Ever After



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I walked into the garage where Marco had his painting equipment set up. Apparently, he'd made enough money to hold him for a while. He was being secretive about his artwork. I stood at the door and watched him paint an abstract work. He was so good at painting. The guy was good with his hands. I knew that firsthand. I smiled to myself. Since his dad left, he was better. I think he finally accepted that his mother had passed. He and Hannah had surprised me by how far they had come. I'm proud of him.

"I told you that I didn't want you to see it before it's done." He said, still working on it.

"I was making a sandwich and wanted to know if you wanted one, too." I said.

"No, babe, I'm good." Marco said quickly.

"Okay." I said, shutting the door.

Chapter 62: Daddy

"I don't understand, Ms. Hasbro." Hannah frowned, "He has never done anything like this.

"Normally, he's a well-mannered child." Ms. Hasbro said, "Apparently, the other child's parents are members of PAHA, a new group among the schools. They've been pushing their agenda at schools."

"So I've heard." Hannah frowned, "They're at this school too?"

"It dwindles down to every school." Ms. Hasbro frowned, "I don't follow this agenda. I believe that people should be with who makes them happy."

"I'm glad." Hannah said, "Because his Uncles are gay."

"I know." Ms. Hasbro nodded, "That's why the fight happened. He was defending his Uncles to the other boy."

"Isn't there something we can do to stop this?" Hannah asked, "What's the plan of action?"

"I've talked to the other child's parents, but they were set in their ways." Ms. Hasbro said, "But they've promised that their son would be on his best behavior."

"I can make the same promise." Hannah said, "He'll be on his best behavior."

"Thank you." Ms. Hasbro said, "I hope this blows over."


I walked to the door when I heard the doorbell. Marco was still working and I had been doing the same. I hadn't bothered him anymore since earlier. I figured when he was ready, he would show me what he was working on. I was surprised when I opened the door to see Kerry Marchall, Marco and Davis' father.

"Umm, hi?" I said quickly.

"Is Marco here?" He asked.

"You're here to see Marco?" I asked, "Well, of course you are. I mean...I'll get him."

I walked to the garage and opened the door, "Hey, babe. I know you don't interruptions, but somebody's here to see you." I said quickly.

"Who is it?" Marco asked.

"Your dad." I said.

"My dad's sailing." Marco frowned, "Isn't he?"

"No, your bio-dad." I said, "I know. I know! I'm just as shocked."

"It's too late to tell him I'm not here, isn't it?" Marco asked.

"I'm going to go see Kendall." I said, "Privacy...in this house...you're welcome."

"Love you." He smiled.

"Love you, too." I said, leaving.

"Nice guy. Fickle as all get-out, but nice." Kerry Marchall said, standing at the door, "I guess congrats is...and understatement."

"Not what I expected."

"What? Did you expect me to pick Davis over you? Or maybe not be okay with gay?" Kerry smirked, "Having two gays sons is...tiring and not what I expected, but both of your mother's say I have to love you."

Marco chuckled, "How is Liz dealing with this sudden burst of fatherhood?" he asked.

"It was hard for her to accept at first." Kerry said, "Your mom and my wife never got along, not even in high school."

"Hard to imagine." Marco said.

"But they were in the same social circle, so figure that out." Kerry laughed.

"I have questions." Marco frowned, "Why didn't you...what took you so long?"

"I wasn't sure where I fit in your life." Kerry said, "You had a family. Why complicate your life?"

"My life...or yours?" Marco asked.

"Honestly both." Kerry said, "It's not like I never wanted anything to do with you. I watched you."

"It's not what I felt like." Marco said, "Thank God for Michael. Anyone can be a dad...but I needed my dad."

"I'm here now." Kerry said.

"Problem is...I'm all grown up now." Marco said, "Now I don't know where you fit in my life."

Kerry watched his son. He wasn't sure what to say.

"While you figure it out, I'm here." Kerry said, "Not going anywhere."

"Thanks." Marco said, "I just had to be honest."

"I appreciate that." Kerry said, "So...when are you going to marry him...you can do that now, right?"


"Thanks." I said, taking my coffee. I was at Starbucks picking up coffee before I headed over to Kendall's house. I was afraid that my house wasn't going to be left standing when I got back so I had to have fun and energy while I'm out. There wasn't a lot to do in town, especially because I was waiting on my book to be released, which was taking a very long time. But it would all be worth it. I was almost out the door when I looked up to see who was coming in. I smiled when I realized who it was.

"Davis?" I asked.

Davis was texting and looked up when he was fully inside the coffee shop, "Adaen?" he said.

I moved to hug him but he dodged it.

"I can't really..." Davis frowned.

"It's just a hug." I said.

"It is to you." Davis said, "You didn't get dumped."

"Is that why you haven't returned my calls?" I asked.

"Is there a better reason?" Davis asked.

"We've been friends for so long..."

"Funny, you weren't worried about our friendship when you dumped me for my brother." Davis frowned.

"It sounds so bad when you say it like that." I frowned, "I never meant to hurt you. I love you. I'm in love with him."

"No matter how you say it...it still hurts me." Davis said.

"So, why come back?" I asked.

"Not everything is about you." Davis said, "Sorry...I just mean..."

"Gotcha." I nodded, "If you need me, you know where to find me."

"Living with my brother." Davis nodded, "See you around, brother-in-law." He said, walking away from me.


When I arrived at Kendall's house, it was Christina who greeted me. I could hear talking in another room when I entered the house. Christina quickly informed me that Kendall and Ballard's older brother Simon had come back home. I was about to ask the reason he was back when I overheard the argument.

"So you agree with dad's decision?" Kendall asked loudly.

"I do. I'm going to be there every step of the way to help." Simon argued, "We won't be losing the company to non-family."

"Simon, I'm the best at what I do." Kendall said angrily.

"This isn't about that and you know it." Simon said, "Dad wants his company to project an image. You're just not that image. It's business."

"So why call you back?" Kendall asked, "He groomed you to take over. He's positioning you to take over."

Christina and I appeared at the door.

"Look, we can talk about this later." Simon said, "Christina...it's always a pleasure. Who's this?"

"Adaen." Kendall sighed.

"The Adaen? I thought he'd be taller." Simon smiled.

He was beautiful; A mix of Kendall and Ballard. He had piercing green eyes and his dark hair was slicked back. He was wearing a suit and looked to have Davis' bodybuild. His lips were also very full and I couldn't stop staring, even when he offered me his hand. I just stared at him.

"Are you checking me out? I'm used to it." Simon chuckled, "I've got business. It was nice meeting you." He said, leaving.

"I'm glad my friends are mesmerized by my brother." Kendall said angrily.

"Lemme guess," I said, "You stared too long too?"

"I'm still staring." Christina said, moving to the window.

"You'll never believe who I saw at Starbucks." I said quickly.

"Davis. It's all over Perez Hilton." Christina said, still watching Simon.

"He was surprisingly cold." I frowned.

"You did dump him." Kendall said quickly, "He just needs to heal, I guess."

"You know, I'm not so sure that's not karma." Christina said, "He broke up with me like sixteen times."

"Even though..." I said.

"He'll work himself out of it." Kendall said, "I'm sure it's a pride thing."

"What does that mean?" I asked, "I hurt his pride? What can I do to unhurt his pride?"

"That, my very gay friend, is a mystery to us all." Christina smirked.

"I'm curious...why didn't I know that if I'm a guy?" I asked.

"Because you're not too bright?" Kendall chuckled.

"Funny, unemployed lady."

"Too soon." Kendall frowned.

"Didn't you call Hannah?" I asked.

"She had to go to Ian's school." Christina smiled, "He got into a fight."

"Why are you smiling about that?" I asked.

"Because, he did learn something from me." Christina boasted, "He really...are you getting a little chubby?"

"Getting?" Kendall asked.

"Ha ha. I'm not...oh what the hell, yeah, I guess I am." I said, "Good job on making me feel confident about myself."

"Aren't things getting boring with your boyfriend yet?" Christina sighed.

"What?" I asked.

"You're not bored to tears?" She asked.

"No." I said, "Boredom isn't an issue. We're both busy."

"So, what's the next step? Marriage? A baby?" Kendall asked, "We're only asking because...we worry..."

"That you'll hop back to Davis." Christina said.

I chuckled at their lunacy, "It's not the way love works. You both know that." I sighed, "With the book getting published and his art..."

"Bout time the damn book got published..." Christina said.

"Things are fast-moving..."

"How do you feel about his art?" Kendall asked.

I stared at them, "I'm fine with it. Honestly. I just wish he'd let me see some of the things he paintings." I said.

"You think they're, like, creepy?" Kendall asked.

"No...Do you think they're creepy?" I asked.

Both girls shrugged.

"No! I just feel like he's shutting me out." I frowned, "I almost caught a peek and he kicked me out."

"I think you should go back and tell him this." Kendall said, "You're so damn weird. All you writers are weird. Just stop beating the fucking bush."

Christina and I exchanged confused looks.

"Sorry. I'm just a little horny. When I get horny, I..."

"Save it." I frowned.

"Please." Christina gagged.

"Have you slept with any other females?" I asked.

"Where'd that come from?" Kendall asked.

"Everybody forgets, but not I." I smiled.

"Yeah, you never explained to us what that was." Christina said, "Are you totally lezzing on me? Should I not wear tight clothes anymore?"

"I'm not lezzing on you!" Kendall said, "A lot of people experiment."

"You didn't kiss her. You licked..." Christina started.

"NO!" Kendall spat, "I didn't! I was licked and...it felt good, but..."

I leaned over to Christina, "I like seeing her sweat." I smirked.

"Me too." Christina chuckled.

"Screw you guys!" Kendall said with frustration, "Get out of my house."

"Oh come on, I have no place to go, remember." Christina said.

"And if I go home, I'll probably be curled up on the couch." I said quickly, "My tablet and Netflix."

"Well, I'm done entertaining you guys." Kendall said, "My life is a joke, ha ha, I get it. It just keeps getting worse. Let yourselves out." She said, disappearing behind a door.

"We went too far." I frowned.

"No. She'll be alright. I'll have a heart to heart with her." Christina said.

I looked at her.

"One crack about me not having a heart and I'll relieve you of a testicle." Christina smirked.

"You two don't...you know..."

"No! We kissed when we were like thirteen, but other than that no." Christina explained, "Now leave so I can have bestie time."

"Fine. I'll go home but I'm not going to like it." I smiled, leaving.


"Fight with us against the homo-agenda! This threat must be dealt with." Brad said, handing out fliers.

The teens around school were split. There were some who accepted what Brad was saying, but a whole lot more of them were rejecting his idea. He'd have to do something big to win over their support. He had to get on his soapbox and tell the world how bad this was. Rocco was one of his most prized possession and that fag had taken him away. He'd spread his gayness entirely too far. God hates homosexuals. It says in the Bible. Everyone says so. Brad was in front of a crowd now. He'd attracted a crowd.

"This perversion needs to be stopped! It's infecting too many of our youths." Brad shouted, glancing at Rocco, "We can't let anyone else fall prey to these...these...things."


Brad looked in the direction of the voice. He was genuinely surprised.

"We're not things." Davis said, "And we're not some kind of infection."

"Davis Marchall. A famous one." Brad said, "And noted hypocrite."

"Hypocrite?" Davis asked.

"How many times were we in your room, making fun of gay people? How many times have we called people fags and dykes?" Brad asked, "Then you got infected and changed."

Davis stared at him. The whole crowd was staring at Davis.

"You're right, bu..."

"No buts. You know I'm right." Brad smirked.

"Yeah, we used to make fun of gay people. I did. I was a stupid kid." Davis frowned, "But I grew up."

"And accepted a dick?" Brad asked, "That's unacceptable! Now we're telling our kids that it's acceptable to go to Hell!?"

"They're not going to Hell." Hope yelled out, taking a stand beside Davis.

"She's right." Davis said, "Your hate is going to lead you straight to Hell."

"Being gay is not a reward!" Brad said.

"I think you're a little jealous." Peter said, joining Hope and Davis.

"Me? Jealous of a trio of fags?" Brad asked.

Davis started towards him through the crowd, but Hope grabbed his arm, urging him to take control of himself. Davis knew she was right. If he was going to fight this fight, he wasn't going to do it by going as low as Brad.

"You're a dick." Hope said, "And you're one day you're going to realize it."

"Everybody back to class!" The Principal said, joining the crowd, "Mr. Williams, your cause is bringing too much chaos. I'll have to ask you to leave."

"Fine, but everyone who wants to support us come to the old theatre on Canter. That's our new headquarters." Brad announced, packing his stuff and leaving.

The crowd dispersed, leaving Hope, Peter and Davis.

"He's a jerk." Hope said quickly.

"He's been one his whole life." Davis frowned, "Shouldn't you two get back to class?"

"Your welcome for saving your ass." Peter smirked.

"We're pretty popular here." Hope said, "A lot of the kids don't care who's gay."

"But there are some people who do." Peter said, "Trust me."

"I just can't believe Rocco's on the bandwagon." Hope said.

"Why not?" Davis asked.

Hope looked to Peter, who looked uncomfortable.

"So, that's why he's so against the gays now." Davis said, "He's close to his little brother."

"I'm glad it's eating him up." Hope smiled.

"I didn't know you were back." Peter said.

"I just got back." Davis said, "I got a call from a friend. She said this was going on."

Peter turned to Hope, "Really? I'm impressed. I would have thought you were going to ask Adaen." He smiled.

"He's busy with getting a life." Hope said.

"Thanks." Davis frowned.

"You have a life. A good one. Did you know you're an action figure?" Hope asked.

"Have you seen...Adaen?" Peter asked.

"Yes." Davis said simply.

"And?" Hope asked.

"I hope he's happy. Truly happy." Davis said, "But I'm not happy with him."

"Given." Hope smiled, "You know, even though you and him aren't together...I want you to be happy. And Adaen wants that too."

"I know." Davis sighed, "Believe me, I've been doing a lot of getting over him and I'm not there yet."

"We've got class." Peter said.

"Right." Hope said.

"Go ahead." Davis smiled.


I walked back in the door and sat my keys on the end table, walking to the living room. I felt like I should be hyping myself up more for this. This was me telling him that there was no more secrecy. We love each other and I deserve to see what he's been working on. As I rounded the corner, I was taken aback by the sight of a woman sitting on my couch with a baby. I walked back to the door and looked outside at the door number. I walked back to the living room to see the girl staring at me.

"I'm in the right house...do I know you?" I asked.

"My name is Quinn."

"Next question and hold onto your hat because this is a huge one, who are you?" I asked.


"She's the mother of my child." Marco said, walking into the room, "I've got a son."


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