Ever After



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"I really don't want to talk to you." I frowned. I was on the phone with Ben. He was groveling and I have to say that it felt extremely good to hear. He wanted me to come back to New York, but I was adamant that I stay in Hargrove. He was starting to annoy me, "I've got to go. Well, I'm going." I ended the call.

"Look at you." Peter said, standing at the door with his arms folded, "Business guy."

I smiled to him, "Always." I smirked, "Shouldn't you be at school?"

"It's four." Peter said.

I chuckled and went to the bed, "I've been sleep all day." I said, "Forgot what that was like."

"Writers don't sleep?" Peter asked.

"First rule, writers don't sleep." I smirked, "How was school?"

"Senior year." Peter smiled.

"I remember that year." I said, "Best year ever."

"Why come back now?"

That question took me off guard. I hadn't talked to Marco since...well, since I found out about him and Julie. I guess I was taking too long.

"Nevermind. Private." Peter said.

"No, it's...a valid question." I said, "It's just a story for another day. What's going on between you and Rocco?"

Chapter 56: I Will Try To Fix You

I walked across the living room and looked out onto the front yard. It was a different. It felt like me. We had changed houses and now the outlook was different. Marco and I had parted and now the outlook was different. I hate to admit it, but I was different. Not by much. Some things never change. My biggest upset in life was in love. I had been great at almost everything else, but love...always eluded me. As hurt as I had been the last couple of days, I didn't feel sad. I was angry at myself. Marco was going to be the one who got away and I was the idiot who let him get away. Julie was logical. I mean, Marco wasn't into guys usually, not like Davis. He liked guys now. He was also an action figure. I had to stop thinking about either of them. I hadn't needed a guy to do anything before, why should that start now? I stopped cold when Marco's car stopped in the driveway. I turned to retreat to my room when I bumped into Mom. She had been standing with Eric.


"What's wrong?" Mom asked.


Eric walked to the window and peered out, "Isn't that Marco?" he asked.


"Is that why you were staring out the window?" Mom asked.


"No." I frowned, "He is why I was about to bolt, though. Wanna know why?"


"I can guess." Mom said.




Mom stared at me.


"Any chance you'll tell him I'm not here?" I asked.


"I will!" Eric said.


"No, you won't." Mom said, "You want him to know you're not here, you tell him. Let's go Eric." She said walking to the door and stopping, waiting on Eric.


"Why were you looking out the window?" Eric asked, walking to her.


"Long story."


"Honey, are you okay?" Mom asked, "I haven't even asked what your time frame is."


"I'll let you know." I smiled.


"Why isn't Marco coming in?" Eric asked, "What'd you do?"


"He's probably figuring out what to say." I said, "Kinda like me."


Eric and Mom exchanged puzzled looks. Before they could ask anything, there was a knock on the door. We all looked to the door. Eric opened the door and exchanged hellos to the new and improved Marco. Mom uttered hellos also as she left with Eric. He stood in my living room with his hands in his pockets. I was stuck on what to say and just how it was going to leave my mouth. He was having the same problem.


"I didn't mean to have word diarrhea." I said, "I was just..."


"Saying what you needed to say." Marco said, "Saying something that the old you wouldn't have had the balls to say. Or maybe you would."


"It wasn't my place to say any of that. If I had known..."


"Why'd you leave?" Marco asked.


"You know why." I shrugged.


"No, the real reason. And why did you call Zack to Hannah's wedding?" Marco asked.


I swallowed a lump, "I had my reasons." I said quickly.


"See, this is why we never would have worked. These reasons are keeping us apart."


"I thought it was the blonde, tanned Pop star." I said quickly, "Three years change everything."


"Not enough." Marco frowned, heading for the door.


I quickly closed my eyes and walked towards him, "Marco!" I said, causing him to stop.


He turned to me about to say something, but I cut him off with my tongue. As our lips crashed together, I felt the sensation I'd felt many times before. I kicked myself for not being grateful for every kiss before this. When we parted, he stared at me, trying to figure me out.


"That can't happen again." I said quickly.


"If you wanted me, now would be the time to say it."


I was silent. He nodded and turned, leaving.


"I thought I had." I said sadly.




I figured that I needed to talk to Hannah. She was at the school and so was I. I was in the neighborhood. Actually, that was a lie. I was nowhere near the neighborhood the school was in. It was later, around five and the campus was mostly empty. I was walking when I heard shuffling. I hurried around a corner to find Josh and Rocco exchanging blows. Hope and Peter were standing by the side. I ran over quickly and separated them.


"What in the Holy FUCK is going on?!" I asked.


Neither said anything.


"Somebody talk before I start exchanging blows." I said angrily.


"It's nothing. Just drop it!" Rocco said, storming away.


"At least I was more discreet." I said.


They looked at me.


"Okay, with who I was dating, I was!"


Josh signed something.


"What'd he say?" I asked.


Hope stared at Peter. Josh looked annoyed and walked away. I'd met him before but I never saw him annoyed before. Hope and Peter looked on at him.


"Don't worry, you're not the only person that got dumped today." I smiled.


"Splainy?" Hope said.


"And all this time I thought Hope was going to date Rocco." I shrugged, "I so did not see you getting two guys."


"Hey!" Peter protested.


"Sorry, kid, but you've got no game." I chuckled.


"True." Hope smirked.


"Screw both of you." Peter said, "You never had game."


"Oh, I had game." I smiled.


"No, you didn't." Hope smirked.


"Screw you." I said quickly, "Where is Hannah? She's not in some meeting, is she?"


"Hope, Peter..."


We all turned to the voice. It was a cute guy. He was my age or older. Tanned. Black haired. He looked like...


"Holy Blair Redford." I said quickly.


"I get that a lot." He smiled, walking over to me.


I turned to Hope and Peter.


"Dr. Hartford." Hope smiled.


I could tell by the look in her eyes, as well as Peter's, that I wasn't seeing things. There was a hot guy standing in front of me.


"He's the Choir and Math teacher." Peter said.


"Music and Math? Odd combination." I smiled, shaking his hand.


"They're both rhythmic." He said, "And you can call me Michael."


"I'm Hope cousin. I used to go here." I smiled.


"I've read you." He smiled.


I chuckled.


"Or your books. I meant to say that I read your work." He smiled.


"What'd you think?" I asked.


"Inspirational. And true." He said, "I'm a numbers guy but I definitely enjoyed your work."


"I used to be in the choir here." I smiled.


"Maybe you could drop by sometime and show the kids how it's done." He smiled.


"Maybe." I smiled.


He looked at his watch, "I think I'm running late. It was nice meeting you. See you two later." He smiled, leaving.


"God, did you have to drool over my baby daddy?" Hope asked.


"I didn't drool." I said, "And who said he's gay?"


"He's a choir teacher."




"So, he's gay." Hope said quickly.


"You're so what in whatever." I said.


"Stop watching Awkward re-runs." Peter said.


"Fine. I'm going to find my real friend." I said walking away.




I knocked on the door.


"Come in." Hannah said.


I walked in to see Ian running up and down the isles of the classroom and Hannah sitting at her desk, trying to grade papers. Ian stopped and turned to me, running over to me. He hugged my legs and...to be gay, warmed my heart a little. He asked me what I was doing. As much as that would have annoyed me if he was older, it didn't annoy me now. It was kind of cute.


"Hey!" Hannah said, looking up from her papers, "What're you doing here in the dead zone?"


"Dead zone? I haven't heard that since we were like fourteen." I smiled.


"Mommy, what's a dead zone?" Ian asked.


"It means the school when all the kids are gone." Hannah smiled.


"You look overworked." I smiled, "Can I do anything?"


"Can you babysit?" Hannah joked.


I smiled.


"No, you don't have to. I was just kidding." Hannah chuckled.


"I can do that." I smiled, "I mean, I've kept kids before. And they lived."


"I wanna go. No dead zone." Ian said.


"See, he's bored." I said.


"Are you sure?" Hannah asked.


"Hey, if I can babysit Carli, this kid is no problem. He's your kid." I smiled.


"Be on your best behavior."


"I will." Ian and I said at the same time. We looked at each other and chuckled. Hannah chuckled too before shooing us out of the classroom.




I had taken Ian to the park and let him play out his energy. A little trick I learned when Carli was the same age. It was almost seven now and getting dark, but still light out. We sat on the bench at the park eating ice cream cones.


"Do you know Elmo."


I looked over at Ian, "Huh?" I asked.


"Mommy and Daddy said you were famous and Elmo is famous...do you know Barney?"


"No, can't say I do. I do know a few people from Glee though." I smiled.


"Where they sing and dance?"


"Don't knock it. The first season was awesome...second...okay...third...alright so far." I said, "What about True Blood?"


"I'm four."


"Right." I said, licking my ice cream.


"Do you date other boys?" Ian asked.


I choked on my ice cream, "Lilkidsaywhat?"


"Mommy said that you used to go out with Uncle Marco." Ian said, "And he's a boy. You're a boy."


"It's complicated. I mean, it's like chocolate. You like chocolate. You don't know why, but you like it, right?" I asked.


He nodded, "It's okay. Mommy says that it's alright. Do you love Uncle Marco?" he asked.


"Do I love Marco?" I asked, "Yes, very much."


"But Uncle Marco is with Aunt Julie."


I nodded.


"Uncle Marco loves you, I heard him and my daddy talking." Ian explained.


"I forgot how many questions kids ask." I smiled, "Everything you said is true, but it's complicated. When you're older, hopefully you'll understand. I sure know I don't."


Ian smiled up at me and I smiled down at him. This kid was okay. I knew he would be.




When Ian and I walked in, there was a heated conversation going on. Hannah and Harry. I had never seen them fight at all. I could actually hear them outside, but I figured it was the tv. I didn't really catch anything that they were saying. They quickly stopped when they noticed us in the room. Ian looked as if he were trying to figure out what they were saying. I, on the other hand, was trying to figure out whether I should interject. It wasn't my business but maybe I could help. Harry smiled at Ian and I and left to the kitchen. Their house was nice. It was very classically furnished. It was cozy. I could tell an architect lived there. It was very architecturally pleasing. It was the kind of place where I'd live if I owned real estate. I'd been living in a very nice condo, courtesy my book deal. I had taken steps to subletting it while I was here.


"It's been a while since I seen someone get slapped." I frowned, "Might be interesting."


"Stick around." Hannah said, bending down to Ian, "How was your day with Uncle Adaen?"


"Fun!" Ian smiled.


"Good, go wash up for dinner." Hannah said.


Ian ran over and hugged my legs before running down the hallway.


"Wanting a kid yet?" Hannah asked.


"A little." I smiled walking over to the counter, "Got any water?"


"You don't drink water." Hannah said, walking to the fridge.


"I do now. I'm all adult." I said.


"What made you come back?" Hannah asked sitting hers down on the table.


"Why are you just a high school teacher?" I asked.


"I asked you first."


"My boyfriend/agent is a slimeball." I said candidly, "The feeling of home got so intense..."


"My brother?" Hannah asked.


"You asked what made me come home." I said, "And why are you not teaching at a college?"


"That would take time I don't have. Between a...husband and four year old, there's no time." Hannah said thoughtfully.


I nodded.


"You want to stay? It's gotta be cramped at your mom's house."


"Don't remind me. But no, I've got a room." I smiled, "Night Theta Mae."


"Night Horace." Hannah smiled.




"See you had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart

Never really had luck, couldn't never figure out

How to love, how to love

You had a lot of moments that didn't last forever."


I was in my room dancing in my underwear and t-shirt. I was singing along to Pandora, who was playing "How to Love" by Lil Wayne. Pandora was the best thing to happen to radio since Howard Stern. It cut out all the chatter and just got to the songs and you could create your own lists and...it's great. I needed this release. I was dancing so hard and singing the song that I didn't notice I had a visitor.


"Nice moves."


I tripped over a chair and fell to the floor, but popped up quickly, "Ballard, what—you have to tell me when you're in my room."


"Sorry, but you were singing and dancing...wasn't much room for me." He smiled.


"Well, doctor Kipton, I shall put some pants on." I said, walking over and pulling pants on.


"So, I guess I was last on your little comeback tour?"


"Honestly...I don't know." I smiled.


"What? First you disappear for three years, (side bar, you became a acclaimed author) and you come back and I'm not on the list for you to see? Somebody forgot the rules." Ballard smirked.


I smirked, "I just got back a few days ago." I said.


"We could throw you a party."


"I don't like parties." I said.


"Yeah, you have a bad track record with parties." Ballard smiled, "How about a small get-together."


"How about you tell me why you're here and I'll think about it." I smiled.


"I just came to see you. We weren't extremely close when you left..."


"Thanks to your ho-ish ways."


"...And I think it's time we corrected that. You're in town. I'm in town..."


"You live here."


"Maybe we can connect." Ballard smirked.


"By connect, I know what you mean."


"How could you possibly know what I mean?" He asked.


"I know you." I said, "We're friends."


"We'll never be just friends, you know that, right?" He asked.


"Best friends, then."


"I'll take it." Ballard smiled, "I'm on call. But let me know about that party."


"You're supposed to be at the hospital?" I asked, "What if someone dies?"


"No one ever dies around here...you know, unless you kill `em." Ballard smiled, leaving.


My phone buzzed so I walked over and picked it up. There was a message saying to get dressed because I've got company. No sooner than I finished dressing, the doorbell rang. I flew downstairs and opened the door to see Hannah standing on my doorstep with Christina and Hannah.


"What...are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"I dropped everything. Harry's watching Ian, so make this quick pl..." She said walking in past me, "Jennifer."


"Sluts for 200?" Christina said, walking in behind her.


Kendall and I walked to the doorway of the living room, next to Christina and Hannah to see that Jennifer, two children, my mother, and Eric sitting in the living room. I couldn't believe my eyes.


"So...you called me over because..." Hannah said.


"I didn't text you." I said quickly, "What in the Hell is going on?"


Mom looked to us and walked to me, "Jennifer has enlightened us that she and your brother have a child. Two, in fact."




"Twins." Mom said, "I don't think right now is the time for friends."


"Who texted me?" Hannah asked.


"I did." Jennifer said, walking up to us, "Could I have a moment alone with them."


"Kitchen." I frowned.


We all walked to the kitchen. I kept a close eye on Jennifer. Something about her was so different. But not different enough. The bitch was pure evil and I knew it. We stopped in the kitchen and we stood together but apart from Jennifer.


"So, you're the J?" Kendall asked.


"Funny thing. As I was leaving this god forsaken town, I spotted a hit and run." Jennifer said, "I saw a few things, so I continued to watch. You'd be surprised what you see when you're actually looking."


"You bitch." I frowned.


"That was particularly heartbreaking." Jennifer shrugged.


"What's she talking about? What are all of you talking about?" Hannah asked.


"She saw us hit a guy with the car and we ran. She's been holding it over us and making us do stuff." Christina said, "Like the wedding."




A look of realization ran across Hannah's face.


"You bitch!" Hannah said, moving towards her.


Kendall grabbed her arm and pulled her back.


"Those babies probably aren't even his!" Christina said.


"We both know better, don't we Adaen?" Jennifer smirked.


"She did sleep with my brother three years ago." I frowned, "But she's right. Probably not even his."


"What do you want?" Kendall asked, "You're obviously grasping for something."


"I just want some friends."


"Tough luck." Christina said.


"I would hate to have to tell Kendall's super sexy detective boyfriend. Or maybe just leave evidence." Jennifer smiled.

"What evidence?" Christina asked.


"The pictures I took."


"You don't have pictures." Hannah said, "Never trust a skank."


Jennifer showed us pics of Christina and Kendall at the scene of the crime.


"Sometimes, you have to trust a skank, right bitch?" Jennifer said, walking back to the living room.


"What are we going to do?" Kendall asked.


"Bitch has us by the balls." Christina frowned.


"I think it's time that you guys confess." I said quickly.


"What? No! We have even more to lose now!" Kendall protested.


"At least then not all of us would get hurt." Hannah said, "She pulled me into this and I'm innocent."


"We all have stuff to lose." I said.


"We think on it." Christina said, "We meet later, after we think about it."


"Hannah, you're not in this." I said.


"I think I am. She did something to me too. She took my best friend and the bitch has got to go!" Hannah frowned.


I smiled.




[Fix You by the Glee Cast]

Matthew Morrison: When you try your best, but you don't succeed.

When you get what you want, but not what you need

When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep

Stuck in reverse


Kendall lay in bed with Jack, snuggling close to her law man. She shut her eyes, trying to pretend that none of this was happening. When she opened her eyes again, she was still there. The problems were still there and she squeezed Jack, who squeezed her back.


Matthew Morrison: And tears come streaming down your face

When you lose something you can't replace

When you love someone, but it goes to waste

Could it be worse?


Marco sat in a chair watching his mother sleep. In the next room, he could see Julie with swatches. She was buzzing around, making arrangements. Marco sighed to himself and looked back to his mother. He couldn't help thinking about Adaen and their kiss and how it all tied back to love. He slumped over in his chair, hopefully he'll sleep tonight.


Matthew Morrison: And high up above or down below

When you're too in love to let it go

But if you never try you'll never know

Just what you're worth


Ballard and Adaen sat on Ballard's couch, watching television. Ballard's living room is mid-century chic and very subtle as far as colors go. They were having fun and laughing. Ballard has a bowl of popcorn and is hording it from Adaen, who can't seem to reach it. The popcorn spills and they both laugh.


Glee Cast: Lights will guide you home

And ignite your bones

And I will try and fix you.


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