The following story is a work of fiction but has some of my own experiences included. The characters are all the work of my imagination and their names have been chosen at random; they do not represent real people, living or dead. The action of the story takes place in a fictional place at a fictional time where there is no such thing as a sexually transmitted disease. It contains details of sex between young males, so if this sort of thing offends you or is illegal where you are, please read no further. The story remains my property and should not be posted elsewhere without my written permission.

Boring!! Another boring day in good old London town. Well, Cockfosters actually on the northern outskirts of the city, and no, the name is NOT a joke, check it on the London underground map! There’s no more boring place on earth, especially if you’re fifteen and gay. Nothing for teenagers and only one gay bar within ten miles and even then that is strictly for over twenty-fives, so I’m stuck with nothing to do for ten years if I stick around here. My name’s Tony Fletcher, Fletch to my friends, and I suppose that had better include you. I think I’m reasonably good-looking with grey-blue eyes and dirty blond (don’t you hate that expression) hair. I’m a little below average in height, but I’m well advanced physically (and when I say physically I mean sexually!!), and before you ask I’m a little under three inches soft and a little over five inches hard with a healthy crop of blond pubes, but that’s it as far as body hair goes. I spoke just now about friends, and when I say friends I mean just that. There’s nobody special in my life just now. I live with my parents in a block of flats (that’s apartments to our overseas cousins) on the eighth floor (that’s the ninth floor to our overseas friends because we have a ‘ground floor’ at street level and your second floor is therefore our first floor. Get it?). There is one guy that I would like to be more than friends with, but he’s never given any indication that he is anything other than straight, and I have no wish to expose myself (no, don’t go there) and come out of the closet just yet.

It was about halfway through the long summer school holidays and I had exhausted everything there was to do, so I’d just been laying around the flat sleeping most of the time. It was around two in the morning, swelteringly hot and as I had no expectation of getting off to sleep after napping for most of the day, I decided to get out into the fresh air and maybe sit in the park opposite for an hour. There was always the chance that I might strike lucky and find a guy looking for some action, but the chances of that were almost zero. I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed my keys and slipped silently out of the flat. I pressed the button for the lift and it arrived quickly. I got in and pressed the button for the ground floor (that’s the first floor … … …).

I followed the progress of the little green lights expecting to go straight to the bottom, but when I reached the second floor (that’s third floor …. well, you get the gist), the lift slowed down and the doors opened. Standing on the other side of the doors was the object of my desire, Russell Gale (Windy to his friends) and while I was delighted to see him, I wondered why the hell he was naked. I gulped, blinked and pinched myself, all within the space of two seconds, but he was still there. “Windy, is that you?” I asked unnecessarily.

Yea, it’s me Fletch.” He replied. “What are you doing here?”

I live here in the flats, remember?” I said.

Yea, I know.” He said, “But what are you doing on the Flipside?”

Whoa!” I said. “Firstly, I ask why are you naked? Secondly, what is the Flipside? And thirdly, am I dreaming or is it daylight outside those windows?” This last phenomenon I had just noticed when I managed to drag my eyes away from Windy’s crotch.

You’ve never been to the Flipside have you?” He asked, getting into the lift with me and pressing the ground floor button.

What is the Flipside?” I asked again.

Well, I think the only way to explain it is to experience it, but I’d better warn you that things are not quite the same on the Flipside as they are in Normaltime.”

But why are you naked?” I asked for the third time.

Wait and see, Fletch.” Windy replied

We got into the hallway of the flats and there by the main door were a dozen or more pairs of crocs.

What are these for?” I asked him.

Well, you can’t really walk around barefoot outside, and you’ll find these everywhere you go on the Flipside. They don’t belong to anybody so just grab a pair that fits you, but first … well … you ought to get naked too.”

WHAT?!?!?!” I said, but as I said it a naked woman walked past the door. “Holy shit.” I said. Then across the road I saw a couple of naked guys walking along holding hands. “What the fuck are they doing?” I asked.

Well, it’s a bit difficult to explain.” Windy said. “Firstly I have to tell you that if you walk out of that door wearing clothes, you will be the laughing stock of the Flipside. People only wear clothes here if they have something to hide.”

But I can’t do that.” I protested.

The second thing I have to tell you is that on the Flipside, being gay is the norm. That’s why those guys were walking together hand in hand. If you feel uncomfortable about it, I suggest you get back in the lift, go back to your flat and forget all about it. The thing is … … … Well … … … I’ve never known anybody come from Normaltime to the Flipside who wasn’t gay, so I guess you … umm … well … …”

Does that mean that you’re gay?” I asked incredulously.

Of course.” Windy said.

Shit.” I said. “I’ve fancied you for a year or more, but I was just too frightened to tell you. I suppose I should tell you now that I have a reason for not getting naked because … well …”

Because you’ve got a hard-on?” He asked. “That’s damned obvious anyway; besides, it’s normal on the Flipside and nobody takes any notice at all. In fact, if you admire somebody’s body it’s perfectly permissible for you to touch them.”

What, down there?” I asked.

Yea, down there,” he said, gently touching my hard cock through my shorts, “or up here (my cheek) or just here (my nipple through my t-shirt) or any where. Now, let’s get that t-shirt off you.”

But how did you come here the first time from … Normaltime is it?” I asked as I raised my arms and let him pull my t-shirt over my head.

Yea, we travellers call it Normaltime.” Windy replied.

Travellers?” I asked.

That’s what we call people who travel from one side to the other.” He replied. “Get your shorts now.”

I still baulked at the idea of getting completely naked, but I could see that Windy’s cock was stirring with anticipation and I decided that I would get naked with him, even if I didn’t go out and show myself to the whole of the Flipside.

My first time here was about eighteen months ago. I woke up in the middle of the night and I felt really ill, so I thought I’d wander across to the park and get some air. I came downstairs and thought I was dreaming, or maybe hallucinating so I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again sure enough, it was real. Fortunately just as I went out of the door Mickey Clarke was walking past and he explained to me about people laughing at me if I was dressed.”

Mickey Clarke?” Don’t tell me he’s gay too.” I said.

Only on the Flipside as far as I know.” Windy said. “Now he’s got a fantastic body. We’ve had several sessions together.”

You and Clarkey!” I said. “But he’s at least two years older than you.”

I know, but he approached me and I fancied him, so it was OK. Oh, rest assured sex is always safe on the Flipside, and you can always say ‘no’ and your wish will be respected.”

And am I likely to know anybody else who’s a traveller?” I asked.

Oh yes.” Windy said. “There are another two in this block of flats alone.”

WHAT?” I asked.

Yes, Andy Franks who lives above you and Maureen Oliver on the fifth floor.”

Mrs Oliver!” I said. “But she’s so, well, prudish. And she goes to church.”

Yea, but things are very different here, Fletch” Windy said. “She has a very pretty girlfriend; I’ve seen them together. Now, are you going to lose those damned shorts or not?”


Bollocks.” Windy said taking hold of the waistband and yanking them down to my ankles.

Ooooowwww.” I said as they caught my erection on the way down, but it sprang back up again and slapped against my stomach. I stepped out of them and stood there feeling extremely awkward and vulnerable.

Wow, I like that.” Windy said as he gave my cock a stroke. “I like that very much.” His own cock was inflating fast as he did so. “Do you like mine?” He asked.

Oh, yes.” I said.

Windy looked me straight in the eye and said, “Well, remember what I said; if you see something you like there’s nothing to stop you from touching.”

Oh, wow.” I said, as I stretched out my hand and gave his cock a tentative stroke.

Feels good.” Windy said as the door flew open and a very naked Mrs Oliver came in. She shucked off her crocks at the door.

Wow, you two boys look good together. I didn’t know you were a traveller, Fletch.”

It’s his first time, Maureen.” Windy said.

Well, you couldn’t have a better guide to the Flipside than Windy.” She said as the lift doors opened and she disappeared inside, going back to her husband and family.

OK, this is it.” Windy said, slipping a pair of crocs on.

What shall I do with my clothes?” I asked him.

Oh, just leave them in the corner. Nobody is likely to steal them.” He said.

We walked out of the door and I began to take notice of what was going on around me. There seemed to be a lot more men than women and I asked Windy why.

Well, men and women stick to regular areas. This is predominantly a male area, but you’ll see some women around, mostly passing through or else they live in the area.”

And are all these people travellers?” I asked.

No. Relatively few are travellers; lots of people live here all the time.”

But surely they don’t live forever.” I said.

No.” He said, slipping his arm around my waist so that we were hip to hip as we walked along the road.

Then how do they … well, if they’re all gay, how do they breed?”

There’s an awful lot you have to learn.” Windy said. “Every woman is obliged to go through two pregnancies but there's no sex between men and women, it’s all done by IVF. Boys in their teens can volunteer to go to the sperm bank and donate, and as the nurses there are all fit and hunky guys there is usually no shortage of volunteers.”

Windy!!” We heard from across the road.

Max!!” He shouted back and led me across the road. “Max I’d like you to meet my friend Fletch. Fletch, this is Max.” I held out my hand to shake.

Hee hee, you’re new here.” He said. “And you’re very, very cute.” He added, stretching out and stroking my cheek, then running his hand down to my cock. I almost pulled away, but remembered that this was the norm on the Flipside; and besides, I was quite enjoying it. “We don’t shake hands here.” Max said.

You’re not too ugly yourself,” I said and returned the caresses.

You’re learning fast.” Windy said. “Are you working today Max?”

Yea, just on my way now.”

Great, we’ll pop in later on.” Windy said.

OK,” Max said and kissed Windy on the cheek, then leaned in to kiss me. It had happened before I had a real chance to react, but my first thought was to look around and make sure nobody had seen it happen.

Take it easy, Fletch.” Max said. “There’s nothing to be worried about. I’ll see you guys later.”

When Max had gone, Windy took my hand and we carried on down the road. “We’re coming into a predominantly women’s area now. We’re just cutting through to get to a place that I need to take you to.”

Now I’m not too keen on the female body, but there are some women whose bodies should carry a government health warning, because I saw one or two who truly made me want to vomit, but I just looked the other way.

We arrived at what, in Normaltime, was a Town Hall, but the sign above the door read, ‘Travellers Registration Office’.

We have to get you registered if you’re going to be a regular traveller, which I hope you will be.” Windy said.

What do I have to do?” I asked.

Nothing much, just follow what the officer says.”

Good afternoon, boys. How can I help you?” A grey-haired but fit-looking man said.

We’re travellers, and this is my friend’s first time.” Windy said.

Fine. What is your full name?” He asked me, walking towards a desk with a modern computer.

My name is Anthony Fletcher.” I said.

He sat at the desk and called up a programme and typed in my name. “And the address?”

I gave him my address and he asked, “Is that Normaltime or Flipside?” He asked.

Normaltime.” Windy said, then explained, “Everything is the same on the Flipside, but the streets have different names and some of the buildings have different uses. For example Max works in a milk bar here, but in Normaltime the building is a doctor’s surgery.”

How strange.” I said.

OK, now we need to take your fingerprint of your right index finger.” He said, taking a small box with a cable coming from it from underneath the table. “We’ll just let the box warm up for a few seconds.” Then he looked at me and said, “You’re a very attractive young man.” He reached out and gently took my cock in his hand. “Very attractive.” He sighed and let go; then he took my hand and pressed my right index finger on to the glass plate on top of the box until a blue light flashed underneath it. “There, you’re all set now Anthony. Enjoy your time with us on the Flipside.”

Thank you very much,” I said.

As we exited the building I turned to Windy and said, “That was really strange. I think if an old guy in Normaltime had grabbed my cock I would have freaked out; maybe I would have punched his lights out, but when the old guy in there touched me it felt OK.”

Did you notice that he didn’t look at you with any lust? He wasn’t thinking of having sex with you, he was just paying you a compliment. And I noticed that he sighed. He was probably remembering a long gone experience.”

And what was the idea of taking my fingerprint like that?” I asked.

Well, you can’t easily carry cash around with you, in case you hadn’t noticed, so your fingerprint is currency. Any time you want to pay for anything all the businesses have little boxes like the one in the Registration Office, and you just scan your fingerprint to pay.”

But how do they get the money?” I asked.

That’s the beauty of it.” Windy said. “Travellers don’t have to pay for anything, but they have to keep tabs on things in case you’re going too wild.”

I’ll never get the hang of this place.” I said.

Don’t worry about it.” Windy said. “Let’s go and sit in the park for a while. I often sit there and watch guys making out so maybe my luck will change and I’ll get to make out myself today.” I smiled to myself thinking that that might be nice. As we approached the park, a guy walked towards us with a huge erection. He didn’t seem in the least bothered about it and as we got nearer Windy called to him, “Hey, guy. Looks like you’ve got a nice one there.”

Do you like it?” The guy asked, stopping as he reached us.

I certainly do.” Windy replied, reaching out and encircling the guy’s cock with his fingers. Immediately I started to get hard again.

Don’t you like it?” The guy asked me.

Yea, I think it’s great.” I replied.

You’ll have to forgive him. We’re travellers and it’s his first time.” Windy said. “It’s considered rude to stare at somebody and not touch them.” He explained.

Oh, sorry.” I explained as I reached out to touch him too. “It takes some getting used to the way you behave here. If I did that in Normaltime I’d be dead.” I said.

So I believe.” The guy said. “I don’t think I’d like to live there. But I must go; I’m expected home right now.” He bade us goodbye and continued on his way.

Why do you think he had a hard-on?” I asked Windy.

There are a couple of possibilities. Either he’s anticipating making love to his boyfriend or else he’s seen some hot action in the park and it’s got him aroused.”

Really?” I asked. “How hot exactly?”

Well, the official position is that it’s not illegal to make love in public, but it’s frowned upon, especially two guys in a women’s area or two women in a men’s area, but sometimes people just get carried away. Besides, things can get pretty hot without actually having sex as you’ll probably see in a few minutes.”

Only see?” I asked

Well …” He said with a grin. “Maybe we’ll have a little action ourselves.”

As we entered the park I saw the toilets and realised that I needed to pee so I went in. Once inside I got quite a surprise; they were absolutely spotless with a nice-looking middle-aged attendant. There were several urinals and a couple of cubicles. The attendant welcomed me and I stepped up to a urinal and emptied my bladder. Once finished I washed my hands and dried them. As the attendant was wiping down the sink he caught my eye and said, “Well, aren’t you the cute one. May I?”

Well, he was fit, but very camp and I didn’t fancy him one little bit, but on the other hand I didn’t want to be rude. “Of course.” I said. He reached out and stroked my cheek gently, then dropped his hand to my nipple and finally to my crotch where, despite my feelings, Little Fletch began reacting.

Leave him alone Cas.” Said a voice from the door. It was Windy and he had a laugh in his voice.

Hello Windy,” Cas said. “I wasn’t trying anything on, honestly.”

I know you’re not.” Windy said, “but he is a nice young thing, isn’t he?”

He certainly is, Windy, as you are yourself.”

Come on Fletch; let’s leave this randy old queen to his own devices.”

Cheeky young bugger.” Cas said with a grin as we walked out.

What’s the deal with that then?” I asked. “What do you mean exactly?”

Windy led me to a bench and we sat down.

Young people are protected on the Flipside.” Windy told me as he put his arm around my shoulders. “If you’re under eighteen, nobody more than ten years older than you is allowed to have sex with you. If you’re under fourteen nobody more than five years older is allowed to, so you’re pretty safe from old queens like Cas, but having said that Cas is really a softie and whilst he loves to touch, that’s as far as it goes.”

Great, that’s good to know.” I said. “Can I stay on the Flipside all the time?”

No.” Windy explained. “Twelve Flipside hours is your limit.”

And are Flipside hours the same as Normaltime hours?” I asked. Windy nodded. “But what happens in Normaltime when our folks wake up and we’re not there?”

As Windy began to tease my nipple he said, “It doesn’t quite work like that. When you stepped out of your front door time stopped for your family, and it won’t start until you go back in again.”

Wow.” I said, “So I can go back home and still have time to sleep.”

Oh yes, and sometimes I can get really knackered on the Flipside so I need my sleep even more.” Windy said.

I see.” I paused. “So if you’re on the Flipside and you want to have sex with somebody, where do you go?”

Windy laughed. “I go to the police station.” He said.


Well, the Normaltime police station is a hotel on the Flipside, and they specialise in renting rooms by the hour.”

So do you think we might spend some time there later?” (Bear in mind that all this time Windy had been stroking my nipple, and my cock was now well and truly hard and leaking!)

Well, it looks as thought we may have to.” Windy said, transferring his hand to my cock.

Please be careful, Windy.” I said, my voice quavering slightly. “I’ve got a bit of a hair trigger and I’m well on the way to shooting.”

I happened to look up as I said this and saw that a couple of guys in their twenties were sitting on the bench opposite smiling at us, their hands grasping one another’s cocks and their eyes fixed on us, and two boys younger than us were standing nearby, their cocks hard, one with his arm around the other’s shoulders. They looked to be about twelve or thirteen, and again they were smiling at us.

When does making out turn into sex?” I asked Windy, fearing that I might upset someone if I shot my load on a park bench.

Don’t worry. I don’t think we’ll offend many people unless you shove your dick up my arse and squeal your head off as you ride me. And even then we’d probably get a round of applause,” Windy said with a chuckle.

You’re giving me ideas, Windy.” I said as I covered his lips with mine and slid my hand into his lap.

Oh, shit.” I heard one of the young lads say and when I pulled away from Windy I spotted him trying to clean himself up where he’d shot his young load spontaneously.

Go on,” Windy called to the other one. “Help the poor guy out.”

How?” He asked. “I haven’t got any tissues.”

Like this.” Windy said and kneeling in front of me he took my cock into his mouth. Of course, I was totally unprepared for this, and when I saw the young guy kneel in front of his friend, I lost control totally and shot into Windy’s mouth with a load moan.

The embarrassed young guy looked straight over at me and grinned. I'm sure he felt a lot better knowing that I had done the same as him. When I looked over at the older guys, they were lying on the bench, one on top of the other, their mouths locked together and their bodies writhing against one another. I guessed that very soon they would also be losing it, and despite just having shot my load I started getting hard again as I watched them. The young lads were wandering off, no doubt to do some more experimenting of their own.

Come on, we’d better move off before things go any further,” Windy said. “Let’s go and see Max.”

We set off for the café after wishing the youngsters goodbye and taking a last look at the couple performing on the bench. “Do you often see that sort of thing in the park?” I asked

Fletch, you never know what you’re going to see on the Flipside.” Windy said, and I believed him.

We reached the café and I recognised a couple of people from Normaltime. One of them was from school and I’d always thought of him as being a bit homophobic, but he was snuggled up to a handsome twenty-something. As we sat at the table next to them he glanced across and did a double-take.

Fletcher!” He said with a surprised look on his face. “I didn’t know you were a traveller.”

It’s my first time, Fraser.” I said. “And I would never have believed that you were … well … gay.”

Well, actually I swing both ways.” Fraser said. “In Normaltime I favour the ladies, but on the Flipside I can satisfy my gay side without being exposed.”

Yea, but you always seem to be a bit homophobic in Normaltime.” I said.

Yea, I feel a bit guilty about that. It’s only an act really and I don’t mean to upset people by it.”

Why?” I asked. “People won’t think that you’re bi just because you get on with gay boys. I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.” I said.

Yea, maybe you’re right Fletch. I’ll see what I can do. By the way, you look good naked.”

Thanks Fraser.” I said.

Paul, call me Paul.” He replied. Max was suddenly at our side wanting to take our order and my hand automatically reached out and stroked his cock.

You’re learning fast, young Fletch.” He said with a big grin.

Oh yes.” I said. “I’ve got a good teacher.” We gave our order and chatted generally to everybody around us. It struck me that on the Flipside, everybody was that much more friendly, and there seemed to be a lot of trust between people. Also if somebody complimented a guy who was with his partner there was no indication of any jealousy or possessiveness. Normaltime could certainly learn a lot from the Flipside.

When our food arrived it was served by a different waiter; a tall young black guy who was pretty muscular and had a really handsome face, but it was his cock that caught my immediate attention. It was pretty big and cut and the head was definitely a shade of purple. I’ve seen black boys naked in the shower at school but there was something really attractive about this guy’s cock; that’s attractive as in magnetic. I just couldn’t help myself but hey, this is the Flipside and it’s OK to reach out and touch, but this was a complete stranger and I wasn’t just touching, I was stroking. And stroking with a pretty firm grip.

Maybe I’d better introduce you two guys before you relieve him of his seed.” Max said as he arrived with our drinks.

Oh God, I’m sooo so so so sorry.” I stammered, snatching my hand away.

Hey, it’s just fine. I was really enjoying it.” He said with a beautiful chocolaty syrupy voice.

Fletch, this is Ricky, although most people call him Big Dick. I can’t imagine why!”

Rick, this is Fletch; Windy’s pal.”

I’m very pleased to meet you.” Ricky said. “And now that we’ve been introduced I think we could carry on where we left off.” And so saying he took my hand and wrapped my fingers around his inflating cock. I could feel precum (mine) dripping on to my leg

Oh my God.” I said, squeezing his cock.

Ricky, put the young lad down and get on with your work.” Said a voice from behind the counter.

Spoilsport!” Ricky called, laughing. “Maybe we can … umm ... take this further some other time.”

Oh yes.” I said, trying to control my breath. “Yes please.” Windy hooted with laughter.

Ricky has that effect on a lot of people.” He said. “He’s really hot in bed too.”

The mouthful of coffee that I’d just taken shot out between my lips on to the table, “You’ve been to bed with Ricky?” I asked.

Oh yes,” Windy replied with a misty look in his eye. “I’ll tell you about it later.”

I was so excited that I could barely eat; but then I am a teenager with a limitless capacity for food, so I managed to clear my plate.

Do you fancy going to … where we talked about earlier?” Windy asked.

You mean the hotel?” I asked.

Yes.” Windy replied giving my cock a stroke.

Lead the way.” I said. We said our goodbyes to those all around us who had all entered into our conversation and the banter with Ricky and walked out of the door, but Windy remembered that he had a message for Max and went back inside for a moment and then re-joined me as I was eyeing up a lad of about my age who, poor guy, was a bit late starting puberty, but he had a great body. I smiled at him and he returned the smile.

When we got to the hotel there were both men and women wandering around and when I mentioned it to Windy he said that it was a unisex venue, but that there were designated areas for men and women; even separate restaurants. The receptionist greeted Windy by name and asked us both to sign in (with our fingerprints), and when Windy was offered his usual room he declined and said that he wanted a superkingsize bed. I didn’t ask why; I assumed it was because we might be thrashing around a bit. How those guys managed on a park bench I’ll never know.

When we got up to the room I was quite surprised. It was pretty luxurious and the bed was humongous. Windy took me in his arms and kissed me, then I felt him pushing me backwards, so I went along with him and eventually felt the bed against the back of my knees. I just let him push me back on to it and squirmed my way further up. Windy was beside me in an instant and straightaway wrapped his arms around me and planted his lips on mine. I’m not sure how long we kissed for, but I was light-headed by the time I came up for air, and panting heavily. Windy seemed to be made of sterner stuff because he immediately slid down and began to work on my cock. After a minute or so he backed off and said, “Let me know if you’re going to cum; I’ll ease off because I want us to do something else.”

What’s that?” I asked.

Wait and see.” Windy continued his ministrations for a minute or two more and I heard some laughter from the corridor outside and then the door burst open and in rushed Max and Ricky. I reacted on impulse and pulled my cock out of Windy’s mouth ready to hide it. It was only after a few seconds that I realised that there was nowhere to hide, and it really didn’t matter anyway.

What on earth are you two doing here?” I asked.

Ricky looked hurt. “We were invited.” He said, looking at Windy.

We certainly were,” Said Max as he put his hands between Ricky’s legs from behind and grabbed his balls. Ricky’s eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. I had to laugh because it was the classic reaction when something like that happened.

That’s why I went back into the café; to invite them to join us.” Windy said. “Why else do you think I asked for a superkingsize bed?” He added with a grin.

OOOOOhhhhhh” I said as Ricky lay down on the bed next to me. He reached out and took my hand and said, “You don’t mind, do you sweetie?” I’d never been called ‘sweetie’ before.

Max knelt astride Ricky and said with a grin, “We’ll let you watch.” Then he promptly went down on Ricky, taking his half-hard cock into his mouth while playing with his big brown balls.

I just had to smile, “No, I don’t mind.” I said as I watched Ricky getting harder and Max swallowing him deeper.

Fuck, how does he do that?” I asked as Windy came and knelt astride me and began playing with my tackle.

He’s had a lot of practice.” Windy said.

And he’s the best.” Ricky added.

I was getting harder and was now feeling randier than I ever had before. Windy reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a tube of Astroglide. “This comes with the compliments of the management.” Ricky said. “Now let’s get you nice and ready.” He added, beginning to spread lube over my cock.

You mean … …?” I asked. Windy nodded. “Do we need a condom?”

Windy looked quizzically at me for a second before he said, “Well, if you insist, but there’s no AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases on the Flipside, so bareback is OK.!

By now I was so excited that I was frightened that I would shoot my load before we went any further so I took a deep breath. “What do you want me to do?” I asked, and tried to think back to the ugly women we had seen earlier in an attempt to get my libido under control.

Do?” Windy said. “Nothing. You just lay there and let me do all the work.”

Hey, hang on a sec. Let’s do this together.” Ricky said to Max. Max pulled off Ricky and Windy passed him the Astroglide to lube Rick up. He’d kept a little on his right hand and he reached behind himself and lubed up his butt. His cock was already hard, but while he was lubing up he started leaking precum.

Ummmm … I think I ought to tell you that I’ve never done this before.”

I’d already guessed that.” Windy said. “Don’t worry, and if you want me to stop any time, just say.”

I don’t think I’ll last long enough for that.” I said, and that was especially true when I watched Max guide Ricky to his hole and gently lower himself down. The look on Max’s face was one of sheer joy. I’d heard that anal penetration could be very painful, but looking at Max’s face I wondered if this was nonsense. I hadn’t realised that Ricky still had hold of my hand, but he gripped it with all his might as Max began to gently move up and down on him, and his moans were certainly those of pleasure. I was about to experience that pleasure as Windy gently guided my cock to his butt hole and lowered himself down on me. Things were just getting better and better. I’ve read stories on the net that said that it felt like being enveloped in a moist, velvety glove, but that certainly didn’t do justice to what I was feeling, and judging by Windy’s face, it wasn’t too bad for him either, even though I didn’t have the biggest cock in the world.

Windy must have read my mind and said, “Don’t worry Fletch. It’s not what you’ve got, it’s the way that you use it, and you’re using it just fine.” I looked down to his cock again which was leaking copiously so something must have been working right.

I could feel my orgasm beginning already, and it seemed to be coming right from my toes. I looked across and marvelled again at how Ricky’s HUGE cock could slide so easily in and out of Max’s arse, and my orgasm now stretched from toes to shins. I couldn’t help moaning and Windy smiled down at me as he rocked up and down, back and forth giving me pleasures that I could never even have dreamed of.

Ricky’s noises were becoming more animal-like as he neared his orgasm and Max was grinning his head off. His precum was almost a steady stream now; I’ve never seen as much. I was beginning to wonder whether my orgasm would take over my whole body as it seemed to be creeping up to my knees, and the base of my spine was tingling like I’ve never felt before. I remember thinking that I’d always denied to myself that I would let anyone fuck me, but if it meant I would be giving this much pleasure to somebody else, then who was I to deny them that pleasure.

Oh my God!” I called as my thighs began to tingle and the feeling in my perineum was so intense that it almost hurt. Max was beginning to get as excited as Ricky and began to moan in unison as he reached across and grabbed Windy’s hand just before his cock erupted, spraying his cum over both Ricky and me. I’d heard about cumming without being touched, but I never thought I’d see it, and I think it’s this that finally sent me over the edge, with tingling all around my pelvic area and the most intense feeling that I’d ever experienced in both my cock and my balls. I shot so hard that I half expected Windy to be able to spit it out of his mouth; but when I told him about it afterwards he laughed and said that he had been able to feel my come spray inside him. Also I hadn’t noticed until afterwards that I’d still been holding Ricky’s hand and I’d been squeezing it with every jet of my seed, and also that he’d shot his load almost in time with me. I felt a little disappointed that I hadn’t seen it happen, but nothing could detract from that amazing experience.

Windy climbed off me, still rock hard just as Max climbed off Ricky and Ricky turned on to his side and put his arm around me. I could feel his breath on my cheek and then he kissed me gently. The next think I knew Windy’s cock was in Max’s mouth and he was beginning to make little squeaking noises. Ricky laughed softly and whispered to me, “He always does that when his orgasm starts to build. Just wait until he’s almost there.”

The squeaking sounds started coming closer together until they became an almost continuous screech, and as Max brought him over the edge the screech momentarily became a scream. I made a mental note never to mess around with Max unless in absolute privacy with nobody within a five mile radius.

I think I dozed for a while and when I woke it was to find myself face down on the bed and Ricky was giving me a massage. I think he had just stared because he was at my shoulders. Max and Windy were beside us kissing and fondling. As Ricky massaged I could feel myself falling asleep, but my cock was rock hard and leaking. “I’m going to make a dreadful mess on this bedding.” I said.

Don’t worry, they expect that here.” Ricky said. I swear that guy has magic fingers. He’d just about got down to my waist when I heard a small voice next to me.

I don’t want to spoil the party.” It was Windy. “But it’s about time we were getting back to Normaltime.”

Oh shit.” Was all I could manage. “Do we have to?”

Yup.” Windy said, sounding disappointed himself. “I know it’s a bummer but we have to. We’ll be back, don’t worry.”

Are you sure I’ll be able to come to the Flipside again?” I asked him.

Oh yes. Once a traveller, always a traveller.” Windy said as Ricky helped me up from the bed.

Don’t worry.” Ricky said, hugging me and laughing. “I haven’t finished with you yet.”

We had a group hug which left all of us slightly aroused and Windy and I made our way back to our flats. It seemed strange to be home, yet surrounded by naked people in the streets. “How do we keep all of this a secret from the others?” I asked.

You don’t have to.” He said. “You’ll find that once you’re back in Normaltime you won’t be able to talk about the Flipside. You’ll remember everything and you’ll be able to talk about it with other travellers, but if there are any straights about; we call non-travellers ‘straights’; you’ll find you just can’t talk about the Flipside.”

And can we always get on the Flipside?” I asked.

No. The gates are not always open. But remember, both my parents are at work all day so if you fancy a bit of fun in Normaltime, you know where I live.”

Oh yes,” I said with a bit of a leer. “In that case I’ll probably see you tomorrow.”

I’ll look forward to it.” Windy said as he pressed the button for the lift. “Now back to Normaltime for now."

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