Fairy Boat


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

This is a story about sex. Homo sex, queer sex, fag sex. Yeah, you're stating to get it. If you don't like this kind of story, you homophobic piece of pussy fucking, cunt eating guy. Then read somewhere else.

Damn, that felt good. I should try cussing more often. Me, oh. Well I'm sixteen and straight as an arrow. This is a true story of how I found out that boy sex was more fun than all of the things I had ever never done. Only the names, dates places, and plots have been changed to make this into a story worthy of your friction. If you can find it within your hard then please stroke on.

The Fairy Boat

I hate being the new kid. I had no friends and I had no way of knowing where I was or where to go. Weekends were the shits. I knew nothing about this town. Where does everybody hang out. I wish the fuck I had some wheels. Fuck, even a bike would beat my two hoof express.

My mother wanted to get as far away from everybody we knew as possible. Any farther away and we would be on another planet. We were somewhere in bum fuck Arizona. This town was so small it wasn't even on a map. There was one fucking school. Well one high school, okay. But still....I needed friends, or did I?

Friends, yeah. They turn on you so fucking fast. It wasn't my fault but everybody treated me like absolute trash. My dad was caught in the park sucking dick. Not just any dick, he was sucking the mayor's thirteen year old son. They had a picture of him on the front page of the paper, with cum on his cheek. Jeeesssh, you'd think they'd have some compassion. My old man was outed to the whole mother fucking world.

Two days. That's all it took. My mom had me packed up and loaded in the old family party bus and off we went. In the middle of the night even. Like thieves, we left town. Nobody knows where we went, least of all me.

I don't know what they did to my dad. Mom isn't talking about it. She went to court and had our name changed to her maiden name. I don't even have my own name anymore. She got all of my school records and had the court change the name on them too. Then we moved again. She wanted to be sure that nobody could find us. I think the Feds had a better program for gangsters. At least somebody knows who they are. Me, I'm nobody.

Well, think about it though. Do I really want anybody to know that my dad is a pedophile? I mean a cocksucker is bad, but a little kid. I'll play the game. But I'm so fucking lonesome.

The paper came out and by the time I got to school every kid there had a copy and was looking at me. I was called names that I had never heard before. I got beat up so bad that I had to go to the hospital for stitches. My clothes were literally torn off of my body as they beat on the fag's spawn. I called my girlfriend from the hospital and her dad wouldn't let me talk to her. He told me that they didn't associate with my kind. Man what is with that. I have been going with Carol since, forever. I had lots of girl friends and I loved them all but Carol was special. We started going steady in the tenth grade. She is the only one I jack off thinking about. I have kissed her soul. She and I are deep. I have never tried to hurt her or go any farther than she let me believe she wanted to go. I got stink finger for Christmas. The first time I had ever touched her there. I had hours of stoking time with that finger to my nose and later in my mouth. I must have busted at least four nuts that night. I want that fine lady to be my Mrs....Mrs. Who? What's my name. The second semester had already had already started when we got here. It was already hot. Mid fucking February and eighty five degrees. What's that about? I don't think I'm going to like Arizona.

The school is old. I think Noah may have been one of the earlier principals here. The class rooms are large with very high ceilings and really thick walls. It is almost like being in a cave. It smells old too. Two big fans squeak and rattle high overhead keeping the air moving slowly. I guess it would be hell without them. I'm a junior. I'm sixteen, and pretty cute. But I'm a skater and there aren't even any sidewalks here. Long hair doesn't seem to fit. My clothes didn't fit in. Nothing about me fit. Even the classes were so far behind. Shit I had this crap two years ago in California. Oops, can't say that. No one is to know where I'm from. Does God know where I am? I want a friend.

School is almost over for the year. I haven't met anyone yet. No one will talk to me. I have not even been called on in class. I have gotten a hundred per cent on every paper and test since I've been here. I better, I already had this shit. I got all A's on my mid-terms and I'm sure to ace the semester. Doesn't that rate a 'howdy pardner' or what ever they speak here?

I tried to talk to some girls but they look at me like I some zombie with zits. I'm damn fine, let me tell you. I have perfectly clear skin, though I am a little more white than I like. Guess this is the place for a suntan. I'm six feet tall. I weigh a trim one hundred and fifty pounds. I have a great body. Like nobody here cares, they've never even seen me without a shirt. I have a good solid eight pack. I love to wrestle and I used to work out every day. I have really light brown hair and deep blue eyes. My girl friend said she could swim in my eyes. I play guitar and keyboards. I belonged to a band back home and we were good. We were going to cut a record.

I never went for a team but I love to play football. We had a game every day at lunch. We played after school, usually at the park. I am always bruised and bloody. I love to fight. Not boxing but bare knuckle. I sometimes went out of my way to protect some wuss who was getting kicked for being different. I like to stick up for the underdog, even when the little shit was a fag. I have seriously fought for some little queer who was getting beat up by some homophobic jock. Well now I know why. Maybe I knew all along that my dad was a limp wrist. He never acted like it to me and he never touched me.

Damn, he never touched me...but he sucks some kid off in a park. What's up with that? Maybe he didn't love me. I'm so fucked up and lonesome. I need a friend. It's early May already. What is my summer going to be?

Carroll came up to me after school Thursday. Yeah, a guy named Carroll. He is a pretty good looking jock dude. He goes, "Hey man, we're going to the lake this weekend. Wanna go?"

"Uh, sure...I...Yeah, that'd be neat." Neat? How fucking gay is that? I don't even know where that came from. This dude is one of the Fab Four in this school. Four really popular extra good looking guys, and he wants me to go to the lake this weekend. Maybe things are going to get better. I had no idea who we were, but I was going with them.

Friday school was out at one o'clock. Carroll came up to my locker, "Ready buddy?"

"Uh, I need to go home and get my shit."

"You won't need anything. We got you covered."

I won't need anything? How about clean clothes, swim suit, dry shoes, tooth brush, food? He led me through the school to the parking lot. His jacked Toyota extended cab pick up was sitting in the street. It was black with a big chrome roll bar with all kinds of lights mounted on it. It was so high up I thought I might need a ladder to get in. He had a trailer hooked on the back with one evil looking boat on it. It was a jet boat with a thin flat hull that looked like it could do some serious speed.

Tony and Eddy were standing by the truck waiting. They are two more of the Fab Four. I guess I have been noticed. If I don't blow this I might have a chance in this town after all. Everybody shook my hand and patted me on the back and we all climbed in the truck. They both took the small back seat and I rode shot gun. Yeah, it was working in the back of my head. Was this a set up? I mean three months on the shine and all of a sudden the in crowd goes, "Howdy". I had some apprehension.

"We've been watching you, dude. We don't open up to strangers in town too quick. I guess most people come here to get away from something so everyone just kinds of watches and sees what kind of ass a newby makes of himself. If he is straight then somebody will open up and ask him to be their friend. We have watched you and we like what we see. We hope you will like us."

"I thought there were four of you." There was a silence in the truck that was eerie.

"Mike was our bud. We grew up together, dude."

Mike...oh, yeah. My fucking big mouth. How was I to know. Mike was one of them. He was killed in a car wreck Easter week end. Shit, I stepped in it and everyone can smell it.

"Like, you didn't know man. We miss him. He was very special."

Carroll turned up the tunes. He had a great system. I loved the bass. I missed my car. I used to tease that if I mounted my woofers down that I could achieve lift off. I had a jamming system in my old Chevy. Somewhere in another day and another time, on another planet. Nobody spoke they just sang with the tunes.

Pink Floyd, The Division Bell, What Do You Want From Me was playing That was a question I kept asking. I didn't belong here, did I? "Do you want my blood, do you want my tears. What do you want from me?" Was I having fun yet? I don't know, this was strange.

We came over a rise and there was water ahead. I moved up in my seat. "That's a fucking lake."

"Like, duhhhh."

"I mean. Well shit, I've only been here three months and I've never been out of town. I didn't know there was water in Arizona."

"Where did you think we were taking you?"

"I don't know. Out in the desert to kill me? Shit, I don't know. I have been so alone for so long. I don't know you guys and all of a sudden you are like, hey buddy. Wow, water."

"Yeah, I see." Tony leaned forward and put his arms around me. He wiped a tear from my cheek, "Water."

I broke down and hid my face in my hands. "You got a live one here, dudes. I don't know what I expected." I was so fucking embarrassed. The tears streamed down my face. I wanted to hide. I was four feet above the roadway in a jacked up truck doing sixty miles an hour across the desert highway. No place to hide.

"What we got here is a new friend and we all hope that you learn that this weekend. Look way out there in the middle of the lake. That is an island. We are going to inhabit that island. Just the four of us. Nobody can get within a mile of us without us knowing they're coming. Hell, we can even hear a helicopter. It's just us. And all four of us are coming off that island late Sunday, alive. The only bruises we'll have is from falling on the rocks. There are some awesome places out there man. There are places that you can't be seen by people on the island. That is the home of the Fab Four. We hang out there all the time." Tony still had his arms around me and he had his face against mine so that he was talking right in my ear. Pink Floyd continued to play and it was so mournful. It made me feel real good. I relaxed.

Carroll backed the truck down a ramp and had the boat in the water. We all piled out of the truck and they set about unhooking the boat and getting it secure. Tony and Eddy came back up to the truck and opened the door. They both pulled their tee shirts off and kicked off their shoes. They dropped their jeans and they were naked in front of me. I have never checked another dude out before. These guys were in my face, we were so close. I was impressed. They both had killer jock bodies Eddy was a medium blonde. He was hung. Maybe five inches but I don't think he was soft. He twitched a couple of times.

Tony was brunette. Black is more the word. He was pretty much hairless on his body but his legs were heavy black and his pubes were jet black like his head. Both of them seemed to be trimmed. Their bush was just too short and neat to be natural. Like I said, I have never checked another dude out, really. I had nothing to compare them too. "Like what you see?" Eddy was swinging his growing meat at me. It was up to about six inches and getting harder. Tony sucked in his gut and his seven inch uncut cock danced up and down. "Get your clothes off man." Tony was rolling his jeans up from the waist band down, making sure that his bill fold and keys didn't fall out. He put his socks inside the pants leg and placed the roll behind the back seat. Eddy put his pants in and they both pulled on their shoes.

Carroll came bouncing up stark naked except for his shoes. His white body barely showing his almost white hair. I have never seen anybody that pale. His pubic crown was as white as his head and eyebrows. His cut cock a rock hard seven and a half thick inches swinging to and fro. He grabbed me and hugged me tight. He moved in and kissed me on the cheek. "Come on, get your clothes off so I can move the truck." He put his rolled up clothes behind the seat and grabbed some cutoffs from the front seat.

"I don't have any clothes. I didn't go home.."

"We got you covered." Carroll handed me a cut off pair of old Levis. The leather tag read W 26 L 32, my size. However the length was not thirty two inches. I wasn't sure if it would cover my ass. I looked at Carroll and his didn't. I could see the bottom of his buns and I am sure his cock would fall out before long.

I kicked off my shoes and pulled my tee shirt over my head.. I dropped my jeans and stood there for a minute. I had on happy face boxers. Everyone was staring and giggling. "Well, let's see the big happy face." I had no choice this late in the game. I pulled my waist band way out forward so that I wouldn't catch my drawers on a hook on the way down. And let them fall to join my jeans puddled around my ankles. My super hard eight and three quarter uncut cock stretched out for a breath, as my plumb sized balls came up close and dropped to the bottom of their nut sack five and a half inches from my crotch.

Tony bent over and lifted my legs one at a time to get my jeans. He didn't straighten up. He passed my jeans to Eddy who rolled them as Tony took my cock in his hand. He pushed the foreskin back and swallowed me whole. I have had the head and maybe an inch or two in a girls mouth before. Nothing prepared me for the sensations that shot through my body as I ejaculated a full load into Tony's mouth. I was mortified. Tony kept sucking.

"Hey faggots, get a room." I grabbed the cutoffs from Carroll and held them in front of me as I looked around. At the top of the boat ramp was a tall, skinny, redhead wearing hiking boots and a pair of khaki shorts with many overly full pockets. He had his tee shirt over his head like an Arabs head gear. A sweat band held it in place. He was leaning on a seven foot staff. He was so pale that he had no color to his skin at all. His girl friend was just as skinny. Standing there in khaki pants and boots with a white tee shirt. Her hair was rolled in a knot on top of her head and she was trying to get a bandana over it.

Tony wiped his lips, "Hey it's pretty good. Come on down and get some for yourself."

"I'll give you some of mine if you want." His girlfriend slugged him and they moved away. I was still mortified and weak. I tried to walk on the razor sharp stones. Eddy and Tony helped me move away and held me up as I slipped my legs into the shorts and pulled them up. I was putting my shoes on as Carroll moved the truck up the ramp.

I was stammering and trying to apologize to Tony for what I had done as Carroll came jogging back down and pushed us to the boat. He started the motor and turned the bow to open water then opened the throttle. The boat lurched forward and we were off. I was kind of thrown against Tony and he pulled me in close. He took my chin in his hand and turned my face to his and kissed me.

I, fucking, swooned. Like so many girls have done on our first kiss I swooned as this boy kissed me full on, mouth open tongue swapping, teeth cleaning tonsil wrestling kiss. My dick was hard. I was getting my first ever taste of cum, my cum from his mouth. Eddy was sitting with his arm around Carroll with his head resting on his shoulder.

We were flying through the water at nearly forty miles and hour. I know I was looking at the speedometer on the dash. I didn't know boats had speedometers. I didn't know boats could go forty. I didn't know I liked getting kissed by a boy. I didn't know I was gay. Am I? I've been checking them out. I really liked Tony's mouth on my dick. I really really liked kissing Tony. I really wanted to suck his cock.

The island was coming up fast. We had been flying through the water for over a half an hour. I looked back and could not even see where we had put in the water. The shore was about two miles away but we had gone at an angle so we were along way from the truck. I wasn't anxious anymore. I was wondering who I was and hoping I was going to find out more about me this weekend. I really wanted to know more about this Fab Four. Would I suck their dicks, would they suck me. What about fucking? I mean, that's what queers do isn't it? Am I queer. My butt itched. What does that mean?

Carroll pulled the throttle levers back as we circled the island and came in from the back side. There was a little cove there. He pulled the boat behind a large rock and a natural ramp slopped slowly out into the water. He beached the boat and we all jumped out. He told us to lift the boat, not drag it. Well it is fiberglass and these rocks would do a number on the bottom if we drug it. We couldn't pick the boat up, it was too heavy, but we could raise it in the water so that we were able to get in firmly on shore. It wasn't going to drift off. A back pack and tent were pulled from under the hull. An ice chest was lifted out and sat on the bow. The four of us walked over and sat on a rock. Carroll opened the back pack and pulled out the sun screen. "Good one," I thought. I hadn't been in the sun in months and Carroll was so white. I didn't think sunburn would be good for the kind of trip I was kind of hoping this was going to be.

Eddy slathered sun screen over Carroll's back and legs. He worked his hands up the pants legs and Carroll showed us a tent in his shorts. Tony was rubbing lotion on my back and legs with the same effect. Then Carroll and I returned the favor. Eddy opened the ice chest and gave each of us a cold beer. We sat there and drank them as I looked at them. "Yeah, we like cock." Carroll began. "We all have girl friends and like to fuck but we have been buds since kindergarten. We have learned everything we know with each other. Our first jack off. Our first cum. Our first blow job. Our first corn hole. None of us has ever done anything with anybody else but we do everything with each other. We love each other very deeply and will kill to protect each other. We have your grave site picked out if you don't want to go along with us." I grabbed Tony and kissed him and groped his cock through his pants leg. "Everyone laughed. Smart boy. I know we came on strong and you were, or are, apprehensive. We want you to be part of us.

Mike was our bud. He was with us all of his life. Hell, I think he started all of this. He was the first one to suck any of us. He was the first one to get fucked. We were fourteen and right here on this island. Our parents were camping over there somewhere and we came here to Pirates Cove and pitched camp. Mike got on his knees and wouldn't quit until each of us fucked him. He loved it. We loved doing it. He had cum running down his leg and he cried as he told us how good we made him feel. We are in love with each other and we loved him. If he could do it we would try it. Before the weekend was over we had each fucked each other. We even learned to suck the cum out of each other's ass and lick each other's dick clean. This little cove is our bathtub but we decided to be wild cats and licked each other clean like kittens. I hope this doesn't make you sick."

"No. Strangely it doesn't. I have never touched another guy before. I have been super straight all of my life. I have fucked so much pussy I never had a desire to even jack off. I was so scared when Tony sucked me and I wanted to hit him and run but my dick had another idea and I shot a load, right in his mouth. I was so embarrassed that I thought I was going to cry. That hiker took the edge off. But I still don't know why I did that. Now I kind of...NO! Fuck that. I do want to do more. I suddenly want to be so fucking queer. I have a feeling that it will never leave this island so I want to experience it all.

But why me?"

"First it will leave this island. But only amongst the four of us. We do this all the time. We spend the night with each other or we just go off for a drive in the desert. We get together as often as we can.

You. Well as I said earlier. We have to size somebody up. You were unique in that you came in as a new student and didn't start in trying to fit in. You kept to yourself. You were waiting for someone to come to you. Shit, we know that that is not how it happens anywhere else. We were watching you. From the very first day we had our eyes on you. Mike told us that you would make a great addition to our team if we were to expand. He told us that you wanted to be gay and didn't know it. He told me that he doubted that you had even looked at a guy. He flashed himself at you so many times and you never even saw him. I stood in front of you last week and jacked off and shot my load into the urinal right beside you and you never even looked down. I couldn't believe it. Tony leaned against the wall five feet from you and pulled his massive skin back and forth for a full five minutes while you worked with a stuck zipper. You never once saw him. We thought you would at least glance over out of the corner of your eye but we watched you from all angels and you didn't look. We were afraid that you weren't gay. Mike was never wrong so we went with it and decided to get you up here.

Man you are one hot dude and when we saw your dick at the dock awhile ago we all knew that you were going to get sex like you have never imagined. We would deal with your rejection later but you are going to get fucked and sucked for two days and two nights. If you go back and out us we are ruined, but fuck it, we want you."

I walked over and sat down beside Carroll and kissed him. I opened his pants and pulled out his beautiful cock. I looked at Tony, "I'm sorry man, I owe you and I will do you. You really should be my first but I have to show you guys how I feel. I knelt down and took my first dick in my mouth. I was a terrible cocksucker. I chocked and gagged. I threw up a little but managed to turn away and spit it beside me and not get any on Carroll. They laughed at me but I kept on. I dragged my teeth down his dick and he screamed in pain. I worked hard to learn how to suck dick. When Carroll started to cum I had to fight to take it in. My whole being revolted. I had terrible thoughts about the filthy thing I was doing. When he was through shooting I sat back on my heels and swished his load around in my mouth. It tasted good. I swallowed it. I wiped my mouth off and smiled at them.

"Thanks for doing Carroll first, dude. That was the worst blow job I have ever seen. I hope you get better before you decide to do me." Everybody laughed. I grabbed Tony and kissed him. "I'll let you practice on me if you have to but no fucking teeth or I will have to kill you."

I told them my story and why I was here. When they heard about my dad they actually cried, right along with me. That was the first time I had cried. I knew for the first time that I missed my dad.

We drank another beer then Eddy said we needed to set up camp. Carroll climbed back in the boat and pulled out four sleeping bags and another ice chest. Two guys took a handle of each ice chest. We heaved sleeping bags under our arms and put the tent and back pack on top of the two ice chests then up the hill we went. We climbed over some rocks and in about ten minutes we went down into a grotto of sorts, totally hidden from anything but a direct overhead view. I was surprised, there were some trees surrounding this little valley and it was shady and cool down in here. You could walk all over the island and never see this spot unless you climbed right up on the rocks surrounding it. It was so deep that the tree tops looked like the typical small brush that was scattered about the small island.

The whole island was about a mile long and a half mile wide. It was a short mountain top before the canyon was flooded back in the late forties. The guys had dived this area many times and said that the water was at least fifty feet deep and on one side over a hundred feet deep.

The tent was an eight man dome that popped up and was ready in minutes. Tony and Eddy crawled under a rock outcropping at ground level and came out with a plastic bag with an Army surplus camouflage net. They tied it off at permanent stakes around the grotto. It looked like this would totally hide the camp site from the air. They had two king size air mattress that inflated with CO2 cartridges that were in the back pack. The sleeping bags were two man bags and they opened them flat, putting one on the mattress and the other for cover. It was obvious that we were going to pair up. "Who was I going to sleep with?" I wondered.

They led me to the far end of the grotto and Eddy climbed up a rock and dropped in behind a bush. He started passing out firewood. They told me that this was the bitch of the whole island. They had to gather wood and sometimes it took them several days. Then they would ferry it out to the island and carry it up here and stash it. I could see a lot of work. They told me that they would do at least a cord of wood each time so that they could make several overnight camp outs without having to bring in wood.

A fire ring had been camouflaged and they dug it out. A fire was built and an old oven rack was pulled out of a crack in the rocks for a grill. The back pack contained a cast iron skillet and griddle, paper plates, plastic spoons and forks. Four sharp knives and a pancake turner. Salt, pepper, garlic made an appearance. These guys had been coming here long enough to know exactly what they needed. Foil wrapped potatoes and corn on the cob came out of the ice chest and were buried at the fire. As coals burned down they were spread over the veggies. As the fire burned down to hot coals four of the thickest sirloin steaks I had ever seen were laid out to cook. The steaks had to weigh more than a pound each and they looked great. Garlic powder along with salt and pepper were sprinkled liberally on the meat. And everybody sat back to watch the food cook. The shorts were doffed and four naked seventeen year old boys lay back and began to make out with each other. Eddy came to me and we were all over each other. He moved us around and we settled in a sixty nine position. This was fine. I could really get into this. I felt really natural. I should have been doing this all of my life.

I was going like a house afire when Eddy told me to stop. "Let's get all of the meat ready at the same time." I had to think about it. Oh, yeah. The steaks, our dicks. All of the meat. We were going to eat until time to eat. I liked that idea. This was by far the most sensual thing I had ever done. Eddy had fingers, I don't really know or care how many, in my ass hole. He was playing with something in there that was doing a heavy number on my body. His cock was slowly pumping in and out of my mouth. I was getting the whole thing down into my throat and really loving the way it felt. I felt the fire flare up against my back as Carroll said, "Almost there." Eddy started pumping me faster as he probed my ass. I was close. I was trying to hurry him along. I felt that it was important to make him cum with me. I felt my load jetting forth as his cock swelled in my mouth. I reasoned that he was cumming and I was shooting a very large load into his sucking mouth at the same time.

I felt really complete and relaxed as we lay there searching for just one more drop. This was the second cock I had ever sucked and the cum was just as good as the first one. I was looking forward to number three with Tony. Who would I sleep with tonight? Who would fuck me first. "Come get your hot meat, faggots." Carroll said. We rolled apart and grabbed a paper plate.

Steak is not really a paper plate food but we managed. Butter and sour cream had appeared for the potatoes and corn. A cold green salad with a creamy garlic dressing pre-applied was set out. We had a choice of water, beer, or Coke. We all opted for Coke with our food. I have never eaten better than I was on this trip. The varieties of meat selections was a connoisseurs delight. The cow was medium rare, tender and juicy. The penis was tender yet firm to the tooth. The cream sauce of the penis was of excellent vintage and served at precisely the correct temperature. I had such a variety of protein that my pallet could not make a determination of choice. I informed the group of my dilemma and determined for myself to try more penis and from different ends. I asked for tolerance from everyone as I tried to make and educated determination as my final choice. I assured them that as much as I had always enjoyed cow. I could easily envision penis as being an important part of my diet, more than likely on a daily basis. They each agreed to help me and they would be more than happy to supply the penis and sauce for as long as I required it.

Dinner finished and the dishes done we banked the fire and climbed up on the rocks. On top were some very large and flat boulders on which we lay and just watched the stars. It was only May but the rocks had already absorbed so much heat from the day that they were still warm and comfortable two hours after sunset. In southern California star gazing is done in planetariums. I had never know that so many stars actually existed. I was cuddled with Tony. I had already picked up on the fact that Eddy and Carroll were a couple of long standing. While the group and the groups needs came first couples were what went home together. I was quite content with Tony. He was one hell of a looker and I was sure he was going to be a hell of a lover. I was hoping that it would he to take my cherry.

I lay with my head on his shoulder and watched the stars. I really didn't want for anything else. He reached over and fondled my package. I fondled him and we watched the stars. "You ready for sex?" I asked.

"Are you?"

"I like what we're doing, but I owe you."

"You owe nothing. This is what I like to come her for. I like to dream that I am out there. I can lay here all night."

"Why didn't we put the beds up here?"

"Eddy and Carroll brought them up ten minutes ago. No mattress, just sleeping bags."

"Perfect. I do want to suck you. Maybe in a hour or two? Let me know when you are ready. Then we can star gaze more afterwards." He kissed my forehead as he rubbed his hand on my arm. I snuggled in closer. I put my right hand between his legs. I cupped his balls played the length of his dick as I shared his heat.

Hours later Carroll tossed a sleeping bag at us, "You'll take a chill. Get on top of this." We maneuvered around and got on top. While I was up I got into position started sucking Tony's huge piece of meat. He grabbed mine and we settled in. I found his back door and started to explore. He spread his legs open wide and let me in. I had to be told to wet my fingers in the drool that was running down his crack from my sloppy cock sucking. I bit his dick, lightly. He pushed his finger in my ass, hard. When I got my finger inside him it was a whole new world. I wanted to pluck my eye out and put it on the end of my finger so that I could see the mysterious place. It felt so warm. So silky, so tight. I wanted to move in.

I let my finger explore as I imagined what my dick was going to feel like in here. I had put my finger in many different pussies and none of them felt this good. I can't begin to describe what I was feeling but it was so much more like home. This was where I longed to be. I had wanted to be here all of my life and didn't know it. "Mike, where ever you are I thank you. I will look after your boyfriend and love him and cherish him and do everything I can for him as long as I live." My mother can cry about no grandchildren. Unless they're ass hole babies I ain't given her none.

I hit his butt nut. He shoved his cock into me so deep that it poked a hole in my toe. I now had a target. I stroked it, again and again. He was humping my face. He was stroking my prostate. I was losing it. I couldn't contain the cum. We both fired off together and never missed a drop. I kept him in my mouth and gasped for air around him. We lay there, nursing like little babies at our mommies breast, and watched the stars.

I awakened several hours later. Tony was moving, "Gotta pee," he said.

I put my mouth around it, "Do it."

"You sure?"

"Mmmmphhh." He moved so he was a little more on top of me. I locked my lips on him. I had half of his pubic bush in my mouth and his soft cock was in my throat. I raised my chin up causing my throat to straighten out. I felt the hot pee running down my throat. I couldn't taste anything but I felt the flow. It was strong and it blasted down my gullet. I was trying to breathe through my nose with out any piss getting into my lungs. I could just imagine the headlines, "Boy drowns on urine. Best friend charged with murder by drowning."

Tony finished and I felt his dick harden as he lay back beside me. He pulled me on top of him, "Now, you go." I hadn't thought of this. I had to work a minute because I was too hard. My flow started. It felt good peeing in his mouth. His tongue and throat muscles were softly kneading me as my urine poured forth into the deep dark place. I finished and I pulled out and lay down. "Man, you are so much like Mike. He loved to do that. I love you. I never thought I would love ever again. Thank you," he had turned and was holding me close as he spoke directly into my ear. I was cold. I felt the other sleeping bag against the back of my leg. I pulled it over the both of us as I kissed him. We pulled the bag over our heads and fell asleep again.

The next time I awakened it was pitch black. It was almost like being down in Carlsbad Cavern when they turned out the lights. I sat up and looked around. No lights anywhere. I couldn't find the shore. Hell, I couldn't see the lake. It was so black I couldn't tell sky from water from land. "It's black dawn." I heard Eddy say. "It's so eerie. No sound no light. I always heard it said that it is darkest before the dawn. That's true. Wait just a few minutes and it'll start to get light." Like he said, over in the eastern sky a thin line of grey appeared across the horizon. It slowly widened and I could distinguish the lake from the sky. The grey filled the sky as morning approached. I lay down on my side and watched as the sky changed colors. The morning star was shining bright high in the east. Where had it been a few minutes ago?

"The light bends around the earth's gravitation field and for just a moment everything is pitch black." Carroll was saying. "Now comes my favorite time of the day." A bright yellow line shown right at the edge of the earth and sky. It grew larger and larger as the sun filled out to its' big round self. The light was blinding at first and my eyes had to adjust. All four of us were laying on our sides with our right hand holding our heads up, our right elbow anchored to the ground. "Let's get down to the campsite before fishermen see us up here. We grabbed the bags and shinnied off the rock back into our grotto. We all hugged and rubbed our hard cocks together. It was a great day. We crawled in the tent and lay down. Carroll pulled me to him and Tony and Eddy paired off.

I heard a grunt from Tony and looked over to see him on his back with his legs in the air. Eddy had his dick in Tony's ass hole and was pushing in. I crawled over and got down close to watch. Eddy began to fuck and I was like a little kid watching the toy maker. With my eyes wide in fascination I watched as Tony took every bit of Eddy's long thick cock in and out of his ass. Carroll tapped me on the shoulder. I moved back over to him. He lay on his back and raised his legs. I looked at his ass hole. It was cute. It looked so much neater, so much more compact than pussy. It looked fuckable. I had no idea what I was going to do. I just got on my knees between his legs as he rested his ankles on my shoulders. I moved closer and put my dick against his rosy pucker. It was slick and shiny. He had put something on it. I pushed against him and my dick slid right in. It felt so good. I knew he had to be German because this was goot-n-tite. I bottomed out and bent over to kiss him. He pulled me to himself and we kissed long and deep. My fuck muscles kicked into automatic and I began to thrust. I was going short and slow. He told me to use long strokes that I wasn't going to hurt him. I pulled back to the very edge and could feel his ring at the ridge of my head. I moved back in. He told me to go faster. I shifted into second and got a rhythm going. I looked at Eddy and Tony. Eddy's cute little bubble butt was going in a circular motion as he was pushing at different angles with each thrust. I started this same rhythm. "Oh, yeah. Fuck me. Ohhhh, that's it. Harder. Fuck me baby. Ohh, you got it now. Faster fuck me hard, man."

By jove, I think I got it. That's the old school try. He was screaming and moving all over the place and it was making me feel good. Now I knew what that tight little hole that I had my finger in last night did feel like on my dick and I had no idea of ever going back to pussy. This was by far the superior. Maybe nature didn't design it this way but Adam was created and he begged for Eve. Maybe this is what would have been. But who would have the baby? To deep. Just fuck. Think some other time. Carroll was shooting cum all over our bellies. That's neat. No one ever touched his cock. That little prostate is man's best friend. His ass was squeezing my cock like the tightest fist I ever had never done. I was feeling a whole new spectrum of pleasure and my tiny little eight incher, well eight plus but who's counting. I am, spurts that's two, three, four. Oh I have just shot nine super heavy spurts of cum up my boy's ass. I never cum like that with a girl. Come on dudes, fuck me. I have to know what is on the other end of this insanity.

I fell to the side, covered in sweat and totally out of breath. My toes are limp. My body is flat. I have just shot all the liquid in me out the end of my dick. I raise up and look at my dick. I guess I was expecting to see shit on it. It was wet and slimy with cum. I wiped two fingers over it and pulled them to my nose. It smelled like cum but not shit. It smelled good. I licked them. Everybody was moving. Eddy was sucking Tony's just fucked ass hole and Tony was sucking out Carroll's. Was this real? This queer stuff is deep. About the time I figured out that I like it they go and add another layer, and each layer is better than the last. I moved over and kissed Carroll. I have decided that I really like being a fag.

Somebodies stomach growled and we all giggled. "Shit I fed you everything I had and you're still not satisfied. I guess some chicken is going to have to surrender her eggs." Carroll was teasing Eddy.

"Man does not live by cock alone," espoused Eddy.

We crawled out of the tent and fixed bacon and eggs. Toast was browned in butter on the cast iron griddle. Sliced tomatoes, crisp bacon, scrambled eggs with lots of ash from the fire, toast and coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker, well I'm not a cum swilling cock sucker either. That has got to be the best breakfast I ever ate.

"What now boys?" Carroll was standing there with the boat keys in his hands. Everybody grabbed their shorts and shoes. Sun screen was liberally applied and we traipsed off to the boat. Boat afloat again and two boys in and two boys in the water, skis miraculously appeared. I got first ski with Tony as Eddy sat watch. I had never been water skiing. What a weekend of learning. As with everything else, I was a natural. I had never had so much fun in all of my life. I really like Arizona and the people in it. At least three of them.

When I climbed in the boat a cut off tee shirt was handed me. They had the school name on them but had long ago given up their usefulness. "Don't want any sunburn. Sun coming off that water will cook you in no time. When you are back here watching pull that towel over your legs or they will burn. If you burn your legs you won't be able to wear pants for several days. Forget the towel." Carroll jumped over the side before I could hit him.

It was past noon when we headed back to pirates cove. We anchored off shore as Carroll changed the fuel tanks. I said, "This is the first time I have ever been on a fairy boat." They all looked at me. "You know, f-a-i-r-y, four fairies." They threw me overboard.

I pulled my self aboard and they were still laughing. "We have tried to think of a name for this boat for years. You named it your first time out." The boys had saved their money to buy their own boat. Mike got ten thousand dollars from an aunt's insurance. It was supposed to be for college but he convinced his mother that he needed a boat. The title was in each of their names with survivor benefits so they all owned the boat. There would have to be a change made sometime soon. Mike's name would have to come off the title. They all looked at each other then said that mine would need to be added.

I have never considered myself a cry baby. I had shed so many tears in front of these guys in the last twenty four hours that it was embarrassing. They were flowing now. I tried to tell the guys how happy I was. I had never had a buddy. I had never had a close friend let alone a best friend. All I ever had around me was some slobbering girl or another wanting my body parts or to wear on her arm as a trophy. I had used them as trophies too. A line formed in front of me as I was kissed by each of them in turn and told that I was a Fab Four.

"Don't you think Beatles fans might object to your using that name?"

"They're has beens. Three of them are dead. We're here, we're now."

"We're here, we're queer, and we're proud." They stared at me. "I heard it at a gay parade one time. They attacked me and I found out how ticklish I am. Man, I could learn to love these guys, if I try real hard. he he he he.

Lunch and a nap were declared. We lifted the boat hard aground and headed ashore. Eddy laid a plastic soap dish on the bow of the boat as Tony led me straight to the rocks in front of the boat. He had an Army surplus entrenching tool with him. He loosened the collar nut and unfolded the blade to make a short shovel. He pulled me into a cleft between two large boulders. "The shitter." he declared. Dig a whole and then bury it when you're done. There's no paper. It would mess up the environment. (He he he) A little shit will do the soil good. When you're done go wash in the cove. Soaps on the bow."

I looked at him strangely, I guess. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. "If I'm gonna fuck you I don't want shit on my dick so push hard, okay." He left me there and I doffed the cutoffs and pushed hard. I forgot to dig a whole so I had to dig then scoop then bury. Nasty!!

Emptied and washed I climbed over the boulders into the camp. Bologna, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, two kinds of chips, pork and beans, bread and beer were laid out. How could they get so much food in here with no more than we had carried. I know it was take out, delivery.

They were making sandwiches and I got in line. "Did you wash your hands young man? I know what you were doing. You better be clean." Carroll grabbed my hand and smelled it.

I turned and pulled my pants down. I bent over and spread my cheeks and stuck my ass up. "Cleaned the best part too." He leaned down to sniff and he slapped my ass so hard my ears rang. I looked at my ass as everyone laughed. There was a perfect hand print on my right cheek. Carroll wrapped his arm around me and stuck the sandwich he was making in my face. I have never been with anyone where I could just let go and do what seemed natural. My emotions were starting to carry me away.

I popped a top and chugged a half can of beer. I sat down on a nearby rock and ate the sandwich and smiled at them as they frolicked about. The food demolished I looked at them. "I have never been so happy in all of my life. Twenty four hours ago we got in the truck and I didn't know if I were going to die or what. I have found something I have never had before in all of my life. I have found friendship. I have found three really great bosom buddies. I love you, each of you. I will gladly die for you and I would love to fight for you. Let some silly little bitch hurt you and I'll slap her silly."

As the laughter tapered off Tony walked over to me and took my hand. "I don't know about this bosom buddy shit but I would sure like to be your butt buddy. Let's go fuck." I quickly followed. All of us were in the tent. Tony started by rimming me, another first. I was ecstatic. That tongue, my ass. How gross is this? How good is this. The others were coaching me as I pushed out to open up. I opened up to more new avenues. Carroll stuck his dick in my mouth. He told me to get him wet but not get him off. He was going to fuck Eddy and he wanted me to supply the lube. I sucked. I nursed. I loved having his cock in my mouth. I loved all of these guys but to look at that totally flat stomach and the ripped muscles as they moved up close and personal. I loved to look at those pure white pubes with their neat little trim sitting on top of this huge man cock on this tiny little boy's firm young body. I started to cum. Eddy dove down and locked on. Carroll bent over and licked up what had gotten away. Eddy lay beside me, his ass at my shoulders. He pulled his legs back and I had a perfect view as Carroll's cock, dripping with my saliva, pressed against his opening and slid from my view.

Tony was on his knees working his fingers into my ass. He had a tube of KY jelly in his hand. He added more KY as he added fingers to my ass. I was enjoying it, pain and all. Yeah, it fucking hurt. I have never been touched there with out a wad of toilet paper to act as a shield. He had a way of making the hurt feel good. I was breathing hard as I watched Carroll's pummeling of Eddy. I could see his cock as he pulled back and then watch his ass muscles flex as he pushed in. I felt Tony press against me.

For the first time in my life I knew real pain. It felt as if my whole hole had just been torn open. The stinging as the air hit the open wounds. The blood as it ran down my legs. I had just been ripped wide open. I would never be able to hold my shit again. "Okay, baby, I just about have the head in. You okay?" My eyes flew open. Just about have the head...oh my lord. The head just went in. I can feel the ridge as my sphincter closed around it. He stopped and bent down. He kissed me on the cheek and wiped away a tear. "I know it hurts, baby. This is your first time. It will get better in a minute. Just relax. I'm going to go easy. I will never hurt you. You are my life, my sun, my moon. I love you. I want to marry you and give you babies. You can carry some I will carry some. We can have twice as many as straight people can." I laughed and his dick slid all the way in.

I gasped for breath and looked up at him. He had the most precious smile. I could see Carroll and Eddy looking at me. "You're fucked, dude." Eddy said.

"You too, ass wipe." I shot back. Tony pulled back. The biggest turd of my life was passing though my rectum. He pushed back in. Pure pleasure came over me. He slow fucked me for a few minutes then he sped up. Carroll was piston fucking Eddy and I could hear their dirty talk and it was turning me on. I watched as Eddy shot a load high in the air and wished I could catch it and eat it all. Carroll pulled out and licked the juice off of his boy's belly. Tony was plowing me at break neck speed. My cock let loose the most intense load of my life as my very soul erupted from the head of cock. I watched his eyes widen then roll back in his head as a long line of drool slid from his mouth and landed on my chest. His cock flared and he burst loose hot boy cum deep in my nether regions. He continued to pulse one after another until spent, he fell to my side.

I was almost unconscious from ecstacy. Tony and Carroll were moving. They each changed partners and began to suck each other's load from our ass holes. Carroll's tongue is much longer than Tony's. He was up in my open butt licking and probing, searching out every drop of love juice that Tony had left behind. I won't say it again. I'm sure you understand and are probably tired my repeating it. I am going to close my eyes and hope I don't awaken at home in my bed in California with some giggly little girl.

I awakened. Tony was snoring softly in my ear as he lay with his body partly draped over mine. I started to move. "Pee time?" Eddy asked me. I crossed my eyes and nodded. He grabbed my cock and latched on.

He drained me. I drained him. "Fuck, okay come on." Carroll was laying down as Tony sat on his chest and stuck his cock in the waiting mouth. I took Carroll's cock and he and Tony began to pee. Tony moved aside as I sat up. Carroll wiped his face, "that wasn't so bad. Fucken Mike. I miss his ass. He started that, you know. He loved to have us piss in his mouth after sex. He was so queer. I hope he has the greatest boy friend ever keeping him warm until I get there." All of us had tears in out eyes.

"How come all of you are hairless on your balls and butts. You're old enough to have some."

"Because, little lady. We use an epilator." Carroll produced a big tube of cream. "We cut and trim and cream and all the nasty old hair is done away with. And, I might add," he spit and dug around in his mouth with a finger pretending to pull out a hair, "you need grooming." A pan of water was placed on the fire and scissors were produced. I was clipped and trimmed. The water was warm and I was washed and soaped down. I was shaved as my legs were held high and wide revealing my fresh fucked ass to the clouds and sky. Then each of them lay on the rock as they were trimmed by the others and then the cream was applied to their balls and butts. "Can't use the depilatory on you. The razor burn would be oh so painful. Two or three days from now we will put this stuff on you.

I watched as the cream was wiped off of Tony, him being the only one with hair dark enough to see. The rag was covered with little short stubby black hair that came off as the rag was wiped across his body. It was done very carefully so that he looked so natural. The only hair removed was on his crotch. His upper thighs were still hairy. He did have a glory trail but it was kept under control by this epilator stuff. We headed to the cove for a bath and to get all the residue off of us.

"Hold up guys." I stopped short of the water. "I, uh..shit I have a hard time talking around you. Could we try a...uh...you know. We could kinda like get in a circle and like...pee."

"Golden shower? You want a golden shower? You nasty dog, ya. Fuck yeah, we'll piss on you." We got close together and grabbed our cocks and pissed all over each other. Some of it splashed on our faces be no one seemed to mind. We were all drenched in hot yellow piss. I am really sick. This was fun. We made a mad dash to the water to wash off.

"I thought this was going to be difficult for you, babe." Carroll was cradling me in his arms with his soft cock snug in the crack of my ass. "We all have talked about this everyday for like three weeks. We didn't know how you would take it. We had planed just a very brief suck session with you and spend most of the time just horsing around on the boat. You have been fantastic and have taught us things that we never considered doing before. The thought of someone peeing on me never crossed my mind. Though I have to admit that I like to point my dick up and let the pee run down my chest and stomach when I shower."

The other guys nodded and said, "me too."

"I guess you're okay with all of this and we're cool?"

"No. To be quite honest with you, I'm not cool with this." I pulled away and swam about five feet out. "I'm ecstatic with it. I have never consider doing anything like this and you three ass holes have been cruising me for three months and never jumped my bones before. I have nearly died of terminal horniess and loneliness but you never thought to throw me to the ground and rape me, fucking me crazy and drowning me in your love before. Well, quite frankly I have got to say.... THANK YOU for waiting. You timed it perfectly and you have made a cum swilling faggot out of this little boy. I'm going to buy a pretty, pink, ruffled tu tu and dance down the halls of school singing Roger and Hammerstein's, I'm In Love With A Beautiful Boy, for all the world to hear."

"It will, of course, be the last thing you ever do." Tony was very solemn faced and his voice was quite and low. I did a coquettish little flutter with my eyes and sucked my finger tip. I have a good idea what a ship feels like when it struck by three torpedoes. As I struggled to get to the surface for air once in a while I did my damnedist to keep them under the water. Exhausted we headed back to camp once again.

Dinner was a variation on that old boy scout standby, hobo dinners. Whoever concocted these had really enhanced one of my favorite meals. A spoonful of mushroom soup was sealed into the center of the half pound hamburger patty. Mushrooms were added to the potatoes, carrots and onions. The sealed package had been laid in the coals earlier in the afternoon and they were ready to open and eat. I have never been camping before so I have nothing on which to draw from but I felt that this was an outstanding trip. I knew that the company was superb, the food was excellent, simple but eloquent and the camp site was the finest I could imagine. Yeah it might be nice to camp in the mountains with the tall pines and a babbling stream but this was secluded compact and had everything four horny little boys could want.

We had another night of star gazing and snuggling. Everyone fucked and sucked everyone. No one had any cum left over come morning. We were at peace one with another and with the world. We spent the morning lying together in a group hug, kissing and holding each other and resting.


School is out. Eddy lives right behind me. We share a broken down back fence. He lives with his divorced mother. We introduced our two old ladies and now they have someone to cry to. Eddy's mom got my mom on at the truck stop where she works so Eddy and I are alone all day. he he He has a great computer set up. Mine is somewhere in California. The guys pushed me to check my old e-mail account. I had hundreds of e-mails from kids at school I guess I was wrong. A lot of them did care. All of them were supportive of me and told me how they missed me and some told of their undying love. Most of them were from girls but surprisingly a few were from boys that I never really thought of before. Some of them sounded almost as if something may have been thought of in my new way of thinking, if you follow my drift. Well that is behind me. I can't go back, as if I would want to. Tony and I have become like major lovers. We have sex so much that the others think that we will grow together permanently. It's not like I don't have sex with them. I usually have to spit Eddy's cock out when Tony gets here each day so I can suck him.

Anyway, back to reality. Eddy encouraged me to write down my feelings. He told me that I was trying to hold everything inside so this story is the first thing I wrote. We're both a little paranoid so I save everything to disk and put nothing on the hard drive. I take the disk and hide it in the back yard on my way home. They know where it is and can get it if needed.

When the guys read my first chapter they were moved. They really had no idea what I was feeling and I guess writing it down was a good thing. If possible we are even closer since they read it. All of us had our seventeenth birthdays over the next three weeks. We were so close in age it was wild. We celebrated by blowing each other's candles and dipping the wicks into tight holes.

The wildest thing that happened though is that they made me go on line and search for information on my dad. They have read all the newspaper accounts and all of the court stuff that I can find. They know that he is to go on trial next month. They want to take a road trip. They have all convinced their folks that a trip to the ocean is just the thing to do before starting our senior year. Mom is apprehensive because she is afraid that I will be found and not allowed to return to her. That is a little frightening. With full support of all concerned we, the Fab Four, are leaving Monday morning for Orange County. Beaches, and bikinis we have convinced everyone is the only thing on our mind.

We took our van. Mom can ride with Eddy's mom. The van made more sense cause we could lay down if we got tired and would have way more room than Carroll's cool truck. We loaded up with food and clothes and headed out before noon. We didn't get to the beach until dark but I had a friend who had a cousin who dated a guy that knew someone that owned a motel on the beach. It was no Hilton but it would do. It was pretty cheap at only fifty a night for a double. There were a row of condos between us and the beach but that was no step.

First thing Tuesday morning they had me at the county jail in downtown LA. I was scared shitless so they pushed me inside and helped me sign up to visit my father. I had to empty my pockets. I could take nothing inside with me. The guys sat with me for over two hours until my visitation time came. With weak knees I went through the screening and followed the line into a narrow hallway. I came out in a room of cubicles with thick sound proof partitions and a one inch thick piece of glass. A telephone receiver hung on the wall on both sides of the glass. In a few minutes men in orange jump suits filed in and then I saw him. I broke down and cried. He stood on his side of the glass and looked at me. He sat down and picked up his phone. I reached over and picked up mine.

"Thank you for coming. I've missed you."

"I love you, daddy." We both cried and placed our hands to the glass as if we could feel each other through the cold unyielding surface. "Why? What happened?"

He looked defeated as he stared into nothing behind me. "I don't know. It just happened."

"You never did anything like that to me. Do you love him more than me?"

Dad sat bolt upright his eyes bulging out of his head. "What I did was not love, son. It was sick. I am sick. I never did that before. I was...I am sick."

"Dad. There's something you're not telling me."

"I can't, not here. These phones are tapped. Did you want me to do those things to you?"

"No dad. I'm straight. I had never even thought of queer stuff. You know with Carol and all I...I really loved her dad."

"What about now?"

"Mom moved us. They beat me up and school and everybody hated us. They painted my car with FAG and QUEER and slashed my tires. Mom moved us out of state and we have been hiding."

"How about money? How do you live?"

"Mom got a job at a truck stop. She is waiting tables. She makes about a hundred a day with tips. We're getting by." His face was hollow. This was a blow to him. He didn't know what to say.

"Have you got a pencil? Write these numbers down."

"No they wouldn't let be bring one in." He called a guard over and talked to him.

"They won't let you have a pencil but he says he will give you my numbers after the visit. Now listen very carefully. I won't repeat this and you will have to read my lips." I leaned in close. "Do you remember uncle" and he mouthed Carl. I nodded. "Go to him and tell him happy fools day. He will tell you where to go. Take the list I am sending to you with you. Do you understand. You will go to ten friends of mine and tell them the same thing and they will tell you where to go next. They all know you and you have seen them. They will not talk to anyone else but you. You okay?" I nodded. "I love you, son. Believe me this was a stupid mistake. My lawyer says that with my clear history and my place in the community I should get probation and be out of here in a few more days. The trial starts Thursday and it should be quick. I then will probably get out on bail until I am sentenced in another month or so. Maybe we can spend some time this week end."

Someone announced that time was up, say goodbye and get ready to leave. "Wait outside for my friend. I love you. Thank you so much for coming." The phones went dead and my dad filed out with the other inmates.

I went back to the waiting room. The guys were gone. "If you're finished with your business please leave the building. No loitering inside." The guard held the outside door open. I saw the guys sitting outside on a picnic table. I walked over to them looking around.

"How'd it go?"

"I don't know yet. Just let me think." We sat there as they stared at me. I didn't know what to do.

We waited about ten minutes and the side door opened. The guard that dad had talked to came out. He looked at me and shook his head no. I stopped. He nodded for me to come over but he mouthed to me to go slow. I walked toward him as he went to a picnic table. He sat down and opened a can of Coke and lit a cigarette. "Don't look at me don't talk to me just listen. Your dad helped me a few years ago so I owe him but I won't go to jail to help him. I accidently turned off the recorder on his phone so they don't know what you talked about and I don't want to know. I am going to drop a piece of paper when I get up. You sit down here and carefully pick it up. Don't let anybody see you. Don't read it here. Just leave." With that he got up and walked away. He swigged the last of his Coke and tossed the can then went back to the door and was buzzed in.

I sat where he had been. A small piece of paper was stuck in a hole in the wire mesh table top. I put my hands over it and nodded for the guys to join me. I slowly worked the paper into my hand and then pushed it under my watch band. I'm not good at this covert shit but I didn't think anybody had seen anything. I smiled at the guys and said I was ready for the beach. They jumped up and smiled. We headed to the van like four crazy teenage boys. I told Tony to drive and I got in the back seat with Eddy. Tony headed out and I told him were to go. I took out the note and opened it up. It was a small piece of note paper with numbers on it. As I looked I realized that there were ten rows of seven numbers and letters on each line. Eddy looked at it and said, "Passwords?" I looked at him. He may be right. I told Tony to turn and guided him to a parking lot.

Tony parked the van and he and Carroll turned around. I told them what my dad had said. I told Eddy he may be right. I told them that we always had money but I didn't know what my dad did for a living. I asked them if they wanted to go on a quest. What seventeen year old boy isn't ready for high adventure.

I got up front and drove back down to Orange County. The guys couldn't believe the traffic. I got off the five and drove past Disneyland. They had their faces glued to the windows. I wished we had the money we would have a ball and tear that place up. I crossed over into Garden Grove and turned off to a side street. I pulled up to a nice house in the middle of the block. A man that I had known as uncle Carl was trimming his hedge. He saw me and his eyes lit up. "Happy fools day, uncle." His eyes darted around as he pulled me into a hug.

"Your dad send you?" He queried.

"Yeah." He took me inside. He went to the back of the house and came back in a minute. He went to the van and asked if anybody needed a bathroom break or something to drink. We told him we were fine.

He led me away and handed me a long skinny key with a square cut notch in the end. "Go to the bank at Beach Road and Ball Avenue. This is the key to a safe deposit box there. You have the number?" I nodded. "When you leave there go to this address and he will tell you where to go next. Destroy this name and address after you meet him. You will need this." He handed me an empty gym bag. He shook my hand and told me good luck. I got in the van and left.

We drove to the bank. I gave the lady the key and she looked up the card for that number. "You have the password," she asked. I pulled the note out and read her the first line. She led me to the vault. Only two of us could go in the vault. Carroll and Eddy waited. The lady brought us a long narrow drawer. She placed it on the desk in a small alcove. She left. Tony and sat down We looked at each other and I opened the box. It contained cash. Stacks of brand new hundred dollar bills all banded together in ten thousand dollar groups. I took a half a million dollars out of the box and placed it in the empty gym bag. I left the empty box and the key on the desk and we left.

When we were driving again I handed the bag to Tony. He opened it and showed it to the others. There was dead silence in the van. The next address was just a few streets down. The same thing happened at a different bank. We repeated this until only one name was on the list and we had four and a half million dollars in our hands. I didn't know what to do with it. I couldn't put it in the bank they would have to know where I got it and I think that taxes or some shit would get involved. If I took it home how could I spend that many brand new one hundred dollar bills without someone asking questions. And mom, shit mom would go ballistic on me.

We pulled up to the last house. I knew it well. My dad's best friend Everett was standing there waiting for us. "I've been getting calls all afternoon boy. How the hell are you?" He hugged me close. "Well come on then. We ain't got much time. The bank closes in fifteen minutes." We drove to the end of his street and into the back of a shopping center. The bank was at the end. We ran inside as the guard was headed to lock the doors. I presented my key and was taken to the vault. I returned with my bag stuffed full. We headed back to Everett's house. "Got a place to stay?"

"Yeah, we're in a motel on the beach."

"Wish you'd stay with me tonight. Like to talk about your dad." We agreed. I called the motel and had him add two more nights to my credit card because we were going to spend the day at Disneyland tomorrow.

Everett fixed a great dinner of burgers on the grill and all the trimmings. We talked until about ten when we started to get tired. He showed us to his family room. There were four pull out couches that we could sleep on. There was a bathroom right there and a TV. We paired off and hit the hay. Tonight it was Carroll and me.

I played the days events and what Everett had told us over in my head. Everett and these ten men were soldiers of fortune. They had traveled the world together from one war to the other. My dad had taken a bad hit and only had one kidney and half of his spleen left. He stayed home and organized the operations. Somewhere along the lines they had gotten into smuggling orphans into this country for adoption. They were charging upwards of fifty thousand per kid and bringing in twenty or more per year. Dad had fallen in love with one little guy and had kept him with a friend of his. The boy was homosexual and they were not able to place him. Dad kept him for three years and was infatuated with the boy. One day the boy was playing in the street when he was run over and killed. It was an accident and no charges were filed. Dad couldn't be involved because the boy had no papers. An elaborate scheme was hatched that the boy had been freed from a coyote smuggling illegals out of Mexico. The police bought it and that was the end of it.

At least they thought it was. Dad was obsessed with the lost boy and when he saw the boy in the park his mind snapped and he thought it was him. None of this could be mounted as a defense for dad. He was at the mercy of the court. His friends had hired the best lawyers possible and were behind him all the way but they had to keep their distance. They had a chain of connections that they followed. No one knew of anyone other than dad or Everett. They only met each other on assignment and kept close to their cover so that their private life would not be in jeopardy.

When I contacted Carl he passed me to his partner and called the boss, Everett since dad was out of the picture. This is the way it had gone all afternoon. I asked Everett if they could get dad out of the country so that he wouldn't have to go to prison. He said that that would not be possible. Eventually he would be caught as a fugitive and it would go much worse. He told me not to worry because he didn't think that dad would go to prison and that everything would return to normal in a few day. There was one thing he was sure of though. Dad would not be able to be around minors until his probation was over. That included me. We could only see each other as the courts would allow and probably always with a court officer in attendance.

That's normal? I want my dad back. I want my life back. I want the Fab Four. I can't have it all. I like my new school and my new friends. Mom and I are beginning to like the town. What if dad didn't like it or...what if the court wouldn't let him leave the state. If he couldn't be around minors could he come live with us. I began to cry, again. Carroll snuggled closer as he slept. He knew what I needed even in his sleep.

The next morning four frisky teenage boys headed of to Disneyland. Pity those park people we were a storm getting ready to unleash on them. It is true, you can't see all of Disneyland in one trip. We rode every ride. We ate everything. We had our pockets stuffed with hundred dollar bills. Everett was a wise old owl and he told me where to hide the bag of money. He told me how to disconnect the computer on the van and to pull the coil wire and take it with me. That way no one would be likely to steal the van.

We had opened the park and we closed it. Too tired for words we drove back over to the beach and our motel. It was almost two in the morning when we got there. We poured ourselves in bed and vowed to sleep all day. At seven I sat straight up. Visitation. It's visitors day. I have to see dad. Tomorrow is court. I jumped in the shower. Tony joined me. He wasn't sure why I was up so early. I told him. He woke the others. I told them to play on the beach that they couldn't go in anyway. That didn't fly. We were a team. Where one went we all went. Tony and I went next door and ordered breakfast while the other two showered and dressed. We timed it just right. The waitress placed our eggs on the table as they walked in clean and fresh. We gobbled as quick as we could and headed to the center of town and the old jail house. I signed in and went into visit with my dad.

We talked in innuendo as I told him that I had met his team and had the money. He asked me how much and I cryptically told him five million dollars. He smiled. He said that was all. There was some off shore but he or Everett would have to get that. I told him that Everett didn't think that he would get jail time and he would be out tomorrow after court. I asked him how we could see each other if he couldn't be around minors. He told me to take life as it came. One day at a time was all he could handle. We talked about old times. We talked about my girlfriends. I told him about the new school but I never told him what state it was in and I did not tell him about the Fab Four. We laughed and enjoyed each other's company until they turned the phones off. I was sad to leave but I knew I would see him tomorrow.

I headed to the van and we went to the beach. We frolicked and played in the sun and the sand. Night fall came and we lay on the beach watching the boats go by. We could see the lights of the offshore oil platforms. We lay and cuddled together until almost mid-night. We walked to the all night café where we had had breakfast and had a light supper. I had soup. Then we went to bed. We had a quick blow job apiece but everybody was too keyed up to do to much more. We fell asleep.

Court was at nine. We were there. I talked to dad and his lawyer. The lawyer told me that they had a surprise defense and he had tried to get the charges reduced to contributing to the delinquency of a minor but the prosecution wanted blood. The jury was selected. I watched each face as testimony was given. When three witness, including one police officer, were presented by the defense every eye in the court room was on the boy, the so called victim. Evidence was produced and the officer's notebook was introduced. All said that the boy was a prostitute who frequented the park and entrapped men to do his will. Testimony did not reveal anyone who saw my dad in any way touch the boy. It was speculated, and over ruled, that the boy had masturbated himself on the face of his intended victim. The jury was told to disregard that statement but I could see that they bought it. Witness after witness was produced proclaiming the boy's blatant homosexual life style. I looked over at Everett and he gave me a thumbs up. Somehow I knew that this kid was no queer but my dad's machine had put things in motion that made it look otherwise.

The jury was out less than a hour. At one thirty court convened and the verdict was read. Not guilty. The mayor's wife, the boy's mother was screaming. She was shouting at my father and cursing him. The boy was crying and saying it wasn't true. Suddenly the mayor's wife had a gun and she shot my father in the head and then shot the judge. She was shot by the bailiff and another officer in the court room.

I ran to my dad who lay dead on the floor. I held him as I screamed and cried. Carroll finally pulled me away as someone covered his body. I stayed there until he was taken to the morgue. The woman lived and was taken to the hospital. I called my mother and told her to get on a bus and come home so we could bury my dad. I told her that he had been found innocent and had been murdered. Eddy's mother drove her over. We still owned the house and I still had a key. I didn't know that. We went to my house and cleaned it before my mother arrived.

I had my car repaired and repainted. I cleaned out my room and stacked everything so that I could take it back to Arizona. We called a realtor and put the house up for sale. Hundreds of people came by to tell us how sorry they were. Nearly the whole school came by. I talked to Carol but I was very cold. I told her father what a bigoted fat head he was.

The funeral was well attended. There were over three hundred people at the grave side. The police department gave us a special hero's escort and burial. I didn't know that dad was a war hero and highly decorated. He had a military funeral with a fly over. The press made special efforts to cover everything. The picture of the boy was on the tv and in the papers and I was sorry for him. I asked Everett if they had framed him and he walked away without answering.

Quietly, we loaded three cars and a trailer and headed out of town in the dark of the night. We got out to Redlands and found a motel. All of us gathered in the ladies room, as we called the two mother's room. The boy's and I sat on one bed with them on the other and I opened up a small gym bag and dumped fifty bundles of hundred dollar bills on the bed. I told mom that dad had given me the password for his safety deposit box and I had taken out the money as he had told me too. It wasn't a lie. That's the way it happened. Did anyone need to know that there was much more? I think not.

We spent most of the summer at Pirates Cove. Everyone wants to know why we named the boat, 'Fairy Boat'. "'Cause, you ever see such a fruitier crew?" Carroll and Eddy's dads don't like it but it's our boat. We planned hard and long and made our senior year one that always be remembered and then graduation night the four us stood up on the stage in front of the whole town and announced that we were queer and we were here and this was our town. We hadn't planned to stick around anyway. We already had our passports and tickets and we went to Europe. They are much more gay tolerant over there.

Everett met us in Bern. We went to a large bank there and gave them passwords. Proceeds were divided in four. Everett told us that this all belonged to dad and he had his. Each of us had enough gold and cash to be able to spend ten thousand dollars a day for the next fifty years and still have plane fare home. We are now the Fabulously rich Four.

We lived well in my dad's household but I never thought of him being a billionaire. I live much more lavishly with my three husbands in the south of France. We are well known on the circuit and the Mediterranean is our back yard. We have flown the parents over from time to time but they don't like our life style and don't stay long.

We have rescued many cute boys off the street and helped them get and education and a good start in life. I kind of enjoy a sweet young cock in my mouth or ass sometimes but I always go home with Tony, or Eddy, or Carroll.


So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction? Tell me about it at fisherman@iname.com.

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