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Erotic Fiction. Young Friends. Explicit sex.
Four bored cabin mates at a boys' summer camp discover a way to entertain themselves one evening just before lights-out.
This is pure friction fiction with no socially redeeming qualities whatsoever.

It was the beginning of the second week of what seemed like three never-ending weeks at Camp Kiowa. The four bored youths slouched on their beds in tiny cabin 6-D wishing they were anywhere but there. Stan, Shorty, Fred, and Bunk were all fourteen years old, just old enough to be terribly, terribly bored with a boy's summer camp. They had just returned from an evening swim before lights out, and they were still dressed in their damp bathing suits, too bored even to take them off.

Each was propped up against the headboard of his bed, just staring at the others, when Stan glanced down and noticed that Bunk's dick was sticking out of the leg of his suit. Stan reached over, flicked it with his finger, and giggled. That was all it took. They were ready for anything. They all piled on one another laughing and giggling. They tore the clothing off anyone they could reach, and then began grabbing at each other's private parts. One thing led to another and the laughter gradually died away when they noticed that they all had erections. Thus began a memorable night for these four boys at Camp Kiowa.

Stan, Shorty, and Fred quickly greased up from a jar of Vaseline that Fred produced. Bunk was uncut and didn't need any grease. Then, they all began stroking at once. Without missing a beat, they nudged two of the twin beds together and sat facing each other, two with their backs against the head of the beds, and two with their backs against the foot of the beds. They automatically spread their legs wide, interlacing them with their neighbor's for intimacy, and so they could see what the others were doing to their cocks and balls. Stan and Shorty sat side-by-side facing Bunk and Fred.

Eventually, someone asked what the others thought about when they jacked off. Suddenly, they all chimed in that everyone should tell what he fantasized about when he pounded his meat. Stan volunteered to speak first.

STAN: Stan was a cute guy about 5' 6", with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He had an average build for a kid his age, but he sported a nice, round six-inch cock with a big head. "When I jerk off I think about big cocks. I love 'em; they turn me on, man. I never knew that cocks were bigger than mine until last summer when I went to summer school. I went to class in the morning and to the downtown library in the afternoon to do research. The first afternoon I was there, I got bored after a couple of hours and went to the restroom to jerk off. The library was real old and the restrooms were in the basement. The men's room was a huge place with about twenty stalls. The stalls were heavy wood that went all the way to the floor. I couldn't tell whether anybody was in them or not, so I went to the end and started trying to open doors. The first one was taken, but the second one wasn't, so I went in.

"I dropped my pants, sat down, and started playing. My cock got hard in about ten seconds. Then, I noticed that someone had drilled a big hole between my stall and the one next door. I looked through and I could see a guy playing with himself while watching me jerk off. After a minute, he leaned close to the hole and told me that if I stuck my cock through he would suck it for me. No one had ever sucked me before and I wanted to feel what it was like, so I stuck it through. In a second, I felt his warm mouth completely suck in my dick, clear up to my crotch hair, and then pull all the way off. He sucked me all the way up again and held for a second, holding all six inches. Then he did something like swallow, and every muscle in his mouth and throat squeezed in hard on my cock and milked it. It felt so good I thought I was going to faint, because I had never felt anything that good before. When he did it again, I moaned and started pounding the walls.

"He pulled off and wrapped his lips around my cock head. Then he swirled his tongue around and around it. And my knees went weak. Suddenly, he started sucking in earnest, building up a rhythm, and I got delirious. I started pumping and groaning, and my dick got rock-hard. But when I got ready to shoot, he stopped, and pushed my cock back through the hole with the palm of his hand. I was just standing there about to cry from being so close to cumming, when he stuck his cock through. And guys, it kept coming. It was the biggest dick I had ever seen, and it was uncircumcised. It must have been nine inches long -- and it was the most beautiful sight. I was beyond horny anyway, and when I saw that thing it was instant love.

"I dropped to my knees and grabbed it with both hands and began to worship it. I kissed some clear fluid off the end of it and began to lick up and down that smooth, white shaft. I rubbed it against my face -- my cheeks, my nose, my chin, my eyes; it was soooo warm, soooo beautiful, and felt soooo good. I held it against my ear and I swear I could hear his heart beating.

"He had a lot of foreskin that almost covered the head. I wrapped my mouth around the head and sucked the skin forward, holding it there with my fist wrapped around the middle of his shaft. I stuck my tongue under the skin and swirled it around the head. He liked that. He jumped and the head swelled up, almost choking me. While I continued to suck the head, I began to jack him slowly, first with one hand, then with two. He liked that too because the head swelled up again and he began to pump, and I could hear him moaning. I began to moan too. Shit, I was in heaven. My heart was beating so fast I began to sweat. My cock was bucking so that it was slapping up against my stomach. Then he pulled back through the hole and I yelled 'Oh, No'! But he stuck his lips close to the hole and asked me to join him in his stall.

"Well, I was over there in a flash. When I opened the door, I noticed that he was naked. So without being asked, I stripped down and dropped to my knees. I wanted to get back to my tongue worship. His cock was standing straight up, bobbing back and forth, calling for me. I could see the underside now, the huge cum tube running the full length, up from his big balls. And I could imagine the pints of cream that thing could gush. I put a lip-lock on the head of it and started a fast two-handed jack. I was delirious; I had to see it cum. But he took me by the head and pushed me away, telling me to take it easy. I was almost crying I was so hot, and I told him that I was about to cum just looking at his cock. He said, 'Why not', got me to my feet and sucked my hard rod into his mouth. But he only got about two pulls off of it before I shot.

"That probably was the biggest cum of my life. At least it was the longest, because he kept sucking and I kept cumming. Finally, I pulled away and leaned back against the door. He smiled and I noticed that he was very handsome, but he was much older than me – maybe twenty-five.

"When I got my breath, I knelt back down to worship his beautiful dick again. I started the same routine over again, but much slower this time. And I went back to heaven again -- having that beautiful cock in my mouth and in my hands. I gradually picked up speed. I was enjoying myself and so was he. His cock was getting bigger. I was working faster and faster; I began to sweat and breath very hard. I looked up and saw his eyes wide and his mouth open; he was breathing hard and sweating too. Suddenly his cock bucked and swelled. I swear I could hear and feel the cum gushing up. It shot into my mouth and I began to swallow. But there was too much. Cum oozed out of my lips, over my fists, and down his shaft. My face got red from lack of air, but I didn't choke; I just kept swallowing.

"Just when my lungs began to scream, his cock began to soften. I stopped jacking and sucking, but I didn't let go; I just breathed through my nose. I heard him let out a loud sigh, and I pulled off. I looked up and he gave me the sweetest smile. I grinned and licked my lips. Then I licked all the cum off my hands and his cock. I would have tried to suck the cum out of his crotch hair, but he lifted me up and hugged me to him. Then we noticed that my cock was roaring again because it was poking him in the chest. We both laughed and he took me again. This time I shot slower, but it was just as satisfying somehow.

"That was last summer, and we saw each other about once a week until he had to go back to school in September. He was studying to be a doctor. After he left I started looking for big cocks -- at the library, at school, at church, at the movies. I've found some big ones, but not like that first one."

As Stan finished his story, he was staring hard at Bunk's dick, which was over seven inches long, just big enough to fascinate him. It was standing at attention, responding to the efforts of Bunk's muscular fist. Stan was sitting directly across from Bunk; their legs were touching, and they began to slowly rub them against each other. Fred and Shorty looked up, surprised at the silence, when Stan finished speaking. Shorty had just raised up from sucking some pre-cum juice from Fred's dick. Shorty volunteered to continue.

SHORTY: Anyone, male or female, would have admitted that Shorty was beautiful. His golden blond hair and sky blue eyes set off his perfectly proportioned 5' 2" frame. Only his six-inch dick seemed a little long for a guy his size. But it was beautiful too, perfectly round with a pale, pale pink head that was growing redder by the minute from Shorty's stroking. "When I jack off by myself I think about orgies." The three others stopped in mid-stroke and stared at Shorty. They could imagine the boy singing in a church choir, but they couldn't imagine him participating in an orgy. Shorty blushed up to his beautiful blond curls. "Well, I haven't been in a real orgy, but I've come close to it. So I can think about them, can't I?

"About six months ago a new family moved next door, and they have identical twin boys a year older than me. They aren't much bigger than me, but they have better bodies 'cause they work out and run track. And they are good looking dudes besides. They have nice dicks, but they have the most beautiful sets of buns I've ever seen. Sorta like yours Fred." And it was Fred's turn to blush.

"And they do everything together. But most of all, they like to have sex together. And just for variety they like to include other guys too. Shit, I guess they've been having sex with each other all their lives so, they need some variety." The other three blushed at hearing this angel swear. "Well, they took one look at me and had me in their bed the second day after they moved in. Up to that time I had fooled around a little bit with some of the guys at school, but sex with these guys was a real education. They did everything and included me with them. I liked this kind of school, so I attended almost every day," he concluded, with a smirk.

"But the best time I had with them was on my fourteenth birthday. As a present, they had me spend the night with them. When we went to bed, they got me in the middle and started to work on me. They began by lightly stroking all over my body. While one kissed me and worked on my nipples with both hands, the other started at my feet (sucking each of my toes) and kissed and licked and tickled up to my knees. Then he spread my legs and licked every inch of skin on the inside of my thighs. When he got to my crotch, he sucked my balls and the area between my ball sack and my asshole. (That was a new experience for me and I just about sucked his brother's tongue out of his mouth.) Then he went back to my ball sack and sucked first one nut, then the other until my sack was raw. By this time I was squirming. So he licked and nibbled his way up my dick to the head just in time to take my load. I just about bit off his brother's tongue then.

"So they traded places. Arny kissed me to give me a taste of my own cum and then he began to work on my ears and my throat with his mouth. Auggie sucked his way past my tits and belly button down to my dick, which hadn't gone soft. He sucked that for a while, bypassing my balls and went to that sensitive place below my ball sack. Then he raised my legs and kissed his way to my asshole. Auggie had a long, sharp tongue and it was very talented. He ran his tongue around and around between my cheeks and then would drive it home. About six passes of his tongue and my hole opened up like a window. He spit on his dick and climbed aboard. He drove his dick home in one stroke and started slowly pumping. Arnie straddled my chest and ran his identical dick down my throat. To get it all the way in, he bent way over my head, burying my nose in his navel.

"But at the same time he also presented his asshole to his brother. So as Auggie pumped my ass, he also amused himself by tonguing Arnie's hole. I was in seventh heaven. And it seemed to go on forever. They pumped and pumped, sending waves of pleasure through me. Finally, I could stand it no longer, and I shot a stream straight at Arnie's asshole. After Auggie licked drops of my cum from his brother's hole, they pulled out and scooped up the rest of my cum from my chest and fed it to me on their fingers.

"Then we took a shower, during which they washed every inch of my body. I had enjoyed the hell out of myself, but I was a little puzzled why neither one of them had cum. I thought maybe I was loosing my touch. But they finally admitted that they had each cum three times before I arrived, because they wanted this to be my night; I was to receive all the pleasure. And they planned to give it to me, very slowly.

"They took me back into the bedroom and licked my body dry. One licked the front and one licked the back. Naturally, when they finished, I had another hard on. I bent Arnie over the bed and licked his asshole. (I have a long tongue too.) In a minute he started squirming and finally opened up. I greased up my dick and pushed it into that lovely hole. I buried my dick to the hilt and leaned over him, resting on his back. I kissed his back and reached around and stroked his chest, fondling his nipples. Then I stuck one finger in his navel and grabbed hold of his dick with my other hand. I pumped his ass with slow, short strokes, and matched that rhythm with my jacking hand.

"After a few minutes, I felt Auggie's sharp tongue penetrate the crack of my ass. Then his warm hands caressed my buns, slowly parting them. At last, the tip of his tongue reached where I wanted it to be. It entered my hole and picked up the rhythm of my hips. This kept up for about five minutes. Finally I yelled at Auggie to put his dick where his tongue was. And he did. By this time we were all getting hot and bothered, so he drilled it home so hard he almost knocked me and Arnie over. He pulled out about an inch and a half and so did I. That gave me some room to play and, guys, I became a wild, screaming, fucking machine, fucking one friend and getting fucked by the other -- and doing it all by myself. I made so much noise when I came that it's a wonder that the Twin's parents didn't come to see who was getting killed.

"When I got my breath back, we all took another shower. When it was over though, I insisted on licking each of THEM dry. Naturally, I had another boner when I finished. We piled back on to the bed, with me in the middle again. By this time we had been at it for about two hours, and I didn't think I was going to be able to do anything else, but I was wrong. The twins kept after me until four o'clock in the morning. I think I shot my wad three more times, and I milked two more loads out of each of them. What nice guys, huh? I got to drink all their cum and each time I shot my load, they fed it back to me."

Stan, Fred, and Bunk sat in stunned silence at hearing this beautiful angle tell such a horny story. Half way through his tale they had forgotten to jack their dicks. But the mental images that his story invoked danced merrily in their minds, all the way down to the tips of their rosy dicks -- now red and bulbous -- ready to burst. But none of them wanted to cum and miss being as horny as his neighbor. Bunk was the first to think of something; he jumped up and splashed cold water on himself at the wash basin. That cooled him down considerably because the camp supply came from melted glacier water. The others joined in -- and then enjoyed licking each other dry.

FRED: Although they had cooled off, it didn't take long for the veins in Fred's dick to pop back up and send his shaft back to rock-hardness. For that night Fred first believed in angles. He couldn't take his eyes off Shorty. When they climbed back on to the beds and stretched out, Shorty's foot nestled itself next to Fred's hip and Fred leaned over and tenderly took Shorty's big toe in his mouth and sucked it for a few minutes. When he looked up, Shorty's eyes were glazed over with lust. Fred smiled, content that he had given this angel some pleasure.

Fred wasn't much short of looking like an angel himself. He was a taller, darker, and slightly more masculine version of Shorty. He was what most adults and teenage girls would call "adorable" looking. His long, dark curls framed a truly beautiful face that was sure to blossom into striking good looks as an adult. Right now though he was striking as a teenager. At 5' 6", he stretched almost clear across the bed and his six and a quarter inch dick stood straight up. It was wide and flat, with a large cum tube on the underside and a gentle groove down the top side, down which he loved to stroke with one of the thumbs of his large hands. The long, tapered head of his dick leaked a drop of pre-cum just as he started his story.

"When I'm by myself and jack off, I like to fantasize that I can shoot my load, then go right on jacking until I shoot again, then keep jacking until I milk up another load. And so on. I want to be able to keep jacking off until my lap is white with cum. My older brother can do that. And I can't figure out why I can't.

"We've slept in the same room all our lives, and I'll swear he didn't pay any attention to his dick until he got old enough to cum. He's four years older than me, so he started shooting about the time I was nine. Hell, by then I was whacking my dong all the time but he just ignored me. But, boy, when his hormones surfaced, he changed gears. And I loved it. He would try to jerk off when I wasn't around, but one afternoon I came home from school and he was sitting in the easy chair in our room, buck naked, legs spread, jacking his big dick.

"When I walked in on him and just stood staring, he didn't say anything; he just grinned. I grinned back and shucked my clothes. I walked over and knelt down between his legs, grabbing his balls with one hand and his dick with the other. It was so much bigger than mine! I was fascinated! I started jacking it up and down; he already had it greased real good. He let out a big breath, leaned back, and closed his eyes -- the sign that I could do anything that I wanted.

"Well, I wanted to see the thing shoot! I'd never seen cum before. So I just kept up a steady up and down motion on his dong. After a few minutes he began to move his legs and flex his toes; he gripped the arms of the chair; he sucked his stomach in; and his lips went white and formed a straight line. I also noticed that his ball sack had drawn up tight. He let out a low growl and his dick erupted into the most beautiful fountain of cum!

"The first volley arced up and hit him in his Adams apple; the second plopped on to his right tit; the third landed in the middle of his chest; and the last five splattered droplets all over his stomach. I was thunderstruck! My eyes must have been the size of saucers and my mouth was open, but I kept right on jacking--I didn't have sense enough to quit. AND, my brother didn't tell me to quit either. He just opened his eyes and smiled at me. Then he looked down at all the cum on him and smiled again. He swept up a glob of cum with his fingers and ate it. Then he scooped up another glob and fed it to me. Bingo! Something made a logical connection in my head and I knew that I was hooked on cum for life. I grinned like a fox and let my brother feed me the rest of the cum while I patiently continued to jack him off.

"Just about the time I finished eating his jizzim, his head went back and he started moaning. Then he began to tell me how good it felt, that he loved it, and that I shouldn't stop--that I should never stop. Then he YELLED that I shouldn't stop--and shot another volley. This time I stopped jacking and ate up the cum without his help. When I finished, he asked why I had stopped. I told him that my arms were tired, and he asked why I didn't use my mouth. Double Bingo! Another connection!

"It hadn't occurred to me--then--to question that he had cum twice in about half an hour. And who knows how many times he had cum before I got home from school? Anyway, I looked at his dick in a new light and I tentatively licked the underside of the head. It jumped and slapped against his stomach. He laughed and tousled the hair on my head. When I bravely swallowed the entire head, he sighed and leaned back in the chair. We were both happy.

"That afternoon I learned how to suck cock. He was patient with me and let me experiment on him to my heart's content. Within a half hour I sucked two more loads out of his nuts and drank them right down.

"While I was sucking, I realized how many times he had cum, and I began to see a pattern. Right after he would cum, his dick would soften only slightly but his ball sack would completely relax. As I would continue to jack or suck, his dick would stiffen up and his ball sack would gradually tighten up next to the base of his dick until he would cum again." All the boys glanced at their tight, tight ball sacks.

"Well, things went on like that for about two years. Then his body changed again. He grew about six inches taller, and his dick grew about another inch. But it also grew about two inches thicker. That sucker got to be about three inches across, and the head was about the size of an orange. I couldn't suck it any more and it was even hard to jack off. So I was bummed out royally. But he found an alternative to me in Judy. That bitch was built like a race horse, and I'll bet she could have taken a race horse's dick too. Shit, his dick looked like a race horse's--only it was shorter. But Judy loved it because it was big enough to spread her cunt out and rub the shit out of her clit every second he was fucking her.

"So she took care of him and I went in search of never-ending cum elsewhere. Fortunately, I transferred to another school where there were some older guys. I volunteered to be the equipment manager for the physical education department, and I always managed to spend as much time as possible in the gym shower and locker room. The older guys really liked me and they included me in their shower room and locker room play. And it always seemed to click when the last group was cleaning up after last period PE; they always seemed ready for a little sex play. And I was always right there to help them out. More often than not, they were content with a circle jerk, but I also helped them out by jacking or sucking them off. I used to really enjoy lining about six guys up and watching them cum, one at a time, one right after the other as I sucked or jacked them."

As Fred finished his story, he discovered that he and Bunk were jacking each other off. Stan and Shorty had also traded hands. The guys jumped off the beds all at once and ran for the wash basin and more glacier water.

BUNK: Bunk appeared different from the other three because he appeared older. He was taller by three or four inches than Fred, and his dick was well over seven inches, unusual for a boy so young by any standards. Also, he possessed the dark, good looks of Latin extraction that indicated that he would mature early. Sexually, he matured when he was twelve; therefore, he had a year's head start on the other boys. And his dick gave notice of this, for the ropy veins of his thick foreskin stood out. They stood out, large and blue against the dark skin of his cock as testimony of the hard usage Bunk and given his dick. He appeared different too because he was heavily muscled for one so young. It appeared that he had been working out at a gym, which was almost true. "My jack off fantasy has been with me ever since I can remember. It's that I want to be able to suck myself off. I've got a brother that's ten years older than me that's got an eleven incher and can suck himself. He says that when he was my age his dick was the same size mine is now. So there's hope for me, huh?

"I've tried to suck myself every day for the last couple of years. But I still can't quite make it. So I dream about it and look for guys who can.

"I hit pay dirt about a year ago when a young guy moved into the condo across from ours. I watched him for a long time, smacking my lips at the huge bulge in the front of his pants. And it didn't make any difference what kind of pants he wore--the bulge was always there. I knew I had hit pay dirt the day I saw him wearing 501s with no jockey shorts. His thing was hanging down the leg of his pants about six inches. I stopped him on the walk and started talking to him. I noticed that he wasn't much taller than me--a good sign--a short guy with a big dick. He was good looking, small frame, but muscular. The bulge in my jeans started getting bigger, which he noticed, so he invited me in to his condo.

"Well, I had been looking for someone like this for a long time, and I wasn't about to let the opportunity pass. So, in no time I had us feeling each other's crotches. Not much time after that, I had him in bed--and guys, I wasn't disappointed. There I was admiring a long, thin, round, eleven inch dick! It was beautiful, and smooth and ivory-colored, with a long, narrow head that was almost as pale as the shaft. Although it was very long, it stood straight up and got very hard.

"He was overjoyed that I liked long dicks and I was delighted to find out that he was queer for uncut cocks. And he just loved mine. So we had a mutual admiration society going. We sixty-nined for a long time. He licked and sucked on me and just went into a frenzy manipulating my foreskin. And I got chapped lips licking, biting, and sucking my heart out on his long, long dong.

"Before we got too hot, he said he was curious about how much I could cum, so he went into the kitchen and came back with two Champaign glasses. We agreed to jack each other off into the glasses. I took my time enjoying the feel of the warmth and hardness of his dick under my palm. He continued to play with and jack my foreskin like a boy with a new toy. Finally we worked each other past the breaking point and poured our cum out into the glasses at the same time.

"He took the glass with my cum and checked the amount, then sniffed it like he was testing wine. Out of curiosity, I did the same with my glass, and found out that his cum smelled sweet and nutty. He took the glass from me and held them up together; they contained almost the same amount. He grinned wickedly and said we made a good team. I agreed. Then he suggested we drink to that, and handed me back the glass with his cum. He clinked the glasses together and raised his to his lips. I did the same, and we drank each other's cum at the same time.

"To use your phrase Fred, 'Bingo', something clicked. That was my first taste of cum, and it tasted like heaven. I could have drank a pint of it.

"We settled back on the bed and began to cuddle and fondle each other. Then we kissed long and hard. We each had long tongues and could make the most out of a French kiss. Soon our dicks were roaring again. His chest muscles were well-developed which showed off his tits well. They looked delicious, so I tasted them. I only had to turn my head away from his tit and I could reach out my long tongue and tickle the head of his dick. I began to suck on it, and when I had him good and hot, I asked if he could suck himself. He was only too happy to show me that he could.

"He simply sat up in bed, propping himself up against the headboard, and bent over and took about four inches of his dick in his mouth. He experienced absolutely no strain. He played with his balls with one hand and my dick with the other. The sight was such a turn on for me that I had to slap his hand away before I shot again.

"I knelt close, between his wide-spread legs and pulled his dick over to my mouth and took about ten long pulls on it. Then I gave it back to him. He took about ten pulls and I took it back. We traded back and forth like that for about ten minutes until his eyes glazed over and he filled my mouth with cum that tasted even better than that out of the glass. When I came up for air I was shaking with lust, so he laid me back on the bed and deep-throated me. On the second stroke I shot deep and long, and he took it down his throat straight to his stomach.

"We lay there a while, holding our prizes in our mouths, reluctant to let them go. Finally, we began to talk and I asked if he sucked himself often. I was surprised when he said he did it every day. But, he said that for variety, he played with his toys. He laughed at my puzzled look and opened the closet door. And there on a shelf was the weirdest collection of stuff I've ever seen. There were rubber cocks, strips of leather, all kinds of stuff. He said that he would show me how to enjoy all of these toys, as well as his dick.

"After that afternoon, I went over to his house almost every day. I must have learned a hundred sexual techniques. For instance, to teach me how to suck a cock properly, he put a thin rubber ring on his cock. It fit real snug, like a rubber band. He positioned it about four inches from the end of his dick. And my job was to work the ring off his cock, just using my lips and my tongue.

"Another thing I learned was that no matter how long your dick is, your body has to be flexible enough to bend in order to be able to suck yourself. So he began to teach me how to exercise to become stronger and more flexible. I bent and twisted and stretched and lifted weights for months until he said I was limber enough and had enough muscle control to be able to suck myself, but my dick wasn't long enough yet. He said I would just have to grow into it. Meanwhile, I could suck on his as a consolation prize. And I did.

"Later he about had a heart attack when he found out how young I really was, but by that time he was hooked on me. As a matter of fact, I spent the night with him the night before I came here to camp. He almost cried that night. He said he didn't know how he was going to stand being away from me for three weeks.

"When we piled into bed we went into our favorite position, a 69. After we gushed up our first load, he fished out our favorite dildos and we inserted them. I had become fond of one that massaged my prostate gland just right. We laid back down in the 69 position and began to lazily suck and fuck ourselves. When we were pretty hot, he removed his dildo entirely and I sat upright on mine. Then he lowered his asshole right on to my throbbing dick. I began to squirm and work my hips to get my dildo to work on my prostate gland, while he began to squirm and work his hips to get my dick to touch every inch of his insides. Then I leaned forward and took his dick into my mouth. By this time I was limber enough to go down on about five inches of it while in this position. For ten minutes we bucked and squirmed and worked until we came to thundering climaxes."

At the point where Bunk finished his story, Fred was kneeling between Shorty's legs. Shorty had his knees drawn up to his chest and Fred was licking his beautiful asshole. Bunk had his knees drawn up to his chest too, but Stan was jacking him with one hand and had three fingers of his other hand buried in Bunk's ass. When silence reigned in the room, they all seemed to return to reality.

They all relaxed and began to talk. They agreed that something wonderful had happened between them and they thought that they should celebrate by cumming in some special way--something that they all could participate in--just jacking off didn't seem proper. Shorty said he had an idea and jumped off the bed to retrieve a water glass. They instantly knew what he had in mind.

Shorty handed the glass to Bunk who knelt between Stan's legs and began to suck his dick. Stan was hot so he blew his cork into the glass in about two minutes. Bunk handed the glass to Fred who lovingly milked out Shorty's spunk. Shorty then sucked out Fred's load into the glass. Shorty handed the glass to Stan, who was only too willing to suck and jack up Bunk's offering of cream. As the last drops of Bunk's stuff settled into the glass, Stan reverently held it aloft for all to see. It was half full and they all smiled approvingly.

Then they sat cross-legged, facing each other, in the middle of the bed. They all got hard again in anticipation. So each solemnly jacked his neighbor off as they passed the glass from hand to hand, each taking a sip from it. They kept passing it around until the glass was empty and each guy had a little white mustache of cum on his upper lip.

To complete the sacrament each turned to his brother and sucked him off. The circle jerk had turned into a daisy chain. Without further acknowledgment of the ceremony, they pushed the beds apart and Stan and Bunk piled into one, while Fred and Shorty piled into the other. They turned out the bedside lamp and sighs and moans of pleasure penetrated the dark for the rest of the night.

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