Ever After



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"You really missed me." Marco smirked.

I laid on his arm in my underwear.

"We're also in our underwear." I smiled up at him.

"We haven't, uh, done this since...you know."

"Prom? Yeah." I said.

I punched him in the arm.

"Wha-ow!" He said.

"You didn't even tell me you were coming." I frowned.

"Thus, the surprise." Marco smiled.

I smiled too. It was the best surprise I'd gotten in a while. Definitely the best. I played with his pecs. He really was sexy and mine. Please don't forget that he's mine.

"You remember when I said I'd been offered a teaching job?" Marco asked.

I nodded.

"Can't take it." Marco said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Last night, Julie got a record contract." He explained.

"And she's going to keep you?" I asked.

"I'm going to be her agent." Marco smiled.

I sat up, "That's amazing. You are amazing." I smiled.

"And that would mean that I have to move." Marco said.

"Not so amazing." I frowned.

"But I want you to go with me."

"Okay, amazing again." I smiled, "But I can't just leave..."

"You could transfer your credits and...this is our chance to get out of Hargrove and move on! With me." He smiled, "I want you with me wherever I go."

I thought about it for a split second. I mean, I love Marco, always have and always will, but this means moving away from everything. I built my life around Hargrove, around these friends.

Chapter 54: Moment for Life

My phone buzzed. I looked over to it and groaned. I was sleeping beside Marco in his apartment. Everything was so great. I couldn't imagine not laying here with him. It felt perfect. That's why I was afraid of the phone buzzing. No moment could pass without something bad happening after. I just wished that I could have this moment for life. But alas, I was here and now. I didn't want to miss something important. I rolled over to the nightstand and grabbed my phone and slid my finger across, then entering the code to unlock it. When I finally did, the message said:

Heaven don't last always, cutie. Time to test that theory. This wedding coming up today is going to be one to remember. Invite her old flame, you know the one. Do it or the secret's out.

I groaned to myself. And they're off!


"He wants you to do what?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah, and you know who she...or potentially he means." I frowned, folding my arms, "J wants me to ruin the wedding by calling back a total douche."

"Zack? Really? Where is he?" Christina asked.

"Cancun? Or some beach." I said, "You don't think I'm going to actually do it..."

"IF you don't..." Kendall started.

"I know, but we're all friends again. I can't just...ruin my best friend's wedding! She'd hate me! And Marco..." I paused, "Guys there's got to be some other way."

"I don't think there is." Christina frowned, "Look, I don't want you to hurt Hannah either, but seriously. It's our secret on the line. We could go to jail."

"I know and I'm sorry..."

"Don't be sorry." Kendall said, walking over and grabbing me, "Help us."

I'd never felt quite this torn. This was a huge decision and either way it went, someone would be hurt. Someone wouldn't make it out unscathed. I pulled out my phone and began dialing.

"Thank you." Kendall said, near tears.

I recoiled and began talking to Zack.


I sat on a bench in the middle of the park, looking out onto the park. I was supposed to be getting ready for Hannah's re-wedding. I wasn't in too much of a hurry to make it to the disaster that was sure to ensue. And it was all my fault. Again. I couldn't stop saying I'm sorry. We'd all done stuff to each other, but this was intentionally. J couldn't...do this. At first, I wondered why he'd want to hurt Hannah so much, but then it hit me, it wasn't Hannah he was hurting.


I looked up to see Marco holding ice cream cones. He looked so manly now. All man-sized. I used to look at him with brotherly eyes, even when I had a crush on him. I didn't see him like that anymore. He was more than just a friend. In some ways, he'd always been more. Now, he was mine.

"How'd you know I was here?" I asked.

Marco licked his ice cream and handed me mine, "I don't know, honestly. I was passing by and saw you sitting here. You looked sad." He said, "And you're not one of those flowers type of guy."

I smiled.

"What are you doing here?" Marco asked, looking around, "Don't tell me you're rethinking my offer...or kids."

I chuckled, "No. Well...no kids. Your offer...I'm still thinking on it.." I said.

"Aren't you supposed to meet with that guy today? Before the wedding, which I thought you were supposed to be helping with." Marco said inquisitively.

"Well, Christina and Kendall took my shift of Wedding-gate and I am. As a matter of fact, I'm supposed to meet him at the house two hours before the wedding, which means I'm on super duty." I said, "Did I tell you that I was proud of you?"

Marco looked at me incredulously, "No. Thank you. That means a lot." He smiled.

I stood and kissed him on the forehead, "I love you." I said before making a quick getaway.


When I walked through the door, Mom and Hope were coming down the stairs. They were both in deep conversation until they got to the bottom of the stairs. They regarded me rather nicely and Hope continued to the kitchen. Mom smiled to her and turned to me. When I asked her what was up, she replied that they'd all been to Eric's apartment and cleared his stuff out.

"How is he?" I asked.

"Not good." Mom replied, "He's doing better than I thought he would."

"I should go and see him." I said.

Just then, the doorbell rang. I looked at the door and up to the stairs.

"Will you get that? And tell him I'm running late." I said softly.

I walked upstairs and knocked lightly on the door. The door creaked open and Eric was at the edge of the bed again, crying. He tried to wipe his face and stop when I rapped on the door. I walked over and knelt next to him, hugging him. It was a silent thing. Brotherly. Both of us knew that talking was not an option. We did so for ten minutes. I let him cry on my shoulder, as I had done before. He apologized, saying that he wouldn't do it again. I frowned and told him that he would and he shouldn't feel ashamed about it. When I left the room, he was going to start sorting through her stuff. I walked down and stopped when I got to the landing. This was it. My big moment. This moment could set me up for the rest of my life. I stopped breathing for five seconds before it started again. So much was happening. I walked into the room and noticed a very sexy guy sitting on my couch. He looked like Ian Harding. He was wearing a business suit and it was the best suit ever. He introduced himself as Will Benson, but since the whole "I Know What You Did Last Summer" thing, he went by Ben. I smiled and shook his hand as we sat down.

"I loved what I read." Ben smiled, "I think you're a truly gifted writer."

"And?" I asked.

"No and/or/but, I love yours style. And even though it was a fantasy book, so was True Blood and Buffy...well, True Blood, but not Buffy. Buffy was a tv show." He stammered, "But the point, the main valid point, is that I really love the character depth and the actions. And your dialogue puts me in the mind of Joss Whedon."

"Thanks." I said.

"I want to shop your book around. I think it would fill a niche, having your main character be a strong, gay male. Also, race is an issue. I love that he's gay, strong and black. It's refreshing." He gushed.

"Thanks." I repeated.

"You changed your mind?"

"I'm in shock." I said slowly, "I mean, what does this mean?"

"This means I want you to fly to New York and stay. For a while at least. The company is actually behind me on this. We want to get you published, but we need you to do this in person."

"Wow, really I mean... that'sówait, you...I...what?" I stammered, "You want me to go to New York?"

"Is that a problem?" Ben asked.

Was it a problem? It was the hugest problem.


Marco sat at Eric's club watching Julie sing her rendition of Demi Lovato's Skyscraper. Julie was good, so talen wouldn't be an issue. He could handle L.A., even though he was a recovering addict. He knew he could. To be her agent was the success he needed to do anything. He could do anything if he could help Julie. The only thing that was an issue was his boyfriend. Adaen didn't share his enthusiasm for the change. He didn't want to move. Marco could see why, but everything he could possibly come up with, Marco had already thought of. Except maybe he just didn't want to go.

"You look like an uber-puppy ate your first puppy." Julie said, walking over to him, "What happened?"

"I asked Adaen to come with me."

"Us." Julie said quickly.

"Whatever, he doesn't want to go? Or something." Marco said.

"How did you ask?" Julie asked, "I can't believe he turned down a proposal."

"Whoa! Proposal? I didn't...I didn't propose." Marco said.

Julie smiled but kept it to herself and wiped it off her face, "Maybe that's what he needs." She said, "Maybe he wants the commitment."

Marco was in deep thought. Maybe this was what Adaen wanted. He hadn't thought about it because he wasn't supposed to be making life-altering decisions fresh out of rehab, but maybe he should bite the bullet. I mean, this could totally scare him off or totally be his thing. They'd known each other since they were little. This could be just the thing to make him want to move.

"You know what, I think I'm going to do it." Marco said, "I'm asking him." He said leaving.

Julie smiled to herself and bade him goodbye. She wasn't much of a schemer, not before the disappearance, but now it just felt right. Adaen had serious commitment issues and she knew it. She thought Marco would have known it too. He was so in love with Adaen he couldn't see straight. Julie only hoped her plan would work out. She had to get ready for the wedding to end all weddings.


"So, he's coming?" Hannah said, "Please tell me he's coming! I'll be sick. What's wrong with him!? Me and him just got...oh, I'm going to be sick!"

Christina and Kendall exchanged looks.

"I'm sure he'll be here any minute." Kendall smiled.

"Yeah, relax bitch." Christina said, "This is your wedding."

"He wasn't at my last one." Hannah said, "He's got to be at this one."

Hannah looked sick and stood, running to the bathroom.

"I feel like the shittiest person ever..." Kendall said.

"Cause we are." Christina said, "No matter what happens, somebody is getting hurt."

"I don't want it to be the pregnant lady, though." Kendall said.

"What about Adaen? If Hannah finds out..."

"...I know." Kendall said, hanging her head in shame.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and I walked in.

"Where've you been?! She's practically hyperventilating!" Kendall said.

"Busy morning." I smiled.

"How'd the thing with the agent go?" Christina asked.

"Great. He wants to fly me out to New York." I smiled.

"That's great!" Hannah said at the bathroom door, "Oh my god, that's freaking awesome! Have you told...Marco."

"No and nobody does." I smiled, "I like your hair."

"I like your suit. It fits really well." Hannah said, looking me over.

"Why aren't you in the dress?" I asked.

"I was...waiting."

"You're nervous." I said, "Don't be. Sweetie, he loves you and you love him. The proof is in your tummy. We're all here for you. This is your bióbig day."

"Are you about to cry? Awww, come here!" She said, latching onto me.

I felt like an absolute tool. I knew what was coming. I wanted to tell her, but I wasn't going to bring anyone into this.

"Wedding is here." Christina said softly.

"Right!" Hannah said tearing herself off me, "Guys, just give me a minute."

"Right" We said, leaving her.

"Adaen..." Christina began.

"Don't." I said, walking off.

The place was beautiful. It was a park. A huge park. There was an arch full of roses and a long white carpet leading to it, accompanied by chairs all around it. There were lilies and other flowers all around the site. It was so awesome. I was talking with Peter when I got tapped on the shoulder. I turned to see Marco, who gave me a single lily. He then pulled me into one of the offices. We were alone.

"Hey, I have important news..." I smiled.

"Me first." He said, rummaging around in his pocket. He fished out a little box and knelt to one knee, "I know this is...really sudden, but I really want to spend the rest of my life with you. I've known you basically your whole life and before I even had the nerve to want you, I wanted you. I think about you when I wake up and before I go to sleep. When I'm away from you, I'm not happy. I'm asking you...will you marry me?"

I frowned. I would have loved to marry him and live the rest of my life with him, but it wasn't what I needed to do now. This wasn't the time for him and I to get married. I wanted very much to be with him, to marry him even, but things were just happening for us. Both of us.

"Not right now." I said softly.

Marco looked crushed and stood, "Wait, what? Isn't this what you wanted?" he asked.

"Yes. No. I mean..." I sighed, "I want it, but...remember, I had that meeting with the literary agent and he wants to sign me and shop my book."

"How does this have anything to do with you marrying me?" Marco asked.

"He wants to fly me to New York." I said quickly, "He wants me to go to school there and..."

"You pick that over me?" Marco asked, "You can write anywhere. Your heart won't be happy just anywhere."

"I don't want us to break up..."

"I just asked you to marry me and you said no! Where do you expect our relationship to go?!" He asked angrily.

"I can't do this now." I said, walking to the door.

"If you leave, we're done." Marco said angrily.

"If I leave, we're done too." I said softly.

It took everything in me to walk out of that door. I walked out of the door, leaving him there. I grabbed my phone and composed myself long enough to accept Ben's offer.


The band was ready. I stood next to Christina and Kendall. We were Hannah's wedding party. Mrs. Terrance, Laura, sat in the first row. On the other side, Harry's mother and father, Ophelia and Caris, sat on the first row. And our friends were scattered out. Harry had his men, first and foremost was Marco. Julie stood with the band, singing some old love song. I tried to look as happy as I could. I hadn't told any of them. I did tell them I'd be leaving. Zack hadn't arrived so I was happy. Maybe he changed his mind. The band began to play and Mr. Terrance, Michael, walked a very beautiful Hannah down the aisle. I smiled as she got to the arch. We were at a lookout point and the arch looked out over the rest of the world. The wedding went through as planned. It was beautiful. We were at their vows and I noticed that it was a beautiful moment. So beautiful, I forgot what was coming.

"Wait!" Zack yelled.

Everyone turned their attention to him.

"She can't marry him! She's still in love with me!" Zack said breathlessly.

There was a collective gasp as the sounds hit everyone's ears. I tensed. Harry looked like he was ready to pummel Zack was still standing in the aisle like the total douche he was. I hurried over to him and took him into one of the offices.

"What are you doing?" Zack asked, "I thought you said she wanted me."

"I did say that. What I forgot to say is that she wants you...at her wedding." I said slowly.

"You told him I wanted him here?" Hannah asked, "Why would you do that?"

"So, you never wanted me here at all?" Zack asked, turning to me, "What are you doing?"

"What are you doing?!" Hannah asked.

It was then that I noticed that Marco, Ballard, Kendall, Christina, Julie were there.

"I had to..."

"Ruin my wedding. Good job." Hannah said, "I thought you had changed, but you can't change. I let you back into my life. I missed you. This isn't you, the you I miss is gone forever. I don't want you here anymore."


"Don't. I'll be glad when I leave so I never have to see your face." Hannah said.

"You won't have to wait. I'm leaving right after the wedding." I frowned, "You'll never have to see me again."

"What?" Marco asked.

"He said all this before." Hannah said.

"This time, it's sticky." I said, "I love you. I didn't do this to hurt you."

"Then why, on God's green Earth, would you call him back here?" Hannah asked.

"One of life's mysteries I guess." I said, walking to the door.

"Adaen, Hannah we can work this out." Marco said.

"No, we really can't." I said, walking out of the room.

I then received a text that said:

Looks like we're all square. Everybody hates you. How's life on the other side? You won't be hearing from me soon, cupcake. Have a nice flight.

I chuckled angrily as I began to walk away.



[Someone Like You by Adele begins to play]

Adele: I heard that you're settled down
That you found a girl and you're married now
I heard that your dreams came true
Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you

Ballard sat in his father's office, filling out a contract to be his father's company's new junior president. He was ready to figure out his life and being the junior president was the first step in his new journey.

Adele: Old friend, why are you so shy?
Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light

Christina sat in Kendall's room, looking out the window. Christina felt powerless. She and Kendall had gotten a text earlier letting them know that they were off the hook...for now. She drew a breath of relief, but some things still seemed wrong. This wasn't like before. Everything was so final. All her friends were going off and doing other things and she couldn't. She had a huge secret to keep. She turned to Kendall, who had hot chocolate. Christina took it and poured a shot in it. Kendall and Christina smiled a half smile and clinked cups.

Adele: You know how the time flies
Only yesterday was the time of our lives
We were born and raised in a summer haze
Bound by the surprise of our glory days

Hannah was snuggled up with Harry. The newlyweds were having quiet time before the morning, when they'd be on their way to their honeymoon. Hannah was upset about Adaen, but she couldn't shake the feeling that it seemed forced. Something wasn't right about everything. He wouldn't do something like that. If he wanted to ruin her wedding, he wouldn't have done it like that. Something was up. Wasn't her job to find out anymore. She had a re-husband and a new child to worry about. She'd be leaving soon, too. Her new little family would be moving away from everything.

Adele: You know how the time flies
Only yesterday was the time of our lives
We were born and raised in a summer haze
Bound by the surprise of our glory days

Marco stood in front of his bed. He was packing. He slid stuff into the suitcase and readied himself for a trip. He couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. He looked over to the ring on the dresser and walked over, closing the box.

Adele: Nothing compares, no worries or cares
Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made
Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?

Davis was playing basketball. He was doing what he loved more than anything in the world. It was his passion and he was great at it. He had money and fame and everything you could want, but none of that compared to something he was missing. There was just one thing he missed more...


Adele: Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you
Don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

As I walked downstairs, I noticed that the family was lined up downstairs. There was Kya and Carlie, the Peter, then Hope, then eric, then Mom.

I walked down the stairs and hugged Kya and squeezed Carlie, "You've got to let me know when..."

"It's a girl." Kya smiled.

"When the new girl hits the family." I smiled.

"I will." She smiled.

I turned to Peter, who grabbed me in a hug.

"When you make it big, can we visit?" Peter asked.

"Of course." I smiled, "Be careful kid. You're out now. Just...be careful." I said, hugging him.

Hope stepped up, "Buy me something." She smirked.

"How about a chastity belt." I smirked hugging her, "You be careful, too. Take care him. All of them."

"Don't get mushy." Hope smiled.

"Won't." I said, walking over to Eric. I just stared at this big teddy bear guy before hugging him, "One day at a time. And call me whenever, day or night."

"Ditto, bro." Eric said with more luster than I had seen from him lately, "You take the world by storm and don't stop."

I nodded and moved to Mom.

"I told myself I wouldn't cry. Like when you went to college." Mom said, fighting tears.

"Don't. I'll get all mushy and I hate to see you cry." I frowned.

"You're my baby." Mom said, "This success you're having...this isn't the only success you'll have. I know it. Don't ever be scared of your own greatness, baby."

I smiled and hugged her.

"Now, go and don't forget to write, call, e-mail, picture mail..." Mom babbled.

"I know." I smiled and picked up my bags. I wanted to say something poignant or witty, but all I could think about was what I was leaving. The only thought that could push me further out the door is that this was the first step in making something of myself. And so I left that house...in the dead of night...on my way.

Adele: Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you, too
Don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead


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