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The Exchange Student - Chapter 3

by Riley

"Your chariot awaits m'lady."

Luke, thank God, was on time in picking me up the next day. I hated walking over to his house and see why he wasn't at my place yet, but he's here. I got in the car and rolled my eyes at him.

We were just listening on the radio; Luke was singing along, but once in a while, he yawned.

"Are you okay? Didn't you get enough sleep last night?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Maria and I talked on the phone `til around 2 I think... She's been acting weird lately."

"What do you mean weird?"

"Well, she's been kinda clingy... And since when did we talk `til 2? It's not like we didn't see each other over the summer."

"What did you guys talk about?"

"Nothing, really. We were just reminiscing... No, actually, she was reminiscing, I was just listening. I was tired from the tryouts."

"Oh, well maybe she was just feeling nostalgic."

"Yeah, maybe..."

We reached our school and walked to my locker. I was surprised to see Sebastian there, with Stella.

"Good morning!" Stella greeted us first.

"Hi Stella, Sebastian. See you guys later at lunch!" Luke said, then headed off.

"Hi Ryan! Is there a gym nearby that I can sign up in?" Sebastian asked.

Before I could answer, Stella spoke. "You could go to the gym where Ryan goes to."

"Really? You go to the gym?" Sebastian looked at me with a condescending-joke look.

I was about to punch him playfully, but Stella answered again. "Don't be fooled by his body, Sebastian. He may not be packing, but once when we were at the beach, I saw him changing, and he has one seriously tight body."

"STELLA!!!!!" I looked at her incredulously. Oh my God I am so embarrassed. And here comes the blushing again.

"What? Seriously Ryan, you don't have anything to be shy about." Stella said, consolingly, after seeing me in the shade of bloody red.

I couldn't speak. I am totally embarrassed. I don't like being put on the spotlight, especially in that kind of spotlight.

I guess Sebastian noticed, because he put his hand on my shoulder then said, "It's cool Ryan. Is it okay if I join you at the gym?"

"Uhhh, I guess..." I seriously can't think properly. I think my brain was shocked by the sudden flow of blood.

Thankfully, we reached our class.


Not much happened the rest of the day. Sebastian asked me if I could accompany him to the gym so he could sign up, and I agreed.

"So what days do you go to the gym?"

"I don't really have a fixed schedule... I just go when I feel like it, but I try to make it at least thrice a week."

"Can you tell me when you're going? I don't feel comfortable going alone."

"Sure, I might go tomorrow."

"Cool... I can't wait to see your seriously tight body. Hehehe."

I was able to punch him now, but I still blushed furiously. "Oh my God... I am going to kill her." Fuck, I don't remember a time when I'm around Sebastian and I didn't blush. "Oh shit, I forgot that Luke drove me here today. We alternate driving each other. The gym's a bit far from here. Let's go to my place first so I can drive us to the gym."

We walked to Luke's car in the parking lot. He was there waiting for me, together with Maria.

"Hey Luke. Sebastian wanted to sign up in our gym, I need to go home first so I can drive us."

"What a coincidence, Maria and I are actually going to the gym today."

I gave him a questioning look. Maria doesn't join Luke at the gym. She usually goes with her girl friends. I can feel him giving a shoulder shrug with his eyes. It's this thing we do; we can talk just by looking at each other.

We all hopped in. Luke and Maria were talking at the front, and Sebastian and I were relatively silent. I was just looking out the window because I was afraid that Sebastian might catch me looking at him, or worse, Luke or Maria.

We reached the gym, and Sebastian talked to the front desk about signing up right away. I just waited at the front, because I know that he'll be given the tour and stuff. Luke and Maria went ahead to change.

After about twenty minutes of waiting and peeking at the hot guys, Sebastian came.

"I'm all signed up!" he said with a grin.

"Cool. Let's head back to my place so I can drive you home."

"You don't have to drive me everywhere you know. Mr. Toole said to show me around, not to be my personal slave."

"I'm just being a good American," I said with a smile.

We walked back to my house since it wasn't that far from the gym. Mom was already home.

"Hey mom! I'd like you to meet Sebastian. He's the transfer student I was telling you yesterday."

"Hello Sebastian! It's nice to meet you. How are you?"

"I'm fine Mrs. Peterson. Your son has been very gracious in showing me around," he said, then turned to me and smiled.

"Would you like to stay for dinner? Aside from Lucas, Ryan doesn't bring any of his friends over."

"MOM!!!!" Is today embarrass-Ryan day? This is making me look like a total nerd.

"It's true honey. I think I've only seen Stella once."

"Thank you for the offer Mrs. Peterson, I'd like that." Sebastian seemed shy. I can tell that my mom likes him already.

"Oh please, call me Angie. My daughter and I share the same name, so I prefer to be called Angie."

"Mom, we'll stay in my room and work on school stuff."

"Okay, I'll call you when dinner's ready."

"Do you need any help?" Sebastian offered.

"No honey, go ahead and do your homework."

We walked upstairs to my room. "Are you really trying to make me look bad to my mom?" I asked him playfully.

"Mums love me. I'm very adorable."

I stuck my tongue out at him. "This is my room."

He walked around, looking at the pictures on my wall and on the table.

"Nice... Very homey."

"Uh thanks... We can do stuff on my bed since we won't fit in my study table." When Sebastian raised his eyebrow at me and gave me a look, I just realized what I said. "Shit, I mean, do our homework." I am such a doofus.

"Haha I'm sure you did." He then continued looking around my room. "Cool, you have a PS3. Can we play?"

"Okay, let's just turn the volume down so my mom won't hear."

We played Tekken for about 30 minutes, and I was beating him so bad.

"Man, you suck at this. Don't you have Tekken in England?" I said mockingly, then looked at him and smiled. I was surprised when I saw him looking at me. At first he was smiling back, but then his facial expression turned slowly to serious. He dropped his controller, and then leaned his head towards mine...


I literally jumped, and so did Sebastian. We both looked at the floor, and we were both breathless.

"Uhhh... Dinner's... Let's go down." I said. I was nervous as hell. What was he gonna do?

He didn't reply. He just stood up and walked to the door. His hands were in his pockets; he was obviously waiting for me at the door. It took me about 30 seconds to regain my normal breathing. We went down and sat at the dinner table.

"Where's Angela?" I asked mom.

"Oh, she's staying over at her friend's place today. What were you doing upstairs?"

"Nothing! I mean... uh... we were just... uh..."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Peterson, but I saw Ryan's PS3 and asked if we could play." Sebastian answered. Phew.

"Oh, it's okay. I know school's just starting so you don't have much work to do."

We were silent after that, just eating. My mom occasionally asked him about life in England and how he's finding the US so far. And then, Sebastian asked something that surprised me.

"Mrs. Peterson, is it okay if Ryan comes over at my place tonight? It gets lonely when you live by yourself."

I looked at him, with wide eyes. He didn't even run it by me. Not that I was going to say no, but it really caught me off guard.

"Sure honey. Just make sure to finish your homework before going to bed." For a minute there, I wanted to hug her so bad. And then reality hit me. I was staying over at Sebastian's place.

I tried to act nonchalantly, but my mind was in overdrive.

My mom looked at me then said, "Are you finished eating? You've been playing with your food."

"Sorry mom... I guess I'm not that hungry... We'll clean up."

"Thanks guys. I want to sleep early today since I woke up early. Don't forget your school work, and lock the door when you leave," she said, then gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks for dinner Mrs. Peterson," Sebastian said with a hug to my mom. I think I saw his eyes watering a bit, or it could be the reflection. I guess he really missed his family.

"No problem honey, I hope I see you again soon. Don't stay up too late!" She left.

I stood up to clear the plates.

"Hey, sorry if I didn't ask you first... I was afraid that you'll say no..." Sebastian stood up and was looking at his plate.

"Uh, it's cool, no worries." Actually, I was still nervous. I wonder why he wanted me to stay over.

"I just thought maybe... we can talk and stuff." He was still not looking at me. I guess what happened upstairs rattled us both.

I just nodded, then went to the kitchen with the dishes. He helped me clean up. I told him to go to my room, but he was insistent.

After washing the dishes, we went back to my room so I can pack a bag and my school stuff. He just sat on my bed, watching me. It was a bit unnerving, because we were both not saying anything. A few times, I caught him opening his mouth, about to say something, but then he didn't say anything.

I finally finished packing. "All set! Ready to go?"

"Let's roll!" he said, finally giving a smile.


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