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Finally Alone

The door to the bedroom slammed open as two boys fumbled into the room. They were too intent on ravaging each other and devouring each others mouths to watch where they were going. Kyle barely had the forethought to close the door behind them. As they shuffled towards the bed, Brandon's foot got caught in a pair of jeans lying on the floor and he began to fall. Unfortunately they were too entangled in each other to separate, that the sudden unbalancing of Brandon, brought Kyle down.

They landed on the floor in a heap. Brandon got the brunt of the fall since Kyle landed on top of him. "Ow!"  whispered Brandon.

As they lay there catching their breath, Kyle began to laugh. At first Brandon seemed upset at Kyle for laughing at his pain, but then the comedy of the situation hit him and he began to laugh as well...



I was new to this school. My family had just moved here over the summer and I was not a very happy camper. I was about to start my junior year at a new high school, with no friends and no idea what to expect. We had moved into a new community and most of the residents were new families. I had not seen a kid over ten years old anywhere in the neighborhood for the entire summer. So depressing!

On the first day of class I was very nervous, and I'm sure it showed. As I hurried up the walkway to the main school building there were new faces everywhere and most of them were looking at me. I must have had the "New Kid" lights flashing above my head. Most didn't stare, but they did look at me with a scrutinizing eye.

All the attention must have been getting to me, because as I was walking up to the entrance I failed to notice a big tree root that had broken through the sidewalk. My foot got caught on it of course, and I took a header right into the first set of stairs. A hand caught me inches from bursting my head wide open. It didn't save my knees or my shoulder bag from being thrown to the ground though, the contents of my bag went skating across the ground.

"Ow, ow, ow!" I whimpered, while rubbing my knee. Kids were laughing all around me.

"Hey, dude. You okay?" I looked up into what I would later think of as the most beautiful male face I have ever seen. He had short curly blond hair, just long enough to brush the top of his sparkling blue eyes. His smile was warm and friendly. It took me a moment to understand what he had asked me. He wasn't laughing, but he had genuine concern on his face.

"Um, yea... yea I'm okay. Thanks man" I looked back to see what had tripped me. "Damn, what the heck? A freakin' root!"

He chuckled, "I think every student in this school has tripped on that root at some point. Here let me help you!" He began gathering my books and papers. I grabbed a few and my bag, and we refilled it. "There you go." He helped me up and then offered his hand. "My name is Kyle."

"I'm Brandon..."


The two laughing boys picked themselves up off of the floor and sat on the bed. The moment of nervous comedy over, they stared into each other's eyes. The look of amusement was replaced by the earlier look of passion that had consumed them. Kyle made the first move. He reached up and placed his hand on Brandon's smooth face. With this simple gesture he pulled Brandon closer. Brandon's hand reached around behind Kyle, curling around the back of his neck, thumbs and fingers stroking the loose strands of hair.

Their lips met again, but this time there was more feeling, and less of a rush. There was a passion coming through the kiss that told each participant that the other's feelings were true! Mouths opened up and sensual exploration excited nerves on tongues and lips. A low moan escaped the pairing, although from whom the moan came from was impossible to tell.

Kyle's hand slipped from Brandon's face, moved down his neck and onto his chest. Kyle felt the muscle there that he had helped to shape. He remembered the long hours they spent together in the gym. How his best-friend had transformed from a skinny weakling that most dismissed as a nerd, into the beautiful boy that chicks and dudes alike gave a second look.


I remember that first time, having to drag Brandon to the gym with me. It was the start of summer, and next year we would be seniors. Brandon had had a rough time of it the previous year. This was despite my sticking up for him. He was the new kid, skinny as a rail, who wore nerdy glasses and button up shirts. The jocks couldn't help it. I became determined.  I was going to bulk up Brandon a bit and push him into some better clothes.

That first day at the gym was amusing. I had to explain the smallest things to him. "No, no. Brandon, turn your arms like this when pushing the bar up."

"But what's the difference? I'm pushing the bar up, and my arms are burning already."

"Because, we already worked those muscles on the last machine, turning your arms like that will work these muscles and these in your chest. This is the only machine that will work them in here."

After walking him through the full routine and spending fifteen minutes on the treadmill to cool down, we headed into the locker room to change and hit the steam room. I remember it was my first time seeing Brandon naked. He was really skinny, but there was a hint of muscle that wanted to come out.

We went into the sauna with nothing but towels on. I remember I was the first one to shuck my towel and lay it on the bench to sit on. Brandon looked nervous but followed suit. We were just two guys in a sauna. It was just something you did after working out at the gym.

I remember his short ebony hair was spiky from all the sweat. The sweat pouring down his milky white skin was showing off just a hint of definition in his body. His muscles were there, they just needed some coaxing to come out. Brandon had just a few veins that were taut on his arms from the workout. His belly was flat, with just the hint of a treasure trail leading down to a full bush, his cock underneath looked to be about the same size as mine soft, but his balls were significantly bigger.

The sauna became a place after our work-outs that I couldn't wait to go to, most of the time it was just me and Brandon. He didn't even worry about it when other guys came in. Sometimes they would be wearing shorts or underwear, but a lot of the time they would just come in and sit naked with us. I watched his body fill out over the summer. Slow at first, but soon his arms chest and legs really started to take on definition and shape.

I think I really started to fall in love with Brandon over those summer workouts...


Kyle slowly pushed Brandon back onto the bed, and then he lay down across his new boyfriend.  They started to press and grind their hardening cocks against each other. As Kyle broke the kiss, he gazed into the endless pool that was Brandon's green eyes. They stared for just a moment, just gazing into each other's souls.

Brandon smiled up at his best friend turned boyfriend, as he reached back and placed his hands on Kyle's ass. He pulled Kyle in and ground his cock into him even harder. Kyle smiled, and leaned down kissing him once again. Their tongues danced, lips caressed and slight moans escaped one mouth or the other. After a brief moment, Kyle leaned back again and let just the tips of their tongues move against each other.

Then he sat up and moved his hands up under Brandon's shirt, feeling the now firm muscle of his building six-pack. Brandon leaned up so that he could pull the shirt off. The knowing smiles played off of their faces as the first of many articles of clothing had been removed.

As Brandon helped his boyfriend out of his shirt, he marveled at this boy he had fallen in love with. `How had he been so lucky?' he asked himself. He admired Kyle's chiseled running-back chest. Those powerful arms that rocked the baseball bat and stiff armed the would-be tacklers. How had a skinny geek like him, attracted a star athlete?


Had it only been a week ago? Kyle was playing in the state championship. We had the better season, so we had the home field advantage. It was fourth quarter, fourth down and goal. The other team was up by four points and there was only ten seconds left on the clock. The visiting team had stopped us three times already and this was the last shot. No time left.

The ball snapped, the blur of motion mixed into a wall of flesh as the lines collided. The quarterback took a few steps back, surveying the situation. It didn't look good... then all of a sudden a human bullet broke free on the far side. Kyle was dashing for the goal line. Just as he got there he turned and jumped into the air as he crossed the in-zone.

Silence hushed the crowd as the ball went flying through the air. On target, it slammed into Kyle's chest. He cradled it as he fell just on the other side of the line. A referee ran forward with the touchdown signal waving in the air. The crowd exploded!!

That night at the after party, I was so proud of Kyle. He was the man of the hour, and I was there to help him celebrate. What was so cool... was that, it was because of him that I could even come to a party like this. Last year, it would not have mattered that he was my best friend. Last year, I was just the new kid and a nerdy new kid at that. I was amazed at the changes Kyle had brought to my life.

My new physique, I would have never thought about going to a gym. Now, I don't know what I would do without my daily workout.  And best of all... my new outlook on life. I have confidence now that I never had before. Without that confidence, I don't think I could have gone ahead with my plan that night.

The party was awesome... and as happens with these high school parties, somehow beer and a few other choice alcohol had found their way to the party. It was a good thing too! The slight buzz I had going made the plan easier. What was the plan? To spill my guts!

I couldn't pretend anymore. `Tonight is the night!' I told myself over and over. Over the last six months or so I had come to realize that I really didn't care that much for girls. I mean sure they are pretty... but I just don't really get turned on by them. A few months ago, after Kyle's eighteenth birthday, he rented a porno. As we watched it together, I started to realize that I was more interested in the guy and his cock in action, than the girl with her tits  bouncing all over the place.

I went on the internet and read some gay stories I found. I had never been so turned on. I must have jerked off four times that first night. It was all clear to me now. My not finding a girl that I wanted to ask out was more than just about me being afraid. Even the few girls that had asked me out, the dates just felt awkward.  The interesting thing though, is that Kyle seemed to be often girlfriendless as well. Oh he has dated a few girls, but it never lasts.

The past half of a year between the working out, the saunas, the sleepovers, the fact that we did practically everything together, it all added up. I had spent the last few weeks building up the courage to confront him. The fear that this could be the end of our friendship, weighed heavy on my mind. After the big win, a few shots of Jack and a beer or two, I was feeling up to the task.

Later in the evening, after the party was winding down, I found myself in Billy's dad's office with Kyle. Billy was the guy throwing the party. There had been a few other people in the room, but they had just left. We had been using the computer to find funny video's on youtube. A cat doing something stupid is a lot funnier when you are buzzed.

I was alone with Kyle. Now was my chance.

"Hey, Kyle... can we talk?"

"Sure B, what about?" he asked as he turn in the chair to face me.

"I... well... I like you."

"Yea, well I like you too... sheesh! I would have thought you would know that by now... I mean I have hung out with you for over a year."

"No, that is not what I mean dude... I mean I don't like girls, I like boys. I... like you!"

Kyle's alcohol buzz must have faded in that instant because the look on his face changed. He blinked at me and said, "Wait, are you saying you're gay?"

The blank look on his face had me worried. Fear started to creep in, as I started to wonder... `Had I just lost my best friend?' Then his face softened and a small smile creased his lips as he leaned forward and placed his soft lips on mine.

I had just opened my mouth to probe Kyle's mouth with my tongue, when a crash startled us. We both jumped and looked to the door of the room at the same time. A boy and girl had fallen into the room landing on the leather couch. I don't even think they noticed us... they were way too involved with each other.

We got up and walked out of the room, stifling our nervous laughs.


Kyle moved back a bit straddling Brandon's knees. His roving hands moved down to the object he had fantasized over for more than six months. He first brushed his hands over the fabric of the jeans, lightly pressing down on the throbbing trophy that lay underneath. Then, he got a bit more aggressive and really began examining Brandon's cock and balls that lay beneath the fabric of the jeans. Kyle's amateur strokes elicited a moan from his lover.

Kyle's excitement at handling the first cock that was not his own, brought a smile to his face as he began the process of unsnapping Brandon's button up jeans. Each button allowed the plaid boxer short clad cock to rise more and more, escaping to freedom. When completed, the fly on Brandon's pants lay folded open, with his mostly freed cock now standing almost straight up, a slight throbbing motion moved the shorts higher every few seconds.

Kyle leaned in and hooked a finger in the slit of the plaid boxers and fished out his boyfriend's now free and rigid member. The raw naked cock in Kyle's hand was pulsing with heat and radiated a natural lust that they both felt. Kyle bent down and ran his tongue just under the tip of Brandon's cock.

Brandon shuddered with the sensation that Kyle's tongue, saliva and lips created as they encircled the head of his cock. A moan escaped him, as the blowjob was doing what it did best to virgin boys, it made his toes curl and made him whimper like a little girl from the pleasure overload. That was when Brandon's world, crashed...

"What was that?" Brandon gasped, as he shot up from the bed.

Kyle spilled onto the floor, the cock once in his mouth, now missing along with the boy it belonged too. "Hey what gives Bran?"

Brandon had jumped up and ran to the window across the room. "Oh shit! Damn it... Why are they here? It's my folks dude they just got out of the car. Quick, get your shirt back on..."

They raced, Brandon stuffed his stiff rod back into his boxers and hastily buttoned his jeans. Kyle threw on a shirt and tossed the other to Brandon. They just made it downstairs in time just as the front door was opening.

"Hey Mom, Dad... what's up? I thought you guys were gone all night?" Brandon asked.

"Oh your father forgot the theater tickets. We'll be out of your hair in no time." She said, smiling at her son. His father ran past, on his way to the master bedroom. "So what are you two up to tonight? You're all sweaty..."

"Um... Well we have been playing the Wii, you know how much exercise that is." Brandon said, blurting out the first thing that came to his head. The boys both laughed.

Brandon's father came running down the stairs. "OK hun, I got the tickets lets go or we'll be late. Later son, you boys behave."

"Later boys!" Brandon's mother cried out, as her husband scooted her out the door. As they walked to the car, "Well James, it would seem our son has finally decided he really is gay."

"What? Did I miss something?" the father asked.

"What you didn't notice the boys were all sweaty?"

"Honey, the boys being sweaty is not a revelation that our son is gay. C'mon."

"No James, we have talked about this before. We have both felt it, he is our son. He is `your' son!"

"Look, my being bisexual has nothing to do with our son's sexuality."

"Haven't you seen the way he acts around Kyle? Haven't you noticed that they have been spending a lot of time together lately? Besides, Kyle was wearing Brandon's new shirt and I have never seen the shirt Brandon was wearing. I think we might have interrupted something."



At the party, the previous night, Brandon coming out to me was a total shock. My mind reeled from the emotions swirling throughout my body, mind and heart. I had never dreamed that my fantasies would come true. I had felt a connection to him that first day at school.

He was a geek, considered a loser and everything that my jock friends told me I needed to avoid. I was totally enamored with him. I could tell from the first day I saw him that there was something special about him. That first year was difficult for him because he was picked on relentlessly. A lot of my teammates felt it was their duty to welcome the new kid. Welcome being a questionable term since it involved a lot of teasing and pranks. I intervened quite a bit for Brandon, and eventually most of the jocks left him alone.

Then, coming back to school this year, his transformation was amazing. He exuded a lot of confidence now. Girl's heads would turn as he past by them. They would whisper to their friends about how hot he was. He was no longer an outcast and the rest of the school seemed to forget that he had been the nerdy new kid last year. He was even getting invites to parties now, parties he would have never been allowed too go to, even as my guest.

After Brandon confessed his feelings to me, I had been shocked at first. I was fairly sure that he had actually been dating recently. The idea of Brandon as my boyfriend sent shivers down my spine. All that time we spent in the sauna I had lusted over his body. As he got more and more defined my interest grew. I had been building up my courage for months to come out to him myself.

I have known for several years that I was gay. Only one of my old girlfriend's knows, Kim. She was a sweet girl. We had been friends since third grade. We even tried to date for a while in my freshman year. She actually helped me come to the realization that I was gay when we tried to have sex once. Now she is one of the few people, other than Brandon that I tell my deepest secrets too. My sexuality was the one thing I had hid from him, and I had meant to remedy that, but he beat me to it.

We never had another opportunity to talk at the party. There were just too many people around. So we made plans to get together the next night so we could talk privately and maybe fool around. We were going to have a nice quiet dinner, then go to the movies. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep for a long while that night but when I did fall asleep, I dreamt of Brandon for most of the night.

The next day, everything was going great. I had called and spoken to Brandon for an hour or so. He was so excited. He was happy that I felt the same as he did. He couldn't wait until I picked him up in a few hours. Then, my mom informed me that Jamie, my kid sister was joining us... My parents were going out tonight, so I was stuck babysitting, my fourteen-year old brat of a sister. All of the longing, the excitement of spending a night alone with my Brandon was completely dashed. He was really going to be disappointed, I know I was.

The night was miserable. Being with Brandon, but not being able to show my feelings for him. My sister's constant barrage of conversation and questions got old really quick. Even worse, Jamie had a puppy dog crush on my new boyfriend. Throughout his summer transformation, she was constantly telling me how hot he was and she didn't hold back on complementing him on his new clothes, and just being that `syrupy sweet teenybopper' every time he was around.

We didn't get a single moment alone for the whole night!

 During the week was just as bad... just being around him every day at school but only having the fleeting moments alone between classes was unbearable. We only had the briefest of kisses last Friday night, and I was hungering for his mouth, to touch him finally. And my popularity at school after the big win meant that anytime we did have time together there were folks always around us, congratulating me on the big win... It was so frustrating! 

Then, I got some great news.

"Oh my God, Kyle! My parents have decided to spend the night out of the house this Friday. It is their anniversary, and they are going to make a whole night of it. They're even getting a room at one of the big fancy hotels downtown. If you can stay over the night we will have the entire house to ourselves."

I was smiling from ear to ear. "Awesome, I can't wait!" I was so excited I kissed him quickly on the mouth. When I realized what I had just done, I panicked, looking around to see if anyone was close by. Luckily we were still out in the parking lot and I don't think anyone saw us.


Brandon looked out his bedroom as his parent's car pulled out of the driveway. After they drove down the road, he turned back to Kyle with a smile, "Coast is clear..."

He didn't get much else out after that because when he turned around, Kyle was sprawled on his bed, completely naked. Kyle smirked and said, "What? I just figured we would pick up where we left off..."

"That is a bit further along than we `were', but I'm not complaining. I can roll with it" Brandon said smiling at him. "Well it would seem I'm a bit over dressed." Brandon quickly tore off his shirt and unbuttoned the first three buttons of his jeans, pushing them and his boxers to the floor. He stepped out of them and slowly approached the bed, crawling up between Kyle's thickly muscled legs.

Brandon stopped when his face was over Kyle's semi-hardon. He first licked from the middle of Kyle's ball sack all the way to the top of the shaft, running his tongue all around the underside of the head. He savored the smell and taste. He lifted Kyle's quickly hardening cock and slowly lowered his mouth onto it. With just the head in his mouth, Brandon swirled his tongue all around the head, eliciting a sharp moan from Kyle.

Being careful with his teeth, Brandon tried to see how much of Kyle's thickening cock he could take in his mouth. He got close to halfway, when his gag reflex gave way. He went slower and tried to ignore the gagging feeling. It was a strange feeling, but eventually it passed and he was able to deep throat Kyle's cock to the point that Kyle's bush tickled his nose.

Kyle was squirming now and thrusting his hips upwards a bit. He reached down and ran his fingers through Brandon's hair. His breathing was picking up as was his volume. The Ooo's and ahh's were mixing with the mumbling coming from Brandon. Kyle began to feel that building sensation as his balls were tightening up in preparation.

Brandon was rolling Kyle's balls around in his right hand, as his left was feeling the chest of his boyfriend. He felt as the balls started to pull in. He knew Kyle was getting close, even before Kyle warned him. Brandon didn't stop!

Kyle screamed a cry of pleasure as his orgasm washed over him. Brandon's tongue got its first taste of cum. It was an intoxicating flavor. He felt his cock twitch and knew whatever happened next he would not last very long. Brandon tried to savor every last drop, but Kyle's gushing balls had too much frustration buildup that it was more cum than Brandon's mouth could contain, some dribbled down Kyle's shaft and pooled in his hairy bush.

Brandon swallowed but kept a bit of Kyle's cum in his mouth, as he moved up to give him a kiss. Kyle's semen swirled around in their mouths as they kissed each other with passion. It was a perfect snowballing! Kyle enjoyed his first taste of cum but he knew that he needed some of Brandon's cum to compare.  He pushed Brandon back, determined to resume what was interrupted by Brandon's folks.

Kissing down Brandon's firm chest, Kyle stopped briefly and ran his tongue around Brandon's right nipple before continuing down. Reaching his prize he first gave Brandon's stiff cock, a single lick, from base to puffy red head. He went back down and ran his tongue all around his boyfriend's nuts. He slowly took each one into his mouth, sucking them gently. Brandon let out little moans and `ahhs' that let him know he was doing a good job.

Finally, he took a hold of Brandon's cock, and took its head into his mouth. Like Brandon had done, he swirled the head all round his mouth. He moved down on Brandon's cock to see how much he could take... after a few more inches, he gagged. He tried to relax his throat, but the gag came back. He settled for his `halfway down' and started in earnest. Moving his tongue with each down thrust and swirling his head around, Brandon's response became loud and throaty.

"Oh god Kyle... I think I'm gonna... Ahhhh."

Kyle was rewarded for his efforts as a mouthful of Brandon's seed pumped into his waiting tummy. Kyle continued to suck and lick until his boyfriend's cock was clean. He looked up into Brandon's loving green eyes and noticed the big grin on his face. Kyle moved up the bed, and laid on his side next to Brandon. He draped his left leg and arm over his boyfriend, rubbing Brandon's chin with his fingertips.

"That was amazing. I never dreamed..." Brandon said.

"You weren't bad yourself. I can't believe you took my whole dick. I mean you really swallowed me down."

"Well I have never done that before, but I just wanted it to be special."

Kyle melted a bit and leaned in to kiss Brandon. Within a few seconds their tongues were at it again. Kyle's hand fondling Brandon's chest, he felt a stiffening under his leg as Brandon's cock was coming back to life. They had not discussed it, but Kyle had already decided that he wanted to bottom for Brandon.

Kyle lifted up his head breaking the kiss, Brandon pulling his bottom lip as he pulled away. "Bran... I... I think I love you... and I need you inside of me... please!"

Brandon was taken aback by Kyle's declaration. Love! That was a powerful word.


I'm sure my face looked pretty dumb for a minute there. Kyle loved me... Wow, there just wasn't anything more I could say. I realized then, that I love him too. But could I say it? At the time, my gut reaction was to show him how much I loved him.

I rolled out from under him, walking over to my dresser. I had prepared for this night and had picked up a bottle of KY. When I came back he had already moved around and was on his back. I moved in-between his legs again. He pulled his legs up to give me better access as I moved in closer.

I squirted just a small bit of the lube on my fingertips and moved it around his anus. It was actually a bit weird feeling across and around someone asshole. Then, on one of my passes my finger slipped in a bit, Kyle took in a deep breath. With my finger already there, I pushed forward, past the first knuckle, then the second. I pulled my finger in and out to spread the KY all around.

I looked him in his eyes and asked, "Are you ready for me?"

"Yes... please..." he answered.

I got up and moved in closer. I applied some of the lube to my hard-on. Before I knew it, I had the head of my cock, pressing against Kyle's sphincter. I slowly pushed in. He was very tight, but the slickness helped.  The tingling sensation from the pressure on my cock was amazing. 

Kyle moaned an "Oh God!" as the head of my cock entered him.

I slowly continued to push in deeper. A whimper escaped from Kyle. Inch by inch, I entered slowly. I never broke eye contact with Kyle. I did not see pain in his eyes, there was only bliss that was evident from the way he flung his head back and half-lidded his eyes. Within a few seconds, I was in as far as I could go. My nuts were now resting on Kyle's ass.

I leaned down, I wanted his mouth again. As I got closer to him, I said something. Something I couldn't believe that was coming out of my mouth. "Oh God... I love you too baby..." I whispered just before my lips engulfed his.


 My mind was reeling, `did I just tell Brandon I loved him? Oh god... yea I did.' The look on his face... Was it too soon? I meant it, but... then a smile crossed his face, a mischievous smile. He rolled out from under me and walked over to his dresser. The way his ass shook as he walked, his now rippling back and leg muscles flexed with every move, he was a vision and I'm the luckiest man in the world.

I moved around on the bed, shifting to my back and turning with my ass to him as he turned around. As I thought, he had a bottle of some kind of lube. I was glad he had thought ahead, but that was Brandon, always one step ahead.

He walked back to the bed with a devilish grin on his face. He was so gentle. He applied the lube to my asshole. The pleasure that he was giving me was very different than anything I had ever tried. His finger poked in my asshole and my gut reaction was to wince in pain, but to my surprise there was no pain. As he entered me with his finger, there was a spot that he kept hitting with his finger. I'm sure my cock jumped each time. It was something I had never felt before.

After a few seconds of lubing me up with his finger, Brandon looked up at me, those green eyes of his, sparkling in anticipation. "Are you ready?"

"Yes... please..." was all I could moan out.

He moved up between my legs and I felt his cock at my entrance. It slid right in. There was a mild discomfort for a second, then nothing but the sensation of his cock slowly entering my ass. His cock touched that spot again and I almost cried out. I had started to shut my eyes, but I kept eye contact with Brandon. I let go, just living in the moment, enjoying the feeling of fullness as his cock bottomed out.

I watched him leaning down never wanting to break eye contact and just as Brandon's face hovered over mine, he whispered to me, "Oh God... I love you too baby..." as he took my mouth. All I could feel was his passion and his love for me as we kissed.

He loved me! That stoked a fire in my heart. I could not have loved another soul more than I loved Brandon at this moment. This boy was driving my senses crazy. That was when the real fun began.


Brandon pulled out slowly then drove back in hard. He worked up a rhythm, of pulling out slow, then diving in hard and fast, his balls slapping Kyle's ass on the way down. They continued a heavy and passionate kiss throughout. Small tears of joy leaked out of Kyle's eyes as he basked in Brandon's love for him.

Brandon then pulled his lips away from Kyle's hungry mouth as he began a faster tempo, a pounding jackhammer of a pace. Kyle began to writhe under the assault, his cock leaking precum all over his belly.  It was good that no one was home because the sounds of lovemaking filled the house.

The boys looked into each other's eyes as their climax was reaching its peak. Without looking, Brandon shifted his right hand down to Kyle's dripping cock and began a smooth pumping of the shaft. Kyle's precum was making his hand slip and slide.

"Oh God Bran... Don't stop! Harder!"

Brandon's speed increased, the force of his impacts increased, the roughness of the jerking of Kyle's cock was pushing Kyle over the edge. Kyle came first. He screamed as the first real sexual orgasm of his young life rolled over him. His cum flew over his head with the first shot, splattering on the wall, the next few streaked his face, then his chest and the final remnants formed a pool on his belly.

As Kyle's cum was hitting the wall, his anus began clamping down on Brandon's cock. This drove him over the edge. A throaty grunt escaped his mouth as his seed shot into his boyfriend. He made one final plunge in as his orgasm took a hold of him. He didn't move a muscle as the waves of pleasure kicked in from the endorphins going crazy in his head and throbbing throughout his body. Kyle's ass continued to milk the remaining semen from Brandon's slowly shrinking cock.

As the initial waves subsided, Brandon lowered himself gently onto Kyle. Kyle's cum becoming the cream filling in their Oreo. Brandon began licking Kyle's seed off of his face and kissing his mouth in the process. Kyle chuckled underneath him. Their breathing finally starting to return to normal, Brandon laid his head beside Kyle's, laughing at the sheer joy of what they had just accomplished.

As they both drifted off to sleep, their last thoughts were, `I love you'.