Ever After



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"You look good in a tux." I smiled.

"I look good in everything." Davis smirked, "I figure I have to look my best for my big brother's wedding."

"What's with this whole jackass thing you're doing?" I asked.

"I'm a star athlete." Davis smiled, "How are you feeling?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Your ex-boyfriend, the one you're still in love with, is marrying your friend." Davis said.

"She hasn't been anyone's friend in a long time." I frowned.

"Ouch. That was harsh." Davis said, "I just want to make sure you're okay."

"I think maybe I'm haunted." I smiled, "Or cursed."

"Brings me to my next question." Davis said, "Do you want to go as my date."

"A date?" I asked, "A date. I mean...a date."

"Like old times." He smiled.


Chapter 59: Speak Now

"I can't...I can't marry you." Marco said.


There were gasps across the church. No one was sure of what they were watching. No one but me.


"I love someone else." Marco said.


"I'm here." I said, "I have been waiting for you to say that for three years. I've been waiting on that moment for so long."


There was a low murmur amongst the guests.


"You don't belong with her." I said.


"He's right." Julie said, "Go to him."


I opened my eyes to see that Peter was staring at me. I sat up quickly. It was a dream. It was all a dream. I was disappointed to a point near tears. It wasn't just some dream. No, no, it was my dream. The only dream I've had since I found out about the wedding. I wiped away the tears that weren't falling yet. Peter looked to be about to say something.

"How long?" I asked.

"I've been sitting here, watching you dream about Marco for around five minutes." Peter said, "It got so sad that I was about to wake you. I feel like I've just walked in on you sitting in front of a window while Lykke Li is playing in the background."

I nodded.

"I think it's time." Peter said.

"Time?" I asked.

"No matter how far you move, how old you get...sometimes old habits die hard." Peter said, "I think maybe you need to move on. It's his wedding day."

"I have missed him for three years. I made the biggest mistake..."

"Yeah. Maybe. You did and there's nothing you can do." Peter said, "Damage is done."

"Ever realize that I'm the cause of so much damage?" I asked.

"I noticed that you're the cause of good and bad around here." Peter said, "There's nothing you can't do, you've proved that."

"It's really not about me this time, is it?" I asked.

"It's really not." Peter frowned.

There was a very silent moment between us. There was nothing awkward between us.

"So, what do you suggest?" I asked.

"I suggest you put on your big boy pants and do something different." Peter said, "How about you realize you can't always get what you want."

I nodded, "You're right...surprisingly." I smiled.

"Can I also suggest you don't go to the wedding?" Peter asked.

"Noted." I said quickly, "But I already have a date to it."

"That was fast." He said confused.


"Can you not bring that up today?" Harry growled as he put on his tie, "Today is not about me or you, it's about Marco and Julie."

"But you're hurt." Hannah said, "And you haven't been exercising it like the rehab team told you."

"We're not having this conversation again." Harry said again.

"We didn't have it the first time." Hannah frowned, putting on her earrings, "I want you to be better. You can't get better if you don't exercise your hand."

"If it'll get you off my back," He said moving all his fingers with a bit of difficulty, "is this okay?"

"Get me off your back?! Seriously? You are such a dick sometimes." Hannah frowned.

"I'm the nicest guy I know." Harry said, "Maybe if you'd take time from your nagging..."

Hannah and Harry paused when the doorbell rang.

"I'm sorry." Harry said, "I don't mean to...to..."

"I know." Hannah said, walking into the living room and answering the door, "Ad!"

"Hey." I smiled.

"Are you okay?" Hannah asked.

"I'm not going." I said, "This is the first trip on the I'm not going tour."

"Come in," Hannah said leading me over to the sofa, "We're talking about the wedding, right?"

"We are." I smiled.

"I don't blame you but I was sort of wishing you'd ruin it." Hannah said sadly, "None of this seems right."

"You just said what I've been saying." I sighed, "But it's what's happening."

"How are you doing with this?" Hannah asked.

"Moving on." I said, "It took a kid to tell me that."

"The wisdom of a child...nothing like it." Hannah said, "Kya's daughter?"

"No. Oddly enough, a teenager." I smirked.


"I was just as shocked." I nodded, "What about you? You look spooked."

"Thanks." She chuckled, "I've just been having a lot going on these days. You know, mom...work..."

"Harry?" I asked.

She looked at me with shock, "Ian?" she asked.

"Kids see everything." I said, "What's going on?"

"Life." She said, "I'll tell you everything after the wedding...which you're not going to."

"I have a date to it." I said.

"Davis?" Hannah asked.

"Am I that obvious?" I asked.

"No. And yes." She smiled, "I know you."

"And I'm a slut?" I asked.

"No. You're smart." Hannah said, "If my brother can't wake up, you need to be able to move on."

I nodded.

"I think there's one thing you need to do before you let go." Hannah said, "You need to confront the problem."

"On her wedding day?" I asked, "I'm not a drama queen."

Hannah smirked at me.

"Okay, I am, but I don't want anyone to hate me anymore." I said, "Oh God, I care."

"High school was a long time ago and so are the things that we used to be." Hannah said, "You need closure."

"I need to rip the bitch a new one." I said, "Where's Ian?"

"Ian is in his room." Hannah said standing, "Do you wanna see him?"

I nodded and followed her into the room.


"Are we really about to be this bitch's bridesmaids?" Christina asked, grabbing a magazine and sitting on the white loveseat.

They were in the bride's dressing room at the church. It was elegant for a church and there were at least three hundred people.

"I'm in the room." Julie frowned into her mirror, "I'm glad you guys agreed."

"Well, thank Adaen because if he had any problem with this, you'd be on your own." Christina frowned.

"Why aren't your sister here?" Kendall asked, sitting beside Christina.

Julie began applying make-up, "Are you talking about Hannah? I don't know what's keeping her." She frowned.

"You are muy delusional." Christina said, looking over the magazine.

"I'm not, I'm just trying to be positive on my day!" Julie smiled, turning to them, "Look, I know you guys have a lot of reasons to dislike me..."

"And we do."

"But you don't know the whole story." Julie said, "I left because..."

"You're a solicitous, two-faced cunt?" I said walking in with Hannah.

Christina dropped her magazine and nudged Kendall, "This is going to be good." She smiled.

"Did you just call me a cunt?" Julie asked turning to me, "Get him out of here."

"I'll leave. Right after I tell you exactly what I think of you." I said, "Everybody keeps saying that Jennifer is a monster, and she is, but at least she knows she's a monster. You're a bitch in the grass."

There was a giggle from Christina.

"You connive and scheme to get what you want and this time it worked. You want him so bad? Take him. But do remember this...He loves me. At the core of everything, he loves me. When he finally owns up to that fact and drops you like the trash you are, I'm probably going to rub your face in it." I sighed, "With that being said...have a happy wedding." I said, leaving.

Christina grunted, "I think I just had an orgasm." She chuckled.

"Why'd you bring him here?" Julie asked Hannah, "You're late and you bring the anti-christ?!"

"Listen, I have a family. And he was coming whether I came or not. If you want my help, you'll get off my back." Hannah frowned.

Julie sighed, "Not gonna ruin my big day." She said, sitting back at the mirror.

"Anybody got crazy pills for her?" Christina asked.

I was halfway to my car when I saw Marco's car pull in. I wanted to walk quickly to my car and ignore him but he got out faster than I anticipated. I stood there, waiting for the inevitable.

"Hey, you're early." Marco smiled, "I didn't know if you'd come."

"I'm not staying." I frowned.

"You're not coming to the wedding?" Marco asked.

"Why would I?" I asked.

"Because it would support me." Marco said, "We didn't work out. But I still love you and want the best for you. Why can't you want the best for me too?"

"Don't start." I said, walking past him.

He grabbed my arm, "I need you to be there." He said.

"I've been there for all the other stuff but I refuse to watch you make a mistake." I frowned, "You know what I think. You want me to make an ass out of myself and stand up when the preacher asks, but I don't think I have the strength to watch you do this."

Marco stared at me.

"You want me to make this grand gesture but I thought I already did." I said, "I hurt because of you! I can't do this." I frowned, walking to my care and leaving him standing there.


`'So, you're dating him again?" Ballard asked.

"Yeah, I guess." Davis said, "He's still in love with Marco though."

"Marco is stupid." Ballard frowned, "And if you pass him up, you're a little stupid too."

"I know." Davis said, "When did you become more his friend than mine?"

"I think it was a Tuesday." Ballard chuckled, "Listen, I'm not more his friend."

"I'm a freakin action figure." Davis smiled, "All this money and power, but it can't give me what I want."

"And what, my famous friend, do you want?" Ballard asked.

"I want Adaen." Davis said, "I think."

"He's standing in front of you, saying he wants you too."

"But I know he's not there. Not really." Davis said, "You think I should make it official?"

"Like marriage?"

"Like boyfriends." Davis said.

"Damn, are you going to synchronize your mensies, too?" Ballard asked.

Davis chuckled and punched him in the arm, "Dude, you're in a smoking jacket."

"I can't believe I'm going to another wedding." Ballard frowned.

"I'm kind of relieved. Less competition." Davis sighed.

"But dude, you're an action figure!" Ballard joked.

They both laughed. I opened the door and walked, still pissed from my encounter with Marco.

"You will not believe...what happened." I stopped at the sight of Davis. I rubbed the tears out of my eyes, "Hey."

Both men stood and Davis walked over.

"What's wrong?" Davis asked.

"I'm not going to the wedding." I said, "I just came from there."

"You went there?" Ballard asked, "You are a masochist."

"After I told Julie how I felt, I ran into Marco." I said.

"Oh." Davis said, "So..."

"He wants me to come and disrupt his wedding." I said.

"And?" Ballard asked.

"I'm done with the game. I quit." I said, "I'm sorry, but I can't go to the wedding."

"I understand." Davis said, "We can go somewhere. Hawii...New York..."

"Maybe." I smiled, "Are you sure you want to miss your brother's wedding?"

Davis smiled, "I think I am." He said, hugging me.


Marco stood in his dressing room alone. Harry and his other friends had already left for the altar. They'd left him alone to think about everything. Was he really just waiting for Adaen to object?

"Thinking about all the things that went wrong?"

Marco turned to the voice and frowned when he found Jennifer closing the door. He hadn't seen her in so long, which was a good thing. This was just not what he needed right now.

"Get out." Marco said.

"I have something to tell you." Jennifer said.

"What could you possibly have to tell me before my wedding?"

"It's about your fiancée." Jennifer said.


I told my mom and Ben that I was leaving for Hawaii with Davis. Mom was relieved because I was moving on but said she was still going to the wedding. She said that our family needed to be represented. Eric and Jennifer went too. I was nestled into Davis' arm.

"I'm not going to hurt you, not like he did." Davis said.

"Please don't." I asked softly.

"Did you get everything in order?" Davis asked.

"Yeah." I said softly.

"Do you regret saying yes to me?" Davis asked.

"No." I said, "There's very few things I regret."

"I love you. I always have." Davis said, "I don't want you to say it to me."

I interlaced my fingers with his.

"You never had to say it before." Davis smiled.


Marco stood in front of his best friends as Julie came floating down the aisle. She was beautiful in white. She seemed to be on air as she made her way to the altar. The room watched as beautifully and gracefully made it to the altar. She smiled at her fiancée, who looked to be unreadable. He flipped her veil.

Julie let a teardrop fall, "I can't believe this is happening." She smiled.

"It's not." Marco said.

"What?" Julie asked.

Marco turned to the wedding guests, "This woman has been manipulating me for three years!" he said loudly.

Julie was shocked, as were the guests. Christina laughed to herself. There were gasps and murmurs throughout the crowd.

"She manipulated me into ruining my last relationship and has been manipulating situations since to make me her husband." Marco said, turning to her, "You're a manipulative little bitch and I don't want anything more to do with you."

Marco began walking down the aisle. His mother and father jumped to follow him, as did Hannah, but his mother stopped and clutched her chest! She fell to the floor, causing her husband, her children, and friends to run to her.


Davis had gone to get coffee. I sat with the luggage, recounting the memories from where I started the day. I needed to get away and I had just come back. Maybe that wasn't the best idea, to come back. Maybe I'd have been happier if I had stayed away. Suddenly, I felt vibrating and slipped my phone out of my pocket to see my mother's name. I slid my finger across the screen and unlocked it.

"Hello? Wha--mom, slow down. What happened? He what?! She what?! No I'm not gone. I'll be there as soon as I can."

I hung up and stood, trying to pick up everything.

"What are you doing?" Davis asked, joining me with coffee.

"Something bad just happened. We've got to go."


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