the popcorn. She walked over and answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hello?" A deep, dark voice asked.

"Ted? This is really not funny." Preston frowned, "It wasn't funny the first time either."

"It's even less funny...because I'm not Ted."

"Who are you?" Preston asked.

Cassa walked over to Preston, "Is it Ted again?" she asked.

"It's not Ted."

"How would you like to die?"

"Okay, that's really not cool." Preston frowned.

Suddenly, the lights went off. Both girls screamed in the darkness before one scream disappeared.

"Cassa!" Preston called as the lights flashed back on, "Cass..."

Preston walked through the living room and stopped at the stairs. She looked to the door, trying to decide whether to run for it or not. Suddenly, something came tumbling down the stairs and knocked her off her feet. She pushed whatever it was off her and into the light shining from the living room. She hyperventilated when she saw that it was Cassa's bloody body. She had been stabbed many times and her neck had been slit. Preston began trying to wipe the blood off as she got to her feet and ran to the front door, but stopped at the sight of somebody wearing a Harmon-mask with the rest of the Scream costume! The person bounded down the stairs and Preston ran to the door. It was latched and she had trouble unlatching it and ducked as the person's knife and she headed for the stairs. She ran up them but was tackled to the ground! The masked assailant quickly slashed her shoulder and she kicked him off and ran a little farther, limping. She got to her bedroom. She ignored the door and ran to her window, trying to open it, but the masked man grabbed her and threw her through the window!

Chapter 48: Screams without a Voice

"Good morning housemate." Jennifer smirked, opening windows.

I looked around the room, not sure of where I was.

"I don't think perky works for me." Jennifer smiled.

"I'm in your house." I smiled, "No parents. No rules. No annoyance."

"Not until you realize what day it is." Jennifer said, "Today's the anniversary of Harmon."

"Is that what they're calling it?" I asked.

"The teens and tweens? Yeah, that's what they're calling it." Jennifer said, "Sounds like a lively time to be around."

"Lively? Not how I would have it described." I said, "Not if you live it."

"Sorry, I just..."

"No, It's okay." I said quickly.

There was the sound of sirens outside.

"Is this a bad neighborhood?" I asked.

"Not at all." Jennifer said, walking to the window, "Holy craptastic-a-potamus."

I stood and walked over to the window to see all the cop cars, "What the Hell?" I asked.

Just then my phone went off and I looked at the name on the caller i.d.

"Who is it?" Jennifer asked.

"Somebody really important." I said, tucking my phone into my jeans, "I've got to go." I said, leaving.


I sat in the park in a secluded place just behind a giant mass of trees, where guys used to take their dates to...well...do stuff. I was jittery because the text I had gotten was about the best thing I'd heard all week. After leaving my parents' house, I found myself staying with Jennifer. I had cut ties to my family...my former family. Jennifer was helping a lot and being a really good friend. This call could undo everything in my mind. It couldn't change things with my family, but it could put a smile, a much needed smile, back on my face. I missed this smile. When I saw him coming, I was happy. I stood.

"I didn't know if you'd wanna see me." Oz said, looking around, "You didn't tell anybody, did you?"

I studied his face. This was the face I missed.

"What?" he asked.

"I missed you." I smiled.

"I missed you too." He smiled, "I...I don't know what to say."

"Are you wearing a patch?" I asked, "You quit?"

"Yeah. I figured that I'd quit one of my addictions." Oz said quickly.

"Still drinking."

"Wasn't the addiction I meant." Oz said, "Though, I've cut back on it."

"Are you flirting with me?" I asked.

"I am." Oz said, "I've been away and I've been thinking...I'm not totally gay or whatever, but...I love you."

I was floored. Absolutely, non-refundably floored.

"I don't want to spend too much time here." Oz said, looking around, "Ummm, I climbed through your window but..."

"I don't live there anymore." I said, "Come with me to my new place."

"I can't." Oz smiled, "I want to. And I want to show you what I couldn't before, but if we're caught..."

"There's a party tonight. I think you should be there. All of my friends are out of town. They went on vacation." I said, "It's risky, but you always loved danger."

"There's other things besides danger that I love now." Oz smiled, disappearing into the brush.


I walked in the door of Jennifer's house and sat my keys down on the table. I was happier than I had been in a couple of days. I wondered if it was a bad idea for Oz not to come back with me. He could leave and I wouldn't know until afterwards. My mind was in such a flurry that I completely ignored the knocking on the door. I walked to the door and opened it to Eric and Janet (his Janet...not to be confused with Ballard's Janet). Eric blew past me and up the stairs, to which Janet and I followed. He went to my room and began stuffing my things back in my suitcase.

"What are you doing?! Are you insane!?" I shouted.

Eric stopped and looked at me, "No, it turns out you are! You're getting your ass back to our house! Do you know our mother is crying and you're stressing out Kya. And you know that thing about Hope coming to live with us because of her broken home?" he said angrily.

I grabbed the bag and emptied my stuff on the floor, "I'm not going back." I frowned.

"Yes, you are!" Eric said, grabbing my arm.

I jerked my arm away.

"Look, I know. You're off your medicine and you think this is the best course of action, but come back down to Earth!" Eric said, "I'm trying to save you from yourself."

"Screw you!" I spat, "Save me from myself? I don't need you."

"Oh really?" Eric asked angrily, "Cause you take such good care of yourself."

"Ya know what, get out!" I said.

Eric nodded, "Fine. Dick." He said, leaving with Janet.

I frowned and locked the door behind him. The phone rang and I walked over to it and picked up.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Who is this?" A deep voice asked.

"You called this house, who is this?" I asked.

"Is this Adaen? The same Adaen who survived the original Harmon Massacre?"

"Yeah, look, I've got to go." I frowned, walking into the living room.

"Don't hang up."

"I think I have to."

"You hang up and I'll gut you."


"That was quite a scene. Big bro trying to protect you. He just doesn't know that you're already dead." The voice said.

"Who is this?" I asked.

"You're about to find out."

Before I could process everything, somebody burst out of the closet and tackled me to the floor! The figure, who was wearing a Harmon mask and a scream suit, pulled out a long knife. The knife looked like the one from Scream. He plunged the knife at me, but I moved and it stuck into the floorboard! I pushed my palm into the mask and he rolled off me. I got to my feet and ran to the stairs. The figure pulled the knife from the ground and advanced towards me. I made it to the top of the stairs and headed into my room. I hid in the closet and waited a tick. I waited for the figure to move into the room. I was going to wait until he finally left, but he stood in front of the closet, looking around. I took a step back and kicked the closet door open and it smashed into his back, knocking him down. I ran from the room as quickly as I could and down the stairs, grabbing my keys before finally leaving.


The phone rang loudly. Janet walked over to it and picked it up. She answered it as she moved back to the couch and sat down. She had been expecting a call from Oz, even though she knew that the call wouldn't come. She was hopeful when she picked up the phone.

"Hello? Oz?" Janet asked.


"Who is this?" Janet asked.

"Somebody who's going to give you once chance to get this right."

"Who is this? Kaleb is this you?" Janet asked, bringing her legs up on the couch.

"What's your favorite scary movie?"

"Pretty in Pink." Janet said, "Scariest movie ever made."

"What part of your apartment am I in?"

"What?" Janet asked, looking around.

"You heard me, answer the fucking question!"

"This is really not funny." She said about to hang up, "My fiancee will be back any minute."

"That gives me fifty-nine seconds to gut you like a pig!"

Janet hung up the phone and ran to the door, making sure it was locked. She then took the phone and ran into the bedroom, locking the door behind her. She sat on the edge of the bed and started dialing on her cell phone. Suddenly, she lost a signal! She swore loudly and paused when she heard a scraping noise. She took a hard swallow as she bent down and looked under the bed to see a Harmon mask before being pulled under the bed! She screamed but no one could hear. Suddenly, the door outside slammed and Eric's voice called her. Eric found his way into the bedroom, busting down the door. He rushed into the bedroom to find a streak of blood. It ran from beneath the bed to the closet. Eric walked over to the closet and swung it open to see Janet gutted, hanging by the neck on the light fixture! He let out a deep shiver while taking in the sight of Janet's insides hanging out! His stomach turned and he was so busy looking at the body that he ignored the footsteps of the figure coming behind him. The figure pulled out the knife and stabbed Eric in the back!


"I told you all I know!" I spat, "I don't know. He was wearing a Harmon mask."

"Isn't it suspicious that all this is happening the day your boyfriend and fugitive comes back into town?" Detective Jackson asked.

I shifted, "What?" I asked.

"We know he's in town." Detective Jackson said. She smirked, "We just don't know where he is. Frankly, neither do you."

"He wouldn't...He wouldn't do this." I frowned.

"How do you know?" Detective Jackson asked.

"I just want to go home." I said, "I'm done." I said, standing.

"We'll be in touch." Detective Jackson said.

I walked out into the main office to find Jennifer, along with my parents.

"Oh honey!" Mom said, walking over and hugging me.

`What're you doing here?" I asked.

"They called us." Dad said.

"Jen, I just want to go home." I said quickly.

"What? No, you're going home with us." Dad said.

"No, I'm not." I frowned.

"You were almost killed!" Mom said quickly.

"Yeah and I Neve Campbelled my way out of it." I said, "Let's go Jen."

"Right." Jen said as we left.


Jennifer and I sat in her house. She was asking all kinds of questions about Harmon and the whole thing. I was somewhat shy about it. I was embarrassed. Someone was trying to kill me and they were trying hard. I couldn't get what the detective said out of my head. Could she be right about Oz? Nothing happened until he came back into town. He'd killed once...that wasn't fair. He didn't mean to. Jennifer brought me a drink and had one too. I turned on the tv to see that there were two attacks. Happened Earlier in the day. It was dark now. It said that the girls next door just got hack-n-slashed. Also, there was another. Eric and Janet. Eric had survived, Janet hadn't. I stood. I had to go to see him. I told Jen I would be back and headed for the door. I opened it to see Oz.

"Hey." Oz smiled.

"Oz." I said quickly.

"Can I...come in?" Oz asked.

"Where've you been all day?" I asked.

"What?" He asked.

"I'm going to take a shower." Jennifer smirked, heading upstairs.

"Can I please come in. It's not safe out here." Oz said, "You've heard what's going on."

I let him in, "I heard everything, have you?" I asked.


"Janet is dead." I frowned, "Eric is not far behind."

Oz looked shocked and heartbroken.

"You didn't know did you?" I asked

Suddenly, I began to feel woozy.

"Are you okay?" Oz asked, grabbing me and sitting me on the couch.

Before I could think, someone in a Harmon mask coming up behind him. I whimpered and Oz turned to meet the assilant's knife! I whimpered even more quickly.

"Did you enjoy your drink?" His deep voice asked.

"You fuck...face." I frowned.

"Only took a little bit to get you all weak and frail." He smiled, "But I couldn't do it alone."

Another masked man walked out and threw a very taped up Jennifer to the floor.

"Wow...how original?" I asked.

"The product of watching Scream 4 and Gossip Girl." The first masked figure said, "I was hoping I'd get to kill you."

"Gossip Girl?" I asked.

"You'd know all about that, wouldn't you. You pulled a Blair Waldorf. Perfect." He said, clapping.

"Oh God. You can't be serious." I said, realizing who was under the Harmon mask.

The mask came off and Leslie looked at me with a smirk. The other masked figure pulled of his mask to show a blonde guy not much younger than me. He was around Hope's age.

"Yeah, don't know who you are." I said, still very woozy.

"You don't recognize me?" He asked.

"You killed his father. Just like you killed my brother. Just like you killed my reputation." Leslie said.

"My father, Harmon." He said, pointing at the mask.

I rolled my eyes, "Seriously?" I asked.


"He had a son?" I asked.

"He wasn't always gay...or maybe he was." David said, "Do you know what it's like to have a legacy like this?! My father is not only a faggot, he's a murderous creep."

"It's genetic." I smirked.

David looked angry and started towards me. Leslie stopped him.

"How do you think you're getting away with this?" I asked.

"Two of us. One of you." Leslie smiled.

"Douche." I frowned.

"You just couldn't stop at getting back at me. You embarrassed me. You want a war, you got one. You're not winning this battle." Leslie said, "Here you are, no friends or family. Alone."

"You're never going to get away with this." I frowned.

"Too much talking. We need to kill him." David said coming towards me.

"I'm with you." Leslie smiled.

Oz was bleeding out but managed to catch the entire conversation. He staggered to his feet and picked up a lamp, smashing it over David's head. Leslie stepped up and sliced him again, causing him to fall to the floor. I ran up the stairs, away from everything. I heard footsteps behind me and hid in Jennifer's room.

"Come out, come out." Leslie said, "I've been waiting for this moment ever since my brother's murder."

"Your brother was in an accident." I shouted, "Crazy bitch."

"If it wasn't for you and Ballard, my brother..."

"Oh God, kill me already!" I said, moving into the bathroom connecting the bedrooms.

I concentrated on the door when I couldn't hear footsteps anymore. I was waiting for her to come through the door of Jennifer's room because I shouted from that room, but she snuck up behind me and I turned in time to get slice in the arm. I fell on the tub and groaned in pain. She grabbed my head and pounded it against the tub! I elbowed her in the eye and pushed her off me. I watched her all and hit her head against the tub and ran into the next room. There was a glass door leading to the balcony and I stood, opening the door. David came and tackled me through the glass and onto the balcony. We both got up slowly and I threw the first punch, which landed, causing him to stumble back against the rail. He grabbed me and threw me into the rail!

He got up behind me and bent me over, "This is what you like, right?" he asked.

I kicked back, shattering his testicles and he groaned in pain. I ran back towards the door, but was pulled back by David. I then pushed him off me, causing him to fly over the rail and plummet to the ground!


I stood in the emergency room. Oz had been hurt pretty badly. Jennifer was okay, but she drunk more of the drinks than I did and was passed out. Eric was in stable condition, too. David had died on impact and Leslie was in a psych ward. I waited for the results on Oz. I was unsure of calling the cops until Oz...did something. Oz insisted. My family was already at the hospital and were worried even more when they saw me. I walked over to the doctor and told him Oz's parents were on the way and he let me in, after some rigerous begging. I walked in to see that Oz was hooked up to a machine.

"Harmon's day is over." Oz said weakly.

"Thank God." I said, "I think this'll be a worse day. Double Harmon's day."

"How is Eric?" Oz asked.

"He's okay?" I smiled, "I'm sorry for...I didn't want you to die."

"No. It's okay. If all this wasn't proof enough, I know now that running isn't the best thing. I need to own up to everything."

I nodded.

"And so do you." Oz said quickly.

"What?" I asked.

"I spent the day figuring you out. You need to get it together again." Oz said, "Move back with your parents...take your medicine..."

"Get walked on."

"Stand up for yourself, but do it without losing yourself." Oz said.


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