Ever After



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I opened the door to see a seriously cute guy standing on my doorstep in a suit. He looked like that bully from RJ Berger, Jayson Blair.

"Adaen Lawrence?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Detective Jack Jerman." He said, shaking my hand, "I need to speak with you."

I turned back to Kendall and Christina, who looked totally mystified. I turned back to the Detective.

"I've been transferred here temporarily. There's an insurgence of crime, if you can believe it." Detective Jerman said, "Didn't you hear? There was a hit-and-run a few days ago. A man was seriously injured."

"Was he...is he dead?" Kendall asked.

Jack looked to her, "Hi. Umm, no. He's in bad shape though." He smiled, "These your friends?"

"Kendall Kipton and Christina..."

"I don't need everyone to know my name, thanks." Christina frowned.

"Okay..." He chuckled nervously, "I just wanted to drop by and ask if anything was going on."

We all must have looked intensely scared.

"I only ask because of the incident a few months ago." Jack said.

I stared at him for a second, "Fine. Everything's fine." I smiled.

"Peculiar, aren't ya?" He smiled, "You and the ladies have a good night." He said, leaving.

I shut the door and turned to them.

"He's extremely cute." Kendall said.

"And nosy as hell!" Christina frowned.

"This isn't good." I frowned, "At least we know you bitches didn't kill the guy."

Kendall and Christina nodded.

"Question would be...how long we're going to be able to keep your secret a secret." I frowned.



Chapter 53: Best Thing I Never Had



"You don't supposed there's a Weddings for Dummies, do you?" Hannah said, swiping the hair from in front of her face.

Harry chuckled and moved the hair, "Relax, Sinch, the wedding will be awesome because I'll be standing up there next to the most beautiful bride." He smiled.

Hannah looked at him and leaned in to kiss him.

"Do you think Marco is going to be back by then?" Harry asked.

Hannah thought about it, "I don't know. I mean...rehab doesn't last too long, does it?" she asked.

"Depends on the person and the problem." Harry said, "Have you heard from him?"

"Yeah, I have." Hannah smiled, "He talked to mom and dad, but he's all into Adaen."

"Yeah, and none of us ever saw that coming." Harry chuckled.

"You knew he was...and you were still his friend?" Hannah asked, "I just keep loving you more and more."

"A good friend knows who his friend is interested in." Harry said, "It never bothered me. He never checked me out...okay, maybe that once but he didn't again."

Hannah smirked, "Well, I'm still checking you out." She said, kissing him.

"Thank you baby." He smiled, "I thought your friends were supposed to be helping you out."

Hannah sighed, "They are. They should be here soon." She smiled.

Outside the door to her house, Kendall, Christina and I stood. We were all nervous, especially since we knew that whoever was watching us was all the more close. It felt like the Hargrove Massacre all over again. That's what everyone was calling it. I still had nightmares about it. Eric did too, I could hear him in his sleep. I didn't really sleep much either. Mostly, I thought about David. He hadn't known me but hated me anyways for something I didn't do. I killed his father, but it wasn't my fault. That incident still scared me too. I had always known that not everybody liked me, given. But what I hadn't known was that I was hated by people I didn't know. My life affected other people's lives, people I didn't know. I guess we all did. I looked to Christina and Kendall and wondered had they realized it yet. They had changed one life, for sure. I could feel their tension and fear. There was also something very guilty about them. Hannah and I had noticed the change, but we couldn't tell how bad it was.

"Are we going to tell Hannah?" Kendall asked.

"What? Why?" Christina asked.

"Well, you told Adaen." Kendall frowned.

"No. She's got too much going on." I said quickly, "And we don't want to bring anyone else in."

"I'm sorry I brought you in." Christina said, "Not only was this dangerous before, now the legal side steps in."

"On the plus side, he was cute." Kendall smiled.

"Says the lezzy." Christina sighed.

"That was one time and she was a total slut." Kendall protested.

"She was also your brother's wife." I shrugged.

"What is this, gang up on Kendall day?" Kendall asked.

"Not ganging, just saying." I smiled, "She was a slutty predator."

"Good on the not judging because you've slept with two brothers." Christina said quickly.

"Says the football team's cum rag." I said just as quickly.

"At least I admit it...I'm a virgin again, though." Christina smirked.

"Oh come on, you and your new ex never did anything?" Kendall asked.

"That's exactly what I'm saying, you bitches, two." Christina said.

"Guys, we can't do this." I chuckled, "We cannot turn on each other."

"He's right. Gay and right." Christina said, "Sorry skanks, I just..."

"We know." Kendall said.

"We're agreed. No telling." I smiled.

"Right." They said.

"We have to find out who's blackmailing us." I frowned.

Christina chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah, blackmailing." I said, "Who wants to see us squirm."

"That's a joke right? Who doesn't?" Christina said crossing her arm, "We were so the cool kids in school."

"Get real, you were the bitches of Eastwick." I said.

"Tomato...tomato..." Christina shrugged.

"One J name does come to mind." Kendall frowned, "Maybe our resident shit-starter is back."

"Jennifer? As much as I agree, would she risk an ass-kicking?" I asked.

"Didn't say the bitch was smart." Christina frowned, "I'm just aching to sink my nails into that bitch's skin."

Kendall and I chuckled.

"I think we all need to confront the J's." I said, "I'll take Jennifer. Kendall, you take Janet, and Christina...be nice to Julie, please."

"She's a suspect? Julie, I mean." Kendall asked.

"It can't be coincidental." I said, "She returns and suddenly, somebody knows our secrets?"

"Good point." Kendall said, "Are we sure it's okay sending Christina to do it?"

"Hey, I'm still in the room!" Christina frowned, "I can be tactful."

There was an awkward silence before a roaring laughter.

"Okay, but I can be nice." Christina said.

There was yet another silence before a laugh.

"Who am I kidding?"

"Not anyone." Kendall smirked.

"Listen, I'm not so sure we should be open. Look for any subtlety." I said, "I mean, we can't exactly ask if they're stalking us."

"You're right." Kendall nodded.

"Game on, bitches." Christina smiled.


"Jig's up, bitch." Christina said, walking into Eric's club. Christina couldn't help but think that Eric's whole changing club name idea wasn't exactly the best idea. This month, it's called Phoenix. Julie was at the stage, talking to a stagehand. Apparently, she had found her niche' in the world as a singer. It was out of nowhere. Christina hadn't known her to sing. But to have this beautiful voice come out of someone she grew up with was a little entrancing. Didn't make up for the years she'd disappeared without so much as a word. She had made them think she was dead and it had worked. Julie regarded her as an annoyance at first, but quickly softened.

"What are you talking about, Chris?"

"Don't call me Chris." Christina frowned.

Chris was something people who were friends used. She was no friend.

"Fine." Julie frowned.

"We know about your little plan to bring us down." Christina frowned, "What you didn't count on is my penetrating your keen mind, did ya?"

"What...in the fuck, are you talking about?" Julie asked, folding her arms.

"I'm talking about..." Christina looked around, "You're seriously going to say you don't know?"

"What?" Julie asked.

"Nothing, nevermind." Christina said, turning to leave.

"You leave for a couple of years and everything gets all different without anything changing." Julie said.

Christina smiled and turned to her, "I guess that's what happens when you up and die. You should try it more often." She smiled.

Julie held back an angry chuckle.

"Besides, the whole rigor mortis thing you've got going on really works for you." Christina frowned.

"You are still an unbelievable bitch." Julie said, "I thought I'd come back to a new you."

"Hope springs eternal."

"Same bitch since you were four." Julie said.

"Same fat ass since you were six." Christina said.

"Alright, that's enough! Leave." Julie said.

"Free club."

"Actually, the club's not open. Eric says no one besides the bands are in here until it opens."

"He is so not around." Christina smirked.

"Fine, stay. You'll just get rocked by my awesomeness." Julie shrugged, heading to the stage.

"What-in-whatever." Christina said, turning and leaving.


I walked into my room and checked my computer for messages. I don't know why. All that spammed was Facebook and Twitter. I checked to see if Marco was online and he wasn't. No messages either. I cursed myself. I had to get ready to face Jennifer. She was a cunning bitch. I had to make sure that I had the right words. I mean, "You scheming Bitch" got old really fast. No one was home, well, no one but Eric, I guessed. I was about to go to his room when my phone began to ring. I walked over and picked it up, looking at it over. I didn't know the number. I answered it anyway. The man on the phone was named William Benson. He introduced himself as a literary agent. I was immediately thrilled and let him speak. Apparently, someone had sent some poems and short stories into him and he liked them. He liked them a lot. He wanted to be my agent! I almost squealed with glee! This was the bomb.com. I hate it when people say that, but I just had to! He said he'd be coming in to see me so we could work out details. I told him that a few days from now would be fine and we hung up. I chuckled to myself and ran to Eric's room. I didn't knock...didn't know I had to. I should have. Eric sat on the edge of the bed while Jennifer lay next to him...nude. I cringed at the sight.

"Oh...My...Goddess!" I said angrily.

"This looks so much worse than it is." Eric said quickly.

"It looks like you just Brooke'd with a skank!" I frowned.

"Okay, I totally did..."

"Hey!" Jennifer protested.

"But I was drunk." Eric explained.

Jennifer stood, naked, "Umm, standing right here!" she frowned.

"Get your shit on and get out of my house, trash!" I spat.

"Is that any way to talk to a guest?" Jennifer smiled, pulling on jeans.

"You stay away from my brother." I warned, "This is worse than anything the Jersey Shore cast could come up with."

Jennifer pulled on a tank top, "You can't still be mad at me." She frowned.

"You're serious?" I asked.

"As a hard co..."

"Get out." I frowned.

"Fine." Jennifer said, walking past me.

I turned to Eric, who shrugged, "Mmmmhmp!" I grunted, leaving the room.


"You think I'm doing what?" Janet chuckled, "Why would I care about your little bitch squad of doom! I'm moving because you couldn't keep your mouth shut about your first rough fuck with a girl. Thanks for being a dick in a box."

"You're telling the truth...what a change." Kendall said, confused.

"Like I sneak around like a total spaz and spy on your little clit."

"You mean, clique?"

Janet smirked, zipping her bag, "No!" she said, leaving Kendall to look on after her.


Julie stood backstage after waiting to sing a particularly challenging song. She wasn't sure how the song would go onstage, but she was sure she could make it work. She had taken Marco's advice and sent an executive her music and he was coming to watch. She didn't have people. No manager, nothing. She had a person in mind to be her manager. She was ready to be evaluated. It was now or never and she just wished Marco was here to see it.

"You're going to be great." Eric said, walking in, "I listened from the back and you were...you blew me away."

"Thank you." Julie smiled, "I'm really having jitters."

"Just don't let too many people know about the exec."

Julie looked at him.

"It's my club. I know who's going to be here." He smirked.

"You think I give good musical face?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, all you have to do is go all Rachel Berry on them." Eric said.

"Right. You're going to be there, right?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, I think I am." Eric smiled, "I'll be in the back." He said, leaving.

Julie turned back to the stage and waited for the music to start and when it did, she paused, only momentarily, then took to the stage.


Skies are crying, I am watching

Catching teardrops in my hands

Only silence, as it's ending, like we never had a chance

Do you have to make me feel like there's nothing left of me?


Christina and Kendall sat by the fire. They were burning something and it was burned beyond recognition. Both girls looked at each other sadly. They were burning clothes. The blood-stained clothes from when they hit the guy. They had investigated and found him bloody but left him there. Those clothes burned in cinder and ash and left no evidence. Nothing that could link them to the accident. The car was fixed, washed, and nobody could ever link them to it. Suddenly, both girls got a media text with the text, "You can't hide everything." And there was picture after picture of the car before it was fixed and the bloody clothes. Christina and Kendall looked to each other, worried.

As the smoke clears

I awaken and untangle you from me

Would it make you feel better to watch me while Ii bleed

All my windows still are broken but I'm standing on my feet.

Peter sat in his bed, on the computer. The backlash had died down but he was reading some soft-hearted comments, wishing him well. He felt better when he read them and everything didn't seem so bad. Looking back on the incident, he felt saddened. He hurt, not only himself but, the people around him. He hadn't thought he mattered, but it turns out that he mattered more than he realized and that felt better than anything in the world. Well, almost. There was a knock at the door and Josh Torrey walked into the room. Peter brightened up at seeing him. The two exchanged pleasant words.

Go run run run, I'm gonna stay right here

Watch you disappear yeah

Go run run run yeah it's a long way down

But I'm closer to the clouds up here.


Hannah stood, trying on her wedding dress and for the first time, she felt different. Like a bride. She was proud of all her planning and she was nervous about her future. She hadn't told anyone yet, but Harry got a job offer out of town. It was a really good job and he was perfect. The job had plenty of space for mobility. She figured that after the wedding, she would announce it. She just hoped it would go better than she expected.

You can take everything I have

You can break everything I am

Like I'm made of glass

Like I'm made of paper


Go on and try to tear me down

I will be rising from the ground

Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper


There was a knock at the front door. This was after I got a text, pictures of Christina's car dented with blood. I wasn't too keen on opening the door. I was home alone, trying to come up with as much new material as I could. The agent had seen some poems, a short story, and the first chapter of something I wrote. I needed to show him something I'd been working on for the long haul. There was another knock accompanied by the doorbell. I walked over to the door cautiously. When I finally plucked up the courage to open the door, I was greeted by Marco. I squeal a little with joy and hugged him.

Like a skyscraper


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